The Birch (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Murphy's Law

1 Now, for the last time, get out of my house.
There he is.
My guy! Where you been, man? I've been worried about you.
[Thurston groans.]
I hope you've been having fun with my money.
It's a nice bonus to discover what a fortune you'd saved up.
I'm done, Seb.
I want out.
Have you been skimming from my take all this time, huh? Just take the savings.
Just take the savings and just let us go.
Ah, right.
You're, uh, you're moving to California, right? - Huh? - Uh-huh.
Uh, where the sun always shines and the waves wash your troubles away.
All right? Huh? 'Cause life's problems don't exist in the golden state.
There's just you and Gavin and sweet mother ocean.
There is no out, buddy.
You have a mess on your hands.
Where'd you come from? Gavin.
Evie says she's watching you.
Hey, man.
You okay? Gavin, what happened? [Sebastian.]
Go on the Talley Way.
Circle around the house.
Cut through the forest.
No, Seb.
I settled everything with her already.
If we do anything else to her, she's Pal, I'm not doing a thing.
But, Seb, she's dangerous.
Well, like your grandpa used to say, "Dead dogs got no bite.
" That's definitely true for that mean son of a bitch.
You tempted? You got two rounds.
Hey, Gavin.
They teach you this stuff in school, huh? Cause and effect.
Murphy's Law.
The hand of fate.
These are the ways of the world.
Seb People are gonna get ideas.
No shit, Sherlock.
You're gonna hang around, make it look like they're the victims of the Kings Point killer.
And if you should happen to get caught Well, ladies and gentlemen, who do we have here? The sadistic pervert himself.
And let me make something clear to you that I made clear for your pops.
You will take the heat.
I'm Murphy's Law.
I'm the hand of fate.
Isn't that right, King? You know your brother's probably the single most important person in my life.
Show Thurston what I'll do.
No, Seb.
No, no, no.
Wait, Seb.
Seb! - [Harmon.]
Open up.
- Wait.
Let him go.
Harmon, let him go.
I love that boy more than anything.
- [Harmon.]
Open wide.
- Harmon.
Come on.
Let him go.
Don't break my heart.
I understand.
Just let him go.
That's enough.
Uh-oh! [Harmon chuckles.]
That's enough.
And that's someone I love.
You, I don't even like.
Please don't leave me in the woods.
Babysit him.
- She's gonna kill us.
- [Sebastian.]
- She's gonna kill us.
- I said quiet already.
We have to leave.
We have to leave right now.
Get ready, kid.
Hi, Hollywood.
I´m with my BFF Charlie.
Who's there? - I'm gonna call the po - Shut up.
- I don't want any trouble.
- Where's the girl? What? - I said where's the girl? - She's not home.
I'm telling you she's not home.
She She Hello again.
You just can't catch a break, can you? [people on TV.]
Happy birthday dear Evie.
One of the downsides of this line of work, is seeing folks come and go.
Your daughter created something of a mess for all of us.
You got anything you'd like to share with her before, uh, lights out? Hmm? She's down in the hall in her bedroom, isn't she? Run, Evie! Run! Run! Run! Thurston, get it done.
Get it done, Thurston! [Birch snarling.]
- [Buddy groaning.]
- [Sebastian.]
Shoot him, Thurston.
Come here.
Get over here.
Come on.
Pull the trigger.
Pull it.
Pull the trigger.
- I can't.
I can't do it.
I can't.
- Shoot him, Thurston.
- No! No! No, no! - Pull it! Pull it! [gunshot.]
[Young Evie.]
I wanted to get surprised, but I don't really like [Young Charlie.]
I think it's chocolate, right? [Buddy.]
It's the really good kind.
Listen, you know what? It looks like it's chocolate.
- [Young Evie.]
Yes, it does.
- Bring the girl.
You made it out of the store into the car, right? [Lily laughing.]
And then came back home with it.
[Young Evie.]
- [Young Charlie.]
You knew it.
- [Young Evie.]
Yes, I did.
- [Buddy.]
Did you make it a good one? - [Young Evie.]
Uh, yes.
For you, my love [Buddy.]
Forks for Daddy.
This one's for you.
Daddy's gonna get yellow because he's the sunlight of my life.
[Young Evie.]
And you can keep it.
Have a great birthday.
[Young Evie.]
Can I tell you, you guys are my fav [TV sound distorts.]
- [splattering.]
- [Harmon screams.]
[Birch snarling.]
- She's gonna kill us now.
- [branches snapping.]
[branches snapping.]
[Birch snarling.]
What the hell? [Thurston yells.]
You lied to me, Thurston.
I'm so sorry.
Seb made me do it.
He's got my brother.
As long as Seb's around, this is not gonna stop.
You can help me end this.