The Barrier (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Un asunto de familia

What's up with you?
[Álvaro] The police and the military
have more power each day.
[Luis] We give them power
so they can protect us.
When they come for us,
who will protect us then?
-Who poked you like that, honey?
-[Marta] In that medical place.
They told us we were unique specimens.
[Alma] You're waking her up at this time?
She can sleep over.
Emilia, it's been a while.
Come back. We need you now more than ever.
No, not now, Jorge.
You were in the Resistance
with that guy, right?
[Emilia] That sounds nicer than it was.
I lost many friends.
-Is that why you quit?
-[Emilia] I quit for my daughters.
If you work for me, I'll let them live.
-I want you to become a rat.
-[Julia] You're alive?
-Nobody can know.
We alternate collections and injections.
I hope to get further instructions soon.
Lots of love, sister.
The new Director of Epidemiology!
She'll be in charge of the fight
against the noravirus on all fronts.
They're coming for me,
for you, for all of us.
They want to kill many people, Luis.
Demographic restructuring.
Someone will succeed in doing so here.
I don't like what you're insinuating.
I'm too old to lose
the only friend I have left.
You're my best friend.
We're surrounded by motherfuckers.
[phone rings]
[knocking on door] Sir!
[knocking on door] Sir!
What is it?
[Daniela] Mom?
[Luis] Yes.
What is it?
[Luis sighs]
No! No, I can't believe it!
What was it? Do you know?
Was he driving?
[Luis sighs]
Did you tell the President?
All right.
[somber music plays]
[theme music plays]
[PA beeps]
[woman over PA]
For your own safety, the curfew ends now.
You may walk freely.
Remember to have your ID on you
at all times.
[sentimental music plays]
[Julia] My love.
My life.
I don't want to.
I don't understand.
Why do we have to say goodbye? Why?
[heavy breathing]
[Carlos] I love you.
I swear I'll always love you.
You're the love of my life.
Nothing compares to you…
I love nothing as much as I love you.
But we can't meet again.
-We just can't.
-[exhales sharply]
-[Carlos] We just can't.
-[breath catches]
[Julia] Please don't leave me.
Carlos, don't go.
[Carlos] If I don't leave, we'll both die.
[Julia] Why?
What is it? I don't get it.
What did you get yourself into?
Tell me. What is it?
What is it?
[Carlos] It doesn't matter.
Forget me.
[woman on PA] According
to Government sources,
the fatal accident occurred
early this morning.
When first responders arrived,
they could only confirm the death.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs was…
-[guard 1] Stop!
-Sorry, my husband is in ther--
Don't move.
[Julia sighs]
Go on.
-[guard 2] Have your papers ready, please.
-[Julia] Hey.
Excuse me. Sorry.
-Excuse me… Sorry.
-[guard 2] Keep it moving!
-[Julia] My husband…
-He is there.
-[woman 1] Get in line.
-[woman 2] Don't cut in.
-[woman 3] Don't let her.
-Hey, hey, hey.
-Get off!
She's my wife. We have to cross together.
-[man] Quick.
-[guard 2] Next.
-[Julia] Thank you.
-Sorry, my husband is there.
-[guard 3] Here, move!
-Sorry I'm late.
-[guard 2] He's infected.
Step aside!
-[guard 1] Careful!
-[guard 3] Here!
[guard 2] Step aside! Go on!
-Step aside! Move!
-[guard 1] How many of them are there?
-[guard 2] Go to your right!
[scanners whirring, beeping]
You OK?
Yes, I'm all right.
-Did you hear?
-[Julia] What?
What happened?
[PA] When first responders arrived,
they could only confirm the death.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
was beloved and respected…
-He was at the dinner last night.
-He and his wife.
There must be an uproar there.
And I left Marta at the house.
[Julia] Hey.
[Alma] Don't hold back, Laura.
Cry for as long as you need.
Poor thing.
We're here for you.
-[Luis] All right, I'll hold.
Yeah, Luis is a mess.
-Who's there with you?
-[Luis] Hello?
-[Luis] Hello?
-I can't hear you.
-[Luis] I need to see the President.
-Carmen? Yes, your sister.
-[Luis] No!
-We'll be there soon.
-Shut up and listen!
-[Luis] No, no, no.
-Of course, they'll let you see the body.
Luis is taking care of it.
-[Luis] All right.
-Give it to your father. Go…
Stop! Shut up!
Listen to me.
I must speak with the President now.
No, Diego. You're a great
Secretary of State, but no.
You can't solve the problem.
I have a widow
awaiting the body of her husband.
-What the fuck are you doing?
-[Alma] Okay.
I want an answer, right away!
You have two minutes.
-What is it?
-A sedative.
I don't need it.
Luis, honey, it'll help you.
Leave it on the table.
-[Alma] Sorry, Laura.
-Don't take it if you don't want to.
[chuckles lightly]
Oh, my precious girl.
[Luis sighs]
What a godfather you had.
To him, you were…
you were…
I was like…
the daughter he never had.
He always said that.
-[Alma] Yes.
-[phone rings]
-[Alma] The biggest wreath you have.
-He'll call me in an hour?
-[Alma] Okay.
Okay, but not later.
Yes. Daniela!
Did your dad take it?
And where's your brother?
I don't know, Mom.
Sorry, white lilies.
[Alma] Add a picture to it, please.
[pill bottle rattles]
[Alma] Yes.
Hey. Let's go.
-You're late.
-Yes, sorry.
We're sorry.
-Is she up yet?
-[Rosa] No.
Still under the covers, like Sergio.
She's living like a princess.
Go get changed. Sir needs the car.
Of course.
-[Julia] Rosa, should I wake the kids?
-Give them breakfast in bed.
Sergio needs a hearty meal,
some fruit and something sweet.
-His sugar may be low today.
[Rosa] Sergio was born with an illness,
but madam takes care of him.
If she wants to tell you about it…
she will.
-Go get changed.
[Álvaro] There's a hidden agenda.
Demographic restructuring, they call it.
If something happens to me, I need you
to go to this place.
What? But, why?
-[Álvaro] Promise me. Promise me.
-[Luis] Yes. Yes, I promise…
[tense music plays]
Wow, what a mess.
And today
I have my first meeting as Director,
but I don't want to leave Laura alone.
We're not as close as you and Álvaro, but…
I feel bad.
-I'll cancel it.
-No, no, no.
No, you don't have to. Don't worry.
I have to take care of something,
then I'll go stay with her.
-[Luis] Yes, you…
go to your meeting.
Thanks, dear.
Good morning.
Look at you…
How are you, honey?
Did you sleep well?
-It's so late. Get up.
-It's just that Sergio…
What's up with Sergio?
He's still out.
my other friend, Felipe,
was just like that.
[Sergio groans gently]
Sleepy head. He's waking up.
Time to wake up!
Get up!
I brought you some great breakfast.
Who likes pancakes?
-[both] Me!
-[Julia giggles]
These are for you.
Morning, Manuela.
[Manuela] Good morning.
-[Manuela giggles]
-[Hugo] Shh!
Mister Iván.
Call me sir, like my father.
I may be younger than you,
but you still owe me some respect.
As you wish, sir.
[Iván] Now go make me breakfast.
I'm starving!
-I'll get you something.
-[Iván] No, you're busy.
I want you to do it.
Your father needs me.
Did I say you could address me like that?
Take a shower. Your dad lost a friend.
If he sees you like that, he'll kill you.
You're wrong.
My father has no friends.
Everyone laughs at my dad's jokes
'cause of who he is.
Otherwise, no one would put up with him.
Not even his own family.
-[Luis] Let's go.
-Of course, sir.
[door opens]
-I can't take it anymore!
You know you were way out of line!
I don't care! He's a bastard!
He'll pay for it one day. I swear.
Iván, you're wrong. He loves you.
He's just waiting.
Waiting for what?
The same thing I am.
For you to grow the fuck up!
[car beeps]
[Hugo] Sir.
I'm sorry for the minister's passing.
I know you were close friends.
Twenty-five years ago,
my younger brother got very sick.
I was with him at the hospital
for a month.
You know who was by my side all along?
-No, sir.
-[Luis] Álvaro.
He stayed in the waiting room.
He only left after my brother died.
For 30 days
and 30 nights.
There aren't many people like that.
And when you find one,
you need them by your side.
Losing someone you need is horrible.
Everything changes.
You're so young.
You don't know what it's like.
[Hugo sighs]
You're right. I don't.
[gentle music plays]
You don't say!
You're too much! [giggles]
-[Daniela] Mom?
-You scared me!
Call you later.
-Who was that?
-None of your business.
Don't be impolite, Daniela.
Help me with my dress. I'm late.
[Daniela] This is what you're wearing?
[Alma] Does it look that bad?
[Daniela] It doesn't seem appropriate
for a funeral.
I have a meeting first.
You're going to work today?
I have no choice, dear.
You shouldn't be out and about.
-Maybe you should…
-[Alma] What?
[Daniela] Be with Dad.
He lost his best friend.
-[knocking on door]
-Come in.
Excuse me. Ma'am, Rai is waiting.
The car is ready.
I'm coming.
don't try to give me advice.
You're young and inexperienced.
I built this family up.
My family is everything to me.
Don't forget that.
[tense music plays]
-[radio beeps]
-[dispatch] Keep your position.
You must identify the target.
I'll only be a minute.
[phone rings]
[Luis] I'll be right over, Laura.
Should I bring something?
All right.
Good, I'll be right there.
-What is it?
-I'll come too.
For your safety.
[tense music plays]
We're here.
[doorbell rings]
[woman] Who is it?
Álvaro sent me.
He asked me to come.
[keys jangle, locks open]
[Luis] Hello.
Come in. I don't have much time.
[door closes]
My name is Luis.
[woman] I know who you are.
Sorry. I wasn't expecting this.
[woman] It's okay.
[Luis] If you don't mind,
is… that his child?
I thought he…
It doesn't matter.
-What's your name?
[Luis] Clara.
talked to me last night.
-[Clara] He did?
He told me to come here
if anything happened to him.
Anything else?
[Luis] No.
No, that was all.
It doesn't matter.
-[Luis] Do you need anything?
-No, I'm okay.
Uh… I was about to leave.
A friend is waiting.
I'll stay with her for a few days.
-[tense music plays]
-[Clara gasps]
-[whimpers, sobs]
-It's okay.
It's all right.
I'm leaving now.
[Clara grunts]
I'll be back later,
so we can talk calmly, okay?
[Clara] Mm-hmm.
Álvaro was my best friend.
You can trust me.
[sighs] My family is waiting for me.
I don't know why she's so scared.
Stay with her. Do whatever she asks.
Take her wherever she want to go.
Don't leave her side.
-All right?
-Of course, sir.
Take care of her.
[door opens]
Are you going to kill me?
[exhales] What?
Don't worry. [exhales sharply]
I could never hurt you, okay?
[inhales deeply]
[Julia] Hi, little ones.
-[Marta] Hi.
-[Julia] You two ate everything!
-[Marta] It was delicious.
-Was it?
-[Marta] Yes.
-I'm glad, honey.
-Should we go to the park?
-[Sergio] Whatever she says.
-[Julia] So?
-Could we stay?
I'm really tired.
[Julia] Tired?
Are you sick?
Let me check.
Come here, dear.
You look pale. Are you all right?
[Sergio] I want to stay in too.
-We can watch movies.
-[Julia chuckles]
You two are such lazy bums!
Let's stay in, then.
But brush your teeth first.
Let's go. Come on.
Go on!
[suspenseful music plays]
Kids, do you have any cuts?
[PA beeps]
Clara, you okay?
We can leave whenever you want.
[knocks door gently] Clara?
-[door lock catches]
[tense music plays]
What the fuck!
-[gentle moaning]
-[Hugo] Fuck!
-[Hugo] Don't worry.
-Don't worry.I'll take you to hospital.
-[whimpers] No. No, no!
-Not the hospital.
-We have to go. You're really bleeding.
-You need a doctor.
-Not the hospital.
[dispatch] Are both of them
still with her?
No, the minister left a while ago.
The driver and the girl are on the move.
[knocking on door]
[knocking on door]
[Emilia] Yes?
Emilia, I need your help.
[Álex] Hugo, what happened?
All right, come on. Shh!
Come on.
[Hugo] So?
How is she?
The hemorrhaging stopped.
She could be miscarrying…
given the circumstances.
My baby.
My… baby?
-Your baby.
-My baby?
-[Emilia] Your baby is fine,
-My baby?
and so are you.
-You'll get better. Don't worry.
-[Clara whimpers]
[Emilia] Don't worry. Relax.
[Clara] This is all…
It's all my fault.
-I didn't want a baby. Poor thing. [sobs]
-[Emilia] But now you do, right?
Just focus on that, dear.
Don't be afraid.
I raised two girls on my own.
You're stronger than you think--
No. That's not it.
[inhales shakily]
They'll take my baby away.
[Hugo] No, no one is going to do that.
You're very nice people,
but you don't know anything.
[ominous music plays]
[Clara] Who's that girl?
Your daughter?
-They'll come for her.
-[Hugo] No, what are you talking about?
-They will. They're coming for our kids.
-[Hugo] No. No…
-They're coming to take our kids away.
-[Emilia] No… Take it easy.
[Clara] They'll take them from schools,
streets, our homes,
from the parks,
and the playgrounds will be empty.
-They need their blood.
-[Hugo] Shh.
They need our children's blood.
-They'll take my baby.
-Don't worry! No one will do that!
-They'll take my baby!
-Tell Luis!
-They'll take my baby!
-[Emilia] Get a damp towel.
Her fever is spiking.
-I'll be right back.
-[Emilia] Calm down. You're here, dear.
[tense music plays]
-Good afternoon. Welcome, ma'am.
-Good afternoon. Thank you.
-Please follow me.
-Of course.
Would you like a coffee
or refreshments, ma'am?
No, thank you.
He'll see you shortly.
-Do you like it?
-[Alma chuckles lightly]
It's a stone
from the Valley of the Fallen.
When they demolished it,
I made sure I got a piece.
Without memory,
political causes do not survive.
We must remember
how glorious this country was
and that we could lose it all
with illusions,
like hyperdemocracy.
Thanks to your efforts,
we're close to restoring dignity
to this country, sir.
Welcome to the team.
Come in, please.
This is a detailed report
of both the benefits
and the risks we had to take.
-Anything I don't already know?
-[Alma] No.
It's the solution
to our most severe problems.
I understand
that it's a hard decision to make.
Please know that…
for me, it's an honor
to lead this plan.
Thank you, Mr. President.
-Anything else?
-No, thanks, Manuela. This is fine.
Drink it before it gets cold.
It will help.
You know what hurts the most?
We didn't have children.
Don't think about that now.
It was me, Luis.
I couldn't have kids.
He never told me.
[chuckles] I know.
Álvaro was like that.
That's why I loved him so.
excuse me for a moment.
I'm so sorry, godmother.
-[Hugo] Sir…
the girl isn't well.
She was bleeding. I didn't know
what to do, so I took her to Emilia.
[Emilia] We both know
she's in good hands.
Actually, she's better, but she's just…
she's very, very nervous.
She keeps saying
they'll take her baby away,
that all kids are in danger.
All right.
Wait for me in the car.
-I'm coming.
[Luis] Laura,
I must step out for a bit. I'm sorry.
I'll be right back.
Don't worry.
-I know life doesn't stop for anyone.
-Yes, it does, of course.
This is just an urgent matter.
We're here for you, whatever you need.
Do you know what I need?
Justice, Luis.
I want a big State funeral
with everyone, even the President.
And the speeches must be worthy
of my husband,
a man who was loyal
to his country and his family.
[dramatic music plays]
Go, move!
[cork pops]
It's been approved. Do you realize?
This will change everything.
It will change the world.
And it's my job to make it happen.
To the Omega Plan
and the only person
who can make it happen.
I never thought
he would make the decision so quickly.
But he's so clearheaded…
and brave and…
You should have seen him, Enrique. He has
such presence, such moral authority.
What a pleasure to talk to him.
-[Jiménez] You're making me jealous.
Don't worry.
What's good for me is good for you.
the President can't give me
what you give me.
[Jiménez] And what's that?
[Jiménez] Passion?
[Alma] Not that either.
-[Alma] No.
-What are you doing?
Nobody will come in.
-It would cost them their life.
-That's it.
No one else makes me feel like that.
Safe, knowing that you'd kill for me.
[Jiménez moans]
You know how I feel about you, right?
You're important to me.
Don't play with me.
I'm not playing.
But I'm married.
I told you from the start.
That won't change.
-It won't?
Take it or leave it.
[guard 1] Next!
-Hey, Ms. Officer, today would be nice.
[PA] For your own health,
do not drink water from uncertified wells.
[guard 1] Next! Halt!
…and your documents
at law enforcement officers' disposal.
[scanner whirs, beeps]
Go on. Next!
[Begoña] I have the list right here.
I'm saying just that…
I wasn't told anyone was coming.
-[guard 1] Next!
-Let's see…
Listen, 3C is empty until tonight.
You can keep an eye on the house
from there for me.
Let's see..
Second floor…
[tense music plays]
[door opens]
[knocking on door]
[door closes]
How is she?
She's scared to death.
Maybe you can calm her down, Luis.
I'm afraid she'll lose the baby.
Go down to the store. In the back
of the cupboard there's gauze. Get it. Go.
-I may end up asking for tips.
[door opens]
How are you feeling?
-[door closes]
-I have to leave.
[Luis] That's not happening.
It's like a hospital.
Emilia must discharge you.
-Then they'll take you home.
-[Clara] No. No, no.
I must leave the country.
If not, they'll take the baby.
-[Luis] Clara…
-I have to leave.
There aren't any children in danger,
especially not yours.
This child is like a son to me.
He'll want for nothing, as will you.
Álvaro was family, like a brother.
Well, they killed your brother.
They killed him,
and it was your own people.
-They killed him.
-[Luis] Calm down. You're delirious.
[Clara] I'm not delirious!
Luis, Álvaro told you.
You didn't believe him. Look at him now.
You didn't believe. We must leave.
-[Clara talks in distance]
-[cocks gun]
[indistinct arguing]
[Clara] Please, Luis. Please!
Álvaro warned you.
-You didn't listen! It's your fault!
-It's all right, sir.
-[Clara sobs]
-[Clara] Please, I'm not insane!
-[Clara] Don't treat me like I'm crazy.
-Shh. Relax.
-[Clara] They'll take my child.
-[Hugo] Nobody'll do that.
[Clara] I have to leave.
[tense music plays]
-[Clara] They'll take my baby.
-You believe her, right?
Here in this house, we know quite well
what the government is capable of, Luis.
[sighs] Emilia,
it's been more than 20 years.
-And Ramón was…
-He was what?
-They saw him as the enemy.
And what was Álvaro becoming?
What could you become?
[tense music plays]
[Jiménez] Are you sure?
[Navarro] Yes…
He just got to the house.
We don't know how long he'll be there.
I paused the operation
until I could talk to you.
We can watch the girl until he leaves.
I doubt he'll stay long.
With all due respect, Major…
I think we should wait
until he leaves the house.
I told you to proceed.
Didn't you hear me?
Of course.
[Jiménez] No one is above
the safety of the State.
Not even a minister.
As you wish, Major.
[door opens]
-[Álex] Emilia! A sniper!
-[Luis] What?
A sniper! Get on the floor!
[reloads gun]
[Clara screams]
[Hugo] Álex! Álex!
[Emilia] Álex, hide!
[Hugo] Come!
[Álex groans]
-[Clara screams]
[Hugo] Don't move!
[breathing heavily]
[Hugo] Minister, stay down!
[Hugo] Don't move! Don't move.
[exhales sharply]
-[Hugo] You all right?
-[Emilia] Yes.
-[Hugo] You all right?
-[Emilia] We're okay.
-[dispatch] Is the target down?
-No shot.
They spotted me.
[Luis] Emilia,
Call your people.
Let's get this girl out of here.
[Emilia] Are you all right?
[kids sing]
We will march today united as people ♪
All together building this nation ♪
And in the adversities
That this journey will bring us ♪
Two stripes… ♪
[Julia] Hi, kids.
…will escort… ♪
[Julia] What is that?
We're watching a movie.
We will once again hear the name… ♪
[Julia] What is it?
[Sergio] One of my aunt's movies.
…in all its splendor ♪
For the history… ♪
My friend, Pedro, is in it. That's him.
Today it offers us a path… ♪
He has huge ears!
Well, I think he's very handsome.
-Marta likes Pedro!
-I don't. Stop it.
-[Julia] Listen, honey.
-[Sergio] Sara…
-[Marta] Aunt…
Where did you meet Pedro?
Well… when I was in that medical place…
Play in the garden. It's a beautiful day.
-You've been inside all day. Come on!
Come, Sergio. Let's go.
[kids sing] With more glory
With justice and with tenacity ♪
Those flashes of a past will return ♪
That never betrayed our flag ♪
[indistinct chattering]
[dispatch] Sniper Two,
proceed with the mission.
[tense music plays]
[dispatch] Confirm your position.
Sniper Two in position.
Covering the square's entrances and exits.
Come on. Don't stop.
Let's go.
Come on.
Okay, get behind me. Let's go.
[ominous music plays]
Get away from her, you fucking idiot.
-[man] Hey, careful!
-[Hugo] Okay! Calm down!
[Hugo] Let's go.
Let's go.
[Julia] Hugo!
Hold on.
[Hugo] My love!
[Hugo] How are you, love?
[Jorge] Let's go.
Go for a walk. Come back in an hour.
-Is everything okay?
-[Hugo] It's all right.
Everything's okay.
Honey, I'll be right back.
[Hugo] Let's get going.
[dispatch] Is the target down?
Negative. I didn't have a clear shot.
They're coming to you in a black van.
License plate 2668…
[tense music plays]
[siren wails]
[Hugo] Shit!
[Álex sighs] What do we do?
[Hugo] Go forward slowly.
[Jorge] Okay.
Everybody out!
[Álex] As you wish.
It's all in order.
-[Álex grunts]
-[officer 1] You talk a lot!
What? Open up!
Open up!
You, out!
Search inside.
[officer 2] There's no one else, sir!
-Come here.
-[Hugo] Hey!
-[gun cocks]
-[officer 3] Freeze!
[suspenseful music plays]
Where the fuck is the pregnant lady?
-Good evening, sir.
-[Luis] Good evening.
We must search your vehicle.
We've been ordered to--
Look, I'm really in a hurry.
Let me through, please.
Sir, I must search your vehicle.
[Luis] What's your name?
-What is your name?
[officer] Alberto.
Alberto what?
-Gómez Martínez, sir.
-[Luis] Okay.
Do you know my name?
Yes, sir.
-Luis Covarrubias.
-[Luis] Mm-hmm.
Do you know why you know my name?
I'm the Minister of Health.
You are a soldier
who follows my orders.
Come on, let me through.
[chains rattle]
[inhales deeply]
Are you okay?
There'll be someone waiting for you there.
They'll find you a place to stay.
Thank you.
[Luis] You can sit up.
There's no more danger.
No, I'm fine here.
I can see the stars.
I'm really sorry.
Álvaro was my friend.
The only one I had left.
I'm sorry you have to flee the country.
It's falling apart
because of people like me.
I want you to know
I'm here for whatever you need.
You and your child will want for nothing.
[Luis] Above all,
I hope that you can come back one day…
and that, when you return,
this will be a better place.
I give you my word
I'll do whatever it takes
to make sure your son grows up
in a place that looks a little…
like the country we once had…
and never should have lost.
Sergio? You're here!
-That great!
-[Begoña] Who's this kid?
[Julia] The minister's nephew.
Then I'll take good care of him.
-[Hugo] No.
-Come here!
[both chuckle]
-[Jiménez] Go to this address.
-[Carlos] Is there someone there?
[Jiménez] I don't know.
If so, kill them, whoever they are.
The Major, Enrique…
he's been with Mom. Don't trust him.
I'm very sorry
about your friend's accident.
Someone tried to shoot me yesterday.
Was that an accident too?
-Excuse me?
-[Hugo] What?
-[Julia] Where is he? Sergio!
-[Marta] Sergio!
Hey, you!
[Marta] Stop!
-[Julia gasps]
You have every right to keep secrets,
but don't demand what you won't give me.
We never finished our talk.
[Luis] Emilia, you shouldn't be here.
It's dangerous.
-I'm here for my granddaughter.
-Marta is in danger.
-Get away.
-[Hugo] Wait, put that away.
[Jiménez] We have reason to believe
Luis is skeptical
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