The Blacklist s01e22 Episode Script

Berlin: Conclusion

We are just now getting word of a plane that has apparently crashed off the banks of the East River here in New York.
The plane We've received reports that fighter jets may have shot it down.
We're getting word that authorities are asking the public to stay away from that area to allow for emergency vehicles and first responders.
You heard me.
The man-- the pilot-- he was shooting people.
I hear two shots behind me.
I turn around-- I see the pilot.
He goes into the cockpit, and he shoots the co-pilot.
People are panicking, screaming.
The next thing I know I open my eyes, and this guy - the guy with the hood on his head - monster of a guy.
He's handcuffed to a guard.
And he's cutting his hand off.
cutting his hand off.
- his hand off.
- cutting hand.
_ At least you don't have to worry about immunity anymore.
You're never gonna go on trial.
You are going to disappear.
The girl-- Agent Keen-- was she worth all this? Getting captured? That stuff you use in your hair-- is that Brylcreem? My father used Brylcreem.
"Yes" what? The girl.
She's worth it.
_ Sir, about Reddington - My hands are tied.
- He can help.
The crash, attack-- whatever it was-- I'm sure it had something to do with Berlin.
There's nothing we can do.
Are we being decommissioned? You said after this case that you were finished, no longer willing to work with Reddington.
Is that still true? Yes-- after this case.
Well, there's your answer.
He can wait.
What do we know? Prison transport-- eight dead at the scene.
NTSB says the plane was retrofitted with restraints.
Two victims-- still unidentified-- were found cuffed to their seats.
- Survivors? - Witness accounts vary.
Sightings have been reported from midtown to Wall Street.
What about a manifest-- an official record of who was on that plane? There's nothing official about this.
The FAA say they were tracking a plane that was supposedly a commercial flight that originated in Bogotá.
At 4:53, they lost radar contact, transponders, radios.
They now believe that the flight plan was bogus.
Altimeter readings indicate they were flying below 3,000 feet and along the borders between various air-traffic-control centers.
They flew in radar dead zones to fly undetected across American airspace.
NYPD just apprehended two suspects in a carjacking.
They think they were passengers on that plane-- a Chechen mobster wanted for arms trafficking in Brazil and a Colombian drug dealer.
You question me about stealing a car? I was kidnapped.
put on a plane.
I didn't know anybody else on the plane.
- Berlin? - Berlin? I've never been to Berlin.
I don't know anybody named Berlin.
All I know is, they brought on some guy.
Okay? Big guy.
He got a hood on.
He was handcuffed to some guy-- a guard.
And he's got this guard attached to a handcuff next to him.
And then, when the plane is going down, the guy in the hood is telling the pilot what to do, like he was in charge.
I don't know names.
Types, yes.
Colombian, Serbian, Russian How do I know there was a Russian? Besides being able to smell him? I saw his marks-- the tattoos.
Those Russians, they love their tattoos.
You want me to draw you a picture? Despite a citywide manhunt, three of the prisoners from that crashed plane remain at large.
Local authorities are still on high alert after trading gunfire with a barricaded suspect outside Gramercy Park.
He's believed to be one of the missing prisoners.
The suspect opened fire on police with a 9-millimeter semiautomatic before retreating into a nearby warehouse along with two hostages What the hell happened? Did anyone else survive? They shut down the entire island-- bridges, tunnels.
The list.
That's everyone.
with a hostage negotiating.
Surrounding streets have been blocked off, and police are directing traffic So, we're still moving forward? - It's vital I speak to him.
- Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
He could help us.
The business with Reddington holding a gun on you didn't fool me.
You nearly fled with him as a fugitive.
I have no allegiance to Reddington.
He killed my father.
But this man we're hunting-- Berlin-- he's somehow in the center of all this, and my only objective is finding him.
Reddington can help us.
You have a visitor.
Hello, Ray.
I got to tell you, Ray, this concerns me.
I'm in the intelligence business.
That means knowing things.
We tried to trace where that plane originated, where it was headed-- hell, even who it belongs to.
We've come up dry.
Why do I think this is connected to your adversary? Perhaps if you had accepted my offer of alliance, neither of us would find ourselves in this position now-- you managing a massive intelligence failure and national-news spectacle and me with this enchanting view.
My people made their decision.
That said, I think they made the wrong one.
Having you disappear into some black hole somewhere doesn't serve either of our interests.
Does that mean you intend to let the animal out of its cage? I'm afraid it's not that simple.
The best I can do is give you a fighting chance.
I've arranged a transfer.
That's all I need.
I can take care of the rest.
You know, every time we have one of these little talks, I wonder if it'll be our last.
But when I consider the odds, I usually figure you'll come out fine.
This time I'm not so sure.
You and your task force are now targets.
Good luck, Ray.
Of course it would have to be you, because lady luck just adores me that much.
For the record, Fitch ordered me to do this.
I hope you're killed in the attempt.
Two shots at my jaw-- that's all you get.
So you better make it good, because if I am not KO'd, you're getting a bullet in the temple.
Well, I've never been one to shy away from a challenge.
Listen to me.
You're in danger.
Everyone on the task force is a target.
What are you talking about? There'll be time to explain later.
For now, pull everyone back.
You are all in danger.
Get me Ressler and Meera.
Sure about this? My sources confirm this is where he's holed up.
I'll check the VIP.
Federal agent.
Hands on the table.
Let's go-- now! Hands on the table.
I can't reach them.
They're already in the field.
I need an address.
Come on.
Put your hands on the table-- now.
I have eyes on possible unsub.
I think he made me.
You copy? Come back.
Negative! Negative.
Suspect's in cus-- Ressler! Ressler! Find Meera! Find her! Meera! Meera! Oh, my God.
No! No.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
The aircraft that crashed into the East River earlier today is apparently being classified as a prison-transport plan.
Rescue officials report that the cabin was retrofitted with restraints with the capacity for 10 to 12 passengers.
No word yet on survivors.
Its original flight plan is also still unknown Meera's dead.
The plane appears to be similar in design to the C-47A, a common military plane-- You said we were all targets.
Why? The day we met, you asked me why I surrendered to the FBI.
There were many reasons.
One of them was Berlin.
That's why he's here-- because the work we've done has forced him out of the shadows.
He can't allow the task force to continue.
Meera was a casualty in a war she didn't even know she was fighting.
I'm afraid just by association, I've made you all potential targets.
It was Tom.
If Berlin had the names of the agents in the task force, he had to have gotten them from Tom.
Sam's name was also in that book.
Why? How is my father involved in this? It's all just pieces of a much larger puzzle, and until all the pieces are laying in front of you, it won't go together.
What I do know is this-- Sam's involvement was as your father.
And no one can pervert or distort that.
Right now, our task is to identify our enemy-- our enemy today.
Berlin wasn't the only prisoner on that plane, and whoever wanted him wanted the others, as well.
You need to find out who that someone is.
I don't know.
This is America, yes? In USA, I get lawyer.
Let me tell you how it works in the USA, Dimitri.
You tell me who put you on that plane, where you were being taken, and I will do my best to protect you from them.
Or I find out on my own-- which I will-- and when I do, I will turn you over to whoever you're running from, let them decide what to do with you.
So, let me ask you again-- who put you on that plane? Okay.
I love FBI.
I am want for arrest in Russia.
I go to Venezuela for hiding.
They find me there-- put me in car, take me to airport.
Plane is already there.
I see it is not just me.
There are others.
We are not allowed to speak.
I don't know more.
Who found you? This was an SVR op.
This guy's a Russian fugitive being stolen back by his own country.
No wonder the damn plane's unmarked.
The Russians are never gonna say a word about it, let alone release the manifest.
You want me to get the State Department involved? No.
I want you to get Reddington involved.
Maybe he'll pay the Russian ambassador a visit.
Tuzik? Tuzik! Come! Tuzik.
Good evening, Ambassador.
Who the hell are you? No need to worry.
Tuzik and I are getting along splendidly.
Care for a peach? I rarely enter someone's home for the first time without bringing a gift, and there's a wonderful little produce stand around the corner.
I'm calling the police.
Ambassador, as we speak, there's an unmarked plane being pulled from the East River.
I think we both know that plane is Russian.
That plane has no ties to the Russian government.
You really should try the peaches.
They're perfectly ripe-- and freestone.
Unlike a clingstone, the pit of a freestone separates more freely from the flesh, making it ideal for consumption.
The prisoners on that plane-- I need the manifest.
I swear if you hurt him Oh, my goodness, no.
I'm not a monster.
You really think I'd harm a dog? You, on the other hand The manifest.
I just received it from Reddington.
According to this, there were three guards.
Two were killed in the crash.
The third is in ICU.
They're just bringing him out of surgery now.
Based on everything we know, there were 10 prisoners on that transport.
Three are in custody, four are confirmed dead, one of which is burned beyond recognition.
Coroner's working to ID the John Doe now.
That leaves three convicts at large.
Alexei Fayer, Bogdan Chrikoff, and Vadim Okecka.
One of them has to be Berlin.
Talk to that surviving guard.
Bring photos of our fugitives.
Nobody sleeps until Agent Malik's killer is found.
Agent Keen.
Found it in Evidence, from that first day.
You don't have to-- Thank you so much.
This is beautiful.
Thought it might remind you of all the good we've done.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Look, we know the situation you're in.
The people you work for-- they know you're here, so whatever secret you're trying to protect-- We know about the man they call "Berlin.
" We know he's one of those three, and we need you to tell us which one.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
Why don't you tell us? I don't know his name.
No one knows his name.
All I know is the story.
Story? What story? They say he started in the Red Army and then the KGB, and he was notorious for sending off his enemies to the war camps in Siberia.
Then, towards the end of the Cold War, some stories began to circulate that his daughter had fallen in love with a dissident.
She was captured, imprisoned.
But, you see, the Colonel-- he knew his way around.
He arranged so she could escape.
When the Kremlin found out, they decided to make an example of him, so they sent him off to Siberia to rot away with his enemies.
It is said that they could hear him every night praying for his daughter's safety, that she would never be found.
And one day, something arrived in his cell.
It was a pocket watch he had given his daughter, and inside was a picture of her.
And a few months later, something else arrived-- her ear.
And then a finger.
His enemies sent her back to him piece by piece.
No one knows how he did it, but he did-- some say that he carved a knife from one of his daughter's bones-- and slaughtered all the men that had held him captive for so many years.
Then he vanished disappeared A ghost hunting, searching for the man responsible for his daughter's death.
The man you're looking for is not on those photos.
The man you're looking for was never on the manifest.
One of the most wanted men in the world has escaped federal custody.
There are prisoners running free in the city.
A CIA agent has been murdered.
Where are you on the case? We've got the plane's manifest.
Unfortunately, our POI's not on it.
So you're nowhere? We're piecing it together.
The good news is that Reddington's escape from federal custody has been contained, which means if Keen is willing, the task force can continue.
You arrested Reddington.
He escaped.
Now you ask me to meet in secret, off the record, so you can tell me you're willing to work with him? You let Reddington get away.
You want him on the street.
I don't.
People do.
What people? Just get Keen and Reddington back.
What people? What do I care if some cop's dead? I'm telling you, I didn't have anything to do with it.
No, no, no, no, no.
Hoodie is the guy that you want to talk to.
Ask Mr.
We have an eyewitness.
You were picked up six blocks from the crime scene.
We have a bloody fingerprint inside the vehicle, surveillance from that club.
You have one chance right now-- who commissioned the hits? I want a name and location.
All right.
Funny thing, you know-- I used to be a real Boy Scout, strictly by the book, followed all the rules.
Then this thing happens.
My fiancée, she gets killed-- murdered right in front of me.
The guy I did it-- the only way I could get him was to forget all the rules.
It was a real crossroads for me.
Had to choose which path to take.
The thing is, I think it's real important for you to know-- the path I took there wasn't any rules.
And the thing I realized was that sometimes, that's okay.
Like when some greasy Russian starts murdering my friends! I want a name.
I want a name! I want a name.
Milos Pavel Kinsky-- sometimes known as "Berlin.
" He's a Russian national, former Spetsnaz Commando, trained in the KGB's 45 Division.
Organized crime is now his fancy.
Makes Putin look like a Christmas elf.
Now that you know who he is, what exactly did you do to put him in such a bad mood? I'm just as curious as you.
And you're here because you want? Access.
The kind even the FBI doesn't have.
All those spinning satellites that record every keystroke, every phone call, everybody's dirty little secrets.
You find him for me, and I'll do the rest.
I heard about Harold.
Find him.
They don't know if Cooper's gonna make it through the night.
You still haven't told me how Sam was involved in this.
The way Sam told the story was that one night, an old friend showed up at his door scared.
The friend told Sam he was leaving town, that he was in danger and that he needed someone to care for a little girl that her father had died that night in a fire.
So Sam took the little girl in, and he raised her as his own always sheltering her from the truth about her biological father.
And that's why you killed him.
I killed Sam because he was in pain and he wanted to die and because I had to protect you from the truth.
What truth? The only memory I have of my real father is from the night of the fire.
I remember him pulling me out of the flames saving me.
And knowing his identity would put you in grave danger.
Why? Because he's a fugitive on the "Most Wanted" list? I loved Sam, Lizzy.
Taking his life was of all the difficult things that I've done that may may be the most.
But I did it to keep you from learning the name of your real father, to protect you.
And you must understand-- having done that, I'm certainly not going to tell you who he was now.
Yes? I found him.
Got a pencil? I'm listening.
Was that your source? Yes.
Did he find Berlin? We'll have to keep looking.
Look out! Let's deal with the other female agent first.
Then I want you to take care of the ginger.
You must be the one they call "Berlin.
" No, the reports are wrong.
I don't care what the manifest said.
There was an 11th prisoner on that plane.
Oh, you think I care about resources right now? This guy killed my partner.
He gutted my boss.
I want you to get every agent with a badge out looking for this damn guy.
You Meera it's all because of me.
I must say, I'm very good at finding people.
I've tracked enemies far and wide.
I once found a hedge-fund manager hiding in the Amazon with the Yawalapiti on the banks of the Kuluene River.
You know what the key to finding your enemies is? Remembering everyone's name.
It's critical to my survival.
Anyone knows the head of some drug cartel in Colombia, some politician in Paris.
But I know their wives, girlfriends, children, their enemies, their friends.
I know their favorite bartender, their butcher.
I remember the name of the baker I stole the strawberry bismark from when I was 11 years old and his wife-- Trudy Svoboda.
But you-- I have no idea who in the Sam Hill you are.
I have not a clue what I've done to you, what I've taken from you.
And yet, of all the people I've hurt, none of them have come after me with half as much vim and vigor as you.
I don't even recognize your face.
I'm stymied.
And yet, here we are.
You found me.
Through your weakness.
I searched for one for years-- a weakness that would allow me to get to you.
I nearly gave up.
And then I find out about her.
Seemed so implausible that someone so careful could be so careless.
And so I exploited it and waited.
And here we are thanks to Elizabeth Keen.
Hey, babe.
Help me understand what horrible thing I did to you that could possibly make all of this worth it.
Who on God's green Earth are you? What was that? Being shot in the hand is just an absolute bitch-- all those little bones.
At least it goes right through.
Worst part, honestly, is needing somebody to help zip your fly.
Tell me your story.
I'm not leaving here without a story.
Being shot in the hip, on the other hand-- Jiminy Cricket.
Thick bone, large artery not to mention the fact that it makes walking upright forever impossible.
Just don't pass out.
Stay focused.
The story.
What did I do to you? How about the kneecap? The IRA always loved a good kneecapping.
Beirut! Beirut.
The Campolongo incident.
Slide it.
Slide the gun now.
Are you hurt? Do it! Kill her! Pull the trigger! Do it! Now! Kill her! Pull the trigger! Do it now! - Don't do it.
- Do you hear me?! - Tom.
- Shoot her! This man-- he take everything from me! For what? For nothing.
For money-- business.
He snaps his fingers, and my life was-- Well, that simplifies matters.
Just the three of us.
Tom, put the gun down before you do something you'll deeply regret.
I'm the one you want.
Make the right choice, Tom.
But make it fast.
Because when I get over there, I'm gonna take that gun away from you.
- No! - We can't leave him alive.
Please go.
I'll finish it.
This is between us.
Do it quickly.
I'll be waiting outside.
I'm sorry.
What? Authorities are now reporting that all prisoners from that crashed plane have been apprehended and they are in police custody.
In a statement issued moments ago from City Hall, the governor congratulated local and federal I told you everything I know.
I'm telling you, I didn't have anything to do with it.
I told you everything I know.
What more do you want to know? I didn't have anything to do with it.
How long you going to keep me here? Indefinitely.
Her kids were only 8 and 5.
Any update on Cooper? Um the coroner, uh, just called in the results on the John Doe-- the charred body found at the scene.
He wasn't a prisoner.
He had to be.
I mean, we accounted for everyone.
This report identifies him as the third guard on the manifest.
What? No.
I mean, the third guard-- he's in a hospital.
Berlin cut his hand off.
Oh, no.
What is it? He cut his hand off? He was handcuffed to a guard, and he's cutting his hand off.
cutting his hand off.
- his hand off.
- cutting hand.
Yeah, that's what all the prisoners said-- he cut his hand off.
No, no.
It's, um it's a lexical ambiguity.
He cut his hand off.
Berlin cut off his own hand? The guard.
The man you killed wasn't Berlin.
Yes, I know.
You know? How? He spoke of Beirut 2010, the Campolongo incident-- an unfortunate mess, but Berlin's attacks on my business started years earlier.
The moment he said it, I knew.
But you didn't say anything? Berlin needs to believe I think he's dead.
It provides us with an advantage.
So, he's still out there.
I'm sure you'll find him.
Lizzy, there's something I want you to understand about your father Sam.
That night when he took you in-- without hesitation-- Sam made a difficult choice that changed the course of his life.
And that's where you find yourself now.
You can turn away and run from it.
You can hide from it.
And if you choose to do that, I'll fly away.
Or you can face it and confront it engage it.
And maybe-- maybe you prevail and rise above it.
I understand.
I'll be on a plane tonight.
yes, I understand that every life must end uh-huh as we sit alone, I know someday we must go uh-huh oh, I'm a lucky man to count on both hands the ones I love some folks just have one, yeah, others, they got none uh-huh stay with me oh, let's just breathe ooooh, ooh, ooooh practiced are my sins, never gonna let me win uh-huh under everything, just another human being uh-huh yeah, I don't wanna hurt there's so much in this world to make me bleed stay with me you're all I see did I say that I need you? did I say that I want you? oh, if I didn't, I'm a fool, you see no one knows this more than me as I come clean I wonder every day as I look upon your face uh-huh everything you gave and nothing you would save uh-huh Tom told me something right before he died.
What was that? "Your father's alive.
" Lizzy, look at me.
did I say that I need you? I'm telling you, with no uncertainty, your father is dead.
He died in that fire.
I'm a fool, you see no one knows this more than me That man Berlin he's out there.
And we'll find him.
nothing you would take everything you gave oh, hold me till I die meet you on the other side
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