The Blacklist s02e04 Episode Script

Dr. Linus Creel

1 Proceedings close Tuesday.
That's in six days.
We submitted a delinquency letter three weeks ago.
- Reports had been failed.
- I know I'm behind, but I-I'm owed unemployment, and my sister said that she can help make the difference up.
Yeah, I wish there was something more I could do.
You can't kick us out! I have a second job interview tomorrow It's out of my hands.
Shots fired, colon, multiple, period.
Final phase successful, period.
Activation of AR105 complete, period.
End of entry.
The answer is no.
I gave up one life.
Do you think I'm gonna start over, do it all again?! You're crazier than I imagined! You can't go back to Philadelphia.
It's too dangerous.
What do you think I'm gonna do? Stay here in in this? I can't believe you brought me here.
I'll tell you where I'm gonna go home, with my husband.
Frank has two daughters.
You think he's just gonna walk out on them? I need to know where Jennifer is.
I kept my end of the bargain didn't say anything about you or Elizabeth.
How much does she know? Very little.
A-are the Are the two of you, what, working together? I don't even want to know how you pulled that off.
Listen to me about Jennifer, I can protect her.
I'm never going to tell you where my daughter is.
Because of you, I'm forced to finally tell Frank, a man who's never kept a secret from me not only that I was married before, but that I was married to he sits me down, tells me he's sorry for me.
Try and wrap your warped mind around that.
The man's entire life is upended.
All he can think about is me.
The arrangements have been made passports, identities, a new life.
Talk it over with Frank.
If you love him You'll let me help.
Where's Naomi Hyland? In safe hands.
What does that mean you've already set her up with a cozy new life in Saint Kitts or Solvang? Solvang? I never send anyone I care about to Solvang.
She spent nine days with Berlin.
We have to debrief her.
She could know something his real name, his location.
Did you read about that housewife in Reston? She shot a bank manager.
You're not hiding her from the FBI.
You're hiding her from me.
Violent crime in D.
is at a 20-year low, and yet in the last four months, there have been seven random acts of violence by individuals with no prior criminal record.
Lizzy, what do you know about social psychology? It's the study of how our behavior is influenced by the world around us.
Not influenced manipulated.
In what little time I devote to the judgment your government has made about my character and how I treat my fellow man, I can't help but think about how many of their own citizens they've treated like lab rats in the name of science.
I believe this murder in Reston is part of an underground social-psychology experiment.
Conducted by our government.
Strap on your tinfoil hat, Lizzy.
According to Reddington, three recent incidents prove the U.
government is still conducting mind-control experiments.
Terry Cho, a middle-school teacher who killed seven of his coworkers during his lunch break.
Construction worker Henry Lee Bryce used a hammer and a box cutter.
Killed by police.
The third, Maddie Thornhill single mom who opened fire at a bank in Reston.
Reddington has alleged that these crimes weren't random, but orchestrated by spooks the government continues to finance through their black-ops budget.
Look, to be honest, I think this is a big distraction to keep us busy while Reddington spirits away his ex.
Interview the shooters and their families.
Then we'll worry about the wife.
What would you say if I told you to pull Frank and Naomi Hyland's phone records for the past five years? I'd, uh, ask if you had a warrant.
Would you ask me to show it to you? Why would I do that? I trust you implicitly, Agent Keen.
Special Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI, here to interview Madeline Thornhill.
I'm sorry she's on a 48-hour hold.
Suicide watch, no visitors.
She's Talking to someone right now.
Her psychiatrist.
I'll pass along your contact info, if you'd like.
I really don't know when things just started to fall apart.
First, it was my job.
Maddie was getting a ton of bad reviews on yelp by name.
People said she was unhelpful, even rude.
I don't know why they give so much weight to those stupid things.
No one seemed dissatisfied in the office, but the things they were saying about me I tried to work with her on it, but she kept making excuses crazy stuff, paranoid.
Like what? Like somebody was out to get her, posting fake reviews.
She was argumentative.
Finally, I just had to let her go.
Then things fell apart with Charlie.
I really had no choice.
I'm in the middle of a custody battle, and the court's got me under a microscope.
It came down to her or my kids.
Did you ever see her mistreat them? I loved his kids.
I would never hurt any child.
But social services started getting anonymous calls that when I was over there, they were crying or whatever.
I actually thought about getting one of those spycams, you know? But then I'm thinking If it's come to that, what's the point? He just dumped me after almost two years.
One minute, I've got a great job, a boyfriend, and the next She started making late payments on her mortgage.
We tried to help, but she was three months behind.
Without any income, we had to foreclose.
They just took it Like it was just a house.
But it wasn't just a house.
Was it? No.
It was me.
Maddie Thornhill told us her life fell apart after a series of anonymous accusations.
The shooter I spoke to said the same thing.
In his case, it was accusations of pedophilia.
There were no witnesses, no victims ever came forward, but the school didn't want to take chances, so they fired him.
Their problems metastasized like a cancer, striking to the heart of these victims' identities.
Victims? These aren't the victims, Keen, these are the perps.
The people they killed are the victims.
All I'm saying is that some people aren't wired to handle stress, and someone took advantage of that.
Agent Keen had me expedite DNA profiles.
All three perpetrators possess the MAO-A 2R gene.
The extreme-warrior gene.
Clinical studies have proven people who possess this gene are prone to aggressive, antisocial behavior.
Are you suggesting the government has identified people with mild genetic abnormality and is turning them into killers? That's exactly what we're suggesting.
Police have not yet commented on how the chase started, but sources say the driver shot three clerks this morning inside of a convenience store.
Phase 2 concluded, period.
AR106 showing signs of deterioration, comma, accelerating to Final break.
Vehicle with a weapon.
Oh, no.
O-okay, officers have just opened fire.
We are going to Final phase successful, period.
Activation of subject AR106 concluded, period.
End of entry.
Senator's office.
How may I help you? Hello, yes.
This is Dr.
Linus Creel.
I'm calling for senator Sheridan.
The perp in the freeway shooting I hear he had this warrior gene.
Agent Navabi has identified 11 other cases in the last 18 months.
- No connection other than - They share this gene.
And it's not just some statistical anomaly.
I-it's as if they're being triggered.
Close the door.
Sir? You know something? Every word Reddington said about this program is true.
In the army, officers sit in bars, and they talk sideways "a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy.
" MK Ultra was just the start.
There were others quietly run in military bases and universities all across the country psychopharmaceuticals, electromagnetic pulses, microwaves that broadcast words and phrases into the brain.
I love this country, but every once in awhile, you hear about something like this, some bone-evil crap that's almost inconceivable.
That's what I hate most about this detail Reddington pulling up the carpet and shoving your nose deep into the filth.
After a while, it's all you can see.
Subproject 7.
I Don't know what that is.
It's a black-budget program.
It's funded out of the D.
The goal was to use genetic predispositions to train and trigger assets.
If it's black-budget, how am I supposed to gain access? I am a dear friend of Harold Cooper.
He was a pallbearer in my daddy's funeral.
But I told him when he called only yahoos are interested in Subproject 7.
So you're saying it doesn't exist? You're asking about mind control.
This government can't make up its own mind, let alone control one.
Senator, is that a yes or a no? It's a yes and a no.
Have we studied mind control? Yes.
Does it work? About as often as a blind squirrel finds an acorn.
We've been tracking a spike in violent crimes, mass shootings.
I'm gonna pay you the courtesy of being blunt.
You're wasting your time.
If there's been an increase in the incidence of violent crime, you're not gonna find the answer to why in the black budget of the U.
But I also understand that you do oversee that black budget, and Harold Cooper would appreciate it if you could provide us with any information you have on Subproject 7.
Of course.
My office will deliver all pertinent documents.
Now, if you will excuse me, I am late for my next meeting.
Yes, Sir, how can I help you? Uh, hi.
Linus Creel.
I'm here to see Senator Sheridan.
Honey, we have talked and talked about this.
I thought we were in complete agreement we decided not to run.
Now, I've talked to the FBI The FBI can't protect us.
And he can? Are you honestly suggesting we upend our lives? Based on what a criminal's promise that he can help us? Yes.
Yes, that is what I'm saying.
And I know how crazy it sounds.
He did this to you.
I'm not defending him, but I do know him.
How do you I'm sorry I'm still trying to process the fact that you were married to him.
And now you want to put our lives in the hands of this lunatic? I'm not going anywhere.
This is a mistake.
I can't help you in Philadelphia.
We've made up our mind.
You know I would stop at nothing to protect you.
We don't need your protection.
Yes, you do.
I understand it may be difficult for you to accept my help, given the history that Carla and I share.
Don't flatter yourself.
Carla Reddington was a miserable housewife married to a miserable man.
That woman no longer exists.
We're not going anywhere.
Everything the senator sent is redacted entire pages.
Dollar amounts are omitted.
Project names are code.
Yeah, "Elegant Lady," "Forest Green.
" I mean, if any of these are Subproject 7, it'd be impossible to tell.
The Polyglot.
What? In Mossad, we have a contact.
He's like a code breaker.
You give him your black-ops budget, the redacted pages, he'll tell us what they mean.
You have our black-ops budget? The Polyglot how do we find him? He was cleared level 4.
I don't have that kind of access.
Oh, my God.
Is that what they call him in Tel Aviv? I haven't spoken to Haskell in years.
But you know where to find him? I do.
But it's a sticky situation.
Old Haskell and I had somewhat of a falling-out at the craps table.
Hask I have no interest in seeing you.
Go away.
You're not welcome here.
Haskell, I told you I'm sorry.
What more can I say? You knew I was in recovery.
I didn't okay.
Yes, I did.
But you were having such a great time.
And after everything that happened with Sheryl and that Cuban, the boxer what was his name? I'm not talking to you about this.
Yasiel! God, that hair.
Beautiful hair.
I thought you could use a little distraction.
You forget we won $25,000 on one roll.
Yes, and I lost twice that much after you left.
I woke up in that Hotel.
I still don't even know how I got to mesquite.
That kind of money means nothing to you, but to me, it's an olive branch, with interest.
My friend Miss Watkins is a blogger looking for her first scoop.
I write mostly about social-science experiments.
Researching one right now, actually the black-ops project Subproject 7.
Why don't we take this into my office? It's V2K-shielded.
Here she is government white paper on Subproject 7.
I've seen the white paper.
It's heavily redacted.
Wha How did you Haskell's quite a puzzle man.
Spends his days combing through thousands of pages of redacted government documents, comparing them to defense-authorization reports, executive orders.
He's found a way to read between the lines.
I wouldn't have the patience.
Subproject 7 was born out of the human genome project.
Some genius in government figured that if DNA could be used to identify people who were predisposed to cancer, it could be used to identify people who were predisposed to become assassins.
Who are these people? The Team.
They used the brains of mass murderers and reverse-engineered from there, fine-tuned a three-phase activation process.
First phase disruption of schedule, routine, daily life.
Second destabilize sense of self-worth.
Final phase was to sever the primary emotional bond.
Get all three jackpot.
This man here who is he? I've seen his face before.
Oh, yes.
He was their lab assistant, Dr.
Linus Creel.
Linus Creel PHD in clinical psychology from N.
After Subproject 7 disbanded, he opened a private practice.
It appears he supplements his income working as a locum tenens at six area hospitals.
I cross-referenced Creel's name with the 11 warrior gene killers in the last 18 months.
At some point, he was on staff at each of the hospitals where the killers were receiving counseling, including our friend Maddie Thornhill.
That's how he's recruiting them.
Can we access his network? Already checked that.
I can't break through his firewall.
If I could somehow gain physical access, I could upload a program to deactivate it long enough to hack his patient list.
Come here.
Take a look at this.
Creel has this posted on his website, calls it an intake questionnaire.
Some kind of I.
test? No, it's a modified MMPI-2 the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory but it's heavily modified.
He reconfigured the test questions to flag aggression and low impulse control.
That's how he finds the subjects with the warrior gene.
What do you mean you won't tell Naomi? Where are you? I'm gonna call her.
What's her number? No, Frank.
You said you were leaving your wife.
Well, I don't care if it's a bad time.
Either you tell her about us or I will.
That dog's been here all day.
You leave your dog inside all day? Who does that? What kind of monster leaves their dog with no water, no food?! Who the hell are you? He's done his business inside twice! Do you have any idea the psychological damage that can do to a dog? I don't know how you got in here I spent the last 20 minutes cleaning up after him.
Where's his leash? I'm taking him for a walk.
You are not taking my dog for a walk who are y I'm I'm calling the police right now.
Calm yourself down.
We have a few things to talk about.
She's exhausted.
Why don't you and I go for a walk? This may be hard to understand, Frank, but after all these years, your wife has become more like an estranged sister to me.
We can't really bear each other's company.
But I've become somewhat concerned about her general well-being and sense of security.
Are you threatening me? She loves you.
You've made her happy Given her a life, stability The one thing I could never provide.
Come closer, Frank.
Come here.
Aram, if I asked you to create an E.
, could you feed it into their database? You want a fake medical record.
Yeah family history, immunization records, billing addresses, but most importantly, we'll need a full psychiatric history.
Like what? Come on.
That's Monica's dog.
What the hell have you done? You're finished with Monica.
Where is she? We had a few words, and, thanks to my friend's rather judicious rescue, we also have a dog.
Monica what did you do She's fine.
But from this point forward There is only Naomi.
She believes you to be an honest man, Frank faithful and that is what you will become.
You're going to accept my protection and leave Philadelphia.
I'm gonna call the cops, turn you in.
You're not gonna get away with this.
You make her happy.
That is the only reason you're still here.
Go get it, boy.
City dog.
Why would you do that? It's essential for you to take responsibility for your actions.
I was expelled.
I understand.
And I have given this a lot of thought.
I concluded the reason you told me you cheated on your final was a cry for help.
I believed telling your school was in your best interest.
But I mean, the things we talk about they're secrets! Duncan, the only way that you are going to begin to get better is if you take responsibility for your actions.
You want to move forward in your life, right? With your parents? With Amber? Amber doesn't want to meet.
We've only talked online.
But you're getting healthier.
She's gonna want to meet soon.
It's time.
Trust me.
I won't let anything bad happen to you.
Creel, on-call nurse in the E.
just paged you for a psych consult.
Girl's husband left her, put her hand through a window.
Attending wants you to take a look.
She's got a chart a mile long.
You must be Angela.
My name is Dr.
Says here you've been having some troubles with your husband.
That's an understatement.
Now, I see that you've been treated for depression and anxiety before.
In college, postgrad.
I had, you know A rough patch.
You were hospitalized.
I know this must be difficult for you.
I took some pills.
They had to pump my stomach.
Was this deliberate or an accident? Kind of both.
It's not what you think.
I-it's not like I ever wanted to commit suicide.
I took them in front of someone.
Who? I'll bet you $100 she's telling the truth.
No way.
$200? It's your money.
I had this boyfriend Ronnie.
I was so young, - and he - Was cheating.
I was such an idiot.
Feel that you want to hurt yourself now? Now that your husband has left? Maybe, yeah.
But you're angry at him.
I'd kill him.
I-I-I mean, I would never kill him.
That's not what I meant.
It's just a Figure of speech.
I understand.
What's his name? Tom.
His name was Tom.
And if you caught Tom cheating, if you walked in on him, - and you could - Kill him? I'd never.
But if you could do anything and get away with it, what would it be? No chance of ever getting caught? You're above the law.
Have at him.
I'd chain him up.
Yeah? And I'd force him to tell me about all of the lies, the secrets he kept.
I'd make him my prisoner.
It's pretty messed up, huh? You know We don't put people in prison for how they feel.
You can't control it.
You are who you are.
It's biology.
We never argue about height or eye color.
But try telling someone their reaction to anger or love or violence is baked in.
Now It says here that your parents died when you were 4.
What do you remember about them? Nothing, really.
Perhaps if you did, it would be easier for you to accept who you are.
Like the Sins of the father.
That it? Absolutely.
The more time you spend with your parents, the more of yourself you see in them.
For better or for worse, they're a glimpse into your future.
Oh, he must belong to someone.
Maybe we can see if he has a chip or something, see who his owners are.
If he doesn't have any, we could bring him back to Philadelphia.
We can't go back.
What? We we already decided.
No, uh If there's any chance you're in danger, I couldn't live with myself if something were to happen to you.
You did this.
You threatened him.
You threatened his girls.
No, this had nothing to do with him.
This is about us what's best for us, for you.
That's all that matters.
My father died in a fire.
I was 4.
Is that how you got the scar on your hand? Yeah.
I guess.
I don't remember, actually.
Early trauma scars us in ways we don't often recognize or admit.
You think I don't want to remember? Look, Angela, I am here to determine whether you are a danger to yourself or others.
I know that you don't want to spend the night here.
So, I am going to see if I can expedite the blood tests.
Meanwhile, I would like you to take a simple personality test I developed for my patients.
It's a standardized psychometric test that's gonna give me a deeper understanding into issues you may or may not have.
When the nurse drew my blood, she said that you ordered a genetic screening.
Too many of my colleagues focus on the nurture side of the equation.
And sure how your parents treated you is important, but the genes they passed on matter more.
There are no wrong answers.
Just Whatever comes to mind.
Okay, got it.
Hold down power, shift, "s.
" Okay.
I see white letters on a black screen.
Type forward slash b-n.
It's running a dictionary attack.
- Should take a few seconds.
- Got it.
Okay, it's gonna give you a password.
I need you to write it down.
"7 " "3 " A few more characters.
The blood panels won't be done - for another 20 minutes.
- Okay.
Did you really think you could just come in here lie to me? That's no good.
I know why you're here.
I told you I-I need your help.
You Are a junkie.
You're trying to forge scrips.
Maybe my father was an addict, too hand them over! Now! Let's go.
They're under here somewhere.
Okay, got them.
Are you call the cops or something? No.
Now I'm only more interested in your test results.
Please continue.
Oh, my God.
You okay? You didn't get the password.
I mean, what do you expect? 'Course I got it.
Oh! Okay, there has got to be 70 100 files here from Creel's laptop.
He was documenting them, searching for the perfect candidates.
Hold on.
I have got a hidden subdirectory here 12 patients.
The killers.
Everyone in this file has murdered someone.
Except one Duncan Prince.
He must be next.
Where do we find him? I got an address in College Park.
Hey! Hey! What? What the hell? Duncan Prince where is he?! Okay, folks, the community forum will be starting in 15 minutes.
Everyone who would like to make a comment will have an opportunity to do so.
Microphones are at either end of the aisles.
Why don't we go ahead and start forming two lines? We've looked at every conceivable database.
There's nothing on an Amber Deveraux.
Well, I don't know who the hell he's been talking to, but this Amber Deveraux just crushed the kid an hour ago.
Listen to me this kid's gacked up and gone.
The Stoner roommates have no idea where.
The girl's in trouble.
You got to find her.
Amber Deveraux doesn't exist.
That's how he's triggering his clients anonymous allegations that can never be verified.
Poor reviews online, blind accusations at work.
And by girlfriends who don't exist.
You think he's catfishing, that he invented the girl to trigger Duncan Prince, push him over the edge? Yeah.
Find out where he thinks she is.
Many of the random acts of violence we're here to discuss today are perpetrated by people with the warrior gene.
I believe the solution to the issue of violent crime in this country begins with genetic screening.
Creel, we have a packed schedule today, so if you have a question? People with the warrior gene can be triggered.
I have identified what those triggers are, and when they occur, it's not their fault.
My research shows a question, please.
Hold on.
Prince's fake girlfriend posted a very real photo from a community forum on gun violence.
Duncan must have seen this.
Senator Sheridan.
That's where our shooter's going.
He's heading to the gun rally.
Creel posted the photo.
He's gonna be there Observing his experiment.
Senator, it is all right here seven years of research.
These killings can be prevented.
I want the world to know that what happens today, what I do, is because of Amber Because she lied to me Because she's a cheat.
Goodbye, Amber.
In my system, it will require children to be screened for the MAO-A 2R gene.
Kids will be labeled.
We'll target them.
It will cost I promise you, Dr.
Creel, your research will be reviewed.
You don't return my calls.
You refuse to see me when I come up to your office.
And when one of these incidents happens, you do nothing! I have been the leading voice in Congress on mental health for 20 years.
How many more of these mass killings do we have now than we did then? I'm telling you we have the science.
I can stop these killings, and you want to reject me? You want to reject the science? Get out of here! Where is she?! She's not here, Duncan.
Amber's not here.
What are you I'm the one you're looking for.
Amber she led me on.
Amber didn't do anything, because she doesn't exist.
I created her.
You're here to kill me, Duncan.
What the hell are you talking about? "I didn't mean to hurt you.
" "Whatever.
" "Here to talk.
" "With Paul?" "He's a great guy, really.
" "I.
" Why do you think you never met her? Because she's not real! The picture she posted, the one that brought you here I posted it.
That's right.
Pull the trigger.
Duncan, no! Listen to me.
Put the gun down.
You don't want to do this.
He lied to you, manipulated you.
It's not your fault.
Pull the trigger, Duncan.
It's what you came to do.
You're all part of my experiment.
Read my research! We can save them! Duncan, listen to me.
He's making you believe that you don't have a choice! Do you think that I want to die? I don't.
But I have run out of ways to get people to pay attention.
Do this, and the world will listen.
They'll examine my life, my research.
That can't happen unless you pull the trigger.
Ah! Medic! I need a medic! Take it easy, pal.
Creel, listen to me.
You have to understand.
If I have a shot, I'm gonna take it.
Put your weapon down! I shoot her, you shoot me! That's how this works, right? Make you a martyr? Not today.
You should know I saw your test results.
You know what they said? Where did it come from? Where the hell did that shot come from?! There on the roof.
Go! I received everything Creel had on file at the hospital patient records, test results Including yours.
We logged everything else into evidence, but I thought perhaps you would want that.
It's probably meaningless, right? Do you think Reddington could have known, when he gave you this case, that you'd find out? What do I know? You were right about Keen.
She was making it all up.
I knew it.
Walt's favorite shrimp is calling my name.
Winner buys? See you tomorrow.
I followed up on Frank and Naomi Hyland, like you asked.
Both phones are dead.
So I identified the five numbers they called the most to see if any of those people were getting calls from new numbers.
People that Frank and Naomi might have reached out to.
And? There's a woman Monica Lyons.
She got six calls today, all unanswered.
All came from a pay phone at a gas station in rural Maryland.
Only a handful of homes in that area.
What gas station? Hello, Mrs.
Does Raymond know you're here? No.
He doesn't want us to talk.
Along the quiet I'm sorry.
I just I have a ton of questions in this notebook about the case, but the truth is, I didn't come here just to ask you about Berlin.
You have questions you think I can answer about the past.
Whatever needs to be will be The day Raymond Reddington walked into my life, everything changed everything I believed about.
You were married to the man.
You had a life, a child.
W-why doesn't he want me to see you? You tell me.
I think it might be because you know something about how the two of us might be connected.
He wants something from you.
It's a game.
It's a manipulation.
He's made you feel a connection that makes you feel like you matter somehow.
And there's no one on earth who can make a woman feel like the center of his universe more than Raymond Reddington.
I'll tell you this, though.
He's not who you think he is.
What does he want from me? A crater left as a divide Well.
Look at the two of you.
I should have brought a bottle of chardonnay.
I have your papers.
Dembe's outside.
He'll need your signature on some of the documents.
Frank is gonna pack the car.
Time to meet them all again For once at eye level Agent Keen.
I hope you had an illuminating conversation.
Along the quiet, narrow streets Canals are still in high tide Whatever needs to be will be I don't know where Jennifer is.
She knew you would come for her one day, and she left.
I don't know where she is.
A crater left as a divide If you need anything Ever There will soon be time to meet them all again For once at eye level When are you gonna tell her? And for once as friends There will be time So, how'd your case go? I think you know the answer to that.
Who is he? Who is who? The gunman, the sniper.
He works for you, doesn't he? Yes.
How long has he been following me? Since the day Agent Malik died.
I want him gone.
My associate saves your life, and instead of saying "thank you," you try to get him fired.
If I knew better, I'd say you were hiding something.

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