The Arrangement (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

The Break Up

1 Previously on The Arrangement "Technicolor Highway," we need to focus on that.
And the fact that your co-star clearly has feelings for you.
You know that was just about the work, right? I never thought Lisbeth would just bail on me at our wedding.
Did she ever explain herself? Something about getting lost in my world.
Why are you following me? I just wanna know why you left.
Was it Terence? You can't separate them, it's impossible.
Why would you say that? Whatever she's accessing, it's pretty deep in the vault.
I don't wanna spend an entire weekend pushing IHM on national TV.
He booked us on "Iris Holloway.
" He wants you to do more press? He also wants you to do it.
I can't watch Terence control Kyle anymore.
I'm ready to meet your friends.
Ten years ago, a girl named Julie Wolfe joined IHM.
And then she just vanished.
There's a name It should be in the IHM system.
It's the last thing I'm gonna ask you to do, I promise.
It was Monday.
I'm not sure why I remember that.
We were scheduled to attend a fundraiser that night for the Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles.
Hey, babe, you home? Lis? Hey, babe, you here? This is Lisbeth.
Leave a message.
Just calling to check on you.
Everything all right? Get back to me, okay? Yeah, hey, what's going on? You're not answering my phone calls.
Get back to me, please.
I'm I'm starting to get a little worried about you.
She didn't tell you anything? She knew the schedule.
She said she was fine with it.
I don't know.
Her phone's going straight to voicemail.
DeAnn, I gotta call you back.
I don't have it committed to memory, but the basic message of the note was that she loved me, and that she realized my world was just - too big for her.
- She was getting lost, so she thought the best thing for her to do was leave.
What did she mean by getting lost? My life is very complex.
It's full of moving pieces.
Sometimes if I'm not careful, things can get lost in the shuffle, like intimacy.
Lost A word that isn't foreign to you.
You have had a lot of it in your life, haven't you? Loss? Sure, my fair share.
Your mother died of cancer when you were little.
You lost your father in a car accident soon after.
That's correct.
So, when Lisbeth left, that must've revived a lot of the childhood trauma.
No, no, because Lisbeth wasn't dead.
Let's cut.
The suggestion of death is a metaphor.
I just wanna make it really clear how high the emotional stakes were for you when Lisbeth left.
Okay, then let's be clear.
Lisbeth didn't die.
I'm not interested in sensationalizing it.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, of course not.
It's just that I really wanna dig a little bit deeper here so we can leave death out of it.
Let's talk about abandonment.
I mean, that's part of your history, wouldn't you say? People that you depended on leaving you? Yes.
So, would you be comfortable saying that the breakup with Lisbeth played into that? - Yeah, yeah, okay, sure.
- That's great.
That'll really tee us up nicely for talking about how IHM helped you get through all of that.
And three, two Let's talk about loss.
Look, you knew the question was coming, or did you not read the notes? DeAnn usually gives us the notes and walks us through.
Yeah, well, DeAnn's not here.
I expect you to read the notes.
I've got better things to do.
- Did you read the notes? - Yeah, I read the notes.
Look, this isn't a pleasant memory for any of us, but it makes you look sympathetic.
And given the rumors out there, that's not a bad thing.
This is all for the greater good.
Dress it up however you want, man, but I'm up to my ears trying to make this movie work and me and my cast have been spending the entire weekend making an infomercial for IHM.
Put energy into IHM, and IHM puts energy back into you, - you know that.
- Right, right, except I don't have any more energy to give.
Sweetie, the movie's going well.
You're doing a great job.
We could afford to take the weekend off.
Did you miss me? I am ready to sing some IHM praises, if you're ready for me.
Would you actually sing? Did you wanna take a look at yesterday's scene? The movie's not going well.
I'm sure you shouldn't take that personally.
What was that about? I don't exactly know, but whatever's going on between them seems to be getting worse.
Iris doesn't need you for another hour.
Now might be a good time.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's it going? Good.
So, Iris Holloway, huh? Yeah, a day of professing my love for IHM on national television, get myself back on Terence's good side and get back to work.
So, I'm just checking in to see I know, nothing came up.
Nothing? There is no record of Julie Wolfe anywhere.
I looked everywhere I could.
Why didn't you tell me? I'm telling you now.
And that doesn't seem bizarre to you? What are you referring to? That there's no record of her anywhere.
People remember her, Shaun.
Maybe these people are lying to you.
Or maybe Terence is trying to hide whatever horrible shit he did to her.
Or maybe they're lying.
You don't wanna go any further with this.
Megan, you asked me to do one more thing for you.
I did it, even though I told you before Okay, you're right.
Thanks for checking.
What's that for? Protection.
If it was for protection, you would've used it on me back in Fresno.
You're not as dangerous as you think.
You don't know shit about me or what I think.
But I'll tell you something I do know.
People don't carry guns unless they're looking to use them, so what the hell is your plan? So, let's talk about your last few weeks.
You weren't in the Institute.
Your girlfriend Nasim Anand was.
You two have a very explosive, public breakup, and almost immediately afterwards, you signed up for an introductory workshop.
The timing is weird, I'll give you that.
But the truth is, I've been interested in IHM for weeks since I met Kyle.
Why, exactly? You are the choices you make In acting, in music, in your relationships And I don't know anybody who makes better choices than Kyle.
If IHM can give me the tools to help me improve, you better believe I'm signing up.
That's great I think we've got this, guys.
- Thank you, Iris.
- Terrific.
Xavier, you're a natural.
Hey, not my first rodeo.
Let's find some time to talk.
I wanna hear how the workshop went.
Sure, thanks, man.
Oh, no, you set the bar high.
Terence should cut you a check.
Nah, I'm happy to do this Keeping my mind occupied instead of dwelling.
Nasim? She's part of it.
The bigger issue is Hooper.
- Your character? - Yeah.
You know, when I make music, I just follow my gut and, I don't know, the people, they like it.
But this is like I'm playing to an audience of one and he's never happy.
Kyle loves your work.
Just keep doing your thing and take his suggestions.
Right, at the end of the day, it's still Xavier Hughes up on that screen making all the girls cry.
You ever thought about leading a workshop around here? Yeah, no, hard pass.
Hey, just wanna give you guys a heads-up.
The schedule changed.
We have to reshoot scene 16 on Monday.
The scene by the car? Why, what's wrong? When you grab her, it's emotional, but it also has to be compassionate.
Right now, every take is reading like anger.
We're gonna lose the audience.
Well, yesterday you told me to play fear, and then it was play love for the girl.
I've tried everything you've asked, Kyle.
It's never right.
It's because you're not getting it.
I don't know what "it" is.
How the hell do you grab someone with compassion, man? Like this.
And you look her in the eye and you tell her that she cannot make the same mistakes that you did.
That reads like anger.
Do you really think we're gonna lose the audience? What exactly is the point of that question? Look, I'm sorry, it You hired the guy because you thought he would bring something different to the part, so why don't you just let him bring it? Even if what he's doing is wrong? Well, I don't think what he's doing is necessarily wrong Is that what you're telling him? That what he's doing is right and that I'm wrong? No, do you really think that I would undermine you like that? Don't make it sound so ridiculous, Megan.
The guy leans on you.
You obviously like what he's doing.
Why wouldn't you tell him that? Because you're the director, and I trust you.
What's going on? Hello, beautiful people.
I'm sorry, Kyle, I need to steal your lovely fiancée, if you don't mind.
I'll just be one minute, okay? I promise.
Hey I thought we got past all those rumors.
Why all of a sudden are you acting jealous? I'm not acting jealous.
My mistake.
Lis? Lis? Hey, babe, you home? Hey.
Why haven't you answered my text? Oh, I went to lunch with a girlfriend and forgot my phone in the car.
A girlfriend.
Mm-hmm, yeah, Sarah.
Not Gavin? Gavin? Really, Kyle? I know he called you a week before the wedding.
Was it a last ditch effort to get you back? Wow, well, since you've apparently been looking through my phone, yeah, Gavin called me.
One I ignored, and one I answered.
He wished me the best.
That was it.
God, honestly, I can't believe that I really have to explain myself to you right now.
Oh, you can't? Ever since we talked, you've been a ghost.
What do you expect me to think? Kyle, our talk happened one month before our wedding.
You dropped a bomb on me, okay? That is a lot to process! Lis, the whole point is that I've changed.
Look, that's why I told you.
We should be honest with each other, okay, about everything, no secrets.
Okay, honestly, I don't feel safe with you, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna run off and have sex with somebody else.
That's what you did with me.
Right, right, I'm a slut.
That's the problem with this relationship.
No, that's not what I'm saying.
You're the problem, Kyle, you.
You tell me that you're not the man that I thought I was marrying, and now you want points for being honest? I am the man you thought you were marrying.
No, you're not! You are a self-obsessed, little Stop interrupting me! I'm sorry.
People don't change.
- Lis, please - Do not Do not come near me.
Okay, now, as you know, the rumors have been flying recently.
They say you're having an affair with your co-star, that your relationship with Kyle is a business arrangement, and that in exchange for fortune and fame, you had to join IHM.
Mm, pretty juicy But all false.
Where do rumors like that come from? Hollywood is a creative town, but trust me, Kyle would never turn his love life into a business transaction.
He's actually a hopeless romantic.
So you never felt any pressure to join the Institute? Not from Kyle.
From who, then? From myself.
Here I was in love with this huge movie star.
My life was suddenly on constant display, and I needed help to mute the outside narrative and focus on how I feel about myself and my relationship.
And how exactly does the Institute help you do that? Well, Iris, you'll have to take an introductory workshop and find out.
Not a chance.
We'll cut that.
You were spectacular.
Yeah, aww, thanks.
Do you ever not shine on camera? Oh, come on, I appreciate that, though.
- Of course.
- Megan.
You remember Isaac.
Hi, Megan.
Shall we? Hey, you okay? - Megan, do you have a second? - Yeah.
Sorry, thank you.
That guy with Terence That's who drugged me at the facility.
What the hell is he doing here? I don't know.
I'm sorry, I can't find Kyle.
What? They're almost ready for his sit-down interview and he's gone.
The Megalithic Temples of Malta have been there since 2500 BC.
Just a few miles away, 50-year-old houses are falling apart.
But the temples still stand.
So you wanna go there and drop acid? I did that in college.
What I want is for you to imagine the human body having the same sort of longevity, a world where death is no longer inevitable.
Why? Because science has caught up with our imagination, and with the proper funding Ah, that's where I come in.
My lab has isolated a hormone called HM236, which not only protects cells from damage, but actually prevents cell death.
You're talking about immortality? In a manner of speaking, yes, relative to current life expectancy.
What does that mean? Another 30 years on the average lifespan to start.
Who knows? Maybe more.
- The possibility - No, I mean, what does it mean to you? I could retire at 80, spend the next few decades becoming a concert pianist.
That's your plan? I stopped taking lessons when I was 10.
I always regretted it.
Ah, there it is The end of regret, and so much more time to fix things.
What's your biggest regret, Terence? Send me the research.
Come on, come on.
Pick up, pick up.
This is Lisbeth.
Leave a message.
Come on.
Come on! Hey, man.
You shouldn't be here.
Talk to me.
What's going on? Should've never told her.
I should've never told her.
I ruined everything.
You ruined everything.
She couldn't get past it and now she's gone because I am a piece of shit.
No, you're not.
I'm calling him.
I'm calling Aaron.
Put that phone down.
You're not making that call.
You're not gonna decide this.
I'm calling him.
I'm calling Aaron.
We're sorry.
Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
Please check the number and dial again.
Kyle, give me the gun.
You're not gonna shoot me.
I know you.
This is not who you are.
Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, you don't wanna do this.
I can't I can't get it out of me, man, this this monster.
Kyle, Kyle, it's an old story.
Let it go.
Focus on the right now.
We have been over this.
It doesn't work! - Yes, it does.
- No, it doesn't! It works.
You have to trust me.
We can fix this.
I'm a fraud, man.
- I'm a fraud.
- No, you're not.
You deserve everything you have worked so hard for.
And you deserve the love you didn't get when you were a little boy.
You deserve to be loved.
Nobody can love me, man.
Once they see who I really am, what I'm capable of They can't love me.
I love you.
I love you, Kyle.
Come here.
Everyone's waiting for you to shoot, sweetie.
Could you please call me and let me know what's going on? Okay, I left him some messages too, some texts.
Between me and Megan, he'll call.
- He always does.
- Right.
This piece won't work or air without the sit-down.
- This isn't normal.
- You don't just disappear.
Kyle does.
Sometimes he just needs to clear his head.
I'm sure that's what he's doing right now.
Please tell me I just heard wrong and you know exactly where Kyle is.
Terence, I'm really sorry How long has he been gone? He left hours ago.
And what were you doing hours ago? This isn't his fault.
Looking after Kyle is his job.
And I will find him.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Can I ask you a question? Sure.
Why are you scared of him? Scared of who? Terence.
I'm not scared of Terence.
When that Isaac dude showed up, you froze.
Everything's fine.
It didn't seem fine.
This place is supposed to be good for you, right? So, what's up? Heyo.
Hey, where have you been? I've been calling.
I, uh, needed some fresh air so I took a ride.
I'm sorry if you were worried about me, but I am all good.
Okay, well, Iris is kinda freaking out.
Okay, I'll smooth it over.
Hey, do you mind sticking around? I'd love to chat with you after the interview.
Yeah, sure.
Terence, do you got a second? I owe you an apology.
Well, you came back.
That's all that matters.
No, sometimes I forget that you saved my life, or maybe I try to forget.
I was at the right place at the right time.
You were also the one person that could stop me, the one person that I could trust.
I need this This place, this work every day to remind me of that.
So, thank you.
I love you.
Iris Holloway, I am sorry to keep you waiting.
I can't do it anymore.
What happened? I tried to talk to him.
He lost his shit.
He's so angry.
Terence, I can't do it anymore, okay? I-I can't.
I-I tried to let it go, to be okay with it With, with what he did, with everything that we talked about in our sessions.
But he crossed a line tonight, and I cannot undo that.
Let's just stop trying to pretend like I can.
Okay, okay.
I'm glad you came to me.
You're the only person who makes me feel safe anymore.
Can I stay here with you tonight? Wait.
We are all alone here.
So, off the record Your disappearing act.
What was that about? Off the record, the temper tantrum of an entitled, self-obsessed movie star.
Just kidding, I, uh, just needed a moment to clear the clutter.
I wanted to give you my best.
Let's roll camera.
Iris, go when you're ready.
This is beautiful, peaceful.
Not bad, huh? I can understand why you like it here.
Love it, I love it here.
Just feels like I belong.
And every day I'm surrounded by a group of people that care about me, support me.
I wish we could stay here forever This office floor, right here in this moment.
Me too.
So what happens next? I don't know.
But I know one thing.
What's that? I love you.
I have for some time.
I love hearing you say that.
I wish it made it easier But it doesn't.
- It's very - Complicated.
I know.
Your wife, Kyle I know that.
Where are you going? I have to go check on him.
He's in pain.
He must be.
I need to Yeah, no, it's okay.
I understand.
I'll be here.
Here, this'll help bring you down.
Sorry I pointed a gun at you.
Yeah, it happens.
So, what's next? We need to go to the facility.
Yeah, all right.
For how long? As long as it takes for you to love yourself again.
We'll spin your absence with the press.
I wish it was easier.
I just wish that I was stronger.
Kyle, you're one of the strongest people I know.
You'll get through this.
Look, nobody's narrative is easy, man.
We all make choices that That complicate our path.
But healing Really healing isn't about avoiding who you are.
It's about confronting who you are.
And working through that, and ultimately forgiving ourselves.
You're a good man.
I'll have it patched up.
It's not up to me.
That's his decision.
You don't wanna stay here? I wanna start fresh.
I want that for you too.
We could get a place together Little bungalow up in the hills, hide away from the world, see what we are, without all of this, without everyone else.
That's not gonna happen.
We're not gonna happen.
Wait, Terence.
- You said - I know what I said.
You love me, you said that, and you feel it.
I know that you feel it I have obligations, people who rely on me.
I have a wife.
Please, DeAnn? You don't love her.
My marriage is not your concern.
And this isn't about her.
This is about him.
Everything is always about him.
He needs me.
So do I.
Please, so do I.
I just have one more question.
Aww, that's it? We're just starting to have a good time.
Who is Kyle West? I have been hanging out with you all day, Iris.
If you still don't know the answer to that question, I think we have a problem.
I'm not interested in who I think you are.
Who do you think you are? I'm, um, I'm a loyal friend.
Loyal to the people that really matter to me My caring fiancée, someone who Kyle? I'm a good man.
Good person.
But I'm also flawed.
IHM has taught me how to be my best self every day While I was confronting who I was, who I am on my worst days, my flaws.
Nobody's narrative is easy.
We all make choices that complicate our path.
But healing is about confronting who we are, working through it And learning to forgive ourselves.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, man, let's chat.
All right.
Thanks for hanging around and waiting.
Yeah, sure, that was You sure know how to give an interview.
Look, I have a bunch of my own shit and I've been throwing it on you.
That's not right at all.
And that's got to change.
Good day for him.
And for IHM.
Two sides of the same coin.
You know what? Great, I'm out.
What the hell just happened? I fired him.
What? And you were right.
I'm an actor.
I need to stop hiding from it.
Xavier, wait.
Xavier, please don't leave.
We could fix this.
The man just fired me.
I know that's what he said Oh, you think something else is going on here? Kyle West and his magical way of talking where nothing means what it's supposed to mean.
I just think if we calm down and talk about this together He's calm, Megan.
He's the happiest I've seen him in weeks.
You're an amazing actor, Xavier, and I love working with you.
We could figure this out.
I don't want to.
I tried.
I tried joy, and I tried compassion, and I even signed up for this place to make the guy happy.
You did? It's sad, right? Even then, I knew nothing would change.
No more trying.
I need to go make some music.
Okay, don't try.
Just don't leave.
I'll straighten things out with Kyle.
Let the rumors and the press die down, and we'll just focus on making the movie.
It's a beautiful movie, and we're making it together.
We were.
I love working with you.
I watch you dive deep every day No fear, looking for the most painful, honest shit so you could turn it into art.
That's why this movie's beautiful Because of you.
Now, I have no business saying this, and I don't know what situation you got yourself into but whoever these people are, whatever they mean to you, you're way too good for them.
I had the narrative all wrong.
I mean, after Lisbeth left, I used acting to bury everything that I was ashamed of, so I became ashamed of acting itself.
To be honest, that's the reason I took myself out of the movie in the first place.
I it's basic principles.
Do the work.
Don't let the past corrupt the present.
I mean, you've been saying it all along.
Acting is a gift.
I need to use it to inspire people.
Well, that's That's beautiful, Kyle.
But you know what the narrative for the rest of the world's gonna be, right? The jealous fiancé.
It's not about that.
It's not about the rumors at all.
Closet racist with a flop on his hands Fires the black guy.
Racist? Oh, come on.
I'm just telling you how it's gonna go, man.
It's not very inspiring.
It'll blow over.
Big picture, I thought you'd be a little happier about this.
It won't just blow over.
It never just blows over.
And yes, we will change the goddamn narrative, but you know what? It's work.
It's work, and guess what, it's a shit job.
And I get tired of it.
And not to mention DeAnn.
Not to mention DeAnn, who's got to figure out how to throw away an entire month's work.
Enjoy that phone call, 'cause I'm not making it.
Fine, I'll call DeAnn.
I'll explain everything.
Look, man, I'm I'm sorry for any time that I've made your life more difficult.
But before you know it, everything is gonna be right again.
Look, man, you are gonna be happy that I did this, I promise.
Xavier okay? He's working on it.
I know he doesn't get it, but this isn't personal.
Can we just go home? We'll talk about this later.
Sure, I just wanna say thank you to Iris first.
You happy? - No, I'm not.
- Really? Kyle's the star again.
That's what you always wanted.
Listen, I don't know what the hell you think, but Kyle made this decision on his own.
He has your voice in his head, Terence, and you have told him over and over not to rely on me.
And now here we are at goddamn square one of this movie that means so much to us, to him, and that's on you.
Yeah, every story needs a bad actor.
What is that supposed to mean? Someone whose sole purpose is to screw you over, so when things don't go your way, you have someone to blame Better me than Kyle, better than thinking he doesn't trust you with this movie.
You have been trying to push me aside since the beginning.
No, that's your reality.
In my reality, the world doesn't revolve around you, and you're not that important.
- Hey, I was just speaking - I'm done for the day.
Look, let me know what they say.
We always have other options.
You think jealousy had something to do with it? There's nothing to be jealous of.
Well, maybe the rumors got to him.
I mean, it's not like you and Xavier don't have chemistry.
Look, Kyle was miserable.
He disappeared and he came back a completely different person.
I don't know what happened, but Terence did something.
And there's no way that Julie Wolfe doesn't exist.
Terence definitely had those records wiped.
Well, that's one possibility.
What else would it be? Shaun's lying about what she found.
So, I told DeAnn what's going on.
- How'd that go? - She's furious.
Reshooting all of Xavier's scenes is gonna cost us a ton of money that we don't have, and in the press' eyes, I am now seen as "a fragile egomaniac making a flaming tower of shit.
" Her words.
But we're gonna make the movie that we all originally imagined, and she couldn't deny that.
And now, I need to know how you're doing.
I'm just trying to make sense of this whole thing, I know I told you if we were gonna make the movie we wanted, I couldn't be in it, and now I'm telling you the opposite.
Did you lose trust in me for some reason? No, never.
And this had nothing to do with you and Xavier, either.
This whole thing happened because I lost trust in myself and the principles that got me here.
What principles? The principles I learned at IHM.
No, what got you here was talent and hard work.
It was you.
The person I connected with in that first audition was you.
In two minutes, I could see everything about you that was beautiful and flawed and vulnerable, and that That is who I fell in love with, not whatever Terence put in your head.
Whatever Terence put in my head is the only reason that I'm here today.
I've been to the darkest places, and IHM is the only thing that pulled me back.
It is my lifeline, and when I forget that Let me be your lifeline.
I love you.
That's not how it works.
You can't save me from myself.
But Terence can? No, I have to do it.
But I have used the tools that he gave me every day.
It's the only thing that works.
And I love you too.