The Bear (2022) s02e04 Episode Script


- How are we doing?
- (TUTS)
Well, as of now, we are seven weeks out.
Our DBA just got rejected.
Fire suppression hasn't shown up yet.
We have to schedule a second deep clean
because our building's
now considered a biohazard
and we only have
a couple walls left standing.
Why-why did we get rejected?
SUGAR: Well, because
we filed for a new name.
Why is that a problem?
Well, because we never
filed for a first name.
We, they, Mikey
weren't operating correctly
because they were
never doing business as.
So now we have to file
to do business as The Bear
and pay a fine for not doing
business as The Beef originally.
Because according to the IRS,
we're assholes.
So it's a money thing?
Yeah, it's all
another money thing, Carm.
Uh, how fast
can we do a deep clean then?
(SIGHS) Not until tomorrow,
I don't think.
- Fuck.
- You can say that again.
Ooh, fuck.
- You okay?
- SUGAR: Hmm.
Yeah, the the DBA
is stressing me out.
- Hey. Hey.
- SUGAR: Hmm?
- You okay?
Don't tell anyone, okay?
This is my problem, and I don't
want this to change anything.
Okay? I don't wanna be
treated any different, okay?
- Okay.
- I am completely terrified.
And I'm only telling you because
I don't know.
Just-just in case.
And don't take this like I'm not
excited because I am so excited.
Because of how we grew up
and everything in our lives.
I really want this to be
loving and good and happy.
I just I don't want anyone to know.
- Sure.
- Okay?
Like, I really don't want
Richie to know.
Because somehow, it
feels more in my control
- to decide when and who knows
that I'm pregnant.
- Congratulations!
I fuckin' knew it!
- (QUIETLY) Oh, my God.
FAK: Nat, the wall fell!
SUGAR: I am aware, sweetheart.
So I have a challenge.
I'm gonna go stage
at a really great place.
I gotta get on a plane, go overseas.
You know, you know
how I feel about that.
I'm excited.
Um, and while I'm there,
I gotta come up with three
really great desserts.
You got any ideas?
Yeah, I know.
I'm a little nervous about it
'cause I really don't wanna mess it up.
But I am excited.
And don't worry, while I'm gone,
Kristy's here, Chester's here.
And I'm always a call away
if you need anything.
I think it's, what,
eight-, nine-hour difference.
It doesn't matter.
(WHISPERS) Love you.
A little bit salty.
And whatever it is,
you can call me at any time.
I'll be awake. I'll have
my phone right by me.
She'll be okay.
You know, if she blinks three
times, it means she's thirsty.
- I know.
- She likes to have the blanket halfway up.
- Not all the way to her shoulders.
- I know.
- Yeah, I'm-I'm I just, I
- I know.
Hey I got her.
CHESTER: Yo, airplane mode is real.
Make sure your phone is off,
otherwise it can fuck
with the cell towers
and you'll end up in, like,
Jersey or Pittsburgh or some shit.
- Let me see your passport.
- Dude, I have it.
No, well, then show me that shit.
Dawg, I have my fuckin' passport.
Bro, you're talking
to Mr. Intercontinental.
You know how many times
I forgot that bitch?
- Show it.
- Alright, fine. Whatever. Fuck.
- Oh, shit.
- Dude, are you for real?
- Dude Uh
- CHESTER: Are you kidding me?
Yeah, come on. I'm fuckin'
with you, it's right here.
CHESTER: Don't mess with me, dawg.
Let me see this. Woo-hoo!
Handsome on the passport.
MARCUS: Alright. Gimme that.
Um, can you just do me a favor
and check on my ma if you get some time?
Dude, I'm way ahead of you.
Gonna check on her every
morning on my way to work.
- Appreciate it.
- CHESTER: I want you to take
a deep breath and let the good in.
And also be aware
I learned some Danish words,
so we'll still be connected
when you get back.
What'd you learn?
I think that's "airplane."
- Alright.
- And then, um, klimaanlage.
- Uh, "air conditioner."
- That's important in the winter.
I mean, you never know.
Global warming is poppin' off.
- MARCUS: Alright.
- Alright, I love you, dawg.
- Alright, love you, too.
- Alright.
- Alright.
- Oh, and do not bring up Ikea out there.
That's in Sweden, not Denmark.
They don't mess with that.
I had to learn the wrong way.
I found out long ago ♪
It's a long way down
the holiday road ♪
Holiday road ♪
Holiday road ♪
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick ♪
Take a ride on a West Coast kick ♪
Holiday road ♪
Holiday road ♪
Holiday road ♪
Holiday road ♪

I found out long ago ♪
It's a long way
down the holiday road ♪
Holiday road ♪
Holiday road ♪
Holiday road ♪
Holiday road ♪
Yes, Chef.
Chef. Uh, I'm Marcus Brooks. I'm from
I know. I'm Luca, pastry.
We start at 5:00 a.m.
Your section's at the end of the bench.
Yes, Chef.
LUCA: So that's six o'clock
That's always facing the guest.
Yes, Chef.
- You try.
Nuzzle that sliver into the
pudding just to lock it in.
MARCUS: Yes, Chef.
No, clockwise, Chef. Start the same way.
Oh, yes, Chef.
No. Again, Chef.
Sorry, I'm-I'm a little nervous.
LUCA: Hm, worse.
Don't be afraid to just
stick it in there, you know.
Just be confident about it.
Don't second-guess yourself.
Yes, Chef.
You know how to make shiso gelee?
Yes, Chef.
MARCUS: "How to make gelee"
What the fuck is dextrose?
- Recipe.
Thank you, Chef.
LUCA: That's a little bit too thick.
So just add some more pineapple juice.
MARCUS: Yes, Chef. Can I ask why?
Uh, the thicker it is,
the stronger it is.
So too thick and it overpowers
the other components.
What do you serve this with, Chef?
Uh, we do that
with a thin slice of marzipan
and a caramel cracker.
That sounds good.
LUCA: Yeah. It's a nice dish.
And then water.
Start off low.
You can see the color change.
You see it starting to get brighter?
And then just pour that into
that right there.
MARCUS: Uh-huh.
Then, uh, give me
two ladles of that into there
and just bloom the gelatin.
Yes, Chef.
You are tired ♪
You want to be free ♪
Okay, so we're just looking for somebody
those first few days, five days a week.
Hm-mm! I just can't do Fridays.
Well, your résumé is incredible.
Thank you. When can I talk to the chef?
You are.
SYDNEY: So we're just looking
for somebody who can commit
to a pretty full schedule.
Heard. I'm there.
You are hired.

You ever made ice cream before, Chef?
No, Chef.
- Want to?
- Yes, Chef.
LUCA: Alright.
Has been so wonderful ♪
Oh ♪
I can't stop now ♪
LUCA: This is a quenelle.
So, warm water.
MARCUS: Mm-hmm.
And not hot or too cold.
Your love is growing cold ♪
- You try.
- Alright.
Away and back.
- LUCA: Try again.
- Alright, yeah.
I've been loving you ♪
LUCA: No. Again, Chef.
No, worse. Again, Chef.
And I don't wanna stop now ♪
Um, I was just calling
so you could hear my voice.
I really like the city.
It's really cool.
Um, the place I'm staying at is a boat.
Hmm. Uh
Oh, the restaurant is beautiful.
It smells really good in there.
And I'm-I'm really happy I'm here.
I really wish you were here, too.
Um Oh, I-I made this thing today.
I'm actually sending
Kristy a photo of it
so that she can show you.
Love you.
LUCA: So just watch me.
When you're comfortable, jump in.
Don't try to be a hero
and then fuck it up.
Yes, Chef.
Oh, baby ♪
I'm down on my knees ♪
It's like Operation.
LUCA: Alright. There you go.
I love you ♪
I love you with all my heart ♪
And I can't stop now ♪
It kind of tastes like a, um
Minty Snickers bar?
A minty Snickers bar.
That's crazy. Yeah.
With heart and soul, I love you ♪
I love, love, love, love, love you ♪
Good God Almighty, I love you ♪
I love you, baby ♪
I love you, oh ♪
I'm just talkin', talkin',
talkin', talkin', talkin' ♪
I think they're rollin' this.
Frosting’s a good idea.
Hey, Marcus. Brookson!
- How good is Copenhagen?
- What up, Brooks?
Dude, it's so sick out here.
- I'm living on a boat right now.
- RICHIE (OVER PHONE): What up, Brooks?
Yo, Fak, ask him.
- MARCUS: Ask me what?
- FAK: Okay.
The fire suppression guy
is here right now.
When was the last time
you guys did this?
Um, I think never.
No secrets. No alliance shit.
Dude, we're best friends!
We can tell secrets.
- We gonna tell secrets. That's what we do.
- RICHIE: No secrets!
glove pops, we can't turn the gas on
and Carmy is literally gonna
go full loose boots on us.
- It's not gonna pop.
- FAK: It's gonna pop!
- RICHIE: It's not gonna pop.
- FAK: It's gonna pop!
That's gonna pop.
- It's not gonna pop.
- Look!
- It is
- Poppin'!
It popped!
It popped! It popped
- That Well Oh.
Alright. Well, talk to you later.
I don't actually think
there is a fucking cat.
225 grams, Chef?
LUCA: Correct.
So how long you been a cook?
About a year and a half. You?
Uh, 14 years now.
Oh, so you started when you was three?
Close enough, yeah.
MARCUS: Where'd you grow up?
LUCA: Uh, London.
You're from Chicago?
Yeah. Chicago.
Did you go to school for this?
LUCA: I didn't. No.
Uh, I didn't do too well in school.
Got in quite a bit of trouble.
Ditched the check. They caught me.
Made me wash dishes,
and, uh, I loved it.
What about you?
MARCUS: Needed a job.
Well, there's a lot of other jobs.
I worked at the phone company
for, like, five years.
- And then McDonald's.
- LUCA: Out of high school?
I played division three football
in college.
Oh, shit. What position were you?
Outside linebacker.
Okay. What does
the outside linebacker do?
Cover the end and protect the pass.
LUCA: And you loved it?
Yeah. I loved it.
And it paid for school,
but nowhere really to go after.
And four years ago, my mom got sick,
so I was trying to find a better job.
And I always used to get lunch
at this beef spot,
and the owner was
He was really tight, but also
really out of his fuckin' mind.
And he wanted to open a bakery,
so I stopped making Big Macs
and I learned
how to make bread and, yeah.
How's your mom doing?
Well, they say the expectancy
was only a couple of years
and that was four years ago, so
I just
I just try to spend
as much time with her as I can.
You're an only child?
No. A younger brother. You?
Uh, yeah. I got a younger
sister somewhere, yeah.
How’d you get good at this?
(EXHALES) Honestly,
I made a lot of mistakes.
MARCUS: That's the secret, just fuck up?
It might be, you know, fuck up.
I think 'cause I started early,
I got my skill set up really quick
and then started to feel like
I was really the best,
you know, like at
all these really good places.
I really was the best cook.
And then I started
at this really great place as a commis.
And this other chef
started the same day as me,
and (SIGHS)
I thought we were competition,
um, but really we weren't.
He was better than me.
Much, much better than me.
He worked harder and faster
than I ever could.
And it was the first time I realized
that I wasn't the best
and I was never gonna be the best.
So I started looking at it
like it was a good thing.
Like, at least I knew
who the best was now,
and I could take
that pressure off myself.
And the only logical thing to do
was to try and keep up with him.
So I never left this guy's side.
And you got better.
Oh, mate, I got better than
I ever thought I possibly could be
just from trying to keep up with him.
You're like Pippen.
- Who's Pippen?
- Scottie Pippen.
He was like that with Michael Jordan.
Who's Michael Jordan?
Fucker. I know, I know you
know who Michael Jordan is.
Yeah, no, we've heard
of him in London, yeah.
Yeah, I guess, uh, I was like Scottie.
But he was a Hall of Famer, though.
Number 33.
LUCA: Honored.
No, I think at a certain stage
it becomes
less about skill
and it's more about being open.
- Open?
- LUCA: Yeah.
To-to the world, to yourself,
to other people.
You know, most of the incredible things
that I've eaten haven't been
because the skill level
is exceptionally high
or there's loads
of mad fancy techniques.
It's because it's been
really inspired, you know.
I like that.
You can spend all the time
in the world in here,
but if you don't spend
enough time out there
LUCA: You know?
It helps to have
good people around you, too.
So was it worth it, the time you put in?
(SIGHS) Don't know. Ask me tomorrow.

MAN: Hjaelp.
- Oh. Fuck.
Shit, um
- Fuck.
Fuck. Are you alright, man?
- Alright. Um
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Fuck.
Um, this
fuck is on your fucking
It's on your neck.
Um Alright.
- Sorry, sorry.
Uh, I'm gonna lift, I'm gonna lift up.
You roll under, okay?
Do you understand? Can you,
can you understand what I'm saying?
Alright, on the count of three.
Go, one, two, three.
Shit. Sorry. Fuck. I'm sorry.
- MAN: Alright. Alright.
- I'm sorry.
Fuck, man.
That's fuckin
- You alright?
MARCUS: You got a lot
of You got blood, man.
You alright?
You sure you wanna get back on the bike?
- What's up?
- MARCUS: Uh, s Hello?
- Wait, Can you hear me?
- SYDNEY: Hello?
Can you hear me?
- MARCUS: Yeah. Yeah, I'm-I'm
- It's, um
- It's like being weird.
- MARCUS: Oh, sorry.
It's like a delay,
I think 'cause I'm out here.
I feel like every time
I try to talk, I'm like
Yeah, yeah, like that.
Well, how's it going? What's up?
MARCUS: I'm having a great time.
Call me European Marcus. That's my name.
That's what everyone calls me out here.
SYDNEY: Fancy now.
- What are you reading?
- Oh, this old thing?
Coach K, the greatest
comeback of all time.
Why does everybody know that?
Sydney, it's Coach K.
Why are you saying his name like
it's Martin Luther King Jr.?
He's like a college basketball coach.
(CHUCKLING) Okay. So what'd you learn?
Um, dude, they had a minute left,
and they kept their composure.
He made a bunch of decisions.
It was very cool. They won.
Kept drillin'.
SYDNEY: They kept drilling.
Ooh, guess what.
We failed the fire suppression test.
Yeah. Sorry I'm not there to help.
No, you do not need to be here at all.
I'm really happy that you're over there
and you're, like, enjoying yourself.
I do feel a little guilty,
though, not being home.
I don't know, I keep
having this nightmare
that Kristy's calling me,
telling me that my mom's dead,
and then I wake up
and everything is fine,
and I don't know.
Yeah, I-I get that.
But, also, she's okay, you know, like,
she's with people who care about her
and are taking care of her.
And you deserve to be enjoying yourself.
Like, you can't take care of her
if you're not taking care
of you, you know.
I guess so.
Ugh, I miss you, man.
I miss you, too.
Oh, shit. Hello?
Hello? Hello? Syd?
(SCREAMS) Sorry,
I didn't actually freeze.
Oh, you fuckin' play too much.
SYDNEY: It was a little bit scary.
I saw my face during that moment.
MARCUS: Eat your cereal.
Alright, I'm going to sleep.
- I'll talk to you later.
- SYDNEY: Okay. Night, dude.
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