The Barrier (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

El hijo de nadie

What's up with you?
[Álvaro] The police and the military
have more power each day.
[Luis] We give them power
so they can protect us.
When they come for us,
who will protect us then?
There's a hidden agenda.
They'll package it differently,
but they'll kill people.
Someone will succeed in doing so here…
A role that sounds technical.
[Luis] I don't like
what you're insinuating.
I'm sorry for the minister's passing…
I know you were close friends.
[Navarro] We found your girlfriend, Julia.
She's pretending to be her sister, Sara.
[Jiménez] If you work for me,
I'll let them live.
Álvaro sent me. Is that his child?
She keeps saying
that all kids are in danger.
Here in this house, we know quite well
what the government is capable of.
-[Luis] And Ramón was
-[Emilia] Then what was Álvaro?
What could you become?
No one is above the safety of the State,
not even a minister.
[Hugo] Minister, stay down!
-Who poked you, honey?
-[Marta] In that medical place.
They told us we were unique specimens.
[Rosa] Ma'am has decided
that you will watch her nephew, Sergio.
Sergio was born with an illness,
but madam takes care of him.
[Luis] I'll do whatever it takes
to make sure your son grows up
in a place that looks like
the country we once had
and never should have lost.
[Luis] I told you, Álvaro…
Did I or did I not?
Damn it! What were you thinking?
[Álvaro] It'll be completely dry
in a year. That's why we caught nothing.
-[Luis] Right…
-All the fish split.
Sure. Saying "bye" to the reservoir is
more important than my first kid's birth.
She was due in a month.
Fuck, it's not our fault.
Come on, put it all away.
Quick. Make sure you close it.
-[Álvaro] Luis.
-[Luis] What?
-What do you mean "what"? Be careful.
If we fall in the river and you die,
I'll have to raise the kid.
-Yeah, of course.
But that'd mean I'd get promoted
in the government.
No, Álvaro. Shut up, seriously.
I'm nervous, okay?
[Luis sighs]
Listen. You'll get there in time.
It'll be okay. You'll be a great dad.
[Luis] Of course,
and how do you know that?
Because you've raised me well.
You're the closest thing I have to a dad.
Come on.
In ten minutes,
you'll be holding your child.
-Now, listen.
-No, Álvaro, I'm not in the mood.
-Luis, please. Trust me.
-Fuck, Álvaro.
This song will always remind you
of your first kid's birth.
[soft rock music plays]
[rock music plays]
Tell my baby I'm on my way ♪
Gonna shout it out ♪
-Gonna tell 'em I'm here to stay ♪
Get the message out ♪
-Tell my baby I'm on my way ♪
Gonna shout it out ♪
[radio] "Even though he's no longer
with us, we will never forget him."
These were the President's words
during the funeral of Álvaro Maiztegui,
the Minister of Foreign Affairs,
which ended a few minutes ago.
The top brass of the government
was present
as well as representatives
of all social classes
and many citizens
who wished to pay their respects
to a man who embodied
the ideals of our nation
and advocated for us beyond our borders.
[inhales sharply]
[theme music plays]
Hot tea?
Hello, Sara.
Hello, sir.
How are you?
I'm fine, thank you.
We never finished our talk.
-Don't forget.
-Major, more sweet wine?
All right.
Excuse me.
[Iván] Seen him?
Have you heard from your dad?
-Maybe he's still at the ministry.
-All night long? Without calling?
-Fuck, Mom. What do we do?
-[Alma sighs]
I'll ask Enrique to send someone for him.
Excuse me.
I don't believe we've met.
I'm Laura's brother.
-My condolences.
-Thank you.
By the way…
-What for?
-[man] I work at the President's office.
I'm only staff, but…
-I've heard some rumors.
What was that?
Changes in the cabinet.
His name is on everyone's lips.
I wouldn't trust these rumors.
The more you're mentioned,
the lower your chances.
It’s basic politics.
For which position is he being considered?
-Vice President.
Let me steal the future VP then.
You didn't tell me.
You asked for some space, right?
I need a favor.
We can't reach Luis.
-Should I ask around?
-[door closes]
[footsteps approach]
[Laura sighs]
[tense music plays]
Laura. Laura.
I'm so sorry I didn't make it in time.
Don't worry.
Alma told me it was something urgent.
Laura, I have to go
do something important now.
I'll come and spend time with you at home
this afternoon, okay?
[Laura sobs]
I want to speak to you now.
Of course, Minister.
Do you have anything to say?
I am very sorry…
about your friend's accident.
I couldn't tell you at the funeral.
His accident?
Someone tried to shoot me yesterday.
Was that an accident too?
[Alma] What?
-Yes, me.
A government minister, just like Álvaro.
The one you all just buried.
I heard there was a shootout yesterday
over a terrorist that was fleeing.
You couldn't have been with her…
What are you talking about?
-[footsteps approach]
Yes, sir.
After Major Jiménez leaves,
please open all the windows.
I don't want my home to smell like shit.
-[woman 1] Did you hear that?
-[woman 2] What did he do?
Yes, sir.
Did he say he was shot at?
[guests whisper indistinctly]
Where are you going?
Didn't you see him?
I want to see if he's alright
Now is not the time.
Luis, my love.
-What's wrong?
Someone shot at you?
-Can you please tell me what's going on?
[sighs] I'm fine. Don't worry.
[Alma] How could I not worry?
Are you telling me you're fine?
No, you are not fine and neither am I.
Do you think I slept last night?
Everyone asked about you at the funeral.
I had to pretend everything was okay.
You came in like a madman,
insulted the Major.
I'll ask you again.
What's wrong?
We'll talk tonight.
What do you mean "tonight"?
-You're leaving again?
-Yes, I must.
-I'll tell you when I can.
-No, tell me now.
I demand that you tell me now.
You have your secrets too.
[Luis sniffles]
What are you saying?
-How long have we been together.
-A lifetime.
Mm-hmm. I know you've been keeping things
from me for a few weeks.
I make no demands.
You have every right to keep secrets,
but don't demand what you won't give me.
We'll talk later.
[footsteps recede]
-Not now, Iván.
Pick up that glass,
or you'll hurt someone.
Dad, please.
You're not okay.
[door opens]
-Neither am I.
-[door closes]
[Sergio] Auntie…
Are you going to take me to the pool?
You promised.
Did I say you could come in?
Sergio, my dear…
-Sorry, ma'am.
-Take him.
-To the pool, the garden, wherever.
-But on Saturdays we leave later--
-I don't care!
Sara, how much do you want?
What's the price?
Take him with you.
[Julia] Okay.
That's what's best for him. [sniffles]
[Julia] Come, Sergio.
In recent years, solar panels
have been developed
-and adapted to…
-[guard 1] Let's go.
-[guard 2] Go ahead. Next! Move.
-[PA beeps]
Show us your papers.
[PA] …to anyone who did not pass
their mandatory check-up
or is showing any symptoms.
This is the Health Minister's nephew.
-Here's the authorization.
-[Hugo] We work at his house.
[scanner whirs, beeps]
[guard 1] Take your glasses off.
[ominous music plays]
[guard 1] Come.
Thank you.
-Excited to see Marta?
-[Sergio] Super excited!
Come on, move it!
[tense music plays]
[Navarro] You look like shit.
Should I dress up?
[Jiménez] Enough bullshit.
Go to this address.
You need to find a device
like the one Navarro will show you.
[sighs] Is there someone there?
I don't know.
If so, kill them,
whoever they are.
Did you deliver my mother's meds.
The inhaler and two boxes of pills.
[Carlos sighs]
-Drive, Navarro.
-[car beeps]
[Álex] Here you go.
-I’ll put it on your tab.
-[Álex] Hello.
-Sergio? You're here!
That great!
Good morning, Begoña.
Good morning, Sara.
Well, who's this kid?
He's the minister's nephew.
So, you must take very good care of him.
Is this all yours? Can I touch stuff?
Sure, come on. Look at this.
-[tense music plays]
-[Marta] We have beans,
pineapple, soap, sponges…
Can I eat some of this?
Sergio, you can't eat that.
you're allergic to nuts, remember?
-They're like pine nuts, right?
-Exactly like them.
You can't eat them. Can you remember that?
How about something tasty?
Marta, what should we get?
-Let's see…
-[Álex] What can I get you?
[Julia] Ah, yes.
-[Marta] We have candy. Do you like candy?
-[Julia chuckles]
[Sergio] Yes.
[tense music plays]
[Clara] They'll take my baby.
They're coming for our kids.
-They're coming to take…
-[Álex] Sniper! On the floor!
[Hugo] Don't move!
-[Clara] They'll take my baby away.
-[Hugo] No one is going to do that.
[Clara] They're coming to take our kids.
They'll take them from schools,
streets, our homes,
from the parks,
and the playgrounds will be empty.
Fathers and mothers will cry
for their children.
[ominous music plays]
-[door closes]
[suspenseful music plays]
-[Emilia] What are you doing here?
[sighs] I don't know.
I must know what happened to my friend.
I thought I could find something here.
She asked me to come…
She hid something here
and wanted me to get it.
-[Emilia] I don't know, Luis.
Documents, evidence, something.
I don't know either.
[PA] For your safety,
please keep your documents with you
and show them
to law enforcement when asked.
[jazz music plays]
So, Sergio, do you like the real world?
-[Julia giggles]
-What are they playing?
[Julia] Do you like it?
-Come on.
-How do you dance to this?
[Julia] I don't know. However you want.
[jazz music continues]
-[Julia giggles] Come here.
-What? You won't dance with me?
-Don't do this to me. No…
-[Julia laughs]
-I haven't danced in ages.
-It's about time, then. Come here!
-[Hugo groans]
[Julia chuckles]
[Marta] Dad!
-Can I dance with you?
Of course!
Switching partners. Where's my partner?
[ominous music plays]
-What is it?
-[Julia] He's gone. Sergio!
-[Julia] He's gone!
[all] Sergio!
-I'll go this way.
Okay, we'll go this way! Come on.
-[Marta] Sergio!
-Have you seen a boy with glasses?
-[Marta] Sergio!
-[Julia] No.
-[Marta] Sergio!
-[Hugo] Sergio!
-[Marta] Sergio!
[Julia] Did a boy sneak through here?
Have you seen one?
Did you see a boy
with glasses around here?
Fuck! Sergio!
[breathing heavily]
-[woman] Careful.
Stop! Sergio!
I'm sorry.
This can't be happening.
It can't be.
Sorry, have you seen a boy,
about this tall?
-He was by himself.
-I didn't see him.
-There's a lot of people walking around.
-[Hugo] He had a brand new blue jacket on.
[Julia] I can't find him, Hugo!
-Where is here?
-Don't freak out.
-Don't freak out.
Don't freak out about what?
-Maybe they're not his.
-What do you mean? Were did you find them?
-Marta found them on the ground.
-On the ground!
-What are you saying?
-Maybe he's at the store.
-Maybe he got scared and went there.
-Let's go to the store.
Let's go, quick.
[Sergio] Let me go!
[Álex] Who are you?
Hey. Hey! Hey!
[Sergio] Let me go!
-Where are you going, asshole?
-Let go!
-What did you do to him?
-Let go!
Are you all right, Sergio? [grunts]
-Are you okay?
Let's go.
-[Hugo] Look.
-[Julia] Sergio!
Sergio, honey!
-Where was he?
-[Julia] Are you okay?
Are you okay, honey?
-What happened?
-Someone tried to take him.
[chuckles lightly] Hey.
There's nothing left
in the bedroom. Find anything?
Álvaro's phone,
but someone erased everything.
Maybe it was Clara.
-The poor thing was really scared.
Emilia, you shouldn't be here.
It's dangerous.
I'm here for my granddaughter.
I can’t just sit around and do nothing.
All right. Keep the phone, at least.
Call me if anything happens.
Let me help you.
You're 25 years too late.
Will you ever forgive me?
-[Luis] Emilia!
Someone broke this open.
We have to go.
Yes. Someone else was here before us.
Get her things and let's go.
-If you find something in her belongings…
-I'll let you know.
You do the same.
-Take care.
-I will.
[phone rings]
[suspenseful music plays]
[Manuela] Good morning.
Ma'am is upstairs. I'll let her know
you're here. Please, follow me.
Thank you.
Come in.
[singsongy] Smile, Manuela.
Come back soon. Miss you already.
[tense music plays]
[Iván] Major.
I'll give you something major.
[kids playing in distance]
[Hugo] So…
-how are they?
-They're fine, playing.
Sergio doesn't seem too bothered
by the whole thing.
I can't fucking believe these kids!
I'm still shaking!
-[Julia] Yeah.
-[doorbell rings]
I'll get it.
-Excuse me.
-Do you own the grocery store?
-Hugo, it's him!
The motherfucker who grabbed Sergio.
What are you doing here?
-[Hugo] Wait!
-One moment. We must go inside.
-Nobody's going inside.
-We believe our child is in there.
[door opens]
[Begoña] Good afternoon.
-What is this?
-[Julia] Good afternoon.
They're just friends who stopped by.
-[Begoña] Okay.
-Come in, please.
Have a good day.
-Likewise, dear.
-[Julia] Bye.
[footsteps approach]
Glad to see you.
I'm sorry I couldn't apologize
for earlier today.
No problem.
I came to tell you
something far more serious.
-Don't scare me.
-I'm sorry for what I'm about to tell you.
But… I want you to understand
why I'm doing this.
-So tell me, please.
-[inhales deeply]
We have reason to believe Luis,
your husband,
is skeptical
about the government and this system.
That's impossible!
Luis adores the President.
He'd give his life for this country.
This apartment…
that your husband visited,
belonged to your late friend, Álvaro…
the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
His lover lived there.
It wasn't just a fling…
They were in love,
and she was pregnant.
But this wasn't just a love nest.
They conspired there.
Álvaro was a traitor.
[Jiménez] Do you know this woman?
-[Alma] A little.
[Alma] Yes, they're…
very old friends.
[Jiménez] Mm.
She has a criminal record too.
Do you know
why Luis missed Álvaro's funeral?
He was helping the young woman,
the lover,
to flee the country.
He knew we were looking for her.
I don't understand.
It's as if you were talking
about a stranger, someone else.
Keep them.
No. [sniffles]
I don't want them.
I'll fix this.
Luis is… very upset. He's confused.
He surely thinks
he's helping his late friend.
I'll talk to him.
Excuse me, Mom.
-[Alma] Yes, honey?
-Are you busy?
-[Jiménez] I was just leaving.
-I was gonna be with Laura this afternoon.
-[sniffles] That's a great idea.
that man…
"That man…"
just did us a huge favor.
No, I'm sorry. That's impossible.
He lives in Sector One with his family.
We work for them.
I know it's him. I can feel it in my gut.
[kids play in distance]
-Let us see him, please.
-Sit down, please.
-Calm down.
-Let us see him.
We won't say anything.
We lost him six years ago.
Our eldest son…
got sick overnight,
and we took him to the hospital.
They told us he had the bug.
They tested us too.
They told us
to bring our little one, Juan,
-so they could check him.
-Did he have the virus too?
They never left.
We were told
both had died.
We couldn't see them.
We went home without them…
without our children.
[man 1] Our eldest was very sick,
but Juan was fine.
My father recognized him at the store.
My son looked just like him as a kid.
Can I see him?
I'll know if it's him when I see him.
He has… big brown eyes.
And he has poor vision in one of them.
Plus, he has a flat nose
and is allergic to almonds.
[woman And he has two little moles
behind his ear.
[Iván] Dad?
Want a drink?
-What are you doing?
-What does it look like?
[sighs] Give me the bottle.
Give me the bottle!
Come on, get out of the car.
Come on.
-Come on, get up.
-I'm trying.
Dammit! Come on, out.
Come on, let's go.
Iván, will you ever change?
You won't last long if you keep this up.
I'm a piece of shit, Dad.
I'm a piece of shit.
I really loved Álvaro.
I really did.
I never told him
'cause he didn't love me.
-[tuts] Come on, now. Don't be ridiculous.
Álvaro loved you…
like a son.
-He was there when you were born.
We barely made it in time, but we did.
-You decided to arrive a month early. Hmm?
-The only time I was on time.
-[Luis] No.
No. Being a month early?
That's not being on time.
Let's go.
Come on, get up. Ah.
-We had gone fishing.
-Did you catch anything?
Well, yes.
-A baby shark.
-A baby shark?
They say sharks are dangerous,
but they aren't.
They're very sensitive.
When they're afraid, they attack.
It's true.
The Major,
he's been with Mom.
Don't trust him.
He wants to fuck you over.
-Let's go. Come on.
-Watch out.
-Hello, kids.
-[Marta] Hi.
-[Sergio] Hi.
[Julia chuckles]
You're playing?
-[both] Yes!
-[Julia] Yes?
-[Julia] What are you making?
-[Sergio] A little thing.
[Julia] You're so cute.
What game is that?
[Julia] Hey.
She's talking to you.
-[Sergio] Hello.
-[Sergio] Do you want to play?
[Sergio] Well…
first, there's this one. Next, this one.
And now… Oh, it fell.
Then the cross, here.
[computer beeps]
We need to talk.
I don't want us to be like this.
Beyond love, family, everything else…
we've always been a team.
-A good team.
-[sighs] Alma.
[Luis clears throat]
I need a few days.
"A few days"? What for?
[Luis sighs]
I don't think Álvaro died in an accident.
And I need…
to know what happened.
I understand…
entirely, but…
they say Álvaro was involved
in some strange business,
that he was conspiring…
-that he lost faith in the President and--
-Who said that?
-It doesn't matter.
-[Luis] It does.
It's easy to ruin someone's reputation.
I'd known Álvaro for more than 30 years.
You knew him for a long time.
Do you think he was capable…
of anything immoral or unfair?
-I don't know.
I don't trust people as much as you do.
Listen, my love.
I'm asking you…
I'm begging you,
about your family.
Don't get us in trouble.
I'll do what I can
to keep you on the sidelines
On the sidelines?
What sidelines are you talking about?
There are no sidelines anymore, Luis.
-[Luis] Calm down.
-I can't!
For years, I've supported you!
Years, next to you, behind you!
Anything you needed, you got.
Always. Anything.
It's my turn now.
This is my time. Mine!
My new position.
I fought so hard for it.
I was personally appointed
by the President.
If they get suspicious,
think you're up to something…
What do you want me to do?
Don't throw it all away, my love.
Think of your family.
Forget about Álvaro's death.
Let's keep moving forward.
Don't answer me.
Look at me.
Let's have dinner.
Have some wine.
I won't let it be.
[tense music plays]
I won't stop
until I know why they killed him.
I won't forgive those who did it.
[indistinct chattering]
-[giggling] That's great!
-[man] It's important.
-[woman] You're doing it.
-[man] Here, on top.
-[Marta] Yes, on top.
-[man] Sergio!
You put the top on.
-[woman] Here, at the top.
-[Sergio] It's ready.
-[woman] There you go. Do it!
-Do it!
-[Julia] It breaks my heart, Hugo.
Why would they take their son?
-I don't know. I don't know.
But we need to bring him back,
or they'll start asking questions.
Yes. [sniffs]
Excuse me.
-[Hugo] Excuse me!
-Try this one.
Can we talk for a moment?
-Of course.
Make sure that cop doesn't go anywhere.
-[Sergio] It's a chicken!
-[Marta] A chicken flying in a car!
It is him.
Listen to me. It's getting late.
We have to return him to the family,
or they'll get worried.
No, wait.
He's not going anywhere.
He's coming with us.
We've looked for him for over five years.
You can't take him away again.
He's our son.
We get it. We have a daughter.
We know what it's like to lose her.
We'll help, but we have to do this right.
That's key.
-[Julia] Okay?
-No, dammit!
They stole our son.
-He's coming with us. That's it!
-All right! Wait a second!
-[man] Please.
-[Hugo] Listen to me.
The boy lives with a minister,
the Minister of Health, okay?
If you don't let us go with him,
you'll go to jail, or worse.
-Don't you see?
-Out of the way.
-Put that away.
-Out of the way.
[knocking on door]
-[Julia] Dammit!
-[Begoña] Sara, open up. It's Begoña.
[knocking on door]
[Begoña] Sara, I know you're there.
Open up right now.
Listen, that lady is an informant.
In fact, I know the Minister.
We get along well.
If I explain the situation,
he'll get it.
[knocking on door]
You have to trust me.
-[Julia] Do you want your son back?
[knocking on door]
Then let us take him.
Or you'll never see him again.
[knocking on door]
[Begoña] Sara,
open up or I'll call the police.
[Hugo] Put that away.
Put it away.
-[Begoña] What took you so long?
-We were playing with the kids.
I didn't hear you.
[Álex] How are you, Begoña?
[yelling playfully]
Curfew starts soon.
Don't you need to take him home?
Of course, we'll take him right now. Sure.
[kids play in background]
[knocking on door]
Help me.
-He's falling apart.
-Allow me.
He won't listen to me. He doesn't care
about anything, not me or the kids.
Alma. Alma…
He's a weak man.
You love him in your way,
and I respect that.
-Do you want a drink?
-Water, please.
[Alma sniffles]
[Alma] Your father?
[Jiménez sighs]
He's a son of a bitch.
A drunk.
He drove my mother away… for good.
I keep him there
to never forget
why I have this pain inside.
Sometimes it's unbearable.
I'm so sorry.
I only forget it when I'm with you.
I'll take care of you
and your family.
I swear I'll do everything I can
to make sure they don't kill him. I swear.
But you should leave him.
[Jiménez sighs]
Very good. Add pepper. They love it.
The slices must all be the same size.
-Good afternoon, Rosa.
Hello, dear. How was it?
Let me look at you.
[Sergio] Hey. What is it?
Nothing, my dear.
Just checking if you caught anything.
Okay, well, go on.
Take him to his room
until dinner is ready.
-Rosa, where are our bosses?
-They're not home.
When will they be back?
Don't worry. I'll call right away and ask.
Servants are a priority.
I need to talk to the minister.
It'll have to wait until Monday
'cause no one's home.
[Hugo] Okay.
[Julia] Hey.
-We're leaving.
Let's go.
You'll spend the night at our place.
-You want to be with Marta, right?
Let's go, then!
Let's go.
You look so tired.
Sleep well.
Give me a kiss.
So precious.
-[Emilia giggles]
-[Álex] For fuck's sake, Hugo.
-You're so sweet.
-[Álex] We are so screwed!
-[Hugo] Álex.
[Álex] What?
Good night.
-[Álex] What were you thinking?
-[Hugo] Álex, are you nuts?
-We couldn't leave him there.
-[Álex] Why not?
-[Hugo] Álex, can you shut up?
-[Sergio sighs]
You did the right thing.
You did the right thing, end of story.
Julia, Hugo, take a walk
and get some fresh air.
It'll do you good.
I'll stay with the children,
and Álex is here.
Yes, good idea.
-Yes, it'll do me wonders.
-Go on.
I didn't think. I acted on impulse.
I saw him there and couldn't help it.
I couldn't leave him, Hugo.
Calm down. Don't overthink it.
We did what we had to do, but we must call
the minister tomorrow morning.
-Our contract is on the line.
-How could they do that to the parents?
What is it?
Damn! This used to be a great spot.
-Sure, the White Elephant.
-[chuckles] Did you know it?
-Of course!
-I fell in love with your sister here.
-My sister, in this place?
-I swear.
I can't imagine her here!
Right around the time
some live music became illegal.
-The kind that bothered the government.
[Hugo grunts]
A friend who eventually abandoned me…
told me about an underground band
that played here.
What was their name again?
Juan Estereotipo & The Malajes.
Yes, but I can't remember
any of their songs.
I just remember seeing your sister
giving it her all on the dance floor…
like no one was watching.
I saw your sister dancing
many times after that,
but never like that one night.
She was gorgeous.
I couldn't take my eyes off her.
When I worked up the courage
to go talk to her…
-[siren wails]
-[man] Police!
One day, I spotted her and took her out
for coffee. Then we became inseparable.
Isn't life funny?
What is it?
-I shouldn't talk about her that way.
-That's not it.
It's alright.
-Everything's fine.
[sentimental music plays]
It was you!
The girl I saw dancing that night…
it was you, not your sister!
[Hugo] Julia.
Does it even matter now, Hugo?
[Julia] What matters
is what happened later.
-Don't you think?
-Let's go back home.
-No. No.
I'll stay here for a bit. Go ahead.
-Yeah, I'll be okay. I'm okay.
[phone vibrates]
-[Luis] Emilia.
You had to have it your way
with the phone.
I couldn't give up so easily.
Sorry, Emilia.
Maybe I called too late.
[Emilia] No…
I was going through her bags, and…
I didn't find anything,
just clothes, receipts…
we'll keep looking.
[Emilia] Yes.
Find anything?
No. No, nothing. Just music.
[soft rock music plays]
Can you hear it?
It's nice.
It is.
It really is.
And you know
I'm never gonna back down ♪
[Marta] Grandma!
Luis, my granddaughter needs me.
We'll speak soon.
Good night, Emilia.
Good night, Luis.
[rock music continues]
-[Julia gasps]
-My love.
[passionate moans]
-My love, are you all right?
-I'm fine.
-What is it? Why are you here?
-Take it. It's very important.
Marta is in danger.
[Begoña] See you tomorrow.
-Trust me, it'll cheer you up.
-[Julia] Wait.
-[Carlos] I got to go.
I love you. I'll always love you.
[door opens]
[keys jangle]
Hey, Sara!
Good evening, Begoña.
So, the minister's kid?
-Is he back where he should be?
-Yes, we took him back.
-The poor boy.
-Very good.
-Very good.
-Sleep well.
-You too, dear.
-Good night.
-See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow, Begoña.
[locks close]
Unique specimens.
DOB: 02/12/2036
They're all little kids.
-Why are they there?
-[Hugo] Shh.
[Emilia] Sergio.
What the fuck is this?
Oh my God! Marta!
[suspenseful music plays]
You're fired.
Don't ever set foot in my house again!
Fucking bitch!
A group of parents were looking
for their missing children.
They said the hospitals tricked them
into giving up their kids
and that they were told
their kids were dead.
I know these children.
We increased the dose,
but more than half died.
[Alma] So, we need to bring in more kids…
Many more.
One of them was my son.
A couple says they're Sergio's parents.
[Julia] Juan, that's his real name.
You sound like
you're from another planet!
Yes, one where people love
and respect one another.
Your daughter, Julia,
she's been gone for days.
You're a motherfucker, Rai! Let us in!
Take whatever you want and leave!
-[Jiménez] As you wish.
I will not allow them to take Marta again.
The best thing for a kid is
to be with their parents, always.
What do you know?
Those children may be alive.
[ominous music plays]
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