The Americans (2013) s06e09 Episode Script

Jennings, Elizabeth

1 Previously on "The Americans" Is something going on? I've been wanting to tell you.
The business is falling apart.
And I think it might be going under.
I used to ask myself, why is this guy, and his wife, coming home at three, four in the morning? How hard can they possibly work? I have to tell you something.
Someone from home reached out to me.
He asked me to tell him what you were doing.
What did you tell him? That you were looking into one of our negotiators who you thought was a traitor.
Nesterenko didn't say anything suspicious at the meeting.
It doesn't matter.
You need to take care of him.
And they tell us what to do and we do it, I get it, that's how it works, but we do it, not them.
I didn't do it.
He seems like a decent man.
After all these years, serving your country, don't throw it all away, now.
I need to talk to your guy.
Tell him that what he's worried about is happening.
This came in while you were out.
Father Andrei.
You meet him.
Maybe he'll give you absolution.
I have to go back out.
They might still go after Nesterenko.
Hey! - Hey.
- What's up? I was in the area, thought I'd stick my head in.
You want some coffee or something? No, I'm good.
Place looks different.
You haven't been here since the expansion.
Let me show you around.
We Yeah.
We tore down walls, we opened things up, and made some room for all the employees we added.
- Wow.
- Philip? - Yeah? - Oh.
Is this a bad time? No, no, no, no.
Rick, come meet my buddy Stan Beeman.
Stan is an FBI agent, so be careful what you say.
- Oh.
- Yeah, we did a trip for his friends a bunch of years back.
You know, with all this new expansion And all our new resources We should just dig in and see if we can help out with the Bureau's travel needs.
Sure I could see who handles that stuff.
Yeah, I mean Only if Yeah, um - I just need you to, uh, sign this.
- Yeah.
Nice to meet you.
I'm sorry.
I always have my salesman's hat on in here.
No, it's okay, you know, I can ask around.
No, no.
You know, I'm not desperate, I'm glad you stopped by.
Haven't gotten around to, uh, re-doing the office.
Good thing I didn't.
She out of town again? Uh No, we we had a fight.
'Bout what? Work.
Renee says you guys are lucky to get to work together.
She wants to come work at the FBI with me.
How about that? Yeah.
I don't know.
Be careful.
So, how much in the hole are you? I I don't want to say.
You know, I could I could maybe come up with something.
I have some savings.
As a loan.
Thanks, but, you know, I'm working on turning things around and getting things back on an even keel Um, but I appreciate that, truly but, um, I can't take your money.
¿Hola? - Pastor Tim? - Yep.
It's Stan Beeman.
I'm not sure if you remember me.
I'm a neighbor of Philip and Elizabeth Jennings.
The FBI agent.
We had dinner at the Jennings' house a while back.
Of course.
Yes, I remember you.
Is everything okay? Oh, yes.
I didn't mean to alarm you.
I just wanted to ask you a few questions.
How do you like Buenos Aires? Uh, it's a lot of hard work, but I love it.
Never get homesick? Well, there's definitely things I miss, people.
But this feels like home now.
And your wife and daughter are well? Yes, they are.
Thank you for asking.
But you didn't call to ask me about that.
I know you are, were close to the Jennings.
I haven't spoken to them in years, though.
Hard to keep in touch when you're so far away.
This conversation should stay between us.
I'm speaking with you as a law enforcement officer now.
Plus, I know you're used to keeping things confidential, so I would appreciate it if you could keep our conversation confidential.
I understand.
Is there anything I should know, as an FBI agent, about the Jennings family? Anything about them that concerned you? Well, I'm not sure what you're looking for, but I've always been impressed with them.
Paige is a very dedicated and thoughtful young woman.
Always so helpful at the church.
Philip and Elizabeth weren't members of the church but I know they loved Paige.
So nothing else? Not really.
Is he in? Yeah? Sorry, Stan.
I'm Sabonis's reports on the video surveillance for the garages.
He's analyzed fifteen hundred hours of footage.
Anything? Nope.
What's up? Uh Any chance you've got ten minutes for a beer? Now? Maybe after work? Today.
I'll be here till the wee hours.
I probably will, too.
Okay, well, yeah You want to have lunch? Right now? That sounds good.
When's Renee's interview? Next Wednesday.
Pretty soon it'll be the three of us having lunch here.
You'll get used to it.
Breakfast dinner I think one meal in between Well, you'll just tell her you're busy.
You okay? Yeah.
What's going on? I know this sounds crazy, but I can't get this thing out of my head.
What? You know Philip and Elizabeth When I first met them, I was working on the Timoshev thing.
Philip and Elizabeth drove the same make and model of car that was seen near where he was kidnapped.
Different license, but I know, it's stupid, right? I forgot about it after that, but the way she rushed out of town on Thanksgiving Yeah And he headed out after, the next day, right when everything was going down in Chicago.
They left their kid here alone.
Who does that, over Thanksgiving? I talked to this guy who worked with Gregory Thomas, the guy who killed my partner I know.
He said the woman who Gregory worked with Who was also Gregory's girlfriend Had beautiful hair and smoked like a chimney.
The other night, I found a bunch of cigarette butts behind their house.
I've never seen Elizabeth smoke.
You went over to their house? Yeah.
I I couldn't get it out of my mind, and I thought, what if You think Elizabeth Jennings was Gregory Thomas's girlfriend? I know that it sounds Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are not Russian spies.
I know it sounds crazy, Dennis You remember what William Crandall said before he died? Regular couple, pretty wife, couple of kids Well, that narrows it to a million people in the metropolitan area.
Maybe more, depending on his taste in women.
Agent Aderholt.
I was just coming to find you.
Agent Wolfe's ready.
I gotta go.
Thank you for coming in to talk to us, Father.
We're sorry we had to insist.
It's all right.
We have no problem with the church.
We hope you understand that.
I understand.
We do want to ask you a few questions about certain dealings we know the church hierarchy has had with some official representatives of the Soviet government.
You understand of course, I am a man of God.
Yes, of course.
I shouldn't be harassed or subjected to any kind of intimidation by those people who fail to respect my position as, first and foremost, a servant of God.
We understand, Father.
If I'm here because Well, I know people talk.
And I'm aware things are of concern to you.
But it's of concern to me, too.
When certain people in the church, whose connections to the authorities back home are more important to them than serving God, talk about me, to their own "contacts," behind my back, well, I am justifiably angry.
They will tell you they've been forced to cooperate, that they wouldn't be able to join the church or progress in the hierarchy otherwise.
But I haven't made these associations.
I shouldn't pay the price for their moral weakness.
Who are you talking about specifically, sir? Father Andrei, for one.
And also Father Not now.
I'm sorry.
It can't wait.
The team on Acrobat just radio'd in.
They think he just did something.
Not sure, but it looked like he pulled himself into the black for a couple seconds.
Search him there.
Anything on him, bring him in.
Oleg Burov.
What's wrong? I got the signal.
I picked up the package.
On my way back There was an accident.
A policeman was dead.
Another man hurt very bad.
A horse there was no one else around I didn't know if I should help him.
We are not supposed to stop, on an operational run.
If police arrived, they could've questioned me, when I still had it - In America, yes - Even in training, you said we have to act like we're there You don't leave a comrade on the street to die in Moscow.
I want to help you, Oleg.
I really do.
But you know the situation.
I can't.
This This sends you to jail.
Twenty years.
Thirty years.
They don't care what I say.
You have a wife.
A son, you said.
What's so important that's worth throwing away Everybody's here talking peace, but since you got to town, two of our agents were killed in Chicago, one of our generals died under suspicious circumstances, three dead at a defense contractor's warehouse I could go on.
Peace? What's the dead drop say? Who sent it? People in the KGB are trying to get rid of Gorbachev.
This is what I've been doing here.
We have reason to believe that they are trying to make a move right now, around the Summit.
The message the dead drop I don't know what it says, but it probably is about that.
If it is If? They need to get it.
You need to help me get it there.
I can tell you how.
You want me to send a coded message to the Soviet Union? Why don't you decode it? I can't.
It can reveal who sent it.
That's not your problem right now, Oleg.
We are looking for the illegals here in D.
You tell us how to get to them, you go home.
I can't.
Let me tell you something, Oleg.
Your old buddies in the KGB want to get rid of Gorbachev, I could give a shit.
I can spend the rest of my life here.
I don't know.
But think about it.
I have friends, a family My father, my mother My brother who died in the war And all of us want a better future, just like you.
Food to eat.
All the same things.
Do you think it doesn't matter who our leader is? I'm telling you this is why I'm here.
This is why I risked all of that, my wife, and my baby Even though you told me not to.
Can you get that into your thick head? I made ukha.
No, thanks.
Suit yourself.
I'm not staying long.
Nesterenko is alive.
I stopped it.
I also contacted Gorbachev's people.
I told them everything you were planning.
It's over.
Do you realize what you've done? They'll take apart the Centre's leadership.
The people who supported you all these years.
They'll put them in jail.
All of us There's still time for you to get out.
Go somewhere.
I'm sure you could get by anywhere.
You think you're doing me a favor? I had so much faith in you.
Even when things were bad, between us, I Never lost faith.
In you.
You always reminded me of the women I fought with in the war.
The way you put country over self.
But now I see you never really understood what you were fighting for.
I'm still fighting for those things.
Maybe you started too young.
I thought I knew you You lied to me.
If you knew me, you'd know never to lie to me.
The work you put in, the sacrifices you made.
Our time with Paige.
It was all for nothing, Elizabeth.
You destroyed it all today.
The damage you've done is indescribable.
Far worse than all the good you've done over these years.
Where will you go? Back home To fight for what's left of my country.
I'm not afraid.
We took it back from our enemies before, we'll do it again.
And you? What's left for you now? Your house? Your American kids? Philip? It's good to see you.
Your wife wasn't sure it was possible.
She couldn't make it today.
Is she alright? Fine.
Just work.
It's been a long time.
- Mm.
- How are you? I don't know.
Better in some ways.
You've left the work behind.
I don't miss it.
It wasn't good for me.
Quitting was never an option for me.
I know.
The two of you? Your marriage? She thinks I broke some of the vows I made.
Did you? Yes.
I haven't been as honest with her as I should have been.
I've been guiding married couples for a long time And I've had the privilege of talking to your wife several years now.
She's not a person who trusts easily.
No, she doesn't.
Then there must be something between you she thinks is worth staying for.
But she thinks bigger than that.
What do you mean? She cares about the whole world.
What did you want to tell her today? I've heard a rumor that Father Victor was going to speak to the American authorities.
Which authorities? Uh, the FBI.
When? Today, I think.
Father Victor has always been jealous of me.
I think he suspects my ties to your people back home.
But really he's just looking for a way to get rid of me.
Am I in trouble? I'm always very careful.
They may be watching us.
If you don't get picked up, you should try and get home as soon as possible.
Buy a plane ticket today, if you can.
Take care, Father.
- Suspect on the move.
He's on the move.
- Copy that.
Queen Street.
I didn't know you were coming over.
Here I am.
My friend Brian came over last night.
The intern you thought I slept with to get Paige We actually like each other.
Just so you know.
He'd been at this party with a bunch of other interns.
He was telling me about this one guy there, he didn't really know him that well, but he was really drunk, throwing up It got so bad Brian and some of his friends were trying to help, like, get him in a cab and get home.
And this kid is falling all over himself, sick, and crying, and he starts talking about how he slept with this older woman.
He felt like she tricked him or something.
He said she ruined his life.
Now he's quitting and going home.
He works for Sam Nunn.
This happens right in the middle of the Summit.
Was it you? Don't be ridiculous.
Was it? No.
It was all in that book.
And the way you got so weird about Brian.
We talked about that book.
If you lie to me now, after everything, I will never forgive you.
Paige I swear to you I'm not.
Looking back I've always known, Mom.
Every time, every lie, my whole life.
And I know now.
I had nothing to do with that boy.
No wonder Dad can't stand to be in the same room with you.
Excuse me? You lie about everything - Paige - How many times? How many men? Were you doing this when I was a baby? You're a whore! Does Dad know he married a whore - Stop it - Why? You don't want to know the truth? The truth is that moment you told me who you really are, I should have done what Henry did Get as far away from you as possible.
That's enough! It doesn't mean anything to me.
I wasn't brought up like you were.
I had to fight.
For everything.
People were killed, they died, all around me.
If I had to give everything so that my country would survive, so that it would never happen again, I would do it gladly.
We were proud to do whatever we could.
Sex? What was sex? Nobody cared.
Including your father.
Every garage that's still on the list, get there now.
Every suspected safehouse, same thing.
If you were assigned to utility records, phone records, cold case files, you're on garages or safehouses now.
We're assuming if he's running, that's where he goes? We're hoping.
He doesn't know we know about them.
Surveillance photos? Not in yet Ganzel.
When's the priest getting here? Ten minutes.
You must make the right choices over there.
But the most important thing We do not want you to lose who you are.
Hello? Hi, I was hoping to make it home for dinner, but things are very topsy-turvy at the office.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Try not to wake me up when you come in.

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