The Barrier (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

El roce de la piel

They took Marta yesterday.
It seems they separate children
from unemployed parents.
Your mom got me a job,
but they're looking for a couple.
You want me to pretend to be Sara.
[gentle classical music playing]
The couple.
Major Jiménez is investigating the murder
of our dear friend Mérida.
Serve the gentlemen some food and drinks.
She's my friend's daughter.
I've known her since she was a child.
[Julia] I can't stop thinking about
what they… They killed him like a dog.
-[Jiménez] Your girlfriend killed Mérida.
-[Carlos] What the fuck did you give me?
She's amazing and was protecting
the girl that bastard was raping.
-You'll never find her.
-[Navarro] Do we kill him?
-Are you with the resistance?
-I'm not with anybody.
Just my family, including you.
The diary of an informant.
[tense music playing]
My wife will end up
finding a cure for the virus.
-[Laura] Do they let you test on humans?
-[Alma] Only guinea pigs.
They poke you in there.
Sometimes you vomit and get tired.
[Marta] Felipe, wake up.
You'll get scolded.
-Did the dose work?
-Results have been good so far.
-[Alma] What is this?
-[breathes shakily]
I'll keep it for you.
You know what to do.
[Alma] We did it!
We don't need animal testing
or an antigen from a lab. Just kids.
[Tomás] Not all of them, Alma.
They can't handle a higher dose.
[Julia] What do you have there?
Where did you find this?
-Do you know what these letters are?
-Come with me. My aunt works there.
That building.
It can't be.
It can't be.
[Hugo breathes shakily]
[suspenseful music playing]
[breathes shakily]
-[breathes heavily]
-[somber music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
-I heard something.
-I'll check the morgue.
[breathing heavily]
[suspenseful music playing]
[radio beeps]
[exhales sharply]
[radio beeps]
[tense music playing]
-[radio beeps]
-All clear. False alarm.
[dispatch] Copy that, Bravo Unit.
[Julia sighs]
[kids singing] With more glory ♪
-With justice and with tenacity ♪
Those flashes of a past will return ♪
That never betrayed our flag ♪
Now the sky is opening on our path ♪
With more glory
With justice and  with tenacity ♪
Those flashes of a past will return ♪
That never betrayed our flag… ♪
[radio beeps]
[guard 1] I heard someone walking
in Sector B. Come with me.
[Edurne] Let's go!
[kids singing] With more glory
With justice and with tenacity ♪
Those flashes of a past will return ♪
That never betrayed our flag ♪
[Julia] There she is.
[singing continues]
-[Julia] Wait, wait, wait.
[singing continues]
Girl, what are you doing. Walk.
Come on.
Sorry, Miss.
[tense music playing]
[beeping, door opens]
[dramatic music playing]
[Edurne claps] Everyone in bed.
[claps] Let's go! Quickly.
Come on. Come on.
Everyone in bed.
[Edurne] There you go.
Very good. Now, silence.
[tense music playing]
[beeping, door locks]
[both breathe heavily]
I'll keep watch. Go.
[Julia exhales sharply]
[breathing heavily]
[door catches]
[breathing heavily]
[gentle tapping]
[Hugo whispers] Marta.
[gentle tapping]
[breathes shakily]
[gentle tapping]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Hugo whispers] Marta. Marta!
Marta, are you okay?
-[Marta] Daddy.
-[Hugo] Are you okay?
[Hugo] What's that? What did they do?
What did they do to you?
It doesn't hurt.
I love you, honey. Look at me.
I love you.
Okay? I love you so much.
I love you too.
[Marta] I love you too.
-[radio beeps]
-[indistinct voice over radio]
Hugo! Hugo, they're coming. Let's go!
Marta, listen to me.
I've got to go,
but I promise I'll come back for you.
Did you hear me?
-Did you hear me?
-Hugo, let's go.
Marta, honey… Marta! Marta, go!
Hugo, let's go.
Come back soon, Daddy.
Let's go, please.
-[radio beeps]
-[guard 2] Halt!
[alarm sounds]
[alarm continues]
[Julia] Shh.
-Where the fuck are we?
-[Julia] Quiet.
I have to get Marta out.
[alarm continues]
[radio beeps]
[suspenseful music playing]
[theme music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[Emilia] I need a favor.
See this notebook?
Many people's lives depend
on what we do with it.
Why? What's in there?
It's a list of people they'll go after
if we don't warn them first.
I know where to take it,
but… I don't think I should go.
I'll go.
That's what I was going to ask.
Memorize this address.
-[Emilia] Got it?
Knock on the door and say,
"The most precious thing is
what you've never had."
The most precious thing is
what you've never had.
That's it.
Another crucial thing:
don't mention me.
Don't tell anyone you know me,
especially not that we're family.
Don't tell anyone.
Don't ever mention me.
[PA beeps]
[PA] For your own safety,
curfew starts in 30 minutes.
We ask all citizens to return home
in an orderly fashion.
[PA beeps]
For your own safety,
curfew starts in 30 minutes.
We ask all citizens…
[ominous music playing]
[alarm sounds]
[dramatic music playing]
[Julia] This way!
[guard 1] Let's go, let's go!
[Julia breathes heavily]
[guard 1] Bravo Unit to Echo Unit.
Bravo Unit to Echo Unit.
Do you copy? Over.
[radio beeps]
Bravo Unit to Echo Unit.
Do you copy? Over.
[dispatch] Loud and clear, Bravo Unit.
Go ahead.
[guard 1] Intruders in Sector 114.
-I repeat, intruders in Sector 114.
-[dramatic music continues]
[dispatch] Copy that, Bravo Unit.
Sending backup. Over.
[tense music playing]
[PA] For your own safety,
curfew starts in 15 minutes.
We ask all citizens to return home
in an orderly fashion.
How much are those?
[ominous music playing]
[PA beeps] For your own safety…
Never mind. Thanks.
[PA] We ask all citizens to return home
in an orderly fashion.
[knocking on door]
[keys jangle, door unlocks]
[tense music playing]
The most precious thing is…
The most precious thing is…
what I've always had.
You… You've… always had!
[knocks, groans]
What the fuck? Are you insane?
-Get on your knees!
-[Álex] God-fucking-dammit!
-Why are people in this city so fucked up?
-[man] What do you want?
Who gave you that password?
No, no, no. No!
[tense music playing]
-I'm just delivering this notebook.
-What is that?
A list of people who are in danger.
Who sent you here?
That doesn't matter, dammit.
Take the notebook.
Dumbass, you don't get to decide
what's important or not.
What do we do?
It's up to him.
If he wants to live,
he'll tell us who his contact is.
If he wants to die,
this dumbass will keep his mouth shut.
-[girl shrieks]
-[man] Stop!
[ominous music playing]
-[Julia sniffs]
-[Hugo exhales]
[door opens]
[ominous music playing]
[Hugo breathes heavily]
[Julia] Shit.
[Hugo] Let's go.
Are you going to stay and keep studying?
Okay, honey.
Did you take your ID?
Who's with you?
I can't… I can't hear you!
Who's there with you?
Don't even think about leaving Sector One.
-[knocking on door]
-[Hugo] Rosa!
-Rosa, open the door!
-[Manuela] What is it?
-[Hugo] Manuela!
Who's yelling? What's going on?
-Why are you here?
-I must talk to them.
-Ma'am! Ma'am!
-[Julia] Let him go!
-[Rosa] Hey, please!
-[Julia] Rosa.
-[Hugo] Sir!
-Let him go!
-You let go of me!
-Got get Rai. Hurry!
[Hugo] Sir!
-[Luis] What is it?
My daughter is being held
in a building full of soldiers!
Only you can get her out of there.
She can't stay there another second!
-You hear me?
-Your daughter what?
She was kidnapped and is being held
in a medical facility.
-They're not colonies. You lied!
-What are you saying?
-What medical facility?
There were dead children. We saw them!
-Are you mentally stable?
-I'm fine!
I'm perfectly fine, and so is my daughter!
She's ten! Her name's Marta!
She's completely healthy!
I want her back right now,
and you're coming with me.
-You're coming with me now!
-[Luis] Calm down!
-You hear me?
-Calm down!
Calm down!
[Rai] Calm down!
-[Hugo] Please.
-[Luis] Rai.
[Hugo] Please.
-[Luis] Let him go.
-[Hugo] Please.
[Luis] Hugo.
-[Hugo] Please.
-Hugo, look at me!
Calm down.
Rosa and Manuela, nothing to see here.
[Hugo breathes heavily]
[Luis] Sara.
Can you make sense of what is going on?
So tell me.
We went into the CIM tonight.
-How did you get in?
-[Julia] It doesn't matter.
We were inside.
We saw our daughter, among other children!
That's absurd!
I'll check if there was a break-in.
If you're lying to me…
-We're not lying.
There were many children,
and they got shots.
Our daughter Marta…
Our daughter Marta is a healthy child.
There were bodies in the morgue.
They were no older than ten.
Please, help us. My mother always said
you were a good man.
It's her grandchild.
Her only grandchild.
Checking? What are you checking?
Why didn't you call me?
-It's true. There was a break-in at CIM.
What should we do?
Let's report them. Call the police.
-Let's report them all. Are they insane?
-[Luis] Alma.
Alma. Alma.
She's the daughter
of an old friend of mine. Hmm.
[Luis] Uh…
They're certain they saw their child.
There are no children dying
or held captive at CIM.
They come in to get shots,
but at this time?
I'm going there to reassure them.
-With your consent.
-[Alma] Let's go.
I want to clear this up. Let's go.
[Luis] No.
[tense music playing]
It's very late. Don't worry…
We won't be long.
Don't worry.
Rai, go get some rest.
-If you need me, sir--
-No, thanks. You can go.
Let's go there.
-You can drive, Hugo.
Sara, you stay here.
-She's mine too. I'd really like to go.
-No. No.
Help my wife with whatever she needs.
Get Marta back.
-She'll sleep at home tonight.
[whispers] Thanks for staying calm.
[tense music playing]
Activate evacuation procedures.
For your own good, get them all out.
-[breathes shakily]
-[door unlocks]
[Tomás] Mr. Minister.
Good evening. How are you?
-Your wife didn't come?
Show us.
You, come with us.
[Tomás] On this floor, we have two labs
and the conference room,
with which you're quite familiar.
if tell me what you're looking for,
I may be able to help you.
-This way.
-[Tomás] That way?
Mr. Minister…
I assure you everything is in order.
I'm not sure what you're looking for,
but if you come to my office,
we can speak comfortably.
Calm down.
Open it.
-Mr. Minister.
-[Luis] Open it.
[beeping, door unlocks]
[Hugo] Marta!
Open the door.
-Open the door!
-Open up.
[beeping, door unlocks]
[Hugo] Where are the kids?
My daughter was here.
What is this?
[breathing heavily]
[Edurne] Let's go!
[Hugo grunts]
[ominous music playing]
Come on, let's go!
Hey! Hey!
Wait! Marta!
-Marta, honey!
-I'm not Marta.
Where's my daughter?
Where is she, son of a bitch?
What did you do to her?
What did you do to her?
[knocking on door, door opens]
[Julia] Need anything, Ma'am?
I need to rest.
Leave me alone.
[Julia sighs]
[Julia] She's our child.
What would you do
if they took your kids away?
Gouge their eyes out.
But we're not the same.
You see?
My husband is a very important man
in this country.
I'm valuable.
Very valuable.
So are my kids.
You are not.
You're worthless.
Who cares if either you
or your daughter disappear?
There are thousands,
millions of people like you.
Whatever you say.
But those millions of people
don't think like you.
I'm not belittling you. It's just a fact.
Some people don't get it.
I'll let you rest.
If I'm lucky,
I'll be holding my daughter tomorrow.
[tense music playing]
Now we can.
[ominous music playing]
[man] Good.
Well, it's about time!
For a while there,
I thought I'd killed you.
Very interesting, you know?
Of course, I do.
My head…
-Don't you see I'm on your side?
-We'll see. Answer my father.
Where did you get it?
It's a bit…
Go on.
We've heard it all here.
I'm from Gijón, Asturias.
I've been in Madrid for three days.
This morning, I went to the registry to…
well, to do the typical paperwork, and…
I met an informant.
I didn't know it at the time, of course.
She was…
a very cute nurse.
She took an interest in me.
Who the fuck knows why?
Because you're clearly a dumbass.
[Álex] Probably.
So, I went to her place.
And I stole it.
Was she a dumbass too?
No… I didn't just steal it. She…
[breathing heavily]
Never mind, you won't believe me, right?
We don't…
I don't even believe you're from Asturias.
What should we do with you?
[exhales sharply] Don't kill me, please!
Please. I swear I'm not lying!
I'm not lying!
[clattering in distance]
Help! Help, please!
-Shut up, you idiot!
[grunts] Help…
-[woman] What's going on?
-[Álex groans]
-Help me! [Álex grunts]
-I'll tell you later.
You'd better go.
Beat it.
-Who is he?
-A liar.
Possibly an informant.
But I know him.
Do you remember me?
Yes! You're the…
the rich kid, the lawyer
from the registry. Help me, please!
-What did he do?
How do you know him?
I helped him with some paperwork
at the registry.
He just arrived in Madrid
and seemed very naive.
That's all.
Are you sure he's an informant?
[man] I don't know.
[PA beeps]
[woman over PA] For your own safety,
the curfew remains in effect.
Stay at home.
walking the streets is forbidden,
unless you have a special permit.
[PA] For your own safety,
the curfew remains in effect.
Stay at home.
walking the streets is forbidden,
unless you have a special permit.
[Carlos groans lightly]
[inhales slowly]
[Rosa] Why are you here?
-[Julia] They're not back yet?
But the police sirens have been wailing
for a while now.
And madam's phone was ringing
all night.
You caused quite a mess.
Damned be the day you came to this house.
And I took your side.
I'm an idiot.
I understand the thing about your child.
What mother wouldn't?
But did you need to come in yelling?
Who does that?
May I have some coffee?
Yes, dear, you may.
[Rosa sighs]
And think for a second.
Hey? You don't know how lucky you are.
This is an important house.
You're serving a minister,
not some nobody. Hmm?
Everyone respects us.
But you two just go and cause trouble.
I would've fired you by now.
But the Minister is protecting you.
God knows why.
Did they find your daughter yet?
I don't know.
-Did you really see her?
-[Rosa] Manuela.
-Their breakfast.
-[Manuela] Yes, ma'am.
[car approaching]
Open the door.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Thanks, Rosa.
Come in, Major.
[Jiménez] Sorry, I'm expected somewhere.
I just wanted to tell you…
not to worry.
When you called me, I was concerned.
[tense music playing]
This situation is very…
uncomfortable, very…
for me.
I'm having a tough time.
But you're in charge, so I feel--
Nothing happens
without my direct supervision.
I promise.
This is unbelievable. The whole thing.
I'm doing it for the future
of the country, and you know it.
-Now some stupid little girl--
I can't even imagine how my husband feels.
[Jiménez] I'll keep you updated.
[door opens]
-Coffee, Rosa.
-[door closes]
Of course, ma'am.
[footsteps recede]
[tense music playing]
Good morning, Major. Thanks for coming.
Good morning, Minister.
I'll personally be in charge
of the investigation.
We found dozens of children,
but there were no records of them.
Not even my wife knew about it.
We must relocate them
after running some tests
to make sure everyone is okay.
There is one girl…
that's still missing.
Marta Mújica.
-Our priority is finding her.
-[Jiménez] Very well.
And that is the chief researcher.
He must have known all along.
All right.
We'll talk to him.
If you don't mind, keep me updated
on every step of the investigation.
I'll keep you constantly updated.
Now go get some rest.
[Hugo] Where's my daughter?
We'll do our best to find her.
Don't worry.
"Don't worry"?
[guns cock]
Take a look at this.
Take a good look.
this is my daughter.
Her name is Marta.
She was here a few hours ago.
Not anymore. They took her.
Nobody tells me anything here
because you're all involved in this shit.
I am going to see to this personally.
But never speak to me like that again.
Let's go. Take me home.
Tell me…
Are you the only one responsible
for secretly keeping those kids here?
Wait… I'm sorry,
don't I have the right to a lawyer?
-Do you mind--
-[ominous music playing]
Sorry, I don't think I heard you right.
What did you say?
I was only following orders.
-[strangled gasp]
-[Jiménez] Whose?
-You don't want to know.
Well, let's see.
She gave the orders.
[Tomás] The director of this facility.
You know her.
Alma López-Durán.
[Tomás coughs]
The Minister's wife.
She hired me
to work on this five-year project.
I have records of everything.
show me.
[Tomás] We discovered some kids developed
antibodies to the virus.
Here's everything.
The different strains of the virus,
the casualties.
She believed we were very close.
That's her signature. See?
It's on every directive.
We were trying to see…
how much the children could take.
But the last doses were too much.
We lost several kids.
[inhales sharply]
It's all explained in detail.
I was only following orders.
[car approaches]
[Luis] That's enough for today.
Go get changed.
I'll take you home. Hmm?
[Hugo] Thank you.
[Alma] Luis.
Tell me it isn't true.
Tell me it's all a nightmare, please.
-How could they have tricked me?
-Alma, we'll talk later.
Now, do everything you can
to find this girl.
An angel.
How can I find out where she is, dear?
Find her.
I knew nothing, Luis.
[tense music playing]
[Luis] Let's go.
Sara, sit in the back with me.
Poor ma'am.
[Iván chuckles, claps]
Mom, you look gorgeous.
[Alma sobs]
-What's wrong?
[sniffles] Your dad.
Don't worry.
-Don't listen to that moron.
-Don't say that.
[Alma breathes heavily]
I need you.
[tense music playing]
I need you by my side now, more than ever.
…surveying Sierra de Gredos,
Attention: high priority crossing!
-[PA] Upon studying the area,
they found the first living Iberian lynx
in ten years.
We thought the species to be extinct…
[PA beeps] For your safety,
please have your safe-conducts
and your documents
at law enforcement officers' disposal.
-[Daniela] Hello.
-Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
-Don't worry.
Did you sleep here?
Yeah. Yes, I was out past the curfew and…
as you can imagine,
I didn't want to go back up there.
-Your friends are a bit…
-They're good people.
It's their job to be cautious.
Their lives depend on it.
How come you're with them?
I mean,
I thought you were…
Sorry, I have to go.
I hope next time we meet,
you won't need to save my life.
We probably won't meet again,
but take care.
You won't tell me your name?
[trader] Trade in!
Essential products!
[somber music playing]
I haven't been here in years.
Has it changed much?
I don't know.
I'm not sure if the city has changed,
or if…
I've changed.
[PA beeps] For your safety,
please have your safe-conducts
and your documents
at law enforcement officers' disposal.
I knew your old house.
[boy] Look at that car!
[Julia] They're not used to seeing
a car like this.
Thank you for believing us.
Find our daughter, please.
Say hello to your mom.
would you like to come in?
I'll make something to eat.
[Hugo] I'm beat.
How about you?
I'm exhausted too.
[inhales slowly, chuckles]
-[Julia] We're closed.
-Good morning.
Good morning.
Sara Pérez Noval?
Yes, that's me.
I need you to come to the station.
We just need to talk a bit…
about your sister, Julia.
Right. But I haven't seen
my sister Julia in days.
I mean, I have no information.
Please, come with me.
-Do you have a warrant?
-[Navarro] A warrant?
Your wife had better come voluntarily.
It will just be…
a friendly chat.
Okay, I'll go with them.
Don't tell my mother, okay?
She'll get scared.
Besides, I'm sure we'll be back soon.
Won't we?
-I'm coming too.
-[Navarro tuts]
No need to.
I'm not letting my wife go alone.
All right.
Let's go, then.
[tense music playing]
[Navarro] Let's go.
Remember my beef stew?
Almost every single day of my life.
-[Emilia] It is a bit different now.
Meatless beef stew.
-Sound good?
Would you like some beef?
[Emilia] No, I'm used to it now.
You haven't changed.
-You're still very good at it.
[Luis] What? Peeling potatoes?
No, lying.
Don't lie to me about my granddaughter.
Promise me you'll get her back.
Give me your word, will you?
[young Emilia] No, Luis.
I said yes.
I'm marrying him.
[echoes] I'm marrying him.
Mm. Could you hand me the platter?
[Luis sighs]
I have to go, Emilia.
-Won't you eat with us?
I'm sorry. I'm very tired.
I'll walk you out.
[Álex] Emilia!
[Emilia] Hey! How'd it go?
Well. Well.
-Álex, my nephew. Minister Luis.
-Luis, how do you do?
But you're…
Is my brother okay? Is that him?
-My niece? How is she?
-Don't worry.
Your brother is fine. Your niece…
we're looking for her.
Can you take the Minister home?
-Is that your car?
I can drive you, if you want.
I have one just like it.
[all chuckle]
All right.
[ominous music playing]
I didn't want to say in front of him,
but the police took your daughter.
It's probably about her sister, right?
Do you know why it's called…
a "facial composite"?
-Neither do I.
But check this out…
It's uncanny. Like two peas in a pod.
Eyes, nose, mouth.
Only the hair is different.
It was made with the help of…
that poor girl…
the whore.
You and your sister are very pretty.
I understand
why Carlos was crazy about her.
If I had a girl like that…
[inhales sharply]
…I'd rather die
than tell the truth.
What truth?
That your sister killed the Major.
My sister?
That's impossible.
-My sister wouldn't hurt a fly.
-What about you?
What are you saying?
I've just arrived from Asturias
with my husband and child.
I can't help you.
I have some things for Julia,
if you happen to see her.
You never know. These are…
Carlos's things.
His wallet, his tobacco, his keys.
Look at this beauty.
Hmm. The guy had good taste.
[Julia] What time is it?
I love you.
[Jiménez] And there's more.
His ashes.
Julia would want to keep them, I assume.
Cat got your tongue?
I have nothing else to say.
You seem a little shaken.
Let's do this…
I'll go, and you'll stay here.
You can think it over
because memories come and go.
And tomorrow morning,
we can chat again.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Come with me.
You'll need a pass to get back.
[Luis] Come on. Hello, Rosa.
Wait here.
Hello, family.
How are you, champ?
Oh, darling…
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, today…
-I missed you too.
-[Daniela chuckles]
[Luis chuckles]
[Daniela] What happened?
Mom won't even leave her room.
[Luis] Don't worry.
It's between the two of us.
Come on, I'll introduce you.
This is Álex.
This is Daniela, my daughter.
What a pleasure.
-Wait here. I'll get your pass.
-[Álex] Thank you very much.
Why are you here?
Why were you talking to my father?
So, your father…
-he's the Minister--
-Answer me.
Calm down.
Family business. He's just helping us.
You didn't see me
in that building last night,
is that clear?
-Yes, it is. I'm not stupid.
-I doubt that.
Why do I keep bumping into you?
I have some shitty luck.
Rich kid.
What a bullshit revolutionary!
[door buzzes]
There they are.
[door closes]
[footsteps approach]
[tense music playing]
[ominous music playing]
We'll take you to your parents.
-[Marta] You will?
-They can't wait to see you.
-[Julia] They're coming for me.
-I won't let them.
-You must go. You can't stay here.
-You help people.
-A friend of my husband, many years ago?
Funny, he never mentioned you.
[Carlos] I love you.
[baby cries]
[man] Leave, quick! The police!
[Emilia] The day you two were born
was the happiest day of my life.
I don't want to lose you, dear.
[Álex] The Minister's daughter crosses
scot-free, with a clear conscience.
It's not my fault I am who I am.
What would happen if your husband saw
the files I gave you?
He's dirty, obviously from Sector Two.
-Who's that baby?
-[baby cries]
-A little one?
-Yes, a baby.
[Iván] Were you pregnant?
We'll see each other again.
[Daniela] Things are tough out there.
We must do something.
They're as good as they can be.
They told us we were unique subjects.
What does unique mean?
[ominous music playing]
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