The Barrier (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Recuerda quién eres

-Who poked you like that, honey?
-[Marta] In that medical place.
They told us we were unique specimens.
[man] The children are fine,
healthy, and happy.
We alternate collections and injections.
I hope to get
further instructions soon, sister.
A toast to the eradication of the virus!
I am very sorry…
about your friend's accident.
Someone tried to shoot me yesterday.
Was that an accident too?
I heard there was a shootout yesterday
over a terrorist that was fleeing.
-[Clara screams]
-[Hugo] Minister, get down!
You couldn't have been with her… Right?
-Sorry, ma'am.
-[Alma] Take him.
He's the Health Minister's nephew.
[gasps] Fuck!
-[Emilia] What are you doing here?
-[Luis] I must know what happened. You?
[Emilia] Clara hid something
and wanted me to get it.
[Luis] Keep the phone.
Call if anything happens.
Do you own the grocery store?
We believe our child is in there.
-[man] He has big brown eyes
-[woman] And two big moles behind his ear.
-[Julia] Why would they take their son?
-[Hugo] I don't know.
But we need to bring him back,
or they'll start asking questions.
We have to return him to the family,
or they'll get worried.
You'll go to jail, or worse.
You'll spend the night at our place.
Oh my God! Marta!
[doorbell rings]
[knocking on door]
[doorbell rings]
[banging continues]
[Alma] Where is he?
Where's the boy?
-[Hugo] Ma'am…
-[Alma] Where is he?
-Maybe we should…
-Where is he?
[Hugo] In Marta's room, sleeping.
-[Sergio] There's no light, auntie.
-Get changed. Let's go. Now!
Come on, let's go.
-Let's go. Help me.
-Don't tell her anything.
-Of course.
-Talk to Luis, not her.
We are terribly sorry.
We know you're scared,
but the boy is fine.
We brought him back, you weren't there.
He would have been all alone.
-You didn't want him to be all alone.
-[Julia] Yes.
[laughs] My mind is blown. Really.
Who do you think you are
to make a decision like that?
[Hugo] Ma'am, listen…
-A couple came here yesterday--
-[Alma] I don't care.
Do you know what it felt like
to see he wasn't in his bed?
Do you remember the feeling
when Marta was gone?
If you don't, it's okay.
You'll feel it again soon
when they take her away
because you're unemployed. You're fired.
-Don't set foot in my house again.
-What do you mean?
-[Alma] Come, honey. You all right?
-Wait, ma'am.
-[Alma] Do not touch me.
-[Hugo] I beg you.
Come, honey.
[Hugo sighs]
It's okay, honey.
[Álex] Did that just happen?
She can fire you like that?
Fucking bitch!
I can't believe it.
I will not allow them to take Marta again.
Stop wasting time. Go talk to Luis. Now!
We're going.
[theme music plays]
-Go with Rosa, Sergio.
-[phone rings]
-Alejo, what is it?
-[Alejo] Relax, Alma.
-The children are all right.
-Good morning, Alejo!
They're going to breakfast now.
We have fresh milk. They're happy here.
But we should be patient.
Some of them are already very weak.
-We can't squeeze them harder.
-Don't be a coward, little brother.
Remember Mom?
We must move forward. Let's go.
[tense music plays]
Take whatever you want, but don't hurt me.
Take whatever you want
and leave!
Take it easy.
It's me, Mom.
[Piedad drops needle]
It… can't be.
It can't be.
It can't be.
My boy!
My boy!
You're alive!
I knew it, my love!
[Piedad sobs gently]
These past few weeks,
500 new cases of noravirus were recorded.
Even though
access to Madrid has been strict,
an infection hotspot
was identified in Alcorcón.
The area has been quarantined
and entry is forbidden. Remember all the…
[Julia] This is getting uglier and uglier.
-What could happen?
-Madrid could be quarantined.
If it is, we'll be short on supplies.
-Jesus Christ.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
[PA beeps] For your safety, please keep
your documents with you and show them
-if required…
-Good morning.
This pass is no longer valid.
How come? It can't be. You know us.
We come here every day.
-This way.
-[PA beeps]
[Hugo] Come on, try it again.
[scanner whirs, buzzes]
[guard 1] It is not valid.
-[Julia] How?
-[Hugo] It can't be.
Please check the lists.
This is a mistake.
[Hugo] We work
in a very important person's home.
-The Minister of Health.
-We can't be late. Please.
-Let me see.
[woman coughing]
[coughing continues]
Careful! She's sick!
-She has the virus!
-[guard 2] Halt! Halt! Halt!
[guard 1] Come through quickly. Let's go.
[guard 2] Blockade!
[guard 1] They work for a minister.
Let them through.
-Let's go.
-Come, quick!
[man over radio] Biochemical containment
support requested.
DOB: 01/12/2040
DOB: 08/08/2040
[Álex] Emilia?
Are you okay?
What are you thinking?
I just don't understand.
I don't understand why Carlos
gave my daughter those images.
She risked her life
when she brought them here.
I don't get why they have pictures
of Marta and Sergio.
What do they have in common?
-How are they connected to the other kids?
-[Emilia] Know what I think?
Maybe they didn't take Marta away
because your brother was unemployed.
Maybe they wanted to take her away.
Why would they do that?
There was a time,
a few years ago,
when a rumor was going around.
A group of parents were looking
for their missing children.
They said the hospitals tricked them
into giving up their kids
and that they were told
their kids were dead.
These rumors went around for some time.
Then, suddenly…
the rumor went away, disappeared.
[Marta] I know these kids.
I know these children
from the medical building.
They were taken away.
-Go back to bed, kiddo. It's still early--
-No, wait.
Where were they taken, dear?
[kids singing]
We will once again hear the name ♪
Of the motherland in all its splendor… ♪
[Marta] They took some of us…
and put us on a bus.
We were really tired and fell asleep.
Those kids wanted to be
with their parents too.
Like me.
We have to do something, Emilia.
We have to find their families.
Come, honey.
Come here.
[tense music plays]
[PA beeps] Next stop: Zone C-2.
[Julia exhales slowly]
[intercom rings]
[groans lightly]
[intercom rings]
Manuela! Open the door, please!
[Hugo] Rai, we came to talk to our boss.
-You can't. You no longer work here.
-Please, Rai.
It's important, Rai.
So, call him.
I'm sure he'll answer.
Let us in. Don't be a motherfucker.
-What did you call me.
-You heard me. You're a motherfucker, Rai!
-Let us in, please.
-[Hugo] Okay.
-Rai, it's important.
-Get lost, now!
We're not going anywhere, Rai.
Manuela! Rosa!
-[Hugo] Don't touch her.
-[Julia] Daniela!
-[Hugo] Miss.
We need to talk to your father.
It's a… complicated issue, okay?
It's about Sergio.
Really, we must come in.
Rai… let them in.
[Hugo] Dammit!
Thank you.
-Don't you dare bother the sir!
-Rosa, let me go now.
-Seriously, I don't want to hurt you.
-I'm begging you.
-Sara, honey.
-She's coming too?
-[Hugo] Sir.
-[Luis] What is it?
I'm sorry to barge in,
but you have to listen to us.
-If it's because you got fired--
-Listen to us for a moment… Please.
-[Alma] What? They're with my husband?
Didn't I explicitly say
they were banned from the house?
Let me help you, ma'am.
I'll do it.
-Who let them in, Rosa?
-I don't know, ma'am.
I really don't know.
It's in there.
A couple says they're Sergio's parents.
We took him to our place yesterday.
We tried to talk to you,
but you weren't here.
That's why we took him home with us.
[Julia] They say…
that they were tricked into giving him up,
that he was taken away.
They told us things about the boy.
They seem to know him very well.
[footsteps approach]
-Why are you here? How dare you?
-Alma, wait--
No! I'm calling the police.
You two… didn't I say you were fired?
You practically kidnapped Sergio.
I was worried sick!
Let's listen to them.
Please, it's important.
-Listen, ma'am--
-[Alma] You have one minute.
-I really don't get you.
-Alma, do you remember the last name
of Sergio's parents?
Yes. They know perfectly well
Sergio isn't our nephew.
It's just a term of affection.
His name is Juan.
That's his real name.
Where did you hear that?
A couple, a husband and wife told us.
I think it's important
that you listen to them.
Wait for us in the kitchen, please.
Thank you.
It could be them.
If some woman just shows up,
saying she's Sergio's mother,
she wants money.
I'm sure the servants are in on it.
Can't you see?
I don't know. I don't know…
Regardless, I want to meet them.
Because we owe it to Sergio.
Or Juan.
Don't you think?
Sign here and here.
I told you on your first day
you wouldn't last.
What did you do?
They didn't mind their own business.
They do it constantly.
Haven't you noticed?
[Hugo exhales]
We won't sign anything.
[Rosa] You won't?
So you'll leave here with nothing.
Sign it.
-It's for your own good.
-[Hugo] We can't, Rosa.
Because of our daughter,
we can't afford to get fired.
You should've thought of that earlier.
Why on earth did you take the boy?
-He's the apple of the ma'am's eye!
-[Julia] That's not true, Rosa.
It's not true.
You know damn well
that boy is always lonely.
Right, Manuela?
He might be lonely, but he has food,
a roof over his head and a future!
You sound like you're from another planet!
Yes, one where people love
and respect one another.
Why don't you talk to Miss Daniela?
I'm sure she can help.
The only one that can help them
is the President himself…
The madam is tough,
-and she is absolutely livid.
-[Hugo sighs]
[Rosa] Go on,
sign before she comes in here.
[Luis] Hugo!
My wife and I spoke… It was
a misunderstanding. You still work here.
-Thank you so much, sir.
-Bring those people tomorrow morning.
I'm too busy today.
-Take my car.
-Of course, sir.
[Manuela chuckles]
-Love, I'll go change.
-All right.
-That's great!
-[Julia chuckles]
[Manuela giggles]
You two always manage
to land on your damn feet.
Go, check on Sergio.
He didn't even want breakfast.
Of course, Rosa.
This house is so weird.
Four months ago,
these two wouldn't have lasted two days.
Look at them now.
The minister has really changed.
Well, let's get back to work!
Take out the trash!
-Don't forget to recycle the glass.
[Julia] Hello!
-[Julia giggles]
[Julia] Hi!
How are you? Are you okay?
-[Sergio] Yes, Iván is watching me.
[Julia] I can see that.
-[Sergio] But… my belly hurts a bit.
-Why is that?
[Sergio] Did you come to say goodbye?
Auntie told me you're leaving.
-No, I'm not. I'm staying with you.
-[Sergio] Great!
No way!
She didn't fire you guys?
[Iván] Awesome!
So, go fix him some breakfast.
Thank God, gorgeous.
I'm not a good babysitter.
Well, sometimes I'm good.
-When they're over 16. [chuckles]
-[Julia] Mm.
So? Shall we get dressed?
-Wanna go to the park?
-Well, let's go, then!
Come on.
Let's get your clothes. One, two!
Mom, you're coming with me.
We'll find a place somewhere.
Now, let's get your things.
We have to leave right away.
Son, look at me.
-I'm blind.
-[sighs] Mom.
And very old.
Spending time with you again
has been the happiest moment of my life.
-Mom, please.
-I can't ask for more.
You go, before they find you.
Forget about me.
Mom, listen to me.
There's no time for talking.
Put everything you need in a bag
and let's go, please.
Of course.
[Carlos] We have to travel light.
Just take the essentials.
Are you okay, Mom?
[somber music plays]
[tense music plays]
[PA beeps] For your own safety,
curfew starts in 15 minutes.
We ask all citizens to return home
in an orderly fashion.
[siren wails]
Psst. What the fuck are you doing?
[officer 1] Put all your things here.
Come on.
-Come on, hurry up.
Come on.
You don't need this, do you?
Anything else?
All right, let's go somewhere comfortable.
Wait! I want to call my attorney.
Who? Your attorney?
Yes, my attorney. What's the problem?
How the hell could you afford an attorney?
-[officer 1] Move it!
-[Álex] I don't fucking want to!
-[Navarro] Anything new?
-[officer 2] No, sir.
[suspenseful music plays]
-We're here.
-[Julia] Yes.
-Your welcome.
[Julia] Hello.
[Julia] How are you?
-Okay, the minister is waiting.
-[woman] Thank you.
Come in, please.
Sit down. They will come in shortly.
[Alma] We're here.
I'm terribly sorry.
Thank you for coming.
What an unpleasant situation.
Luis. Nice to meet you.
[Alma] Let's sit.
We have a lot to talk about.
Rosa, you may leave.
Not you two. Please, stay.
I must say
I'm absolutely horrified by this matter.
I fully understand your situation.
As you may imagine,
it's as if Sergio were my third child.
Sara and Hugo told us everything.
[Manuel] Well, we weren't…
The hospital told us he was dead.
-That he got the virus and--
-Manuel, honey.
They know.
Luis, could you hand me the papers?
Yes.These are the documents we signed
when we became his guardians.
Excuse me. Here, look.
Sergio's illness.
Look what it says…
It says Sergio was very sick,
and we took him in
because his parents abandoned him.
And, hold on. Here's…
the document you signed
when you gave him up.
No, that's not right.
We didn't sign anything.
We would never, ever abandon our son.
-Never, seriously!
-You shouldn't blame yourselves, really.
A child who had
such little chance of survival…
[woman] That didn't happen!
He was my son. I wouldn't have left him.
Did you know of Sergio's condition?
Sergio's illness requires
a very complex treatment.
He gets… transfusions periodically.
When we adopted him,
he had few years to live.
We welcomed him in anyway.
[Álex coughs]
Who the fuck are you working for?
Actually, I'm looking for a job.
If you know of any openings,
let me know, please.
-[officer yells]
-[Álex groans]
[door opens]
[Navarro] Is he talking?
Not yet.
We're still warming him up.
-Half an hour and I'll get--
-Untie him and bring him to my office.
You heard me.
Untie him and bring him to my office
[tense music plays]
[door opens]
Is my son going to die?
We are hopeful now. [chuckles]
With the treatment we are giving him,
he may live a long life, right?
[Manuel] We can take care of him.
I'm a barber. My wife is a seamstress.
We'll give him everything.
Just tell us what to do.
It's an experimental treatment.
-Maybe we could help them as sponsors--
-[Alma] That's not enough.
The boy needs constant medical attention,
as you already know.
Well, we could hire someone.
Luis, please,
it's not that simple, my love. Sorry.
My husband isn't aware
of the implications of Sergio's illness.
Luis spends little time home
due to his government position, obviously.
I've been the one
in charge of Sergio all these years.
[Luis] Yes, that is true.
No one has a greater…
understanding of the details
and implications
of your son's treatment than my wife.
In any case, I can't understand.
He was born a healthy baby.
We weren't told anything.
Evidently you, just like us,
are the victims here.
But there's a greater victim here,
and we must think about him now.
It's Sergio, you see?
What do you mean?
You must make a decision.
Sergio is very fragile,
sensitive to changes.
Giving him the news now
that his parents are alive…
In his state…
Well, I just don't understand.
-What do you want us to do?
-Think about it carefully.
Be generous with your child.
Whatever decision you make,
think about him, not about you.
Let's give them privacy.
-[Alma] Of course.
-They can think about it.
[Alma] Of course.
Coffee, please. No, tea is better.
It's all so emotional.
I can't believe they're doing this
to them, Hugo. Really, I just can't.
Come on. Don't get like that.
You're right.
But, it's just that… I don't know…
You know the boy is sick.
-Isn't he? You told me so.
-[Julia] I don't know.
Hugo, I don't think the boy is that sick.
They're doctors, Manuel.
What do we know about the illness?
If we take him and something happens…
The best thing for a kid
is to be with their parents, always.
María, we can't leave him here.
I can't lose my son again.
-Now it's all up to his parents.
-[Julia scoffs]
Don't you think
I want to get him right now
and tell him we're his parents?
That we've been thinking of him every day…
for all these years?
I don't believe Alma one bit.
She's manipulating them,
so they'll leave Sergio here.
I can see him running around the garden,
swimming in the pool.
I'm only saying
they have the financial resources
to keep Sergio alive, that's all.
-What could we offer him?
So in the end,
it call comes down to money, right?
Is that it?
We can give him our love.
I would've given anything
to save your sister's life.
Do you get it?
-[door opens]
-[Álex grunts]
[officer] Come on.
-[Álex grunts]
[Álex groans]
[breathes heavily, groans lightly]
Where did you get those posters?
I made them.
Why are you putting them up?
Those children are missing.
[Navarro] I know.
I asked you why you're putting them up.
I just wanted to talk to their parents.
I'm pretty sure
talking to people isn't a crime yet…
[Navarro] No.
What do you want to say to them?
Do you know something they don't?
What do you know?
[breathing heavily]
if you go back into that room…
you may never leave again.
You had better answer me.
What is it that you know?
Those children may be alive.
[door opens]
Hello. I'm Daniela Covarrubias.
I'm this man's attorney.
And the minister's daughter.
Are there any charges against my client?
No, not yet.
If you'd like to talk to him,
here's my number.
[Álex gasps]
[door closes]
Are we going to the park later?
Um, I'm not sure we can, dear.
-Can we be alone with him?
-Sorry, not today.
It would be strange.
We don't want to scare or upset him. Huh?
[Julia] Look, Sergio, remember them?
What is it, Auntie?
Nothing, honey.
They came to say hi,
but they're leaving.
It was nice to play the other day.
-[Sergio] Yes.
Do you want to play again?
Can they, Auntie?
[Manuel chuckles] We'd love to,
but we can't today, dear.
[Maria] We knew your mother, you know?
And your father.
They loved you so much.
More than anything in the world.
They told us to give you this.
-Thank you.
-[parents laugh]
What was my mother like?
uh, you look a lot like her.
She was kind and smart.
-She wanted what's best for you--
-[Alma] Okay.
Thank you for everything.
He'll be with his aunt today.
Let's watch TV, love?
[Alma] Let me see.
Very nice.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
You were very brave.
[Maria sobs]
[Luis] Well,
you know where I am.
I'm available for whatever you need.
[Maria sobs]
[Maria sniffles]
[Maria sobs]
I couldn't tell him anything I wanted to.
The minister said we can come back.
-We can, right?
-Of course, you can.
Then you can be alone with Juan.
Alone… I don't think they'd let us.
Of course, they will.
Yes, they will. Don't worry.
-This is just the beginning, okay?
I'm so sorry that…
things ended this way today.
Whatever you need,
we're here for you.
-[Hugo sighs]
Yes, well…
[Julia sighs]
I would've fought for my boy
until the end. You know?
But this is the one battle I can't win.
This time, at least,
it feels like I helped save his life.
You sure did.
[chuckles] You did well.
[Alma] Don't do it, Luis.
They realized what's best for their son.
His parents are the only ones
who can make that decision.
Luis, my love.
Don't give it another thought.
It won't do you any good.
-Promise me you'll stop thinking about it.
Promise me.
Luis, my love.
[bell rings]
[Emilia] Hello, Begoña.
-How's everything?
-That's what I was about to ask you.
What happened at your house yesterday?
I heard voices.
Dear, you wouldn't believe the nonsense.
The minister asked us
if the boy could spend the night,
but he forgot to tell his wife.
-[Begoña] You don't say!
She must have been worried sick!
That's what happens
when you marry a minister.
He spends more time at work than at home.
What do you need?
-Well, tomorrow.
-I'll come by for some beans.
-See you tomorrow then.
[phone ringtone plays]
What's that?
Emilia, what's that sound?
I'm losing my hearing.
My granddaughter forgot her music box.
[ominous music plays]
-What is it?
-[Begoña] I just remembered something.
Your daughter, Julia,
she's been gone for days.
She hasn't contacted you?
No, not a word.
Not even a message?
A letter? A phone call? Nothing?
I just told you.
What? Don't you trust me?
My job is to be suspicious of everyone.
You know that.
Save me some chickpeas for tomorrow.
[bell rings]
See you, Begoña.
[phone ringtone plays]
[woman] Hello?
Who is it?
[woman] I'm calling about the posters.
Do you recognize any of the kids?
[PA] Please remember that all citizens
One of them was my son.
-[knocking on door]
Hello to you, too.
How was it?
Not that great.
They accepted my conditions for now.
"For now"? You said it.
And your husband?
I can't count on him at all.
It hurts, but it's true.
Alma, you know
things can't go on like this.
You mean, Luis?
Not only him.
That's your problem.
You know how.
The other problem.
You did all you could,
but you can't have loose ends--
I don't want to know.
Do what you have to do.
As you wish.
[Álex groans]
-[Álex groans]
-[Daniela] Careful.
Does it hurt?
[Álex] A lot.
[Álex groans]
[Álex] It hurts a lot.
You know what hurts the most?
-My pride.
-My fucking pride.
-All right.
What were you thinking?
You thought they'd just call you?
I did.
[groans lightly]
How can you be so naive?
If your kid disappeared, wouldn't you want
to know they were still alive?
-Of course.
But you have to be smarter than them.
You can't face them head-on.
What is it?
A mother called us, dammit!
[Daniela] Oh! Wait!
[Emilia] I know you must be scared.
And I am scared too.
It's only natural, and the fact
that we're all here, together,
is a very big risk, as we know.
But there is something greater
and more…
That's our courage,
the thrill and hope
that one day
you'll see your children again.
I suggest…
we have a vote
to see who is in favor.
Raise your hand
if you want to move forward.
[Maria] Hello, Sergio.
You can't imagine
how happy we were to see you again.
-[Sergio yells playfully]
-[Maria chuckles]
[Maria] We knew you a long time ago,
when you were much younger.
[Manuel chuckles]
[Manuel] We can't wait to see you again.
In fact, we're bringing you a surprise.
[Maria] You said you love cake.
We'll make you the biggest
and tastiest cake
that you've ever had.
You've just met us,
but we've always loved you.
[Manuel] Life is very hard.
But sometimes,
lovely things come along.
You've been the greatest joy
life has given us.
[Maria] That's why you must try
to be as happy as possible.
Don't you ever let
that beautiful smile fade.
[Manuel] We know that the people
you live with love and care for you.
[Maria] You must play and laugh a lot
and learn many things at school,
so that, when you grow up,
you can be whatever you want.
-[indistinct chattering]
-[Maria] A lawyer or doctor…
[Manuel] We'll always be near,
watching you as you grow,
as all your dreams come true…
-[Emilia and Álex chatter indistinctly]
-…and you become a man.
You're laughing?
What's wrong with you?
[Maria] If you feel sad and lonely,
if you don't have anyone to play with,
or to talk to,
we'll be here for you,
waiting with open arms.
[Manuel] You're very special to us.
Don't you ever forget we love you.
We'll always be with you.
[solemn music plays]
[Maria] A big kiss. See you soon.
[PA beeps]
[woman over PA] For your own safety,
you must wait your turn
to enter Sector One.
You must show your documents
upon request.
[woman] Fernando.
[Navarro sighs]
Our baby, Fernando.
Our baby, Fernando.
[woman sobs]
-[Alejo] Hello, little sister.
-How are you?
-Not as well as you.
Where's everyone else?
Come. I'll tell you.
We increased the dose, like you wanted,
but more than half died.
[Alma] So, we need to bring in more kids.
Many more.
[Alejo] There's more.
[Alma] Tell me.
[Alejo] I was working on the new analyses
you wanted, the DNA sequencing.
I used the subunits
from the CIM children's samples.
-I just got it done.
I got results.
I want to do it again, just to make sure.
-But the antibodies are through the roof.
-How high?
It's 500%.
-[Alejo] That's the odd part.
The child never made it to the camp.
Never made it?
[tense music plays]
[Alma] Welcome.
So, you're the new arrivals.
These special children are our only hope.
Some are angels.
My angels.
[Hugo] Where's my daughter?
What did you do to her?
Find her.
[Alma] Nothing makes me happier
than being able to save your daughter.
[Alejo] Never made it to the camp.
It's the girl!
-What girl?
-Marta! The girl!
The daughter of the couple
who works at my house.
[Hugo] Sergio's parents turned up dead.
Are you responsible for this?
[Julia] It's no coincidence.
-I know.
-It can't be. They were killed, I know.
-When was it?
-[tires screeching]
What if our son is alive?
Not that again.
I can't go through that again, Alicia.
[Iván] I suspect
it's the only thing worth living for.
I'll do everything to make it work.
-[Hugo] We're truly sorry, sir.
-[man] They didn't listen to me.
They trusted you.
These aren't the flags of this country.
Back up.
Things are getting worse.
The virus jumped the barrier.
[Iván] She's pregnant.
It's Manuela, Mom.
Find me Manuela right now!
-[Iván] Will you help her?
-[Alma] I'll do what's best for her.
[siren wails]
And for you.
[ominous music plays]
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