The Blacklist s01e16 Episode Script

Mako Tanida

- Previously on The Blacklist.
- Tell me about the murder.
If I'm wrong about Tom, I don't think I can handle any of it without him.
I got a call.
Guess I'm still on as your next of kin.
- You're engaged? - We broke up.
I saw you in the hospital, and I just haven't been able to stop thinking about you.
She's calling herself Jolene Parker.
She's either got lots of little targets or one real big one.
I can't do this.
I love my wife.
Wrong answer.
Elizabeth keen is not your wife.
She's your target.
They miss home.
Just a few more weeks.
Go to bed.
You look exhausted.
I got a stack of case files I need to get through.
I have waited a long time for this reunion, Agent Raimo.
We've had the pleasure? Yes.
Though it could hardly be called pleasurable.
I was captured by your task force collateral damage in your hunt for Raymond Reddington.
Mako Tanida.
On your knees.
I have no intention of getting Aah! Aah! You lack honor and humility, Agent Raimo.
I will provide you with both.
Take up that tanto and remove it from its scabbard.
In feudal Japan, one warrior's transgression against another was measured by the code of bushido.
For your sins against me, I require ritual seppuku.
You will disembowel yourself to my satisfaction.
I will give you 60 seconds to put that sword into your stomach and begin cutting.
Do that, and it is you alone.
Or I will run you through myself And take your whole family.
You won't harm my family? If you abide by honor I will not.
So, you guys have been here for? Oh, only a year.
Well, we moved from up north.
I was there for three years, actually, and hey, babe.
You remember Jolene from the baby shower? Sure.
You sub for Mr.
Sinnard? It's Ted, right or Tim.
It's Tom.
Fourth grade.
We just bumped into each other outside.
- She's looking for a place in the neighborhood.
- Great.
I've got to get out of my apartment.
It's super-cramped.
And my fiancé and I love this neighborhood, so ooh! Um, hey, what did you think of a-Allison's show? Who? Allison.
The exhibit at the Willard street gallery.
You went to an art exhibit? Well, uh, calling it art might be a stretch.
I-it was amazing.
Why didn't you bring your wife? Yeah, why didn't you bring your wife? For the record, I did invite you, but you were working, and trust me you didn't miss anything.
Anyway, I would love to stay and talk art, but I should go grade some papers.
I should get going, as well.
Let me give you my cell.
If you're looking for a realtor, my girlfriend Ellie is awesome.
Thank you, that's really cool of you.
Good luck with your papers, Tom.
Thank you.
And I will see you at school.
Thank you.
I see those wheels turning.
Hey, brother.
To Sam.
How you feeling? Um, first 48, right? Yeah, that clock ran out.
Hey, fellas.
Good to see you.
Good to see you, too.
Got anything yet? They got nothing.
Well, NPA said suicide, said that Sam was carrying a lot of debt.
Ritual suicide? I mean, come on.
I don't believe that for a second.
Sammy loved Sarah.
Then who gutted him? The list of people we pissed off pick a number.
Hey, strangers.
Hey, Audrey.
How are you? Good to see you.
Is retirement treating you well? Yeah, well, never mind me.
It's a hell of a way to see you again.
Hey, Audrey.
You speak to Sarah? Being back in the states is hard enough.
I think we're gonna try and stay here with Sarah next week.
The house is gonna be surrounded by feds, sweetie.
I think she's gonna be okay.
Good ol' Rez.
emotional support.
We should probably get going and let the family have some time alone.
Bye, guys.
Bye, Audrey.
We've been tracking one guy for five years.
My money Reddington's got his fingerprints all over this thing.
Can I ask you something? It's Reddington.
You know how to find him.
Can you put the two of us in touch? What's going on with you two? Why? Because he's looking for you.
You shouldn't be here.
I said I'd send a messenger.
I wanted to deliver the check personally, Christine.
Thank you.
Will it be ready in time? Everything's on schedule, just like you asked just like last time.
What do they do for lunch? Do they order in or eat salads out of those tupperware bowls? How does it work with dancers? They smoke.
I'll see you on the 22nd.
And please send my thanks to your mother.
I found Agent Ressler.
I heard Agent Raimo was relieved of his viscera.
If you had anything to do with this Agent Ressler, please.
What was it payback for Vienna? I'm the one who reached out to you, Donald.
And it wasn't to revisit all the times I eluded your little coterie of door-kickers who pursued me with such fervor and zeal.
I came to discuss a former associate of mine who your team arrested along the way Mako Tanida.
The yakuza boss? He's in prison.
He was.
Two days ago, he broke out of Abashiri.
If you ask the Japanese, they'll skirt it.
They claim Abashiri is escape-proof.
It's embarrassing.
They're touchy about that sort of thing.
I suspect Tanida is the one who killed your agent friend.
So you want to help me find him? Let me guess he double-crossed you, and you want his head in a box.
There's a thought.
But for the moment, the scalp I'm worried about is yours.
Tanida is disciplined, relentless.
If he did kill Agent Raimo, there's the distinct possibility he's just getting started.
I fear, Donald, that you're being hunted by a vengeful, ruthless killer.
Purpose of your visit? Reunion with some old friends.
Welcome to the United States, Mr.
Hello, Agent Maguire.
Who the hell are you? You don't remember me, do you? You will.
Mako Tanida, former clan boss of the Azuma-Dojin, based out of osaka.
By the time our task force caught up, he controlled a large part of the heroin trade traveling along the silk road.
After Tanida's arrest, we thought his empire would collapse.
It didn't.
In fact, it expanded grew to include alliances with the Chinese triad, Korean tong, even Russian bratva.
And his operations in the U.
have grown extensively.
For a time, the intelligence community believed Tanida somehow was operating his empire from inside prison.
No one knew how, but there were theories he had politicians in his pocket or he controlled the army, but after he was put into solitary, it became clear that someone else was running the empire.
Within the agency, that man is known as Aiko Tanida, Mako's younger brother.
He escaped the night of the raid that took Tanida.
We believe he went underground, dark, reemerged as something entirely different bookish boy turned ruthless crime lord.
They call him "tensei.
" Means "reborn.
" Reach out to your agency contacts.
I want to know everything there is to know about this brother.
Uh, we just received word.
Uh, Agent Maguire I'm sorry.
Maguire's body was found under a bridge near Broadway at 39th.
Domain awareness has three surveillance hits on Tanida.
Units en route.
Arrived on united 472 from Tokyo.
Passed through customs at 11:32 under the alias Yasu Itami.
Feed NPA the alias.
The Reddington task force who else was on it? Myself and Bobby Jonica.
I'm sending protective detail.
Did you hear me? Agent Ressler.
I got a place up in prince George's county, off the grid.
I got to get Audrey there.
Hey, what the hell is wrong with you? You come to my house? Calm down.
You're not my handler.
I don't work for you.
Berlin is having doubts.
Yeah? Well, Berlin doesn't have a damn clue.
Do you have any idea how many candidates there were? They chose me.
I've done everything they asked.
I married the woman, for God's sake.
I've made her think my entire world revolves around her.
And now it's been two years, and I've heard nothing.
We sent word four months ago.
Four months ago, I had to go dark because Reddington sent a psychopath with a knife into my house.
He cut me like a totem pole, and because of that, Liz finds my go-bag, my passports everything.
So what did I do? I got myself out.
I convinced her that the passports are fake, the cash isn't mine, so excuse me for being don't touch that! I've had my hands full.
Berlin wants information.
So do I.
You know somebody put cameras in that house? Somebody was watching us, and it wasn't the FBI, so why don't you tell me who the hell was it? I can't help you unless you calm down.
You leave the door open? Yeah.
I-I told you I was gonna bring my stuff by.
I just didn't want to keep locking and unlocking the door.
Were you downstairs? Y-yeah.
I parked around back.
Why? What's wrong? I'll tell you in the car.
Don, what's wrong? Pete Maguire is dead.
Come on.
Best I can tell, their paths have crossed at key moments in the past 20 years Quantico, Baltimore.
She doesn't know, and I can't prove it, but I believe Reddington was funneling money through the adoptive father for years.
What's this? It's the black site.
From memory.
It's the unit keen works for.
What about the cases? You know, I sat right next to Reddington once at a hospital.
I could have put a bullet in his head.
That wasn't your mission.
All right, show and tell's over.
I have detention at 4:00.
Where are we going? What kind of trouble are you in? Sam didn't commit suicide.
He was murdered.
What are you the same person who killed Pete.
You remember Japan, how the task force spent time there looking for Reddington? Well, we put someone away, and now they're out.
And they're coming for you.
I'm gonna take you somewhere safe.
My folks got this cabin up in P.
I'm gonna handle this.
It's gonna be okay.
Don, I'm scared.
Aah! Hang on! Hang on! Don? Unh! We have to go! Audrey! No, no, no, no.
I got you.
I've got you, sweetie.
Let me see.
Okay, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Put your hand here.
Put your hand here.
Come on, girl.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Shh, shh, shh.
Come on.
No, no, no, no.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey! Look at me.
Stay, stay stay with me.
Stay with me.
Don't go.
Come on, Audrey.
S Come on, Audrey.
You can't sideline me.
We'll find Tanida.
Doesn't matter how long it takes.
But we have to do it the right way follow procedure.
You really expect me to care about procedure? Of course not.
I can't imagine what you're going through.
I wouldn't dare.
But don't compromise yourself.
You're a good agent A good man.
I have to do something.
You'll grieve.
And while you do, we'll track Tanida down, and we'll make sure he gets his due.
You have my word on that.
I'll have a car take you home.
Bobby, where are you? I went through every C.
, every source I had when I was running that task force.
I got nothing.
What about tensei, the brother? I reached out to a friend of mine at the D.
He's got no base of operation, no regular haunts, no hot spots.
This guy's a ghost.
Look, don don, we don't we can we can do this later.
No, we do it now.
Somebody out there knows something.
Well, I'll tell you who knows.
Reddington? They worked together, Donny.
Reddington understands how this world works.
What I wouldn't give to get him alone in a room for just five minutes.
She still in town? No.
She's at the corn palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.
Bring her to me.
I thought you wanted to see how this played out.
It has.
Well, you want me to bring her in, there's gonna be a fee, and it's gonna cost you double.
Oh? Why is that? 'Cause I don't like you.
And that hat makes your head look funny.
The pot meets the kettle at last.
Bring me the girl.
Searching in the desert for a drop of vengeance to slake an unquenchable thirst is a lonely walk, my friend.
Tanida's close.
I can burn the whole neighborhood down, or you can tell me where he is.
Donald, I understand how you feel.
Beneath the iron-and-rust exterior beats the heart of a man swimming in immeasurable grief.
I am truly sorry about Audrey.
There are few that understand love and loss more than I.
Well, I'm glad you understand.
Where is he? Let me tell you something that someone much wiser than I told me at a similar point in my life.
Go home.
Turn back from this and go home.
It may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but it is profoundly easier than what you're contemplating.
I'm not turning back.
That's pretty much what I said.
In your dust-up with Tanida, were there any survivors? Yes.
Injuries? Yeah.
Why? There's a house in Columbia heights doubles as an underground hospital.
May be worth a visit.
Agent Ressler.
Once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again.
All I feel is hate.
You're gonna need it.
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah well, it's too long living in the same old lie Are you sure about this? A hospital? Where the hell did you get your information? You coming or not? Rez, you got to tell me what the hell you're thinking here.
I'm gonna find Tanida.
I'm gonna find anyone who was involved.
Well, you walk a line like it's there to choose Find them And I'm gonna kill them all.
Just forget the wins, it's the rest you use Ah, okay.
Oh yeah won't you follow me into the jungle? FBI! Everybody on the ground! You! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Get over there! Go! You remember me? 'Cause I haven't forgotten you.
Let's make this quick.
Where's Tanida? Where is he?! Shh.
Where's Tanida? No, no, no, no, no! English! It's a club.
Please you didn't hear it from me.
Come on.
Stay there! Lost my mind in the city of lights No.
In the back street bars, in the neon nights Yep.
Well, I heard the thunder, I could feel the rain it's the same religion, just a different name oh yeah won't you follow me into the jungle? There ain't no God on these streets in the heart of the jungle yeah We need to move now.
Metro P.
got called in on an 808.
They were told two men presented as FBI.
Ressler and Jonica.
Any idea how they slipped their protective detail? He's not answering his cell.
How did they know to come here? MPD, with full resources of the FBI we didn't even know this place existed.
You and I both know how they got here.
No, I understand, but I don't care about the prince.
No, no, no, no, no.
The 22nd.
That was our agreement.
Christina, I don't care about production issues.
Please just figure it out by the 22nd.
Ressler where is he? I know he came to you.
I know you told him about that hospital.
Agent Ressler came to me for assistance, which I provided.
You sent him after Tanida.
I provided a bit of direction in an otherwise blind pursuit.
He's not like you.
He can't just murder someone in cold blood and come out of it okay on the other end.
Nobody can murder someone in cold blood and come out okay on the other end.
We need your help.
We have to find Tanida before Ressler does.
We've looked through his financials, his prison contacts, the brother who Tensei? The reborn.
He's dead.
What do you mean, he's dead? Aiko Tanida is running his brother's empire.
Aiko Tanida died the day his brother was captured by Ressler's task force.
Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn't know the difference between a water buffalo and a musk ox.
Mako Tanida! Agent Donald Ressler.
Let's go for a drive.
Reddington says Aiko Tanida's dead died the same night his brother was apprehended by Ressler's task force.
No, we have documented proof he escaped, evidence from then it was falsified.
We need to review what happened that night.
Think about it no one's seen or heard from the guy in four years.
Our last known photograph is older than that.
Aiko Tanida's not hiding.
He's dead.
We need to review the case files.
Someone else is running Tanida's business.
This is the incident report from the NPA in Japan.
What am I looking for? Most of the details support our own investigation.
The vehicle carrying Aiko Tanida was ambushed.
Only the driver's body was found.
"Most of the details"? What did we miss? Well, there was somebody else in the car.
The NPA report makes a reference to an American federal agent accompanying the transport vehicle.
What federal agent? Bobby Jonica.
Jonica was on the task force.
He had intimate knowledge of Tanida's enterprise.
He knew everything key players, trade routes, distribution hookups.
And he was able to avoid detection by making us believe Aiko Tanida was still alive.
Jonica is tensei.
Who contracted you? This isn't right.
Who? Was it Younes? Salumbides? We shouldn't have brought him here.
Was it Reddington? Somebody might have seen you.
You know what? You're right.
I should've let him grab you and drag you off to God knows where.
I can handle myself just fine.
You weren't.
But you're welcome.
He's not gonna talk.
It was Reddington.
You don't know that.
You don't know that! Do you know that this whole thing is because of you that we're here with him? You never should have come to my house in the first place I was following orders.
And you never should have talked to my wife.
What are we gonna do about him? You really don't get it, do you what he's doing? Wujing.
The alchemist.
What are you talking about? The cases Reddington used them to track you down, to get to you, to me.
That means that you are compromised, and if you're compromised, then it's only a matter of time before your trail leads to me.
That's not gonna happen.
Call my wife.
Get her on the phone.
Disengage? Disengage.
Tell her that you're not looking for a place anymore, that your boyfriend got a job offer, and you're moving to Dayton.
Don't do it.
As soon as you hang up that phone, he's gonna kill you, then he's gonna kill me.
Don't make that call.
Says the man tied to a chair.
Do it.
Hi, Liz.
It's Jolene.
Um I-I hope you haven't gotten in touch with your realtor friend yet.
The craziest thing just happened.
Uh, my fiancé got a job in Dayton, of all places, So, um, major bummer.
Uh, say goodbye to Tom for me, okay? There.
Happy now? Ohh! Okay.
Now you.
You okay? Hey, Donny, we're doing the right thing here.
How long did it take for your girlfriend to bleed out? You must be filled with rage.
You have no idea.
Maybe I do.
Hey, just keep it to yourself back there, huh? Do you remember the night we met? The arrest, taking away me and my brother.
That was the last I saw of him.
The last anyone saw of him.
That's a very sad story.
Don't listen to him, Donny.
Hey, shut up back there.
Raimo and Maguire I am satisfied they knew nothing.
That leaves the two of you.
You think I did all this because you arrested me? I said shut up back there! You were doing your job.
I respected that.
What I do not respect is that you killed my brother Just shut your mouth! Took my business.
Bobby, what is he talking not one more word out of you! Bobby, talk to me.
Talk to me.
Never mind him, don.
Don't listen to him.
He's gonna kill both of us! Shut up! Donny, let go! Don't move, brother.
Don't even breathe.
He picked up Tanida.
After that, nothing.
We found his cell in his apartment.
The GPS in his car has been deactivated.
He's off the grid.
Prince George's county.
Ressler has a place there.
It's where he was going with Audrey.
If he wants to be alone get there now.
What are you doing, Donny? Come on.
Doesn't have to be like this.
You got to understand me, Donny.
I'm chasing scumbags all around the world, making millions of dollars.
Come on, Donny.
This is me.
What are you telling me the boy scout's gonna kill his best friend? "Best friend.
" Couple months back, I was in this hospital.
I'd been shot.
Sitting in there for days, all alone.
And Audrey just Pops into my head.
Couldn't have been more than an hour later, she walks in.
It's like the universe tilted and brought her to me, like it was fated to happen.
But It wasn't fate.
You know why? Reddington.
I can tell you this because you're gonna die.
I work with Reddington.
Believe it or not, I was shot protecting him.
That's why I was in that hospital.
It's because of Reddington that Audrey came back into my life.
He's why I got three more months with her.
And because of you she's gone.
My greatest enemy brought her back to me, and my best friend took her away! No, no.
Donny, you're wrong.
I didn't kill Audrey.
Tanida did.
Don't! No, you brought this down on us on Pete and on Sam.
You're gonna do the honorable thing.
Or I'll kill you myself.
Call an ambulance.
Set a perimeter.
Pick it up.
That'll be crazy.
I'm not gonna do this.
What are you crazy? Pick it up! I'm not gonna do it, Donny! You're gonna have to shoot me first! Come on! What are you, crazy?! Pick up the damn knife.
Ressler, no! They're all dead, Liz.
- Audrey's gone.
- This isn't the way.
What if he killed Tom? What would you do? Listen to me if you do this, you're gonna go to jail for the rest of your life.
Do it, Donny.
Do it.
Go ahead, Donny.
Donny, pull the trigger.
Don't listen to him.
You know what they'll do to me in prison, Donny.
A dirty cop I can't do that, Donny.
Come on.
Pick it up.
Put down the gun, Ressler! Come on.
Pull the trigger.
Pick it up! Do it! Pick it up.
Pull the trigger, Donny.
Don't listen to him.
She's dead because of me, Donny! Do it! Pull the trigger! Pick it up! Pick it up.
Donny, come on.
Donny I'm sorry, Donny.
Donny Strange face with your eyes so pale and sincere underneath, you know well you have nothing to fear for the dreams that came to you when you were young told of a life where spring has sprung you would seem so frail in the cold of the night when the armies of emotion go out to fight he's one of our biggest donors.
Never comes to any other performance.
Same show on the same day every year.
They say his daughter was in the show years ago.
Ladies, you're paid to dance, not to gossip.
You sail to the sky the cowboy have you found him? No.
The girl? Nothing.
Both of them they're gone.
Ooh so forget this cruel world - Hey.
- Hey.
Mind if I join you? Not at all.
How was your day? Let's talk about anything but that.
Like that girl Jolene.
What about her? Did, uh, did Ellie find her a place? I guess it's not happening.
She called me and left a message said her fiancé got a job in Dayton.
So, what she's just Gone? I guess so.
I'm kind of glad.
I saw the way she looked at you.
Come here.
Kiss me, "Tim," or whatever your name is.
Lend a hand and lift me to your place in the cloud "Donald, I want you to know that I do understand how you feel.
" From Mr.
"There is nothing that can take the pain away.
" "But eventually, you will find a way to live with it.
" "There will be nightmares.
"And every day, when you wake up, it will be the first thing you think about.
" "Until one day It will be the second thing.
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