The Americans (2013) s06e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Americans" [Keys clacking.]
Stan: I know this sounds crazy, but I can't get this thing out of my head.
The way she rushed out of town, right when everything was going down in Chicago.
And I thought, what if We have a leader who has no sense of our history, no sense of our ideals, and the price we've paid.
I need to talk to your guy.
Tell him that what he's worried about is happening.
Stan: What's the dead drop say? People in the KGB are trying to get rid of Gorbachev.
I could give a shit.
[Silenced gunshot.]
Claudia: After all these years, serving your country.
The sacrifices you made.
It was all for nothing, Elizabeth.
You destroyed it all today.
I've heard a rumor that Father Victor is going to speak to the American authorities.
Which authorities? The FBI.
Am I in trouble? Suspect on the move.
He's on the move.
Every garage that's still on the list, get there now.
Hello? I was hoping to make it home for dinner, but things are very topsy-turvy at the office.
[Hinges creak.]
[Metal slides.]
[Breathes deeply.]
[Engine shuts off.]
I probably checked fifty so far.
Loeb's been on 'em the whole time.
- How many did he look at? - Almost two hundred.
We've narrowed it down to fifteen, but even if we're right on one, what're the chances they're going to that garage right now? If all their shit's in there they're running I'm not saying no.
I'm just saying, get ready for another possible nothing.
[Turn signal clicking.]
Just gimme a sec.
What's up? Quick call.
[Coin rattles.]
[Telephone ringing.]
Dupont Circle Travel.
Philip Jennings, please.
Uh, he's not in.
Can I take a message? Is Elizabeth there? Uh, no, sorry, she's not in either.
Uh, can I help you with something? No, thanks.
I'll call back later.
[Coin rattles.]
[Coin rattles.]
[Telephone ringing.]
[Telephone ringing.]
Philip: Hi, you've reached the Jennings.
We're not in right now, but if you leave your name, number and a short message, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
[Coin rattles.]
Everything alright? Yeah.
[Hinges creak.]
[Metal scrapes.]
They were on Father Andrei.
I barely got out of there.
And they're gonna come down hard on him Let's get Paige.
And then straight to New Hampshire.
You should call Henry now.
And tell him what? He's got to get away from the school.
We'll pick him up on the road, or in a town.
Our best bet's probably the Canadian border.
- I don't think so.
- What? Henry should stay.
He He's been doing so well there.
His future is here.
Leave him? Is? Is that what you mean? It's the best thing for him.
To be alone? Away from us? - That is not the best thing for him.
- He belongs here.
- He belongs with us.
- We have to do it for him.
Philip they would tear him to pieces.
He hasn't done anything.
He doesn't even know.
This is where he grew up.
It's awful, but [Exhales sharply.]
[Hinges creak.]
Aderholt: I know the KGB can put a lot of pressure on people.
But you're a man of God.
Who is it, Father? I told you, I don't know.
I think we have a common enemy, you and I.
Because the KGB doesn't want your religion to exist.
They want to destroy it, along with anybody who practices it.
You might be useful to them, Father.
But don't kid yourself.
They're not your friends.
[Car door closes.]
[Engine starts.]
Can you handle this for a couple hours? I gotta check something out.
What're you so busy with? You got another lead? I don't think so, I I'll get back as soon as I can.
I killed a KGB officer.
Left her to die in the street.
What were you supposed to do? [Car horn honks.]
[Dog barking.]
It's not something I want to do, Father.
But I'll do it if I have to.
And you'll be the cause of the worst scandal your church has ever seen.
Just think about that for a moment.
The Russian Orthodox Church in America would go down in flames if the public knew about your ties to the KGB.
I can only guess what would happen to you personally, Father.
But as I say, none of that has to happen.
You tell us who that man was you were meeting with, and I promise you, all this stays quiet.
I'm not worried about myself.
I understand that.
But the Church.
I have an obligation, people trust me.
To take care of them.
This obligation is of a man of God, as you say.
No matter how it came to be.
Anyone you help me find will come to no harm.
You have my word.
In your work, are there people who put their faith in you? Yes.
T-That's a part of what I do, too.
But you're asking me to let down people who trust me.
I have to let down people who trust me all the time, Father.
I wish I didn't have to.
But I have bigger things to protect.
For me, my country.
For you, your church.
Let's not pussyfoot around.
You're a good guy, I'm sure.
But you're halfway out of the heavenly city anyway.
What've these people made you do? Turned you into a spy for them.
Made you report on your fellow men of God.
God didn't have any of that in mind.
You were meant for better things.
We all were.
And now you're going down to protect him? Why? Because you like him? Find somebody else.
We all live on the same Earth.
You, too.
It's not so easy.
You're gonna have to choose, my friend.
Or the church is going to get destroyed.
And you are going to end up on the street.
There are two of them.
I don't know their American names.
Nadezhda and Mischa are their Russian names.
How long have you been meeting with them? I've known them for three years.
I'm going to need you to describe them.
I'm sure they wore disguises when they met with you.
But, still I saw them out of their disguises.
[Doorbell rings.]
Both of you? - Did you bring Dad to - Is Gwen here? What? No.
[Door closes.]
What's going on? - The FBI knows about us.
- We have to leave.
For good.
They almost caught me.
I-I don't Go where? - Home.
- You have to pack a bag.
Elizabeth: The essentials.
Almost nothing.
- Home? - A book bag would be fine.
And then we'll answer questions later.
You mean Russia? Paige, we don't have It's over.
This is how it works.
It's not our choice.
What, are supposed to just Does Henry know? What? He's staying here.
What do you mean? At school.
Henry's not coming with us? Paige, we're going to Russia.
What would he do there? So we're leaving him? Alone? His friends are here, his life is here He's almost seventeen years old.
That's the age I was when I started to work.
He's not you.
None of us are.
He'll never talk to Dad again? Or see him? Paige.
The FBI could be here any minute.
They will arrest us.
We I don't care.
Can't you just What's going to happen to him? I don't understand.
How's he going to live? Who's going to pay for his college? Is he going to be able to get a job? This is hard for all of us.
We all love Henry.
Okay? Yeah, do you? You know we do.
And that's why this is the best thing for him.
- It's the only way.
- He won't understand.
- There has to be a way - Paige Let's just think about this for a second.
We cannot take him.
He'll hate you.
We know that.
We have to go, and we have to go now.
Come on.
Stan: Hey Stan.
- Hi, Paige.
- Hi.
Philip: Wha What're you doing here? That's a great question.
What's wrong? Paige, where are you guys going? Home.
Really? Huh.
Why? What's going on? I'm not feeling good.
Both your parents came to pick you up? That seems a little strange.
We were coming from work.
You were just at work Why are you acting this way? You're feeling sick? What's wrong? My stomach hurts.
You're going home, from college, for a stomachache? I feel sick.
Wh why are you interrogating her? Where's their car, Paige? It's in the dealership getting serviced.
We've got a loaner.
So what happens if I call in this plate? [Scoffs.]
Are you kidding me? What happens? I don't know.
What is with you? Maybe you've got this backstopped.
But I'm not some traffic cop.
I can find out in five minutes whether this license plate's really registered to a loaner car for a dealership.
Stan, I don't know what the problem is.
Maybe you you and I Stop moving.
You fucking piece of shit.
What're you? What're you doing? What are you doing? Lie down on the ground.
- All of you.
- Stan W-What are you gonna do, shoot us? On the ground.
Face down.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Move slow.
Stan, we're not lying on the ground.
- This is Paige Stan.
- Stop! Elizabeth, just stop.
It's over.
It's all over.
We had a job to do.
We had a job to do.
You were my best friend.
You were mine, too.
I never wanted to lie to you.
Stan, what else could I do? You moved in next to me.
I was terrified.
And then we ended up as friends.
Friends? You made my life a joke.
You were my only friend.
In my in my whole shitty life.
For all these years.
My life was the joke.
Not yours.
And Matthew? What that part of this? My son She didn't know.
She didn't know until I knew.
They told me when I was sixteen.
But Matthew it had nothing to do with that.
I just liked him.
[Voice breaking.]
Henry? No.
He doesn't know anything.
All this time I would have done anything for you, Philip.
For all of you.
I know.
Did you Gennadi and Sofia that was you.
W-Who is that? W-We don't know who that is You fucking liar.
I saw it on your face.
When I told you about them.
Do you know how many people have been killed by Soviet agents here in Washington in the last year? Five years? Ten? I-I'm sorry.
We don't kill people, Jesus.
We We wouldn't He doesn't even do this kind of work anymore.
He quit.
He's a travel agent now.
That's all.
Get down.
On the ground.
[Exhales softly.]
Get down.
I-I did all this stuff, Stan.
I don't even know why anymore.
It It seemed like the right thing to do.
For my country My country wanted me to.
And I And I I kept doing it.
Telling myself it was important until finally I couldn't.
And I I stopped.
I'm done with that now.
I have been for a long time.
It w It was all just screwing people for I don't I don't even know for what.
So I quit, like she said.
Like you did.
I'm a travel agent now.
I'm just I'm just a shitty, failing travel agent.
Except I guess I'm not.
Because now I I need to leave if I can I have to run away from the place that I have lived for the past so many years if I can, if if we can Stan, I have to abandon my son He can't come with us because I got caught.
I finally got caught.
And here we are.
And I don't even know what happens if we make it home because after all these years of being scared of Americans and recruiting Americans and following Americans we finally we actually got something, and it has nothing to do with you It's our own people.
It's a bunch of fucking Russians.
They're trying to get rid of Gorbachev.
And we figured it out.
Her, really.
It's our own bosses.
They were going to fake my reports, make it seem like Gorbachev was trading away military secrets at the Summit.
The people I trusted all this time, and now Do you know Oleg Burov? W-Who is that? Don't bullshit me now, Philip.
We arrested him earlier today, picking up a dead drop.
He told me the message was about people in the KGB trying to get rid of Gorbachev.
Told me I had to send it back to Russia.
That message has to get back home.
I could care less who runs your country.
These people, if if they're not stopped that's our whole country.
That's That's our whole future.
And it's the world and whether we get to live in peace or not depends on this.
We have to tell them what happened here.
Because if that dead drop didn't go through we're the only ones who can stop this now.
I don't know why you should trust me.
You should hate me.
You sh You should probably shoot me.
But we're getting in that car and we're driving away.
I wish you'd stayed with me in EST.
You might know what to do here.
You have to take care of Henry.
He loves you, Stan.
Tell him the truth.
I don't know how to say this.
But I think there's a chance Renee might be one of us.
I'm not sure [Car doors closing.]
[Car doors opens, engine starts.]
You think we can trust him? Yes.
Paige we have passports, to leave the country.
We look different in them.
You too.
We've got to stop somewhere and change the way we look.
Change cars, too.
We need to see Henry.
Before we go.
We have to see him.
We can't.
We can call him, just to talk.
It's not a good idea I'm sorry.
Even if they're listening, we call him and move He's sitting there at school.
They might think it's a signal, they might jump on him.
He He looks completely innocent right now.
Or they'll hear us and realize he doesn't know anything.
Philip, everything's a risk.
At least we can At least we can talk to him before Okay.
But we have to be quick.
You have to act completely normal on the phone.
Like nothing's happening.
[Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms" plays.]
These mist-covered mountains Are a home now for me But my home is the lowlands And always will be Some day you'll return to Your valleys and your farms And you'll no longer burn to be brothers in arms [Sasha cooing.]
Through these fields of destruction Baptisms of fire I've witnessed your suffering As the battle raged higher And though they did hurt me so bad In the fear and alarm You did not desert me, my brothers in arms Now the sun's gone to hell The moon's riding high Let me bid you farewell Every man has to die But it's written in the starlight And every line in your palm We're fools to make war on our brothers in arms [Indistinct chatter on walkie-talkie.]
Go ahead.
[Coin rattles.]
Hi, is Henry Jennings there? Thanks.
- Hello? - Hey, Henry.
Hey, Dad.
What's up? Uh, not much.
Me, your mom and Paige, we all had dinner, and we were talking about you and thought we'd call.
Where are you? At a pay phone in the city.
You know how proud we all are of you, don't you? Yeah, sure.
And And how much we love you? Uh, have you been have you been drinking tonight, Dad? I had a little wine with dinner, so, yeah, maybe I'm a little Um I just want you to be yourself, okay, because because you're great.
I'll I'll be myself, Dad.
All right.
Um, you should probably let Mom drive home.
Yeah, I will.
She wants to say hi.
Hi, Henry.
Hey, Mom.
What are you doing? - Now? - Yeah, right now.
Just hanging out.
With your friends? Yeah.
What your father said, I feel the same.
I know, Mom.
I love you, Henry.
Okay, look, I gotta go.
- Okay? - Just wait one second, okay? [Softly.]
I can't.
Hey, Dad.
I really gotta split.
We're in the middle of a ping-pong tournament - Okay, go, go, go.
- Okay.
I'll see you next week.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Bye, Dad.
[Indistinct shouting.]
[Coin rattles.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
I said it, but I didn't really I know.
I should've listened.
[Paper slides.]
I went by Paige's apartment earlier tonight, just in case No one was there, but I'm gonna kill him.
We're watching the house, travel agency, Paige's apartment.
[Inhales deeply.]
We're watching Henry at school, too, he's the only one who's there I'm sorry.
I gotta I know.
[Door opens and closes.]
[Engine shuts off.]
I'll wait.
Philip: I'll be there in a minute.
Maybe I should stay.
Just for a year or two.
Live in New York, or out west.
Figure out a way to see him every so often.
And explain a little.
I understand if you want to try.
I'd stay, too, if we could all [U2's "With or Without You" plays.]
See the stone set in your eyes See the thorn twist in your side I'll wait for you Sleight of hand and twist of fate On a bed of nails, she makes me wait And I wait without you With or without you With or without you Through the storm, we reach the shore You give it all, but I want more And I'm waiting for you With or without you With or without you Oh, I can't live With or without you And you give yourself away And you give yourself away And you give And you give And you give yourself away My hands are tied My body bruised, she's got me with Nothing to win and Nothing left to lose And you give yourself away And you give yourself away And you give And you give And you give yourself away With or without you With or without you Oh, I can't live With or without you Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh With or without you With or without you Oh, I can't live With or without you With or without you Ooooh-ooh-ooh Ooooh-ooh-ooh Man on P.
: Rouses Point, now arriving.
Identification, please.
Man on P.
: Next stop, Windsor Station, Montreal.
["With or Without You" continues.]
Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh And you give yourself away And you give yourself away And you give And you give And you give yourself away Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh Ohh-ohh With or without you With or without you Oh, I can't live with or without you With or without you I don't want a kid anyway.
[Children shouting playfully in the distance.]
[Woman coughs.]
[Indistinct conversation.]
[Engine shuts off.]
Colonel [Exhales sharply.]
I can't even remember his name now when they first asked me he said it'd be a hard life.
Didn't want me to think it'd be some big adventure.
I said I wasn't afraid of that.
Who knows what would've happened here.
I probably would've worked in a factory.
Managed a factory.
You might've Maybe we would've met.
On a bus They'll be okay.
They'll remember us.
And they're not kids anymore.
We raised them.
Feels strange
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