The Arrangement (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

You Are Not Alone

1 Previously on "The Arrangement" "Kill Plan.
" Let's talk about this movie.
This this is new territory.
You've never had a film lose money before.
We should prepare.
Maybe go back to morning sessions.
So where do you fit in? We're gonna make you an icon.
Your mom was a wonderful woman.
She meant a lot to me.
If you need anything, please My door's always open.
Oh, whoa, Wes.
That's not where I was going with this.
We'd be great parents.
Structured, focused, affectionate.
Please welcome the incredible Xavier Hughes.
That's my boyfriend.
Have you ever acted before? He has something undeniable, though.
A whole lot of buzz right now.
I thought you were on my side.
I think I need to take a step back.
You're looking for dirt on IHM, yeah? Man, I've got stories that will make your blood run cold.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
What's up, guys? I'm Erin Lim.
And you're watching "The Rundown.
" We all know Kyle West kills it in the looks department.
But for the first time in his career, he's got a flop on his hands.
His movie "The Kill Plan" is so not killing it at the box office.
Let's break it down.
For starters, after demanding final approval on basically everything, Kyle cast his real life and real unknown girlfriend Megan Morrison.
Then he had to recast her with Amelia Briggs.
Because, uh, nudes.
Sounds like trouble in Kyanastan.
Oh, and the little issue of going 45 million over budget.
80 million.
125 million.
It's only money.
Except that "Kill Plan" only made 11 million in its opening weekend.
I hate math as much as anyone, but that's problematic.
And then the critics started throwing some serious shade.
" "Mind-numbing.
" "So bad.
" Ow, man.
That hurt.
I guess this is what you get when you demand creative control.
So, Kyle, what have we learned? First of all, stay beautiful always.
And next time, maybe stay in your lane, too? Oh, but wait You're directing a movie It's like a train wreck.
You can't look away.
Oh, it's just information.
Helps me plan for the future.
Can we pretend it never happened? Just for a few hours.
I want to make tonight perfect.
This is too good.
Be careful of my dress.
Reckless souls Kyle, how do you bounce back from a failure like the "Kill Plan"? What's your next role? I honestly haven't given much thought to acting.
I'm just keeping my focus on directing this amazing actress.
- Kyle, Megan, look over here! - Kyle! Oh-ho, there's a fan poll on Dark Horizons for who should be the next Agent Jane.
I'm number three.
How do they know I'm even up for the part? Creative Partners, earning their 10%.
I am a huge Agent Jane fan.
You make the perfect avenging angel.
- They're in the back.
- Thanks, Zach.
- What's he doing here? - A little coordination.
I actually knew right away she wasn't an actress.
'Cause you weren't needy and insecure? No, I was totally needy and insecure.
I was producing my first film and I had no idea what I was doing.
But she knew who she was.
I knew who I wanted to be.
And I knew that Terence's class was full of untapped talent.
- Were you there? - It was before my time.
If you can imagine a time without me.
And DeAnn was seeing someone else, if you can imagine that.
But Terence was too irresistible.
He had a way of seeing his students with such clarity.
Then he just transformed them.
In a matter of minutes.
Why don't we toast to the birthday girl.
- To my lovely wife.
- Thank you.
Happy birthday.
That was a nice story, how you and Terence met.
Oh, we were just kids.
It was all very innocent.
But it's clear you still love each other.
You can totally see it.
What you see is diplomacy.
Diplomacy? You know what? I should stop talking.
I'm a little drunk.
God, I never used to be this much of a lightweight.
Marriage is a series of negotiations.
Your needs, his needs.
Love is part of the process.
The negotiation process.
Look, it doesn't make it any less real.
I do love Terence.
I just have a realistic view of my marriage, is all.
- That it serves a purpose.
- Yeah.
For now.
And maybe one day it won't.
You sure you got bullets left in the chamber, old man? Oh, I'm sure.
Strong swimmers, actually.
So says the doc.
And DeAnn's good to go, so.
A kid.
So what's this about? Mid-life crisis? It's about legacy.
Somebody to carry IHM forward after I'm gone.
Someone whose mind can go beyond mine.
So, mid-life crisis.
IHM's your foundation, Kyle.
I'd be careful of minimizing it.
It wasn't my intention.
Are you sure? It's been a rough couple of weeks.
I haven't heard from you.
Doing any work on yourself? Well, maybe it's been rough for you, but I feel great.
Hey, did you miss us? - Oh, terribly.
- What took you so long? Oh, what's going on? Happy Birthday To you Happy Birthday To you Happy Birthday Dear DeAnn Happy Birthday to you Oh, my goodness.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, you ready? Cheers.
Well, this is fun.
I almost wish I was turning 40.
No, you don't.
Listen, I just wanted to check in with you.
Those photos of me and Hope, strictly a one-time thing.
She reached out to me wanting to make amends, I guess.
So I figured for the sake of closure.
Yeah, I figured that's what it was.
I bet this is where the really interesting conversation's happening.
Actually, we were just talking about what it's going to take to get your significant other to the intro workshop.
What do we have to do, Xavier? Come on, putting on the full-court press here, man.
I'm the only one that's not IHM here.
Don't worry.
We don't bite.
Don't be scared.
- Kyle! Kyle! - Over here! Over here! - Kyle.
- Can we get Xavier and Megan? Xavier, Megan! - What's up, co-star? - Hey.
Get the hell out of here.
Terence had his sperm checked.
What? Meanwhile DeAnn's in the bathroom telling me that their marriage is temporary.
These are the last people on Earth that should be having kids.
You know they have an open relationship? What? Yeah, yeah, sex with other people in various configurations.
Oh, please tell me that's not an IHM principle.
- Kyle! - Ow! All right, all right, all right, it's just them, okay? - Just them.
- Oh, God.
I do not want us to end up like that.
Oh, never in a million years.
I am not sharing you with anybody.
Thank you for a wonderful evening.
You're welcome.
There's one more thing.
Oh, Terence, it's beautiful.
And then the entire crew hears him say "Yeah, stroke the shaft.
Cradle the balls.
" Uh, don't freak out.
I'm still here.
Uh, I found Agent Jane's back story on the dark web in case you want to do some research.
Thank you.
You know what? Remind me to give you a raise, Zach.
- I'm gonna go change.
- I'll walk you out.
This has to stop.
The looks, the innuendos.
Kyle's not an idiot.
He notices.
I'm not gonna stop until you talk to me.
Well then I'll get you fired.
And nothing will change for you.
Or for anyone.
And Terence will win.
Win what? There's nothing to win.
Megan, I know what they did to you.
I know how they took you to the Facility.
You need to go home, Zach.
They took my mother, too.
Six years ago.
I helped them do it.
Four months later, they let her come home.
Then she killed herself.
And I got rewarded for my loyalty.
They did something to her up there.
I can't help you.
I know others, and we need someone with a voice.
Someone the public will listen to.
If we're gonna stop him, we need you.
Terence is a great man.
Just stay calm.
You think you can steal from me? I'm gonna crack your goddamn skull.
Lady, there's a phone behind the register.
Call the police.
Meanwhile, I think I'm gonna have to defend myself.
I'm feeling a little threatened.
Now you're being threatened.
- And cut! - Cut it.
- Okay! - Cutting.
Xavier's a little flat, no? All right, guys, I've got some thoughts.
Hey, hello.
What? Someone die? They asked for that photo of me and Xavier last night.
It's almost like they already had the idea.
You think somebody got ahold of the contract? No, they would have published it.
Somebody obviously leaked something.
- Does Hope know about this? - I didn't tell her, but she wouldn't What? Leak something to the press? - She doesn't know, Kyle.
- Okay, look, it's possible - somebody just made it up.
- Oh, come on.
Look, there's blood in the water, and people are assholes, Kyle.
And fake relationships aren't exactly a new idea in this town.
Okay, but the truth is, this isn't a fake relationship, and I'm not in love with Xavier.
So if there's no proof then won't the story just wither and die? Everything withers and dies.
We just need to turn this around.
I have to focus.
I I can't get sucked into this right now.
How about an N? I know what the answer is.
It's "nervous system.
" That was an easy one.
I agree.
Challenge me.
It was Eli's idea to put biology at the center of his home-schooling.
He needed a way to understand what happened to his dad.
How the body works, and how it can fail.
That's the exact principle behind the First Life Initiative.
So imagine Eli with five other children building a curriculum from their own stories.
Learning support and compassion as they go.
That would be amazing.
Sorry, Eli.
Um, this will go away.
See if you can't save me here.
Hi slow down.
What exactly does the article say? There's a million articles out there by now.
Okay, just just try and stay focused on what's in front of you.
Okay? I'll talk to DeAnn.
We'll meet with Creative Partners.
We'll come up with a plan.
Are you going to come up with a plan? Okay, because the contract was your plan, too.
- Kyle.
- Look, it is out there, Terence, all right? Now the whole world thinks that I have some sort of problem.
Like I can't get anybody to love me.
Fix it.
You know why, Adam? Because you are like number five on my list of problems right now.
So why don't you just, like, I don't know, - Go play golf or something.
- DeAnn.
You don't want your present? Oh, Wes, I'm sorry.
I've been managing the apocalypse.
You didn't have to do that.
I did.
Happy Birthday.
Oh, wow, Wes.
Seriously? This was Mason's.
It's her birthstone.
I was hoping that you'd want it, but if it's too, I don't know, heavy or No, Wes, it's perfect.
Especially on a day like today.
It's good to be reminded of real things.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So the apocalypse isn't real? Well, that depends on whose career you're talking about.
Who is that? Reinforcements.
Where is she? Hey, what's up? Hey.
Can we talk? No, need, brother.
We're good.
All right, but look, I just gotta say I feel close to everybody here.
And that's cause you and Megan made it feel like a family from the jump.
I'm not cool with people saying it's something else.
Me neither.
You know what we're gonna do? Tell me.
We're gonna crush this movie, and everybody else can shove the rumors up their ass.
Well, you know I like rage.
Let's harness that shit.
- Appreciate it, man.
- You got it.
We were scheduling your screen test for Agent Jane when the story broke.
Now they're quiet.
They're hedging.
So they're buying into the rumors.
This is so high school.
Is it? Let's review your last year.
You had a nude photo scandal, fired from a movie, you're friends with porn stars, and you did pass out at that event where you were being honored.
Is that what you were like in high school? No, and that's not exactly how it all 'Cause I wouldn't have hung out with you.
Wow, okay.
You think popularity is trite? But popularity is our business.
The girl with the arranged marriage and the affair? She doesn't get to be prom queen.
Bullshit rumors are trite.
And if I was a man no one would care.
You're my agent, why don't you make that point? Because I run the biggest agency in town, and I didn't get there by being naive.
Kyle will absorb this, yes.
Because he's a man.
But also because he's got a body of work that dwarfs yours, and, "Kill Plan" aside, he's a proven commodity.
You're not.
So you have to get out from under this narrative.
Otherwise, forget Agent Jane.
You're going to be a punch line.
What do I need to do? This is actually pretty nice.
- All things considered.
- Yeah, it's incredible.
Oh, come on.
We've been on set for a month.
We're getting some sun.
We got the sound of the ocean.
And my career is teetering on the brink of disaster.
Don't be so grumpy.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Did you have a flop, too? See? Another reason to take the air out of the rumors.
You'll be fine, babe.
Wanna chase me down the beach? Yeah, no.
I'm not gonna chase you down the beach.
Oh-ho-ho, you're afraid you won't look cool, K-man? - Did you just call me K-man? - Yeah, yeah, I said it.
What ya gonna do about it? Ah, I don't know.
You want to go for a swim? Huh, we're going.
We're going.
In the water.
- Here we go.
- Put me down.
All right, all right, all right, all right.
That was good.
Hope they got it.
Ah, here they come.
You're not expecting me to pull that Tarzan bit, are you? Don't wanna hurt myself Thank you guys for doing this.
The paparazzi should be here for another 30 minutes or so.
Let's make the most of it then.
Two happy couples.
All good.
Xavier would like to reframe this narrative as much as anyone.
That's what I'm talking about.
Let me see your spiral.
Come on! - Want to go for a walk? - Yeah.
Oh, the man's got hands! You know, it's so funny.
Xavier's always talking about you.
So I feel like I know you, but we've never actually hung out.
Just the two of us.
That's actually not funny, but what is funny is how full of shit you are right now.
- What are you talking about? - Okay, first of all, you don't like me, and you never have.
- No, that's so not true - And second of all, let's just admit what we both already know.
Rumors are almost always true.
Nasim, no, not these.
There's nothing going on between me and Xavier.
Really, so if the story was about me and Kyle hooking up on a movie we were doing together, would you believe me when I absolutely swore it was all a lie? I would, and I want you to believe me.
Take your hand off me before I swat it away.
That's fantastic.
Kyle will be thrilled.
And please let Iris know, if she's up to it on Friday, we'd love to have her over for dinner.
Okay, thanks.
Not pregnant.
Well, I I do have some good news.
Sunday News Night wants to do a feature on Kyle and his relationship with IHM.
Iris Holloway.
They're coming next weekend.
I'm gonna be in Toronto for the festival.
That's fine.
I'll take care of it.
It's a big audience.
He can reclaim the narrative, talk about IHM.
It will be good for him.
He's been a bit untethered lately.
Haven't we all.
We'll keep trying.
That's not the necklace I gave you.
Well, the one you gave me is hardly appropriate for Pilates.
Where'd it come from? It was Mason's.
My friend who passed away.
She left it to you? Her son gave it to me.
- Wes, the new P.
- Oh.
I I didn't realize that was your friend's son.
Yeah, he's going through a rough time right now so I gave him a job, and this was his way of saying thank you.
I'll see you later.
Can we huddle up over here? Hey, could you explain to Nasim that nothing is happening between us? We've had the conversation multiple times.
She refuses to trust me.
'Cause you've made it so easy.
All right, could you just please take it easy on the champagne? All right, look, come on, guys.
We all know what it's like being on a set.
A bunch of beautiful people spending way too much time together and things get personal.
Kyle, are you trying to help right now? But the boundaries are still there.
That's what I'm saying.
- That's my point.
- Thank you.
And at the end of the day, we come home to the person we love.
Do we? Because last time he came home, he called out her name.
What? Yeah, he crawled into my bed, put his hands all over me, and then he says "Oh, Clyde you feel so amazing.
" It was a long day.
We shot until 2:00 in the morning.
I love you, baby.
Yeah, and Nasim, Clyde is my character's name.
- It's not me.
- Stop it.
Just stop it.
Oh, my God.
I can't do this anymore.
- Please don't cry.
- It's in your eyes, Xavier.
The way you look at her.
It's the way you used to look at me.
You're falling in love with her and I - Baby, I'm - I can't stand here and pretend like it's not happening.
Hey, she's wrong.
I'm not falling in love with you.
Hey, back up.
Back up, back up.
Oh, my God.
Just keep smiling, baby.
- Hey, hey.
- Leave me alone.
It is an E-News exclusive as we bring you photographs of what appears to be a highly emotional fight between Xavier Hughes and Nasim Anand.
Yeah, this all went down just hours ago on a private beach in Malibu.
All in full view of Kyle West and fiancé Megan Morrison.
There is a lot to unpack here.
Yeah, there absolutely is, Will.
Rumors of an arranged relationship, an on-set affair between Megan and Xavier which the Kygan camp has vehemently denied.
But this blowup at the beach seems to confirm at least half of it.
So, are we talking about an actual love triangle? Or, if Kygan is an arrangement, is it a triangle at all? Could it actually be that Kyle West is snake-bitten when it comes to love? Or is there something else going on? Look, you just got to let this stuff roll off your back.
Off my back and onto my giant list of credits.
Oh, wait.
Stop worrying about your resume or your next movie or whatever Karen's saying, okay? We got this movie.
"Technicolor Highway.
" We need to focus on that.
That and the fact that your co-star clearly has feelings for you.
Oh, come on you don't believe that.
Nasim put on a show, Kyle.
She hijacked us.
And now she's going to milk the jilted girlfriend thing - in the press.
- Yeah, probably.
But she's right about the way he looks at you.
I've seen it.
Why? You think anyone would care if that asshole died? - I'd be doing the world a favor.
- That's not the point.
I just want to do something, just once, that feels right.
But it wouldn't be right for you.
Trust me, Clyde.
You're not a killer.
Cut! What are we on, take 16? I think he's just feeling the pressure to make it perfect.
Or he's punishing me for what Nasim said.
You know that was just about the work, right? Hey, guys.
Uh, little less intensity at the top.
And Megan, keep doing what you're doing.
One more time, guys.
- Going again! Back to one.
- Back to one.
Look, your life is never normal.
But these stories in the media right now.
The pressure on this movie, it's extreme.
For anyone, not to mention someone with your history.
I couldn't agree more, and I'm dealing with it.
I just don't think you're being honest with yourself.
Look, I don't want to spend an entire weekend pushing IHM on national TV.
Doesn't mean I'm in denial.
Fair enough.
So you'll do it as a favor.
What was that about? He booked us on Iris Holloway.
He wants you to do more press? It's more of an infomercial for IHM, and he always wants you to do it.
So I guess we'll do it.
I'll be right back.
I can't watch Terence control Kyle anymore.
I'm ready to meet your friends.
Yeah, I'll see if they're ready to meet you.
Appreciate that, Wes.
Wes, right? - Yeah.
- I'm Terence Anderson.
DeAnn's husband.
She speaks very highly of you.
It's good to meet you.
DeAnn's amazing.
- I know.
- That's why I married her.
You got deliveries to make? I'll walk with you.
Sorry about your mom.
How are you doing? I'm doing okay.
I'm hanging in.
Enjoying the job? Yeah, I've always loved movies.
It's great to see them bring the characters to life.
Ah, so you want to be an actor.
I've got a good feel for people.
It's what I do.
Wes! Set's that way.
Um, it was nice to meet you.
You too.
What are you doing? Just saying hello.
Seems like a bright kid.
Yeah, he's been through a rough time so do me a favor.
Leave him alone.
What am I, the big bad wolf? I'm just talking to him.
What's the matter with you? What were you talking to him about anyway? - Was it IHM? - No.
But don't you think it'd be good for him? It's not your call to make, Terence.
Mason was my friend.
I should be the one to look out for her son.
Look out for him, wear the necklace he gave you.
What exactly are you trying to tell me? - Nothing.
- Don't be disgusting.
Did it start as payback? For the tie on the door.
Don't do this.
You have feelings, DeAnn.
I may not give you everything you want, but I know you.
I sense them, and you have been in and out of our relationship for months.
We're trying to have a child.
Now is not the time to lie to each other.
I care for Wes like a son.
- That is all.
- DeAnn.
Because I had feelings for his mother.
Your college friend? Yes.
The woman I was in love with.
When? How long? It doesn't matter.
She's gone.
Of course it matters.
I thought I was the only one here.
You're not alone.
I just set up meetings with another four families.
We are really building a foundation.
That's funny.
My foundation feels shaky.
Are you okay? Terence.
I'd rather not talk about it.
You've always been available to me.
I just want to make sure you know I'm here for you, too.
Thank you.
I just feel there's certain things you and I shouldn't share.
You know whenever my foundation feels shaky I go to church.
Why church? It inspires me.
You don't get that here? Sure.
But sometimes you don't want to have to think about it or work for it.
You just want to feel it.
You know? So, church.
You ready? This better be what you say it is.
They said the same thing about you.
Megan, this is Hudson and Gail.
You were at my engagement party.
It's good to see you again.
Why isn't she blindfolded? - She wouldn't wear it.
- Then I'm not doing this.
Wait, hold on.
We all want the same thing.
We're gonna have to at least listen to each other.
They kidnapped me.
They threw me in a van, and they took me to the Facility.
I was a prisoner for three weeks.
The whole time they were telling me they were going to make me better.
- They kept me for four months.
- Hudson, she's an actress.
And I'm tired of operating from fear, Gail.
If you've been through what I've through, why are you still IHM? Why are you? Because I love Kyle.
- It's complicated.
- So they say.
Well, I love IHM.
It's Terence I want to stop.
One way or another he's put us all through the same thing.
We just can't prove it.
So you couldn't find the Facility either.
He knows how to make things look like they never happened.
My ex-wife helped them take me after I got fired from my job.
I was unemployed.
It was summer.
Nobody missed me.
Plus, there's whatever he has on you.
You didn't have to confess your sins? What's your story anyway, Gail? My story doesn't matter.
None of ours do.
They're flies on Terence's windshield.
We have to prove something that can actually take him down.
Not just wound him.
The minute we go to the police, he comes at us with everything.
Then what exactly am I doing here? Tell her.
I was a stylist in my other life.
About ten years ago, a girl named Julie Woolth came to me.
She was an actor.
She just joined IHM.
They'd found her an agent, got her some print work.
Terence told her they were going to make her an icon.
She said "icon?" She wouldn't stop saying it.
She came over almost every day wanting to talk about her image.
I figured, typical narcissist.
She just vanished.
Phone was turned off.
Facebook page gone.
She is she dead? I thought so.
And then I saw her in Sherman Oaks a couple years ago.
She'd changed her hair, put on some weight, but I knew it was her.
So I I called out to her.
The look of terror on her face I will never forget.
What is she scared of? Being discovered.
She said she was back for a funeral, and she begged me not to tell anyone that I'd seen her.
She said she wasn't allowed to be in LA.
That she was risking her life.
Terence threatened her.
Really? Did she say that? Did she say that Terence threatened her life? It's the logical conclusion.
Whatever Julie did or whatever she knew, he needed her far away.
And if we can find out why, that would do some real damage.
Why haven't you come forward with this before? 'Cause Julie Woolth doesn't exist anymore.
And we don't have the kind of access we need to track her down through IHM.
We're not important.
But you're Kyle's fiancé.
You're about as important as they get.
To long relationships.
Old friends.
Hear, hear.
So, tell me something I don't know.
Excited for the wedding? Sure.
Megan? Is she excited too? You didn't ask her? She's your client, too.
She and I are in a we're in a different place than you and me.
Well, um, Megan's very excited.
But all the stuff in the press has her a little nervous.
Well, she should be.
You, on the other hand, are coming off one of the greatest winning streaks in Hollywood.
- Do you know that? - I do.
And I'd like to start another one right now.
"Technicolor Highway" can be a part of it.
But I'd like to see if we can set myself up with a franchise.
Now, I know it needs to be the right one, but if we start to thread that needle, I think all the noise will go away.
But What's going on with Sergeant Stone? They're trying to get a script together.
And then they're going out to Logan Travers.
Come on.
Listen, I agree, but he's half your rate.
And the climate's changed, you know that.
It's about franchises, not faces.
And your face comes with some noise.
Not the kind of noise that everyone wants to hear.
Can't we just push through that? I mean, do they know I'm interested? They do, but I won't go all in for you if I don't have the hand.
If we lose, then the hole just gets deeper.
- It's not worth the risk.
- I think it is.
You and I go way back.
Just asking for a favor.
For old time's sake? Sure.
Well, how far back do you want to go? That's not what I meant.
No? Come on.
Nice dinner, beautiful bottle of wine.
Some part of you wanted me to think about what used to always come next.
How was dinner? Good.
Yeah, good.
What do you need me to do? I have to go to Toronto.
We'll talk when I get back.
- Yeah? - Okay, look, I know that you said that you were done - And I meant it.
- There's a name.
It should be in the IHM system.
Julie Woolth.
- Can you try to locate her? - Megan.
It's the last thing I'm going to ask you to do.
I promise.
I got to go.
This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine Let it shine, let it shine Don't check out on me.
I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine Let it shine, let it shine Let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine This little light of mine Gonna let it shine I'm gonna let it shine Let it shine Let it shine Let it shine