The Blacklist s01e20 Episode Script

The Kingmaker

Previously on The Blacklist I am not here to hurt you, Liz.
I'm one of the good guys.
Reddington he is not who you think he is.
I need to tell Lizzy.
I can't let you do that.
She deserves the truth.
I don't understand, Ray.
I thought we had an arrangement.
The people I represent, they're they're nervous.
The key in the lamp I know you found it.
Take it to Radford Bank, box number 3929.
Goodbye, Liz.
You are headed to Stepanska, yes? You speak English.
I am English, sir.
I hope you don't mind.
Um, I read somewhere that you also speak the language.
Makes life a little easier for me.
Of course.
Not a lot of Englishmen driving in Prague.
Little hot in here, hmm? You mind turning on the air? Yes, sir.
And there's some bottled water back there, if you'd like.
Oh, yeah.
Emil Dusek, a member of parliament here in Prague, has been arrested.
Our sources tell us that Mr.
Dusek is a suspect in an ongoing murder investigation.
He was found in a young man's apartment.
That man was a known male escort who police believe was strangled to death.
Let me be clear.
I am completely innocent of these charges and look forward to an opportunity to clear my name.
However, I have chosen to withdraw from the senate to concentrate on my defense.
No more questions.
Niko! My goodness! Red! Welcome! The house is yours until I return.
My flight is in three hours.
Look at you.
You're wasting away.
Down 37 pounds.
All from swimming? Yes swimming.
And bread.
I cut out bread entirely.
I was a lifeguard my junior year in high school.
Had to give mouth-to-mouth to Mrs.
She belched up a lung full of corned beef and chlorine.
I haven't been in a pool since.
I'm sorry weren't you in the Navy? Enough.
To business.
What happened in Prague losing Emil Dusek is very concerning.
What happened in Prague is unfortunate, but how it happened is of more concern.
I believe it's a frame.
Dusek was targeted.
Targeted by whom? The Kingmaker.
You're saying he was retained to eliminate Dusek as a way of weakening our interests? Yes.
What I don't know is who retained him.
You do know.
You may not have a name, but, Red, this was done by the same mysterious enemy who has been plaguing you for months.
Prague is just one example.
Someone has devoted a great deal of time and energy to depreciate your business.
Watch your tone.
It's not my tone, Red.
People are talking.
Your friends are talking whispering.
I don't have any friends.
Whoever this unseen enemy is, they don't think he's after us.
They think he's after you.
For now, they remain loyal, but they won't forever.
These "friends" you mention, the ones whispering in the shadows tell them from me "Shut the hell up.
" St.
Adrian's Hospital? This is where your father died.
It's the same building.
I checked like four times.
Where did you get this? At least tell me this Do you trust the source? No.
Doesn't prove Reddington was there the day Sam died.
If Reddington did fly all the way to Nebraska just to talk to my dad before he died, there must have been something he wanted.
Well, is it possible they were friends, he was just paying his respects? Since when does Reddington have friends? You gonna ask him about it? Not until I know whether the photo's real.
Jamie, tell your people I'll have an answer by the end of the week, but whether or not we do business, I'm keeping all the samples.
Perfect timing.
Say hello to Jamie.
Where's Tom? What a delightful man scrupulous mind for business, sharp as a tack.
Red, where is Tom? He's in New York.
Not to worry.
My people are watching.
Please excuse the house.
My host spends a tremendous amount of money on all the wrong things.
What the hell is that? Cannabis.
Jamie's trying to form a huge consortium of farms and warehouses outside Denver and having a little trouble securing the financing, so I would be the bank.
I'd offer you an edible, but we have work to do.
The Kingmaker.
I've never met the man, but I recently lost a great deal of time and money to his talents.
He's single-handedly responsible for the rise and fall of some of the world's most pivotal politicians and statesmen.
He's, what, some kind of political strategist? He's raised opposition research to an art form.
He arranges scandals, exploits proclivities, assassinates when necessary.
I don't know how he chooses his clients, but they say he grooms them from an early age the right universities mentors, even spouses.
And when they're ready to run, he does whatever it takes to assure their victory.
He's causing trouble for some politician in your pocket, and now you want the FBI to arrest him? Yes.
And thank you.
My sources say he left Prague within the last 12 hours on a flight to the United States.
The average hotel-room bed can be riddled with anywhere between dust mites, bedbugs fecal matter, urine, semen, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus.
That bacteria alone kills more than 15,000 Americans per year.
I will not be joining them.
These cases you often ask for something in return.
Now I'm asking.
Tom I want to know his every move.
The Kingmaker is on his way, Lizzy, and whatever he intends to touch will turn very nasty.
Almost 10 years ago now, I promised you such a day would come.
It will be the first of many on this grand journey of yours.
So, how far down is that? It has to be convincing.
Well, it's gonna be really convincing if we end up dead.
Like all objects, a vehicle in free fall will accelerate at a rate of 9.
8 meters per second, squared.
At 6,180 pounds, your car will generate an impact force of 557.
2 kilonewtons well below the NHTSA thresholds for a front-end collision.
How will it happen? The less you know, the better.
The life you've requested is a bold one, Patrick full of bold choices, like this one.
It would be a shame to learn, after all this time, that you never really had it in you.
If you wish to remain my client, you will be on this bridge at exactly 4:00 PM.
If you do not, then I wish you and yours the loveliest of ordinary lives.
I'll be here.
You won't be for long.
Reddington's intel had our suspect travel from Prague to the United States sometime in the past 12 hours.
There were six flights during this time period.
We've pulled the passenger manifests and applied the profile you developed a foreign national, male, traveling alone in first class.
That narrowed the list down to 47 passengers.
Of those, 40 were on business.
We were able to confirm their identities and itineraries with their respective corporations, which leaves seven potentials.
Six of which checked in to the hotels they had listed on their immigration forms.
One did not.
You're looking at The Kingmaker.
Paul Fredrick Smithson.
Got to assume that's an alias.
Where did they land? JFK, 4:52 PM.
And get this we pulled the credit card that our suspect used to purchase his plane ticket into the United States.
that card was used to book a hotel room in Manhattan.
What hotel? The St.
Rose in midtown.
Federal agents! Hands where I can see them.
What's going on? It's a case of stolen identity.
He cloned his credit card and passport, and he's a salesman who travels frequently.
For all we know, this guy's not even in New York anymore.
This could have just been his entry point.
Have you lost your mind? What I've lost is the luxury of time, Alan.
I don't have a week to wait around for your minions to pass my request up the food chain.
This is out-of-bounds, Ray.
As much as I appreciate a good sports metaphor, what I've come to discuss requires a somewhat more dramatic analogy.
I'm under attack and have been for some time my interests, my allies.
Someone has targeted my key infrastructure, and the truth is, I'm bleeding.
Why should I even consider involving myself in your mess? Because my enemy is your enemy.
We co-exist, Ray.
Surely our last interaction proved that we're not friends.
Don't overestimate the nature of our relationship.
By my estimation, we not only co-exist we depend on each other to survive.
What I possess would lay waste to you and your Alliance.
Yes, and should that information ever become public, there would be no reason for us not to kill you on the spot.
I have no intention of making it public.
But this enemy of mine, if he prevails and, in so doing, finds himself in possession of that information he may very well choose not to be so discreet.
You're already involved in this mess, Alan, and if I lose control of the information, you may be exposed.
And if I die, it triggers my own protocol for release.
I don't respond too well to threats.
I'm not here to threaten you.
I'm here to see if we can work together.
So, how is everything, guys? Good.
- Yeah? - Delicious.
All right.
Hey, I'm so glad you took the day.
- Yeah.
- You've been working so hard.
Come here.
Love you.
I love you.
Where you going? It's faster going through Lancaster.
Yeah, yeah, I- I thought we'd, uh, take the bridge, drive along the river.
You know, maybe we get out, Maddy can feed the ducks.
Sounds great.
He's coming your way.
Ah! Once again, you are looking at cellphone footage taken by a pedestrian near the Causeway Bridge.
Patrick Chandler, a state assemblyman, was involved in a collision that forced his car over the side rail a terrifying hit-and-run.
The assemblyman and his family were taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors were unable to resuscitate Mrs.
This is a tragic loss for the New York state lawmaker.
Keep it right here on this news channel for all the late-breaking You think he did this? Some freshman politician is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, his selfless heroism on full display.
I suspect Assemblyman Patrick Chandler's poll numbers are about to go through the roof.
It just reeks of The Kingmaker.
I just watched a man give CPR to his dying wife, and you're telling me it was a media stunt? Yes.
Go out to the bridge.
Perhaps you can figure out why there aren't any tire marks.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Chandler's a Boy Scout, president of the high school student council, chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs Society at Princeton.
He also did a term in the county legislature before becoming the youngest assemblyman in all of New York's This guy's been groomed.
He was just elected His term is two years.
So he's not even running for anything? So, what are we saying he risked his child's life and murdered his wife for what? Well, he also risked his own life.
Listen to this.
"Allison is my everything, my moral center.
She makes me a better man.
" Sorry.
Husbands lie to their wives.
I have no problem believing this guy is capable of just about anything.
All right, so, wind this up and get over to that accident site.
Agent Keen.
I got that surveillance footage you subpoenaed.
What exactly are we looking for? Reddington.
Hold on.
My father died at 5:30.
Red left one hour before.
Hey, Keen, you ready? Okay, so, what's the deal? Chandler drove up from the south.
No, not with the case.
Something's wrong, and it's not just Reddington being at that hospital.
You and Tom having problems? Look, you're not the first one to deal with this.
You know, people wake up and realize their husband or wife isn't everything they hoped for.
We had a fight.
He left the house.
I don't even know where he went.
He'll be back.
It's not over.
You know that.
So why from the south? Why was Chandler even on this bridge at all? His house and his office are both in Werther County, which is the opposite direction.
He planned to be here.
And Red was right.
The accident-investigation squad didn't find any skid marks leading up to the drop-off point.
Chandler didn't even try to stop.
Eh, he'll say he didn't have time.
Or maybe the plan was to go over the side.
What about the other vehicle that hit him? The driver loses control and never slams on the brakes? Nah, he needed speed enough to drive Chandler's car through that railing.
As crazy as it seems, it did work.
I mean, this Chandler guy is everywhere every news show, talk show.
Let's go pay New York's newest hero a visit.
Look, I need to get back to the hospital.
My daughter's still there.
I've already spoken with the patrol guys.
We know you spoke to patrol, but we're not with the NYPD.
We're with the FBI.
The FBI? I- I don't understand.
Well, actually, we were hoping you could help us understand a few things.
Like why you and your family were crossing the Causeway Bridge from the south.
You don't live in that direction.
Where were you headed? Nowhere.
Um, we just stopped to get some ice cream, then decided to take a drive.
It was your idea? Yes.
Uh, actually, no.
Uh look, I'm not sure.
It might have been my daughter's.
It must be difficult to see her so traumatized.
She's heartbroken.
Her mother was everything to her.
She was everything to us both.
I'm sorry for your family's loss.
We understand your wife suffered a concussion.
That's how she drowned? I'm not sure I'm really ready to talk about all this.
We're just looking for the facts.
I understand that, but we're gonna have to do this some other time.
Right now I need to be with my daughter.
Hey, hold on.
Text me the address.
We got something.
The 911 calls all give the same ID for the vehicle that hit Chandler.
Let me guess a van.
A utility van with signage for a destination plumbing.
It's a one-man shop owned by an Arturo Ruiz.
It seems we have a problem.
You're damn right we do.
You were supposed to stay.
You were supposed to give the police a statement that it was an accident.
It doesn't look like an accident, Arturo, if you flee the scene.
You kidding me right now? There were witnesses on that bridge.
Do you really think the police aren't going to find you? It's only a matter of time before they're standing here treating you like a suspect, not like a man who lost control of his vehicle.
I have to say I'm really quite upset.
You lied to me.
You told me he'd be alone.
You didn't say that a woman and a child would be in the car.
What difference does that make? That woman died.
I'm the one who has to live with this.
No, Arturo.
You don't.
All right, everyone.
First, my thanks for making time on such short notice.
We have serious business to discuss.
Your message said you were approached by Reddington.
You would think he'd be less interested in talking after your last conversation.
I agree.
So if he's making contact, it's only because he thinks it's absolutely necessary.
What does he want? Our assistance.
His business is under attack.
Someone someone with skill and resources is conducting a highly advanced, globally coordinated assault on his interests.
They don't seem satisfied to just kill him.
This enemy of his seems to want him to lose everything.
I like the sound of that.
Don't be so sure.
If Reddington has nothing to lose, then there's no reason for him to hold this evidence he has against us at bay.
And if he dies This enemy what do we know about him? And more importantly, what does he know about us? We know very little about him, but that's not surprising, because Reddington himself doesn't know.
As for what this enemy knows about us, so far, we believe nothing.
But if we want to keep it that way, we may have to get involved.
For this enemy to elude Reddington, despite Reddington's skill, I believe it may be an error to make such a dangerous man our enemy.
And if he exposes us? If that possibility becomes real, we will have to respond as we have in the past to protect our Alliance.
With all due respect, since you don't speak for all of us, we should put it to a vote and then see where we stand.
Hello? Mr.
Ruiz? You've reached Destination Plumbing.
Our business hours are from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
- If this is an emergency, - Arturo Ruiz.
Federal agent.
Please call our 24-hour hotline at 212 That's far enough.
Take a seat just there.
We must be quite careful now.
My wife Yes.
You did your very best to try and save her.
It was heroic, in fact.
This business of mine it's an art, not a science.
I'm sorry, Patrick.
Truly, I am.
But try to see objectively that this works completely to your advantage.
You're not only a hero now, but the world is mourning with you.
Never underestimate the power of public sympathy.
The FBI came to see me.
- About what? - I don't know.
They were asking me a lot of questions about why I was on the bridge.
I think we should stop just for now.
No, stopping now defeats the purpose of what we've just done.
We must capitalize on this momentum, or it will dissipate.
Now we move to the next phase.
The Kingmaker killed Ruiz to tie up loose ends.
Problem is, we'll never be able to prove it.
ME report says it could be suicide, but it's not conclusive.
There's only trace amounts of gunshot residue on the right hand.
The stippling's inconsistent with a contact wound.
On the other hand, suicide is consistent with someone who just ran an entire family off a bridge.
I also pulled his phone records.
It primarily shows service calls on his business line.
Primarily? Three days ago, Ruiz received a call from a phone booth off 11th and Lincoln.
I told you there's nothing here.
If The Kingmaker chose that pay phone of all the phones in the city, there's a reason.
Which is? Le Claire's pawn shop.
Oh, of course, Mr.
Right this way.
Thank you.
Welcome back.
Would you like to check your coat? No, thank you.
Smells like decadence and vice.
The Ohlbaum Philly, please.
Make it two.
What is Who are these people? Exactly.
The Kingmaker he was here.
That guy over there Don't look.
With the hair.
Is he why we're here? No.
He won the gold medal for the clean and jerk for Belarus Magnificent drinker, smokes like a chimney.
Well, hold it, at least.
Wave it around.
At least look like someone who wants to be here.
The owner will make his rounds soon enough.
My father died of lung cancer.
Forgive me.
Should we go? No.
You sure? Let's wait for the owner.
You once said the reason you were here was because of my father.
What's this about, Lizzy? Did the two of you know each other? Don't tell me you were friends.
You don't have friends.
I knew your father, and he knew me.
Is that why you were in his hospital room the day he died? I talked to you on the phone that day.
You never mentioned you were there.
No, I didn't.
There was something he wanted to tell me.
I could tell by his voice the last time we spoke.
But he didn't.
Was that because of you? You were at my father's bedside the day he died.
I've been with you almost every day since.
You've said nothing not a word.
The two of you obviously knew one another, but he never mentioned you.
Why? How did you know each other? Why were you there? I went to see Sam before he died.
I said goodbye.
Good to see you again, my friend.
Ah, bless you, Charles.
You are my friend.
Natalie here is under the impression I don't have any.
Listen, Charles, I need to know whether this gentleman has been in recently.
Oh, I'm not in the business of revealing my clientele, but considering Mali Oh, my God! Mali! The tiniest lady on Earth.
What a marvel.
The things she could do.
On her head.
That's right on her head! I wish you could have met her.
Anyway, about your inquiry, he was here for dinner a few evenings ago.
How perfectly on the nose.
Did he happen to leave a telephone number when he made his reservation? No, but he was complaining about the heat register at the Brixton.
Room's clean.
What in the hell is this? Okay, that's the last one.
Yeah, okay, got it.
What are we looking at? Looks like a private residence.
And comparing the blueprints to the photos, I'd say these two places are one and the same.
And the second and third photo I sent you appear to be alarm codes and wiring schematics.
It's a breaching plan.
I think you might have found our suspect's next target.
I want to know who that house belongs to.
Can you blow up that lower-left photo? What do you see? There in that window.
Aram? One second.
Let's get the get the fuzzies out.
V&M Security.
Can you pull up the alarm codes for the house? Hold on.
According to V&M's database, the system is registered to an Albert R Mitchell.
The US senator? The next target, but why? Because when a senator dies in office, it triggers a special election.
And guess who the perfect front-runner would be to fill the vacancy.
Representative Patrick Chandler.
Get out there and place Mitchell in protective custody now.
Get Senator Mitchell on the line and alert the property's security office.
- What's happening? - I don't know.
I'm calling the police.
There's no signal.
Get in the bathroom and lock the door.
Where are you going? To check out the house.
Get in the bathroom, Jeanie please.
I can't get Senator Mitchell on the line.
We were able to trace the banking information found in Royce's hotel to accounts linked to Chandler.
The payments go back to 2007.
They've been planning this thing for years.
Look, take anything you want and go.
No, I'm not interested in your valuables, Senator.
Who are you? It doesn't matter who I am.
It only matters who they'll think I was.
The papers will say that it was a burglary gone wrong.
Your top-notch security system alerted you to the intruder.
Naturally, you went for your weapon, only to learn, as so many gun owners tragically do, that you're far more likely to have that very weapon used against you.
Look, I'll give you anything.
What do you want? I want you to vacate your senate seat.
What are you talking about? Submit your resignation.
Whatever you say.
I can do it tomorrow.
Unfortunately, on second thought, I don't think I can trust the word of a politician.
I'll go around the back.
I'll call it in.
I'm up.
I've been sitting here for almost 20 minutes.
I can't remember the last time Ray, before you say what you're about to say, I was told not to come here at all.
You're feeling disrespected, but the fact that I even walked in here is proof that the opposite is true.
I take it you spoke with your colleagues.
We're out, Ray.
That's a mistake.
Yeah, so you said.
And if the evidence in my possession is compromised? We're big boys.
We can do our own risk assessment.
Look, for what it's worth, I voted to step in, but others were not as forward-thinking.
The Chinese delegation.
There are some among us who think we should have killed you outright, called your bluff about whether or not you actually have this alleged evidence.
And that would be another mistake.
You know me considerably better than either of us would like to admit.
I will win this war.
This enemy of mine will lose.
Even with you and your shortsighted brethren watching safely from a distant hill.
Why? Because as bad as you may think I am, as far as you think I'm willing to go to protect that which I hold most dear, you can't possibly fathom how deep that well of mine truly goes.
You think you've come here simply to say that you can't help me, but all you've done is ensure that when this is all over, I won't be able to help you.
When the day inevitably comes that I settle up with your little Alliance, it will be you, Alan, alone in the dark.
Agent Keen for you.
What have you got, Lizzy? The Kingmaker.
You have him? He was targeting Senator Mitchell so that Chandler could take his seat.
Lizzy, listen to me very closely.
I need you to hold him for me.
that's all I need.
Why? There's a politician in Prague.
The Kingmaker was hired to take him out of play.
I need to know who commissioned that.
That's not going to be possible.
It's the entire reason I brought you this case.
The Kingmaker is dead.
Red? Red? - Mr.
Chandler! - Mr.
Chandler! Will you stop working - Mr.
Chandler? - Mr.
Chandler? Mr.
Chandler, what happened? Do you have a few minutes, Mr.
Chandler, to answer a couple of questions for us? What about the accident? Mr.
Chandler, how are you feeling? When will you be returning to work? Our thoughts and prayers go out to Senator Mitchell and his family.
I'm pleased to hear he's stable, and I hope he makes a full recovery.
- Patrick Chandler.
- Yeah? You're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.
Just smile for the cameras.
Uh, I know you're, uh, super-busy, but there's something you said that's been bothering me.
Reddington left the hospital at 4:37 PM.
You said your father died almost an hour later? Right.
My father died around 5:30 PM.
What are you getting at? I asked the hospital to send over their internal report taken by the active nurse on duty at the time of your father's death.
Your father was found by the hospital staff at 5:30 PM, but the medical examiner estimated he died a little less than an hour before he was found.
When Reddington was in the room.
He was there when my father died.
Oh! You mnh.
Give us a moment.
Lizzy, I have an update for you on the movements of your husband.
Apparently, Tom has Were you in the hospital room when he died? Did you kill my father? Did you kill him? Yes.
I was right.
There was something he wanted to tell me before he died, and you didn't want me to know.
It's not quite that simple.
Go to hell.
I don't expect you to understand.
Understand?! How could I possibly understand when you take someone I love away from me and then try to justify it?! Listen to me.
I've been friends with Sam for all of yours and most of my life.
He was dying.
Every part of his body was failing.
He was impatient for it to end.
He'd asked to be disconnected from all the machines.
He was in pain and suffering.
And he wasn't thinking clearly.
If he were, he would never have chosen to tell you any of it.
It wasn't his choice to make.
We said goodbye and I put him out of his misery.
We're done.
I'm done.
This ends right now.
God, you're a monster.
sweetheart, what have you done to us? I turned my back, and you turned to dust what have you done? and, oh, please just come here don't fight with me and I admit I think you may have broken it and if all you wanted was songs for you well, here goes after all you've put me through here's one for you oh-oh-ohh, oh-oh-ohh I didn't know where else to go.
what have you done to our love?
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