The Barrier (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

La zona de sombra

A couple says they're Sergio's parents.
They say he was taken away.
Is my son going to die?
We are hopeful now.
The boy needs constant medical attention.
You must make a decision.
-What could we offer him?
-[Manuel] We can give him our love.
-The minister said we can come back.
-[Hugo] Then you can be alone with Juan.
[Alejo] Hello, little sister.
I did what you wanted.
We increased the dose,
but more than half died.
The new analyses you wanted…
the antibodies are through the roof.
-Never made it to the camp.
-Marta! The girl!
I know these children
from the medical building.
They were taken away.
They took some of us and put us on a bus.
We have to find their families.
Where did you get these posters?
What do you know?
Those children may be alive.
-Do you recognize any of the kids?
-One of them was my son.
The fact that we're all here together
is a very big risk, as we know.
But there is something greater…
the thrill and hope that one day
you'll see your children again.
[Alicia] Our baby, Fernando.
-This is getting uglier and uglier.
-What could happen?
[Julia] Madrid could be quarantined.
Careful! She's sick!
-She has the virus!
-[guard] Halt!
[gentle instrumental music plays]
[PA beeping]
[woman over PA] Next stop: Zone B-1.
-[Manuela shrieks] That's disgusting!
-[woman 1] Sir, are you all right?
-He puked on me!
-But, what the--
-[woman 2] Careful!
[man 1 grunts]
-[woman 3] Please, stop the bus!
-[man 2] Stop!
-What is it?
-[man 3] A drunkard.
-He bothered a lady, then collapsed.
-[man 1 retches]
[coughing, retching]
-[man 1 grunts]
-[Manuela gasps]
[Manuela] No!
-[Manuela shrieks]
-[man 1 grunts]
-[Manuela shrieks]
-[man 1 grunts]
-What the fuck are you doing? Get up!
-[man 1 retches]
Drunk son of a bitch…
-Help me get him up.
-[man 3] Are you all right?
Yes, I'm just late for work.
[man 2] Come, quickly!
[Manuela gasps, whimpers]
-[man 1 grunts]
-Everybody freeze! Nobody move!
He's dead.
[ominous music plays]
-[dispatch] Yes, go ahead.
Bus number 15.
-We have a health emergency.
-[dispatch] OK, copy.
biochemical identification protocol.
[siren wails]
[officer 1] Halt! Everybody, back up!
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Nobody move!
This bus is now quarantined.
[theme music plays]
I was at the meeting yesterday.
My name is Alicia.
Yes! That's why you look familiar.
I'm Emilia.
I wanted to come up to you,
but I couldn't.
This is Mateo,
my son.
-[PA beeps]
-[Emilia] So handsome.
[woman over PA] For your health,
mandatory checkups will take place
next Tuesday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
The medical bus…
How long since you last saw him?
[Alicia] It'll be three years in May.
He was pretty sick,
so we took him to the hospital.
He was recovering there. He was…
all better.
[inhales deeply]
Fernando and I were so happy.
Then, one day…
at six in the morning,
a nurse came in and told us
our son was dead.
But he's not dead.
I saw him.
He was alive.
It was a few days later.
Everybody said I needed to get out
of the house, carry on with my life.
So I went back to work…
mostly because I was afraid I'd get fired.
[Alicia] I used to clean
government buildings.
I was at the Registry that day.
I was doing my job
when I heard footsteps…
and saw a boy.
[Alicia] He had his back to me.
I didn't see his face, but that hair…
[sobs] I had this feeling
in the pit of my stomach.
[sniffles] I swear,
my heart stopped beating,
but not just for a second or two,
for quite some time.
[Alicia] It was my son.
I yelled, "Mateo!"
I was about to kick down the door.
I swear, I was going to kick it down.
I yelled his name, but he wouldn't answer.
Suddenly, two police officers came in
and dragged me away.
I tried to explain.
[inhales sharply]
I tried to tell the police,
my friends,
my husband,
but nobody believed me.
Nobody believed me.
[Alicia sobs]
[Iván] What? What the fuck!
[breathing heavily]
Good morning.
You're a piece of work, Iván.
[Iván] It's not me, Manuela.
It's my genes.
My family peaked.
I can only screw up.
[Manuela] Oh, really?
You don't say.
In my case, it's the exact opposite.
I've hit rock-bottom.
So, I hope I have a nice future.
Unlike yours, apparently.
Am I drunk, or are you trying
to tell me something?
You're drunk.
[Iván] Manuela!
You look great with your hair down.
Leave me alone, Iván. Really!
[Iván sighs]
[Julia] Sorry,
I didn't know you were here.
-I was replacing the towels.
-Don't worry. You're fine.
-Are you OK?
A drunk guy puked on me on the bus.
-[Julia] Poor thing.
-Then he passed out.
The police even came for him.
-That's why I was late.
-[Julia] Hey.
Are you OK?
-Are you nauseated?
-No. N…
Come, sit down.
Come, sit here.
[Manuela heaves]
[Julia] Are you just disgusted
by what you saw?
-I don't know…
-[Rosa] About time!
-How did it go at the Registry?
-You told me you had to go--
-[Manuela] Yes!
-Great… all settled.
-[Rosa] Well, good.
Don't just sit there.
The house can't run itself.
-[Rosa] Here, Sara.
Take these to recycling.
Put them in the glass container.
Of course, Rosa.
See you in a bit.
[footsteps recede]
[tense music plays]
-[tires screech]
[Navarro] Alicia.
For God's sake! You scared me, Fernando.
Where were you?
I just…
went out for a bit.
And you?
Were you following me?
Get in the car. I'll take you home.
[Alicia] No.
I'm sorry, but… but I'm not getting in.
Alicia, not that again, OK?
I can't go through that again.
[sobs] What if our son is still alive?
Fernando, please…
We never…
We never saw the body, Fernando.
We never did.
If there's any chance,
I have to keep trying.
I'm sorry.
[Navarro sighs]
[ominous music plays]
-[bell rings]
[Emilia] Good morning.
-Are you behind this?
-What's wrong with it?
-We're looking for the parents.
-[Navarro] What for?
Did you know the kids are dead?
-That's what they say.
-[Navarro] Shut up!
The parents moved on with their lives.
The last thing they need is false hope.
I won't tell you again.
I want you to leave them alone,
you hear me?
Did you hear me?
Loud and clear.
What was his name?
Your son. What was his name?
I fucking swear
I'm going to fucking kill you…
You have no fucking idea
what my wife went through.
She lost everything. They doped her up,
and she's never been the same.
She's doing much better now,
so don't fuck with me.
Maybe she learned to stay quiet,
which is quite different.
One of the children reappeared.
He's alive.
[Álex] Emilia?
[bell rings]
My son is dead.
Did you hear me?
If you keep up with this shit…
[inhales shakily]
…I'll lock you up until you rot away.
our paths have crossed a lot lately.
Watch out.
[bell rings]
-[breathes shakily]
-What happened?
Well, his son…
is one of the missing children.
[Álex] Fuck me!
[door opens]
[door closes]
Good morning.
I'm not here to see you.
too bad.
Is everything OK?
Your family?
Everyone's fine.
-Thank you.
-[Jiménez] I'm very glad.
[Alma] Major, what a surprise!
Can we talk?
Yes, of course. Let's go to the study.
-[Alma] Some coffee, please.
[Jiménez] A very serious incident
happened this morning.
I believe it is my duty
to inform you personally.
-We appreciate that, Major.
-Go on.
We don't want to alarm anyone,
and we hope it's an isolated case.
Get to the point, Major.
[door opens]
A noravirus case was confirmed
half-an-hour ago within Sector 1.
A man on a workers' bus.
[ominous music plays]
[Luis] What happened?
He started vomiting and collapsed.
He died right there.
[Alma] Have they run the tests?
Yes. And without a doubt,
it is a very aggressive strain--
What a disaster!
How did he clear the health checks
at the barrier?
-Who's responsible? Who's at fault?
-We're on it.
We have isolated everyone
who was on the bus,
except for two people who ran away:
a man and, possibly, a woman.
-No matching descriptions yet.
-[Alma] Are you trying to say
we have at least two infected people
in our sector?
We will locate them. I promise.
[Jiménez] Wait!
What time did you arrive today?
Did you see those two people running
in this direction?
[Luis] Answer, Sara. Please.
All right. I arrived at 7:30 a.m.,
as I do every day.
-Before breakfast.
-What about the others?
Well, Hugo came with me, and…
Rosa and Manuela sleep here.
-The live-in help.
-[Luis] Right.
Thank you, Sara. You may go.
We must implement some guidelines.
The man on the bus…
it was noravirus.
-I heard it from the major.
No, no, no. It can't be.
It can't be! [whimpers]
[Manuela breathes shakily]
Calm down.
-Nothing will happen to you.
-He died in front of me, Sara.
-He's dead!
[tense music plays]
If you were infected,
you'd have a red rash all over.
You're clear. You're good.
Let's see your arm.
-It's not that easy to catch.
-[inhales sharply] He vomited on me, Sara.
I must tell madam.
You're not saying anything to anyone.
Did you hear me?
[sniffles] What if I'm infected?
The virus is only spread by bodily fluids.
Really, relax.
Well, let me see it.
[gentle music plays]
Do you know this boy, dear?
Look closely.
[Marta] He looks a lot like one of them.
he was skinnier.
his hair was shorter.
Was his name Mateo?
No. His name was Pedro.
They look a lot alike.
His eyes,
they had the same… serious look.
Yes, it looks like him.
He could be that boy, but older.
But his name wasn't Mateo.
Well, they could've
changed his name, right?
[knocking on door]
I'll get it.
-[Begoña] Emilia.
[Begoña] Did you hear?
About what?
Those two who were at your house
the other day.
-[Emilia] Yes.
-That couple.
-[Emilia] What about them?
-They were killed.
What did you say, Begoña?
[Begoña] Yes.
Yesterday, they found them
on the street, dead.
What happened?
That's what I'm wondering, Emilia.
What happened?
What kind of people come into your home?
They were very nice people, Begoña.
-I don't know what--
-[Begoña] Please.
Good people don't get in trouble.
If I were you,
I'd make better friends…
because I can't continue
to look the other way.
[distant door closes]
[Emilia] Álex.
I'm going to the phone booth
to make a call. I'll be right back, Marta.
[door opens]
[phone rings]
All right, Emilia. Thanks.
Let this be the last time
you get a personal call in this house.
-[Hugo sighs]
-[phone slams]
[Rosa] May I know where you're going?
-[mispronounces] Belly button!
-Belly bottom!
-Belly bottom!
-That's not it!
What do you mean?
What do you mean that's not it?
-Don't try to correct me!
-[Hugo] Sara?
-[giggles] What?
-Sara, please.
-Can you come here?
Be right there. Put this on.
Hi, Hugo.
Hi, Sergio.
[Julia] There you go.
I'll be right back, OK?
What is it?
Sergio's parents were found dead.
I can't believe it!
Poor thing.
I hope he doesn't learn the truth
anytime soon.
It's no coincidence, Hugo.
-I know.
-They were killed, I'm sure.
I know. I know.
-[Sergio] Should I put my cardigan on?
-Yes, dear.
I can't button it up.
I'll help you. Don't worry.
The burial is this afternoon.
I want to go talk to the grandpa.
-I'll go with you.
-No, stay here.
It's best if you stay with him.
You think it's our fault?
Do you think they were killed…
-so they couldn't get their son back?
-I don't know.
[Julia sighs]
-Be careful, Hugo.
-[Hugo] Yes.
-Did you hear me?
[Julia] I'm coming, honey.
[Hugo sighs]
[Julia chuckles]
You did it all yourself!
Come here. [chuckles]
You're a champ!
You did it well.
Give me a hug.
-[Manuel] Let us see him, please.
-[Hugo] Sit down, please.
-Calm down.
-[María] Let us see him.
We won't say anything.
We lost him six years ago.
We were told both had died.
[Hugo] …you'll go to jail, or worse.
You have to trust me.
[exhales shakily]
[Hugo] Don't worry. This is…
just the beginning, OK?
What was my mother like?
[Hugo] You have to trust me.
-[Rosa] Hugo.
-[Hugo] You have to trust me.
-[Rosa] Hugo!
[Hugo] Yes, sorry.
I need you to pick up some things.
Come to the kitchen. I'll give you a list.
I'm sorry, I can't work today.
I'm taking a day off.
[chuckles] You're taking a day off?
Tell the minister to deduct it
from your vacation days.
Now that I think about it,
you don't get vacation days.
What you do have
is a job anyone would kill for.
You can either quit or hang yourself,
but there are no days off.
-Come to the kitchen.
-[Hugo] I'm serious, Rosa.
I'm leaving right now.
Do whatever you want. I'm not your mother!
[Hugo sighs]
[Hugo] Sir.
I need to talk to you…
I am sick of them.
I can't take them anymore.
More coffee?
[Jiménez] You know what I want.
[Alma] Don't you even!
When did it happen?
On the street, sir.
I took them back home.
We talked the whole way. They were…
They were happy.
They had finally hugged their son again.
Did anyone get arrested?
[scoffs] No, sir.
Of course not.
I'd like the afternoon off.
I want to go to the burial.
I must be there.
Yes, of course. Whatever you need.
Thank you, sir.
I'll go with you.
I don't know, sir. It's in Sector 2,
in the municipal cemet--
[Luis] I said I'm going with you.
Get the car ready. Wait for me.
-[indistinct chattering]
-[door opens, closes]
Sorry, I must go.
Where to?
As for what happened this morning, make
the necessary health-security decisions.
Call me if there are any problems.
Thank you, Major. Keep me updated.
[Alma] He's acting strange.
He no longer tells me what's on his mind.
He avoids me.
He changed. [sighs]
I feel like he doesn't love me anymore,
well… not like before.
-[Jiménez] Do you love him?
Yes. I don't know…
We have such a history…
Though, lately,
there's a lot that drives us apart too.
There's no need to discuss this with you.
This isn't the time or place.
Sorry, I'm a little…
-Don't worry.
I demand new checks at the barrier.
I need tissue samples.
Do you have the body?
My people took him.
Can you drop me off at my office?
-We'll talk more in the car.
-No, Alma. Alma, Alma…
-I must ask you something.
Don't leave the house. Hmm?
Take care of urgent matters
over the phone.
Just for one day…
until they find the infected. Hmm?
Don't look at me like that.
I care about you. I can't help it.
Alma, will you listen to me?
I love that you care about me.
You have no idea how much I like it.
[Alma moans]
[PA beeps]
[woman over PA] For your own safety,
you must wait your turn to enter Sector 1.
You must show your documents
upon request.
Hold on.
Take it easy.
Emilia sent us.
She wants to see you all again,
this afternoon… same place.
Thank you very much.
What you're doing is very important.
-Thank you so much.
-Somebody had to do it.
[chuckles] You're both very good looking.
Such a cute couple.
-I know!
-[Alicia chuckles]
[Alicia] Thanks.
Shall we?
[Daniela] Let's go.
[Álex] When I arrived here,
I hated Madrid.
I thought it was the worst decision
we'd ever made.
I just wanted to go back to Asturias.
Not anymore?
No way. I'm glad I came now.
Why's that?
Well, because…
we're doing important work.
[woman over PA] For your safety,
please have your safe-conducts
and your documents
at law enforcement officers' disposal.
[footsteps marching]
[Daniela] What are you doing?
[Álex] Don't move.
[door opens]
I'm back to the world of the living.
I don't feel like talking, OK?
Manuela, don't get mad.
[Manuela] I'm not mad. I'm working.
[Iván inhales]
[Manuela sighs]
[Iván] See, you're mad!
[Manuela sighs]
Yesterday was my friend's birthday.
-What was I supposed to do? Skip it?
You're grown-up enough
to do whatever you want with your life.
You're jealous.
Come on, Manuela.
Next time, I'll take you out with me.
-What do you say?
What's with her?
I'm here to work,
not meddle in other people's lives.
-Leave her alone. Don't annoy her anymore.
-I just want to know what's wrong.
She's terrified.
Of what?
She's pregnant, Iván.
[Rosa] She didn't tell me.
But, at my age,
I can tell just by looking at her.
What did you expect?
You're no longer a child.
You know life is not a game.
You can't run away all the time.
You don't fool me.
I've known you forever.
-[Iván] Not a problem.
I didn't know you liked soccer.
At your age, I was the best in my grade.
-[Iván] Mm-hmm.
So, you could teach me to shoot.
and how to dodge, and how to score.
-What do you say?
-[woman] Help!
Somebody help!
Luis! Alma!
You need to help us!
-What do you want?
-Let us in, please.
-Stay back.
-[woman] Alma, let us in, please.
-What is it, Isabel?
-They came for us.
Our gardener was on the bus.
They want to take us all away.
Stay away. They may be infected!
Calm down, Isabel.
It's just the safely protocol.
You'll just spend a few days
in observation. I'll oversee everything.
-[Sergio] Laura!
Sergio, no! No! Sergio, no!
Sergio, you can't get close.
They could be sick! Come here.
-[Isabel] Alma!
-[Alma] Come here, Sergio.
Alma, you're a mother too.
Keep my daughter, at least.
Please, I beg you. We're friends.
You know I can't do that, Isabel.
-Alma, please.
-I want Laura to come in.
[man] Halt! Police!
[officer 1] Let's go.
-Don't move!
-[officer 2] Halt!
-[Alma] Let's go.
-[officer 1] Don't move!
-[Alma] Iván, let's go too.
-[officer 2] Halt!
-We must talk.
-[officer 2] Let's go. Halt! Into the van!
-[officer 1] Hands behind your back.
-[Isabel] Please.
-Please, don't hurt us.
-[officer 2] Let's go.
-[Isabel] Don't hurt us.
-[officer 2] Let's go! Let's go!
-[Isabel] Where are you taking us?
-[siren wails]
[Isabel] Get in, let's go.
[Julia] Manuela. Manuela!
[Julia] Manuela, stop!
[breathing heavily]
Where are they going?
-What are they doing?
-Calm down, please.
-You have to keep calm.
-Leave me alone, Sara!
Get away! [panicked breathing]
Manuela, open the door.
-They'll hear us. Open the door, please.
-[Manuela] Go away!
[somber music plays]
-[exhales shakily]
-[distant phone rings]
[footsteps approach]
[Navarro] Major. Major.
What happened?
I'm not sure if you heard,
but yesterday afternoon
a husband and wife were shot
in the street.
Yes, I heard about that.
Should we investigate it?
this country has much bigger problems
than a mere robbery in Sector 2.
-Don't you agree?
-It wasn't a robbery.
Excuse me?
I looked them up.
The family information is classified.
Isn't that odd?
With all due respect, Major,
someone killed them
and made it look like robbery.
They had nothing.
What was there to steal?
You know I deeply value
your professionalism, don't you?
Your job is not…
to go out and investigate on your own.
Nor is it to even think…
for yourself.
You just do what I tell you to do.
Don't get confused again.
I won't, sir.
[door closes]
-[Manuela] Leave me alone, Sara.
-No, I won't.
Please, open up. You can't stay
locked in there all day, Manuela.
Manuela's in there?
Manuela, open the door. Open up!
-Please, they'll hear--
-So, let them!
Manuela, please, open up.
I know you're pregnant.
I want to talk to you.
[door unlocks]
-Don't get near me.
Stay where you are.
Not another step.
Say what you want from over there.
OK, I won't move…
but let me tell you something.
I know the decision is yours.
Only you know what you want.
I understand you want to stay away.
I often want to run away from myself.
But before you make a decision,
I've been meaning to say something,
but I wasn't able to because…
because I was too sleepy,
or too drunk,
or terrified of making a fool of myself.
I want to tell you…
you're the only person in this house
that matters to me.
I haven't been away much,
but… I suspect…
you are one of the few things
that matter in this life.
And I can't believe how lucky we are
to have met.
Well, I'm the lucky one.
You've been dealt a shitty hand.
-No, Iván--
-[Iván] Yes, a shitty one.
But, if you want…
If you…
want to have that baby,
just so you know, I want it too.
I'll do whatever I can
to make sure we're all right.
I don't know how,
but I'm telling you I'll figure it out.
If you trust me just a little,
we can move forward,
whatever happens.
Where would we go?
[inhales shakily]
I was on the bus, Iván.
Next to the dead man.
It was me.
They're after me.
[Manuela sobs]
-No, no--
Take it easy.
Everything will be OK.
I'll be by your side.
[Manuela sniffles]
[Manuela sobs]
[ominous music plays]
Wait here.
I'll fix this.
We're out of time, Alejo.
Things are getting worse.
The virus jumped the barrier.
What should we do?
Divide up the kids and decide
with which family they'll each be placed.
The girl we talked about,
her name was Marta, right?
[knocking on door]
We'll talk later.
-[Alma] Come in, love.
-[door opens]
[Alma] What is it?
I need your help.
Come to Momma.
You can tell me anything.
Tell me.
It's Manuela, Mom.
She's pregnant.
And she's sick.
She was on the bus.
[tense music plays]
You have to help her, Mom.
Use the vaccine even if it may not work.
If we don't try to help her, I'll die!
I know this isn't what you wanted
and that I always fuck everything up.
But I promise I love her.
I really do.
I think being with her is the first thing
I can do right in my whole life.
[panicked sobbing] Sara!
Mom, are you mad?
At you?
I could never be mad at you, my love.
Where is she?
The bathroom downstairs.
Stay here.
Wait until I come back, OK?
You'll help her, right?
I'll do what's best for her.
And for you.
No, Mom.
Mom, wait! Mom!
[Iván] Please, wait!
Mom. Please, don't call. They'll kill her.
[Alma] Enough!
[Iván] Mom!
Mom, please!
[Alma] Rai.
[Rai] Ma'am?
Open the door.
[Alma] Where is she?
Where did she go?
Find her!
Find me Manuela right now!
[breathes shakily]
Can you find the car keys?
[Manuela gasps]
[Alma] Rosa, where are you?
Did you find her?
No, ma'am.
There's no one here.
But I heard something upstairs.
I'll check.
[dramatic music plays]
[Iván] Come on. Hurry.
-Take good care of her. Good luck.
-Sara, I--
-It's fine. Hurry!
Good luck!
We are terribly sorry, sir.
We're here if you need anything.
I told my son and his wife…
that they shouldn't talk to you.
People like you don't do things right.
They didn't listen.
They trusted you.
Look at them now.
Look where they ended up.
I give you my word
I'll do everything in my power
to make this right.
It's too late.
[Luis] Can we take you somewhere?
That won't be necessary.
[Luis] I insist.
I'd never get in that car.
And those are not the flags
of this country.
[Emilia] They had nothing.
Now they have nobody.
No, that's not true.
He has his grandson.
Come with me, Luis.
[indistinct chattering]
This is my granddaughter, Marta, and…
she's ten years old.
She's here
because she wants to tell you something.
I'm glad you came, Alicia.
It wasn't easy coming here.
You are all very brave.
Alicia, like everyone here,
was told her child was dead.
I asked her to give me
a picture of Mateo, her son.
I showed it to Marta.
I know a boy
who looks a lot like the one in the photo.
[Alicia gasps]
[Marta] He… has that same serious look
on his face.
In that place,
we were all a little afraid.
[kids sing] is opening on our path ♪
With more glory… ♪
[Marta] Because we were alone,
it was a really big place.
There were lots of guards.
They all had guns.
But some good things happened there too.
They would give us yogurt as a snack.
And we made friends.
My best friend's name was Felipe.
He was super funny,
and his ears stuck out a little.
-[man chuckles]
-[gasps] Felipe…
[Marta] But…
I'm not sure Felipe is all right.
Sometimes, the shots
made us very sick.
What shots? What did they do to you?
How do we know they didn't hurt the kids?
We don't know yet,
but let her finish her story.
my father found me.
sorry I didn't tell you earlier.
He promised he would come back for me.
they took us away that night.
Not all of us, just a few.
On a bus.
The boy who looks like Mateo was there.
So was my friend, Ana. She's very tall,
and she said her dad called her "froggy."
That's Ana! That's Ana!
But… I don't know where they are now.
[man 1] But we'll look for them.
Our son must turn up.
-[man 2] Listen, dear--
-[overlapping questions]
-[Emilia] We'll find them.
-[indistinct chattering]
[Emilia] Let's get organized.
We'll find them. Have some hope.
There's someone who asked to speak here,
and I'm sure he can help us.
[whispers] Why is he here?
He's gonna kill me.
I'll tell him I dragged you here.
I'm being serious.
I'll say that you're a great lawyer.
You're helping us.
[Luis] I…
I'm the Minister of Health.
This subject is close to my heart
because, at home,
we have one of these children.
Until very recently,
I was certain that he was an orphan.
I am very sorry.
My daughter, Daniela, is here.
Hi, honey.
I'm sure she's as scared as I am.
I'd like to thank you.
You're always in the right place.
I promise you I'm on your side.
You can count on me.
I don't know how yet.
I don't know where to begin
in looking for your children…
in getting you justice,
in preventing an atrocity like this
from happening again.
But I promise I will.
I know…
there's nothing worse than losing a child.
[uplifting music plays]
-Do you know where your son is?
-Iván, this is very dangerous
for you and all of us.
[Luis] I'll have Sergio tested.
-I'll get to the bottom of this.
-Do what you like!
I saw my son dead at the hospital.
[Emilia] Can you honestly say
this isn't your son?
[Manuela] I'm sick.
I could infect you.
We can't get sick.
-You won't tell me anything?
-Nothing happened.
You'll fall in love again someday.
[Jiménez] I want the 20 most efficient
and loyal men in this building.
I want them now. Understood?
[Navarro] Understood, sir.
[Álex] How about we get together one day,
get drunk and see what happens?
We'll find your son.
I promise.
-What is it?
-[Alejo] He's been infected.
Come here.
[Alma] If my son dies, I'll kill myself!
Where the fuck is she?
[Emilia] You're the only parent
who can help me find them.
[strained breathing]
[ominous music plays]
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