The Barrier (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Los niños perdidos

They took Marta yesterday.
It seems they separate children
from unemployed parents.
Your mom got me a job,
but they're looking for a couple.
You want me to pretend to be Sara.
I can't help you.
They poke you in there.
-[tires screech]
I'll cross that fucking barrier.
[guard] Come on.
Go to the check-in
and find out where Marta is.
Come back tomorrow.
The girl was arrested.
She's being interrogated.
When you leave work,
meet me at the old M-40 tunnels.
Hugo! Excuse me.
I'm sorry, honey.
[gentle classical music playing]
Major Jiménez is investigating the murder
of our dear friend Mérida.
My wife will end up
finding a cure for the virus.
-[Laura] Do they let you test on humans?
-[Alma] Only guinea pigs.
Daniela, get their papers ready.
You'll have your girl back soon.
I need your signatures.
[ominous music playing]
Did the dose work?
[Tomás] The results have been good so far.
Get some rest, my angels.
You'll feel better tomorrow.
-What is this?
-[exhales sharply]
I'll hold on to it.
You know what to do.
I know who you're looking for.
-Open the door!
I'll never forget what you did for me.
[Jiménez] These are tough times.
You may rest assured
that our enemies will only face defeat.
[tense music playing]
[panicked screaming]
[indistinct yelling]
[panicked screaming]
[indistinct yelling]
-[siren wails]
-[Julia gasps]
[officer 1] Everyone is under arrest!
Do not move!
[rapid gunfire]
This way! The Police! Come!
[officer 2] Stop! Freeze!
[indistinct yelling]
Let's go! Let's go.
[woman over PA] The Security Department
has just informed us
that Carlos Castillo,
the terrorist who was responsible
for the murder of Major Antonio Mérida,
has been shot down.
-[Hugo] Julia.
-[PA] He was shot…
[Julia] Let's go!
[officer 3] Halt!
[officer 3] Halt!
[distant sirens wail]
I think they're gone.
No, we just got here.
-I swear, we didn't do anything.
-[officer 4] Get up.
I swear.
-We didn't do anything.
-Shut up!
Hands behind your heads.
-[man] Come on.
-[boy] Please…
-Don't worry, I'm here.
-[officer 4] Shut the fuck up!
-[man] Don't worry.
[boy] What are you going to you do?
[officer 4] Come on, boy,
one foot in front of the other.
It's easy. Even for someone like you.
[boy breathes shakily]
-[man] Don't worry. No!
-[Julia] No. No!
[Julia screams]
[Julia pants]
[somber music playing]
Hands behind your head, grandpa.
[Julia breathes shakily]
[breathes shakily] Please.
Freeze, grandpa.
[Julia] Please.
[officer 4] Stop!
[Julia gasps, inhales sharply]
In front of me.
[tense music playing]
[sobs gently, sniffles]
[Hugo] Hey! Hey!
Hey! No! Wait!
Wait! Don't shoot.
She didn't do anything. She's my wife.
-She's my wife!
-Hands where I can see them.
[Hugo] She did nothing.
[gasps] We work
for the Minister of Health.
Here are our papers.
[breathes heavily]
She didn't do anything.
We just arrived from Asturias.
[Hugo breathes heavily]
I got lost.
I don't know the city.
I started walking, and…
I don't know how I got here.
What about those two?
I didn't know them.
I heard shots, got scared…
and I hid with them.
Work permit for Sector One.
We work for the Minister of Health.
They're expecting us at home.
This isn't like your village.
You must be careful here.
[Hugo] Yes.
We'll be careful, officer.
You might not be so lucky
the next time you get lost.
You won't make it home.
Thank you.
-[officer 4] Beat it.
-Let's go, honey.
[Julia breathes heavily]
-Wait. Wait.
-Don't stop. Come on.
-I have to tell Carlos.
-Please walk. Let's go home.
-Hugo, wait.
What are you doing?
Carlos isn't coming.
What do you mean, "Carlos isn't coming"?
How would you know?
I'm sorry.
[somber music playing]
Julia, let's go. Let's go.
-Let's go. Let's go.
-Come on.
-Don't touch me!
[theme music playing]
Enrique Jiménez, the new head
of the State Security Department,
has arrested and neutralized
the terrorist who killed Major Mérida.
Son of a bitch!
-Shh. Quiet.
-[TV] The case remains open.
Commissioner Jiménez said the police
-is still looking for accomplices…
-[door opens]
and a reward--
[Emilia gasps]
[Álex exhales]
-[Emilia] My daughter!
-[Julia sobs]
[sobbing continues]
-[sobbing continues]
-[Emilia soothes]
-[Julia sniffles]
-I'm so sorry, Julia.
From now on, we'll call her Sara, OK?
[knocking on door]
[Álex] Dammit!
-Wash your face.
-[Julia grunts]
Hugo, go with her. Open the door. Open it.
[knocking on door]
[Álex] Hi, Begoña.
[Begoña] Emilia, are you all deaf?
We were watching the news.
Oh, so you've already heard?
-Your daughter's boyfriend.
Where is she?
I don't know.
She never told you anything?
Poor thing! She had no idea
she was sleeping with the enemy.
-[Julia] Good evening, Begoña.
[tense music playing]
And your daughter?
She'll be with us tomorrow.
Once she's here, bring her over.
I only saw her as a baby.
Does she look like you?
-A lot.
Well, yes. She looks just like her mom.
-But with my smile.
-That's what you say.
-[Hugo chuckles] Yes.
-[TV announcement playing in background]
-Wow! It's so late.
-If Julia is smart, which she is…
she'll know the best thing
she can do is turn herself in.
I wish I could see her and tell her.
Yes, tell her.
It's never too late
to find the right path.
-[Emilia] Mm.
-You, of all people, should know that.
Uh… [exhales sharply]
[Álex] Begoña, if…
if you'd like, I'll walk you out.
All right.
Well, have a good night.
[all] Good night, Begoña.
-[Álex] Bye.
-[door closes]
[Julia sighs]
-Good evening, ma'am.
-Good evening, Rosa.
-My son?
-By the pool.
-Would you like some tea?
-Chamomile, please. Bring it to me.
-Good night, Rai.
-[Rai] Good night, ma'am.
Look at you.
You look like a goddess…
[Iván chuckles]
…walking to Olympus.
I'm so happy, my son.
Your mother is about to achieve
something great…
really great.
-That's all I can say.
If everything goes as planned,
I'll go down in history… [chuckles]
…and be even more celebrated
than your father.
You deserve it.
I need to tell you something.
What is it?
I was at the club where Mérida was killed.
-What were you doing there?
-What you do at a club, Mom.
But that's not the issue.
So tell me.
The thing is…
Dad knows.
-Did you tell him?
-No, of course not!
But I'm mentioned in all the reports.
He was really pissed at me.
You deserve it.
[Iván sighs]
It's okay.
I'll take care of it.
[footsteps approach]
You owe me one.
Whatever you say.
-Good night, son.
-Good night.
Love you.
Love you too.
Your tea, ma'am.
-[Alma] It's cold!
-[cup smashes]
Do it again, and you're fired!
[tense music playing]
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm so glad to be home.
-Hi, my love.
-[Luis] Hi, honey.
-How was it?
Something I needed to see to personally.
-Hi, honey.
I'm so tired, exhausted. Everything hurts.
-You work too much.
-[groans lightly]
And we're only getting older.
-Speak for yourself.
I don't feel old at all.
Of course, you're right.
I'm the only one getting older here.
You made a deal with the devil, gorgeous.
[both chuckle]
[romantic music playing]
Is that your way of saying
that I still look hot?
[clears throat, groans appreciatively]
No, just a way of saying…
that I love you.
I love you.
-Luis, my love.
We must look after Iván.
He needs us.
[Luis inhales deeply, sighs]
He's pulling our leg.
He's playing with fire.
-Are you getting mad?
You spoil him too much.
He uses and abuses you.
[romantic music playing]
[both chuckle lightly]
What is it?
Edurne told me to go with her.
Now? Is it breakfast time already?
I don't think so.
Where are you going?
[ominous music playing]
I… I don't know.
Maybe your parents are here.
Yes, maybe that's it.
You're so lucky.
[Edurne] Felipe, let's go.
[door closes]
[PA beeps] For your own safety,
the curfew ends now.
You may walk freely.
Remember to have your ID on you
at all times.
[inhales deeply]
[Hugo] Julia.
Hey. Good morning.
[Hugo] Good morning.
-Were you able to sleep at all?
No. [chuckles]
[sighs] Me neither.
Have some. It almost tastes like coffee.
[Hugo chuckles]
[Julia sniffs]
[Emilia] Don't worry.
They won't recognize you.
You two are identical.
I like your hair like this.
-[Julia sniffs]
-It really suits you.
It really does suit you.
Doesn't it? Huh?
-Wonderful, right?
-[all chuckle]
I'm very cute, you know?
But I don't overdo it
because there are
too many envious people around.
Álex? [Hugo sighs]
-Got everything?
Oh yeah? You sure?
Yeah, I checked three times.
The contract?
-Well, I forgot.
-Álex, please--
Hugo, this is the most important thing
I'll ever do in my life.
I need you to trust me.
I trust you. Hmm?
She'll be here for dinner.
-Cheer up.
-[Álex] Bye, family.
-Cheer up.
[sniffs] Thanks.
Wait, I'll come with you
and open the store!
-Watch her.
-I will.
[tense music playing]
[door closes]
It's not going to work.
They'll come for me,
and you'll all be in danger.
[Hugo] Julia…
Listen to me.
They're looking for you everywhere.
Running away is more dangerous.
[Julia sighs]
Only a few days, until the dust settles.
Until Marta is back.
OK, until Marta is back.
Let's get going.
-Let's go.
[Edurne] Time to get up!
Good morning!
Get up, sleepy heads.
-Get up.
-[kids babble]
Let's put our shoes on,
take our toiletries.
Let's go pee-pee,
wash our hands, brush our teeth.
Let's go.
Come on, Carlota.
Come, children, or you'll be late.
Triana is almost ready.
Let's all wash up. Come on.
you didn't leave?
Felipe, get up.
[somber music playing]
Time to get up.
Felipe, wake up.
-You'll get scolded.
-[Edurne] Marta.
Come on, you're the last one.
Let's go.
[ominous music playing]
[Edurne] Good, Lucas. Breakfast time.
Psst… psst.
[Marta whispers] Lucas, did it hurt?
A little, but it was quick.
Come have breakfast, Lucas.
[Edurne] Felipe?
Where's Felipe?
[Tomás] Felipe!
Did you see Felipe?
He's in the bedroom.
He won't get up.
[tense music playing]
Your turn then, Marta.
[Marta sighs]
[Rosa] Our house rules are simple.
Do not take food. Do not steal water.
Do not take breaks without asking.
Is that clear?
Yes, yes.
Breakfast is served at 8:00 a.m.
Fresh fruit for the madam
and a two-minute soft boiled egg
for the master.
Ma'am has decided that you…
-[Rosa] Sara.
…will watch her nephew, Sergio.
I'll give you his schedule
and school uniform.
-You, Hugo.
I'll give you instructions. Let's go.
Remember to serve from the left.
Skimmed milk for the madam.
I'd like to thank you
for this opportunity.
You can't imagine how important
this job is to our family.
Right, honey?
Yes, it's true.
Very well, then…
don't mess it up.
Of course.
-[Rosa] Good morning. Excuse us.
-Good morning, Rosa.
Great. Perfect.
-Morning, Rosa.
-[Rosa] Good morning.
-[Alma] My daughter?
-[Rosa] She left early.
-[Sergio] Good morning, Aunt Alma.
-Good morning.
[Sergio] Good morning, Uncle Luis.
Good morning, champ.
Hi, Sara.
Hugo, you're an engineer, correct?
Come with me later. I have a task for you.
Rosa, can I steal him for a while?
As you wish, sir.
I don't need an engineer
to peel some potatoes.
-[Iván] Morning, Rosa.
-[Rosa] Good morning.
-[Luis grunts]
-Good morning, family.
Still in your pajamas?
-Maybe you'll go back to bed.
-"Good morning, Iván. Sleep well?"
Try it, Dad, for once in your life.
Let's see what happens.
Do something useful for once.
"Let's see what happens."
Please don't start. I have a headache.
Coffee, please.
Is this the guy who killed Mérida?
What a bastard.
[tense music playing]
[Iván] He looks… like a maniac.
-Or a son of a bitch.
-[Alma] Enough.
I hope they tortured him before he died.
-[Julia gasps]
-[Iván yells] The fuck?
-[Alma] Please.
-[Iván] You fucking burned me!
-Let me see. Are you hurt?
-Was it deliberate?
[Alma] Let me see.
-[Iván] Was it deliberate?
-Iván, let her go.
Let me see. Are you burned? Does it hurt?
[Rosa] Sara, leave now.
Excuse me.
[inhales deeply]
[breathes slowly]
Forgive me.
-I'm really sorry.
-That's okay.
-I swear--
-[Rosa] Should I fire them, m'am?
She's very nervous
because of her daughter. You know--
-Are you on her side, Rosa?
No, no. It is your mother's decision.
-It was an acciden--
-An accident?
[Luis] Yes, Iván.
Everyone has accidents, even you.
[Iván exhales slowly]
They are your responsibility, Rosa.
If they cause any more trouble,
I'll fire you too.
Yes, ma'am.
One more chance.
I spoke up for you because of your girl.
Don't let it happen again.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
-Watch the kid and behave.
-Leave your problems at home.
[Julia breathes shakily]
Go change.
[Julia sighs]
[breathes deeply]
I'm sorry.
I just… I swear…
I can't stop thinking about what they…
They killed him like a dog.
-Calm down.
-I'm sorry.
Sons of bitches.
[dramatic music playing]
-[Navarro] There you go.
-[ominous music playing]
-[Carlos splutters]
[labored exhaling]
[PA beeps] For your own health,
entrance is strictly forbidden
to anyone who did not pass
their medical check-up…
[guard] Listen up, everyone.
Álex Mújica?
Show yourself.
Álex Mújica?
[bangs railings] Are you all deaf?
-Álex Mújica?
-May I?
I have some papers for Álex Mújica.
It's his brother's work permit.
They're very important.
I'm here.
[PA beeps] For your own health and safety,
-entrance is strictly forbidden…
-Excuse me.
…to anyone who is sick,
undocumented, or dressed inappropriately.
[Álex] And you are…
-I gave your brother the wrong paper.
-The wrong paper?
The attachment to the contract.
He keeps the green, not the blue.
So, give me the blue sheet.
-This one?
And I'll give you… this one.
Nice to meet you. I got to go.
-Wait, you can't go.
No. No, I mean, if you…
Miss, if you understand paper work,
could you come talk to the clerk with me?
I don't want to mess things up.
For my niece.
[PA beeps]
For your own safety, keep your pass…
…and ID visible at all times
and show them to law enforcement.
[rapid breathing]
[ominous music playing]
You'd be surprised…
how many people we bring here
who don't know anything.
We're so unlucky with detainees,
huh, Navarro?
[Navarro and Jiménez chuckle]
[Jiménez exhales deeply]
[Carlos clears throat]
This will even make you remember
your grandpa's ID number.
-[Jiménez laughs]
-I'm telling you, I know nothing.
I insist.
Was there anyone else there
when you killed Major Mérida?
I didn't do it. I don't know who did.
[Jiménez exhales slowly]
-Do you know this woman?
-Yes, you do know her.
-[Carlos] I told you I don't.
-[Navarro] You do. She's your girlfriend.
How do you know?
[ominous music playing]
[Jiménez chuckles lightly]
-So, your girlfriend killed Major Mérida.
-[Carlos] What the fuck did you give me?
Good stuff, right?
It was her, no?
-She killed Major Mérida?
-Yes, she did.
She's amazing and was protecting
the girl that bastard was raping.
-[Navarro] Finally, man!
-You'll never find her.
-She's much smarter than you.
-I'm sure she's prettier too. [chuckles]
[Carlos laughs]
Too bad you'll never see her again.
At least, not alive.
[Carlos sniffles, groans]
[Jiménez] We can show him the body,
right, Navarro?
[Navarro] Yes, just the body.
[Jiménez pats Carlos] Great work, kid.
[Navarro cocks gun] Do we kill him?
[Jiménez tuts]
I don't know.
-[Rai] Sir, your car is ready.
-[Luis] I'll be right there.
I need to show Hugo something.
-You're from Asturias, right?
-[Hugo] Yes, sir.
[Luis] Mm-hmm.
Let me show you a treasure from Asturias.
[sighs] What a beauty.
It was my father's car.
What's wrong with it?
I don't know.
It won't start.
-It's been years.
And there are no parts for it.
-Let's see what we can do, hmm?
-[Luis sighs]
The keys are in the ignition.
If you can fix it,
I'll do anything for you.
[chuckles] Of course, sir.
-OK. All yours.
-[Luis] We're leaving in five, Rai.
-[Rai] Yes, sir.
-[Luis] Help Hugo if he needs you.
-[Rai] Of course.
So, what do you think?
Think you can fix it?
Well, I don't know.
You don't know?
-Don't tell the Minister that.
-Uh, could you hand me the pliers, please?
[groans loudly]
Listen, pal,
I don't know who got you this job,
but I'm warning you,
this is my garage.
-You got that?
-[groans] Yes!
[pained breathing] Let me go, please.
[grunts, groans]
[breathes heavily]
Good, village boy.
You'd better behave.
I don't think so.
[Rai groans]
Now, you listen to me.
You might be a mean son of a bitch,
but I can be worse.
You know why?
I have a daughter whose life depends
on her father not being intimidated
by fuckers like you.
I have a job here too,
so you're gonna let me do it peace. Hmm?
Whether you like it or not.
Got that?
[Luis] Rai, let's go.
Yes, sir.
[breathing heavily]
-It's all here.
Wait a minute.
What do you mean, "next"?
Where's my niece?
The Government will send you a letter
after reviewing your case.
Hold on. Review our case?
What the fuck is there to review?
-[Daniela] Look, miss--
-Morning. Your papers.
[Álex] Wait a second, please!
Look, we brought an employment contract
and all the documents
that make the parents legal.
My client wants to know when
and how the girl will return.
-I'm not leaving without her!
-Let's go.
-You hear me?
-[Daniela] Let's go!
-I can't!
[Daniela] They'll arrest you!
-[tense music playing]
Let me go! This is fucking insane!
Shitty country! Shitty government!
-It's a fucking shithole!
-Fucking shit!
-[Daniela] Calm down.
I understand. They'll return her to you.
You understand?
How could you understand?
You're like them.
Even though you're being nice.
-Don't say that. I'm helping you.
-You know what?
I want my niece back.
I don't need your fucking help.
Shit! Shit!
Fucking shit!
You look like a fool.
Come with me before you get arrested.
[Álex] This is pretty creepy, isn't it?
Where are we going? Huh?
[PA beeps] For your own health,
entrance is strictly forbidden
to anyone who did not pass
their mandatory check-up
or is showing any symptoms.
In case of emergency.
It's tobacco from before.
Here, let's share it.
[PA beeps]
For your own safety, keep your pass
and ID visible at all times…
-…and show them to law enforcement.
You can't act crazy. It's dangerous.
I just want my niece back.
They fucking stole her!
To give her an education
and a better life.
That's something you can't offer her now.
Is that so bad?
You're shitting me?
So you're completely satisfied
with all of this, right?
I'm happy.
We have everything we need to live.
The Government protects us
and cares about us.
I can't imagine what we'd do
without this regime.
Come to my house this afternoon,
so we can speak more calmly.
I live at the staff quarters.
How about it?
Of course.
[suspenseful music playing]
-[knocking on door]
-[Alma] Come in.
[door opens]
This is amazing!
Do you know what these numbers mean?
This is it!
We did it! [sniffles]
We don't need animal testing
or an antigen from a lab.
-Just kids.
-[Tomás] Not all of them, Alma.
Not always.
There are many risks.
They can't handle a higher dose.
We shouldn't…
Alma, please!
[Alma] Tomás,
research involves taking risks.
Marie Curie and Galileo
risked their own lives.
-We are fighting to save millions.
-They're children, Alma.
More than that.
Some are angels.
My angels.
Come, Ariadna.
Let's see…
[ominous music continues]
[beeping, door unlocks]
[Edurne] Very good.
Dani, come with us.
And Triana.
The rest of you will go with Carmen.
Go on.
Now, let's have a snack. Come on!
Who wants yogurt?
[kids] I do!
[Tomás] These are the special kids.
If only they knew what they represent…
[Edurne] Who wants to eat it all up?
[kids] I do!
-Should we start?
[Edurne] Let's eat it all up.
[Tomás claps] Let's go.
[Edurne] Okay, kids,
the Director's here to tell us a story.
-[Alma] Hi.
-[Edurne] Come on.
-Hello, princess.
-[girl 1] Hello.
-Hi, cutie pie.
-[girl 2] Hello.
[Alma] Hello.
-Hi, little one. [chuckles]
-[kids giggle]
Who's missing?
I'm sorry, we didn't have time
to update the list.
Do you like stories?
[kids] Yes!
[Alma] Yes? I'll tell you a story.
-[girl 3] Great!
-[boy 1] Yay!
Once upon a time, there was
a group of kids who were…
so very brave.
-[lullaby music playing]
-They saved many people.
These kids were so little.
Some were no older than three,
like you.
And they didn't have a mom…
or dad.
Since they were all by themselves
in this world,
they became very good friends
and so strong.
They went on a very long journey.
Do you know why?
Because inside their bodies…
they had a treasure.
Something very, very important.
[ominous music playing]
My angels.
[ominous music continues]
[Julia] Sergio,
should we stop and rest here?
[Julia exhales sharply]
-[Sergio] Can I go explore?
-[chuckles] Yes, go explore.
-Stay where I can see you. Okay?
-[Sergio] Okay.
[Carlos] Time is standing still.
[somber music playing]
-[Carlos] There are no jobs, no duties.
-[inhales deeply]
-[Carlos] We'll never grow old.
-[Julia chuckles in memory]
[Julia] I love you.
[Carlos] Listen, you won't go alone.
I'll go with you.
[ominous music playing]
You scared me! Where were you?
[chuckles] What have you got?
A gift.
A gift?
For me?
[melancholy music playing]
Where did you find this?
[bags rustling]
What are you doing?
was my daughter's necklace.
Where's your daughter?
I don't know.
Sergio, do you know
what these letters are?
Yes, come with me.
[tense music playing]
Look, my aunt works there.
-Álex, right?
-Begoña, hi!
-How are you?
-Good, and you?
Tired. I've been taking care
of paperwork all day.
-For the check-in.
-So, you're staying?
You didn't just come to visit.
-[Begoña] Good for you.
This is a prosperous, safe city.
-[Álex sighs]
-You'll see.
Of course.
If you do as you're told,
and stay out of trouble.
There are many bastards out there
trying to take the system down.
What is that?
Just papers for the check-in.
Boring stuff.
Let me see.
Just to make sure everything is okay.
[ominous music playing]
[Begoña] Let's see.
It's all in there, right?
This is the case number.
Make sure you keep it handy.
Everything seems to be in order.
Well, if you have any questions,
-I'm right here--
-We'll come to you.
-I have to get in, Begoña.
See you soon.
-One more thing.
-What is it?
If Emilia's other daughter, Julia,
contacts her by any chance,
let me know.
-It'll be better for everyone.
-[Álex] Perfect.
Don't delay him any longer, come on!
-We're getting to know each other.
-They'll be staying a while.
-Is that what you were wondering?
-[Begoña] He already told me.
I like seeing new faces around,
especially handsome ones.
-[Álex] Thanks.
When you have a chance,
I need a copy of their IDs.
As soon as we get them,
we'll pass them to you.
-[Begoña] Good to see you.
-[Álex] Likewise.
Where did you get this?
Damn, I didn't know it would fall out.
How did you get it?
Where did it come from?
On the street. I saw it and picked it up.
Next time, don't be stupid.
Don't pick it up.
At least, don't bring it here.
You put us all in danger. Come on!
Okay, I'm sorry.
Right, but this isn't a a game.
They've killed for less.
[somber music playing]
-[Julia] Hey.
-[Hugo] Hey.
[Sergio] What an awesome car!
You like it?
-[Sergio] Can I get in?
-Later. Later.
Go ask Manuela for a snack.
Are you hungry?
[kisses] We'll be right in. Go on!
[Hugo chuckles lightly]
-Where did you get it?
-In a trash bin.
Near a medical research facility.
Alma is the Director.
-Our boss?
-We have to talk to her.
-No, no.
That's not a good idea.
[tense music playing]
Come in.
[woman humming]
You look gorgeous.
Is this a bad time?
Do you want to change or…
I was worried I'd be late.
Are we alone?
For now. Relax.
There's time.
-A lot of time?
-[woman presses buttons]
["Caminho Do Mar" by Drummagic playing]
How many are coming? Are there many of us?
Listen to the music.
I'm tired ♪
Of always thinking it was my turn ♪
I felt ♪
The strength of time inside me♪
I saw ♪
It’s so unfair that it’s leaving ♪
Yeah ♪
I left ♪
I can't keep up anymore ♪
Isn't this against organization rules?
My rhythm of life is at sea ♪
[Álex] Your room looks nice.
Will leave♪
[whispering] I'm glad you like it.
♪Never to return ♪
Happiness is in the air ♪
Brazil I will love you forever ♪
Go, go, go ♪
The way to the Sea goes, goes ♪
Brazil is my home, place ♪
The route to the sun  ♪
The way to the Sea ♪
Where are you going?
For a test drive.
Sir asked me to.
[Rosa] Let's save on gas.
Take us to the commissary.
Get in, Manuela.
No. On second thought…
We'd better go on foot, in case
it breaks down. We're very busy.
Don't take too long.
-Of course.
-[Rosa] Let's go, Manuela.
[Hugo] Shit!
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Don't even think about getting up.
[Álex] Life is funny.
Two days ago,
the biggest thrill in my village
was hunting grasshoppers.
[Álex chuckles]
Now, everything is…
unpredictable, exciting and…
horrible too.
My niece isn't back yet.
You've told me a thousand times already.
It's so fucked up…
I can't get it out of my head.
But I'm happy too.
Because we've met, and…
not only do we like each other,
but we also share the same ideas.
That's important.
We don't share the same ideas.
-At all.
-What are you doing?
Put the gun down. What are you doing?
I haven't done anything.
-I haven't done anything.
-That's right.
-I need to stop you before you do.
[tense music playing]
-[woman cocks gun]
-[panicked breathing]
[knocking on door]
-[knocking continues]
Don't move.
-[doorbell rings]
-[knocking on door]
Don't you dare yell.
-[doorbell rings]
-[knocking on door]
Who is it?
[Emilia] I'm Álex's aunt.
I need to talk to him, please.
Don't do anything, please.
[knocking on door]
-[doorbell rings]
-[woman] Come here.
[Álex exhales shakily]
Tell her you're okay.
Tell her to go.
Make her believe you. Hmm?
Or I'll kill her too. Come on.
[knocking on door]
[knocking continues]
-[Álex] Hi, Emilia.
-Get dressed.
We're leaving. I came for him.
-Get dressed.
The thing is,
your nephew doesn't want to go.
We were having fun.
He's not having fun.
You'd better let us go. Please.
I'm sorry.
-I'm following orders.
-[Álex gasps]
[Álex breathes heavily]
But… but…
but… but…
[Álex sobs]
Go get dressed.
Go get dressed, dear.
[tense music playing]
-[Álex] What are you doing?
-Saving your ass.
Make a mess.
-Are you with the resistance?
-I'm not with anybody.
Just my family, including you.
What is that?
The diary of an informant.
Let's go. Let's go.
[dramatic music playing]
[Julia] Stop. Stop, stop, stop.
It's that building.
What are you doing?
This area looks deserted.
[ominous music playing]
Come on! [Edurne claps]
Pull the sheets off
and make the beds. Quickly.
Like you mean it, Carmen.
[tense music playing]
[Hugo] Wait.
[Edurne] Clean sheets.
I want all the beds
to have clean sheets.
[Julia gasps]
[suspenseful music playing]
-[breathes shakily]
-It can't be.
[Hugo] Marta!
Can you make sense of what is going on?
-So tell me.
[Emilia] Don't mention me.
Don't tell anyone you know me,
especially not that we're family.
Don't ever mention me.
[man] If he wants to live,
he'll tell us who his contact is.
Nobody tells me anything here
because you're all involved in this shit.
[Tomás] I was following orders.
-[Jiménez] Whose?
-[Tomás] You don't want to know.
[Alma] My husband is a very important man
in this country.
I'm valuable. You are not.
[Daniela] Hello.
-[Álex] You won't tell me your name?
I'm doing it for the future
of the country, and you know it.
Nothing happens
without my direct supervision.
I need you to come to the station.
We just need to talk for a bit…
[ominous music playing]
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