The Blacklist s02e05 Episode Script

The Front

1 I had to take it.
Have you really thought about what he's gonna do? - Everyone is gonna die.
- You did the right thing.
I'm gonna go to the police.
I have to.
I'm gonna give it to them.
- If I don't, if he goes through with it-- - If he finds you, he might hurt you.
I'll come with you.
Just tell me where you are.
- Just promise me you'll come alone.
- I promise.
I'm sorry.
Where is it? - You get away from me.
- You can't stop us now.
- Everything's in place.
It's too late.
- Get away from me.
I always thought you were different.
But you're just like the rest.
- You're selfish.
Give it to me.
- No.
Hey! on, no! - All right.
- Just now.
Help! Somebody call an ambulance! - Here.
- That's crazy.
I'm just like, "whoa.
" She just stepped out.
She jumped in front of that car.
She's not breathing.
I told you to get rid of him.
Lizzy, I'm not getting rid of him.
- Your safety is of great concern to me.
- Yeah, I can handle myself.
I just-- I don't want him watching me.
What is all this? There was an incident this morning in Dupont Circle.
A woman was struck by a taxi.
Carrie Ann Beck.
Maddox Beck's wife? Yes.
The leaders of The Front.
Well, how is that possible? They died trying to bomb BP's London office in response to the gulf oil spill.
- So the world believes.
In truth, they took their work underground.
Personally, I once admired Carrie Anne.
However, since going underground, they've become too radical for my blood.
Advocates for a level of destruction that I find chilling.
- So who killed her? - I believe her husband is responsible.
Weren't they partners? Didn't they found The Front together? Yes, but their partnership was a tenuous one.
She was always the more moderate voice only interested in operations that related directly to the environment.
Beck, on the other hand, views himself as a chosen one a messianic figure who sees humanity as a virus that needs to be eradicated in order to save the planet.
I fear he got rid of his wife because she was trying to stop him from implementing a plan to do just that.
These are the last known photographs of Maddox Beck and his wife.
They're the founders of The Front.
Firebomb strikes a biotech park in Boston conducting genomics research, causing $64 million in damage.
Four staff members were killed and 16 hospitalized.
Ricin was mailed to the Fairbanks BLM office.
- Manages Transatlantic Pipeline.
- Just got off with the ME.
He'll have a tox workup on Beck's wife soon.
We can't assume Beck killed her just because Reddington says so.
Get to the morgue.
I want a cause of death.
Not at the morgue.
She's at City Memorial.
- Labor and delivery.
- She was pregnant? Yeah, 30 weeks.
From what they can tell, the baby's fine.
- And the mother? - The doctors declared her brain dead.
They put her on life support until they can safely deliver the child.
Most of the injuries were sustained during the accident but she suffered some injuries beforehand as well.
Lacerations to the head and the hands and defensive bruises on the forearms.
- Think he beat her? - I think she was in one hell of a fight.
You say in your notes she had clay under her fingernails? Clay? From where? That's odd, isn't it? The really odd part is that the clay is 700 years old.
The soil found under the nails of Carrie Ann Beck dates back to the 14th century.
- It's called raw sienna.
- Okay, so, what's it doing there? Raw sienna was used by painters at the time painters who belonged to the Sienese school.
The Prado in Madrid has an exhibit going on right now featuring paintings from the Sienese school.
Last week, one of those paintings was stolen.
That's what she and Beck were fighting over.
Maybe trying to sell it on the black market, fund their operation.
There were 22 paintings.
The one that was stolen had been on loan from the Santa Caterina church in Pisa, and it was, by far, the least valuable.
Then why did they steal it? Come on! Number 76.
Number 76! I've been busting my ass! And now you fire me because I'm not, what, fast enough? I'll need all your research.
- No! - And any leads as to her whereabouts.
You want me to find the girl? I'll find the girl.
But these things take time! You don't have any leads.
You know what? I don't have time! And yet you've had me waiting out there for over 45 minutes.
Do you know the vending machine is broken? It's as if you enjoy making people miserable.
I work at the DMV! If you can't do this, I need to find someone who can.
Everything rests on finding the girl.
I understand, and I'm trying my best.
But you didn't give me much to go on, and I've had some - Is something wrong? - You know what? Just forget it.
Talk to me.
It's Mom.
Oh, Glen.
Three months ago, she was in the shower, noticed this lump.
- How bad? - Got into her bones.
They bombarded her with chemo.
We've tried everything.
The pills and the diets, biofeedback music therapy the flaxseed diet.
- Flaxseed? - Part of the Budwig protocol.
- I don't have time for this.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Has Mom's illness cramped your busy schedule? Every time you can't deliver, you do this.
These cockamamie stories! My mother is dying! Yes, and your brother-in-law had Legionnaires' disease and your house was flooded, and I'm still no closer to finding the girl.
Get out! You're the most gifted tracker I know, Glen but your mouth runs like a scalded dog.
I don't know why you're mad at me.
You're the one who came up short.
- What kind of codes? - Written on the back of the painting? Not on the back.
Under the paint.
The museum sent us everything on the stolen painting.
When it was acquired, they ran tests to determine its authenticity.
Yeah, they used thermal imaging to do microscopic and spectroscopic analysis and found this.
- What's it mean? - Museum doesn't know.
Call the National Gallery.
Get Lillian Sharp in here.
If anyone can make heads or tails of this, she can.
Where is she? She had an appointment.
- When I agreed to do this-- - It's taking longer than I thought.
- He out there? - Yeah.
I'm going out back.
This is for last week.
Do it one more week, and I'll pay you double.
I'll be back in one hour.
- It's a map.
- A map to what? A bedtime story.
It's a legend about the Apophis Strain an ancient plague weaponized in the 14th century by the Byzantines and Ottomans, mistakenly released and believed to be the real origin of the Black Death.
You're talking about the bubonic plague.
Pneumonia plague.
Airborne and far more fatal.
Scientists now believe that plague killed 200 million people one of the largest pandemics in history.
To prevent Armageddon, the sworn enemies agreed to task four priests to take the strain to the end of the world.
And this map indicates in which end of the world it's hidden.
Agent Cooper, you're not taking this seriously, are you? Maddox Beck is.
He killed his wife to get this map.
These symbols, trust me, this map is worthless.
Same time? Keen.
Lizzy, I need to see you.
There's been a development.
This map is priceless.
You need to move on this now.
If the Apophis strain is out there - Well, you didn't tell this to the FBI? - Lillian is paid to embargo certain key details from your colleagues if she believes they may be of interest to me.
- Sure she can be trusted? - I could say the same thing about you.
Ladies, please.
I'm surprised the two of you haven't met at a conference or company retreat.
Does the FBI do a Christmas party? One of the priests sent to guard the strain got sick.
To protect it, the dying man swallowed it, taking it to his grave.
We know this because the others survived and created the map.
- The markings? What do they mean? - They're archetypal alignments.
When you connect them, they create lay lines linking a network of historically-significant sites.
You said the priests were sent to the end of the world.
Where? Well, I said it was the end of the world.
Not anymore.
If I'm reading this correctly, the strain is buried here, in America.
Red's source says the map points to burial ridge in Staten Island.
The largest Native American burial ground in New York.
We've contacted local authorities.
We're on our way now.
I don't know how to break this to you, but Beck beat you there.
- What? - New York field office got called in on a grave robbery.
According to park police, our guy, Beck, he knew exactly where to look.
The bones contain the DNA of the plague.
- He can replicate it.
- That's why he took the bones.
No, he wanted to take them, but according to park police whoever was buried there was moved.
Hundreds of years ago.
I'm sending you an image of what was left in its place.
- Got it.
- We think it's a marker some sort of addendum to the map.
It's Cyrillic.
It's ancient Cyrillic.
Looks like some kind of equation.
P equals 100.
O, that sort of looks like a ribbon, equals 9.
Those dash symbols in between denotes that the number to the right should be multiplied by 1000.
It totals 109,120.
Probably a measurement.
Is there a standard form? Cubits.
Uh, one cubit is half a yard.
A hundred and nine thousand, a hundred and twenty cubits is 54,560 yards.
What? I was good at math.
There's another engraving here.
Looks like, what, a moon? Or a sun, which rises in the east.
The strain's final resting place.
Fifty-four thousand five hundred and sixty yards or exactly 31 miles.
Hello, Aram.
Agent Navabi.
You certainly look radiant.
Um Hey, uh, if you're looking for Agent Keen-- I'm not.
I'm looking for you.
Aram, are you there? What is it? What's 31 miles east of Burial Ridge? This is the oldest church in the city.
The graves in the church, they're sacrosanct.
- ls there another way in here? - The southeast stairwell, behind the-- Show me.
You want me to find a girl.
You can't tell me her name and none of the other people who work for you were able to find her.
That's not much to go on.
- It's not.
- Out of curiosity the other people who couldn't find her, this girl, um what'd you do to them? Aram, this woman is critical in my war with Berlin.
FBI! Don't move! You know what I have in here.
You wouldn't be here if you didn't.
- Put it down.
- It's incredible, isn't it? Finding America a century before Columbus surviving, protecting the secret.
His life had one purpose, the plague.
You're not walking out of here.
Do you know how contagious this is? Shoot me, I drop it and then we're both infected.
I said put it down.
Either you let me go or we both die.
The choice is yours.
You're just like everybody else.
You're gonna save your life at the expense of millions of others.
Is that why you killed your wife? Carrie Ann killed herself.
She wasn't able to go through with it, but somebody needs to have the courage to do what's necessary.
Radio Foster.
Tell him we're on our way.
Ressler! Ungh.
They have it.
It's gone.
The plague, it's gone.
Call state and local police.
Tell them we want lookouts and checkpoints at every highway leading out of the city.
Find Maddox Beck! - You had him.
- He was in possession of the strain.
- Did you hesitate or not? - He threatened to release it.
Now a madman is out there to start a pandemic.
If it's the pneumonic plague, there are antibiotics, protocols.
For the strain that exists today, not the one that's 700 years old.
We have to assume there's no cure for whatever Beck got his hands on.
I said that's enough.
This is unbelievable.
Alert the CDC.
Tell them that a potential Category 5 threat has just been identified with no cure and a high probability of exposure.
Agent Keen.
Whatever decision you made, I'm sure it was the right one.
I've seen you under pressure, in the moment.
- Thank you.
- I mean it.
The way you handle-- Take Mr.
Reddington, for example.
He asked me to do one thing and I freeze up, but you-- - What? What are you talking about? - Oh, wait.
Uh, no, just-- You're solid.
- Reddington asked you to-- - Bad example.
What did Reddington ask you to do? Um Two hundred.
That is the exact number of species that grows extinct every year.
That is 10,000 times the natural rate of extinction and one species is responsible.
The reason that we are making the ultimate sacrifice is because Earth is literally dying.
Everybody knows it, and no one will do anything about it.
To preserve life on earth we need to become extinct.
It's time.
Your wife made it clear, your daughter has no interest in seeing you.
Oh, dear.
The FBI is not in the business of handling your personal affairs.
The FBI is in the business of my business.
Why else would I be in business with the FBI? If she is in danger, we will protect her either from Berlin or you.
- Who told you she's my daughter? You have no right to have anything to do with that girl not since the night you abandoned her.
I'm touched.
You just upended your ex-wife's entire life.
I'm not gonna let you do the same thing to her.
As a rule, I consider jealousy to be a base emotion.
But in this case, it's quite endearing.
Oh, God.
I am not jealous.
I assure you, Lizzy my quest to find this young woman will in no way compromise our relationship.
- Our relationship? - Where are we on the case? - No, no, no.
We're not doing that.
- I understand you lost Beck.
It must be disheartening.
Let me be perfectly clear.
Aram is not going to help you find your daughter.
And the guy you have following me, either you get rid of him or I will.
It's about Agent Keen.
- Sir.
- She seems unusually agitated.
I'm not sure why, but I believe she's hiding something from me.
- Hiding what? - I'm not sure.
But I think she's worried you may expose her.
She's made it clear she wants you gone.
I told her that's not an option.
I think she may try to manipulate the situation.
I've got eyes on her as we speak.
She's not going anywhere.
It's all well.
I'll be handling, sir.
You think it's a good idea you being here at this time? - I need to go inside.
- Girl, you're pushing it.
Can I go inside? - Can you feel it? - Yes.
I can feel it inside me.
I can feel it growing.
Reports indicate hundreds have been infected as a result of the outbreak.
The Capitol and Supreme Court have been evacuated.
Metro police have quarantined a 15-block area reaching from Constitution to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Patient Zero has been ID'd as Sharon McManus.
Prelim autopsy confirms we are dealing with a modified strain of pneumonic plague.
- Modified how? - We have no idea.
- It's working at an accelerated rate.
- People in quarantine none look sick.
- From what the CDC can tell the contagion works in three phases.
The first of which is incubation.
Right now, it is dormant in their immune systems.
Not airborne yet, but that is only going to last for the first few hours.
- Then what? - It turns the victim symptomatic then infectious.
Based on what we can tell from the time of death and the rapid depletion of Patient Zero's target cells those healthy-looking people will be dead in nine hours.
- How many people? - Roughly 2300 in quarantine, sir.
- Talk to me about the treatment protocols.
- There are none.
To understand how the disease was altered, to find a cure we need a sample of the original strain.
- And Beck has the only one.
- Hey.
Full ERT report on patient zero's effects just came in.
They found this on the victim's shirt.
Hair from a rodent, a rat species specifically bred for scientific purposes.
Rattus norvegicus.
There are only two licensed suppliers for clinical trials.
In the last month, they've only had one shipment that didn't go to a university or research facility.
- We got Beck's shipping address.
- Property in Thurmont.
Send the biohazard team at Quantico.
Clear! I need you to come in.
I found your girl.
Number 84.
The picture you gave me, the one of the girl I had it aged up in the system and marked as an FBI inquiry five weeks ago.
- The vending machine is still not working.
- Then Dolly goes in for hair plugs.
The only one in the Southwest Service Center with access, so I'm frozen out.
The woman grading the written tests needs to shower.
But this morning, Dolly comes back, and guess what.
Old Dolly got a hit.
A 97 percent match on your girl.
Zoe Dantonio.
As I said, these things take time.
What the hell is that? It's a new vending machine.
Yours is broken.
Consider it a bonus.
Site's decontaminated.
The equipment looks like it's been used recently.
My God.
was just the beginning.
Twenty-four cities.
On every continent.
They're gonna be on planes.
Aram, get me the FAA.
When an organism is ill it develops antibodies to combat the illness.
Nature creates the instruments to eradicate deadly disease.
In this case, the disease is humanity we're the antidotes.
Climate change, water shortages, a population approaching eight billion.
We won't live to see it.
And there will be no one left to remember.
But our sacrifice will usher in the dawn of a new Earth.
Sharon began our crusade and now the rest of us must see it through.
To a new day.
To a new day.
CDC quarantined a vehicle found at Dulles.
There was an inhaler mask outside of the car.
We won't have the official results for a few hours.
The toxins inside appear to match those in Beck's lab.
Owner was Ron Crocker, boarded a plane to Panama City two hours ago.
Every passenger will be infected.
- We have Crocker's travel profile? - Yeah.
One-way ticket, traveling alone, no checked baggage.
Ticket purchased in the last eight hours.
Can you apply the same to passengers from Dulles to the other target cities? Every matching profile is a potential follower infected with the plague.
Okay, 31 matches.
Of those, seven are business travelers who made last-minute reservations.
- Are they already in flight? All but one.
Chris Perez.
Leaves Dulles for Toronto within one hour.
Probably still in the incubation period.
We can take him down, isolate him before he boards.
You work with Aram.
Notify the FAA of those infected flights.
You get to Dulles, make sure Perez does not get on that flight.
Final boarding, Flight 428, service to Toronto please proceed to Gate A-17.
We've located four of the suspects.
Two land in 45 minutes.
Moscow and São Paulo.
Get word to the air marshals.
Have teams on the tarmacs ready to quarantine those planes.
Contact the TSA, have them patch us into the airport security feeds.
Assume the passengers are all infected.
- Quarantine won't help, only the cure.
- Which we don't have.
- Follow me, please.
- We'll go inside.
Wait for FBI.
- Coming through.
- Make way.
Federal agents.
Stand aside, please! Federal agents.
He's not at the gate.
Aram, you got eyes? Looking.
Looking now.
- I'm gonna double back.
- Okay.
Come on.
Go back.
That's him.
There he is.
A black jacket with a gray hoodie, a green shoulder bag.
Near Gate C-13.
Hey! Officer down! I need a medic! You can't come in here.
Samar, you're gonna bleed out.
You've got to open this door.
It's out.
I'm infected.
If you come in here, you will be too.
You'll be okay.
- Ungh! Mm.
- Shh, shh, shh.
Eighteen of the flights have been quarantined.
The suspects have been arrested.
The others, diverted with military escorts.
What about the infected? Liz and Samar, how much time do they have? - Worst case, eight hours.
- I was able to trace a credit card tied to plane tickets Beck purchased, but he created a VPN.
Computer he used accessed the Internet within a 50-mile radius of Abingdon.
Get our people in Virginia the coordinates, start a canvass.
- And the radius, narrow it down.
- Yeah.
Reddington, I'm calling about Agent Keen.
Circumstances have changed, Aram.
I found what I was looking for.
You have? I mean, uh, you have.
That's so-- That's fantastic.
But that's actually-- That's not why I'm calling.
Agent Keen, she and Agent Navabi, they've been infected.
- When? - Just over an hour ago.
Where are you on Beck? He's somewhere outside Abingdon.
I don't know where.
I've searched the public record.
Tax bills, power, phone.
It's like-- It's like he lives off the grid.
- Well, there you have it.
- Have what? Hello? - What? - Nothing.
What made you smile? Nipple guards.
A year ago, I Tom and I, we were going to adopt a newborn and we were having a baby shower.
And one of the guests, this teacher she brought nipple guards.
Did she know you were adopting? Exactly, yes, she-- It was like she was reminding me that I wasn't pregnant.
I was just so pissed.
I didn't even thank her.
God, I wish I could just go back and thank her.
I had it all figured out.
I was gonna have a baby and a husband.
And then he showed up.
You know everyone talks about it, right? They don't want to bring it up with you.
Why you? Who is he to you? Reddington is the bane of my existence.
And yet, here he is, trying to reconnect with his daughter? Trying to find her? And I find myself feeling possessive.
Possessive of him, jealous of the girl he's trying to protect.
And if that's not embarrassing enough, that's exactly how he predicted I'd feel.
You think they've delivered that baby yet? Carrie Ann Beck's? - That's probably why she backed out.
- Mm-hm.
- Because of that baby.
- Mm-hm.
And when they find a cure when we walk out of here, it'll all be because of that baby.
I figured it out.
Technically, Mr.
Reddington figured it out, but I think I know where Beck is.
He's a radical environmentalist, so any electricity would be solar.
We have a 50-mile search area.
That could be dozens of houses.
Using grid-tied power.
But people who wanna sever ties they would use off-grid systems, which are very uncommon.
- How uncommon? - I could only find one with the capability to support a compound large enough for Beck and his followers.
I should mention, I'm pretty sure Mr.
Reddington has a head start.
Pepper, What's? You two out here playing grab-ass in the woods just smacks of something biblical.
Who the hell are you? I'm the snake in the grass.
I was a big fan of yours at one time.
I remember you in that little inflatable boat in the North Sea going up against that oil platform.
Huge waves tossing you up against the pilings fire hoses and steel oil drums raining down from above.
My God, it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.
Then I had the good fortune of sharing a cell in a prison outside Sochi with a-- An associate of yours, Yevgeny Bushkin.
Big bear of a man, 150 kilos on an empty belly.
As I remember it, Yevgeny went on a hunger strike to protest some oil pipeline that threatened a vital something or other.
You probably remember better than I.
But the point is the old boy didn't eat for 74 days.
Imagine that.
I wouldn't have the discipline.
My weakness is sausage and peppers.
But Yevgeny he did it.
Wasted away like Christ on the cross dying for a cause.
Your cause.
And I remember thinking that the only men I've known that have people who are willing to die for their cause are either saints or megalomaniacs.
And you are no saint.
Which is why I'm not surprised to find you and Pepper waiting out Armageddon here in Eden.
You and I both know you're not gonna die for your cause.
Put that down.
You dig up a plague hatch a plan to spread it around the world but before you do, you synthesize a cure for yourself and your Eve.
Ironic, isn't it? If you were half as dedicated to your cause as Yevgeny was there would be no vaccine, I wouldn't be here and you and Pepper would be free to romp like bunnies until the convulsing and hemorrhaging started.
You're wrong.
My actions are about our crimes against the Earth.
I'll be frank, Mr.
Beck, because I'm in a bit of a hurry.
I'm not here for you.
I think you know what I'm about to ask for.
What's he talking about? You never told him? Told me what? Where is it? Please.
Never told me what? We don't have much time.
My business is finished here.
I'll leave the two of you.
I'm sure you have plenty to discuss.
Just got off with the CDC.
They've started vaccine protocol.
Quarantined victims treated, along with the passengers from those flights.
The girl, Carrie Ann Beck, she was taken off life support.
Notify her next of kin.
Tell them about the child.

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