The Barrier (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

La soledad de dos

[Jiménez] A noravirus case was confirmed
in Sector 1.
[Alma] Are you trying to say
we have at least two infected people
-in our sector?
-We'll find them.
This is Mateo, my son.
[Marta] They look a lot alike.
We never saw the body, Fernando.
-We never did.
[bell rings]
One of the children reappeared.
He's alive.
-[Isabel] Alma!
-Stay back.
[Isabel] Our gardener was on the bus.
They came for us.
[siren wails]
I was on the bus, Iván.
They're after me.
[Hugo] Sergio's parents were found dead.
They were killed, I'm sure.
They had nothing.
What was there to steal?
This country has much bigger problems
than a mere robbery in Sector 2.
[granddad] They didn't listen.
They trusted you.
Those are not the flags of this country.
-[Rosa] She's pregnant, Iván.
-[Iván] And she's sick.
She was on the bus.
[Luis] This subject is dear to my heart
because, at home,
we have one of those kids.
I promise you I'm on your side.
I don't know where to begin
in looking for your children,
in getting you justice,
but I promise I will.
-[Iván] You'll help her, right?
-I'll do what's best for her. And for you.
Find me Manuela right now!
Good luck.
[indistinct chattering]
[kids laughing]
Sit down.
[Manuela shivers]
Are you cold?
[Manuela] A little.
Come, get in bed.
And you?
Are you OK?
Of course.
Don't worry about me.
What are you doing, Iván? I told you
not to get near her without protection.
-Come, get out.
-[Iván] No, I'd rather stay.
Please, wait outside. We'll get her ready.
It'll only be a minute.
[Manuela] Go on, go.
-You can come back in a bit, OK?
-Of course.
Relax, everything is OK.
[phone rings]
Don't answer it!
It's your mother, Iván. She's worried.
This is her fifth call. Let me answer.
If you answer, I'll get Manuela,
and you'll never see us again.
[phone continues ringing]
-[phone beeps, ringing stops]
But calm down.
What do you want me to do?
What's your plan?
-Give her the vaccine.
-[Alejo] It isn't stable.
We weren't able to test it
on infected people.
She contracted it less than 24 hours ago.
Give it to her!
But stay away from her.
Do you hear me?
Iván, this is very dangerous
for you and for all of us.
Promise me you'll stay away.
We'll see.
[ominous music plays]
What's wrong?
[theme music plays]
I don't know where they could be.
You know I would tell you, ma'am.
Rosa, get me
Manuela's parents' address, now!
Her parents died, ma'am.
A grandma, aunt, someone.
She must have someone! Right?
-She doesn't have anyone, ma'am.
-[door opens, closes]
[Jiménez] Good afternoon.
Leave us.
Why are you here?
-How are you?
-Take a guess!
You can't just show up like this.
I can't reach Luis.
-He could be on his way here.
-"On his way"? Are you alone?
-Leave, please.
-Alma, look at me. Look at me.
I have checkpoints at every exit
and five units combing every road.
-We'll find him.
-I want you to leave.
-We'll find your son.
I promise.
[calling tone sounds]
Answer, dammit!
-[phone rings]
-[indistinct chattering]
[Emilia] I saw your husband came, Alicia.
Where is he?
[Alicia] He had to leave.
He would be an immense help.
My husband is a good person, but…
he never wanted to believe
Mateo was still alive. He still doesn't.
[clicks tongue] Maybe he just needs time…
The thing is,
there's never enough time, Alicia.
I'm so sorry, Emilia.
How can that man be so blind?
-He's a cop. He knows--
-[Luis] No, Emilia.
That is exactly why he's so confused.
He's within the system.
I know because so am I.
All this makes me feel so lost.
I am certain he has
more than enough reason to be worried.
He's just a cop.
If they hear people are poking around,
guess what they'll do to him.
[man] Excuse me.
I wanted to thank you
for everything you're doing
to try to find our children.
If you allow me…
This is a song I learned here in Spain.
I used to sing it to my baby every night,
for good luck.
[sings in Basque]
It says kids must fall asleep right away,
before the big dog comes and gets them.
[man continues singing]
He's singing in Basque.
How can you understand that?
My grandma sang it to me
when I was little.
[man continues singing]
May God help us all.
-[Marta] I'm so hungry.
-[Julia laughs]
What's for dinner?
How about a special dinner? Hmm?
Uh… pasta with fried tomato.
[Marta] Really, again?
-[PA beeps]
-[Julia] Guess what I'd like to have.
Salad with fresh tomatoes.
-[Julia chuckles] Fresh cod, delicious.
[Marta] That sounds amazing!
-And for dessert?
-[Marta] What?
-[Julia] Strawberries.
-[Julia] And chocolate.
-The good kind that melts in your mouth.
-Stop it!
-Shut up!
-Sorry, honey. We're out of tomato.
[Julia] Oh, no fried tomato!
But I have something here.
Let's see… Oops!
What's this?
I do have some cod.
[Julia chuckles]
And fresh tomatoes and strawberries.
[Marta] Wow!
-Where did you get all this?
I bought it.
-Somewhere you can find many things, huh?
-[Hugo] Mm-hmm.
There's plenty there.
Yes, Rosa's market.
Everything for cheap.
With almonds.
[Hugo and Julia chuckle]
-[Marta] Julia!
-What? Want some?
-[Marta] Yes.
-Give me a kiss, then. [kisses]
It's yours. You earned it.
-May I open it?
-Yes, but give me a piece. Hmm?
You can keep the entire bar, sweetie.
[woman 1] Five flowers
for the price of four!
Five flowers!
-[woman 2] What's that worth?
-[PA beeps]
[woman over PA] For your own safety,
do not stop or stand in groups
on the street.
Keep your documents with you
and show them to law enforcement
when asked.
[PA beeps]
[woman over PA] For your health,
mandatory checkups will take place
next Tuesday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
I would give you a hug, too, but…
Just so you know,
I'm hugging you in my mind.
You seem like a fucking great guy.
And your daughter's also fucking gre--
I mean, awesome.
She's lucky you're her father,
and you're lucky she's your daughter.
What was Álex saying?
What he won't dare tell you.
He's mad about you.
[wind howls]
[ominous music plays]
-No. Give it to her first, Alejo.
-You'll both get it.
-No, give it to her first!
-[Alejo] What's wrong, Iván? Calm down.
-You can't be like this
If you want us to give
it to her first… fine.
Does it hurt?
[Iván] There you go.
We'll be fine, OK? I promise.
[inhales sharply] Thanks. I owe you one.
[ominous music plays]
[breathing heavily]
[Iván] Manuela.
Manuela. Manuela!
-What's wrong? Do something!
-[Alejo] She's just tired.
[Iván] Tired?
What did you give her?
What did you give her?
[Luis] Daniela.
[Daniela] Yes?
I'm going to talk to your mother.
It won't be a nice talk.
Don't worry, Dad.
I need to clear some things up with her
about those children.
[Luis] Hmm.
[Daniela] You think she's lying to you?
I don't know.
I hope not.
I'm sure there's an explanation.
I'm sure.
Do you still love her?
Do you love each other?
Of course, we do.
Your mother and I are very close.
But sometimes couples…
We've been together for a while.
It's as if we're part of each other.
But, as time goes by,
we make some decisions
that really drive us apart.
It's odd…
how long it takes you to realize that.
But then…
you suddenly realize
that you and your partner
speak a completely different language.
[door closes]
Finally! Where were you?
I've been calling. Why didn't you answer?
-Where's your father?
-His office.
-What? Have you heard from your brother?
-No, why?
Luis, I called you a thousand times!
-Where were you?
-Stop it.
Will you let me talk, for once?
Sergio's parents have been killed.
He isn't the only child who was taken.
There are lots more.
Their parents are looking for them.
most children have been to CIM.
[Alma] Will you listen to me?
-Do you know where your son is?
-Who cares?
I'll test Sergio's blood.
I'll get to the bottom of this.
[Alma] Do what you like!
I don't know what you're talking about
or what you heard.
But while you were who-knows-where,
doing who-knows-what,
our son disappeared.
-[phone rings]
-[Alejo] Sister.
Why didn't you answer? I was calling you.
Is Iván there with you?
[Alejo] Yes, he's here with me.
[sighs] Oh, good…
Now I feel better.
-[Alma] If he's with you, he's fine.
-[machines beeping]
is my son OK?
No, Alma.
He's infected with the virus.
-What is it?
-[Alma] He's infected.
Alejo… Alejo!
-I'm coming right away.
-[Alejo] No.
Wait there. We're on our way.
Holy Mother…
-Poor Manuela.
-[sighs] I wish there was a cure.
So do I.
So do I.
Where did they go?
I'm not sure that guy
could have taken her far.
-Iván loves her, Hugo.
-[chuckles] Really?
[Julia] Yes, it's hard to believe…
but he really loves her.
He truly does, you know?
love is incredible.
[both laugh]
So is this whiskey. [snickers]
Give me some.
-[Hugo coughs]
[Julia] Mm.
-Do you miss it?
I mean, not my sister.
I know you miss her.
I mean…
Being in love with someone.
Get the blanket. You're gonna freeze.
-Hey! [chuckles]
Don't change the subject, OK?
Come on.
-Do you miss it?
-There's nothing wrong with that.
-Of course I miss being in love.
I miss it all the time.
What about it?
-Ooh! [chuckles]
You're such a jerk!
-No, I mean…
-Being with her.
Listening to her breathing.
-And having sex.
I really miss having sex.
-[chuckles] Sex is great, that's true.
-It is.
[both chuckle]
You'll fall in love again one day.
[Hugo] Hmph.
My sister wouldn't mind.
-[Julia] She'd want you to be happy.
[Hugo sighs]
[Julia] You know that, right?
Yes, I do.
You're a great guy.
You don't talk much, but you're great.
[both chuckle]
[Julia inhales, exhales deeply]
It's so nice out here, isn't it?
[Julia sighs]
I could sleep here all night.
That's how nice it is out here.
[PA beeps]
[woman over PA] For your own safety,
the curfew ends now. You may walk freely.
Remember to have your ID on you
-at all times.
-[curtains open]
[Hugo sighs, groans]
-What's wrong?
-[Hugo] Nothing.
I have to go to the mansion.
They're waiting.
-But it's so early.
-I know.
[groans lightly]
[sighs] Look at you.
[Álex] So?
You won't tell me anything?
About what?
About last night, dammit!
I saw you two go up to the roof.
Nothing happened last night.
Stop busting my balls.
You're so boring.
We used to talk about everything.
But since we got here…
-[footsteps approach]
-[Hugo sighs]
[Julia] Am I interrupting?
No, not at all.
-Shall we?
-[Hugo] Let's go. [sighs]
[Álex chuckles lightly]
[footsteps recede]
Good morning.
-You're finally here.
Rosa, what happened?
What was bound to happen.
They were located, and both are infected.
They're coming home, but…
it doesn't sound good.
That virus is a bitch.
My cousin…
Well, who cares?
Relax, Rosa.
The best place they can be is at home.
-This a disaster!
-[Rosa] Come on.
Enough chitchat.
They'll be here any minute.
Take these sheets to the master bedroom.
-I'll make some room for Manuela.
-Of course, Rosa.
Of course.
Hey, hey. What is it?
-What did I do?
-What did I do? [sobs]
Nothing. Look at me. Look at me.
You wanted to help, that's all.
At least they're together, right?
Of course.
-Let's go.
Let's go.
[ominous music plays]
You're here.
Thank you for coming so fast.
We just heard.
-We're very sorry… about everything.
-What's that?
We came to change the sheets.
Do you know anything about noravirus?
It's a deadly virus.
Clean sheets aren't the cure.
Anything an infected person touches,
sheets, towels, clothes…
has to be burned after.
Alma, they're not doctors.
Then really explain the situation to them,
so they know what we're up against.
I believe you understand
we're a little nervous.
This is the kind of virus that,
once inside the system,
can spread very quickly.
Contagion happens
when body fluids are exchanged:
saliva, sweat, blood, vomit…
That's why it's important
to avoid any type of physical contact.
You'll be given gloves and masks.
Still, I don't want you
to come into this room for any reason.
-Is that clear?
[Luis] Good.
[sighs] Your father was an expert
on this virus.
I know.
I wish he were here.
So do I.
Why the fuck are you here?
Have you gone insane?
[Emilia] I saw you at the meeting,
but you left before we could talk.
I told you everything I had to say,
and you didn't fucking listen!
I'm just looking for the kids.
You're the only parent
who can help me find them.
-Don't you get it?
-There's no one to find.
I saw my son dead at the hospital.
Do you know how long
it took me to accept that?
Didn't you hear
my granddaughter yesterday?
Didn't you hesitate for a second?
Didn't you think
one of them could be your son?
[Navarro sighs]
maybe you can fool those parents
with all your talk, but not me.
I know a con artist when I see one.
Can you really tell me
this is not your son?
[tense music plays]
I don't want to see you here again.
Go away!
[phone vibrates]
[phone continues vibrating]
-[Jiménez] Alma.
Do you have any news?
No, Enrique.
Sorry I didn't tell you. My son…
He went to my brother's camp.
They're coming home.
I hope it's not too late.
Good God!
Let's hope not.
-[Jiménez] How are you?
-How do you think?
I'm devastated.
I'm this country's top virologist,
the best.
And my son caught it from a servant.
-On top of that, my husband…
-Wait, what's with your husband?
He was accusing me this morning. He says
parents are looking for their kids.
-[Alma] He asked if I know where they are.
-Outrageous! Where did he get it from?
-[Jiménez] Alma.
Should I take care of it?
Could you?
Whatever you need. You know that.
I think…
I never thanked you enough.
-Enrique, are you there?
-You don't need to thank me.
I have to go.
I have something to take care of.
[ominous music plays]
-[Navarro] Major.
-Why was that woman here, Navarro?
-What woman?
-[Jiménez] I'm not stupid.
Why was that woman here?
That woman is crazy, sir.
She's only talking nonsense.
-What nonsense?
-Something about children
who have long been dead.
I told her not to bother us again.
I didn't arrest her
because she's the minister's friend.
I thought I should let her go.
I want the 20 most efficient
and loyal men in this building. Right now.
Understood, sir.
-How is he?
-He's sedated.
Hi, Luis.
-Thanks for bringing him.
-His fever has spiked.
Fever reducers aren't working.
Take him to the bedroom.
You'll get better, you hear me?
Can you hear me?
-They didn't bring Manuela.
-[Alma] You'll get better.
-[Alejo] Alma.
-[Alma] Can you hear me?
[Alejo] I'll get him ready.
[ominous music plays]
[footsteps approach]
[gasps] No, don't get close.
I'm sick.
I could infect you.
We don't get sick.
We heal people.
What's your name?
Hi, Pedro.
-I have to go. Bye.
-[Manuela] Wait!
[door opens]
[strained breathing]
My love. Honey.
-My love.
-[machine beeps]
[ominous music plays]
[Alma sniffles]
-How is he? What can we do?
-I don't know.
We lost crucial time.
The virus is in his blood,
traveling through his body.
Didn't you have a vaccine?
A prototype?
No, you can't be here.
We must follow protocol.
-Will he be OK?
-Yes, Mom is doing everything she can.
-Leave now. Go!
-[Daniela] Sergio…
Sergio. Sergio, let's go.
-Come on.
-Is Iván sick? Will he die?
Of course not.
He's just sick.
But he's sleeping, so he doesn't know.
I don't want anything to happen to him.
I really like Iván… even though
he doesn't really pay attention to me.
[chuckles] I feel the same way. Come here.
Finish the towels
and break down Manuela's bed.
We should wait a bit longer.
Maybe they'll bring her.
They won't, Sara.
Don't you see?
But how can they…
We must help her somehow,
don't you think?
[Luis] Demerol.
Yes, Demerol, 100 mg.
Yes, Demerol 100 mg. What else?
Acetaminophen capsules?
Yes, perfect. Thanks.
Rosa, the towels?
-Yes, sir. Almost ready.
-Well, hurry.
-Excuse me, sir.
-Enjoying your coffee, Rai?
Tell the driver to move the ambulance.
I don't want the neighbors to see it.
-[Julia] Excuse me, sir.
-No, no, no. Wait!
You'd better park it in back.
-[Julia] Sir, I--
-What do you want?
Um… how is Manuela?
-How would I know?
-[Julia] She left with your son.
They left together.
She's pregnant, sir.
nobody told me anything.
We thought they'd come together,
but they didn't bring her.
We're afraid she's alone
and dying.
[Luis sighs]
Rosa, the towels.
-Bring them.
-[Rosa] Yes, sir.
He's dying on me, Alejo. He's dying.
He got a transfusion in the ambulance,
but he's not responding.
-This is the most aggressive strain, Alma.
He can't die! [sniffles]
If my son dies, I'll kill myself!
You hear me? [sniffles]
We have the blood I mentioned, but…
[sighs] …I don't know.
Do whatever it takes, Alejo.
Whatever it takes.
-[Alejo] What?
-Where's the girl?
-What girl?
-She was with my son. Where is she?
-I don't know who--
-Now's not the time
to treat me like a fool. Where is she?
She was dying. She got infected days ago.
Bring her body, then.
Where the fuck is she?
Sara, Hugo. Come here.
Come on.
Manuela is here. Go get her. Take the van.
-Hurry, and we may be lucky.
[Luis] Go on.
Go on.
[girl] Come on, Luis!
[boy] Let's go! Hurry up!
I have to go.
[weakly] Water. Water…
I'm sorry. Bye.
Every day that passes
is a fucking day wasted.
I know, but we have to wait.
Besides, it's none of your business.
-In fact…
-[Álex] "In fact" what?
[splutters] Forget it.
What is it, Emilia?
You should leave, Álex.
I'll talk to my daughter and Hugo.
The four of you must go to Asturias.
When they find out
we're looking for the kids,
anything could happen.
If you think my brother will go
without you, you don't know him at all.
And you don't know me either.
If we go, we all go.
I've never been more certain
that I wanted to stay here.
I've been looking the other way
for too long.
There you go.
Why don't you take Marta?
I don't like her being alone for so long.
I gave her homework. She's doing division.
She said it would take her a while.
Marta has known how to divide
for a couple of years now.
[Daniela chuckles]
-Do you want more water?
-[Sergio] Yes.
Don't forget to recycle the glass bottle.
Uncle Luis told me
recycling is very important.
[phone vibrates]
[Álex] Daniela, just listen.
If you interrupt me, I won't have the guts
to say what I need to say.
I like you.
Well, much more than that.
I'm in love with you.
So what if it's old-fashioned? It's true.
I'm not asking you to love me. Seriously.
But, I'm not crazy,
and I know you like me a little too.
How about we…
get together one day,
get drunk and see what happens?
OK, but you should tell her.
[Sergio] Daniela, it's your boyfriend.
For fuck's sake.
[Daniela] Hello? Álex?
Yeah, it's me.
[Daniela] Did you call about my brother?
Of course.
[knocking on door]
[Begoña] Marta, honey.
I know you're there.
Open up for a second, cutie.
[Marta] Grandma is at the store, Begoña.
[Begoña] I know that.
I wanted to talk to you, honey,
not your grandma.
Your parents told me
to tell you to come with me
to the house where they work.
[Marta] My uncle Álex should be here
any second.
If they want me there, he can take me.
[Begoña] Ah!
You're so stubborn, child.
Well, as you wish.
Open up for a second,
and I'll give you the note
from your parents.
[tense music plays]
[ominous music plays]
[Marta] No. No!
[breathing heavily]
[whimpers, shrieks]
-[Rai] Shh.
-No, please!
No, let me go!
Please, let me go!
[grunts, groans]
Shh. Relax. Relax.
Hey! Hey!
[ominous music plays]
[kid 1] Look at all the trucks.
-[dispatch] Let's go, quick!
-Let's go!
[kid 2] Where are we going?
[man] Everybody out, quickly!
Let's form a line to go out
in an orderly fashion.
-[kid 3] Come, quick!
-Why are there soldiers outside?
Where are we going?
That doesn't matter. Come, let's go.
-I'm scared.
-Get going.
-[officer 1] Let's go, quick!
-[kid yelps]
[footsteps recede]
[officer 2] Let's go!
Come on!
-[Iván breathing raggedly]
-[machine beeps]
[Alma] Hold on, my love. Hold on.
[sniffles] Hold on just a bit longer, OK?
Come on, be strong. [sniffles]
You're young, my love. Shh.
My boy…
Come on, Alma. Alma, Alma.
He may be able to hear you.
We must stay strong for him.
[doctor] We must drain his lung.
It's best you step outside.
-I don't want to.
-[doctor] It's best if you do.
[Luis] It will be quick.
Let them do their job. Come on.
-Let's go, get up. Come.
-[Alma sniffles]
Come on. Let's go.
[Alma sighs]
I can't take this.
He's our son, Luis.
Our firstborn.
I felt him in my belly.
I held him in my arms.
He was so little.
Do you remember?
I watched him grow.
He's such a handsome man now.
He's a piece of me.
[sighs] I'd never seen
people look at each other more lovingly
than you and that baby.
You don't love him like I do.
You don't get him.
He is…
and free.
He's good, Luis.
He is good.
He's much better than us.
And so is Daniela.
Our children are wonderful. I know.
They reflect how much we loved each other.
But now,
I feel like…
you don't love me like you used to.
He won't die. [sniffles]
I won't allow it.
[tense music plays]
[machine beeps]
Her heart rate is dropping.
We should stop.
I need one more bag.
Alejo, if we lose her…
It's her life or my nephew's.
She can take it.
Thanks, princess.
[tires screech]
You're sure it's this way?
I don't know. The GPS has gone crazy.
It must be here.
-I think that's it.
What the fuck is this?
[Julia] Why would all these soldiers be
at a campsite?
I know this place.
-I've seen it before, Hugo.
In one of Alma's movies.
The missing children are here. I saw it!
-[man] Come on, quickly.
-[Julia gasps]
[man] Form a line, quickly!
Let's go.
[kids chatter, giggle]
What is it?
I want all the children inside the trucks.
Sir, what is going on?
What do you care?
You're not here to ask questions,
and I'm not here to answer.
[Jiménez] I want it thoroughly searched.
Don't leave anyone behind. Got it?
Go on, Navarro.
[Navarro] Yes, sir.
[ominous music plays]
[girl struggles]
-[girl] Please!
-Listen to me.
Nothing will happen to you.
-Nothing, OK?
-That's the woman who took Marta.
-[Julia] Take it easy, Hugo.
-We have to help these kids.
-We can't on our own. Wait!
Now we need to find Manuela, OK?
How is Iván?
[Alma] It's serum,
made from the blood of someone
with high antiviral activity.
The plasma prevents internal bleeding,
which is what ends up killing the sick.
-[Luis] The same treatment for Ebola.
-[Alma] The same principle.
It's an experimental treatment.
Where do you find the donors?
They're survivors.
I discovered some people's blood
can act as a vaccine.
Do you remember in America,
how those kids had the cure for smallpox
in their bodies?
[Luis] The kids
from the Balmis Expedition.
[Alma] There was a monument
across from the house where I grew up,
in Corrientes.
So, any survivor is a potential donor?
Only a few, special people.
Actually, we must first…
treat them to manipulate
their immune response.
Injecting a dose of the virus
to boost their resistance.
It's the only way.
Some can't take it.
Those who can are our only chance
of survival.
[distant shallow breathing]
[strained breathing]
[ominous music plays]
[Jiménez cocks gun]
[strained breathing]
Wow, you're a brave one, aren't you?
I was looking for you.
[boy] No!
Let me go!
[Manuela gasps]
-[boy] Let me go!
-Stop squirming!
[boy] Let go of me!
[boy struggles]
-[Jiménez] We were missing one.
-[boy] Let me go.
[boy grunts]
[tense music plays]
[exhales sharply]
[machines beep]
[plastic rustles]
-Daniela, I told you not to.
-Let me in, Dad.
Look, I promise you can say goodbye,
but wait.
-I need to see him!
-[Luis] Wait a bit longer.
My love. My love!
I'm here, my love.
I'm here, my love.
-My love.
[Alma sniffles] I'm here, my love.
He's responding!
[Luis and Alma chuckle]
[Alma sighs]
[tense music plays]
[people screaming]
[woman 1] She has the virus!
-[man 1] Another one!
-[man 2] Nobody move!
[man 3] We're all going to die!
-[man 4] She has the virus!
-[man 5] Everybody get back!
-[man 1] Back away!
-[man 2] Another one!
-[woman 2] He has the virus!
-[woman 3] Quick! Quick!
[man 6] Get away!
[Begoña] Oh my God!
[woman over PA] For your own health,
a Level One Health Alert is in effect.
-A Level One Health Alert is in effect.
-[siren wails]
Ma'am, what are those sirens?
There are hundreds of cases in Sector 2.
The situation is extreme.
Radical action is needed.
[Alejo] Everything all right, Major?
The Black girl is gone.
She's half-dead walking around.
-If that is true, I can save Manuela too.
-Where's Manuela, Mom?
-[Luis] Thank you, Mr. President.
The Government wants to send children
aged 15 and younger to camps,
where they'll be healthy and safe,
away from the main sources of infection.
Look who's here. Marta is with us again.
-Where is my granddaughter, you bitch?
-[Álex] Enough!
[Alejo] Don't move!
[Navarro] What are you doing here?
None of your business.
Go, or I'll call the Major.
Tell me what is in there,
or I'll rip it out myself.
-[banging on door]
-[Alma] Open the door, Luis!
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