The Barrier (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Mi hermana Sara

How come it's all hone?
[Hugo] Marta knows there was a world war.
Some diseases emerged
that we still don't know how to cure.
[Emilia] And the planet got sick too.
People were very afraid
and wanted strong governments,
but they took away our freedom.
But we'll get it back.
Wow! You look just like mommy.
Mommy gave it to me when she did this.
-So? How is she?
-She's in great shape.
-Her mother saved her life.
-[Hugo] In exchange for her own.
-[ominous music plays]
-[woman] Marta Mújica, ten years old.
-[Marta] Uncle!
-[Álex] Where are you going?
-They're taking her.
-They'll kill us!
They took her to the colony
until you and your wife get jobs.
I have a favor to ask.
[Luis] I told my wife
we were good friends.
We were. Not anymore.
[Luis] Tell him to come at seven.
He'll have a pass at the barrier.
I killed a military officer.
Let her go! [grunts]
-What's your name?
[Julia] Sol, let's go.
Hugo Mújica.
You didn't know? We needed a couple.
[Hugo] My wife will change her plans.
You must leave, Julia. I'll go with you.
[Alma] You know
why we aren't getting results?
You're a coward.
You didn't increase the dose like I said.
These special children are our only hope.
[siren wails]
[man] Run!
[indistinct screaming]
[alarms sound]
[officer 1] Halt! On the ground!
[officer 2] Come on!
[Sol] Grandma!
They found me. [sobs]
[officer 3] Get out!
[officer 4] Come on! Don't move!
We have to hide the girl.
[officer 4] Clear!
[Sol] Hey… little one.
[Carlota] What is it?
[Navarro] Hands up, ma'am.
Listen to me, please.
-Let's hide. Quick.
-[grandma] We're poor, but good people.
-I'm their guardian.
-Is the whore in there.
She's not a whore.
[grandma] She's a girl,
she's studying sewing.
We have no money.
And that man, the soldier…
Do you know him?
Of course.
He comes here looking for girls…
[grandma] He tries to be friendly.
But don't you worry.
Rest assured we won't say anything.
-[Jiménez] Enough.
[panicked breathing]
[Sol whimpers]
[Sol] Grandma!
[Sol sobs] Grandma! Grand…
[ominous music plays]
[theme music plays]
Did you find gas?
We'll go on the motorcycle.
On the motorcycle?
Fewer checkpoints south.
We should reach Cádiz in the afternoon.
-Why Cádiz?
-From there, we cross the Strait.
shouldn't we leave tonight?
Wouldn't it be safer?
My contact wants to cross
before it gets dark.
[distant door opens]
[tense music plays]
-Damn, it's Hugo.
-[door opens]
-[Julia] Hugo, what…
Sara's husband.
-Is everything okay?
Carlos, my boyfriend.
Nice to meet you.
-Why are you here?
-I have a problem.
They took Marta away.
-What do you mean?
-[Hugo] At the registry.
It seems they separate children
from unemployed parents.
I don't know, it's a new law.
[Julia] Let's see. Um…
-Are you okay?
-[Hugo] Yes.
-Do you need anything? Can I help?
-No. Don't worry.
Your mom got me a job.
-Inside Sector One.
-They hired me. I start tonight.
-[Julia] Great.
Hmm. The thing is…
Well, there's a problem.
They're looking for a couple.
A couple?
[Hugo] Yes.
I was given passes for the checkpoint.
[exhales] They don't just want me.
[Carlos sighs]
Hugo and Sara?
You want me to play Sara?
Only for a day or two.
They sign the contract, we get Marta.
-Then I'll figure something out.
-No way.
Sorry, I'm not talking to you.
-[Julia] Let's see.
We're leaving today.
-We're in big trouble.
-[Hugo sighs]
We have to go.
Is that more important than your niece?
-Fuck, Hugo.
-[Carlos] Come here.
[Hugo] Julia.
-Carlos, listen.
-There's no time.
It was hard to set it all up.
-People are risking their lives for us.
-[inhales sharply]
We can't back out of our plan.
If they want him,
they'll hire him with no wife.
I agree.
I agree.
I'll tell him.
Don't worry.
Is there anything you haven't told me?
Here. [sniffs]
Sorry, I can't help.
I'm sorry.
Good luck.
-[door closes]
-If we tell him--
-He'll be in danger.
And so will his family.
Let's go, please.
Good morning!
Good morning. Rise and shine.
Put on your uniform.
Anyone who arrives late
won't get breakfast. Let's go.
How's everything? That's great.
Very good. Almost done over here..
[nurse 1] Once you're ready, get in line.
We'll stop at the bathrooms first,
then go to the cafeteria. Come.
You're sluggish this morning.
You have to wash your hands and face.
[tense music plays]
Come on.
Come on.
I didn't expect this
from a smart girl like you.
You haven't put on your headscarf?
It's so easy…
It's very easy. Just put it on.
Pull your hair through and pull it up.
Very good! See?
Quick, you two get in line.
Thanks. It was my mom's.
[Álex] We shouldn't have come to Madrid.
It's a fucking hellhole!
Álex, stop banging on things, please.
It's not your fault.
It's this damn government.
[Hugo scoffs]
It was the only thing she asked me,
you know?
[Álex] What was?
[inhales shakily]
All she asked me to do
was take care of Marta.
I promised I'd protect her with my life.
And now I've lost her.
-We'll find her.
-I promise you.
-Oh yeah?
[scoffs] How?
What do I do?
[sighs] I just don't know what to do.
[Álex] Remember when Dad died?
Of course.
We were lying in bed.
I pretended I was asleep. I was scared.
And you knew it.
You said,
"Go to sleep. It'll be all right.
I know what to do."
I didn't doubt you.
I had no idea what your plan was,
but I believed in you.
That night, I slept like a log.
Because you always know
what to do, dammit!
Tell me what you want me to do
and how we're gonna fix it.
Because you know, dammit!
Deep down, you know.
[exhales shakily]
I'll cross that fucking barrier
and get that job.
I'll convince the family to hire me alone.
Go to the registry
and find out where Marta is.
When we find out,
we'll go get her.
Then the three of us
will go back to Asturias.
-That's what we'll do.
-I'm hungry.
-We'll have breakfast after.
After what?
That's where they poke you.
[tense music plays]
Well, let's get started.
Héctor, come with me.
Sometimes you puke if you're tired.
But they give you yogurt.
[teeth chattering]
[panicked breathing]
[Sol whimpers]
[door closes]
[Sol continues shivering]
[Jiménez] Tell me.
Did you stab Major Mérida?
-I don't remember.
-You don't remember?
[Jiménez sighs]
[Sol whimpers]
How long do you think
your sister can make it on her own?
-You don't know either?
-[sniffles, sobs]
You're the only thing
she has in the world.
And here you are.
[Sol sobs]
Who was there with you that night?
[ominous music plays]
[breathes shakily]
What have they done to you?
[Julia grunts]
-[major] You bitch!
-[Julia] Can you walk?
I'll get you out of here.
-[breathes shakily] Y… Yes.
-[Sol] I'll help you.
-[chuckles lightly]
Very well.
Very well.
[Sol breathes shakily, sobs]
[dramatic music plays]
-[Carlos] What?
-Stop, Carlos.
-Stop the bike.
[tires screech]
[Emilia] Yes?
-You're here.
I need your help, Mom.
-[Jiménez] Drink it.
-[breathes shakily]
[Jiménez] Drink it.
make arrangements to release her in…
half an hour?
-[relieved gasp]
-Half an hour.
Very well.
[relieved gasping]
Does that sound good?
Now you just need to try one last time.
[breathing shakily] Okay.
[Jiménez] The girl who helped you,
what was her hair like?
Long like yours?
-[Sol] Yes.
-[Jiménez] Yes?
-[Sol] Yes.
-[Jiménez] Good.
[Sol] With a lot of braids.
[sentimental music plays]
[Emilia] What was she wearing?
A green skirt, I think.
The one I gave her.
-Oh yeah?
It's in the closet.
She left it here last time she came.
You have it here?
Of course. I'll show you.
Sorry. Excuse me.
-[men complain]
-It's just for a minute.
-[man 1] There's a line.
-[Álex] I'll be quick.
-[woman 1] Yes, but…
-[Álex] Sorry.
-Get in line like everyone else.
-Remember me?
-You were here yesterday, right?
-[Álex] Yes.
Can we talk for a second?
Uh… [sighs]
Um, excuse me.
Can you fill in for five minutes?
We'll be back in a minute. Sorry.
Remember the girl who came with me?
Little, blondish, wearing a beanie.
You guys drew her blood.
Her name is Marta Mújica.
-I see so many.
-They took her to the colonies.
Then she's lucky.
She'll be taken care of
until you get a job.
[sighs] I just want to know where she is.
We want to go back to our village.
When we get her back, we'll leave.
-I don't know. I've got work to do.
-Just an address.
[inhales sharply] They'll contact you
in due course.
I won't give up.
I'll never give up, got it?
I'll come back tomorrow,
yesterday, whenever.
I have nothing better to do
-in this fucking city.
Lower your voice.
Tell me where she is, please.
[inhales deeply, sighs]
Look, I'll do my best to find out
which colony she's been assigned to.
-But I can't promise anything.
That girl is our life.
Do you understand?
[ominous music plays]
Come back tomorrow.
Sorry, what was your name?
Well, Alejandro Mújica.
[tense music plays]
Yes, a relative of one of the children.
He's asking too many questions.
-[Emilia] Begoña, how are you?
-Hi, Emilia.
Listen, I don't mean to bother you.
[Emilia] You never bother me.
I wanted to talk to you.
-But don't worry.
-Tell me. You're making me nervous.
Is your daughter Julia here?
-Julia? No. Why?
-[Julia] Who is it, Mom?
-[ominous music plays]
[Julia] Ah.
[footsteps approach]
Hi, Begoña.
-You look pretty.
-[Begoña] It's been a while.
-It has.
I heard about your daughter. Don't worry.
-I'm sure she's doing fine.
-I'm sure they're taking care of her.
Listen, I was looking for your sister.
Julia is out of town for a few days.
-I just saw her a moment ago.
-She came to say goodbye, Begoña.
I'll come back another day. Hmm?
Of course.
I'll tell her you're looking for her.
Is everything all right?
It's nothing.
-I'm glad to see you.
-[Julia] Likewise.
-[Emilia] Bye, Begoña.
[Julia] Bye.
[tense music plays]
[woman] Tires!
-[man] Come on.
-[woman] Tires, like new.
Cheap tires!
What the fuck, Carlos?
What is it?
-She got arrested.
-[Julia] What?
-The girl you helped.
-[Carlos] She's being interrogated.
Shit! Dammit!
I can't believe it.
You're next.
There's a bus leaving today.
It's safer than us traveling alone.
It's tonight, or never.
-It's our only chance.
When you leave work and cross the barrier,
meet me here.
-The old M-40 tunnels.
[Carlos] There.
At 11:00 p.m.
[Julia sighs]
Go help Hugo get his daughter back.
But we're leaving tonight.
-Looking good.
-Like a nun.
-[Julia chuckles]
Shut up.
-At 11:00 p.m.
[motorcycle engine starts]
[guard 1] Next. Hurry!
[woman over PA] For your own health
and safety, entrance is strictly forbidden
to anyone who is sick,
undocumented, or dressed inappropriately.
[guard 2] Come on!
[beeping, whirring]
[guard 1] Hurry up!
-Do you have any metal on you?
-Anything organic, not registered?
-No, nothing.
This pass is for a couple.
Yes, my wife couldn't come right now.
She'll come later.
-You can't cross then. Step aside.
-Look, they're expecting me.
-My first day working for the Minister.
-I told you to step aside.
Listen, I'm sure you're a father too.
Step the fuck aside!
[Julia] Hugo!
Hugo, excuse me!
Sorry, let me through.
Sorry. Hugo!
I'm sorry, honey.
I know I'm late.
I'm sorry.
-Here you are.
[PA] Citizens are feeling..
[PA] Crime rates in the capital
continue their downward trend.
They are the lowest they have been
in ten years.
Although some areas in Sector Two
still experience thefts and violent acts,
figures are slowly improving…
-Don't let it happen again.
-Thank you.
Yes, thank you.
[PA] For your own safety, keep your pass
and ID visible at all times
and show them to law enforcement.
[guard 3] Clear the area!
-[guard 3] Keep walking!
-[breathing shakily]
How does it look, Hugo?
-May I?
Better this way.
-She liked her hair down.
-[guard 3] Let's go!
-I have to leave by 11:00 p.m.
-Yes, of course.
-Where do they get so much water?
-From the sea.
They desalinate it.
These motherfuckers don't have
the same problems we do. [chuckles]
[announcement] Next stop: Zone C2.
-Come in.
-Thank you.
[Hugo sighs]
[Rosa] Only serve
the hearts of artichokes, please.
-Only the hearts.
-[man] Yes, ma'am.
[Rosa] Carlos,
the flowers must look perfect.
A bit more oregano to give it more depth.
-Don't forget to check it out.
-[woman] Yes, ma'am.
-[Rosa] The celery, please.
-[Manuela] Rosa.
[Rosa] One moment. Use the celery leaves
as garnish for the soup.
[woman] Okay.
Oh. Good afternoon.
Uh… I came here yesterday.
I don't know if you remember?
Yes. The well-connected ones.
I usually hire the help.
Ma'am is very demanding,
and people would kill for this job.
I hope I won't have to fire you today.
Rest assured we'll do a good job.
This job is important to us.
Go take a shower and put on the uniform.
-You have five minutes.
-They disinfected us.
The spray at the barrier is
for your clothes.
You must scrub away the filth
from Sector Two and put on uniforms.
I'll come and check on you.
Manuela, show them where the bathroom is.
-Chop, chop!
-Come with me, please.
There's soap and towels.
These are the uniforms.
Rosa is a good woman.
-She's all bark and no bite.
-[Rosa] Manuela!
Hurry up.
[door closes]
-[footsteps recede]
-[Hugo inhales deeply]
-[Hugo] You'll look very elegant.
-[chuckling] So will you…
[Julia snickers]
Holy mother!
Let's do it.
[Hugo groans lightly]
-[Hugo] What's on your back?
-[ominous music plays]
[Julia grunts]
[breathing heavily]
[Hugo] What happened to you?
I fell.
-Must've been a nasty one.
-Nothing serious.
Come on.
[Hugo exhales]
[shower water runs]
[Hugo exhales]
[Julia] Ah, come on!
I forgot how incredible showers are.
I can't believe it.
-[Julia chuckles]
[both chuckle]
The drinks will go here.
First the glasses, then the bottles.
Never together.
Very well.
Yes, ma'am.
[Alma] Come closer, please.
-Hugo Mújica, correct?
-Yes, ma'am.
-And this is--
-I'm Sara.
-His wife.
The uniform suits you.
[Daniela] Mom.
Daughter, let me see you.
You look pretty. See?
Put on some heels. They don't hurt, honey.
-Mom, it's like walking with a limp.
You're a Minister's daughter.
We have guests.
Don't argue. It's protocol.
A protocol for women only.
If they had to wear heels,
they'd get rid of the protocol.
[chuckles] Come on, put on your heels.
[Manuela] Anything else, ma'am?
[Alma] Is everything ready for the guests?
-It is.
-[Alma] Wonderful.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I'd like to know
when we will sign the contract.
Well, yesterday morning,
at the registry,
they took away my… our daughter.
Without paperwork, we can't get her back.
And thank you in advance.
Very well.
[Manuela] Let's go to the dining room.
-[Hugo scoffs]
Are you insane?
Don't address her.
[snickers] Holy Mother!
You won't last long.
Come on.
It wasn't a brothel, Dad.
It was a club…
where people go to have fun.
With whores.
-[Luis] Can't you have fun some other way?
-There aren't many.
You don't get it, but I was there
because it's important
to mingle with certain people.
Yes, of course.
But your PR stunt ended up
with a dead man
with pants around his ankles.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to associate you
with something like that.
But you did.
Here you are. I've been looking for you.
-Were you arguing?
-[doorbell rings]
[Luis] No, honey. Everything's okay.
-Mom, you look gorgeous.
-Oi, oi, oi.
-You too, sis.
-Wait, baby.
-So tall!
-Hey! [snickers]
Am I interrupting?
Álvaro! Never. You're family, please
We left early
not to get caught in the check points.
-[Daniela] How are you?
Can you believe it? Major Mérida!
-Poor man.
-[Álvaro] So, how are you?
-I'm very well.
-[Álvaro] Please.
Get your godfather a drink.
How are our foreign affairs doing,
[Álvaro] Always worse than our health.
You know your husband's
the Government's star.
-I'm only a satellite.
-Aw! [chuckles]
-[chuckles] Nonsense!
-[woman] Alma!
-[Alma] Laura, how are you?
-[Álvaro] Thanks.
-Not as pretty as you.
-Glad to see you.
-You look great!
-So do you!
-Come in.
-Did you pick that jacket?
-Like it?
-Love it.
[ominous music plays]
[Begoña] Good morning.
How may I help you?
I'm Begoña Sánchez, government assistant.
Office one.
Informants go to office number one.
Hello. May I?
[man] Come in.
Good morning.
I came in because I may be of help.
[man] Go ahead.
I know who you're looking for.
I believe she's my neighbor's daughter.
I can give you her address.
[Luis] Álvaro, you need a budget
to buy some appetizers,
some shoe polish.
-Show it to Ma'am.
-[men continue discussing]
[Álvaro] Don't get me started,
we're talking seriously.
You're the one telling me that…
Your intentions are clear to me.
It's very clear, again,
we sacrifice investment for growth.
And then what?
Then, what? Enlighten us.
-[Alma] Ah…
-[Álvaro] You're the guru.
The only… [sighs]
morally justifiable thing to do is…
to work hard so every citizen can have
at least enough to get by.
That's all.
[Álvaro] Yes, very well.
How do we know what's enough?
Those who have nothing
are barely scraping by.
[Alma] They're used to it.
People don't miss what they've never had.
-[Álvaro] Well, please--
-[Alma] I'm right. Don't get upset.
One moment! One moment!
-One moment.
-[Álvaro] Please.
I think
the only morally justifiable thing to do
is actually ask them.
You, for example.
What makes you happy?
-You don't have to answer.
-[Iván] But we want to know.
What do you need to be happy?
The same as you, I suppose.
-[doorbell rings]
-I don't think so, darling.
-[all snicker]
-[Alma] That was a good answer.
-Excuse me, sir.
There's a police officer looking for you.
I've been expecting him. Enrique!
Come in, please.
[tense music plays]
Welcome! How are you?
Not sure if you've met Enrique Jiménez,
the new head
of the Security Department.
-Good evening.
-[guests] Good evening.
Major Jiménez is investigating the murder
of our dear friend Mérida.
-I'm sorry to interrupt.
-[Alma] Not at all. We're glad to see you.
-Care to join us?
-I'm on duty.
-Maybe some other time.
-Is it good news?
[Jiménez] Yes, I believe so.
-I need to talk to the Minister.
-Please excuse us.
-[Alma] Very well.
-[Luis] Let's go to my office.
You go with them and serve them
something to eat and drink.
[Alma] Did you hear me?
Yes. Yes, I'm sorry, ma'am.
The preliminary report.
-It's all there.
-[Luis] Mm.
[knocking on door]
Come in.
[door opens]
[footsteps approach]
[Luis] Major Mérida was close
to the President.
Was it a political crime,
or was he killed for personal reasons?
It's not clear yet.
The good news is that we made an arrest.
A poor girl who prostituted herself.
Something to drink?
No, thank you.
-[Julia] Sir?
-Some wine, thank you.
[Luis] Is the girl guilty?
-The prostitute?
-[Jiménez] No.
But she's a witness.
Rest assured we'll soon make more arrests.
Sorry, sir.
-I… I… I'll get a fresh one.
-No problem.
-[Jiménez] One moment.
-[tense music plays]
Look at me.
You look familiar.
[Jiménez chuckles] Have we met?
I don't think so, sir.
Are you going to arrest our maid, Major?
-I hope not.
She's the daughter of a friend.
I've known her forever.
I must be mistaken, then.
Sorry if I startled you, Sara.
Excuse me.
I'll let you get back
to your party, Minister.
I wasn't able to say hello earlier.
You don't remember,
but I met you as a child.
-Your sister too.
[Luis chuckles lightly]
You have your mother's eyes.
[Julia chuckles]
Clean all this up and close the door.
Of course.
[footsteps recede]
[exhales shakily]
Take this back and clean the table.
They're out in the yard.
Yes, Rosa.
-[Julia] Hi.
-Who are you?
Hi, Sergio.
Do you happen to know
whose car this is?
-It's mine.
-You press this one to speed up…
-[car revs]
-…and this one to brake.
-[Julia] Very good.
-That's quite a car you have.
-Do you want to play?
I'd love to, but I can't right now.
They won't let me, you know,
because I'm working.
-Oh, well.
I promise next time we'll have a race.
But get ready to lose,
because I'm awesome.
I'm sure I'll win.
[chuckles] We'll see.
Okay, go.
[car revs]
No time wasted, right, Álvaro?
Is that his norm, Laura?
[exhales] It gets worse.
-[all chuckle]
-[Alma] I'll be right there. Perfect.
[Luis] What is it? You're leaving?
-It was CIM.
[Alma inhales deeply, sighs]
My wife will end up…
-finding a cure for the virus.
-[Alma chuckles]
-I bet I will.
[Laura chuckles]
Do they let you test it on humans?
Only guinea pigs.
Laura, could you tell Daniela
that she looks gorgeous
and the dress suits her perfectly?
She's crazy saying it doesn't.
Oh, please…
What's up with you?
You're very quiet.
Do you like that guy, the new major?
I neither like nor dislike him.
I don't like him at all.
He's about to solve Mérida's murder.
He may be the best police officer we have.
If he stuck to policing.
But he is a political appointee, Luis.
The police and the military
have more power each day.
[Luis sighs]
We give them power,
so they can protect us.
But when they come for us,
who's going to protect us?
-Are you talking politics?
-[Laura] Hmm.
-[both] No.
No. Not at all.
-Come on, let's go see your godchildren.
-[Álvaro] Yes.
-[Laura] Look, we have a flower committee.
-[Luis sighs]
-[indistinct chattering]
It may seem odd to you,
but you wouldn't believe
how many people steal things.
We aren't thieves.
Nor are they, but people are hungry.
Today's wages.
[Alma] Good night, Rai.
[sighs, mutters, flicks through envelope]
what about the documents?
Aren't we hired?
That is up to Ma'am.
[Alma] Daniela!
-Bring me my gloves. I forgot them.
-Let's go ask her.
-[Rosa] Who do you think you are?
-[Hugo] Ma'am.
[Rosa] Get back here!
Who do you think you are?
-[Hugo] Ma'am.
-Where are you going?
-I'd just like to talk to Ma'am.
-I'm sorry.
[Alma] It's fine, Rosa. Let them by.
[Hugo] I'm sorry to insist, ma'am,
but I need to know if we're hired.
Without a contract,
we can't get our daughter back.
I only sign contracts
after a trial period.
-These, Mom?
-[Alma] Yes. Thanks, dear.
Listen, please--
You like Sergio, don't you?
He saw that you're a good mother.
[chuckles lightly]
He's not my son,
but it's as if he were.
Daniela, get their papers ready
-for the registry tomorrow.
Your girl will be back soon.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Let's go, Rai.
-[Daniela] Need help?
-[Alma] Yes, dear.
-[sighs, chuckles]
-[Alma] Especially with this dress.
-[Daniela] These heels are a pain.
-[Alma] Don't say that.
[Daniela] Bye, Mom.
Come with me, please.
Rosa, can you help me?
[Rosa] Of course.
-I need your signatures.
-[Julia] Yes.
Thank you. Thank you!
Hugo, I have to tell you something.
-Let's do this.
[ominous music plays]
-Good evening, Alma.
-Evening, Tomás.
Did the dose work?
It's too early to know.
-So far, we've had positive results.
-Very well.
[beeping, door unlocks]
[nurse] There you go, just a bit more.
Come on.
I want a report first thing in the morning
with the final results.
Of course, Alma. You'll have it then.
[nurse] You'll feel better now, I'm sure.
You look better already.
Bye, Jorge.
-[nurse] Good evening, ma'am.
-Good evening.
Hi, cutie pie.
How are you feeling?
How are you feeling?
Don't be afraid, princess. It's nothing.
Get some rest, my angels.
You'll feel better tomorrow.
Shh, shh.
[ominous music plays]
[Marta gasps]
-[Alma] What is this?
-[breathes shakily]
Personal items are forbidden.
[Marta] Please.
Please. [sobs]
Let's do this.
I'll hold on to it for you.
-Will I get it back when I leave?
-Of course you will.
I promise.
-Get some rest now.
Go on.
You'll be okay tomorrow.
I'll hold on to it.
[Alma] Get some rest.
[breathes shakily]
[Alma] Good night, princess.
It must not happen again.
You know what to do.
[ominous music plays]
[woman over PA] For your own safety,
keep your pass and ID…
-[Julia] Hugo.
-…visible at all times
and show them to law enforcement.
-I wanted to tell you--
-[Hugo] No need to tell me anything.
[Julia] I need you
to know something, Hugo.
[Julia sighs]
I have to leave Madrid
as soon as possible.
Carlos is waiting for me
at the old M-40 tunnels.
Tell me it has nothing to do
with that murder.
He was abusing a minor.
-I walked into it. I couldn't ignore it.
-You don't know what he…
-[Hugo] It's okay.
I'm sure you did what you had to.
-Will they give her back?
-[Hugo scoffs]
Of course they will. I have the papers.
They have to.
I need a favor.
[Hugo] What?
Take care of my mother.
I worry about her, especially after Sara.
-[Hugo] Don't worry. She'll be all right.
Especially knowing you're safe.
-[exhales slowly]
[somber music plays]
I'll never forget what you did for me.
Take care.
You too.
[PA beeps]
[woman on PA] For your safety,
we ask all citizens to return home
in an orderly fashion.
[ominous music plays]
[siren wails]
[tires screech]
[siren wails]
[officers] Open up!
-[officers] Open the door!
-[tires screech]
[officers] Open the door!
[officer 1] Stop! Get down!
You're surrounded. Put your hands up!
[suspenseful music plays]
-It's a pleasure to have you here.
-[Jiménez chuckles]
-Whenever you're ready.
-[ominous music plays]
[Jiménez clears throat]
[reporter] Major Jiménez,
first of all, I'd like to congratulate you
on solving the case so promptly.
Thank you,
but the credit is not all mine.
I share it with the Security Department
and with the honest and peaceful people,
which is most of this country.
I would like to take this opportunity
to send them a message.
I address you as the new major
in charge of State Security.
I have important news to share.
Major Mérida's killer has been shot down
as he tried to flee the capital.
Thank you, once again,
to the law enforcement of New Spain
for their incredible police work.
Hey… look.
You dropped this.
[ominous music plays]
Luckily, we were here to pick it up.
[seething breaths]
Stand down! Do not shoot!
[gunshot echoes]
It was a textbook investigation…
done efficiently…
[somber music plays]
…and quickly.
These are tough times.
We cannot afford
to show weakness before our enemies.
You may go to sleep peacefully.
We will continue to ensure the prosperity
and safety of us all.
[Jiménez] Our elderly.
Our families.
Good evening.
[Jiménez] The less fortunate.
And all good citizens of this country.
[Álex] Emilia, come see this.
[Jiménez] We will do everything
in our power
to ensure the peace and harmony
of our citizens.
And rest assured
that our enemies will only face defeat.
Do you know what time it is?
[man] It's past 11:00 p.m.
They're late tonight.
[Jiménez] We will not falter
when the time comes to prevent anyone,
and I mean anyone,
from damaging the stability
we have fought so hard to achieve.
-[ominous music plays]
-[siren wails]
[indistinct yelling]
[rapid gunfire]
[rapid gunfire]
-[rapid gunfire]
[Jiménez] Good night.
And remember:
the future belongs to us.
[ominous music plays]
[reporter] Enrique Jiménez has arrested
the terrorist who killed Major Mérida.
Son of a…
-[siren wails]
-[officer] Stop!
-[Hugo] Don't shoot!
-Hands where I can see them.
[Tomás] These are the special children.
-I want my niece back.
-Come to my house this afternoon.
How about that?
Don't worry. I'll handle it.
[nurse 1] I can't imagine what we'd do
without this regime.
-Where'd you get this?
-I saw it and picked it up.
[Emilia] This isn't a game.
They've killed for less.
This city is prosperous and safe,
if you stay out of trouble, naturally.
[nurse] Time to get up!
[Alma] We don't need animal testing
or an antigen.
Kids are the answer.
-[Tomás] They can't take a higher dose.
-[Alma] Research involves taking risks.
[Hugo] Mr. Tough Guy,
I can be tough too.
I have a daughter
who needs her dad not to back down
in front of fuckers like you.
My angels.
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