The Bear (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


I got ya, I got ya
I'm right here, I'm right here
Let it rip buddy
It's hard to hear it,
so I just keep saying it.
I didn't cause it.
I can't control it.
I can't cure it.
A lot of my life,
I thought I was just a victim.
And because my husband drank so much,
this would happen or that would happen.
The short term was always so awful.
I thought if I just could
throw out his liquor,
you know, hide whatever
he was on, that would fix it.
We can't curb that kind of chaos
until the thinking changes.
Until the foundations change.
Until the chemistry changes.
And it's difficult.
I know I played a part in his abuse.
And I'm really mad at myself for that.
if there's anything
good that came out of it,
it's that it made me realize
that the best thing for me to do
is just to try to keep
my side of the street clean.
Instead of trying to fix everything,
just remove myself
from any situation that is,
or could become, toxic.
What is wrong with you fucking jackoffs?
We're down six dozen pepper,
five Greeks with ravioli. Let's go!
We are down that
because you are not firing.
- Chefs, chill!
- Are you out of your mind?
I'm firing like a fucking maniac!
Cousin, don't tell me to chill.
We got a real
Waiting on those peppers, chef.
These guys gotta pick up their orders!
- I need chits! I need chits!
- What chits!?
Listen to the words
coming out of your mouth!
Have to fire the chits
Chef! Lower your voice,
please! Thank you.
So sorry, guys. Thank you
for your patience.
Corner! Who
took my trays again? That's theft.
Nobody took your trays. I prepped them.
- They're in the oven, ready for you.
- Behind, behind, behind.
The ketchup is right there.
Still waiting on those peppers, please!
Yo! Sysco! Let's rock, baby.
What do you got?
- Can I get two dogs with everything?
- Two dogs,
- drag 'em through the garden!
- Stop shouting!
Please press the button.
Sydney! Head in the game!
Are you kidding me?
- Stop shouting!
- Learn how to use a fucking computer
Chef, are you good?
- Yes, Chef.
- Yes?
- Yes, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef. 5.25, sir.
- Stop!
- The chits.
- Let's go, let's go!
Move down!
Not enough peppers.
Not for one sandwich.
Blossom, what am
I getting today? Mortadellas?
Hey! Good morning, Chefs.
- Yo, Carmy.
- What up, Carmy?
- Morning, Chef.
- Chef. What you doing here so early?
I could not sleep.
Getting flashbacks.
I copied them out of your books.
I mean, if it's too much,
I could take it down.
No, no, it looks good.
The colors are wild.
- Gets me thinking.
- Morning, Chef.
Yeah, totally.
You know it takes, uh,
12 people to prep that?
Yeah. I plated that every night.
- There's four sets of plum in that.
- What do you mean?
- There's, uh, plum wine
- Plum wine?
Yeah. It's a, uh,
a sweet wine from Japan.
And you take a shit ton of bottles of it
and you just boil the fuck out of it.
You just cook it and you cook it
and you cook it and you cook it
until it becomes a syrup.
You know, it takes hours, two shifts,
two different people
just watching that shit.
Yes, Chef.
And then you have your plum consommé,
which is, uh, black plums
cooked down with black vinegar,
salt, sugar.
Somebody's got to be stirring that
forever, so the sugar doesn't burn.
And then your compressed plums,
which are these
these perfect fresh plums,
cut into perfect four-centimeter squares
that you cover with the reduced
plum wine you made,
you vacuum seal it,
and then you take your consommé
and you make your gelée.
Which, uh, at this place,
the chef wanted the gelée
to be like the consistency
of Haribo Gummi Bears,
which we could never do.
So, like, thick and, like, chewy?
Yeah, thick but also squishy.
But, not too squishy.
No one could do it.
It was always too soft,
or it was too hard,
or it would melt too quickly,
or it was too gummy.
And then
one day, a sous chef, he just hit it.
You know, he spent
every minute of, like, a year
- trying to figure it out.
- So, how did he do it?
- Well
- With veal fat.
Veal fat congeals when it's cold, so
Yeah. No, that's That's right.
So fire. Fuck, man.
Mission accomplished.
Yeah, mission accomplished.
- Let me get that for you, Chef.
- Uh, no, I'm okay. Thank you.
- You sure?
- Yes. Thanks.
Uh, Sydney, hey. Can I talk
to you in my office for a sec?
So, last week was a nightmare.
- Yes, I agree.
- Right, so we have to stop it, alright?
Or it's gonna get
worse. I think that, um
I agree.
Actually, one second. Sorry. Yo, Ebra!
Hey, uh, any reason
Michael wasn't ordering
number 10s of these?
English, Carmy.
Okay, this is a 28-ounce can, alright?
So why wasn't Michael buying number 10s,
which are 102 ounces?
They're cheaper per ounce.
The more I learn about Michael,
the less I understand.
Rest in peace, young man.
Who cares? We don't use tomatoes anyway.
Um, w-what did you have in mind? Sorry.
Old school brigade. You run it.
Respectfully, no.
- You told me that's what you wanted.
- No.
I-I said I wanted more to do.
I didn't say I wanna run
a Russian gymnastics program.
No, it's not that.
It's defining roles, right?
It's creating a better
workflow. You're used to that.
Uh, it doesn't mean I liked it. Did you?
It's a start.
Uh, it's, uh, it's a mistake.
- It'll help.
- It'll create a toxic,
- hierarchical shit show.
- What is it now?
Uh, a-a shit show,
but with that type of system,
I'd have even less of a voice.
You'd have even more of a
headache at the end of the day
No, no, no
We can do it differently,
okay? I cannot keep
yelling at them every day.
We have to cut it out.
We have to change the chemistry, right?
Yeah, but
We wanna change this restaurant, right?
I will dial business,
you are everything else.
Let's try.
Okay. Yes. Okay, Chef.
Great. Let's go.
- Now? Now.
- Yeah. Now.
Okay! Everybody, go ahead. Grab one.
Hey, uh, Carm, the phone ringing.
Yep, yep. I hear
that. Thank you, Marcus.
Manny, Angel, go ahead.
You grab one, too. This way,
- we're gonna look like a team, right?
- Robust.
- Mine is better, Jeff.
- Okay. Um
Aight, I'm gonna hand it over
to Chef Sydney in just a second,
but first, uh
Okay, look, I-I'm not
trying to be an asshole
and change your guys' system, okay?
I don't I don't wanna fuck it up.
I don't wanna meddle with it
or whatever the fuck,
alright? I want to
harness it.
Okay? Seriously, I wanna
I wanna organize it.
Aight? W-we can't keep
operating like this. We got a C!
A "C" stands for chaos.
That can't happen again!
And that's why we're
gonna start operating
like a French kitchen.
That means there's gonna
be a chain of command.
Okay? This was developed
by Escoffier, and I think
Oh, Scoffi-gay?
Love that dude.
What's up? I don't know what's going on.
- We're implementing a French brigade.
- Mm! Got it!
Cool. Yeah.
- Fuck that.
- Nah, it's bullshit.
- Okay.
- Carmy, no, no, no. No.
- I was in a brigade once.
- What happened?
Many people died.
See, Jeff?
Okay, this is It's
gonna be different.
Look, this is
This is what real kitchens do.
Guys, this is what real teams do.
Okay? Everybody takes
care of their own station.
They keep their own side
of the street clean.
Yeah? Okay.
I am gonna go get that phone, um,
but you are in good hands.
Uh, take it away, Chef. Thank you, guys.
Okay. So, um, as you may have heard,
we are implementing a
a F-French brigade.
We all heard that. Right. So, uh,
Carmy is the head chef guy.
He's the chef de cuisine
or the CDC. Uh, I would be
I am. I am the I am the sous
- Like hierarchy?
- More just like a regular
chill-archy? Uh,
it's more about dividing labor.
So, like, because I'm the sous, right?
Like, I just, uh, follow orders,
even if it leads to tension
and, uh, chaos and resentment
and ultimately doesn't work.
But yeah, that's what I do.
Sorry . I'm the sous.
- Um, Tina, you are
- No inglés.
Great. I know you speak English.
I've heard you speak it.
You spoke English five
seconds ago. That's fine.
You're the garde manger. Uh, Ebra
- Meat prep!
- Yes, which means
- you are now the Chef de Partie.
- Chef de Partie?
I accept.
Hey, this is The Beef. Sorry about that.
- How can I help you?
- Michael around?
Uh, uh, no. No, no.
He's not here this second.
Um, can I ask who's calling?
Yeah, just tell him
Nico called. He's got my info.
Okay, Nico.
Sorry, uh Hello?
Who was that?
Yo, Carm. Who was that?
Some dude asking for Michael.
Uh Who?
Uh, Nico?
I'll hit him.
What's that about?
No, he's just some idiot. I
got it. Don't worry about it.
What's up? You blow a fuse or something?
No, I just, uh, felt like
Michael was alive for a second.
No, thanks.
- Okay, uh, Marcus, you'll be
- Patissier?
Yes, exactly.
You know, I really
could start fucking shit up
- if we source the bread.
- Yeah. Not a bad idea.
- I could light up a chocolate cake.
- Five bucks a slice.
Six bucks with ice cream.
Okay. Do you have a recipe?
No, Chef, but I can learn.
Make us more oven space as well.
- Yeah. I like this brigade.
- Yeah.
Okay, uh, I will be saucier,
which means I'll do, like, gravies,
stocks, that sort of thing. Uh,
Richie loves doing whatever
the fuck Richie does.
Um, every day, we'll start
with a pre-shift meeting,
then we'll do
a front-of-house walkthrough,
then there'll be an end-of-day review.
We just talk about things,
see what we can do better
and more efficiently.
Um, I-I know it seems like a lot
and kind of annoying,
but I promise this type of
structure will be super helpful.
It'll make things run
smoother, calmer
Hey, Chef, I gotta run a quick errand.
Could you hold down the fort?
Thank you, Chef!
Just like that.
Okay, so I'm gonna do
checks in a second,
so just, you know
Okay! Looks good in here.
We got this, so Corner!
Chef, you're supposed
to be prepping vegetables.
You're not my Jeff.
Well, okay, today I
am, so can you please
Yo, relax.
I'll do your shit next. Chill.
Behind. Hey, Chef, what's family?
Chicken Suqaar using as
few oven pans as possible.
- Great. Thank you.
- Bless!
Behind. Corner.
Like, one of them
was like some gummy bear shit
- Okay, so it tastes like plum?
- Behind.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. But,
like, different levels Alright!
Behind! Chef! Come on.
- Chef, you okay?
- Yes, I'm a I'm Yeah.
Whoa, whoa, you alright?
Let me see what happened.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Nothing had happened. I am fine.
Please, let's just close
the box cutter. Thank you.
And not fucking put it there. Excuse me.
- Relax
- Behind.
Yo, you two look like you
joined the dumbass cult.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Oh, stupid fucking aprons.
Uh-huh ♪
This much you promised ♪
How could I ever forget this? ♪
You know I love you,
but I just can't ♪
Yo, yo! Nico, you're droppin' shit.
Chef Ebra, we good?
Chef de Partie, Chef Carmy!
Alright, looking good. What you got?
- Family Suqaar!
- Great, great.
Chef, you Garde Manger?
- Yes, Jeff.
- Where are the onions?
- Syd.
- Syd? Yo!
Shit! Shit! Fuck!
- Oh, sorry.
- Stock's boiled.
- Too cloudy. The heat was too high.
- Yes
You didn't skim properly. You
cannot add the veg before it's boiled.
- You know better, Chef.
- I put it lower earlier
- I don't under
- Not low enough.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, Richie.
Fortify it.
Um, okay. Well,
at least it's a jus, so
No, no, no. Needs to be a
Demi. You need to strain it,
add more onions, add more
veal stock, reduce, reduce
Yes. Reduce. I know how to make a stock.
Okay! It'll take 30 minutes. Let's go.
Where are the onions? They prepped?
Um, Tina's on
- I'm on lemons.
- Tina should be on onions.
- "Yes, Chef."
- I told her earlier,
- like you said
- "Yes, Chef!"
- Yes, Chef.
- Thank you
Chefs! Walkthrough!
Um Not good. So
You betrayed me!
You serious? Chef, come on.
Clean your station.
And your nails. Thank you.
Guys, can someone
please clean these out?
These are disgusting.
Fuck! Seriously! Please!
Okay, I'm gonna need bags and napkins
already ready before service,
plus Manny and Angel
are helping you out with
paper cups and plates,
but that's not really
their duty, you feel me?
Plus, love the wiping, love that energy.
Maybe we do it, like, on the floors
'cause they are so dirty,
I almost broke my neck,
and honestly, I think I'm gonna
pass out just looking at them.
Um, what's up?
- Yes, Chef.
- Great. Okay.
- It's fine.
- Fine?
Did I piss you off?
No. If you are happy
with this, then I am.
Guys, where is my onions?
Where are my onions!?
I don't know.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- We should be outsourcing bread.
- Way ahead of you.
- Okay.
- Alright.
You didn't take my onions, did you?
No. No, they did this to me last week.
It's just part of paying your dues.
You are angry right now.
Damn, we got you.
Hey, they made me do it.
I swear it wasn't my idea. I swear.
- Fuck you.
- Hey, come on, Sydney.
- Fuck off. Shut the fuck up, please!
- We was just messing around!
- Hey, it wasn't my idea.
- Leave me Fucking fuck.
- Let me help you with that.
- No! Don't!
- Are you sure?
- I am fucking sure!
Do you ask Carmy if he's sure?
I'm just saying,
it's j it's just heavy.
No, you don't.
So, you stick to your shit, okay?
I'll stick to mine.
Yes, Chef.
Just keep going.
What the hell were you doing, Mike?
The number you
have reached is not in service.
Family's up, Chefs!
- Yo.
- Yo.
Family's up.
Thank you.
It's good.
No, it looks It
looks good. I Yeah.
- Mind if I chill for a second?
- Sure. Yeah.
How's bookkeeping?
It's a mess. How's our brigade?
It's a mess.
- What's going on with you?
- Nothing.
Yeah. Today was
really bad for me, Chef.
Is there more?
I don't know. Um
Chef, you you kinda let
everybody act like trash, and
really kind of came
at me a little, I guess.
- Uh
- I expect more from you.
- Hm.
- Hold you to a higher standard.
Paying my dues?
Doing your job.
Which is to, at times,
listen to your boss.
You know, I think
this place could be so different
from all the other places we've been at.
But, in order for that to be true,
we need to run things different.
When I said I didn't think
that the brigade was a good idea,
you didn't listen. And it's not that
you told me that I had to.
That's fine. Whatever. But
But you just didn't
really listen, and
if this is going to work the way
that I think we both want it to work,
I-I mean, I think
we should probably
try to listen to each other.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You're right.
- The reason I'm here
and not working somewhere else,
or for someone else,
is 'cause
I think I can stand out here.
I can make a difference here.
We could share ideas.
I could implement things
that make this place
better, and I don't wanna
be wasting my time,
working on another line
or tweezing herbs on a dish
that I don't care about,
or-or-or running brunch, God forbid.
And then, you know,
you kinda left. Like, you
Y-y-you did. Not even "kinda."
You just straight-up left.
- Yeah.
- And that's not really cool.
You know, after
dumping all this stuff on me.
No. No, it's not.
I know. I know that. Um
I went to an Al-Anon meeting.
My brother, uh, he was an addict.
Chef, that is
a little too personal, I think.
Oh. I'm
I was just fucking with you.
I-I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's alright.
- feel like I'm owed one.
- Sure.
It's not an excuse. You know, I know.
- I know that.
- Mm.
But now I know that you know, so
Fuckin' brunch.
- Fuck brunch.
- Fuck brunch.
I'm gonna get rocked tonight.
Oh, absolutely fucking destroyed. Yeah.
The kids have a new take ♪
Alright, two chickens! Three beef!
one with sausage pepper,
one with mortadell!
Alright, let's 86 the ravioli,
please, Chefs.
Fire two chicken pepper, two sausage
Yo, can we get 10 peep all day,
six hot, four sweet. Thank you!
I came home to a city ♪
Half-erased ♪
I came home ♪
To face what we faced ♪
Hey. It's me again.
Not sure why you're not calling me back,
it's Michael's birthday,
and I'm thinking about you.
Of my heart ♪
Oh my heart ♪
Oh my heart ♪
Oh my heart ♪
Oh my heart ♪
The storm didn't kill me ♪
The government changed ♪
Hear the answer, call ♪
Hear the song rearranged ♪
It's sweet and it's sad ♪
And it's true ♪
How it doesn't look ♪
Bitter on you ♪
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