The Blacklist s01e17 Episode Script


That you, Wilson? Hello? _ What the hell? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Damn it! David, it's me.
We have a serious problem.
The network was breached.
I think they got the project files.
I'm headed to the backup site with the prototype now.
Good morning, Mr.
Oh, my God, what is this? Vicuña, 100%.
How do I get one? Put it on your Christmas list, and if you're good Okay.
Let's see what we have here.
Your ability to locate a crime scene never ceases to amaze.
You're like a human bloodhound.
I've been called worse.
How long? Judging by the rate of decay, eight days, plus or minus.
The female died of strangulation.
Male-- gunshot wound to the chest, close range.
If you'd like a ballistic analysis, I'll need to perform a field autopsy.
As much as I'd love to see that, it won't be necessary.
The whodunit has already been solved.
Perhaps another time, though.
All right.
I don't want any indication that we ever set foot here, so please put it all back the way you found it.
Of course, dearie.
How do you want to handle this, Raymond? Your phone.
I'd like to report a missing person.
Oh, it was supposed to be a surprise.
I'm sorry, what is this? I can't believe you teach fourth grade and have such little knowledge of pop culture.
I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about.
That is Uncle Flippo.
Trust me on this, flashlight butt will get you some serious cred.
Come on, now, let's be fair.
I have cred.
Oh, yeah, says the man carrying the lunch box.
- Mr.
Keen? - Mm-hmm.
Detective Debarros with Metro PD.
Got a moment to talk about Jolene Parker? How long has she been missing? I was hoping you could help me with that question.
When was the last time you saw or spoke with her? Um must have been last Sunday, right? No, uh, Saturday.
I ran into her outside.
She was looking for an apartment in the neighborhood, so I referred her to a friend who's a real-estate agent.
But then she called back to say she'd changed her mind and that she was moving to Dayton with her fiancé.
Wasn't aware she had a fiancé.
You have a name? Uh, no, I'm afraid not.
You work with Miss Parker, is that correct? We're talking to all her colleagues.
Well, she, uh, subbed for Mr.
Sinnard for a few weeks, but Were you close? Uh, n-not particularly, no.
Have you already searched her residence? Manager at the apartment hasn't seen her in about a week.
If she was planning to move, she didn't give notice.
If there's anything more we can do, please don't hesitate to ask.
I appreciate that.
My, uh, number.
If you hear from her or anything comes up.
Of course.
You're late.
Something came up.
Is everything all right? Yeah, fine.
What is all this? Just a little restoration.
Of what? The timing mechanism for an explosive device? Ah, ah, ah, ah! Should I be worried? Yes.
But not about this.
What am I looking at? A car accident.
Killed the driver, Nathan Platt.
Why am I looking at it? Because it was no accident.
The crash was engineered by a notorious cyber criminal known only as Ivan, or Ivan.
And you know this how? I've had some experience with the man.
He stole from me.
His brother and I spent a delightful evening sharing stories over a plate of meat jelly and half a gallon of vodka.
All the while, Ivan had his hand in my wallet.
My job isn't to settle your grudges, so I'm gonna need a little more than your gut instinct that Ivan was involved.
How about a confession? Ivan took credit for the hit in some deep, dark recess of the internet-- a place only inhabited by scary people and reckless teenagers.
A place where curiosity inevitably kills the cat.
So, Ivan ran some guy off the road.
Or are you thinking it's something a little more sophisticated? Given his technological skills, he wouldn't even need to get his hands dirty.
Ivan's had a very long career-- Russian markets, selling off government secrets, disrupting Siberian pipelines.
It sounds like his beef's with Moscow.
This is the first time Ivan's ever struck on US soil, a fact that should have you all very concerned, because whatever he has planned, this is only the very beginning.
Here's the information we have on our victim.
Nathan Gregory Platt, 43, employed at Roy's TV Repair since '09.
No wife, no kids.
And no affiliation with any government agencies or connections to Russian business interests.
Doesn't fit with Ivan's MO.
If I could take a look at that car's ECU, I might be able to confirm whether it was electronically manipulated.
Do it.
- Aram.
- What's up? I was wondering if you could do me a favor.
I need to pull the phone records for this number.
The name's Jolene Parker.
Thank you.
Let's see.
Inventory number 760209.
Here we are.
Thanks, we'll take it from here.
Hey, can I ask you something? Why are you here? I'm assessing evidence.
There's no shame in taking a couple days off.
I mean, if it were me, I wouldn't want to be here.
Job takes my mind off Audrey.
Hey, guys.
This thing was definitely tampered with.
The airbag deployed before the crash, not after.
There's a message in the can bus deliberately left here for someone to find.
What is it? Okay, translation, please? It's binary.
It spells "Ivan.
" His digital signature.
What's that? I'm not sure.
Any ideas? Looks like some kind of RF shielding and a passive satellite tracking system.
Doesn't look like something you'd find lying around Roy's TV Repair.
Our victim's been moonlighting.
We should take it to the computer forensics lab.
Step away from the car.
Now! Get away from the car.
Hey, this area is restricted.
Not to me, it isn't.
And you are? Assistant Director Harold Cooper.
Who the hell are you? Agent in charge Galarza, NSA Special Projects.
Why are you detaining my people, Agent Galarza? Your people had a piece of stolen technology in their possession.
Everyone all right? Case was busted open when we found it.
Whatever was inside was taken from the crash scene.
What kind of classified tech are we talking about? Unless you have TS/SCI vigil clearance, I'm not at liberty to say.
Why is a special FBI task force investigating a car accident? Agent Galarza, you and I both know this is no simple car accident.
I have information on who killed your man, and if you want that information, you're gonna have to tell me what he took.
So you can either do that now, or we can dance for a few hours while I secure a warrant.
But by then, you may have lost another man.
Nathan Platt was one of ours-- tailored access operations technician.
Which means what, exactly? That he didn't repair TVs for a living.
Then what was Platt really working on? This.
Project Skeleton Key.
David Fisher is our lead engineer.
He'll brief you on the details.
Pleased to meet you.
The Skeleton Key is the culmination of five years of R&D into state-of-the-art cyber warfare.
It's designed to deliver a knockout blow to enemy infrastructure in wartime.
No cruise missiles or boots on the ground.
Defense grids, weapons systems, and communications-- the Skeleton Key can cut through the world's most secure networks with the push of a button.
So, you're saying our suspect is now in possession of this device? A prototype for the control module.
We just finished it last week.
In fact, our whole operation was about to be relocated to a cybercom ops center in Colorado for field testing.
Before it went missing.
So, the federal government has armed a cyber terrorist with the digital equivalent of a nuclear warhead.
Another fabulous example of your tax dollars at work and yet another reason why I don't pay taxes.
State's reaching out to the Russians, but getting them to cooperate will be one thing, and actually finding this Ivan will be a separate problem altogether.
Kastrychnitski Rayon.
It's in Minsk, Belarus.
That's where Ivan is currently.
Wait, when did you learn this? I've always known this.
And it didn't occur to you to say something earlier? You FBI are such blunt instruments.
Lizzy, you don't just swoop in and arrest a man like Ivan, because you know what he'll tell you once he's in custody? Nothing.
I assume you have a better idea? If you want to know what Ivan is up to, you have to get him to share that.
Not because he has to, because he wants to.
How do I do that? We create a problem for him and then solve it.
And to do that, we need to take a field trip.
_ _ _ Perhaps the face escapes you.
My card.
Allow me to refresh your memory.
Grand Cayman Bank account number It held approximately $5 million, and then, suddenly, it didn't.
It was a clever hack.
Kudos and all that.
But I've come to collect-- with interest.
Sorry, friend.
I have no interest.
I wouldn't go out there if I were you.
Is that some kind of a threat? Yes, but not from me.
Seems you've stirred up the borscht, Ivan.
Murdering that NSA troll got the FBI talking to the FSB.
Now you're neck-deep in the beets, Ivan.
They've issued an arrest order for you.
According to my informant, they're en route here now.
Of course they are.
Mmm! This piroshki is delicious.
My point-- I can secure safe travel for you out of the country-- for a price.
Let me guess, $5 million plus interest? Thank you very much.
I'll pass.
Oh, there's my cue.
You're on your own, comrade.
Uh I accept your generous offer.
I thought you might have a change of heart.
Shall we? $8 million.
I want it transferred to this account.
Let's get out of here.
Not until I have my payment.
You can't be serious.
They're gonna be here any moment.
Then you'd better type fast.
_ _ Okay.
See? Do you find all those little fingerprints on the glass distracting, or does that sort of thing not bother you? Stop! Ivan! You think he bought it? Hell, I did.
_ I'm sorry.
I didn't want to wake you.
What are you doing up? Is something wrong? Jolene Parker-- her real name is Lucy Brooks.
What? I heard from Detective Debarros.
She's a wanted criminal.
What's a V-i-C-A-P? ViCAP.
It's the Bureau's violent-criminal database.
She's a convicted felon-- robbery, aggravated assault.
Two years ago, her parole officer in Santa Fe reported her missing.
Hasn't been seen since.
Now she shows up as a substitute teacher in an elementary school-- I mean, how does that even happen? I am so sorry.
What are you sorry for? She was here, in our house in our bedroom.
And it's because of me.
Liz, that's crazy.
If you knew what I do What do you mean? God, if she had done anything to you Come on, I'm a big boy.
I can take care of myself.
Don't beat yourself up.
You could never have known this.
You never really know people do you? I'm gonna find her-- who she works for.
Whoever they are, whatever it takes, I'm gonna find her.
Uh, Agent Keen.
I got that information on Jolene Parker's phone records.
What'd you find? You were her last outgoing call.
I was able to pull location data from the cell towers.
That's the address where she called you from-- La Vista Street, over in Brookland.
Aram, you're amazing.
So, tell me, Ivan, what are your intentions? I assume you took the Skeleton Key for one of three reasons-- some dastardly deed you have planned, something dastardly someone else has planned, or you've lined up a buyer and have no idea what they have planned.
I'm curious, what's your price? Honestly, I haven't given it much thought.
Don't be coy, Ivan.
Whatever the number, I can likely double it.
You could probably use the retirement money right about now.
You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? The hack in DC, the NSA agent-- it wasn't me.
Then who was it? I don't know, but he's been using my name.
Look, my contempt is not for the US.
It's always been with Russia.
Last thing I need is a Hellfire drone missile up my zadnitsa, right? Then if you didn't do it, who did? Whoever it is, they're very good at covering their tracks.
I haven't been able to ID them yet.
Perhaps I could be of some assistance.
So, we've reviewed the information Ivan supplied.
It turns out this mystery hacker has only been operating for about three or four months.
We've linked his profile to a recent attack on an encrypted defense network coordinating special-access programs.
That would give him intel on black-budget projects.
The information alone would be worth millions.
May also be how he learned about the Skeleton Key in the first place.
As if that is not enough, he's also hacked himself access to pay-porn sites and a pile of "Mythcrash" gift cards, which is harder than it sounds.
He even breached the Social Security Administration to raise benefit payments for someone.
Who? As you can see, Ms.
Lee, your payments went up by $1,200 in September.
Says who? Social Security Administration.
You're saying you didn't notice the extra money? It's direct-deposited into my account.
I never bother to check the statement.
I just balance my checkbook, same as I always do.
Any idea of why these payments would have gone up like this? I may be old, but I'm not stupid.
I know when I am being accused of something, and if you think I had something to do with this, you are mistaken.
We believe this is the work of a computer hacker.
We're just trying to figure out what his connection to you might be.
A computer hacker? I can't even set my thermostat without the help of my grandson.
Your grandson? Okay, you guys will have Number-2 pencils only, no pens this time.
Everybody check and make sure your graphing calculators are set to radians.
If they're not set to radians, you're gonna have a bad time.
You can begin.
- You have a second? - Yeah, what's up? I'm following up some leads on Jolene's case, and I came across an address.
What's the address? I've never heard of it.
It's not her home address.
Maybe it's her fiancé's? I thought I'd check it out.
I think you're cutting out.
Hey, can you hear me? Tom? Aah! The place was ransacked before I got here.
There's even a cache of burnt documents in a bucket outside, but they're ashes now.
You get a visual on the suspect? Male, Caucasian, over six-feet.
Uh dark hair.
Excuse me.
We have a lead on our suspect.
We're heading over to Lake Hill High School.
Okay, I'm five minutes behind you.
I don't want to step on any toes, but You want to be looped into the investigation? Yeah, if you could copy me on the evidence report once you've catalogued everything, I'd appreciate it.
Bantam Finance, how may I direct your call? I'm having a problem with my account-- number Delta-Sierra-451.
Line is secure.
Watch post is compromised.
Bona fide's in question.
Tell Berlin I was forced to liquidate.
What does it say about me that my entire life fits into six cardboard boxes? That you're not hung up on material things? Or that I'm boring.
Do you know anyone in Briargate? No.
My dad does.
Me, not so much.
First day is gonna be so awkward.
I really hate introducing myself to people.
You'll be fine.
It's Colorado-- free weed.
It's not free.
It's just legal.
Well, then, I guess you're screwed.
What's going on? Harrison Lee? Harrison Lee? Wait! _ Please proceed to the closest emergency exit.
Please proceed to the closest emergency exit.
Move, move, move! Sorry.
Please proceed to the closest emergency exit.
So, how exactly does a 17-year-old kid slip through your fingers? He hacked the school's security system and activated the automated evac protocols.
If you ever find him, ask him if he'd like to earn some extra money.
We'll find him.
Forensics is processing his house, his computer, e-mails, cell records.
Well, it sounds like you have everything well under control, which begs the question, why are you here? Have you ever seen this woman? Hand me that piece right there.
Her name is Jolene Parker.
She was a sub at Tom's school.
But as of yesterday morning, she's a missing person.
I found high-end surveillance gear, a cache of documents, burner cells.
Was there any evidence connecting any of this to me? No.
Then what exactly would you like me to do? Turns out Jolene Parker doesn't exist.
It's an alias.
I want to know who she is, and I want to know why the hell she's inserted herself into our lives.
I can't answer that.
You can't or you won't? Well, that's a matter of interpretation.
Not to me.
You said there's always something you're not telling me.
Just once, I'd like to hear the whole truth from you.
I wish I knew the whole truth.
You know what? Don't worry about it.
The truth is, I don't need evidence to connect this to you.
Jolene Parker is in my life because of you.
None of this happened until you arrived on my doorstep.
My life was great-- my marriage, Tom.
Thank God I have Tom, because with you, I never know what to believe.
I have never lied to you.
How the hell would I know? Have fun with your project.
Harrison was using some serious layers of encryption on his computer, but I was able to find a hidden partition filled with terabytes of data.
Who is she? Her name's Abby Fisher.
Any relation to-- Yes, she's the daughter of David Fisher, lead engineer of the Skeleton Key program.
And check this out-- she's enrolled at the same high school as Harrison.
The photos look like they were taken from a webcam.
He breached her computer, surreptitiously watched her, and it gets worse.
He hacked into her cell, e-mail, texts.
Hell, he even got into her mp3 collection.
He chronicles her every move.
- He's stalking her.
- Get David on the phone.
Hello? Mr.
Fisher, this is Agent Keen.
I need to ask you a question about your daughter.
I don't understand.
Is she familiar with a young man named Harrison Lee-- Whoa.
Uh, I lost him.
What's going on? - What happened? - I'm not sure.
Hold on.
Doesn't make sense.
All of DC is dark.
_ He activated the Skeleton Key.
_ _ _ _ _ Agent Keen, we got cut off.
What's wrong? We believe Abby may be in danger.
Where the hell is she? _ _ _ Harrison has the Skeleton Key in his possession, it's how he triggered this blackout.
Is there any way to track it? Yes, if it's active.
The key uses a standard LTE signal, right? You should be able to triangulate his location using cell towers.
You just need the IMEI and the ICCID numbers.
_ No good.
All but one of the city's towers are offline.
Harrison could be anywhere in this five-mile radius.
How could he cause a city-wide blackout and access cellphone networks? The Skeleton Key gives him precise access to the power grid's distribution sub stations.
He can leave what he needs up and running while keeping everything else powered off.
We could use that.
Aram, are any of the sub stations running within your five-mile radius? Uh, one, and it's pulling a lot of power.
To where? Uh it's a metro station.
Green Line, Branch Avenue.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You'll need these.
Hello? Jackie, is that you? Abby.
What are you doing down here? Waiting.
For you.
Okay, this is gonna sound kind of crazy.
I was just texting my friend Jackie.
You were actually texting with me.
What do you mean? I just wanted this moment to be private.
Just you and me.
W-we don't even know each other.
I feel like I know you.
I know that you listen to Jamestown Revival on repeat to fall asleep, that you bite your bottom lip when you're nervous.
Don't be scared.
I'm not gonna hurt you, okay? I'd never hurt you.
Can I just go home? Can I please just go home? Is that really what you want? I know you don't want to move to Colorado.
I know you want to stay here and finish your senior year.
You told that to Jackie in an e-mail.
How do you know that? Now you don't have to move anymore.
I made that possible.
This-- it's your dad's project.
It's why he was being transferred, why he had to go to Colorado.
How did you get that? I stole it.
And now they can't continue the program.
Don't you get it? You don't have to move anymore.
Why would you do all of this? Because, Abby, I love you.
- Wait! - Aah! Abby! Are you okay? Abby, wake up.
Go! I've got her.
Abby? I'm Agent Malik.
Paramedics are on their way to get you, okay? _ _ One step closer and I send this thing off the tracks.
Harrison, my name is Agent Keen.
I have nothing to say to you.
You spent the last four months coming up with the perfect plan, and right now, nothing is going as expected.
All of this, it was a romantic gesture, wasn't it? She was supposed to fall for me just like I fell for her.
You must feel like your whole world is falling apart.
But it isn't.
We can end this.
Right now, you and I.
You're right.
We can.
_ Harrison, no! It's too late.
This train's gonna crash.
I can't stop the train.
It's impossible to override the control system without access to the Skeleton Key.
Harrison, I know you feel like this is your only option, but it's not.
You have a choice.
Choice? I'm a murderer.
You and I both know that the car accident was only that.
An accident.
You did not want that man to die, did you? This isn't what Abby would want.
ATCS override.
_ _ How much track does that train have left? About 5,000 yards.
Is that enough? We're gonna crash.
What happened? Did it crash? I don't know.
You guys there? Stay put.
We're coming to get you.
Good work.
You too.
Hey, you hungry? Tom's cooking tonight, so that means there will be a ton of extra food.
Thanks, but I think I'll just head home.
You sure? Liz, you have someone waiting for you at home.
You don't have to feel bad about that.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Hey, babe.
I need some wine, preferably the entire bottle.
Oh, no.
That bad? Hey, last we talked you were going into Jolene's apartment.
What happened? Any word? It's not good.
There was evidence of foul play.
Foul play? What does-- what does that mean? There's nothing concrete.
MPD's still processing the apartment.
W-what do they know? Do they have a suspect? They don't, but when I went to the apartment, there was someone there-- a man.
He-- he knocked me down.
What? Did he hurt you? No, I'm fine.
Are you okay? You were attacked.
The police are looking for him.
Did you get a good look at him, at least? I wish.
Just the thought of someone doing that to you-- hurting you some stranger.
What do you need? Wine.
_ What is this? Be careful of your husband.
Please, I didn't do anything.
I can only lead you to the truth.
I can't make you believe it.
Is everything okay? I'm fine.
It's just work.
You sure? Mm.
'Cause I hate to break it to you, but after two years of marriage, I know that that face means you're upset.
I'm fine.
I promise.
Really? Really.
You were right.
Come in.
What's this? It's a 1940s Sorrento music box.
I know this song.
When I was a little girl, I had these terrible nightmares.
I remembered flashes of of fire and smoke.
God, so much smoke.
My dad would lay in bed with me and hold me in his arms and hum that song.
He'd tell me I was safe-- that everything was gonna be okay.
You spent days building that damn thing.
You knew about the song.
My father.
You knew I'd find out the truth.
And you wanted me To know that everything is going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.

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