The Barrier (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Los pájaros sordos

[Alma] We'll take you to your parents.
Tell your parents you're well,
that nobody did anything strange to you.
-Marta! [chuckles]
[Julia] Marta, honey.
[Hugo] You have nothing to tell us?
Everything was fine, Daddy.
-A friend of my husband?
-[Emilia] Yes.
-[Alma] Many years ago?
-[Emilia] Many…
Funny, he never mentioned you.
What's up with you?
[Álvaro] The police and the military
have more power each day.
[Luis] We give them power,
so they can protect us.
When they come for us,
who'll protect us from them?
[Navarro] We found your girlfriend, Julia.
She's pretending to be her sister, Sara.
We gave her your ashes.
She didn't shed a tear.
I was just thinking… no one is looking
for you. No one is waiting for you.
It could be good
for your mother and girlfriend.
-If you work for me, I'd let them live…
-[Hugo] Hey!
-…and you too.
-Want to play?
-They won't let me.
-Oh, well.
[Rosa] Ma'am said you should watch
her nephew, Sergio.
[baby cries]
Leave, quick! The police!
Who's that baby?
Daniela brought him from Sector Two.
But we can't say he's dirty.
Don't worry, Dad. The baby has a father.
-They're handing him over.
-You know how much trouble you're in?
Things are tough out there.
We have to do something.
Good luck.
You'll go with cargo.
Let's go. My daughter must be wondering
whether I helped you or reported you.
But, Julia…
I'm sorry, Mom. I can't.
[siren wails]
[baby fusses]
Good morning.
-Thank you.
-[woman over PA] For your safety,
due to the events
that transpired last night
and the imminent risk
of a terrorist attack,
the National Government
has raised the security alert
to Level five until further notice.
Walking the streets is forbidden
between 7:00 p.m.
and 8:00 a.m. on the following day.
This extended curfew is hereby
implemented until further notice.
Random checks will take place
within Sector Two.
We ask you to always have your ID on you
and collaborate with law enforcement.
Thank you for your collaboration.
The National Government
ensures your protection.
[Navarro] Congratulations, Major.
There's no stopping you.
[Jiménez] Stop kissing ass, Navarro.
In our line of work,
one day you're on top…
and the next day they cut your throat.
But yes…
today we have a reason to celebrate.
[ominous music plays]
[theme music plays]
Here you go, honey.
Thanks, Daddy.
[kisses] You're welcome.
-[Emilia] Are you hungry, love?
[Emilia] You're growing so much.
You're taller than when you arrived.
I'll measure you today.
You're too quiet.
You okay?
I'm worried about Marta.
After last night… there's no way
I'm leaving her alone.
I'll stay with her.
[Emilia] Don't worry.
-She'll be fine with us.
-[Hugo] No, Emilia.
I'd rather take her with me.
No, because that house
is not good for her.
It's not for her. It's for me.
I made up my mind. She's coming with me.
[Emilia sighs]
-What will you say?
-The truth.
[Hugo] Someone broke in yesterday.
They have children. They'll get it.
[Álex] It's odd they took nothing.
A burglar would've taken something.
[keys jangle]
[suspenseful music plays]
I'm leaving.
Where to?
[Julia] See you at the barrier!
[indistinct chattering]
-Thank you.
-[Manuela] Likewise.
Put them in water.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Hold on.
Thank you.
-[Daniela] They're very pretty, Mom.
-Yes, very.
-You'll make me enjoy getting up early.
You haven't even gone to bed.
[Iván] Hey.
Did you like the flowers?
They cost me an arm and a leg.
[laughs] You're so…
See, some people congratulate me
on my new position, unlike others.
-Did you bring it?
Your brother says hello.
Well, the new Director of Epidemiology!
[Iván] That's fantastic, Mom!
-You don't know what it is.
-I know it's important.
And nobody can do it better
than my mother.
[Alma] Oh!
She'll be in charge of the fight
against the noravirus on all fronts.
Poor noravirus. It's defeated already!
[Luis] Mm-hmm…
Another sleepless night?
Fine. This will end much sooner
than you think.
[Alma] Sorry, Minister, this time it was
the new Director of Epidemiology's fault.
-Sound good?
-[Luis] Mm-hmm.
He ran an errand for me.
[Luis] Well, give him errands
during the day.
He keeps himself plenty busy at night.
-This is my guest list for tonight.
-[Alma] Do you have your phone?
-[Iván] No, I left it in the car.
-[Alma] Why don't you get it?
-[Iván] It's in the car.
[Daniela] Dad?
Dad, wait!
Have you seen this?
Not now, Daniela.
You knew!
I'm sorry, I was told
first thing this morning.
Are you involved?
Of course not!
No one else knew about the transport.
Come here.
The police do their job.
No one can outsmart the State.
First, you ask for help,
then you accuse me of reporting them?
Don't talk to me like that again.
You have no idea how dangerous this is.
You're careless and irresponsible.
Doing nothing is irresponsible
when you know what's happening here.
At least I'm trying to help--
Well, this is what happens.
No, Daniela. Daniela…
Please, I'm not saying it's your fault.
But you can't change the world
with just good intentions.
The baby was in that truck, Dad.
The baby.
[inhales sharply, sighs]
[tense music plays]
Excuse me.
[woman] Who's there?
Who's there?
Emilia, read this, please.
[Álex sobs]
Sons of bitches!
How can they call them terrorists?
Innocent people trying to flee this shit!
[Emilia] Come.
[Begoña] Hey, have you heard?
How frightening, terrorists!
Horrible. Truly frightening.
[Begoña] At least we're safe.
We're so lucky
for the law enforcement we have.
Yes, they're very efficient, Begoña.
Can you believe people complain?
I still remember 25 years ago,
all those terrorists coming and going,
like they owned the place.
They'd walk the streets. All brown people.
It was hard to find a white person around.
It looked like New Delhi, remember?
-We got to go and open the store.
-[Begoña] Listen.
I'll be right down
to get a flask of wine to celebrate.
Here you go, another one for you.
What for?
Read one, frame the other.
Nonsense, boy.
[PA beeps]
Workers who commute to Sector One
every day
must not only show their personal ID,
but also their arrival time sheets…
-[guard 1] Search him!
-…signed by their supervisor.
[guard 1] Move it. Come, let's go.
-Daddy, don't squeeze.
-Sorry, honey.
[PA] …collaborate with law enforcement.
-And Auntie?
-[Hugo] Don't know.
remember to call Aunt Julia "Mom"
from now on.
It's important.
If not, she could get in trouble.
-[guard 2] Documents.
Sorry. Sorry, I forget sometimes.
Listen, honey.
I know it's hard, okay?
-But you'll do it well.
-[scanner beeping]
-Documents and safe-conduct.
-We're waiting for someone.
-Get out of line, then.
Go, step aside!
That's okay. Don't worry.
[PA beeps] For your own health,
entrance is strictly forbidden
to anyone who did not pass
their mandatory check-up
or is showing any symptoms.
Where are you?
Here you go.
-Thanks, Álex.
-Have a good day, Germán.
[door closes]
[Álex groans]
You talk, motherfucker?
I didn't do anything! Let me be!
Look! See that?
-Let me go! I didn't fucking do it!
-Because of you, innocent people died.
Now you have to pay.
-[Álex] All right, all right!
-[gun cocks]
Here, you only pay for what you buy.
Lower your gun.
How long has it been?
Lower your gun.
[PA beeps]
[woman on PA]
Entrance is strictly forbidden
to anyone who is sick,
undocumented, or dressed inappropriately.
Sorry. Sorry I'm so late.
-We were worried.
-Where were you?
-Hi, honey!
-I didn't know you were coming!
-Surprise… Let's go.
-[guard] Hold your documents, please.
-Where were you?
-Here you go.
The girl?
No safe-conduct?
Right… Well, we work
for the Minister of Health.
[scanner beeping]
He authorized us to bring her,
right, babe?
[guard] I'll call him to confirm it.
-Of course.
-[guard] Come.
Wait here.
It's okay. Don't worry.
What's going on? It's so weird today?
You haven't heard?
[Julia] Huh?
[Jorge] You must've told someone,
for fuck's sake.
If you don't mind, I'll ask the questions.
Emilia, I must remind you
that you haven't been in charge in years.
Don't like it? You know what to do.
Come on, dear.
Think harder.
Who else knew about the truck?
Say it.
The minister helped us, Emilia.
Just to cross the barrier.
Nobody knew they were leaving!
[knocking on door]
-[Begoña] Emilia?
Take them and hide. Hide!
Hide. I'll help you. Come on.
[knocking on door]
Coming, Begoña.
[Begoña] Hey…
-[Emilia] Yes?
-Why are you closed?
We're doing inventory.
-Lots of work.
Here. Your wine. You can pay me later.
You're the best.
Well, thank you, then.
-Bye, Begoña.
-[Begoña] Bye, Emilia.
[breathing heavily]
[Rosa] What do you think this is?
A daycare? A bed and breakfast?
-Rosa, last night…
-[Rosa] Spare me the details.
-To each, their own.
-There was a break in.
-I'm sorry.
-[Alma] Rosa.
Ma'am, I'm sorry
we brought our daughter to work.
Yesterday, there was a break in.
A stranger got in her room.
-Oh my God! Are you all right?
-[Hugo] We caught him right on time.
Maybe it was a burglar.
We didn't know what to do.
We were scared.
She can stay with us while we work.
-She won't bother you.
-How could this cutie ever bother me?
I know she's an angel…
I'll introduce you to Sergio
and you two can play.
-Does that sound good?
-[Hugo] No.
I'd rather keep her here,
in the service area, with us.
She'd be better with Sergio.
Of course.
Our servants must be efficient
and respectful.
Above all, they must be good-hearted.
Right, Rosa?
-Yes, Ma'am.
-[Alma] Come, my angel.
You'll meet a new friend.
You'll get along fine with Sergio.
[Alma chuckles]
You don't know how lucky you are.
She's in a good mood
due to the new position.
-[Julia] New position?
-She's the Director.
Director of… Well, I don't know,
something important.
[Alma] How about your parents?
Are they happy to work here?
Of course, I'm happy too.
Do you know why?
Because they're hard workers.
Besides, their daughter is so precious.
She's obedient, nice,
very pretty,
and trustworthy.
Bring me the groceries in one hour,
not a minute more.
Take out the trash too. It's ready.
Make sure you recycle the glass bottles.
[Julia] Of course.
[Julia sighs]
I'm just saying it doesn't seem right.
I wanted to go by myself, Hugo.
It was the key to his mother's house.
-I needed to know how she was.
-What if it were a trap?
It wasn't a trap.
I'm sure they're watching us
and followed you.
Nobody followed me.
I'm going back.
[chuckles] Excuse me?
I want to give her some groceries.
She's old and hasn't eaten in days.
What will happen to her?
What about you…
-if they find out you're Julia?
-But I am Julia.
She's the mother of my boyfriend.
Sara would have done it too.
You can drop me off
at the barrier and come back.
I promised I'd go.
[Emilia] It's time to go.
What's the rush?
[Álex] That woman is an informant.
I'm sure she's thinking
I'm with the terrorists.
That I've tricked everyone.
It shouldn't be a problem now…
you're friends with the minister.
-I saw you talking.
-You invited him upstairs.
You left us a long time ago.
You're a sell out.
You haven't changed. You have no shame.
Don't you ever call me a sell out.
You know what I went through.
What should I call you then? Tell me.
-[knocking on door]
-Police! Open the door!
[banging on door]
[Julia] Hi, Piedad! It's Sara.
[Piedad] Come in, dear.
[Julia] I brought food.
I came with Hugo,
my husband.
Good morning, Piedad.
Hi, Hugo.
-It was true.
What was true?
That you'd be back.
[chuckles] Of course.
You didn't believe me? Hmm?
-We brought you some fruit.
-[Hugo] Yes.
Vegetables, some chicken.
Eat some today and make soup tomorrow.
[Hugo] Yes.
Smell this orange… Here.
-Smell it.
[Piedad] Mm.
Neighbors used to come and help.
But, after they took Carlos…
and killed him,
they all turned their backs on me.
The little I have, they take away.
Who does, ma'am?
[Piedad] Thieves.
They come in while I'm sleeping.
I hear them grabbing things.
-I dare not leave my bedroom.
-[Julia] Hmm.
Don't worry. We'll fix the lock right now,
so nobody else can get in.
-And we'll fix you something good to eat.
-All right?
-Come closer, dear.
[Hugo] I'll get to it.
I know you're Julia.
You have Julia's nose.
Julia's lips.
You smell like her.
[Julia exhales]
We look a lot alike, but…
I'm Sara.
I've already told you.
We lock the doors when doing inventory.
-I saw someone with a gun.
-No, Begoña.
-Careful! Okay!
-[officer 1] Don't move.
-Keep your hands up.
You're smashing everything!
[officer 1] Let us do our job
or you're coming with us.
You… help us move those bags.
[tense music plays]
[officer 1] What is this?
-[officer 1] Where did it come from?
They brought three bags yesterday.
It's completely legal.
So you must have a receipt,
a delivery note,
state authorization, certificates.
[Emilia] Mm… No, I'm sorry. I don't.
I don't have those papers.
I'll have to confiscate it then.
-Grab the bags. Come on.
-[Begoña] One moment.
You're done looking?
[officer 1] Lady, are you telling me
how to do my job? Guys…
There's no one here.
Bring the coffee, the box and the bags.
[Begoña] I'm glad there's no one here.
I did it for your own good you know,
to protect you.
[door closes]
Let's see who wins.
Where do you live?
-On the other side of the barrier.
-What's it like? Scary?
Mm uh, not to me.
[Sergio] Mm…
Are you poor?
I think so.
[kids chatter indistinctly]
The children are fine, healthy, and happy.
We alternate collections and injections.
I hope to get further instructions soon.
Lots of love, sister.
[Álex struggles, coughs]
[Álex grunts]
[Álex] Are you okay?
[Iris] Fuck, they ransacked the place.
We'll give you a hand.
Don't worry. We'll pick it all up.
The coast is clear now.
[Jorge] Emilia,
I'm sorry we reconnected this way.
I made a mistake.
don't hold it against me.
I'll try not to.
It's all forgotten.
Come back.
We need you now more than ever.
Not now, Jorge. We'll talk later.
[Julia] All right then… She's had a bath.
[Hugo] The soup is ready.
We should head out.
Rosa is going to grill us with questions.
I'll get her meds. Then, we'll go.
-Yes, now.
-She has asthma and needs an inhaler.
-Okay… Hey, Julia.
One thing…
[sighs] Sorry I was dragging my feet
about coming.
I'm selfish.
You can count on me to help this woman
whenever you want. Okay?
[chuckles lightly]
[ominous music plays]
[Hugo gasps]
I saw the old lady first.
Everything in this place is mine, got it?
-Take it easy. Take it easy.
Leave and find another place.
Since we're on the subject,
give me your shoes. Now!
I'm not dead.
But I will be soon.
I came to see my mother one last time.
Did you come into our house last night?
Sorry I scared you.
I needed to do something for her.
-[cocks gun]
Please, I have a family.
What I steal is for my children.
-[man] Please.
Get up.
Come in here again,
and I'll blow your brains out,
you hear me?
[Piedad] Hugo, what was that noise?
-She can't know.
Trust me.
She and Julia cannot know.
[Hugo] Piedad, don't worry.
I dropped some pots and pans.
-I picked everything up.
-[Piedad chuckles]
[Hugo] Listen,
I made you some garlic soup.
It should last for a few days.
My son was right.
He always said there were still
good people that are willing to help.
[sighs] I miss him so much.
Listen, Piedad.
[sighs] I'm fixing your lock,
so nobody else can get in.
When Sara returns,
we'll let you get some rest.
Thanks, dear.
[footsteps approach]
[exhales shakily]
[tense music plays]
[ominous music plays]
[Álex] You were in the Resistance
with that guy, right?
Did you fight the regime?
That sounds nicer than it was.
[Álex] How was it?
It was hard… very hard.
I lost many friends…
during those years.
Is that why you quit?
[clicks tongue] No.
I quit for my daughters.
A comrade found…
his entire family dead when he got home.
I got scared.
Are Iris and her father right?
-What do yo mean?
The minister, Emilia.
Maybe he betrayed us.
Someone must have spoken about the truck.
[sighs] I don't know.
[sentimental music plays]
-[Luis] Daniela!
-[Daniela] Yes?
There you are.
Yes… I'm stealing some of Mom's earrings.
[Luis] Hmm.
That pink dress…
really suits you.
I hate going to these dinners,
especially on a day like today.
Yes. I know you do it for her. Thank you.
I have some very good news.
The baby.
He survived.
He's at a hospital,
but he's not in danger.
When he recovers,
we'll find him a good adoptive family.
I'll oversee it personally.
With you,
if you wish.
I'm glad.
That's it?
I went out of my way for him.
You treat me like a silly ten-year-old.
I'm glad the baby is alive.
It'll be a shitty life,
but at least he'll get to live it.
Unlike the other ten people
who died in that truck,
killed by the people
we're having dinner with.
[Jiménez] Do you like rats, Carlos?
People hate them. I think they're…
fascinating animals.
Many tried to exterminate them
throughout history.
And were unable to.
They always survive.
there's always one
within a 20-meter radius.
Did you know that?
The thing is, people can't see it.
And that's… what I want you to do for us.
I want you to become a rat.
Something worries me though.
I don't like that you told Julia
to go visit your mother.
-She wouldn't let her die.
-I see.
Anybody would do that for their mother.
The thing is, we can take care of her.
[man groans]
This man was stealing
from your mother, right?
Well, you won't have to worry
about him anymore.
No, please!
-[gun cocks]
-Please! Please!
[Jiménez] See?
If I say we can watch over your mother,
I mean it.
must behave like a good rat.
And we'll make sure
she has everything she needs.
[tense music plays]
[soft jazz music plays]
-Do the honors.
-[Luis] Of course.
Oh. Please don't kill
the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
-Just because you asked me…
[whooping, chuckling]
You know your wish is my command today.
Ah, my first wish…
I'd like to say a few words.
My love.
Oh, I'm so thrilled!
It's not common for us to have in our home
a get-together like this, with…
so many important people.
You don't know how thankful I am.
It's a great…
honor for me.
Our children's godfather,
the Minister of Foreign Affairs,
the Director of Sustainable Development,
our Chief Major…
-I'll take another glass.
-…the President of the Legal Council.
-Thanks, Sara.
…our President couldn't come
for personal reasons.
But he called me and… [chuckles]
Stop serving it, please. Thanks.
Thank you.
To me, this new position…
is a huge responsibility and duty.
I'll most likely have less time
for my family, sorry.
But I only accepted it because…
a new stage lies ahead.
Finally, we have a vaccine
for the noravirus.
-[Iván] Bravo!
My friends…
let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We won the battle, not the war.
We have a vaccine,
but it's not stable yet.
We can't keep it for long,
and we can only make small doses.
It's a small step…
but a great hope for the future.
A toast…
to the eradication of the virus!
The future belongs to us.
[guests] The future belongs to us.
-[Alma] The future belongs to us.
-[guests] The future belongs to us.
Do you want some more?
[Rosa] Sergio, eat your steak.
If Marta wants something else,
she can ask.
[Marta] No, ma'am. I'm fine.
-Bring me the empty bottles.
-[Marta] It was wonderful.
Thank you.
You're so polite. Who taught you manners?
My mother. She was a teacher.
She is. Even though she's not teaching,
she'll always be a teacher.
She's ashamed,
because her mom is a servant now.
-I'm not ashamed.
-Take this tray.
-[waiter] Yes, ma'am.
-[Rosa] Do you like banana?
[Sergio] She likes ice cream more.
Can we have it for dessert?
No, you'll have banana today.
You faked it well over dinner,
but you can't fool me.
What's wrong?
Where the fuck do I start?
Damn, Álvaro. Is Laura okay?
[Álvaro] Yes, Luis, it's not that.
-Tell me, then.
-They're coming for me, for you,
for all of us.
They'll get you too.
Sounds like a song.
How much did you drink?
They left us out.
There's a hidden agenda.
Something big they're not telling us
because they know we'd oppose it.
-An agenda?
-Demographic restructuring,
or whatever it is.
Based on the fact that
there aren't enough resources for us all.
They want to kill many people, Luis.
They'll package it differently,
but they'll kill people.
Álvaro, do you even hear yourself--
Listen, it's coming from above.
It's international.
That's how I fucking know.
We have no time. I need you!
Okay, calm down. Calm down.
What do you need?
Someone will succeed in doing so here.
I just don't know who.
I need your help to find out.
Someone ambitious, close to the President.
A role that sounds technical.
I don't like what you're insinuating.
All right… listen to me--
Álvaro, this conversation ends here.
I'm too old
to lose the only friend I have left.
Come on.
Let's get some fresh air.
[Alma] Get out! Are you crazy?
You're simply irresistible today.
-You drank too much.
-Yes, to celebrate your victory.
Major, leave my room right now.
[inhales, exhales deeply]
[indistinct chattering]
Hey! What are you…
Luis, if something happens to me,
you must immediately call--
-What could happen to you?
If something happens to me,
I need you to go
to this place.
[Luis] What…
-What is it?
-Promise me.
-Promise me. Promise me.
-Yes, yes. Come on.
-I promise.
-You have swear.
-I swear. Now sleep it off.
-You're my best friend.
You're the man.
And we're surrounded by motherfuckers.
-[Laura] I had a lot to drink.
-[Laura and Alma chuckle]
[Laura] Bye.
-See you soon, okay?
-[Alma] Of course.
-Goodbye, Álvaro.
Get some rest. [Alma chuckles]
-Good night.
-Take care.
[Laura] Bye.
-Take care of him, please.
I try. I try. [Laura chuckles]
[car beeps]
[tense music plays]
[Alma] We'll be right there, honey.
[Julia sighs]
Hey, Marta.
Marta, honey.
-[Julia] They're out.
-[Hugo] Yes.
Marta, sweetheart, wake up.
-Pick her up.
Let's go, Marta. Let's go.
[Alma] Fast asleep.
You're waking her up at this time?
It's cold outside.
-She can sleep over.
-[Julia] No, thanks.
-[Hugo] We don't want to bother.
-There's room for you too.
-[Hugo] No, really.
-[Alma] She's so peaceful.
You can go. Tomorrow, when they wake up,
you can make them a nice breakfast.
Then they can play out in the garden.
She really got along well with Sergio.
When you're back, she'll be here, at home.
[gentle instrumental music plays]
[car approaches]
-[Julia] Why are we here, Hugo?
-You'll see.
[Julia] But…
Is it a surprise?
-[Hugo] Just come on.
-Hey… Hugo!
[Hugo] Okay.
This way.
[Julia] Oh my God!
I haven't seen this part of town
in so long.
-[Hugo] Really?
[Hugo] Sounds about right.
They say it's a dangerous area now.
[Julia] It wasn't before.
-[Hugo] Careful.
[Julia] Yeah… Back in the day,
tons of teenagers would come here.
There was an art school down there.
We had festivals, concerts, and…
-It was incredible, Hugo.
-[Hugo] Well, let's go.
[Hugo sighs]
[Hugo] Are you okay?
Yes it's just…
I had my first kiss here. [chuckles]
[Hugo] Wow!
[Julia] And…
so many memories.
[Hugo] I didn't know.
[Hugo sighs]
Why are we here, Hugo?
[Hugo] Eh…
What is it?
[suspenseful music plays]
[Julia gasps]
[Julia] Carlos?
[sentimental music plays]
[Julia sobs gently]
You're alive?
[Julia gasps]
-My love.
-Nobody can know.
[Julia] I can't believe it.
How? Why?
Thank him.
Need anything, ma'am?
Everything's okay.
Sergio needed his treatment.
I wanted to be with him.
Sorry if I woke you, Rosa.
Don't worry, ma'am.
Poor thing. Does it hurt?
Poking kids really breaks my heart.
He doesn't feel a thing.
When he's asleep, nothing can wake him up.
Do you think it works? He looks so skinny.
We do what we can.
Got get some rest. Thank you.
That boy is lucky to have you.
-Should I check on the girl?
She's peacefully sleeping.
Don't worry. Go to sleep.
You deserve it. Thanks.
All right, ma'am.
[Alma sighs]
[tense music plays]
Sergio was born with an illness,
but the madam takes care of him.
The madam?
You look pale. Are you alright?
How did it happen? Was he driving?
We're here for whatever you need.
We need justice, Luis.
What a godfather you had.
For me, it's an honor to lead this plan.
Thank you, Mr. President.
Álvaro sent me here. Is that your son?
-Take care of her.
-[Julia] Why is it goodbye?
[Carlos] If I don't leave, we'll die.
Everyone laughs at my dad's jokes
'cause of who he is.
Listen. I raised two daughters on my own.
They'll take my baby away.
They need his blood.
She keeps saying every child is in danger.
That's my friend, Pedro.
-It's all in order.
-Open up!
-Don't play with me.
-Take it or leave it.
[Jiménez] No one is above
the safety of the State,
not even a minister.
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