The Blacklist s01e19 Episode Script

The Pavlovich Brothers

Do you want to call your dad ? - I want to .
Watch out for your husband .
I can not force you believe in the truth.
He is Jolene Parker.
- Elizabeth Keen is your destination.
You are threatening to tell the truth about my husband.
Now, only represents a direct threat .
Your husband .
We find out who he is and to whom is employed.
The rest will be decided later .
VACCINATION PROGRAM What is wrong? - Get away from her ! He was not allowed to leave here.
- The heart stopped.
Him to a hospital .
- Not a chance.
She has been obtained immediately for treatment.
Hurry! Come on.
We are on the way.
- Epinephrine .
Go ! What's wrong? - Zoomatkaa .
What was that? Stop the ambulance.
What are you looking for? Get out! The door is open .
Add to adrenaline.
- Cover your mouth.
It's all right .
We'll take you in Washington DC .
Where a prisoner was transferred ? Washington, that is.
We take care of him.
Hezbollah will have to wait .
We're going to Washington.
When Jolene Parker's story murhatutkinnaksi changed ? Have you seen my keys ? What the hell happened ? Police are looking for somebody.
What do they know ? - They 're not sure.
Does he not spoken migration is not possible ? His blood was found .
You can see the daily killed .
I do not.
It scares me.
The mere thought of , that you would like that.
Promises to be careful in your work .
At your computer so your keys.
Late for badly.
I give myself the second session.
They were the magazine below .
What would I do without you? eaten today to the new Thai restaurant.
He knows something is wrong here.
I can feel it .
He is alert .
He killed Jolenen .
- Yes .
Did you know that? Why did not you tell me? if you have changed behavior in his presence.
I found his body and I made a missing person report .
I trusted their examining the host in touch with you .
Jolene work the same organization as Tom .
Why Tom would murder him? - Yes , maybe.
Or he is unstable.
He is looking for a foothold.
It is our chance to wait and see.
I did not come because of Tom .
There is a more urgent matter.
Pavlovichin brothers have returned.
ORG They grabbed the general's daughter .
They are taking the spurs Yugoslav ethnic cleansing .
I lost six men that day.
They do not have a political agenda .
They kidnap for ransom due .
Export of dissidents.
Reddingtonilla is the source .
They come from the Chinese scientist Li Xiaoping due .
The CIA sent a team to pick up her secret labor camp .
He is immunological .
Examines viral and bacterial diseases.
He stated that it was willing to to talk about a secret weapons program .
Then, he was convicted of treason.
He lands in an hour.
Group takes him to Langley.
The brothers know him.
- Bring him here .
Agree with Langley .
Right this way .
- I was supposed to be safe.
A potential threat.
We change our route.
Ressler FBI.
We transport Xiaoping .
Not a chance.
The evacuation has been compromised.
Make a statement .
The aircraft will return to near Croftonia .
There are no witnesses .
It has to be on board.
They knew the CIA protocol .
They sneak into the country.
Indicate the Security Office.
Why intelligence leader to call me ? What I did not know about this thing? Li in its biological weapons program.
, Nearly all the countries prohibited .
It is called the White Fog.
he sent a message to to seize the formula.
If you came and gave it to us, it would be a big intelligence triumph.
That's why Chinese people can not to make this conflict .
Where are you? Veivätkö brothers Xiaoping ? How do you know ? - Your husband is not in school .
Where is he? - I'll meet you .
Reddingtonilla is a tip.
He wants to talk to you.
Contact Me have fallen from the aircraft.
Stated that it was sick.
It was the home quickly.
Then the trip to the bank.
Played three calls public phones .
He has been sitting in that hour .
I'm so sorry .
- Do not be.
This is difficult.
- Do you know what it is ? Sit here , even though I want to strangle him .
Can not we follow ? - Being .
They work for you.
What do you do ? NATIONAL ARCHIVES Not now.
Because the boat is coming? Tom ! Here I am.
Where did you get that? - I was going to ask the same thing .
It was found in the basement.
I've been looking for it.
I got this from my father.
It is a good as new.
Why have not I seen this before? - Your food boils over .
I thought we were to go out.
It is more comfortable to stay at home .
Just two only .
How was your day ? - Exhausting.
Billy Satler raged again.
He was a sugar drunk.
I went to the National Archives in the future.
I thought school trip for the kids.
I could swear I saw you there.
I was in the office all day .
I should have known .
It's seen a woman have been restored.
Continue stirring .
Walking with a dog .
Where do you travel ? A good boy you are.
What ? - None.
I love you.
I'll be back soon.
Good boy .
To whom do I connect ? - I have a financial problem.
Number D0451 .
The line protected.
- Copy- know .
I ask the evacuation.
My husband is gone.
Husband did not even exist .
I understand today's movements .
Light work is It is here to help.
At the emotional level , this was the ultimate betrayal.
Tom, this was the working documents .
- We did just recently .
It seemed filthy .
It may not last to reach the other side.
I fell in love with him.
I got married .
I wanted a child with her.
He was supposed to bring good fortune and make me feel safe.
All it was just my imagination.
Lie directly in front of me, I did not see it.
I thought only of it all .
Only time will let you find yourself.
Do not counsel patience.
I am looking for him and bought the answers.
With your support, or without .
I need a clue to the story.
To find the brothers , find out where they've been .
The brothers burned helicopter to conceal the evidence.
Where the helicopter would be identified ? It was modified.
Where did they do it ? Can we analyze ? What was the heat exchanger ? Was the moisture in the compressor ? I will contact the researchers .
- Check that ms .
I want to know where the helicopter was .
He is it.
I'm not for hire.
- I'm going to matter, Samir .
Haiti yesterday to clients in front of the National Archives .
Oh dear .
You should have taken the money.
Where did you take the passenger ? Accounting.
the derivative becomes it will always remind me of a teacher.
Cindy something.
Always rintaliivittä and bouncy steps.
I cooperate .
No need to copy the papers .
We just want to find you, Jeffrey B.
Seavers .
Questions can become.
Tell the book.
I just take and pick up my .
I do not know the names.
I am a courier.
Is that code ? Abandon How many have you done? This was the fourth .
Write down the URL for each .
Pick-up - and -down points .
Fogouces Spring library .
My car water pump broke down there.
I thought I 'd end up residence in there mountain range with .
Until a man fixed it .
I will never forget him.
Tracy Woods.
Do you know him? Leather bra and a mustache.
I do not .
Resolves he still water pumps ? It's a fun memory.
It's a list .
Is it here ? How about the package? Deliver it .
We did not then have had this conversation ever.
A copy , thank you.
I hope there is no rush .
This takes a minute or three.
Do not really know Tracy Woods ? It's too bad .
I found something.
That's how much I wanted to know about the gear oil.
Reddington is right.
Helicopter engine is two distinct materials .
The first is the tobacco maturation.
How does it help? - The cultivation of tobacco is low.
Since 1999, the federal government is paid , that it is not cultivated.
Tobacco is still a lot of cultures .
In entering the second medium.
this is used to sweet corn breeding.
We are looking for the pesticide manufacturer .
He provided the first tobacco farmers , the corn .
They are 17 fuel range.
Of the remaining six , only one should be hidden helicopter .
Halofax Agrogem .
- That is the place.
It is around the corner.
Seven of the camera visible.
It is jättöpaikkalistalla .
How long will Mr.
Keen has been there ? - Four hours .
Thanks for your help .
Should I call Sabu Sawalle ? - He's in Ecuador.
How are you going to get out of the Keen ? We have a clue Li'sta .
He is the Falls Churhin Halofax Agrogemissa .
I need to talk to Tom.
- I do not want to talk about him .
You have the opinion of a practice in and I have mine .
I 'll take care of him.
- It does not provide answers, not pleasure.
It remains to be seen.
- I wish I had spoken all around you .
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I am Raymond Reddington .
Look at this.
What do we look ? I have no idea .
Get out of it.
The devil .
The package ready to go.
Move into position.
Three, two , one.
What was that? Back off .
We move cars.
Keen on the front of your car.
Keen is still on the run .
Premiums him off the road.
Displays the serial number, - Or Atomic century.
Only one word the letters VG together.
Avgolemono .
It is a soup .
Chicken broth , eggs and lemon juice.
I cook.
Perhaps Li left a message .
I compare those registration numbers.
I do not get caught Reddingtonia .
- You told him the location of the brothers .
Quite a coincidence.
They are out of Reddingtonia not get caught .
We are vedätetty .
He knew our leading Mr.
Li 's.
That woman is worth millions.
Where are you going ? - To find Reddingtonia .
Call me Reddington .
I need help with case.
Gift Reddingtonilta .
Two wasted years.
For what? Do you care at all, what have you done to me? What has it done for you? Who could do such a thing? To find and stop you.
You would think my Castle to enjoy your sentence .
I do not enjoy .
No sentence or revenge does not align accounts .
I was just doing my job.
- It's our life ! Prayed for a child to acquire .
This was all a lie ! each of feelings and my memories are a lie.
Say something to your wife.
Talk to me.
It was because of the shoes .
What does that mean ? Then I knew .
These brown leather shoes.
They were the third date .
You came to me.
We ordered food and rented a video.
You had to get up early .
You were gone woke up .
I was standing half-dressed .
I took my shoes , I saw you draw the heart.
My shoes dust layer.
Do you remember that ? It was a sweet little thing.
From that moment on - I feel sorry for you.
For I knew that.
I got you .
Part of me did not want to work.
I work though.
Archimedes .
I beg your pardon ? - Archimedes' formula .
It's a naked man , who shouted " Eureka .
" Why he wrote the formula ? - Maybe it's a code .
Archimedes' law says calculation of the pieces Displacement .
Ships do it .
He says , how to take him to the ground.
Put their picture to the port.
What do you tell him ? Where do we stand on Li's case? - He was taken on board.
Where are you? - Waiting for Reddingtonin to appear.
He used us.
Do you remember what the brothers made when the bridge.
Be there when you reserve them .
- I'm me.
I'll call you back.
A good company .
- I was thirsty .
Where Li is ? The brothers and the FBI Tom caught the help .
Do you go to trade Li'lla ? I was not the biological warfare of interest .
I would work with the FBI without for mutual benefit.
Where is he? - The negotiations went wrong .
He dies , if returned to China.
What do you know ? - He may have taken a freighter.
Investigate the matter.
This is a smuggling operation .
Nothing was smuggled here Rolf Cisco 's knowledge.
Tell Donald to visit him .
What he is obsessed with you? Do you have a father / daughter thing? What are you planning ? Will Daddy go ? Does he talk to me ? - Not the case .
I will.
Rolf Cisco .
- Tell Pavlovichin brothers .
Who you working for ? I do not have to say.
Who you working for ? - There you have it.
Let me out ! - It's all right .
You down .
You broke my thumb .
- Sympathy for you honesty .
Here's an example of honesty .
Baking the pancakes to me.
I hate them .
- Here's your honesty.
If someone of reinforcement elements , Do not break his thumb.
Do yourself .
My job was not to hurt you.
I'm on the good side .
You are mistaken Reddingtonista .
I can prove it .
You have found a key to the lamp.
Go to Craftword Bank.
Safe-deposit box 3929 .
He is not the one as he is you think.
Good-bye .
To stop him ? To give a shadow to follow.
Tell Valkosumusta .
- The Chinese government started it What agent Keen to keep you busy ? Where was he today ? And do not tell me you do not know.
Was it Reddingtonista ? Is there a problem ? She has problems at home.
I've lost her .
He's gone.
You do not let him in your eyes.
Your people follow him .
- That the following .
How does this end? This is the end .
Then you start something new.
You deserve the best .
It sounds strange man's mouth which is brought to you by the worst.
That's why Tom toiled in order to be kind to you.
Kind and thoughtful.
To make you laugh and to love him.
It 's what you deserve .
It you still get .
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