The Barrier (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

El discurso

[Alejo] Iván, this is very dangerous
for you and for all of us.
[Iván] Manuela. Manuela!
Manuela. Manuela!
-Is my son OK?
-No, Alma. He's infected with the virus.
[Emilia] Didn't you hesitate for a second?
Didn't you think
one of them could be your son?
[Alma] He says
parents are looking for their kids.
-Should I take care of it?
-Could you?
You'll get better, you hear me?
They didn't bring Manuela.
She's pregnant, sir.
[Luis] Where's the girl?
She was dying. She got infected days ago.
Bring her body, then.
Where the fuck is she?
Manuela is here. Go get her. Take the van.
[tires screech]
[kid] Where are we going?
[boy] No!
[Alicia] My husband is a good person,
but he never wanted to believe
Mateo was still alive. He still doesn't.
[Alma] He can't die!
Do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.
[Begoña] Open up for a second, cutie.
[Marta whimpers]
[Edurne] Her heart rate is dropping.
We should stop.
[Alejo] I need one more bag.
[Alma] Do you know anything
about the noravirus?
-[Luis] This is the kind of virus
that, once inside the system,
can spread very quickly.
Contagion happens
when body fluids are exchanged.
That's why it's important
to avoid any type of physical contact.
[siren wails]
[sirens wail]
[car door opens]
[Alejo] Major!
You're still here?
-[Jiménez] I was about to leave.
-[Alejo] Everything all right?
[Jiménez] Mm-hmm.
I don't want any loose ends.
[Alejo] It's all clear.
The trucks are on their way.
[Jiménez] The Black girl is gone.
[Alejo] Yes.
I don't like that she's half-dead,
walking around.
If she's alive,
she won't last long. Believe me.
Destroy any remaining evidence, got it?
[Alejo] Yes.
[tense music plays]
[Alejo] Don't move!
What are you doing here?
-What do you want?
-Calm down.
I just need your help. That's all.
There's a very sick young woman out there.
What woman? The Black one?
Is she still alive?
If you don't help us, she'll die.
Take it easy.
[Alejo] Of course she will.
And she won't be the only one.
Take me to her.
-Take it easy.
-[Alejo] Take me to her.
Out! Don't come near me.
All right. All right.
-[Alejo] Out.
-[Hugo] Calm down.
[Alejo grunts]
[Julia] Drop the gun!
Drop it, or I'll cut your throat!
[Hugo] I got it.
[Hugo] Fuck!
[Julia breathes shakily]
What do we do?
-I don't know.
-[Julia] What do I do?
-I don't know!
-What do we do? She's dying. She'll die!
[breathes heavily] OK. Go get Manuela.
-[Julia] Sure?
-Yes, listen to me. Bring Manuela.
Trust me.
[gun clicks]
[Hugo breathes shakily]
And you and I'll go back inside.
Promise you'll do everything you can
to cure her, OK?
Come on, let's go!
[tense music plays]
[theme music plays]
[Emilia] Come here!
Go, walk!
Close the door, Álex!
Start talking.
Begoña, you are going to tell me…
where my granddaughter is.
-Calm down.
-[Emilia] Where is she?
Calm down. If they took her,
it was for her own good.
Where is my granddaughter, you bitch?
-[Álex] Emilia, enough!
OK! Please, Emilia!
-Where is she? I'll kill you, bitch!
-All right! Enough!
Enough, please.
-OK. Leave, please.
-[Begoña] Young man, I--
I told you to get the fuck out!
Leave, now!
Go on!
[door closes]
[indistinct shouting outside]
[Emilia sobs]
-[Álex] Are you OK?
-[siren wails]
[alarm wails]
[PA beeps]
[woman over PA]
For your own health, remain indoors.
walking the streets is forbidden
unless you have a special permit.
Yes, all right. Thanks.
[alarm wails]
-What is it?
-[Luis] The barrier alarm.
Apparently, a group
of people tried to cross. How's Iván?
A lot better.
[Luis sighs]
Incredible, Alma. Incredible.
[phone vibrates]
It's the ministry.
We have a very serious issue.
Infections have multiplied
in the past two days.
-Ma'am, what are those sirens?
[Alma] It's all right, Rosa.
Unauthorized people tried to get in,
but it's under control.
Are they infected?
People are calling it an epidemic.
What is going to happen, ma'am?
There are few cases in this sector.
Make breakfast. It'll be a long day.
Yes, ma'am. I'll call Rai.
All right.
Remember: health workers in your area
are giving out free masks like this one
at hospitals, clinics, and drugstores.
They are very easy to use.
You put them on like this.
What about gloves?
-[news anchor] Health alert…
-What's the news?
There are hundreds of cases in Sector 2.
The hospitals are overwhelmed.
It's getting out of control, Luis.
We'll instruct journalists to only share
relevant, useful information.
-They must not alarm anyone.
-We'll try to control them.
But the virus is already out of control.
The situation is extreme.
-Radical action is needed.
-[tense music plays]
[footsteps approach]
[machine beeps]
[Alejo] I can't help her.
[Julia] Her fever has gone down.
[Alejo] It's the fever reducer.
It means nothing.
Like a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound.
[Julia] Be strong, Manuela.
Come here.
I don't know
if your wife is brave or stupid.
But if she gets that close,
you'll soon be a widower.
Shut up and worry about your own life.
There's nothing else to do.
You're useless.
Is that what you mean? Huh?
Is that what you're saying?
You're good for nothing?
Should I shoot you now? Is that it?
That takes balls.
-You think I can't do it?
-[gun cocks]
-Hugo, enough! Enough!
-Go on, kill me.
Go on. Do it,
but the girl will die either way.
I've spent years fighting the virus!
We've only had a glimmer of hope:
a little girl…
among the thousands of kids we tested.
Is that what you did to the kids?
Son of a bitch! Was that it?
You wouldn't get it. You're too stupid
to understand the sacrifices
you must make in a battle like this.
Poor guy…
You don't realize you have a miracle,
a treasure in your own home. Ironic, huh?
[Hugo yells]
-[Julia screams]
[Julia] Enough, Hugo!
Enough. Enough!
Calm down, Hugo.
If what he's saying is true,
I can save Manuela too.
[Luis] Yes, sure.
Uh-huh. Of course I'm up to speed.
I need all available medical staff.
-[Rosa sighs]
-[Luis] The director is here too.
-[Luis] She agrees with me.
-Excuse me.
I need all available medical staff.
Send out a communication
and keep all infected people
in the same area.
You'll handle it?
-Yes, I'll call right away.
-[whispers] Sir?
[sighs] I'm busy.
But it's the President's office.
Excuse me.
-[phone beeps]
Yes. Hello, Mr. President.
Yes, of course I'm up to speed.
Perfect, we'll head over right now.
The President wants
to see us immediately. Let's go.
-[Alma] Wait, Luis. I need to talk to you.
-Can it wait?
Now. It's important, please.
Remember the volunteers I told you about,
the donors
whose blood had high antiviral activity?
[Luis] Yes.
They aren't adults.
Antibodies are only produced
in developing organisms
that survived initial exposure.
is what I was hiding from you, Luis.
They're kids.
[tense music plays]
[Alma] Adults already have
a set immune system.
The blood…
for Iván's transfusion was
from one of those kids?
How do you get them?
Most of them…
are lost children, no family,
no hope, no parents, nothing.
I gave them a home.
I took care of them.
I gave them… everything.
I treated them like angels
because that's what they are.
Luis, they're a miracle.
It'll take me a thousand lifetimes…
to thank them for everything,
for saving our son's life.
Sergio is one of those children too?
that blood,
our son…
would be dead.
Do you understand, Luis?
[inhales deeply]
Does the President know?
Hurry up.
He's waiting.
[door unlocks]
[Carmen] Good morning!
Time to get up, children!
Come on.
Come on. Time to get up.
Get up, come on.
[Edurne] Look who's here!
Marta is with us again.
Let's wake up, everyone!
-Time to get up!
Let's welcome our friend back. That's it!
-Very good, kids.
-[Mateo] We're all together again.
[knocking on door]
I've brought blankets.
I'm sure the kids are cold.
It's very damp down here.
-Nobody can come in. I'll hand them out.
Are they all right?
They are, thank you.
And… what are they doing here?
None of your business.
Go, or I'll call the Major.
Did you hear me?
Loud and clear.
I'll go. Sorry to bother you.
-[machine beeps]
-[Alejo] You're a very strong woman.
How come you're not infected?
[Hugo] Shut up and get started. Hmm? Now!
[door opens]
[president] Alma.
[Alma] Hello.
I'm glad to hear about Iván.
-[Alma] Thank you.
-They kept me up to date on him.
-[Luis] Thank you, Mr. President.
-Please, come in.
You have met Major Jiménez, correct?
[Luis] Yes,
we've been meeting often lately.
Maybe that's why
I've associated him with bad news.
-[Alma laughs]
-Sit down, please.
You're here because I fully trust you,
and I need you…
to help me face this crisis.
This situation is extremely serious.
But we will get through this.
And it will be thanks to your work
and knowledge,
especially yours, Alma.
The results of your research so far
may end up saving us.
Thank you, Mr. President.
Remind me of the numbers.
According to our calculations,
eight in 10,000 children are special
and have sufficient antibodies
to produce a vaccine.
Mm-hmm. Each special child could save…
About 500 uninfected people.
Infected people need much more blood.
Luis, we will send out a communication.
I have signed the order.
The communication says
we must evacuate the youth
and take them from the city
to protect them.
The major will handle the roundup.
As you wish, Mr. President.
And what will happen to the children?
[Alma] They'll be in excellent hands,
as always.
We're just going to run tests.
Can we guarantee the safety
of those that produce vaccines?
We will do the best we can.
And we'll be forever grateful to them…
and their families.
It's kids we're talking about.
Hundreds of innocent children
whose survival we cannot ensure.
If we don't find a vaccine soon,
they'll die anyway.
We're giving them a chance.
We're giving everyone a shot at survival.
So, we'll also vaccinate
people in Sector 2?
The Government will do
everything in its power.
As always.
I'd like to ask you a question.
How did you feel
when you saw the vaccine
save your son's life?
It's out of our hands, Luis.
some children may die.
It is also possible we won't have enough
to vaccinate the entire population.
But we must choose between…
taking a risk with those children…
and letting the virus wipe us all out.
The time has come for us to let go of…
absurd ideals
and act decisively.
[tense music plays]
Very well.
I'll stand by you, Mr. President.
-Thank you--
-[Luis] But…
I would like to read the report
before I do it.
Yes. Here you go.
[machine beeps]
[Hugo sighs] Damn!
You're so pale.
How many bags of blood do you need?
You're freezing.
She's still alive, right?
[Alejo] Yes.
So, let's keep going.
-[Hugo sighs]
-Let's do it.
-Get me some water, please.
-Of course.
[water pouring]
[Hugo] Careful.
[exhales] Yes.
promise me that you'll tell me
if you feel sick.
Promise me, please.
Don't worry.
[ominous music plays]
[sighs] No, this is impossible.
It won't work.
-[president sighs]
-[Luis] Mr. President…
people in this country have starved,
gone through wars, overcome great crises.
They have even lived without freedom,
but you can't ask mothers and fathers
to just give up their children.
That's what law enforcement is for.
Rest assured, we'll succeed
in gathering them, sir.
There will be a revolt.
We'll suppress it.
And shed the blood of innocent people.
-Is that what you want?
-Do you want a suppressed revolt
-or an uncontrollable pandemic?
-I want the same thing you do.
But I strongly believe
that we must go about it differently.
What do you suggest?
[Luis] We have to convince people.
We have to make a speech
and explain
how severe the situation is, but…
we must also reassure them that we will do
everything in our power to make sure
their children will be safe.
Fine. Whenever you want me to,
I'll call the media, sir.
-It must be someone they trust.
-You do it.
[president] Yes, why not?
That's a great idea.
-[president] People believe you.
those rumors that you are now against me
may work in our favor.
They won't see it as an official speech.
A father speaking to families.
It's perfect.
A speech from… the heart,
but grounded in science.
[president] Hmm?
All right. I'll do it.
-Thank you, Luis.
-But I need a few hours to prepare.
[president] Sounds perfect.
[Edurne] You three, come with me.
Stay together.
[boy] Miss.
-[Edurne] What?
-[boy] Wait.
[Edurne] Jesus! Didn't you really need
to go to the bathroom? Hurry up!
[suspenseful music plays]
Pedro, I'll be with the girls.
When you're done, wait for us, OK?
Don't you dare leave on your own.
Boy? Boy!
[Navarro] Psst.
Are you Pedro?
I can't talk to anyone.
Wait a second. Just tell me something.
Do you remember
if your parents called you Mateo?
Sound familiar?
because I might be your father.
-[Edurne] What are you doing?
-Who are you talking to?
Don't lie to me.
-[Pedro groans]
[Alma] How's Iván?
He's with his sister, ma'am
I told her not to get too close,
-but you know how she is.
-He isn't contagious.
[exhales] How was it with the President?
Are you going to do something?
-[Iván] Don't you dare come in!
My love!
-[Daniela] You'll fall. Dad!
-What's going on?
-Let go! I must go get her!
-[Daniela] Stop.
-We must help her!
-[Alma] No, Iván! You can't get up.
You're too weak. A sedative, now!
Where's Manuela, Mom?
What have you done to her?
Iván, Hugo and Sara went
to get her. Just wait.
No, we must go get her!
We have to help her--
I'm sorry! We couldn't do anything.
How do you know?
I spoke to your uncle.
It took a miracle to save you.
She was pregnant.
-Don't upset your brother.
-[Luis] Please.
-Do you have a heart?
[Iván sobs] No!
-You'll be OK.
-You know you killed your grandchild?
-They were together. Why isn't she here?
-[Luis] Come.
-Leave your mother!
-You're a monster, Mom!
-Dad, why won't you do something?
-[Luis] Come on!
[Iván sobs] I hate you!
-You're gonna be OK.
-I hate you.
You're gonna be OK. You're gonna be OK.
-How could you let her?
-Relax. Let's go to my office.
-She's a murderer.
-Go in there.
-I don't get how you could you let her…
-Inside. Sit down.
Sit down, shut up and listen to me!
[machine beeps]
Hey. Don't fall asleep.
Come on.
I don't feel so good.
Hey. Alright, we're done.
Stop. Disconnect her! Hey, disconnect her!
Don't worry. Look at me.
-I'm OK.
-No, you're not.
-I'm all right.
-Give her something.
-[Alejo] Yes. She needs glucose.
-I'm OK.
-Let me see.
Bring me those pills over there.
-Look, can you see me?
-[Julia] I'm OK.
Can you see me?
Low blood sugar, that's all.
Keep looking at me. Keep looking.
All right, here we go. Look.
It's OK. Don't worry.
[strained gasp]
[Hugo] I can't believe it.
-It can't be!
[Julia] Hugo.
[weakly] Sara.
Her fever…
it's almost gone. How did you know?
[Julia] My dear!
My dear.
[phone rings]
It's my sister.
That's why you won't answer.
If I don't, she'll think something's up.
[calling tone]
Come on.
-[phone rings]
-Put her on speaker then. Come here.
-[Alma] Finally.
-Why didn't you answer?
-I was away from the phone.
How's Iván?
The girl's blood worked.
[Alma] Oh, and her parents went there.
Did you see them?
Listen. What about the servant?
Is she dead?
[weakly] Iván…
Alejo? Alejo?
-[Julia] Hugo!
What was that about my girl?
-[dial tone]
Where's my daughter?
I'll kill you, motherfucker.
-I'll kill you!
Please, we need him to find Marta!
Please, stop!
Stop. Stop it!
[breathes heavily]
[dramatic music plays]
[PA beeps]
[woman over PA] For your own health,
a Level One Health Alert is in effect.
Level One Health Alert in effect.
Wear masks in public spaces.
Go to your authorized health clinic
if you have even a slight fever.
Always follow the orders given
by medical staff
and law enforcement.
Level One Health Alert in effect.
Level One Health Alert in effect.
[Hugo] The bell. Ring the bell.
[doorbell rings]
Don't ask. Leave it open for Julia.
-Go on, walk.
-Where did the gun come from?
-[Álex] Hugo!
-Álex, help Julia.
[Julia] Help us, please.
Take her to the bedroom.
-She's weak.
-[Emilia] It's OK.
-[Julia] Careful, Álex.
-[Emilia] Careful.
How are you, honey?
Good, I'll tell you later.
-You're pale.
-Don't worry.
[tense music plays]
-Who is he, Hugo?
-The motherfucker who took my daughter.
He took Marta. He's Alma's brother.
-They're using her.
They use the blood of children
to cure the virus.
What did you do, son of a bitch!
I'll kill you!
-What did you do?
-[Emilia] Calm down.
-Let's find Luis. Don't waste your energy.
-What if he's with them?
That's why we have this man.
Let's go. I'll come with you.
You stay and watch this bastard.
I'll stay, too, Mom.
Manuela is weak, and she may need me. OK?
That's fine, honey.
-[Julia] Good luck.
-[Emilia] Hugo, let's go.
-Álex, come here.
Finish tying him up.
Don't take your eye off him.
-Bring Marta back.
-[Hugo] I will.
Take care of my mother, please.
-[Emilia] Hugo!
Of course.
I'm coming!
[Julia exhales sharply]
[Hugo] Sir! Let me go!
-[Hugo] Sir!
Where is my daughter?
-Where is she?
-Take him, Rai!
-I couldn't stop them.
-Don't touch me!
-Why are you here?
-[Emilia] Why do you think?
How dare you come in my home like this!
-I came to talk to your husband.
-My husband's too busy.
He's preparing a speech
the country needs.
-He owes me an explanation. Luis…
-I would like
- you to leave my house now…
-All right. Enough!
I have an hour until the speech.
I'll give you five minutes.
Come with me. Come on.
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell rings]
Not a fucking word.
[doorbell rings]
[knocking on door]
The door is locked. I'll get the keys.
-[doorbell rings]
[doorbell rings]
-Why are you here?
-Listen, Álex. You must come with me.
-[Álex] Daniela, I can't right now--
-It's very urgent. Please.
They took my granddaughter again!
Marta is perfectly fine.
She's with the other kids
who generate antibodies.
She's… very valuable
and will be treated as such.
Did you know that?
All I know is that the virus is spreading
much faster than we expected, and…
my wife is the only one who can stop it.
What are you doing to the kids? Huh?
It's very complex.
You wouldn't understand.
"Complex"? You mean "dangerous."
Give her back to me right now, Luis.
I can't, Emilia, not right away.
All I'm asking is that you be patient.
You're asking me to be patient
while my grandchild's life's at stake?
She's in danger!
Are you even listening to yourself, Luis?
You're a son of a bitch!
Alma, I have your brother.
I'll kill him with my bare hands
if I don't get Marta back.
If you do something to him,
you'll never see Marta ever again.
Is that clear?
-Take him, Rai.
-[Emilia grunts]
I trusted you, sir.
[Emilia gasps]
[Luis] Emilia.
It's only for a few days.
We need that vaccine.
I'm glad my husband isn't here
to see what you've become, Luis.
You're a cruel…
and wretched man!
[tense music plays]
[door opens]
Sara, please!
-[Julia] Can you shut up?
-[Alejo] Loosen this, please.
-Don't be stupid.
-My hands are numb.
Please, Sara.
Try anything, and I'll blow your head off.
-Did you hear me?
[Julia grunts]
Tell me something, Sara.
How did you know your blood would work?
-[banging, wood breaking]
-[officer 1] Police! Police!
-[officer 2] Don't you dare!
-[officer 1] Don't you dare!
[Jiménez] It's over
[ominous music plays]
Take her.
[Julia] OK. OK.
Julia, so you are the other sister.
Go to hell, Begoña.
Tell my godson I saved your life.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Alma] Good.
Thank you for letting me know, Major.
It's great, love. Don't change a word.
You'll do great, as usual.
People adore you, Luis.
And I love you.
Let's see. [chuckles]
How many times? A thousand?
Fifteen hundred?
And you still can't tie
your tie correctly, my love?
[Luis] Daniela!
Won't you watch the speech?
-Come on. Let's put aside our grudges.
-[Alma] Leave her to me.
this is an important moment
for your father,
for me, for the country.
It'd be nice if you were with him.
The future belongs to us.
[woman] Mr. Minister.
Is it time?
[woman] Five, four…
I am speaking to you today
not only as the Minister of Health,
but also as a father.
As you and I both know,
the country is going through
an exceptionally hard time.
Despite all of our past efforts to…
eradicate the virus
that is threatening our lives,
the epidemic has become
increasingly furious and unstoppable.
This administration…
and especially my wife, Alma López-Durán,
is very close to finding a solution,
a vaccine that could stop this hemorrhage.
Son of a bitch.
[Luis] But before that happens,
and considering the high risk of contagion
among at-risk groups,
the Government wants
to send children aged 15 and younger
to camps…
-[Navarro sighs]
-…where they'll be healthy and safe,
away from the main sources of infection.
I am fully aware…
of what the Government is asking of you.
I also know, just like all of you,
that nothing matters more than family,
that person with whom
we chose to share our lives,
the children we've brought
into the world together.
That is why…
I know there is nothing worse
than being separated from them.
However, there are times
when we have no choice
but to accept the gravity of the situation
and move forward,
thinking of what's best for them
and for their future.
That is why it's so important
that you listen carefully
to what I'm about to say.
[door locks]
In approximately one hour,
law enforcement officers
will start to come to your houses,
looking for your children.
Hide them.
Do not give them up.
[tense music plays]
They'll say it's for their own good,
that they want to protect them.
That is not true.
They just want to disguise
blatant genocide…
as salvation.
They don't want to protect your children
from the virus.
They want to use them as guinea pigs
to save themselves.
Go get him.
Go get him!
[Luis] Mothers and fathers of the country…
do not allow them
to take your children away.
Over 100 years ago, the country also lost
the values of fraternity and democracy.
During such a dark time in our history,
another unjust administration
ordered the execution of a man…
whose words still echo today
and are more applicable than ever.
Open the door, Luis!
[banging on door]
Federico García Lorca once wrote…
-[banging on door]
-"There are things
enclosed within walls…
that, if they went out into the streets
and shouted,
they would fill the world."
[door rattles]
[Luis] Very well.
The time has come
for you to take to the streets and shout.
[banging on door]
[Alma] Open the door, Luis!
[Alma] Open up!
[Luis] I'll be with you and your children.
The future belongs to you.
For a decent country
and for freedom.
-For freedom!
-[man 1] For freedom!
-[girl 1] For freedom!
-[man 2] For freedom!
-[woman] For freedom!
[banging on door]
[Alma] Open the door, Luis!
Open the door, you bastard!
Open the door!
Open up, Luis!
[sobbing] What have you done?
-[Iván] You were incredible, Dad.
-Everything OK?
-[Daniela] Yes, step on it!
-[Luis] Let's go.
-Sir. Open up!
-Let's go! Drive!
-[Luis] Let's go.
-[Iván] Go!
-[Rai] Open up!
[siren wails]
Open up!
[tires screech]
[tires screech]
[breathing heavily]
[scanner whirs]
[PA beeps]
[woman over PA] For your own health,
remember there's a health alert in effect.
Respect restrictions
and notify the authorities
if you see anyone infected
in your neighborhood.
-I have a sick person from Sector 1.
-Open up.
-He's very infectious. That's a bad idea--
-Open the door right now.
OK, then.
[tense music plays]
[horn honks]
[horn honks]
-[Jiménez] What the fuck is going on?
-[officer] Major, sir!
I'm taking a prisoner
to the Security Department.
-I'm in a hurry.
-[officer] Right away. I'm sorry.
Get going.
[siren wails]
-[Álex] Let's go!
-[Iván giggles]
Let's go!
That was close! [chuckles]
[Álex laughs]
[tense music plays]
[crowd shouting]
[crowd chants] For freedom! For freedom!
For freedom!
For freedom!
[crowd chants] For freedom!
-For freedom!
-[crowd whistling]
[crowd chants] For freedom!
For freedom!
[crowd chants] For freedom!
For freedom!
For freedom!
For freedom!
For freedom!
You beat them, Dad.
No time to celebrate.
The worst is yet to come.
[crowd chants] For freedom!
For freedom!
For freedom!
For freedom!
For freedom!
For freedom!
[Marta] Why didn't you get any?
[Edurne] Marta, time to eat.
Go on, eat.
Change your mind?
Until you tell me
what that man said in the bathroom,
you won't eat again.
You hear me?
Marta, come with me.
Come on, let's go.
Where are you keeping Marta?
Where is she?
[Alejo] Such beautiful blood.
Incredible! Your immune response
is even higher than the girl's.
It's simply unique!
They'd say it's genetic,
but you know what?
Enrique told me your little secret.
And I thought, "If she's not the mother,
how the fuck do you explain
this biological miracle?"
But I don't believe in miracles.
I believe in science.
And that thing on the back of your neck
It's a birthmark.
What a coincidence!
Your niece has it too
in the same exact spot.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Tell me what is in there,
or I'll rip it out myself.
Go ahead, then.
[Julia gasps]
[breathing heavily]
[Ramón] I love you more than anything.
-[Julia] We love you more!
-[Sara] We love you more, Daddy!
Turn around. I have another surprise.
[Ramón] Hold hands.
[breathing heavily]
Do you know who my father was?
[door opens]
[Julia] Marta!
-[Marta] Auntie!
-My love!
Are you OK, my love?
Are you OK, honey?
[Julia breathes shakily]
[Julia sobs]
We're searching everywhere
for that traitor,
and he will soon be in custody.
That also goes for anyone
who helped him execute his heinous plan.
[Alma] The President called me a traitor
in front of the whole country.
How long until he has me executed?
-[Marta screams]
-[Julia gasps]
I found something that can help us.
I think we have a cure for the virus.
[president] I fully support you
in taking the measures
you deem necessary
to preserve law and order.
-Any measures, sir?
You have five seconds to disperse,
or we'll open fire!
-On my command!
[president] The citizens of this country,
as responsible and honorable as ever,
have remained calm,
and the streets are completely peaceful.
-[sirens wail]
I'm delighted to meet you.
[ominous music plays]
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