The Bay (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Oh, that's me! Lisa! Hey, you look nice.
Thank you! See you later.
Have a lovely time.
Thanks, Mum.
- Bye! - Bye, Mum.
Coming! Come on! Guys, I am ready! Look at you! Come on.
Come on, Krzysztof, get a shift on! I'm gasping here, lad.
I'm going as fast as I can.
I tell you what, mate, as soon as Brexit kicks in, you'll be out on your arse.
Yeah, you're out, pal.
Piss off.
Haha! Here, grab that.
God, no, it's karaoke tonight, no chance! Oh, God! I can't tell you.
What do you mean, you can't tell me? Are you even listening to me? No.
Holly! Just leave it, Dylan.
You should have let that lad buy you a drink, Lisa.
Lad? He was, like, 60.
Right, come on.
One for the road.
I don't want to spend my whole life Just waiting for you I don't want you back for a weekend Not back for a day, no, no, no Baby, I just want you back And I want you to stay Whoo! I'm walking on sunshine Whoa-ho! I'm walking on sunshine Whoa-ho! And don't you feel good? Hey! All right, now And don't you feel good? You were looking at me.
You was up on stage.
So who are you when you're at home? I'm Sean.
I'm Lisa.
Mum, have you seen my PE kit? Kitchen.
Right, thanks.
Oh, shit! 'Morning, team.
'Call came in at seven o'clock this morning.
'Mum, Jess Meredith, 'went to wake them, found their beds hadn't been slept in.
' And they're not Morning, DS Armstrong.
Sorry, sir.
OK, mispers are Dylan and Holly Meredith.
Twins, 15.
Didn't come home after a night out at the youth club.
Given their age, they're high risk, so this is top priority.
We've freed up uniform to check out the youth club and do door-to-door.
Stu's setting up the incident room.
Lisa, deploying you as FLO.
Get down there, talk to the family.
OK? You've got your actions, thank you.
Sir, sorry.
I'm in the middle of the disclosure in the county line case.
Missing kids takes precedence over drugs, Lise.
Oh, and, erm Take Med with you.
What? Show him the ropes.
Give him the benefit of your experience.
Come on.
Here she is.
Karaoke queen.
Haha! How's the head? Splitting.
I blame you.
Thanks for this.
Yeah, no worries.
Only I haven't had a chance to get my hands dirty yet.
I mean, I've done the course, I've got all the training.
Look, love, I'm not being funny but my head's banging.
Let's just keep the chat to a minimum.
Yeah, sure.
OK, we're the link between the family and the investigation.
I'll explain how it all works.
Just leave the talking to me.
Are you shitting me? Sorry.
My missus had a baby three weeks ago.
A little girl.
She's lovely No domestics.
What? Leave your home life at home.
You're here to do a job.
Thing to remember is, we're here first and foremost as detectives.
We're not here to make the tea and pass tissues, we're investigators.
Anything we find out, we pass on to the rest of the team.
Are you the police? It's about bloody time.
Their dad's had to go out looking himself.
Couldn't sit here waiting for you lot to pull your fingers out.
We have search teams out looking.
Can we come in, please? Cheers, thank you.
No school today? No, I kept them home.
Didn't know what else to do.
Been climbing the bloody walls.
Course you are.
It's Jess, isn't it? Yeah.
All right, Jess, I'm Detective Sergeant Armstrong, but you can call me Lisa.
This is DC Kharim.
Call me Med.
We're your family liaison officers.
Do you know what that is, Jess? Maybe we can talk somewhere a bit more private.
You be all right, love? Yeah.
Upstairs now.
I want to stay Kelly.
It's all right.
I just want to talk to Mum.
I won't be long, love.
Jess, me and DC Kharim are gonna be your link with the ongoing investigation.
We're here to support you and the rest of the family through what we know is a really difficult time.
I don't need your support, all right? I just need you to find my kids.
We're doing everything we can.
And what is that, exactly? I'm sorry.
It's all right, I know.
DC Kharim, can you make us a cup of tea, please? Is that all right? If DC Kharim makes us a cup of tea? Yeah, of course.
Cheers, Med.
Listen, we're here to help, Jess.
I'm here to help.
I'm gonna give you my card.
Anything at all, you call me, all right? You got questions, you want to scream and shout, vent, anything, anything, you call me.
Thank you.
All right, for this to work, you need to help us as well.
What do you need me to do? Tell us everything you can.
About Dylan and Holly.
So family, friends, school, what they were wearing, everything.
Everything so we can build a profile to help the team find 'em.
All right.
Oh, that'll be my husband.
Lisa, this is Sean, my husband.
Sean, this is Lisa, she's from the police.
These are the most recent ones.
OK, these are good.
Thanks, Jess.
I didn't know how you take it, so you can do your own milk and sugar.
Listen, is there any reason you can think of that the twins might have run away? No.
They wouldn't do that, they wouldn't.
Sean? No.
No, definitely not.
How can you be so sure? Well, cos cos them kids, they.
they want for nothing.
They're happy.
And we're happy, in't we, so They wouldn't just leave and not say anything.
They wouldn't.
Are there any boyfriends, girlfriends on the scene? No.
Would they have told you, though? I've got teenagers, a girl and a boy, they don't tell me anything.
I don't I can't think.
Sorry, I know, I know it's hard.
We have to have a look through their things.
Do you want to show us their bedrooms? Yeah.
Yeah? It's all right.
Come on.
Can you start in there? Oh, they share? There's not enough space for them all to have their own room.
How do they get on? My two are at each other's throats.
It's different with twins.
They've always been close, haven't they? We'll have to take the hard drive.
What about phones? Oh, Dylan's always forgetting his.
Holly must have hers on her.
She's not answering.
I've rang her a million times but it keeps going to voicemail.
Look, this is a waste of time.
You should be out there looking for 'em, not poking around in here.
You're not gonna fucking find 'em here, are you? I understand you're upset but we have a job to do.
Please let us get on with it.
Lisa? Right, we'll have to take this in.
- What? Sorry, we have to.
What is it? It's mine.
I didn't know what to do.
Sorry, Mum.
It's Kelly, isn't it? It's all right, we'll take this in, clean it up and bring it back good as new, all right? Good girl.
Is this really necessary? I'm afraid it is, yeah.
It's all right, don't worry.
Right, if you need anything, just call.
Is it always like that? Yeah, their kids have gone missing.
Who's the SPOC? - The SPOC? - Single Point of Contact.
I thought you said you did the training.
I didn't say I passed.
Jess, the mum.
How's she doing? She's in bits.
And dad? You know What do you expect? Are you all right? Yeah, no, I'm fine, I'm just I just feel for them.
Poor sods, they're in a right state.
Well, we're getting the word out.
Radio, TV, online.
We're checking the schools next.
If we get anything, we'll let you know straight away.
Why didn't you tell him? The dad was being a right arse Just hang on.
Just give us a minute, will you? Boss? Sorry, it's just Med.
A case like this, high risk, high profile, I don't have time to train somebody up.
You've got a problem with him? No, no problem.
It's just he's only gonna get in the way.
I don't wanna have to hold his hand.
He's a good lad.
Give him a chance.
All right, look, I think maybe we got off on the wrong foot.
So how about we start over? Yeah? Yeah, that'd be OK, great.
I want you to stay here and write up the report on the home visit.
What? I'll be back in a bit.
Don't file anything till I've had eyes on it.
I'm supposed to be shadowing you.
I'm supposed to be learning from you.
Yeah, this is you learning how to write a report.
See you later.
Holly and Dylan didn't go to our school.
But they're still part of our community.
And some of you know them, so let's do everything we can to help find them.
I'd like to hand over to Detective Inspector Manning.
We're all very concerned about the whereabouts of Dylan and Holly.
They were last seen at the youth club on Croft Lane, last night, and haven't been seen since.
We're visiting all the schools in town.
We need to talk to anyone who was at the youth club last night.
We need to know what you know.
However insignificant you might think it is, OK? My team will be in all day, so if you've anything to tell us .
anything at all, please don't hesitate to come forward.
Lads, get yourselves off.
I'll take the search on from here.
Sod that.
I'm their uncle.
I'm family.
Sean! I heard about Dylan and Holly.
My mum told me.
No, it's OK, Nick.
We'll find 'em.
You all right, Nick? Do you want to help, yeah? All right, mate, well You go with Ryan and Krzysztof, yeah? Come.
Go on.
I'll catch youse up.
Why did you lie to me? Back at the house, all that happy families bullshit.
What you talking about? We are happy.
Don't give me that, Sean, I shagged you in an alleyway last night.
You tell anyone? What do you think? Jess can't find out.
We've got another kid on the way, for God's sake.
I made a mistake.
It was a one-off, that is not That's not who I am.
I just need you to be straight with me.
If you want me to help, you need to tell me the truth.
All right.
Things .
ain't been going great.
Me and Jess Money, the kids.
What about the kids? Well, you said you had family of your own.
Yeah? Well, then you know how it is.
It's not always a bed of roses.
With money being tight, it's just .
we've been arguing.
A lot.
It doesn't help with Social breathing down our necks.
It's gotten worse lately, what with a new kid on the way.
And yeah, maybe maybe they they did pick up on some of that, you know? Maybe they did run away just to get away from all that.
Look, I just want 'em back.
I just want 'em home, safe and sound.
Cos I love those kids, man.
I love 'em as though they was my own.
My own flesh and blood.
What? What, you didn't know? She didn't tell you? Tell me what? Jess was with someone else before.
She already had the twins when we met.
If this is gonna work, you have to be honest with me at all times.
I am, I have.
Then why didn't you tell me that Sean isn't the twins' real dad? Because I didn't think it was important.
Everything is important.
Sean's the only dad Holly and Dylan have ever known.
They're real dad fucked off years ago and good riddance, I'm glad to see the back of him.
Who is he, Jess? Lee Ward, he's called.
But they don't even have his name.
They're called Meredith because of Sean.
Right, where is he now? I don't know, I swear.
We lost touch years ago.
Could he be back now? Could he have taken them? Well, he didn't give a shit back then so why would he suddenly start now? Could they have gone on their own accord? Could they have gone looking for him? Why would they do that? I mean, they're happy here.
This is their home.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
How are you holding up? Do you think they could have run away? Er Well, I wouldn't blame 'em if they have.
What makes you say that? Best off out of it.
Sam, Sam! Oh, hey.
You all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just busy.
Don't let me get in your way.
What do you want, Abbie? All right, I was just trying to say hey, don't be such a dick about it.
Just leave me alone, all right? You OK? Don't you have some wanking you should be getting on with? Sick burn! Shut up.
What? I'm not just here to make the tea, you know? I mean, I know I did make the tea What are you on about? No, no, hear me out.
I'm meant to be learning from you.
Getting the benefit of your experience, that's what the boss said.
You know what? You're right.
Come on.
FLO lesson one, victimology.
We have to get to know the victims.
We have to know everything there is to know about them.
We start by drawing up the family tree.
The twins.
Dylan and Holly.
Then we've got mum, Jess, dad, Sean.
Only he's not the dad, is he? Not the real dad.
Real dad is Lee Ward, we bung him up there.
Sorry, slow down.
No, keep up.
Then we have Jess' mum, Margaret, brother, Ryan, and the other kids, Kelly and Jake.
So, we pass everything on.
Finances, bank statements, benefits, you name it.
Timeline's firming up.
Multiple witnesses place them at the youth club between approximately 8:00 and 10:30.
Tech have tracked Holly's phone and then they lose the signal.
Oh, and, erm the media office is setting up a press conference, you'll need to prep the family.
Who's that? That? Lee Ward, biological dad.
Jess is very clear he's out the picture, has been for years, but obviously we need to track him down.
House to house have turned up something.
The neighbours say they often hear fights.
Raised voices.
Sean and Dylan's.
So you focus on that.
Kids were last seen leaving the youth club around 10:30.
Where was Sean Meredith then? Look, right I know, "Leave the talking to me.
" See, you are learning.
So there were some reports about arguments in the house.
Neighbours hearing raised voices, specifically between you and Dylan, Sean.
That's rubbish.
There were never any fights? Dylan can be a bit of a handful.
You know what teenagers are like.
But Sean has never raised a hand to him, ever.
Is this about when he went to hospital? He came off his bike.
That was all.
You can ask the social worker, she'll tell you.
Jess, can I just have a word with Sean in private? What? Med, you can look after Jess.
Why do you need to talk to him in private? Do you want to come with me, Jess? We'll get a cup of tea or something.
I don't want a fucking cup of tea, all right? Look, if you've got something to say, you can say it in front of me.
Right, OK.
Sean, where were you last night around about 10:30? Oh, God.
Why are you asking him that? Jess, Jess, it's all right, love.
It's all right.
Erm I was in town.
Had a few drinks with the lads from work.
You can ask 'em, they'll tell you.
Where did you go? Pubs along the prom.
Which pubs? This is ridiculous, this.
Can you just answer the question, please? I'm sorry, why are you asking him this stuff? Which pubs? The Cavendish and then The Royal.
There was karaoke on.
What time did you leave The Royal? I don't know, about half half ten, something like that.
Right, what did you do then? Sorry, what is this? Are you trying to say he had something to do with this? I'm trying to get a clear picture of where he was.
No, he's their dad, he is their proper dad.
I'm just trying to get a clear picture, Jess.
This is bollocks, right? I had nothing to do with it.
Look, all I want, all any of us wants, right, is to find out what happened, get the twins back home safe and sound.
So what did you do after you left The Royal? I carried on drinking.
With the lads.
We made a night of it.
And I got home around midnight.
Is that all right? Yeah, I'll check that, thanks.
I'll make a cup of tea.
I hope you were where you said you were.
Cos if you weren't So just stick to the agreed statement, right? The most important thing is to get the message out.
I don't think I can do this.
Course you can, Jess.
What if it was my fault that they ran away? What makes you say that? What if it's something that something that I said or something that I did? Lisa? If I could just I'm Councillor Hesketh, and can I just say that, on behalf of the council, and the whole town, that we're all with you.
You're in our thoughts and our prayers.
Thank you.
If there is anything that I can do Thanks, Brian.
Thanks, mate.
Can you just keep an eye on them? How did you get on? There were rows but nothing physical.
Social Services stepped in once but didn't take it any further.
What about Sean's whereabouts on the night? He was out with mates from work, pubs along the prom, The Cavendish, The Royal.
I've passed that on to uniform.
I'll get Stu to pull in CCTV from the pubs, just to make sure.
Oh, it's all right, I'll do that.
It's on my way.
Let's get this started.
What can I get you? Oh, I'm here on duty, I'm afraid.
Can I have a look at your CCTV? You should have seen her.
She's so desperate, throwing herself at Sam.
What are you saying? Nothing.
What did you say? Look, all I said was Fight, fight, fight! Move, move! Hey, hey! What the hell is going on here? Hello? What? I'll be there as soon as I can.
Hey, where's the fire? Something's come up with my daughter, I need you to hold the fort.
What happened to no domestics? She won't do it again, will you? Tell her you won't do it again.
It's not like it's the first time.
Yeah, but she made a mistake, she's a kid.
I'm sorry, Lisa.
The rules are very clear.
I can't keep making excuses for her.
Under the circumstances, I have no choice.
Come on, Bernie, we're mates.
Abbie, you are suspended for two weeks.
During that time, you are banned from the school premises and you must not be found in a public place during school hours without good reason.
Are you gonna say something or just sit there stewing? What do you want me to say? Say, "Sorry, Mum" for a start.
"Sorry, Mum, for dragging you away from work.
" Sorry for dragging you away from work.
I know that's much more important.
It is more important.
Why can't you just? What? Knuckle down like Rob, the golden child? Well, at least he What? Not supposed to use a mobile Shut up! No, no, I'm not talking to you.
'Gonna get in trouble.
' 'I said shut up!' 'Sorry, say that again.
' If this is a bad time or something No, it's fine, it's just Abbie.
You are still on duty, Lise.
I know.
Look, just What is it? It's the biological dad.
He saw the appeal.
He's come forward.
Everything was all right.
It was good.
Me, Jess .
and the twins.
Then she met him.
Everything changed when she met him.
How do you mean? He's bad news.
She was never the same after she hooked up with him.
When did you last see the twins, Lee? Ten years.
I have a whole new life now.
Married again, kids.
I started over, I had to.
They never contacted you, the twins? I don't know what she told 'em about me.
What kind of picture she painted.
You made no attempt to contact them? I couldn't, could I? Things got messy, they Divorce.
I lost the kids.
I lost everything.
And now this.
What do you make of him? I think he's straight up.
All the more reason to focus on the stepdad.
Any joy with the CCTV? Yeah, so, like he said, they arrive at The Royal just before 10:00.
His mates leave, 10:44, but there's no sign of Sean.
But then we pick him up again, he's back with them, 11:40.
I thought he said he was with them all night.
Yeah, he did.
Wha? Why didn't he leave The Royal with his mates? He could have gone out the back way, through the car park.
Why would he do that? I don't know, but there's there's over an hour that we can't account for.
There's no more on the CCTV? No, no.
That's the lot.
We need to account for that missing time.
To know where he was every minute of that night.
He went for a piss, I want to know about it.
Whoa! You ever heard of knocking? I did knock.
I've been shouting up the stairs.
Your tea's ready.
I'll be down in a minute.
What you doing, anyway? You shouldn't be cooped up in here on that thing all the time.
Just chatting to friends.
You can chat to them later.
Your tea's getting cold, come on.
You all right? What you doing? What's it look like? We're doing this place up.
What do you think? I think it's shit.
Oh, right.
It was a right eyesore before.
No, it wasn't, it was great.
My dad used to bring me here.
You want to have a look round, then? For old times' sake? Used to be games.
Rides and candy floss.
Now look at it.
Made a right fucking mess of it.
Yeah, well .
it's not done yet, so .
wait till it's finished.
Bung this on.
Health and safety and all that.
How do I look? You look great.
I'm Vincent, by the way.
Abbie? Have you seen Abbie? What? She hasn't come home.
Have you tried calling her? Of course.
I'm not daft.
She's not answering her phone.
Oh, bloody hell.
I told her to stay here.
Sorry, love, I'll leave you to it.
No, you're all right.
No, you're busy, I understand.
All right, good night.
Night, Lisa.
Sorry, Tom.
I told you, she's not answering.
Abbie, it's Mum, obviously.
Call me when you get this.
She's probably out with her mates.
She's supposed to be suspended.
I know.
And with those kids gone missing She's your daughter, Lisa.
She's your responsibility.
I know she's my! I know, Mum.
Told you she'd turn up.
Where the hell have you been? Hello.
On my way.
Who found it? Cockle pickers.
Don't speak much English.
Down here.
It's Dylan.
Oh, God.
What is it? Can we come in, please, Jess? No.
What's happened? Can we do this inside, please? No, no Jess.
No! Just tell us.
We found a body.
By the stone jetty, a boy's body.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
No! Where is he? Sean Where is he? You can't, it's a crime scene.
Sean! No! Med, can you look after Jess? I'll be back.
All right.
I can't let you through, mate.
I'm his fucking dad.
That's my boy! Sean! Get off me! Come on, let's go back.
Leave me alone! That's it.
Nick him.
He makes a big show of turning up here, the grieving dad? He went missing for an hour.
He's lied about his movements on the night.
There's a history of bad blood between them.
If you don't nick him, Lisa, I will.
All right, just let me I'll talk to him.
Sean! Sean! What?! Why did you lie about where you were last night? You said you were out with your mates all night.
We know it's not true, so where were you? You know where I was.
No, I don't, that's why I'm asking.
I was with you.
I was fucking you! Don't flatter yourself.
You were with me ten minutes.
I can account for that but where were you the rest of the time? Bollocks.
This is bollocks.
We need to know where you were and what you were doing.
Are you being serious? Sean, if you've got nothing to hide, why don't you just tell me? You know what? Fuck this.
Fuck you.
Sean Meredith, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Dylan Meredith.
You don't have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention when questioned anything you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Do you understand? Do you understand?