The Blacklist s01e21 Episode Script


You sure you're feeling okay? You were coughing all night.
I'm fine.
It's probably nothing.
- What time is Stella's talent show? - 7:00.
Any idea when she goes on, or do I have to sit and watch that Doyle kid do backflips for 20 minutes? Oh.
Be nice.
No, I don't want you to get what I got.
I'll see you tonight.
Morning, Paul.
What's your emergency? I need a doctor-- Westland Bank, 14th and Vermont.
What's happening? Are you injured? Do you record these calls? Yes.
What's your emergency? Amanda hey.
It's me.
Look something happened.
I'm sick.
I want to let you know how much I love you.
Paul, are you all right? Paul.
Paul, Paul.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You all right? Someone call a doctor! Paul, Paul, look at me.
Paul, look at me.
Look at me.
Relax, Paul.
- What's going on? Hey, I-- - Back up, sir.
- Back up.
- I said, "What's going on?" - Back up now.
- Look, folks, if I can have your attention, we have a situation that's gonna require everyone stay put.
- I'm not staying.
- Based on this man's symptoms, we have a reason to believe whatever he has may be contagious.
Wait, you're saying that we're-- we're what? Infected with that? - Let me out of here.
- For your own safety, you need to remain in the building.
- Back up now.
Back up.
- Please! - My son, my son.
- Nobody's leaving.
Nobody can leave.
I said, "Let me out"! Nobody is leaving this building! We're under quarantine.
Let's go.
Let's go! _ I should have let you rough him up.
Listen I can't vouch for how Cooper or the Bureau may react to this, but this, Tom-- You're doing the right thing here, Liz.
No matter how this all turns out, I'm gonna find Tom, or whatever the hell his name is, and I'm gonna take him apart piece by piece until he tells me everything.
And I'll help you do just that.
But right now, the only real way out of this thing is to go right through it.
only one way - You ready? - only one way I first met the individual who calls himself "Tom Keen" on July 9, 2010, at a café in Georgetown.
- only one way - I believe he was inserted into my life in an effort to locate Raymond Reddington.
I believe he had advanced knowledge that Reddington would contact me.
How or why, I don't know.
That stays.
only one way only one way - only one way - I also believe that since making contact, Tom Keen's dual purpose has been data collection - and counterintel.
- Did you tell your husband you were working with Raymond Reddington? I did not.
And if you would refrain from referring to him as my husband, I'd appreciate that.
I'm coming, coming, I'm coming for you And you have no idea as to his whereabouts at this time? No.
- when the sun goes down - When Tom Keen realized I wasn't going to share my work details with him he insisted on surrendering himself to me so that he could front-door infiltrate this facility for further data collection.
You think that he wanted to be discovered by you in order that he could be detained here? - Is that your belief? - It is.
He wanted inside this facility.
I come to your house What have you learned about any possible accomplices? I know three.
Christopher Maly, who claimed to be his brother, Craig Keen.
Jolene Parker, also known as Lucy Brooks.
Both are dead.
Maly committed suicide.
And I believe Tom Keen murdered Jolene Parker.
The third is Gina Zanetakos.
I'm not sure how she's connected, but she is available for questioning, since she is serving a sentence for conspiracy and murder at Danbury.
No, Gina Zanetakos escaped two weeks ago when she was on a work furlough.
Her whereabouts are unknown.
Why didn't you inform the Bureau about Tom Keen after uncovering his initial deception? - I wanted to investigate him.
- Why? So I could see how deep this rabbit hole would run.
You didn't want to help him escape? That's really a stupid question.
there's only way to soothe my soul Call Reddington.
Tell him you lost the tail.
Do it now.
there's only way to soothe my soul only one way only one way They lost the husband.
How bad is it? Worse than I thought.
You know, I knew a guy once-- he had a spider web all down his arm.
He had one ring for every body that he claimed credit for.
What's your name? What's your name? Jesse.
You a killer, Jesse? I sure hope you're a killer, because I don't think you have a future in surveillance.
I-I can help you, man.
Reddington-- he trusts me.
Reddington doesn't even know your name.
But I know for damn sure that he didn't tell you - anything about his business.
- That's not true.
- I know a lot.
- He gave you a photo.
He gave you some cash up front, and he told you to follow me.
You don't know who I am.
But the man that you work for-- he's very careful.
He's cautious.
He's controlled.
He's ruthless.
I know all that 'cause I followed him for years.
But here's the thing.
The guy that I work for-- he's more cautious, he's more controlled, and he's far more ruthless.
Maybe he's the guy I should be working for.
You don't choose Berlin.
He chooses you.
And he is coming.
That really is a nice tattoo.
What's this? My letter of resignation.
- Hello, Agent Keen.
- As of today, I'm requesting an immediate transfer out of the task force.
Look, Agent Keen, the revelations about your husband-- I trust you had nothing to do with it.
- I've made up my mind.
- I have an urgent case.
He'll have to tell it to someone else.
That's not going to work.
I trust you had nothing to do with your husband.
The Bureau, not so much.
But they're willing to give you the benefit of the doubt precisely because they know how valuable you are.
I am only valuable because I'm willing to speak to Reddington, - and that is no longer the case.
- Agent Keen He killed my father.
Reddington went into my father's hospital room when he was alive.
And when Reddington came out, my father was dead.
I'd like to have a word with Agent Keen privately, please.
No? This case relates directly to your husband and why he was here.
I have reason to believe an attack is imminent.
Sir, Reddington should tell you what he knows, or you should detain him here indefinitely.
There was a piece of evidence in your storage unit-- Berlin.
Is that what this is about? Something in Berlin? People are going to die, Harold.
Those lives are on his hands.
I don't want to seem dismissive, and I promise I will consider your request and all of your grievances.
But if what he says is true-- Sir, please accept my resignation.
Agent Keen, are you really willing to put your anger at me above the lives of innocent people? I'll do the case.
But when it's over, I'm finished.
Understood? I'm done.
Earlier today, a man died at The Westland Bank in Manhattan.
Reports indicate the cause of death may have been the Cullen virus.
HazMat teams have quarantined the bank.
The deceased has been identified as a Paul Blankenship, an armored-truck driver.
They're working to identify how he was infected.
Paul Blankenship didn't pick up this bug while wandering through subtropical Africa.
I believe he was infected as part of a larger plot involving myself and this task force.
How does a man dying in a bank have anything to do with you? Threats on my life are a constant.
I monitor them closely.
Two days ago, I received word of a biological threat.
Does this connect back to Berlin? I suspect this incident at the bank is not what it seems, but rather the first shot in a larger, coordinated assault aimed directly at me.
I don't think Paul Blankenship was a victim of an outbreak.
I think he was a foot soldier in a biological army.
I think he was meant to carry out orders by a superior, someone who's willing to use one of the world's most deadly viruses to further their cause.
An outbreak of Cullen could lead to a global pandemic.
The very threat of an outbreak would cause panic, fear.
And fear is a valuable tool to get people to do what you want.
Sounds like an elaborate plan just to get to you.
Listen, I can't connect all the dots between the incident at the bank and the eventual outcome, but I sincerely doubt his death was part of the plan, a plan devised by someone who doesn't care how many people die, as long as I'm one of them.
_ Dr.
Nina Buckner, CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service.
Good to see you again.
Thanks for taking the time.
We don't want to interfere with your investigation.
No, actually, you do, especially after what I'm about to show you.
We did a full work-up on the victim.
He was infected with what we call Cullen, a virus strain so lethal that two dozens of the world's leading virologists declared a moratorium on all research.
It's too deadly to study? All known cultures are on lockdown.
The risk is too great.
The influenza pandemic in 1918 killed 50 million people.
If this strain went airborne, it would wipe out that number in the first month.
If it went airborne.
So you're saying you think it didn't? Correct.
We've checked everyone in the bank.
Incredibly, nobody else is infected.
It looks like this virus was intentionally mutated to contain itself in the original host.
It doesn't spread.
So you're saying that somebody designed this virus, built it to target the infected victim.
He was poisoned.
I think we may have found the murder weapon.
This was in Blankenship's jacket.
- That's the virus? - Well, we don't know yet.
We're taking it back for analysis now.
Why would somebody send it to him? Did he inject himself? Well, that's your department.
But I'll say this-- There are not a lot of scientists proficient enough to mutate a virus like this.
Anyone working with Cullen is doing so in isolation, illegally, and for no good purpose.
You realize if you leave, the task force ends.
Everyone's lives go back to normal, except yours.
This doctor friend of yours-- tell me about him.
He was the lead research scientist on infectious diseases at USAMRIID and the foremost expert on the Cullen virus.
" Now he's a criminal.
No, the work he's done has been criminalized, which is why he left USAMRIID.
But if anybody knows anything about black-market viruses, it's Dr.
Bruce Sanders.
This is a copy of Tom's code book.
It was used to pass information between Tom and his superiors.
I had my associate Borakove decode it.
There's surprisingly little about myself and my organization, but it contains speculation about our cases and a great deal about you.
I suggest you use some discretion as to how you disclose any of it.
It's an olive branch, Lizzy.
Dembe, do you mind trading seats with me? I just heard back from the CDC.
Syringe found on our victim? Well, it didn't contain the virus.
It contained the cure.
You're looking at the antidote to the world's deadliest virus.
Antidote? I thought the CDC said there was no known cure.
- There wasn't until this.
- I-I don't understand.
If Blankenship had the cure, then why is he dead? Forensics pulled text messages from Blankenship's cell.
"Your next treatment is on its way.
Do your job on the 30th and treatments will continue.
" "Do your job.
" What job? The 30th is tomorrow.
This isn't an outbreak.
It's extortion.
Blankenship was infected with a deadly virus - and blackmailed for the antidote.
- Which he refused.
This guy chose to die instead of following orders.
Why? Blackmailed for what? To kill Reddington? It still seems like a bit of a reach.
Reddington was right about one thing.
Whatever this organization, Berlin, is planning, Blankenship was vital to it.
And with him gone, Berlin's gonna need a replacement.
_ Mr.
Klein, you are dying.
I have infected you with the Cullen virus.
It is the single deadliest pathogen in existence.
Within a matter of hours, your temperature will spike, rashes will spread.
You will experience blackouts, bleeding.
- And within 24 hours, you will be dead.
Medical science has no known cure.
But I do.
In the syringe before you, you will find your first treatment, which will sustain you for the next 24 hours.
Contact the police or notify anyone, including your family, and there will not be another.
If you're still alive in 24 hours, you will receive your second treatment, along with instructions on how to proceed.
_ Dr.
Sanders is incredibly well-respected by everyone on staff.
I've never seen anyone quite as dedicated to his work.
Please, Monique, tell me he's not testing his pincushion voodoo on the patients.
- He's still doing research? - Oh, yes.
And, mind you, it's all over my head.
But virology is Dr.
Sanders' lifework.
I'll check on you in a bit.
One of the brightest men I've ever met.
I don't know if you remember me, but-- Liechtenstein.
- Right.
- December 2010.
No, no.
January 2011.
Reming-- - No, no, no.
- Raymond.
Yes! Raymond! Sit down, Raymond.
Sit, please.
I met Dr.
Sanders here through a mutual friend to discuss a very delicate and underfunded research project.
As I recall, the science was awesome but financially precarious.
We did, however, spend a glorious weekend in God's country with two snow bunnies who were dead ringers for the Swiss miss girl.
And we watched Space Ranger.
Space Ranger.
What a memory.
I heard you went through a bit of a rough patch.
But it looks like you've landed on your feet.
I've never been better.
And you've relocated.
The, um staff is not exactly what you would call "top drawer.
" I have fired Monique twice, and she still shows up for work every day like clockwork.
I don't have the heart to pull her security badge.
Sanders is at the forefront of virology.
He's been working tirelessly to find cures for some of the world's most deadly illnesses.
A few years back, he injected himself with meningitis and along with what he thought was a synthesized cure.
Oops! But I'm-- no, I'm-- I'm-- I'm fine, really.
Full recovery.
Doctor, we've come to you on pressing business.
What can you tell us about the Cullen virus? Oh, spooky.
Spooky stuff.
Bad news.
You've researched it? Well, it was recently used as a weapon to target a man named Paul Blankenship.
He must be the first.
There will be more.
How do you know that? Cullen is the instrument of the Apocalypse.
The five horsemen are coming, and they will bring death and destruction unlike-- - There are four horsemen.
- There are five! This I know.
How do you know? The Space Agent.
The Space Agent.
Is he still active? Active and operational.
UD-4126 was never-- That wormy little bastard could barely land the simulator, let alone carry out an Alpha-level mission.
Chesterfield cleared him.
Two days later, he came to me for research.
He wanted me to look at some-- some field tests, systematic observations.
Anything you can share? Well, I've got research on Cullen, if that's what you mean, and activated carbon samples, absorption tests.
Whatever you've got.
I'd love our people at the lab - to give this a once-over.
- Yeah.
UD-4126 is way out of line this time, way out of line.
Well, I'll say.
"Space Agent UD-4126.
" How stupid do you think I am? - Not the slightest.
- He's a patient in a mental facility.
This little field trip had nothing to do with trying to solve the case and everything to do with you getting me alone in that plane so you could try to change my mind.
Lizzy, someone is using a unique and deadly pathogen.
Yeah, you keep saying that.
Who? Who is this mysterious someone? I don't know.
Have you ever had a selfless moment in your entire life? One where you weren't trying to think of some angle you could play or advantage you could gain? My God, it's amazing.
If you expect me to forgive you What are you doing? Catching a cab to the airport.
I'm flying back on my own.
You understand if Agent Keen walks, the deal is off.
Reddington will no longer have immunity.
I understand.
We'll imprison him, suspend Habeas Corpus indefinitely, and Reddington will likely never see sunlight again.
As for Agent Keen, I can tell you right now I've gone on record with the Director stating that I believe we've been overly indulgent with her.
We still haven't fully surmised the true nature of her relationship with Reddington, and now her husband is a fugitive? If you're trying to impugn her integrity, I can assure you Agent Keen has been nothing but an earnest and dedicated agent.
And I can assure you that given the way this task force is ending, your future at the Bureau is also in question.
But about Reddington-- talk to me about how we're gonna bring him in.
What do you got? What? Is it true? Are you leaving? Look, I'm sorry.
Liz, don't be sorry.
We support whatever decision you make.
Reddington sent over the research notes from the doctor you met with.
The "doctor" we met with.
Sanders is a patient in a mental institution.
Yeah, well, according to Dr.
Buckner, he's created an antidote to Cullen.
Sanders is researching a lethal virus from inside a psych ward? That's not all-- in order to test these theories, he'd have to synthesize the molecules, find out how they interact in vivo.
For that, he'd need a lab.
You really believe he's working with someone on the outside who's testing his theories, manufacturing an antidote? If Sanders has a partner, he may be the one who infected Blankenship.
You've got to go back to him, find out who Sanders is working with.
Bruce Sanders won't talk to me.
Of course he won't.
I need your help.
- I thought you and I weren't on speaking terms.
- We're not.
How reminiscent of elementary school.
- What's this? - A gift from your husband.
It's a tattoo from the neck of an associate of mine-- a message of sorts.
It's a reminder of the kind of people we're dealing with.
About our trip to see Dr.
Sanders, will you be traveling with me, or are you flying coach again? Let's talk about Space Agent UD-4126.
No can do.
Did he visit you here? - Don't remember.
- Did he come to you for help? You said she was trustworthy.
What are all these questions? She's been cleared Alpha level.
You want me to get Chesterfield on the line? I need answers.
Well, I-- Yes, he came to me for help.
He, uh, asked me to look at some fieldwork.
- Who came to you for help? - UD-4126.
You have to give me the scientist's name.
Who's doing the experiments? I told you his name-- UD-4126.
- His name.
- He doesn't know his name.
- 4126.
That's all I know.
- Bruce, lives are at stake.
- UD-4126-- I need some way of knowing who that is.
- No! The horsemen! I told you what I know! It was a top-secret mission, this! That's all I know! UD-4126! Monique, Monique Monique Monique What is it? What did you see? I ran every badge from every agency that responded to the incident at Westland Bank-- Homeland, FBI, FEMA and DCPD.
Why limit the search to the bank? Because that's where I saw it-- a badge with the UD classification.
Searching the preface "UD" turned up nothing.
So I widened to HHS, ADSTR, and I got a hit.
The only department that uses the preface UD is the Center for Disease Control.
"Space Agent 4126" is Dr.
Nikolaus Vogel.
He lives in Arlington.
FBI! - Clear.
- Go! Go! Basement.
We need to have a few words, Dr.
Who are you blackmailing and why? I asked you a question.
Whatever the incident is, we know it's scheduled to happen today.
Tell us what we need to know.
Help up stop this.
We can help you.
There's nothing to say.
There's nothing you can do.
He's coming.
Who's coming? You know what happens if you go through with your resignation.
They'll take him.
Reddington disappears.
This task force, this group never existed.
He'll never go to trial.
He won't be in jail.
He'll be shoved in a box and interrogated the rest of his life.
And knowing Reddington, that won't be long.
This isn't about my husband or even what Reddington did to my father.
This is all of it.
It's too much.
I'm not strong enough.
You are.
You've proven that.
Where do you want it to happen? Anywhere he won't suspect.
Dembe, it's me.
Is he there? I need to see Reddington.
Tell me about the people you blackmailed.
Who are they? You don't seem like someone with enemies.
Oh, no, they're not.
They're not my enemies at all.
They're just different people from all walks of life.
- I'm gonna need names.
- You can't have them.
And it won't make any difference, anyway.
How are you gonna help them? I'm the only one that has what they want what they need.
Hey, kids.
So, they're gonna carry out my instructions or die trying, no matter what you do.
That's how blackmail works, sweetheart.
I've got to hand it to you.
It's a pretty sharp play.
Infecting people with a fatal virus that only you have the antidote for and then telling them they can't have that antidote unless they do exactly as you ask.
Such a smart plan that I borrowed it.
Now, I'm no doctor, so I don't know how fast this virus of yours takes to set in, but I know it will kill you, soon.
So you're gonna do what I say and give me those five names, 'cause that's how blackmail works, sweetheart.
Let me know when you're ready to talk.
I rose to the satellite till petals filled the sky put your arms around everyone you don't want to die oh, oh What do you know about recent criminal activity in Berlin? _ "Aussiedler"? How do you spell that? make a sign that reads "There's nothing here to see" What about the Tambov gang? Z-E-M-U-N.
travel by with those _ a whole bunch that they can see didn't you know? whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, whoa, oh we're all losing, and they're winning ah, ha, ah, ah do-do, do-do-do-do put your arms around everyone you don't want to die _ Oh, my God.
It's all connected.
- What is? - All of it, everything-- the blacklist.
We've been looking at it all wrong.
We see these cases Reddington gives us as individual, as if they're disconnected, but what if they're not random? What is there's a larger pattern to all of it? Reddington got a number from Wujing, a code that he entered into ViCAP after helping us stop General Ludd in order to identify Lucy Brooks, also known as Jolene Parker, who he then tracked down using The Alchemist's client list.
They're connected.
Maybe not all, but some.
Gina Zanetakos, the courier.
I believe they all trace back to one entity.
In Berlin.
So Reddington's using us to clear the table, wipe out the competition.
That's what I thought.
That's what we're trained to think.
But that's not how he thinks.
Look at this like he would, like a criminal.
Reddington said he's bracing for war.
And in a war, you need allies.
Put yourself in his position.
It's not just the FBI who's after him.
What if there's someone else, someone he can't stop alone? What better way for a criminal to turn the tables on someone than to get the FBI on his side? Our resources and our protection-- not to expand his empire, but simply to survive.
Why wouldn't he just tell us who's after him? Because he doesn't know.
Sanders said there's an impending apocalypse, and Vogel's words to us? "He's coming"? Who's coming? Berlin.
It's not a place.
It's a person.
And that person is coming for Red-- today.
Vogel talked.
Meet our blackmail victims-- an electrician, a maintenance person, a retired air-traffic controller, and an armored-truck driver.
- And they're connected how? - Airports.
Edger Pivens is a retired air-traffic controller.
The others have contracts with various airports in the area-- waste management, security, and power upgrades.
The driver of the armored vehicle? His company picks up payroll from regional airports.
Paul Blankenship's replacement.
This last guy, Dimitri Federov-- former pilot for Aeroflot, the Russian airline.
- That's five victims.
- Five horsemen.
That's a great band name.
And Vogel told you this was what? - An attack? - He's not sure.
All he knows is that it involves some kind of prison transport.
- This isn't an outbreak.
- It's a jailbreak.
Notify the FAA and alert Tactical.
Put in a kite-runner to CENTCOM.
Find that plane now.
Sir, the new information about the cases, how they're connected-- at the end of all this, Reddington is the target.
Someone's after him.
I really think my resignation-- It's too late, Agent Keen.
The Director's made his decision.
It's over.
Agent Keen! Sir, I think I have something.
Look at this from Vogel's computer.
Your target is Langston Municipal Airport.
It's very simple.
If you want to survive, you will complete your task.
Another dose of the antidote will arrive after this task is completed.
_ You will take your break at exactly 2:55 PM.
All we need are your credentials.
Open the door to the server room.
An associate will take it from there.
I need you to come with me.
- Where? - You need to get in the car.
Why? You need to get in the car now.
Lizzy, what have you done? Once inside, you will disable the security grid.
The system uses a quantum X storage processor-- multipath IP distribution.
Circumvent the firewall at exactly 3:00 PM.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Move, move, move! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! _ _ _ Control, squawk 4-4-6.
to land on Runway C.
Proceed to a flight ceiling of 1-8-0-0.
- Abort, abort, abort, abort, abort! - Go! Go! Go! Runway has been compromised.
Abort, abort.
Do not land.
They voided your agreement.
The deal-- it's off.
You don't have immunity.
And you set this meeting so they could take me.
We need to leave.
Lizzy, you're obviously here now because you sense this meeting was a mistake.
Is that true? We don't have time for this.
This mistake-- I'd like to hear more about it.
Raymond, we have to go.
Not until I hear from Agent Keen.
You should wait in the vehicle, Dembe.
We need you two to leave.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, Lizzy.
Please go on.
You were going to tell me about your change of heart.
Tiger Cat 51, you're clear for takeoff.
Contact Departure Control when airborne.
Tiger Cat 51 clear for takeoff.
Your flight plan has been altered under FAA emergency incursion status.
NORAD scrambled a pair of fighter jets.
- They're telling us to set down at JFK.
- No! No! They have shoot-to-kill orders.
How long do we have? Okay, put it down! - Down?! - Put it down! Someplace soft.
How do you feel about the East River? Are you crazy? There's no time.
We have to go.
What changed, Lizzy? What are you Do you want to spend the rest of your life in solitary confinement? The full force of the FBI is coming for you.
None of that matters.
You want me to tell you you were right, don't you? That's what this is about.
- This is about Sam.
- I'm not gonna give you that.
What did you learn about Sam? I'm not going to forgive you for killing my father.
So, this is where it ends.
I know about the cases, how they're connected, somehow.
Ressler, you need to see this.
Who the hell is this guy? _ Give me the key.
I know about Berlin-- that he's a person, that he's coming for you.
Red, the FBI is coming for you.
They're already here, Lizzy.
What are they gonna do to me that hasn't been done before? Kill me? None of it is worse than losing you.
Please excuse the gun.
I'd hate for them to think we're in cahoots.
You don't always get to have your way.
You don't get out of this.
Drop the weapon now! There's no way you're out of here! You're surrounded! You should go.
If this is another one of your games to try to trick me into forgiving you for Sam Put the weapon down! for what you've done You have ruined my life.
And I swear to God, right now, I want to kill you.
But there are answers I need, and I can't get them without you.
And I can't get them without you.
So I guess we're stuck with each other.
I was once on the island of Ko Ri, free-diving in the Andaman Sea.
I felt terribly ill-- stung by a lionfish.
I was dehydrated, in excruciating pain.
I had lost all sense of time and place.
I was completely disoriented.
But I knew I was dying, so I readied myself for it.
And in that moment, at death's door, I looked up, and standing over me in the brightness was this landless Moken sea gypsy just standing there, smiling.
She and her tribe nursed me back to health, good as new.
And when I left the island she kissed me.
It was like a burst of sunlight on my cheek.
It was It made nearly dying well worth it.
That's how I feel now.
Tiger Cat 51, you're clear to engage.
Engaging the target.
Now it begins.

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