The Barrier (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Otro mundo

[somber music plays]
[distant yelling, screaming]
[yelling intensifies]
[rapid gunfire]
[gunshots continue]
Julia, go pack your things, hurry.
-[patriotic music plays]
-[sirens wail]
Good evening, fellow citizens.
Thank you for your attention.
This is my first address
as the new Prime Minister of Spain.
Certainly, the most challenging.
Our country, and the whole world,
is facing a critical time.
The recent World War III
has destroyed out environment
as we knew it.
-The economy has collapsed.
-[girl] Daddy.
-[TV] Natural resources
are compromised.
Can I pack my stuffed animals?
-[TV] Essential supplies
-[dad] Less toys, more clothes.
-such as water, electricity and gas
-[Sara] And mommy?
must be drastically rationed
and controlled.
-[dad] Finish packing, hurry.
-[TV] Health, safety
-and the very survival of our people
-[distant screaming]
are gravely threatened.
In times like these,
terrorists exploit our weaknesses
to undermine our system.
Due to new viruses,
hospitals have collapsed
and challenged our medical knowledge.
[dad] Julia!
Stay away from the window.
Go get your things.
[TV] It is not the time
for sterile political disputes.
-[Julia] Mommy!
-Julia, honey.
We hereby officially constitute
a government of national concentration
formed by technical experts
competent in all fields.
It was really hard to find them.
People are getting desperate out there.
-Thank goodness!
-[mom] It's horrible.
Due to the dire circumstances,
I hereby declare a state of emergency
and our parliamentary monarchy
is temporarily suspended.
-I won't lie to you.
-[distant explosion]
[TV] This transition will require
radical changes to our way of life.
But it is the only way,
and we must do it together.
I ask you for your cooperation,
since we have one common goal:
-These are extremely hard times.
-We must leave as soon as possible.
-Fill up the tank and start the car.
-Don't be long.
With everyone's help, I assure you
the future will be ours again.
[distant explosions]
Thank you and good night.
[man over megaphone] Clear the area.
I repeat: Clear the area!
-[man over megaphone] Get off the streets!
Get off the streets!
[distant yelling]
[man over megaphone]
A state of emergency has been declared.
Return to your homes!
[woman 1] Clear the way!
[man 1] Freedom!
[kids chatter indistinctly]
-[Sara] No.
-[inhales deeply]
[Julia] But he told you.
[Sara] No, because I want to. Maybe I can.
[Julia] Besides, he told us to hurry up.
[dad] Girls, come here.
Come with me, please.
This is for your birthday:
red as fire and blue as water.
It's very pretty,
but it's not our birthday.
Put it on, honey.
-[knocking on door]
-[man 2] Open the door!
What's going on, Daddy?
I love you more than anything.
-We love you more.
-We love you more, Daddy.
[knocking on door]
[man 2] We know you're there.
Open the door!
Turn around. I have another surprise.
[knocking on door]
[dad] Hold hands.
[man 2] Open the door!
[knocking on door]
[knocking continues]
-[man 2] Open up! Open the door!
-[knocking on door]
[woman 2] Freedom!
[glass smashing]
[crowd chants] Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
[rapid gunfire]
[ominous music plays]
[crowd chants] Freedom! Freedom!
-[soldier 1] Let's go!
-[soldier 2] Come on!
-[mom] Ramón!
-[Ramón] Honey!
Ramón, please.
It's done.
-[soldier 3] Move, ma'am!
-[mom] No. No!
-[soldier 3] Ma'am!
-[mom screams]
-Ramón] No!
-[soldier 3] Let's go!
-Emilia! Emilia! Son of a bitch!
-[Ramón] Emilia! Emilia!
-[Emilia sobs]
[Emilia] The girls Girls!
[breathing heavily]
Girls, where are you?
[Julia] Mommy?
Julia, you're here. Where's your sister?
Sara, come here, honey.
-[Sara] Mommy.
-[Emilia sighs]
[Emilia] I'm so glad you're okay.
Are you all right?
It hurts.
-Where, honey?
Daddy told us not to say anything.
[Emilia] It's okay.
Where did he put it?
Back here?
-[Sara winces]
-[Julia] Don't tell her.
Shame on you.
Can you show me yours, Julia?
Daddy did a great job,
so it won't hurt for long.
Where's Daddy?
[Emilia] Well
They took him away,
but he'll be back. Hmm?
He'll be back for sure.
Come here.
Come here.
This Madrid square
with pseudo-fluorescent light
has a wavelength that allows it
to be active for the knowledge of our..
The lighting system will be used
to measure devices
[indistinct chattering]
[waves lapping]
Goodbye, Mommy.
We're leaving now,
like you wanted us to.
It's late. We've got to go.
I don't want to leave her, Daddy.
[somber music plays]
Let's go.
I'll take you with me, my love.
[music intensifies]
[exhales] Anybody there?
-[glass clinking]
[door opens, closes]
-[Julia] Your booze.
-You're a life saver.
They're thirsty and out of control.
-It's 10,000.
Can you do me a favor?
-Take it to the private rooms upstairs.
Thank you, my dear.
[hip-hop music plays in distance]
[distant laughter]
[metal clinking]
-[women laughing]
-[glasses clinking]
[man 1] Shall we have another glass
of champagne?
[woman 1] Of course.
[indistinct chattering]
[women laughing]
[woman 1 laughs]
[muffled sobbing]
[muffled sobbing continues]
[sobbing continues]
[whimpering, sobbing]
[inhales sharply, whimpers]
[Julia] Hey.
What have they done to you?
[whimpering, sobbing]
[Julie sighs]
[ominous music plays]
Let's get out of here.
Can you walk?
-[girl whimpers]
-I'll help you. Let's go.
Let's go.
[girl whimpers]
[man] Who the fuck are you?
I'm leaving,
and I'm taking her with me.
[girl sniffles]
-[dramatic music plays]
[girl shrieks]
Let her go!
-You animal!
[Julia groans]
-[Julia] No, please.
-[man] What now, bitch?
[Julia gasps for air]
-[strained breathing]
-[man pants]
[choked whimpering]
[whimpering sobs]
[strained whimpering]
-[strained gasp]
[pained gasp]
[Julia gasps, pants]
We have to go.
Let's go.
[footsteps receding]
[Julia] Come. Come on.
Look at me. What's your name?
What's your name?
-So Sol.
-Sol, let's get out of here.
Damn it! My necklace.
Wait here, Sol.
Don't move, okay? I'll be right back.
[ominous music plays]
[breathes heavily]
[woman over PA] For your own safety,
curfew starts in five minutes.
We ask that citizens please return home
in an orderly fashion.
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
[gasping breaths]
What's wrong?
[Julia breathes shakily]
What is it?
Honey, what happened?
[breathes shakily]
-I killed a man.
-What did you say?
A military officer. [sobs]
Hugo, how much longer until Madrid?
It should be about two hours now.
Stop being a pain in the ass. Relax.
Hey did you see their guns?
It makes me feel uneasy.
[whispers] Stop, you'll scare Marta.
Just quit it!
[whispers] How are you?
Did you hear the breaking news?
[mock reporter voice]
My team has just told me
that I have crapped my pants.
It was horrible.
-A nuclear catastrophe on the set.
-[Marta giggles]
-My legs are getting numb
-[whispers] Álex, stop.
[Álex] You're all going to die
-unless lock me up in a safe room.
-[man] Hey!
What's going on here?
[Hugo] We didn't mean to disturb you.
-It's my brother's first trip to the cap--
-Shut up!
You watch yourself!
[Hugo exhales slowly]
I'm very constipated and getting mad.
[ominous music plays]
-[man 1] Good evening, Navarro.
[man 2] Out!
-What do we know?
-[man 2] Everyone out!
The killer escaped after the struggle.
The deceased has epithelial tissue
under his nails.
The Major probably used force against her
and she stabbed him--
I don't care
about the circumstances.
I want to know who did it.
-[arguing in distance]
-Here's the madam.
[woman] Don't touch me!
Listen to me carefully: Major Mérida
was one of our president's
most trusted men.
absolutely nobody must know
he died under these
circumstances, you hear me?
Of course, Major.
You can count on my discretion.
Was he with one of your girls?
No, he brought her with him.
The Major preferred girls
with no experience.
-[officer] Explain why you're here.
-[man] I know nothing.
-[officer] Come on.
-[major] Do you know all these people?
All of them.
Besides the young lady
Major Mérida brought,
has anyone else set foot in here?
The delivery girl.
I didn't pay attention to her, sorry.
[man 3] Major!
[indistinct shouting]
Look who we have here.
[major] Your father will be delighted.
Major Jiménez,
the new star of the police force.
Did you come to have fun
or to piss on our party?
Whores, alcohol, drugs
and a corpse.
[tense music plays]
That's what you call a party?
[dramatic music plays]
[teeth chattering]
[Julia sighs]
[Julia inhales deeply]
You have to leave, Julia.
They'll find you sooner or later.
What do you mean, leave?
Where am I supposed to go, Carlos?
Somewhere safe and free.
[inhales sharply]
There are organized trips
to cross the Strait.
I know someone, a fellow soldier
who also left the Army.
[Carlos exhales sharply]
[sentimental music plays]
Listen to me.
You won't go alone.
I'll come too.
[Julia inhales shakily]
What about my mother?
[inhales, exhales deeply]
I can't leave her alone, Carlos.
[Carlos] What happens
when they find the girl you helped?
Your mother will want you alive.
[Marta] Do you think Auntie changed much?
I don't know.
You'll see for yourself soon.
-[muted giggling]
-[Hugo] We're going to Madrid!
To be with grandma.
Police checkpoint to enter Madrid.
Get off the bus.
Keep your documents visible.
Remain in your seats until the vehicle
has come to a complete stop.
[ominous music plays]
[door opens]
That way.
Go on, keep going. Hurry up.
Make a line. Hurry up.
[Hugo] Marta.
-Stay with me.
-[officer 1] Let's go.
That way.
Have your documents ready.
-[hacking coughs]
-[man 1] A sick man!
[officer 2] Don't move. Possible evidence.
-[officer 3] You must come with us, sir.
-[man 2] Where?
-This your wife? You come too.
-Give him a bracelet.
-Not her!
[officer 2] You can't enter if you're sick
or have been in contact with sick people.
[giggling, coughing]
Even if I have the virus,
I want you to go to Madrid.
All right?
Do you promise?
-[coughing fades]
-[man 2 coughs]
[man 2 gasps, coughs]
Go on, keep going.
-Purpose of the trip?
To take care of my mother-in-law.
To reunite the family.
-We're brothers.
[whirring, beeping]
How about your mom?
-Well, my wife--
-[officer 2] Let the girl answer.
She's working, but she'll come soon.
Go to the bus.
Once there, register
and request a work permit.
Thank you.
[Álex] Thanks.
[woman over PA] For your own safety,
-keep your ID on you at all times.
[Julia sighs]
-Be very careful, please.
-Don't worry.
I'll go straight to my mom's.
-Should I pick you up later?
-No, I want to stay the night.
With her.
[Carlos exhales]
Don't tell her.
The less she knows, the better.
All right.
[Julia sniffs]
[bicycle creaks]
-[woman on PA] For your safety
-How do you like it?
keep your ID visible
law enforcement.
-Should we check it out? [chuckles]
Stay with your uncle.
[uplifting music plays]
[indistinct chattering]
[man] Next.
[Álex] That's how you get water?
-That's it.
-[man] Next.
[keys jangling]
-[sentimental music plays]
That's grandma.
Marta! [chuckles]
[chuckling] You're so beautiful,
and so big, my love
-[Hugo] Emilia.
[Emilia chuckles]
[Emilia] Oh!
-[Marta] Grandma.
-[Emilia sobs]
[Emilia] Yes.
-[Marta] That's uncle Álex.
-[Emilia] Álex?
-I don't know if you remember me.
Last time I saw you, you were her size.
You're a grown man!
-[Álex] Well
-[Emilia chuckles]
I hope you have room.
-Well, we'll make room.
-I don't want to disturb.
-That'll be hard.
-Okay, don't start.
Listen, Álex, I left a box over there.
The shop stays closed. Let's go home.
Let's eat!
Follow us.
[Emilia chuckles]
I'm glad we're together.
Grandma has something for you.
It's hard to find sweets nowadays.
-It's real candy.
-[Marta] Thanks!
-[Emilia] Hello. How are you?
-[Marta] Wow! Look, Daddy, candy!
[suspenseful music plays]
[keys jangling]
[door opens]
[distant sobbing]
[Navarro] So?
Sorry for your boss?
[gentle sobbing]
[sobbing continues]
[Navarro] So sad, isn't it?
Such a pretty lady
Until we get the little whore
who was with the Major,
each one of you ladies
will have the same fate.
Cat got your tongue?
[gentle sobbing, sniffling]
All right.
Let's see who's next.
[Julia] Hello?
[Julia] I can't believe you're here.
And the girl?
[Julia giggles]
You're so pretty. And so big!
Wow, you look just like mommy.
Exactly the same!
Didn't Dad tell you?
[Julia chuckles]
[Álex] How come I don't get a kiss?
-I'm getting jealous.
-[Julia] Álex! Come here!
[Julia chuckles]
-[tense music plays]
-[indistinct chattering]
[Sol breathes shakily]
[indistinct murmuring]
[girl] Drink it. It's delicious.
It's good, huh?
You're hungry, aren't you?
[Carlota] Sis!
[woman] Sol!
[indistinct chattering]
Sol, honey.
Why did you take so long?
Grandma, let's go inside.
-[Hugo sniffs]
-[TV plays in background]
-You're perfectly fine, Hugo.
[Julia chuckles]
-Let's check that gorgeous girl.
-[Julia] Your turn.
-Let's see.
-You want help?
-May I?
-[Hugo] Baba.
-[Julia] Let's take this off,
and this one too.
Hey, look.
[Julia chuckles]
-Mommy gave it to me,
when she did this.
So we'll always be together.
She told me not to tell anyone.
Your mom was very smart. And very nice.
[woman on TV]
We've received breaking news.
-Deep breath.
-The Security Department
has just announced
that Major Antonio Mérida has died
-in a terrorist attack.
-Out through the nose.
-We are yet to find out
-[Marta exhales slowly]
-[Emilia] Good.
-Very good.
-Do you want to get changed?
-Put on your pajamas.
-[Emilia] They're in your room.
-[Marta] Okay.
So, how is she?
Mm. She's in great shape.
Her mother saved her life.
In exchange for her own.
The main thing now is
that nobody finds out
that Sara passed away due to the virus,
or they'll isolate you.
Of course.
What did you say in town
about what happened?
That she came back to Madrid earlier
because you needed her here, at home.
Emilia, you
If we'd come back earlier,
-No, Hugo.
There was nothing we could do, dear.
There's no cure.
-[woman on TV] For your own safety
-remain home.
-[Álex] What do you mean curfew?
It means you can't go outside.
And they turn off the lights.
-[Hugo] Careful, it's hot.
-[Álex] Mm, smells good.
Let's eat.
-[Álex] Wow!
-[Hugo] I can't wait.
[sniffs] Mmm!
-It smells so good, Emilia!
-[Julia] It looks delicious!
It was your mom's favorite, Marta.
Meat and potatoes.
Well, there's no meat now
-[Marta giggles]
-but there used to be.
What else was there before?
-[Emilia chuckles]
-[Hugo] Before what, honey?
I don't know. Before me.
[Emilia] There were many things,
good and bad.
A river used to cross Madrid,
we had huge parks,
but there were many cars too.
A lot of pollution.
-And noise.
-Your dish
No, you first. It was so noisy, Marta.
A lot of noise, even at night.
-Isn't that so?
-[Marta] Mom said there were phones
and you could have your own.
-[Julia] That's right.
-[Álex] It's true.
You once told me
there were many channels on TV.
How come it's all gone?
Well, honey.
It's not like we never talked about it.
Well, Marta knows that
before she was born, there was
a big global conflict.
It was a world war.
Yes, a world war.
Many people died during the war.
Because of those deaths,
some diseases emerged
that we still don't know how to cure.
The planet was very sick too.
No water.
There was radiation in many countries.
People were afraid,
and demanded strong governments
that would ensure their safety, you know?
But that's normal, isn't it?
Hmm Well, yes.
The bad thing is that those governments
were the ones that caused the war, dear.
In the name of safety,
they took away most important thing
people could ever have.
Do you know what that is?
[Emilia sighs]
-[sniffs] Do you know, honey?
[speaking Spanish] Freedom.
Our freedom.
But we'll take it back.
Right, Mom?
Grandma always says it.
I can help, Grandma.
[all chuckle]
So can I. Let's toast to freedom.
To life! [grunts]
To never forgetting those we love
who are no longer with us.
-[glasses clinking]
-To us always being together.
[Julia] Cheers.
[Emilia] Ah.
-Let's eat before it gets cold.
-[Marta giggles]
Emilia, this is delicious.
[woman on PA] For your own safety, do not
stop on the streets or form groups.
-Have your documents ready.
-Ugh, what a line. Come on.
-[Marta] I'll save you a spot.
[Álex] When will you tell your child
what happened to this country?
I'll tell her in a way
that won't get her in trouble.
-Be careful.
-[Álex] Okay.
-If she were my daughter
-Shut up!
If she were my daughter,
I'd keep her informed, that's all.
-[woman 1] Next.
-Okay, let's go.
[clears throat]
-Hello. How are you?
[Hugo] Don't worry, okay?
[nurse 2] Next.
[Álex exhales]
Take your time.
I've been waiting my whole life for this.
For what?
To cross paths with a nurse
who's competent,
who's so nice
[clears throat] so cute
Too bad I'm gonna get poked,
but life isn't a bed of roses-- Ow!
It doesn't hurt if you relax your arm.
Look at your daughter.
I'm not his daughter. He's my uncle.
His name is Álex, and he's single.
Not by choice.
I'm a romantic.
I'm so romantic I'm about to ask you
to be the mother of my children.
What do you say?
That you're done.
Go on to the interview.
You hurt me, then abandon me.
[Hugo] Let's go.
[ominous music plays]
Do you think I've convinced her? Hmm?
[woman] Is it a child?
Marta Mújica, ten years old.
[indistinct chattering]
[woman] The Mújica Family.
Good morning.
We check medical records
and do interviews individually.
The child will go with her.
You'll come with me.
-[Marta] Dad?
-Can't she stay with us?
Don't worry. It won't be long.
It's okay. Go with her.
-[woman] Follow me.
-[Hugo] Okay.
Are you Hugo Mújica?
What about your wife?
Sara Pérez Noval.
I can read, thanks.
I'm asking you where your wife is.
In Asturias. She'll come in a few days.
Why didn't you come together?
I came with my daughter.
She really wanted to see her grandma.
You know how kids can be.
No, I don't.
I'll ask you again.
Why didn't the three of you come together?
Sara had to finish up some work.
She'll be here in a week.
-So, the child is alone with you.
-And her grandma.
It's just one week,
until her mother arrives.
And did you come with a job offer or
No, we've just arrived.
-[woman] Next.
-Thank you.
[inhales sharply]
Just a second.
Where are my daughter's papers?
No, we're done.
-That's all.
I won't leave
without my daughter's papers.
-[Marta] Uncle Álex!
-[Álex] Where are you going, honey? Hey!
-Help me!
Where are you
[ominous music plays]
Hugo, they've got her.
They're taking her, dammit!
-[Hugo] Marta!
-[Marta] Daddy!
Hold this. Marta!
[both] Marta!
Where are the stairs?
[Hugo] This way.
-[Hugo] Hey! Marta! Hey!
-[Marta] Daddy!
Let my daughter go!
-[Hugo] No!
Daddy! Daddy.
[Hugo] Hey! Hey!
[man] Hey!
Hey! No!
-[Marta sobs]
-Marta! Marta, honey.
-[Hugo] Marta, honey.
Stop! Stop the van!
[Marta] I love you, Daddy.
No! Marta
No No!
[woman on PA] reassuring news
from the Department of Health.
-Major Enrique Jiménez
-[Hugo] My daughter!
-No! My daughter!
-My daughter!
-Halt there!
-She's in that van.
No pass. Let me in.
Listen, I don't know what happened.
There's been a mistake.
-Let me in, please.
[Álex yells] Wait, wait!
We're leaving. We're leaving. Come on.
-Come, Hugo, let's go.
-[cocks gun]
[Hugo] Marta.
-Let's go, or they'll kill us!
They'll fucking kill us! Come on!
Let me go!
-[ominous music plays]
[woman on PA] For your own safety,
keep your ID visible
-and show it to law enforcement.
Emilia! Emilia!
Emilia, they've taken Marta.
Listen, they took a blood sample.
-You think
-[woman] Pardon?
-Who did you say they took?
-[Álex] My niece.
-That piece of--
-[Emilia] Álex, this is
this is Begoña, the chief of the block.
Here to serve you and the community.
Aren't you Sara's husband?
-Who did you say they took?
[breathes heavily] My daughter.
My ten-year-old daughter.
We were at the registry and…
-They split us and took her away.
-[Begoña] I see.
-Do you and your wife have jobs?
That's why they registered.
Well, mystery solved.
They took her to a colony
for the children of the unemployed.
[Emilia] Don't they usually give
a deadline? A warning?
They decide what's best for the child.
-They have experts.
-It's best to be away from her parents?
-Calm down.
-Don't worry, Hugo.
I'm sorry.
Your child will be safe and taken care of.
Of course.
[Begoña] Until you and your wife get jobs.
I'm sure the girl is enjoying herself.
Colonies are like vacations for kids.
Isn't that great?
And where are these beautiful colonies?
All over the country.
many children need protection.
We feel better now.
-I'll walk you out.
-All right.
Well, as you know,
if they're staying,
I'll need them to sign the register.
-It's important.
-[Emilia] Of course.
-Sara, too, when she gets here.
-[Emilia] Yes.
[Begoña] Anyway, like I said,
everything is under control, okay?
-Have a good day.
-Sure will.
-[Begoña] Bye, Emilia.
-[Emilia] Bye, Begoña. Thanks.
-[door closes]
-What a bitch.
[Hugo breathes heavily]
-If anything happens to Marta
-I promise we'll figure it out.
By hook or by crook.
I have to find a job, no matter what.
I know someone who can help us.
[suspenseful music plays]
[indistinct chattering]
Close the door behind you, please.
[door closes]
[cell phone continues vibrating]
[man] Hold it.
Hi, Luis.
How are you?
Like you.
[inhales deeply]
When I heard your voice on the phone,
I couldn't believe it.
Are you doing well?
And your daughters?
[inhales sharply]
I need to ask you a favor, Luis.
My granddaughter
she just arrived from Asturias.
This morning,
when they went to the registry,
they took her to a colony.
Could you get her back?
You overestimate my power.
Ministers have power.
[clicks tongue, sighs]
Does the father work?
-He just got here. He's an engineer.
-Without a job…
-An engineer.
[inhales deeply]
I can find something,
but but it'll take time.
He can do anything. It's urgent.
[inhales deeply]
My wife needs someone at home,
but not an engineer.
Anything. Any job.
[clicks tongue]
Let me give her a call.
Thank you. I'll wait outside.
[car door opens]
Tell him to come by at seven.
Here's the address.
-He'll be there.
-He'll have a pass at the barrier.
-Can I drop you off somewhere.
-No, it's okay.
Thank you.
I told my wife we were good friends.
Were we?
Yes, we were.
Not anymore.
[woman on PA] For the sake of your health,
entrance is strictly forbidden
to those who did not pass their check-ups
or who are showing any symptoms.
Regarding job openings,
the means and abilities of applicants
will be assessed
for an estimated 200 positions.
[man 1] Please, let me in.
I need to work.
Don't you understand?
Please, let me in. Please!
I'll get my papers tomorrow.
-No, don't take me, please!
-[guard] Shut up!
-[man 2] Thank you.
-[man 1] Don't take me!
[woman on PA] For the sake of your health,
entrance is strictly forbidden
to anyone who is sick, undocumented
or dressed inappropriately.
For the sake of your health,
entrance is strictly forbidden
to those who did not pass their check-ups
or who are showing any symptoms.
[rousing music plays]
[birds tweet]
Who are you? What are you doing here?
[Hugo] Uh, I have a job interview.
In that case
use the service entrance. Just there.
-The service entrance?
-Yes. Come with me.
If they see you here,
forget your interview.
Come on.
I'm Manuela, by the way.
Nice to meet you. Hugo.
Let me see your hands.
-I've washed them.
-[housekeeper] Wash them again.
Scrub them well.
The sink is over there.
-I'll tell Ma'am you're here.
-[Hugo] Thank you.
Don't let him touch anything.
[Manuela] Yes.
-The soap is over there.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-[man] Hi, Rosa.
-Hello Iván. How are you today?
[Iván] Oh, I'm good.
[faucet runs]
[man] Good afternoon.
[Manuela inhales sharply]
Ana, a glass a wine.
-Who are you?
-I'm here for an interview.
If you're lucky, they won't hire you.
This house is nicer on the outside
than the inside.
Do you want the fat?
I don't eat it.
No, no. Thank you.
Master Iván, I'll make you a snack.
-Thanks, Rosa.
-You come with me.
Good luck.
[woman 2] It's divine.
-[woman 3] You want me to wear this?
-[woman 2] You'll look so pretty.
-Try it on.
-[woman 3] Mom, I'll look like a doll.
-A yellow chick.
-No, you'll look pretty, trust me.
-Rosa, for the dinner party?
-It's beautiful, Daniela,
like everything your mom buys.
-I'll try it on.
-Very good.
You always try to dress me up.
It's not my style.
[woman 2] It's not about style.
It's about appearance.
Besides, we always live up
to our appearance.
All right.
Nice to meet you.
-[woman 2] Hugo Mújica, correct?
-[Hugo] Yes.
[woman 2] Come in, please.
My husband has been singing your praises.
I don't have much to tell you.
I'm in a hurry, they're expecting me.
An engineer?
-What kind?
-Agricultural engineering.
Tough times for the land.
Yes, very tough.
I must warn you,
we need intelligent people here.
But, above all, hard-working.
It's domestic work. Cleaning, serving,
taking orders from Rosa.
And it's long hours.
No problem, that's what I expected.
Very good. Perfect.
We have dinner guests tomorrow.
We need someone urgently.
I can assure you we'll sign a contract
so your papers will be in order.
All within the law.
Come in tomorrow afternoon.
Rosa will explain everything to you.
Is your wife slim, like you?
For her uniform.
My wife?
You didn't know? We needed a couple.
Yes, but my wife has already agreed
on a job at another house.
[woman 2] Sorry to hear that.
It's a deal breaker.
-Keep looking, Rosa.
My wife can change her plans.
It's not a problem.
I'll see you tomorrow, then.
[footsteps recede]
[door slams]
-[Carlos] It's me.
[Julia] Well?
Did you get them?
[Julia chuckles lightly]
-Miguel Uribe.
-[chuckles lightly]
[chuckles] Nice to meet you.
Likewise, María José Gómez.
-María José?
[Julia giggles]
Or should I call you Mrs. Uribe?
Call me that,
and it'll be the shortest marriage
in the history of marriages.
Is that clear?
How little you love me.
How little..
Are you sure you want to do this?
[Carlos sighs]
Won't you regret it?
[Carlos scoffs]
-I'm worried about your mom.
-Forget it. I'll take care of it.
First, we must get out of here.
Hey. Hey.
I'd never leave you alone.
You'll have to work harder
to get rid of me.
All right?
-[Julia chuckles]
[both chuckle]
[woman on PA] It's been 20 years
since the end of World War III.
Spain, as part of the winning side,
has a lot to celebrate.
Few believed that, by war's end,
the country would grow
and prosper as much as we have
only two decades later.
[Hugo sighs] Marta
Here are your uniforms.
You must wear it at all times.
They are washed once a week,
so try not to get it dirty.
Be very careful with them, please.
You must give me that.
No personal objects allowed.
That includes stuffed animals, dolls,
necklaces, and pictures.
Those are the rules.
And we must follow the rules, right?
-[kids] Yes.
Very well, then.
Hand it over.
Come on.
Children, stand up now.
Our director is coming.
Leave your uniforms.
Stand up straight.
Let's say, "Good evening, Director!"
Come on.
[all] Good evening, Director!
[director] Welcome.
So, you are the newcomers.
So cute.
You look so intelligent.
You're here because you're very
special. You know that, right?
No? Yes, you are.
Very special.
All of you.
That's why I expect a lot from you.
You know why we aren't getting results?
Because you're a coward!
-You didn't increase the dose like I said.
Listen to me, Tomás.
These special kids are our only hope.
Either you take your chances with them
or you're off the study.
I'll fire you, and you're out.
-Out of everything.
They're so little.
I'm afraid they won't be able to take it.
These children were out
on the streets, forsaken.
If they can't handle the dose,
there's a better place for them.
I don't understand. A better place?
Heaven, Tomás.
They're already in hell.
[ominous music plays]
[nurse 1] Come on.
That's it.
[nurse 2] Come on!
-This way, we're almost there.
-[boy counting]
-[boy] seven, eight, nine, ten.
-One, two, three
-[beep, door opens]
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
New friends have arrived!
Let's all say hello to our new friends!
Say hello to your new friends. Very well.
Look, Marta. This is your bed.
[kids chattering indistinctly]
What's your name?
-Marta. And you?
How long have you been here?
-I don't know.
It's time for bed,
but first what will we sing?
-[kids] The anthem!
-That's right!
-Stand in front of your bed.
-[nurse 2] Stand here.
In front of your bed. Here.
And you, in front of yours.
Tonight, Lucas will get
the anthem started.
He's a very good singer.
We will once again hear the name ♪
Of our homeland in all its splendor ♪
For the history that has shaped us ♪
Now offers us a place in the sun ♪
[kids] The skies now open up
To welcome us in ♪
With more glory, justice, and tenacity ♪
The bright lights
Of our past will return ♪
For our flag has never betrayed them ♪
[kids] We'll march today
United as a people ♪
Together, building this nation ♪
Should we face adversities
Along the way ♪
Two stripes of our blood
Will escort the sun ♪
We will once again hear the name ♪
Of our homeland in all its splendor ♪
For the history that has shaped us ♪
-Now offers us a place in the sun ♪
-[indistinct announcement on PA]
The skies now open up to welcome us in ♪
With more glory, justice, and tenacity ♪
The bright lights
Of our past will return ♪
For our flag has never betrayed them ♪
-We'll march today, united as a people ♪
-[panicked screaming]
-Together, building this nation ♪
-[indistinct yelling]
Should we face adversities
Along the way ♪
Two stripes of our blood
Will escort the sun ♪
My angels.
[Hugo] They took Marta yesterday.
We're in big trouble. We have to leave.
-More serious than your niece's life?
-Fuck, Hugo!
That girl is our life.
You get it, right?
[man] The police and the military
have more power than ever.
When they come for us,
who will protect us from them?
[breathing shakily]
-They arrested her.
-What? Fuck!
[Carlos] You're next.
Who was there with you that night?
[Hugo] I'll cross that fucking barrier
and get that job.
-Where do they get so much water?
-[Julia] From the sea.
These motherfuckers don't have
the same problems we do.
I won't forget what you did.
[siren wails]
[Julia] Run!
Remember: The future belongs to us.
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