The Bay (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

OK, this is it.
No, I can't do it.
I know, it's really hard.
I'll do it.
Come on.
- Med, can you take care of Jess? - Yeah, of course.
All right, have a seat.
Are you all right? Come on.
OK? Yes.
That's our Dylan.
How did he die? It's the head injuries.
It looks like there was a struggle.
Jesus I know.
Jesus, though.
Look, this is a waste of time.
I had nothing to do with it.
I'm their dad.
I'm their fucking dad, all right? - Then tell us where you were.
- I have told you.
How many times do I have to tell you? That's the thing, though.
You lied.
- You said you were out with your mates.
- I was out with my mates! Only you weren't, were you? Not all night.
They left the pub without you.
I was at the pub.
I went out the back to get some air and clear my head.
And by the time I got back inside, the lads had gone.
You're saying you were out there for, what, an hour? I don't know.
I was pissed.
I don't know how long it was.
See, the problem with that is there's no witnesses.
There's no-one to vouch for you, no CCTV.
Look, if you're so sure of yourself, why don't you charge me? Exactly.
Cos you haven't got nothing.
And this is a fucking waste of time! He's hostile, he's uncooperative.
He's not doing himself any favours.
But he's right, we don't have enough to go to the CPS.
Not yet, at any rate.
So we can only hold him for 24 hours.
The clock's ticking.
Lisa, how are things with the family? They're very distressed, as you can imagine.
Especially Jess.
We need to tread really carefully.
Talk to his mates, see if they can cast any light on things.
Why didn't they tell us that they lost him that night? Sean Meredith remains our main suspect, but we need to keep all lines of inquiry open.
Stu, what about the youth club? Interviewed everyone who was there, boss.
No-one saw anything out of the ordinary.
We've got CCTV, and we're going through social media, phones, selfies.
We've also widened the search to take in the area between the youth club and the place Dylan's body was found.
OK, thanks, Stu.
Keep us posted.
This is not just a MisPers case any more.
This is a category A murder.
We have one child dead the other still missing.
We have to find her.
Are you all right? Have you got enough crisps there, mate? All right, lads? Can I have a word? Hey.
You You look nice.
What do you want, Sam? Erm, it's It's just I heard what happened at school.
I thought I'd see how you're getting on.
If you needed anything or Why? - Were you worried about me? - No, I just wondered if you needed someone to talk to.
I'm fine.
Thanks for asking.
Baba-cow-ski? Babakowski.
You'll have to spell that one for me, I'm afraid.
This is bollocks.
When's Sean getting out? That's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about.
We've already talked to the police.
We've told them everything we know.
Yeah, I've read your statements.
You say you were with Sean all night.
Only, we know that's not true.
We have CCTV of you two leaving the Royal on your own.
So, where was Sean? We lost him for a bit, that's all.
And you didn't think to mention that in your statements, that you'd lost him? We were out on the piss! I hardly noticed he was gone.
What does it matter? It matters cos you can get in trouble if it turns out you're withholding information from the police.
Look, whatever happened to the twins, Sean had nothing to do with it.
He loves them kids.
He loves them.
Well, how did it go? Nothing concrete.
They admit they lost him for a while, but didn't think it was a big deal at the time.
Stu's been going through social media from the night.
There's no sign of Sean.
But This was taken outside the youth club.
Do you know this guy with Dylan? He was there just now, at the community centre.
He's been ID'd as Nicholas Mooney.
He goes by Nick.
Mild learning disability, lives with his mum.
She's in a wheelchair, diabetes.
I'll send Stu over to the house to follow up.
Well, it doesn't look like they're having a cosy chat.
And he's got previous.
He put a kid in hospital with a broken nose, lucky to get away with a caution.
Sorry, but there's something you should see.
- Oh - Christ! How can he say that? That I was an unfit mother? He was an unfit father, more like.
So there's no truth in any of it? No.
Even what he says about Sean? Cos the way Lee tells it, Sean was on the scene before you two broke up.
Sean was the one that saved this family! If it wasn't for Sean, I don't know what would've happened after Lee fucked off! But Lee says Sean never took an interest in the twins.
He said he wanted nothing to do with them.
Yeah, cos he's lying! - Can't you see that? - He said the twins were taken off you, for a time, when they were little.
That your mum had to look after them.
Is that bit true? Aye.
It is.
She went to pieces after the twins were born.
She just couldn't cope.
And Lee was no help.
God Useless bastard! - Sorry.
- Oh, don't be daft.
You just have to get on with it, don't you? When I was here before you said you wouldn't blame the twins if they'd run away.
What did you mean by that? Look around you.
Not exactly a bed of roses, is it? - I've seen worse.
- Well And then there's Sean.
What about him? Let's just say he's not a great improvement on Lee.
In what way? Husband, father But he'd never do anything to harm the twins.
He loves those kids.
What are you saying? He's no angel.
That's all.
You can't depend on him.
He disappears off and you don't know where he is half the time.
He was supposed to pick the twins up that night.
But he didn't.
Well, that's him all over.
You just You just can't trust him.
Have you tried giving her some Calpol? Look, I'll call you back.
- It's just my baby's not well, so - No, it's all right.
Can you stay here, hold the fort? I'm going to go and see the biological dad.
- Yeah.
Yeah, sure, of course.
- Cheers.
All right, all right, I'm coming! Mrs Mooney? Detective Sergeant Stewart.
What is it? What's wrong? Is Nick in? No.
No, he's out looking for that girl.
Can I come in, please? Mind if I play? Sorry.
That's our Dylan's.
He'll kill you when he gets home.
It's OK.
Dylan wouldn't mind.
Monday night? Nick was here with me all night.
Only, there's evidence he was at the youth club.
But what would he be doing at a youth club? He's a grown man.
That's what I'd like to find out.
And so you say he doesn't have a phone.
He never wanted one.
Bad for the brain.
There must be some mistake.
As soon as you hear from him, could you let us know? Of course.
Anything we can do to help.
I'm I'm sure he'll be able to explain.
I'm sure he'll be able to clear it all up for you.
I'll let myself out.
Thank you.
I didn't know they were going to spin it like that, did I? Of course they were going to spin it like that.
That's what they do, what they always do.
I thought it would help.
How is that supposed to help? Well, they said it'd help spread the word, so that if she's out there, if she's Look, this isn't the way, Lee.
This isn't the way to help, mate.
Spreading lies and gossip.
Oh, I get it.
- I get it.
You're on their side.
- No.
I'm not on anybody's side, I'm a police officer.
You see, this is what they do.
It's what she does.
She did it with the twins.
Turned them against me.
It's not about picking sides, right? It's about finding the truth so we can find Holly.
Look I'm the Family Liaison Officer, right? And you're family.
So, I have a responsibility towards you in all of this.
I will keep you informed, every step of the way.
I promise.
You will not be left out in the cold.
But do not talk to anyone about this case.
Starting now.
You check out of here, you go home, and you don't take another penny.
Do you hear me? Is the boss in? I think he's still in with Sean Meredith.
It's about Sean Meredith.
We've had this HMO on Lime Street under surveillance.
Suspected trafficking.
He's been logged entering and leaving a number of times, most recently on Monday night.
The night the twins went missing.
He arrives 22:49.
And leaves at 23:38.
What's he doing in there? It's a right hotbed.
Drugs, prostitution, you name it.
Who lives there? Have you got a list of tenants? Ta.
Are you all right there, pal? I'm sorry.
- Who is it? - Oh, hi.
Is Krzysztof in? No, he's not here.
Oh, that's OK.
Can I have a quick word? - Who are you? - I'm police.
I'm a police officer.
Can I come in, please? Or do you want me to go and get a search warrant? Up to you.
Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong.
- Hanna.
- Can I come in, please, Hanna? Thanks.
I'm investigating the murder of Dylan Meredith and the disappearance of his sister Holly.
We're trying to reconstruct the events of that night, account for everyone's movements.
This is about Sean, isn't it? You know Sean? He works with my husband.
Right, OK.
The thing is Sean came here that night.
He arrived at 22:49 and left at 23:38.
I need to know what he was doing.
So, ask him.
He won't tell me.
So I'm asking you.
I don't know.
This is a murder investigation, Hanna.
I need to know what he was doing, so we can eliminate him from our inquiries, if nothing else.
He was with me.
You mean, "with you" with you? OK.
- Was that a one-off, or? - No.
Not a one-off.
So he was shagging his mate's wife during that time.
Cheating bastard.
Well, it does mean the missing time is accounted for, though.
So can we eliminate Sean? You're released on bail.
So what now? Now we find Nick Mooney.
Get an update from uniform.
He's out there somewhere.
Jess What is it? Oh Hi.
Come here.
I'm going to go and look for Holly, OK? Mm-hm.
- All right? - OK.
- All right? - How are you getting on? Shouldn't you be at school? I got suspended, didn't I? Is that right? That's right.
Are you hungry? Sean! Just one sec, yeah? Why didn't you tell us you went to Lime Street? Shut the fuck up, will you? You've wasted everyone's time.
You've wasted police time.
You've put your family through the wringer.
As if they didn't have enough to contend with.
Why didn't you just tell the truth? Why didn't you tell us you were with Hanna? I don't know where you get the energy, to be honest.
You've got stamina, mate, I'll give you that.
What gives you the right to judge me? Why didn't you tell us? You could have saved all of this.
Because I was ashamed.
They were out there somewhere, the twins, right? And they needed me.
And where was I? What was I doing? Yeah? And I couldn't tell the truth, cos if Jess found out, then, that'd be it.
Don't you think I wish I could I could go back and change it? Go and meet them at the youth club, like I said I would.
Because then maybe none of this would've happened.
And Dylan, he would Maybe Dylan, he would still be alive.
I should have been there.
Cos they needed me.
- Hello? - How are you getting on? Yeah, it's all under control.
Argh! - You killed me! - Med? - Yeah, all's well this end.
- Can you hold the fort a bit longer? I need to check in with the boss.
Yeah, sure.
Bye! You can't That's cheating, what you just did there.
Right, this time, I'm going to win.
I had a word with the youth worker, Martin.
It turns out our friend Nick Mooney has a bit of a history of hanging round the youth club.
Says he likes the music.
Martin's had to warn him off for scaring the kids.
I had Stu check out the CCTV from the night.
- Is he heading home? - His house is in the opposite direction.
He's heading for the prom, where Dylan's body was found.
We need to find him.
Right, so, don't say that I never take you anywhere nice.
So, how come you got suspended? I decked somebody, didn't I? Full of surprises, you, aren't you? What can I tell you? Well this has been fun.
All right.
It's just work.
I've got to go and pick something up.
No, yeah, sure, you're busy.
Well, you can come with me, if you like.
No, I wouldn't want to get in your way.
No, you won't get in the way.
Come on.
Sam! Sam All right? Are you coming round ours at the weekend? No, I can't.
Why not? Ask your sister.
Well, she doesn't have to have anything to do with it.
Rob Leave it.
What was all that about? - I can't quite reach it.
- Hang on, love.
- Whoa! Whoa! - Where is he? Where is he? Right, I'll go to the left and you go right.
- When can we get Dylan back? - Sorry When can we have Dylan home? Cos he shouldn't be in that place.
He should be here, with us.
His family.
Not yet, I'm afraid.
Not with the investigation ongoing.
Cos it's evidence, they're still searching for stuff I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, "it"? No.
No, I mean the body.
- That's my son.
- I know, that's That is my son! - Jess, I am so sorry.
- Get out of my house! Get out! I was just about to call you.
We've got a high priority action to trace and interview Nicholas Mooney.
I'm going to bring him in and do it under caution.
I'm on my way to his house now.
Yeah, that's great.
It's just - You don't say that, Mum! - How are you getting on? Is there any chance you could get back here? - I want him out of my house! - Only, it's all kicking off.
- You're upsetting yourself.
- No, Mum.
I do not want him in my house! Careful! Check out that view.
What do you reckon? It's beautiful.
Whoa Hang on.
What? Shit I didn't mean to give you the wrong - I thought you liked me.
- Yeah, I do like you.
Of course I do.
- But you're just a kid.
- No, no, it's cool.
I get it.
Abbie - I want him gone! I want him out! - I know.
I know.
He's an idiot.
But he's new to this.
It's my fault.
I should never have left him in charge.
I'm sorry, Jess.
It won't happen again.
I'm really sorry, all right? I'll have a word.
It's Jess you should be saying sorry to.
Jess and the kids.
I know.
I have.
I'll get it.
Nicholas Mooney, I'm Detective Sergeant Armstrong Med, stay here! Stay with them! Nick! Nick, come on, mate.
You're making this worse.
Just calm down.
I just want to talk to you.
Nick Nick! Urgh! Nick! Fuck off! Nick Mooney you're under arrest for assaulting a police officer.
Stay still, mate.
I now need to talk to you about the murder of Dylan Meredith.
I need to tell you that are not under arrest for this offence, and because of your learning disabilities, your appropriate adult is present, as is your solicitor.
Not the first time you've been here, is it, Nick? September 2017, arrested for ABH, given a caution.
- That was - Mrs Mooney if you could let Nick speak for himself, please.
You got into a fight with a couple of teenagers.
Put one of them in hospital.
Do you often get into fights, Nick? No comment.
The officer you assaulted today was trying to question you about your whereabouts on the night the Meredith twins disappeared.
He had nothing to do with Mrs Mooney, can I remind you that you're not here to answer on Nick's behalf? If you have nothing to hide, Nick, why did you run? No comment.
You left this card at the Merediths' house.
What are you "sorry" for, Nick? No comment.
This photograph was taken at the youth club the night the twins disappeared.
It appears to show you arguing with Dylan.
He was having a go at me.
What about? He said I was in the way and he called me names.
Bad names.
Like what, Nick? Retard.
And what did you do? He's, erm - He's calling you names like that? - I didn't do anything.
- Did you lash out? - I didn't do anything! This is later the same night.
Can you tell us where you were going? Well, I I was going home.
But your house is in the opposite direction.
I asked him to go to the shop.
Mrs Mooney, if you continue to interrupt, I will have no choice But it's true, though! but to have you removed and replaced by a social worker.
Before he went out, I asked him to get me 20 Silk Cut from the late-night shop on the corner.
It's the only place open at that time of night.
Hey Hey, yourself.
Abbie Hey, look, I'm sorry about earlier.
I didn't mean to upset you.
You didn't upset me.
I do like you.
Of course I like you.
I think you're great.
But you're 15.
I won't be 15 forever, though, will I? I've got a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.
We can still be mates, though, can't we? Why would you want to be mates? Hm, cos I like you.
Where are you going? Do you want a lift? The brief's right.
We've cautioned him for the assault but we don't have enough to hold him on the Meredith case.
We're going to have to let Nick go.
Vulnerable adult.
Full-time carer.
Look, we'll check out the mum's story.
We'll get him back in for questioning.
But right now, there's nothing more we can do.
Don't go anywhere without letting us know.
Don't leave town.
- We'll be talking to you again, - Nick.
Just let us go, will you? Can I give you a lift home? No, we're fine.
We can manage.
Well, if you need anything, if you want to talk you can give me a call.
Hm You go to Morecambe Park School, right? Yeah.
Do you know a lad called Wilko? Yeah.
He's a couple of years above me.
Can you give him something for me, then? What is it? It's private.
Well, I'm not supposed to enter school premises.
Maybe you don't want to.
I didn't say that, did I? He came to our house, knocked on our door, and yet you stand there and can't say what happened.
- What's going on? - Look All I can say, officially, is that a local man has been helping us with our inquiries.
A local man? You mean Nick Mooney.
And that we have had to let him go, pending further investigations.
What's Nick got to do with it? Look, I know it's frustrating, but there are rules about what I can and can't say.
You say we have to be honest with you and tell you everything.
And yet you stand there and tell us fuck all! - Jess, no need to - Stay out of it! You've done enough damage as it is.
Look, I'm not going to stand here and pretend to know how you feel.
But I'm a mum, too.
This is my worst nightmare.
So, I do get it.
It's not your nightmare, though, is it? It's ours.
Come here You think it was him? Nick.
- You think he was involved? - I'm not talking about it, Sean.
What kind of a shit show is this? You waste your time dragging me in when I had nothing to do with it.
So, where is he now? I'm not having this conversation.
Go back inside, Sean.
Go back to your wife.
Shit! What do you want? I'll have some of that, for a kick-off.
Unless you want me to tell Mum.
Are you just gonna sit there? What do you want me to do? Something.
I've been out looking, Jess.
I have been out all the hours God sends.
And you found fuck all.
If you'd have just done what you said and picked them up that night Shut up.
Then Dylan'd still be alive and Holly'd be home and safe.
I said, shut up! You never gave a shit about the twins.
- Fucking hell, Jess.
- It's true, though, isn't it? Cos they're not yours.
So you didn't give a shit about them.
Fucking What's the story with Sam? There is no story.
Why? I saw him at school.
He seemed a bit upset.
It's disgusting, isn't it? It's gross! Are you sure I'm not? What? I don't know, intruding.
Come here.
Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Hang on a minute Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! What the hell is going on? Where's your mum? Look, I'll talk to them, all right? I'll give them a bollocking.
It's not about giving them a bollocking.
You two obviously have stuff to talk about.
- Stay where you are! - Sit down, Tom.
Look, Mum, I don't have time for this.
I'm not always going to be here to pick up the pieces, you know? - Bloody hell, Mum, you're 58.
- I'm not talking about dying! What are talking about, then? Tom's asked me to move in with him.
That's brilliant.
- That's brilliant.
- They need their mum, Lisa.
Guys Guys! Get down here now, please.
Goodnight, Mum.
Don't let them get to you, love.
They don't know us.
They don't know anything about us.
I'm not gonna ask you again! Get down here! Shit.
Stay there.
Hello? Lisa The divers have found something.
I'll be right there.
Stay here.
We'll talk later.
Excuse me, mate.
Thank you.
It's Holly's.