The Bay (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Dylan and Holly Meredith didn't come home after a night out at the youth club.
This is not just a MisPers case, this is a category A murder.
We have one child dead, the other's still missing.
Do you know a lad called Wilko? Can you give him something for me, then? This photograph was taken at the youth club the night the twins disappeared.
It appears to show you arguing with Dylan.
- What's Nick got to do with it? - There are rules about what I can and can't say.
It's Holly's.
Open it.
Hello? Rob? Abbie? Guys? Sorry! - Just getting some water.
- OK.
Go to bed, love.
- You've got school in the morning.
- OK.
LISA: That's a hell of a lot of money.
Who packs like that for a night out at the youth club? LISA: We've found Holly's backpack, full of her things.
Have you any idea where she might have been planning to go? No.
And you didn't notice how much of her stuff was missing? Cos there was tops, there was underwear, there was enough stuff for a week or more.
- God, you must think I'm terrible.
- Hey, of course not.
Of course not, Jess.
Is there anyone she might have been going to stay with? Any friends? No.
We've asked everyone.
Did she have savings? Why are you asking that? We're just covering everything.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, it's OK.
It's OK.
Is Sean not about? - He's on the boat.
- Are you not out with him today? No, we're not joined at the hip.
He's with Krzysztof.
If you've found her bag in the sea, does that mean that she's dead? Of course she's not dead.
She's out there somewhere.
And we will find her.
I promise.
You can't make that promise! What if she's dead? What if the next time they see her she's lying on a slab like her brother? Sorry.
I knew I shouldn't have said it even as I was saying it.
Then why did you say it? - Why do I keep fucking up? - Yeah, why do you? Oh, look, we all fuck up sometimes.
Not as much as me.
No, not as much as you.
I'll give you that.
[HE SIGHS] [PHONE RINGS] - Hello? - Hello.
It's Sue Mooney.
Nick's mum.
Only, you said I could call if I needed anything.
Yeah, yeah.
Of course.
What can I do for you, Sue? Nick didn't come home last night.
He went out on his bike.
Could he have stayed with friends, or? He's my carer! He gets me up in the morning.
He wouldn't just leave me like this.
He wouldn't.
He What time did you last see him, Sue? Last night.
Erm At bedtime.
I'd just taken my pills and he was going to the shops and he said he'd be straight back.
He promised.
And he always keeps his promises.
All right, Sue.
I'll get the word out, we're gonna look for him.
But you just try not to worry, all right? Yeah.
You think he's done a runner? Perhaps he knows something.
I don't know.
We'll have to tell the boss.
We can't just leave her, though.
He's her carer.
She depends on him.
Why don't you drop me off at hers and you go on to the station? I'll catch you up later.
- Are you sure? - Of course.
Yeah, yeah, OK.
Thanks, Med.
Thank you.
[CAR STARTS] Mum! Have you seen my books? Oh, sorry.
Just making your gran some tea.
- Would you like some? - No, I'm What, have you lost something? Oh, yeah, sorry.
That was me.
I was just clearing stuff away.
It's OK.
- Have a nice day! - [DOOR SLAMS] [PHONE RINGS] Hi, this is Sean.
I can't take your call right now.
So, leave your name and I'll get back to you.
Sean, it's DS Armstrong.
It's Lisa.
Call me as soon as you get this.
It's about Nick Mooney.
Hello? It's DC Med Kharim.
I'm with the police.
Hello? - Sue? - Help! Help, I've fallen.
I can't get up.
Shit Shit! [DOOR RATTLES] Sue? Just hold on, all right? I'm coming in.
The clothes have all been identified as Holly's.
Our working hypothesis is that she at least was planning to leave that night, and clearly for a while.
So, why? And what was she running away from? And what was she running to? Stu, what have we got on the phone? Brand-new pay-as-you-go.
We're waiting on more details from the phone company.
Why the new phone? That could be significant.
The bag also contained a large amount of money.
The question is, where did it come from? I've been doing some digging, boss, into the family's credit history.
They're flat broke, basically.
There's a whole series of payday loans, instalment loans.
But then, six months ago, there's a cash deposit into the account to the tune of eight grand.
And they pay off all their existing debts.
Eight grand? Where would they get eight grand? Lisa, see what you can find out.
We need to know where that money came from, and if it's linked to the money in Holly's bag.
Yeah, will do, boss.
What is it? It's Nicholas Mooney, boss.
He's gone missing.
He didn't come home last night.
Oh, fuck I know.
OK, aside from us, his mum and his brief, no-one knows that he's a suspect.
That information - has not been made public.
- No.
And you didn't say anything to the family? I was very careful what I said to them.
OK, well, he's still a potential suspect in the case, so we need to find him.
Circulate to uniform, make sure everyone knows that this is urgent.
[DOOR RATTLES] Sue, I'm coming in.
Sue? - Sue? - I'm in here! - Sue! - I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Nothing to be sorry about.
All right, cool.
I'm just going to wrap this towel around you, all right? OK, did you hurt yourself? - Did you hit your head? - No.
Right, I'm going to call an ambulance.
No! Just get me up.
I'll just jump over, all right? Give me your hand.
That's it.
- We were just - I know what you were just.
Hey, where do you think you're going? You're not supposed to go out during school hours.
Without good reason.
I'm going to the library.
Behave yourselves, you two! [FRONT DOOR CLOSES] Yeah, yeah, OK.
That's it.
I've got you.
All right.
Right there.
Yep? Can I get you something to put on? - Oh, middle drawer.
- Sure.
Is this OK? - Can you manage? Do you want me to - No.
I can manage.
Well, I'll give you some privacy.
I've forgotten your name, I'm sorry.
It's OK.
It's Med.
Thank you, Med.
Sorry about the window, by the way.
I'll get it fixed.
We've got a guy.
You will find him, won't you? Our Nick.
We'll do everything we can.
I'll let you get changed.
Hi, this is Sean.
I can't take your call right now.
So leave your name and I'll get back to you.
Lisa I just heard from Forensics.
The traces of blood under Dylan's fingernails don't match anything on the database.
We're going to compare them with Nick's DNA when the details come in.
But in the meantime, you're going to have to take DNA samples from the family.
- Oh, boss - We've got Sean's DNA from his arrest.
But we need to rule out the others.
We can't delay it any longer.
JESS: But why? Why now? Like I say, it's a standard procedure - No, I'm sorry, this isn't right.
- Jess - It's not right.
- What's going on? She says she's got to take DNA.
You what? - You're treating us like criminals! - No.
Like we're the ones who've done something wrong! - Jess - Like this is our fault.
Jess! It's all right, love.
It's all right.
They've already taken mine.
It's just what they do.
Go on, then.
Go ahead.
We've got nothing to hide.
Can I get you anything? A cup of tea? Is that your answer for everything, is it? A cup of tea? I'd love a cup of tea.
I'm just going to take this off.
Where is he? - Hey? - Nick.
Where is he? Nick? I haven't a clue what you're talking about.
He's gone missing.
His mum's in bits.
You know what that's like.
Well, he's probably just fucked off somewhere.
You and Jess are the only ones that knew we questioned him.
He's a vulnerable adult, Sean.
If you've done something to him I've done nothing to him! What kind of man do you think I am, hey? I have no idea.
First, I had something to do with the twins going missing.
And now it's Nick.
What's your fucking problem, anyway? You've had it in for me from the start.
If you are going to keep secrets, that tends to happen.
You want to talk about secrets? Seriously? Where did the money come from? - What money? - The eight grand.
The eight grand you used to pay off your debts.
My family's debts, you mean.
A hell of a lot of money for a trawlerman.
What does it matter, right? It's got nothing to do It matters because it could have a bearing on the case.
If you've got involved with the wrong people and they have taken it out on the twins.
I got the eight grand off Ryan.
Ryan? Yes, Ryan.
It was the interest.
It was It was killing us.
So, I had to do something.
So I got down on my knees to that fucking little I had to beg to get that money for my family.
To put food on the table and put a roof over our heads.
And now it's gone and we're back to square one.
And we have got fuck all.
What's going on? Nothing.
It's OK.
So, how was Nick when you got home from the station? Was he upset? Of course he was.
He was right shaken up.
And did you talk about what happened? About the arrest? He didn't want to talk about it.
Is there anyone else he could have stayed with? Any other family or? Since his dad died, it's it's just me and him.
Do you think there's anyone who might have a grudge against Nick? - No.
No! - Because, given his history What history? The caution.
That kid deserved it.
The little shit.
They were always picking on our Nick, that lot from the estate.
Just cos he's different, they made his life a misery.
Calling him names.
Until, finally, that one day, that one time, he'd had enough and he lashed out.
Well, can you blame him? [SCHOOL BELL RINGS] Abbie Hi, Miss.
What part of "you're suspended" did you not understand? No, I was just going to go to the library.
Go home, Abbie.
Sorry, I haven't had a chance to go shopping.
No, sure.
I can look after my own family, you know? I never said you can't.
- But if you need help - [A CHILD CRIES] You go.
I'll sort this.
Ssh It's all right, son.
Are you all right, darling? Has he hurt himself? No.
He misses Dylan and Holly.
We all do.
We all do.
It's all right, mate.
We all miss them.
Don't we, hey? - It's going to be all right.
- Yeah.
It's going to be all right.
OK? I promise.
Sam! What's up? Look, sorry.
I was a bit off with you when you came round.
It's OK.
I'm sorry I got you kicked out of school.
You didn't.
It wasn't your fault.
It's just somebody said it was because of me.
Nah, it was just me being a dick.
So, are we good? Yeah, we're good.
Sam Can you do us a favour? [PHONE RINGS] Hello? Med, I spoke to Sean.
He says he got the money off Ryan.
Can you track him down and see if we can corroborate that? I will do.
Speak to you in a bit.
She's not your friend.
She's not.
She's not your mate.
At least she's doing something.
At least she's trying to find Holly.
Right, and I'm not? Look, she's playing you.
That's her job.
Get in with the family, poke her nose in where she's not wanted.
She is wanted! [SHE SIGHS] You can't trust her.
That's all I'm saying.
Ten past.
Thank you.
I've heard from the phone company.
Holly's new pay-as-you-go was activated that night, at 11:10.
She tried to make a call to the police.
What do you mean, tried? The call was cut off before it was connected.
Have we cell-sited it.
It was somewhere in this area.
Down by the lido.
Why was she calling the police? Why didn't she complete the call? Changed her mind? Or Or someone stopped her.
The same person who killed Dylan.
Get some guys down there to search the area.
Find! Aye, aye, aye-aye.
We're gonna need SOCO down here ASAP.
So, how did it go with Wilko? - Yeah, all according to plan.
- Yeah? And what did he say? Well, he's a man of few words.
Did he give you anything? He said we'd sort it out later.
We'll have to wait to confirm the ID, but given the amount of blood, it looks like this is where Dylan died.
So, he goes down.
Holly gets out her phone and goes to call for help - and doesn't complete the call.
- Mm.
Then the body ends up in the bay.
That's 100 yards.
Well, Forensics are on it, checking for drag marks, a blood trail.
Get them to check for tyre tracks, too.
Bicycle tyres.
We still have to find Nick Mooney.
Look, all I'm saying is that you've got enough on your plate.
Both of you.
The last thing you need right now is to be worrying about money.
That's easier said than done.
Well, there might be something I can do to help.
Don't worry about it.
What do you mean, don't worry about it? We'll manage, Jess.
And how will we manage? The boat's not bringing in enough money.
You've said so yourself.
Look, there's another option.
So, in cases like yours, where you've lost someone because of, you know, violent crime, you can apply for compensation.
How much? Mum! How much is it? It can be up to £11,000.
Oh, God! That's how much Dylan's life is worth, £11,000? Jess, no-one's saying that.
How does it work, then? Well, there's an application.
I can help with the paperwork.
But the money's divided equally, between the biological parents.
What? No, no.
That's not fair.
That's not right.
He's had nothing to do with those kids, Lee.
He couldn't give a shit about them! And now you're telling me he's gonna make money off Dylan's death? - Fuck's - Sean.
[FRONT DOOR CLOSES] So, how long will it take? That depends.
It's a process.
I can start the ball rolling, but - I don't want the bloody money! - You're entitled to it, she said.
- I don't want it! - Don't be stupid.
Oh, shut up, Mum.
Turning your nose up at it isn't going to bring Dylan back, is it? Don't you fucking say that in my house! Are you telling me that now? And don't talk to me in that tone of voice again.
All right, Margaret.
Wilko What? Come on, then, what do you want? Er, no.
It's all right.
- Dick.
- And I come round the corner and he's stood there with this, like, massive knife, like a machete.
So I whip out my Uzi.
"You want some of this, mofo?" And then my mum called me down for tea.
- I'll see you later, yeah? - What? I thought we were going into town.
Boss No sign of any bike tracks.
But we've got a statement from the shopkeeper about Nick Mooney.
Alibi checks out.
He did go there that night.
20 Silk Cut, like his mum said.
Nick's a regular in there.
He stopped for a chat with the guy.
He was in there for nearly 15 minutes.
There's a till receipt, CCTV putting Nick there on the night.
- What time was this? - Just after 11.
He left the shop at quarter past.
At the time Holly made the call, Nick was in the shop, half a mile away.
We stick with our main objective.
The priority is to find Holly.
Get a photo of the backpack out to the media, see if it jogs anyone's memory.
- Nothing about the contents yet.
- Boss.
If Nick's not our man where is he? Why's he disappeared? So Has he said anything? Have you had anything to eat, Nick? He hasn't earned it yet.
Get him something to eat, Krzysztof.
He hasn't told us anything about Holly yet.
Untie him.
You've got to be fucking kidding me? How's he going to eat with his hands tied behind his fucking back? - Can I go home now? - No, not yet, mate.
We've, erm We've just got to ask you a few questions, that's all.
But, yeah, go on, eat.
This is bollocks.
How are we gonna get anywhere by treating him like a? Why don't you take a break, all right? I'll take it from here.
Me and Krzysztof.
Well, go on.
On you go.
Sorry about that.
Where were we? - You don't have to take me shopping.
- Don't be daft.
Oh, sorry, hang on.
Rob! What have I told you about that phone? You've got to look where you're going! You're gonna get yourself run over.
I'm sorry.
Go on, go home.
I'll see you later.
I want to talk to you and your sister about last night.
- Is that your lad? - Yeah.
- Sorry about that.
- No, it's OK.
Honestly, he does my head in sometimes.
He doesn't listen to a word I say.
He's in a world of his own half the time.
Dylan's exactly the same.
- Was exactly the same.
- I'm sorry, Jess.
It's OK.
No, actually, it's not OK.
I keep thinking of the last time that I saw them.
The last time that I talked to them.
The last thing I said.
I told them to get out and not to come back, the ungrateful little shits, that's what I said.
But I didn't mean it.
You know, sometimes, it just gets too much.
You know, when they're pestering you and they're getting under your feet.
And, you know, sometimes you sometimes you just snap.
I know.
Come on [TEXT MESSAGE ALERT] WOMAN: I'll be with you in a minute.
Excuse me, you're not allowed here.
What are you doing? Are you? Oi! Sunday afternoon.
Two singles to Manchester Piccadilly.
She paid in cash.
She had a big roll of cash.
I remember thinking that was quite odd at the time.
She was only young.
She had that backpack on.
I saw it when she walked out.
The one that was on the news.
Was she on her own? No.
I didn't get a good look at him.
But there was someone waiting for her outside.
Was it him? No.
No, he was older.
A white guy.
Have you got CCTV? See, that's why I didn't put two and two together at first, cos she didn't have the hat on in the photos.
It was only when I saw the backpack.
Do you have CCTV outside? Yeah, sure.
There we are.
Pause it.
I'll need a copy of this.
STU: The day before the twins went missing, Holly was at the train station.
She was with somebody.
The guy didn't get a good look at him, but he was a white male, tall.
Definitely not Dylan.
You can only see his lower half.
But he was wearing a pair of white trainers with a red stripe.
Texting you the photos now.
- All right.
Cheers, Stu.
- Yeah.
Oh, God! Horrible.
Thanks for the shopping.
I'll pay you back.
Oh, don't be daft.
No, I don't want you being out of pocket cos of us.
It's fine, honestly.
Are you sure Holly doesn't have a boyfriend? You've already asked me that.
Yeah, I know.
It's just teenagers, isn't it? They've got secret lives.
It's hard to keep secrets in a house the size of ours.
And there's people coming and going all day long.
Cos there's not just us, you know, there's my mam, there's Ryan.
Is Ryan around a lot, then? He's kept Dylan in line.
Gave him the odd clip round the ear when he needed to.
You know when social services were round that time and Dylan got hurt, did they speak to Ryan as well, then, or? Ryan had nothing to do with it.
He wasn't even there.
Cheers for this.
It won't take long.
You're in the way.
I understand you gave Sean and Jess some money.
What of it? That just out of the goodness of your heart, was it? It's what families do, look out for each other.
How much did you give them? Eight grand.
That's a lot of money.
And you didn't get anything in return? Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? Fine.
I got Sean's share of the boat.
I bought him out.
Where did you get eight grand from? I've never been scared of a bit of hard work.
You should try it sometime.
[FRONT DOOR OPENS] JESS: Ryan, will you give us a hand with these, please? - Yeah, in a minute.
- No, Ryan, now.
All right! All right Hiya.
Get me a DNA kit for him.
- Right now? - Yeah, now.
Right This is the rest of it.
Thanks again for this.
We'll get off, then.
Oh, Ryan, sorry, just while you're here, I just need to get a DNA sample.
- You what? - I have to do the whole family.
It's just a formality.
Sorry, I know it's a pain.
It's all right.
She had to do us earlier.
Sorry, it'll only take a minute.
Right It's not just the trainers, though.
Jess said Ryan used to knock Dylan about a bit when he got out of line.
So there's history there.
Plus, there's the money thing.
Ryan works on the boats, just like Sean.
How's he suddenly able to hand over eight grand? And is that where Holly got the money, off Ryan? - I know it's circumstantial, but - No.
No, it's good.
We'll get the DNA off for testing, compare it with the matter found under Dylan's fingernails.
We'll know by tomorrow.
Hey Good work, both of you.
Why did the police want to talk to you, Nick? What did they want to know? How long have we known each other, Nick? A long time.
And do you remember at school, when all the kids, they they'd pick on you and have a go at you? Do you remember? And who was it who stood up for you? You.
And I'm not asking for thanks.
I'm not.
I just did what I thought was right.
You know, I looked after you.
I helped you.
And now I want you to help me.
That's all.
I know.
Well, then? Sorry.
What? Why are you sorry? Why are you sorry, Nick? Do you know where Holly is? I want to help you.
But I can't.
Why not? I promised.
Promised who, Nick? What did you promise? I'm sorry, Sean, I I can't tell you.
Yeah, you can.
Sam! Hello, stranger.
- Are you here to see Abbie? - I was just, erm Come on.
I'll give her a shout.
[FRONT DOOR CLOSES] Look who I found cluttering up the pavement.
Will you stay for tea, Sam? Pasta OK? - Er - Back in a minute.
What the fuck's this? You were supposed to give it to Wilko.
What are you playing at? Sam, you told me you'd give it to him.
Are you dealing drugs now? - Come on, it's not like that.
- Then, what is it? It's just down the road.
I'll be back all the time.
- I know.
- You'll hardly know I've gone.
Mum, it's fine, really.
Go on, go out, you and Tom.
Go and paint the town red.
- Are you sure? - Mum! Go on, love, grab your coat, we're off out.
SAM: What if I'd been caught? But you weren't caught, were you? Fucking hell, Abbie! Look, you have to go back, you have to give it to him.
I don't have to do anything.
Sam Whatever you've got yourself mixed up in, - you're not dragging me into it.
- Sam! Sam! Are you not staying for tea, then? Abbie Abbie! Whoa, whoa Hey! What? You're not going anywhere.
I want to talk to you.
Go and get your brother.
Go on.
What's this all about? What are you even doing here? I just thought it might be nice to have diner together.
You know, hang out.
- Hang out? - Yeah.
You know, shoot the breeze.
Talk about our day over, like, a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a bottle of vodka.
Look, I'm not judging you.
- Everyone experiments at your age - Is this the talk? Are you giving us the talk, Mum? Look, Rob, when a man and woman love each other very much - Oh, right, OK.
- Enough of the lip, thank you.
What is it? - What do you want? - I just want to talk to you.
There's stuff around now that wasn't around when I was growing up, pressures and You know, I just want to understand.
I want you to know that you can talk to me.
So, what do you want to know? Anything.
Like what? Well, like school, for instance.
[ABBIE CHUCKLES] Yeah, bit of a touchy subject there, Mum.
Yeah, well, exactly.
We haven't talked about it, have we? Not really.
And with everything that's been going on round here, the twins and What about the twins? I just mean, it's probably a scary time.
I'm sure people are talking about it at school.
Oh, my God - What? - Are you questioning us? - No! - This is, like, work.
That's the only reason you want to talk to us.
No! No, it's got nothing to do with work.
I just want to know if you're all right.
This has been lovely.
We really ought to do this more often.
Are you actually joking? Oh, my God Brilliant.
Thank you very much.
I'll tell you what, not everyone your age is this public-spirited.
The place was robbed yesterday.
Can you believe it? Robbing a food bank! Lisa - Are you all right? - I was just about to call you.
Erm The forensics are in.
The DNA results on the blood under Dylan's fingernails.
It's Ryan's, isn't it? It's Holly's.
She's now a suspect in her brother's death.