The Bear (2022) s03e07 Episode Script


Let no machine ♪
Eat away our dream ♪
Baby, take my hand ♪
Let's go together ♪
No surprise ♪
The wound lives in your eyes ♪
A needle shining like
a diamond in the desert ♪
Don't know what I'd do without you ♪
[SYDNEY] Okay, let's fire
for table 12, team lead.
Don't know where I'd go ♪
Don't know where I'd go without you ♪
Tell me everything you see ♪
The sun that's shining
lighter than a feather ♪
And every day ♪
[CARMY] I need more hands!
The moon just sails away ♪
The moon and sun are the
keepers of the weather ♪
[SYDNEY] Those three
clams, mushroom dish.
Don't know where I'd go ♪
Don't know where I'd go without you ♪
Dragonfly ♪
The clouds are rolling by ♪
I know who you are.
You are a piece of shit.
- Chef, it's not ready yet.
- [SYDNEY] You redid everything.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Hey, Syd! Syd!
I don't know what I'd do ♪
I don't know what I'd do ♪
[PERSON] Um. Well, she got sober,
and she, um she did all
the steps and she apologized.
Um. And I know, like, that it's hard,
but I was stuck living
with the shit that she did
when she wasn't sober, you know?
And she just kind of
got a pass, because, um,
she could just apologize,
and move on, but, like, I'm
[STUTTERS] I'm still
stuck in the mud, you know?
I I feel like I
have to be happy for her
because she got sober,
and I have to, um, be proud of her.
But that It doesn't seem fair.
easy to apologize.
It's just a couple of words
sitting in the back of your throat
and you just got to get them out.
But if you don't let them out fast,
those words go deeper
and deeper into you,
until you can't find them.
And it's stuck in your ribs,
in your heart, in your lungs.
And every mistake you've ever made,
and everything you've ever done wrong,
grabs on to them, and holds
on to those words so tight,
they ain't never letting go.
- [TED] What the f These fucking
- [NEIL] I thought you fixed it.
- These lights are so hot and cold.
- I don't understand.
- [TED] I have no idea
- What are they doing?
[BOTH] Uncle Gary!
- I can't believe you brought that light.
- Light 'em up.
- [TED LAUGHS] Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
- What's going on, fellas?
[BOTH] Not much.
You're looking good, Uncle Gar.
- [NEIL] You look good.
- Of course, I'm a Fak.
- Yeah.
- You look great. You look good.
- Just saying.
- We've got a shape, don't we?
- [ALL] Yeah.
- [TED] Me and Neil were just talking about when
when Big Neil haunted your ass.
[NEIL] How long did he haunt you for?
He started haunting me
when we were little kids.
- He convinced me I wasn't a Fak.
If you were to explain what
it's like to be haunted,
what does it feel like?
- You really wanna know?
- [TED] Yeah, I wanna know.
[NEIL] Yeah.
You ever ride the L train?
You touch that third rail,
and it grabs you and it pulls you in
and it won't let go.
And then it starts
whispering in your ear.
- What the fuck?
- [NEIL] What is it whispering?
It's trying to keep you calm
so you won't try to get away.
And then suddenly you'll
see the light changes,
and you start feeling warm,
and you can feel the sun on your face.
And you're walking in green fields,
and off in the distance,
there's a big wooden log
- [TED] Just, like, a log?
- building.
- You're in Valhalla.
- [NEIL] What?
I love you, guys. It's good
to see ya. I'm outta here.
- Okay.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye, Uncle Gary.
- Bye, Uncle Gary.
[UNCLE GARY] Your old
man's still a prick.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we'll tell him.
[BOTH] What the fuck?
[ADAM] It was pretty shocking.
[SYDNEY] Yeah, I bet.
I mean, she's done.
Done. Like, done.
- Honestly, respect.
- Oh, completely.
I mean, like, I'm sorry
you're out of a job obviously.
No. You know what? Um.
Ultimately, I think it was, like,
the most positive thing
that could have happened.
I probably would have been there forever
- if she didn't quit, you know?
- Yeah.
I mean, this is 100% absolutely
forcing me to move on
which is what I want
to talk to you about.
I'm gonna open up my own place.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
Got the backers of Ever, but I'm not
You know, I wanna start clean.
I don't want to inherit anything.
I don't wanna cook every
day, but, um, I wanna run it,
and I wanna hire a CDC.
Somebody who could come
in, build the team, lead it.
Do you mean me?
I mean you.
I guess What's, like,
the vibe of the
that you're thinking of?
Whatever you want it to be.
Whatever I want it to be?
Before you say anything, this
would be a partnership stake.
Clear agreement. 80K to start.
Benefits, health,
medical, bonus upon review.
Are you
Did I say something wrong or
Uh, no.
- Honestly, the opposite.
Um, here's the trick though.
I'd want to move quickly.
And again, I don't want
this to be, you know,
some sort of gross poaching.
I'd wanna talk to Carmy,
but first, I wanted to
see if this is something
that you would even remotely consider.
- Not what you expected, was it?
- No.
No, not at all.
- Think about it. Yeah.
- But thank you, either way.
I think you're awesome.
I appreciate it, and you
know, your work, and
Yeah, I'll definitely have a think.
[CARMY] Hey. Morning, Chef.
You know these people?
That is Nobu Matsuhisa,
Daniel Boulud and TK.
- [MARCUS] Thomas Keller?
- Mm-hmm.
[MARCUS] It's legendary.
- Yeah.
- [MARCUS] Where's this pic from?
I don't remember. I think
I-I cut it out of a magazine.
- It's firepower.
- [CARMY] Well, say that again.
Um, what's, uh, "legerdemain"?
Uh, it's French for "sleight of hand."
[CARMY] Yeah. To push a dish further.
I bet these dudes pushed each other.
[CARMY] Hmm.
They would talk a lot about legacy.
What, like, the dishes they made?
Yeah. But also, like, um
who they would work with, you know,
and what they would go on to do.
Like, um, something
would start somewhere,
and then, uh, people
would take that thing
and then they would
take it somewhere else.
So, all these parts of
an original restaurant,
they would end up at a new restaurant,
and that kind of thing.
That would happen over and over again.
And then all these parts
of all these restaurants,
they would sort of
You know, they would find each other.
And then new people
would take those parts
and they would put 'em
into their restaurant.
And the whole thing, it would, um
It would start to happen all over again.
So, like a family tree or something?
Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
Morning, Chef.
- Hey.
- [CARMY] Hey.
Sorry, I didn't wanna interrupt.
No. No.
You look nice.
Oh, thanks.
Uh, what were you guys talking about?
Legacy. You think about it?
I think about getting through Wednesday.
- [MARCUS] Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Um. What about you? You answer?
I think I try to avoid it, but, um
Yeah. I don't know.
If I were gonna leave something behind,
I would want it to be
panic-less, you know?
And I think in order to do that,
I would have to be square
with everything, you know?
And everybody.
Like, to make it good, I'd
have to filter out the bad.
What about you?
I think I would want my legacy to be
I kept my chin up, listened and learned.
- I did honest work
- Hmm.
fun to be around
and an excellent emergency contact.
How's that sound?
That sounds legendary, pal.
Kick it ♪
Let's fucking go.
We're back, baby.
[CHUCKIE] Mikey.
We got you, my guy.
[CHUCKIE] All right, so
this is the fucking zone.
It's gonna go sandwich,
napkin wrapped around
the fucking sandwich,
sandwich in the bag, bag
to the fucking customer.
Fast as shit without playing around.
And you're gonna put the bag right here,
so you can do this shit.
See how fluid that shit is?
- It's beautiful. One move.
- Gorgeous. That's the key.
- Gorgeous.
- What about silverware?
- [CHI-CHI] Fuck silverware.
- Fuck silverware.
We gotta go outside, pick it
up, clean it. Fuck silverware.
- Fuck silverware.
- Excellent.
All right, this is the pass.
It's gonna go hot and sweet,
hot, sweet and dipped, and dry.
That's why it's the smallest
one 'cause who cares?
Then we got the chips. Boom, boom, boom.
- Oh, no more mayonnaise cups.
- Fuck mayonnaise.
This customer came in
here asking for mayonnaise.
I gave him the sandwich. I
give him a side of mayonnaise.
I say, "Go home. Ruin
the sandwich yourself.
- I'm not doing it."
- That's your fault.
You opened the door to
mayonnaise with that fucking guy.
- I fucked up.
- I should take the fucking mayonnaise,
throw it at him, pick it up and
then bounce it off your fucking head.
I fucked up with the mayonnaise.
Stack of giardiniera
cups right by the window.
Maybe we use a smaller cup,
stretch the giardiniera out.
- I don't know. System, baby.
- System.
- How we lookin', Jeffs?
- Looking good, T. We're outta C-folds.
- Already?
- Never came.
All right, let's roll.
Um. Let's Stop. Wait.
- Jeffs.
- Chef.
Slide that shit open. Let's rock.
Who's next?
Good morning, handsome.
What can I do for you today?
Two hot, one sweet, one dipped?
Absolutely, buddy. Thank you.
[PATRON] It's smellin' good in here.
It'd be a terrible thing
if it smelled like shit.
- Thank you. Have a great day.
- [PATRON 2] Hi.
- Can I get three sweet hot and two hot?
- Absolutely.
[CHI-CHI] Thank you so much.
Appreciate that immensely.
Thank you, my love. Thank
you. Thank you. Quaker Oats.
What's up, my guy?
What's going on, brother?
[CHUCKIE] Order up for Dina. Order
up for Marty. Order up for Nike Air.
- Dry.
- [CHUCKIE] Yes, Chef.
- [CHI-CHI] Yes, Chef.
- Yep.
[LAUGHS] Yes, Chef.
- This one, Chef?
- Hand me that.
- Yeah?
- Gimme, gimme.
- Yeah.
- I was just saying
This go over here.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I've got a question for you.
What's that, bro?
And, I I don't want
to, you know, overstep
You could You could tell
me to fuck off, completely.
- But, I just wanted to
- [CHUCKLES] What's up?
Like, you You're sober, right?
- Like, you You
- What?
No, like You
I'm asking because of,
like, the baseball shit.
I I gotta ask you
about the baseball shit.
Yeah, bro. That's
You know I've always
been skinny as shit, bro?
- Right.
- Like, frail.
And, um. No, seasons
was kind of challenging.
I was trying to just keep
up. I wanted to bulk up.
- You play 150 games a season.
- I wanted to bulk up, man.
And it's like The
nutrition guy said that, um
You know, he told me
this shit is healthy.
It's not gonna show up as a steroid
- and, you know
- No shit.
- I took a piss test and
- It showed up in the piss?
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
I only took the shit, like, twice, bro.
- Fuck.
- It's not like I was going crazy
- Like, twice. Twice. And, um
- Yeah.
I didn't play any better.
I didn't feel any stronger.
- Right, right.
- I didn't, like, fucking bulk up,
so I don't even think
the shit worked, bro.
- It was for nothing.
- It was for nothing, bro.
- For nothing.
- God Man.
- You know? Life's journeys, man.
- That's fucking crazy.
Life's journeys.
You miss it?
- Yeah, I do.
- I bet.
I think more than
anything I miss, like
Like, I missed out on so
much. I always wonder, like,
- what I could have become. You know?
- Yeah.
- But, I mean, you can't think like that.
- Yeah.
That fucking That's a dark
fucking hole, right there.
And it took me to a dark place, bro.
- Yeah?
- It really did. Um.
For a while I was
I just I didn't have
any purpose anymore.
- And I found this place, man.
- Look at you now.
Found this place and,
you know, I've been, uh
I've been doing okay, man.
I've been doing okay ever since.
'Cause, dude, you were
fucking You were the shit.
- Fucking left fielder.
- Yeah.
- Hitting the ball.
- Mm-hmm.
- I was a stud, yeah.
- Yeah.
How do you know so much
about Triple-A baseball?
I used to put some money on some shit.
- Used to
- I used to watch.
- Okay.
- I used to have a
I used to have a couple
parlays going, if you will.
- Couple parlays back in the day
- Couple parlays.
- I hear you, bro. I hear you.
- You know?
- But I knew about you.
- Yeah?
That's why I had to ask.
- That's what's up, man.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, bro.
- Yeah.
Two cancellations last night.
Two-top and a four-top.
[RICHIE] What kind of asshole does that?
It's, like, just fucking call.
That's, like, a grand wasted.
Well, two grand.
[RICHIE] Two grand.
[SIGHS] Whatever.
I'm gonna choose to let
it go and be positive.
Okay. Smart move.
Only move.
You good?
Dining room sounds like shit.
Like, the acoustics?
No. It's like, the soul, you know?
It's like
Service sounds like total chaos.
Every day can't be perfect.
Every day is the Super Bowl.
I could use a lightning bolt.
Can't control the weather.
You need anything?
No, I'm-I'm good.
I've just accepted the fact that
I'll never be comfortable again.
- You get the s-pillow thing?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Actually, I think I probably
used that more than Tiff.
Yeah, Pete took it the second night.
I never got it back. [CHUCKLES]
House ready?
Yeah, it's been ready.
Where were you guys when
Tiff went into labor?
The day before, I was with
your brother on this trip,
and I think
I know she was, like,
a bit pissed at me,
so I made sure that
I was around all day.
- Aw.
- And I had read some shit about, um
spicy food inducing labor.
- You did not get that goddamn pizza again.
- Oh, no.
- Fuck that pizza. Fuck those guys.
- Good.
No, we were going to this, um,
Thai place that we love loved.
And, um
literally, like, as soon as we
left, her water broke, right?
So I went back in, grabbed all her shit,
grabbed the go bag, and, uh,
yeah, we drove to the hospital.
And I thought it was gonna
be this rush, like, all crazy,
but honestly it was
pretty calm, you know?
And we just
kicked it in the, uh, hospital room,
watched TV, chilled.
What was the trip with Mikey?
We had to drop some shit off for Jimmy.
Was it fun?
'Cause why would you do it?
I mean, you're supposed to do it.
This is This is fine.
This is good.
This makes sense.
This is fucking
[GROWLS] Fucking Where
are the fucking Faks?
Hey, Grandpa.
Hey, Grandma.
- Mm-hmm. All good here?
- Great day.
Felt like it.
- Seemed busy?
- [CHUCKLES] Like the old days.
- Chuckie and Chris good?
- Oh, the best.
Hells yeah.
- You getting through your prep?
- Starting right now.
Mm-hmm. That's perfect.
Uh, I-I got something for you.
This will make your life a lot easier.
- Thank you, Chef.
- You're welcome, Chef.
[SUGAR] So what time will you land?
Okay. Yeah, I should be home by 10:00.
I love you too.
All right. Bye.
- Window's good, Mama.
[SUGAR] Good.
You okay?
- It feels like an eternity.
- Yeah.
Then it's gonna be an instant.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Girl, I was in labor
with Louie, like, forever.
Like, all day just waiting,
and it was just Dave and I,
and I was [CHUCKLES]
I was scared all day.
I was nervous all day.
I started panicking.
About what?
About everything, you know?
Am I gonna be a good mother?
- Can we afford this?
- Mmm.
Is he gonna be healthy?
Can we handle it?
It was heavy.
Then what happened?
And then he was born.
And everything was different?
I'll be right outside
if you need anything.
Thanks, T.
Oh, shit. Nat, um,
we're short on C-folds.
Oh, got you.
- Hey, Nat?
- [SUGAR] Yes, my love?
- We're out of C-folds.
- C-folds. Yeah.
- [TED] How'd you know?
- Yeah, seriously,
- that's so sick.
- Yeah.
I could just feel it.
Because you're pregnant? Like,
you have, like, superpowers.
That's exactly right, my love.
Or maybe you're in on it.
Maybe it's a haunt.
- Uh-huh. Maybe. Yeah.
- [TED] Yeah.
Or maybe you could go fuck, Ted.
- [TED] Maybe I might do that.
- Yeah.
I could also go grab the C-folds too.
No. You know what? I'll do it.
[TED] Really?
Really. I need an adventure.
- [TED] Okay. Can we come?
- [NEIL] Can we come?
- Absolutely not.
- No?
No, you're just so needed here.
- She's right.
- You are right.
- Okay.
- Yeah, we'll stay.
[EMMANUEL] Hey, honey.
I was just checking on you.
remember when the radiator was doing
that click, click, click?
Who did you call?
I know I have the number somewhere,
but it's driving me crazy.
Click, click, click. Then
it stops for an hour.
Then it comes back for two hours.
Click, click, click.
Anyway, love you.
[SUGAR] Hey.
Need anything at Depot?
C-folds. Everybody needs C-folds.
Sign the agreement, Syd.
[PERSON ON TAPE] And there
are the five personality types
of children of alcoholics.
- Enabler, hero
- "Enabler, hero "
- scapegoat, mascot,"
- scapegoat, mascot,
- and lost child.
- lost child."
- Many adult children find that
- Yeah.
seeking professional
Guys, you know what we need?
We need a fucking robot.
- What?
- [CHUCKIE] Delivery robot.
You put the address in,
it goes to the fucking
place it's gotta go.
- I'm fucking terrified of robots.
- You ever been haunted?
Ted's paranoid about being haunted.
Yeah, I'm paranoid about being haunted.
- Sammy was haunting you again?
- [TED] Haunting me.
He haunted me for 15 minutes.
- I was fucked.
- Sorry to hear that.
[CHUCKIE] He haunted me in
fifth grade. It fucked me up.
[NEIL] How long did you get haunted for?
Quite a while. Till, like, 8th grade.
- Broke my arm.
- [NEIL] He broke your arm?
He wasn't there, but
I think he caused it.
- What do you mean?
- What?
We were at Richie's grandma's house,
and my arm broke.
- [NEIL] Broke randomly?
- Double bent.
- [NEIL] Double bent? That's haunted.
- [TED] That's haunted.
- [NEIL] Most haunted.
- [TED] That's haunted.
He's still alive.
- [TED] Who?
- [CHANG] Sammy.
What do you mean he haunted you?
No, it's not like that.
- [TED] Yeah. It's not ghost shit.
- Nah, it's not ghosts.
It's serious.
[RICHIE] Okay. Uh, all right.
Listen up, team.
Been a rough couple weeks. Um
I want to remind us all that, you know,
we are in this together, you know?
And every day is day zero, you know?
Which presents a whole host of
possibilities, you know? Um
And I think the thing about,
um, teamwork, you know, is, uh
The main thing that we
gotta focus on is just, uh,
having each other's backs, you know?
At the end of the day. And I
Actually, there's this quote here.
Hold on, let me just
It's right
We're going to have a great service. Uh.
And, you know, we have
each other's backs,
just like Richie was saying.
You have support.
Front of house, back
of house, on both sides.
So, let's get in there, stay sharp,
look alive and get to work.
- Chefs?
- [STAFF] Chef.
Not my best.
We got through it.
Thank Thank you.
- Chef.
- Uh, what you doing?
Uh, I'm just trying to get
ahead on the menu for tomorrow.
Oh, nice. Where you at?
Uh, pasta course.
Maybe we do a cavatelli
with a brown butter
Was thinking a raviolo.
Okay. Um.
You could follow that with the hamachi.
Kampachi, I think.
Um, well, then we'll do the rib eye
And serve it with the cherry
No, I think the apricot's working well.
- Yes, Chef.
- Cool. Thank you, Chef.
Thank you.
When this old world ♪
Starts getting me down ♪
And people are just too much ♪
For me to face ♪
I climb way up to
the top of the stairs ♪
And all my cares just drift ♪
Right into space ♪
On the roof ♪
It's peaceful ♪
Oh, my God.
Let me tell you now ♪
When I come home
feeling tired and beat ♪
I go up where the air ♪
Is fresh and sweet ♪
I get away from the
hustle and crowds ♪
And all that rat race noise ♪
Down in the street ♪
On the roof's the only place I know ♪
Where you just have to wish ♪
To make it so ♪
Oh, let's go up on the roof ♪
Up on the roof ♪
Everything is all right ♪
Up on the roof ♪
Oh, come on, baby ♪
Up on the roof ♪
Everything is all right ♪
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