The Bear (2022) s03e06 Episode Script


Do you wanna get down? ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- Come on and ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- If you really want it ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- You gotta feel it ♪
Get down on it ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- Come on and ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- Baby, baby ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- Get on it ♪
Get down on it ♪
I say people ♪
- What? ♪
- What you gonna do? ♪
You gotta get on the groove ♪
If you want your body to move ♪
Tell me, baby ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- Oh, yeah ♪
Get down on it ♪
You move me, baby, when you move ♪
- Get down on it ♪
- Get down on it ♪
Get down on it ♪
You anxious?
[SCOFFS] Never.
The good news is, I think Dennis
is gonna get moved up. Soon.
And once he gets moved,
then I can move up, and
Yeah. That's a lot of moving
up for $3 more an hour.
- It's going to be okay.
- Yeah, I-I know, baby.
I-I just think I spun a little bit
when I heard about the
rent increase, so
it's going to be okay.
I don't wanna lose this place.
- [DAVID] We won't.
- We can't.
You know, Louie will
have to transfer schools,
and he only just started making friends.
- He'd make new friends.
He's kind of an asshole.
- Tina.
- I I'm just saying. [LAUGHS]
- His track record is not good.
It isn't good, is it?
No, it's bad.
[DAVID] Do me a favor.
Don't panic yet.
You'll tell me when to panic?
I will most certainly
tell you when to panic.
- [TINA] Hey, Mama.
- Hey.
- [TINA] Good. How's the knee?
You know me. I never complain.
- Tina.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Sure. Okay.
- [TINA] I'll talk to you later.
- All right. Mm-hmm.
Trust me. No one wanted
it to come to this,
but it's the reality
of the current climate.
Um, you've all been wonderful
stewards of the company,
and we thank you for
your years of service.
[MUFFLED] Parting ways is never easy,
but I think you'll
find with time that
- [MUFFLED] I love you.
- [MUFFLED] I love you.
[DAVID, MUFFLED] How was work?
[MUFFLED] Same old, same old.
Louie, dinner's ready.
Get your ass in here!
You up?
[DAVID] Mmm.
Can I tell you something?
Of course.
I lost my job.
What happened?
They cut everyone back.
[DAVID] I'm so sorry, honey.
I'm gonna find another job tomorrow.
Everything will be okay.
[TINA] Louie, turn that shit off!
Begin to breathe ♪
Begin to speak ♪
Do you know what? ♪
I love you better now ♪
Can I leave my résumé?
Um, you could just apply on LinkedIn.
It'll be easier.
[RECRUITER] And what's
amazing about this job
is there's literally no limit
to how much you can earn.
It all depends on you and how
hard you're willing to work.
Full disclosure, I
made $100,000 last year.
Now, you putting money in up front,
but that's just to get
you started selling.
But that's your commitment to yourself,
and it's a promise that you're gonna
give this job everything you got.
Now, five years ago,
my bus card expired.
I was walking down the street.
I came in here, and
that day my life changed.
Louie, enough!
[TINA] Hi. Uh
Can I leave my résumé?
We'll definitely keep it on file.
Thank you.
[DAVID] You know Diego's cousin
who has the moving company?
I guess they double-booked
jobs this weekend,
so they need another guy.
He said it would be 800 bucks,
maybe more if the family tip well.
How do you get two jobs
and I can't find one?
My lucky day, I guess.
[TINA] Do you think Diego's cousin
is handing out any more work?
Maybe something for
a washed-up old lady.
A beautiful young woman.
Do you know what? ♪
I love you better now ♪
I'm falling ♪
Can I help you with anything?
Uh, no. Just if you're hiring?
Oh, we're not, unfortunately.
But let me know if you wanna
look at anything around here.
Okay. Um, but can I leave my résumé?
Oh, we're not hiring, but thanks.
- Yeah, let me know if you need help, okay?
- Okay.
Do you know what? ♪
I love you better now ♪
[DAVID] What are you thinking about?
I sit on my ass every day not
contributing shit, and it's, like
Honey, it's been two weeks.
[TINA] I know, but I'm not this way.
I like working. I like routine.
[DAVID] I get it, baby. I do.
Yeah, but you get to go to work.
[DAVID] Mm-hmm.
T, I'm a doorman.
I get to open doors for people.
Yeah, well, I don't get to open shit.
[TINA] Hey, mama.
Yeah, you still selling Avon?
Uh, are you still doing that
para job for the special ed?
No, I'm fine.
I I-I just wanted to know if
you were still watching those twins.
Okay, I worked at Filene's
right out of high school,
so I know department stores.
Oh, no. For sure.
Just let me know if you hear anything.
Just let me know if any shifts open up.
Let me know if anything opens.
I'll tell my father ♪
I'll tell my loved ones ♪
I'll tell my brothers ♪
How much I love them ♪
So the role is mostly
processing time sheets
and approving everything for payroll.
Plus managing shift
schedules, that sort of thing.
Yeah, that's exactly
what I did at my last job,
- so it's perfect.
- Amazing.
Let me grab some paperwork
for you to fill out,
and we'll set up an interview.
- Do you have references on here?
- Mm-hmm.
Mmm. Do you have your BA?
Like from college?
I'm so sorry.
They're actually really
strict about that here.
I know it's super annoying,
but they always try
to promote from within,
so all the new hires
have to have degrees
for, like, leadership potential.
But But I did this exact job,
like, for 15 years. [CHUCKLES]
- No, for sure.
- So
I'm sorry.
Maybe you could try night school?
Would definitely help with the job hunt.
Yeah, maybe.
Mmm. Thanks for coming in.
[TINA] Louie, what did I say
about those cartoons? Turn it down!
Oh, thank fuck.
Thanks, baby.
I got a really good feeling
about this interview.
I know this is gonna be the one. I
Breathe, mama.
I know you're being sweet
but I know we're in trouble,
and I really need this, you know?
Did I fail you?
No, baby. [CHUCKLES]
Remember when we were 20?
Was it scary like this?
Different scary, but, yeah.
- [DAVID] Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
I never want you to worry, baby.
I know.
I know, baby.
Good luck.
Thank you.
I'm here for the open interview hour.
That's canceled.
They hired someone yesterday.
Yeah, but I applied on LinkedIn.
- I got an email yesterday, so
- Oh, yeah.
Uh, maybe, but there's no job.
Are you sure [STAMMERS]
You sure Just Maybe
you could check, please?
[RECEPTIONIST] Yeah. I-I checked. Uh
It There's no job. I'm-I'm sorry.
Okay, um
Well, then, uh, you
should take that post down.
Like, right away, you know?
People can get their hopes up.
And it's like false advertising,
or whatever, you know?
Okay. I'll tell them.
And-And you know what
else you could tell them?
Fuck you.
Oh, wow.
[RICHIE] All right! What
are we doing today, handsome?
hot and sweet, two
fries and a Coca-Cola?
Yeah. I got you, I got you.
Hot and sweet. Fries and Coke.
- [CHI-CHI] Marty.
- Two sweet, no name.
Miss. Hey, miss, you cannot
smoke in here anymore.
- [RICHIE] Yes, you.
- Marty's up!
- Marty
- I got two sweet with no name.
Fries and a Coke. Two hot
and sweet, fries and a Coke.
- Yeah, that's 21.50.
- [CHUCKIE] Jasmine, your order's up!
- [RICHIE] Thank you. Yeah.
- You really think I'm handsome?
You're a perfect ten.
- All right, mamacita, what can I get you?
- Uh, just a cup of coffee.
- That's it?
- Just coffee.
- What do you want? Black? Dunkin' style?
- Black. Black.
Mark. Mark. Mark.
Mark the narc. Thank
you, Mark, thank you.
- You got beard guy ready?
- Beard guy's coming right now.
Here you go. One black
coffee. That's on me.
- [CHUCKIE] Order for
- [CHI-CHI] Marty!
- Order for beard guy.
- Thank you.
- [RICHIE] Marty!
- Fuck you. I'm giving your shit away.
[CHI-CHI] Here you go, my love.
- That's for you, young lady.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- [RICHIE] That's on us.
- What's this?
- That's an Italian beef sandwich.
What's an Italian beef?
What's an Italian beef? Um
- Uh, you know what a French dip is?
- Yeah.
That's an Italian dip.
- [TINA] Okay.
- I hope you like it.
I'm Richie.
I'm Tina. Thank you, Richie.
Nice to meet you.
[RICHIE] All right. Yo,
Nike Air, let's rock!
You waiting for a formal invitation?
[RICHIE] One more. Up.
There we go, Abraham.
[RICHIE] Oh, a number seven?
Number seven for this narc-looking
motherfucker over here.
[LAUGHS] You want a number seven,
go to fucking McDonald's,
guy. All right?
Go. Yeah.
[CHI-CHI] What the
fuck is wrong with you?
Get the fuck out of this place.
[MIKEY] Shit, dude. Okay.
You need to be in a power stance, bro.
You're never gonna clear this level
if you're not in a power stance.
[NEIL] But I got the golden cock.
[MIKEY] Yeah, the wizard's gonna
knock that shit off, dum-dum.
You gonna help with the
napkins or is that, like,
what you're doing here?
- [NEIL] Yeah, after I see the wizard?
- [RICHIE] Neil!
do it after I see the wizard?
I wanna do it after I see the wizard."
- [RICHIE] Yo, Neil.
- Yeah?
We got a full line
here. What are you doing?
- You fucking around?
- [NEIL] I'm about to see the wizard.
- [MIMICKING] "The wizard."
- [RICHIE] Word?
- [NEIL] Yeah.
- Yo, Chi-Chi, take register.
[NEIL] I feel it coming.
[MIKEY] Dude, there's
literally zero chance
he clears this level.
[NEIL] Yeah, there's
a strong probability.
[MIKEY] There's no fucking
Probability is like gravity, Fak.
cannot negotiate with gravity!
- [NEIL] Booyakasha!
- [RICHIE] Come on, now!
- [RICHIE] Come on, now.
[ALL] Ooh!
- [NEIL] I'm such a loser!
- [RICHIE] You fucking retard!
- [NEIL] Yo, come on!
- [RICHIE] Retard!
- You should call your mom.
- [NEIL] Yeah!
[RICHIE] Call your mom,
tell her you're dead.
Yeah, right. [GRUNTS]
- [NEIL] I'm alive. Get off of me!
- Hey, Cousin. Cousin.
- [NEIL] Stop it!
- Hey, what did you say to that lady?
- [RICHIE] I didn't say anything.
I gave her a free sandwich.
[NEIL] She's really crying.
Yeah, 'cause you're so
bad at this fucking game.
Yeah. Well, I'm sad too now.
Yeah, you are sad.
You're sad.
You gotta tell her
she's gotta stop crying.
- Fuck do I gotta say that?
- She's gonna scare all the regulars.
And what do you want me to say?
- I don't know. You know
- What?
Be a gentleman, Cousin.
Just fucking tell her.
- Tell her what?
- She can't be crying in here.
- Should I say that?
- She cannot be crying in here.
Impart that little gem
of fucking empathy, dude?
[RICHIE] She can't be crying here.
You're a fucking barbarian.
Go cover the line.
- [MIKEY] Fak, can you help?
- Yeah.
Yeah? Could you be of
service and just go help?
Sandwich really that bad?
Um, no. I'm I'm just [SIGHS]
I'm fine.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I don't know, 'cause I saw you before.
It looked like you were crying.
I don't think I was
really crying. [CHUCKLES]
[MIKEY CHUCKLES] I don't know.
You looked like you
were really crying to me.
Yeah, but not, like, sobbing.
Not sobbing? All right,
I'll give you that.
You weren't sobbing, but
I think you were crying.
Bad day, huh?
- Worst.
- [MIKEY] Yeah.
Um, I don't know. I'd say, like,
kind of normal, average shitty.
- Yeah, I know it.
How crazy would it be if
you, like, didn't know it?
You know? Like, if that
if that wasn't the baseline.
Yeah, then I wouldn't be human.
[CHUCKLES] Exactly.
Can I go first?
- Please. Yeah.
- [MIKEY] Yeah?
All right. Sit?
- Sit. Yeah.
- [MIKEY] Yeah?
We got this toilet back there
that, like I mean,
the thing's possessed.
- It just keeps fucking exploding?
It's like It's like, equal
parts depressing and disgusting.
And, like, all the floor
around it is totally rotting.
So that's, like
I don't know. That's a solid number one.
Number two is, uh, delivery company.
The delivery guy, he changed our terms.
We went from a net 45 to a net 30
which just, like, sucks, you know?
'Cause I was about to ask him
if we could move to a net 60.
So instead of having
that lovely conversation,
now we got to talk about a payment plan.
And I guess number three
Number three on just, like, sort of
a general, kinda, like, macro level,
we just we don't have
enough people working here.
So, the people that are here
are just kind of getting
shitty towards each other
because we are, like,
constantly fucking rocked.
So, like, I don't know, the
the general vibe just sucks.
And, yeah, I guess that makes me sad.
Hmm. Is there a number four?
I can't remember the
last time I went to bed.
You know?
How about, uh, you go?
- Uh, one, my landlord raised our rent
- [MIKEY] Yeah.
- by, like, a lot, which is problematic.
- Okay.
Two, my husband has been
waiting for a promotion for years
that's probably not coming.
Uh, three, I lost my job.
Four, I've been applying
for every job in the city,
and I can't get arrested.
Five, I'm 46 years old. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, boy.
Is there a there a number six?
I also can't remember the
last time I went to bed.
All right. Well, you feel better?
- Not really.
- Not even a little fucking bit.
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, we tried, right?
[TINA] Yeah.
Check that out.
What the hell is that?
- I have no idea.
No, my, uh
my baby brother, he's he's a chef.
- Oh, fancy.
- [MIKEY] Yeah.
He's, um
He's the shit.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You, um
You ever know somebody who, like,
knows exactly what it is in
this world that they wanna do?
Like, fucking knows it, and
not only do they know it,
but they're really fucking good at it.
Mmm. That sounds like a dream.
I'm telling you, I-I genuinely
really think that that is the dream.
This a family business?
You know, my my
old man, he opened it.
He also ran it into the ground.
He just, like, has a giant
stack of unpaid bills.
He took one look and he split, you know?
He hightailed it. Ran for
the hills, never came back.
Mmm. They'll do that.
What, bills?
- Dads. [CHUCKLES]
- [SCOFFS] Yeah. Amen to that.
So, do you like the work?
I-I don't know. I mean,
I I like the people.
Okay, but do you like the work?
I definitely do not like
never not being fucked.
You know? I I don't like
that you gotta make enough
money every single day
just to pay for yesterday.
I don't like it when, uh
you know, shit happens.
The oven breaks or the
sewer line backs up.
I don't like it when
the delivery company
forgets fucking onions, you know?
But, yeah. No, I do. I
I I like the people, you know?
Then I guess that's why people do it.
- [MIKEY] Do what?
- Open restaurants.
- Eh.
- [TINA] Yeah?
I don't know. I mean, I know it, like
I know it, like, sounds like bullshit,
but I think that, like,
if you really consider,
you know, like, the-the
the special moments,
you know, of your life
like celebrations, good
times, you know, cheer
I feel like, you know, they always
happen around food, you know?
You believe that?
Yeah. I I think I am starting to.
- [TINA] Okay.
- Yeah.
- [TINA] Sure.
- Yeah.
So if you could do anything,
what would be your dream job?
Fuck. I I don't know. You?
[STAMMERS] I don't
think I have a dream job.
I'm not that good at anything, so
Yeah. I mean, I think I'm
pretty good at a lot of things,
but I'm not, like,
stellar at any one thing.
- I think that's most of us.
- [MIKEY] Yeah.
I remember when I was a kid,
I went on this field trip.
I don't remember what
it was fucking for,
but I remember we went into
this old building, you know?
Like, beautiful. Like, proper art deco.
And on every single floor it was,
like, a different business, you know?
It was all official.
You know, people working
in suits and dresses
and, like, doing their thing.
I remember thinking,
like, this building,
it's like a building
of dreams, you know?
What kind of dreams?
Well, if-if you think about, like,
every single one of those people,
they had, like, one dream, right?
And that led them to that building
and then to that floor
and then to that job.
And it was just, like You know?
Mmm. So it was inspiring.
No. I mean, dude, it was
totally fucking depressing.
- I mean, it killed me.
- How come?
I just I don't know.
I mean, I'm a kid, and I'm there,
and I'm like, "Well, that
shit ain't happening to me."
You know, I knew
I knew I was gonna get,
like, skipped, you know?
Like I had shit to do, you know?
I had people to take care
of. And I knew that, like
I don't know. Like, that dream
shit Pfft, you know, just
You know, wasn't gonna happen to me.
I was there for 15 years.
At the place that fired me.
That's brutal.
[TINA] Mmm. Brutal.
- And when I'm applying for all these jobs
- [MIKEY] Yeah.
- it's all kids. Right?
They look like kids.
Dude, is that not the fucking worst?
[TINA] Yeah.
But also beautiful, you know?
[MIKEY] Why? How so?
- They seem, like, hungry, you know?
- Yeah.
And I was thinking to myself, like,
maybe I lost that in myself.
- Yeah.
- You know?
Like, I get anxious to pay the rent.
Like, to pay for groceries,
like, real shit, right?
And I was thinking it
would be real easy for me
to get really angry at these kids.
Like, "Fuck them kids.
They don't know shit."
They haven't been through nothing,
they don't know real stress.
[SIGHS] But I'm also like
"I would give anything to be
one of them motherfuckers."
Ah, dude.
So fucking true.
- I'm jealous as fuck. [CHUCKLES]
- Like, as fuck. Yeah.
- [TINA] Oh, shit.
- It's comedic how hard it's been
- [MIKEY] Mmm.
for me to find anything, man.
- I'll clean a dish, I'll wash a floor.
- [MIKEY] Mmm.
I'll sell some bullshit, you know?
I gotta cover this ass, right?
I don't need to be inspired.
I don't need to be impassioned.
I don't need to make magic.
I don't need to save
the world, you know?
I just
- I just wanna feed my kid, you know?
- Amen.
Amen, man.
Just give me a routine.
I'm in.
Okay. Uh.
Listen, you-you might totally throw
that fucking sandwich in my face,
and-and, like, have at it, all right?
'Cause I'm just gonna say,
full disclosure, this place
Like, this fucking place, it sucks.
Like, it sucks. It's, like, you go home,
and you fucking smell it, you know?
And it's, like, insane.
And there's so much
fucking yelling here.
But, I swear to you, there are
days that it is so much fun.
Like, it is so much fun.
- [MIKEY] And and the pay is shit, right?
But there are days we make a rack
of fucking tips, and it's like
- It feels fucking good, you know?
- Mm-hmm.
What are you asking me?
I need a new line cook.
[STAMMERS] I have an actual
I have an actual résumé.
What the fuck am I
gonna do with a résumé?
I'll go clean the toilet
with the fucking résumé.
- I don't need a résumé. I talked to you.
- [RICHIE] Yo!
- What? You know? What do you think?
- [RICHIE] Yo, Cousin!
Michael! Soda machine's fucked up again.
Dude, I fucking heard you!
Shut the fuck up!
So you see that? It's basically like
that, like, all the fucking time.
- [RICHIE] Yo, Cousin, what did you say?
- For fuck's sake.
Let me go deal with this
motherfucker, all right?
Uh, look, thank you.
Think about it, all right?
I'm Tina Marrero, by the way. Hey.
- Hey. Michael Berzatto. And
- [TINA] Okay.
- [RICHIE] Michael! The soda, Michael.
- I appreciated the conversation.
- [TINA SIGHS] Me too. Thank you, man.
- Yeah. Enjoy your sandwich.
- [TINA] I will.
- Think about it. I'm right in there.
- [TINA] All right, Michael.
- Dude, honestly. Like, why?
[MIKEY] Dude It's
just the same shit, guys.
- Just fucking use an indoor voice.
- Shit. [SIGHS]
[RICHIE] I only have one.
[MIKEY] What?
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Mmm. Smells good.
- It's almost ready.
How'd it go?
- Nice.
Got this happy feeling ♪
Deep inside of me ♪
What else can I do, girl? ♪
But love you ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
What else can I do if
I'm in love with you? ♪
You're always on my mind ♪
Help me understand, girl ♪
It is you ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Whoo! ♪
Got this happy feeling ♪
Deep inside of me ♪
What else can I do, girl? ♪
Love you ♪
All right ♪
Got this happy feeling deep inside ♪
And how bout you ♪
Listen, listen ♪
Listen to me, girl ♪
I love you, yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
All right ♪
I got this happy feeling
deep inside of me ♪
Because my boobie is
having a little boobie too ♪
Got this happy feeling ♪
Deep inside of me ♪
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