The Blacklist s02e19 Episode Script

Leonard Caul

1 Previously on The Blacklist Alan Fitch directed me to that safe.
What does he want me to know? It is happening.
What is? What's happening? Aram, I need your assistance locating the source of a call that was placed to a pay phone.
I can't stress enough the urgency of this matter.
I don't think you have any real comprehension of the depth and breadth of your vulnerability.
But only the one who possesses the Fulcrum could possibly fathom that.
I don't think you have it.
Don't think you ever did.
The Fulcrum-- if you have it, if you can prove you have it, do it now.
Your life depends on it.
I have the Fulcrum.
Tell me what it is, and I'll tell you where to find it.
I'm the one who hired Tom Keen to enter your life.
This is all you wanted.
Lizzy! Raymond! Dembe! What you're asking me to do I appreciate that you turned yourself in.
You came back for me.
Liz, I'm in danger.
I need the passports.
I can't.
I just can't.
Liz, please! They're not just passports.
You hid them in a box under the floor in our home.
They represent everything I'm trying to forget.
I know.
I wouldn't ask you unless it was important.
They're locked up in Evidence.
That's exactly why they should still be clean.
I'm not gonna walk into Evidence and steal them for you-- Why would I do that? You want me gone? Do this, and you'll never see me again.
You need to leave.
All units, shots fired at Euclid and Drake.
Echo 23 en route.
Echo 28 en route.
FBI-issued plate-- 7-4-3-6-Uniform-Sierra-- under fire.
Possible officer involved in shooting.
One male confirmed down.
Repeat-- plate 7-4-3-6-Uniform-Sierra.
Officer under fire.
Stay down! - You have eyes? - Fourth floor.
East side.
Look out! Down.
We got to get him out of here.
- Get in! - Let's go! Cooper, this is Keen.
Reddington is down.
I repeat, he is down-- shot and critical.
Shot? Where? Where are you? Euclid and Drake, headed southwest.
Lizzy, don't.
Reddington, stay still.
He's shot in the chest.
I'm gonna lose him if I don't get him to an ER.
Reddington's shot-- Euclid and Drake.
Providence? - No, University.
- University.
I'm trying to ping Agent Keen's phone now.
Are you secure? Unfriendlies? Unknown, but I'm gonna need an escort and backup.
What are you doing? Keen? Agent Keen? Dial "star, seven, seven.
" - What? - Star, seven, seven.
What is your location? Who is this? What is your location? Mr.
Kaplan? What is your location? Capitol and M.
I don't know what Mr.
Kaplan has planned, but we need to get him to a hospital right away.
No hospitals.
I'm sorry, but we don't have a choice.
I'm not gonna let him die, and it can't wait.
Kaplan? There's a warehouse-- 5312 Mass Avenue.
Say it back.
5312 Mass Avenue.
Get there now.
We'll be waiting.
Who will? Hold on.
Just hold on.
save me I'm down, man I'm dyin' to meet you, no with the pen brushing in my thumbs now I'm thinkin' don't let me go don't let me go don't let me go don't let me go don't let me go One of our men on Euclid is dead.
And the target? Hit.
Still in play.
They'll want to take our man to the ME.
That cannot happen.
Still alive.
I want eyes on any and all medical resources he has.
Get someone to the crime scene and find out how he got away and where he is hiding.
stranded in the sand the time press against my hopes now liquid, it fills my mouth spit it out well, spit it out well, spit it out well, spit it out whoo! go! baby, oh, precious baby keep movin', show me some light keep breathin', don't want you leavin' ain't gonna be the same without you it'll be all right He's shot in the chest, right side.
Entered the intercostal in the eighth rib.
Absent breath sound in the right lung.
BP is 60 over palp.
Pulse is thready.
Abdomen's distended.
I need six units now.
X-rays now.
Give me a tube.
Give me a scope.
He dropped a lung-- stat chest tube.
You need-- you need to find Leonard Caul.
Caul? Leonard Caul.
T-t-talk to Dembe.
You need to find him, Lizzy.
Get that line in.
Stay with us.
Gone? What do you mean, gone? We instructed Keen to go to the ER at University.
Our people cleared the floor.
They never showed.
There's been an attempted assassination in broad daylight.
You know Reddington was hit, and yet he and Keen have disappeared? Well, that was certainly trial by fire.
Attorney General.
Not for another week.
Not ever if the press has anything to say about it.
I'm up there spinning gold about all the great things Justice will do under my leadership when I've got an aide whispering in my ear about-- We just found out ourselves.
Harold, I was caught with my pants down, and as three ex-wives can attest to, it's not a pretty sight.
Keen's gone AWOL.
Why were they meeting in the first place? Were they working a case? I'm not aware of the nature of the meeting.
Harold, I don't need to tell you what's at stake here.
You need to contain this-- whatever it takes, whatever you need.
The full resources of my office are at your disposal.
Thanks, Tom.
Excuse me for a moment.
- Reddington's in surgery.
- Surgery? Where? We've checked every ER in the city.
We're in a warehouse-- 5312 Mass Avenue.
He has some sort of mobile crash team.
Dispatch units now.
Reddington gave me a name.
Who? Leonard Caul.
Who is Leonard Caul? He must know something about the people who organized the hit.
So Reddington knows who's behind this.
Whoever they are came after Reddington because they thought he had this device, the Fulcrum.
It's a blackmail file on a group, this cabal.
He told them he had it, and he didn't.
And they finally called his bluff and tried to kill him, and they will not stop until they do.
Unless we find Leonard Caul.
There's nothing on him in the system.
According to Dembe, before Fitch died, he told Reddington to find Caul, that he would have information about the Fulcrum, the cabal.
Reddington asked Aram to trace a call to an apartment, but when they got there, Caul was gone.
All they found was blood-- no body.
Well, he didn't tell me what it was for, and I, uh, definitely didn't ask, but I could probably still pull up the location.
All right, Keen.
We got a team on the way.
Stay safe for 15 minutes, and you're home.
We need to find the tear.
What are his vitals? BP is 90 over 60, pulse 140.
I'm giving pressors and more fluids.
I need another unit of blood.
So, Aram traced that call to an apartment at 3130 Sheridan Road.
The name on the lease was an alias, but there was a police report filed by the apartment manager who found blood in the home.
So we pulled the admission logs at the nearby ERs.
Three gunshot wounds, six cases of domestic violence-- And one guy who comes in with his two fingers in a ziplock bag.
- Leonard Caul? - He didn't leave a name.
There were cops in the ER, and when he saw them, he left.
How can you be sure it's the man we're looking for? We can't.
But he left his fingers behind.
I want any surveillance from that ER.
Interview the doctors on call.
Contact Metro PD, see if they ran the prints.
We've got company! Protective detail.
We've got units securing the perimeter and a chopper inbound to evac the patient.
No, we're not-- What the hell?! The Bureau issues Glocks or Sigs.
Whoever these gentlemen are, they're not FBI.
There will be more.
How long before we can - What's his status? - What? His status, what is it? Can he be moved? No.
I don't know.
I need a definitive answer.
We have to go now.
Go? We can't go.
If we move him, he'll bleed to death.
We just now found the compromised artery.
We still have to cauterize it before we can close him.
So do it.
That was his job.
Does anyone here have surgical training? Two years, Fresno State.
You're up, Fresno.
They're coming.
Yes, I responded to their message, but we don't have more than 15 or 20 minutes.
20? No.
Even he would need at least 30 minutes to close this tear.
You have 15.
Absolutely not.
Nick, please.
Liz, I haven't heard from you for three years.
I wouldn't ask if I had any other choice.
Find another doctor.
I had another doctor.
- Great.
Use him.
- I can't.
Why? Did you turn down his marriage proposal, too? Listen to me-- a man is going to die if you don't help us.
I'm begging you.
Where do you want me to go? What are you doing here? I live here.
I didn't know where else to go.
Over here.
BP is 70 palp.
Pulse is critical but stable.
This is for you, Liz, not for him.
The protective detail is at the warehouse.
There's no sign of Keen or Reddington.
The shooter at the first crime scene, the EMTs who were taking him to the ME, they never showed.
There were three bodies found at the warehouse-- two men posing as FBI and Dr.
Mark Child, Chief of Surgery at Georgetown.
Agent Keen.
Are you safe? Who's with you? Just us-- Ressler, Navabi, Mojtabai.
And who dispatched the detail? The DC field office.
That must be where the leak came from.
- Where are you? - A safe house.
Give me an address.
We'll send our own men now.
Reddington's team is here.
We're secure.
How is he? He's I don't know for sure, but it's bad.
What do you need? Tell us, and we'll do it.
I need you to find Leonard Caul.
I thought you'd be gone.
That was the plan.
Then I thought maybe if I stayed, I'd have a shot at a normal life.
Does Nik have any idea what you've gotten him into? He's not a part of this.
He's just a doctor.
Reddington's a bad man, Liz.
He's bad for anyone who comes in contact with him.
He's bad for you.
His world, this right here, unless you get out, this will devour you.
It doesn't matter if he's bad.
What matters is he has answers about me, and I'm staying until I get them.
Well, maybe I could help you get those answers.
I doubt that.
Liz, I know a lot more about Reddington than you think.
The bullet nicked the right lung.
I was able to reinflate it with a chest tube, and we'll start him on a prophylactic antibiotic.
What about the bullet? That's the problem.
It has a percussion cap, which causes it to essentially explode.
By some miracle, it didn't.
If I try to remove it, if I touch it the wrong way It's like there's a land mine inside him and you're asking me to dig it up.
Can you do it or not? We were never formally introduced.
I believe the only time we met you were in her kitchen, making coffee in your underwear.
Well, if it's any consolation, she dumped me, too.
Can you do it? You may not remember, but I worked my way through school-- nights, weekends, and I still had to take out loans.
I busted my hump, and I am still $376,422 in debt.
Can I do it? Absolutely.
For $376,422.
I know who he is.
I don't why he's here or what you have to do with him, but I know.
$500,000-- unmarked, untraceable.
Reddington insists on being prepared for all contingencies.
Shall we continue? We checked with NCIC.
The prints they ran on our eight-fingered mystery man were a dead end.
No criminal record, no background checks.
He wasn't in their system.
But he was in Mossad's.
Leonard Caul's real name is Joseph McCray.
He's former CIA.
Last-known photograph dates back to 1981.
He was part of Operation Harwood, a covert surveillance unit run out of Managua to keep tabs on the Sandinistas.
The Agency knows who he is, but they won't say.
We can't find him because his job is to blend in.
He's basically eyes and ears-- nothing else.
He may as well have been a ghost.
Harwood was run by a woman named Helen Jubal.
Senate Intelligence Committee shut it down in the wake of Iran-contra.
Tom Connolly was legal counsel.
You think Connolly can get her to talk? I'll ask him.
We've been trading a few favors lately.
I could be arrested for even acknowledging Mr.
McCray exists.
As luck would have it, I know a few people in law enforcement.
Tommy said you were a smooth operator.
He says you can help me find Leonard Caul, or the man you know as Mr.
Haven't spoken to him in years.
Is that a fact? Well, the unit broke up.
He didn't take it well, became-- Ms.
Jubal, let's cut to it, shall we? McCray was an agent of yours.
He's in trouble, on the run.
The next Attorney General has given me carte blanche to inquire as to his whereabouts.
Anyone obstructing that inquiry will have to answer to him.
He came to me recently, said he'd gotten himself wrapped up in some kind of business with Raymond Reddington.
That's what this is about-- your hunt for Reddington.
Jubal, tell me where he is.
He's scared, hurt, had no place to go-- I'm assuming because of Reddington.
If I tell you where he is, do you promise to use that information only as a means to find Reddington? You have my word.
In Bethesda, there's a small second-story flat.
In the flat, you will find a desk.
The middle drawer has a false front.
Remove it, and you will find a silver case along with a key.
This is about the Fulcrum.
You still have it.
I do.
This case, the key I need you to bring them here to Raymond, to Leonard Caul.
That's why Reddington wanted us to find Caul, because he can decipher the Fulcrum.
He's gonna be okay.
This flat Raymond can never know you were there.
Do you understand, Elizabeth? I would go if I could, but I can't.
I can't leave him alone.
Raymond must never know you were there.
Where are we with this thing? According to Agent Keen, Reddington is in surgery.
It's touch and go.
In surgery? Where? What's their location? I'm not at liberty to say.
I suggest you take the liberty.
We have a lead on Leonard Caul.
Helen Jubal tipped us to a safe house in Alexandria.
My people are looking into it.
That's not what I asked.
I asked for the location of Reddington.
He's right to keep us out of the loop, Reven.
You know the protocol.
If there's even the slightest suspicion of a leak, information is need-to-know.
I trust Agent Keen.
After the Harbormaster? I'm beginning to regret sweeping that under the rug.
She kept this Fulcrum secret, a blackmail file on some nefarious group, and then she gave this file to Reddington? I don't know that she gave it to him.
I appreciate your loyalty to Agent Keen, Harold, but you have to admit there's a possibility she's being completely manipulated by Reddington.
What if the reason he chose her in the first place is because he wanted to get his hands on this thing? What if that's the real reason he turned himself in? I don't believe that.
All this talk about some personal connection between Reddington and Keen, why he chose her, some shared history-- What if Reddington doesn't care about Agent Keen and it's all been a manipulation? Hey, sweetheart.
Hi, kitty.
The doctor says you did well.
Elizabeth? She's fine.
You need to go to my flat.
I'm taking care of it.
You were right, Dembe.
I should've told her.
I understand why you didn't.
No, you don't.
The blessing of an honest man.
She still hasn't found Caul.
She won't.
But if she looks for him, he'll find her.
Hello, Agent Keen Why don't we go back inside and have a little chat? Don't take it.
You take that money, and he'll have his hooks in you.
Trust me, it's the last thing you want.
I'm not a criminal.
I've never even gotten a speeding ticket.
Don't take it.
When I heard you two were getting married, I was happy for her.
People said you were okay, a teacher.
Later on, they told me you were planning to adopt a child and start a family.
Guess you two decided to go another route.
I won't take you to Reddington.
Yes, you will.
You tried to kill him in the street today, at the warehouse.
The cabal tried to kill him.
It's what they do-- eliminate their enemies.
You're Leonard Caul.
Reddington sent you to find me.
What's your connection to Reddington? Alan Fitch.
I believe he wanted us to meet.
Shortly after Reddington contacted me, there was an attempt on my life.
That's when I knew I could trust him.
When someone tried to kill you? Yes, the cabal-- to keep us apart.
I've been in hiding ever since, watching, waiting for a signal from Reddington that it was safe to meet.
He sent word earlier today.
He was shot earlier today.
I know.
He sent word after through you.
He knew you'd be watching.
I don't like having the FBI running my prints, accessing my covert files, talking with my former CO.
When I saw that happening, I knew it meant one of two things.
You either want to arrest me or talk to me.
Which is it, Agent Keen? Tell me what you know about the Fulcrum.
Is that the interface? You don't know how it works.
If you trust him, Agent Keen, you will show it to me.
It's what he wants.
He gave you a key.
You know, that day at the hospital, the day Sam died, I think about that day a lot.
I worked for you two years-- we never met.
You were always this shadow, moving from place to place, talked about, but never seen.
And then there you were.
To see you sitting there after I'd betrayed your trust, gone to work for Berlin, I was terrified.
I sat there listening to you threaten me, threaten anyone who could hurt Liz.
And all I could think was you You are the one who hurts Liz the most.
She's here in this right now because of you.
And I know I played a part in that, and I'm not saying I didn't, but Trying to fix that.
So I told her the truth about us.
I'm telling you this because I don't want you to be confused about my part in any of this-- you, Liz All of it.
I'm out.
I'm done.
There's a device-- it's called a "bubble module.
" It's the size of a quarter.
Smartest person I know couldn't figure out how to read this.
That's because he didn't have the ciphertext.
How did you get it? I didn't get it.
I wrote it.
First time I saw it, I was speechless, too.
Some of the names on that list, people, they're CEOs, Defense contractors, intelligence officers from China, India, all over the world.
Those names you saw, those are just the beginning.
You worked for Fitch.
He was part of it.
He'd been cut out of the loop.
Director didn't trust him.
That's why Fitch reached out to me.
The Director? Yes.
Clandestine Services.
Wait-- are you telling me the director of Clandestine Serv-- Yes.
Keep driving.
But we're here.
Keep driving.
We're compromised.
when see you him, look him in the eye - You're surrounded.
- Where are you? We're close.
I don't know how many, but they're coming, and you need to be ready.
Reddington-- what's his condition? He's better.
But he's gonna get us all killed.
I'm calling for backup.
I got hostiles at Crescent to the north, more to the west.
Give me a gun.
You don't want the help, I'm happy to leave.
ballpoint pen and makes nunchaku It's okay.
you wake up with a hatchet over your head Keen, where the hell are you? 3295 Thompson.
Talk to me.
What's going on? Our site's been compromised.
I don't know by who, and right now I don't care, but Reddington's inside, and he can't be moved.
I need you to send units now.
Agent Ressler, notify HRT.
I want Hopkins and his team only.
Copy that.
We need to go back.
You're outnumbered.
We have to go back and help.
There's nothing you can do.
They're going to kill Reddington.
They're gonna kill everyone.
I-I can't just walk away.
Yes, you can, and if you know what's good, you're going to keep walking.
What does that mean? The Director never believed that Reddington had the Fulcrum.
The moment Fitch died, it was only a matter of time before the Director called his bluff.
That's it.
What? Agent Keen, what are you thinking? Make it quick.
I've got the National Security Council waiting.
How much resistance? I don't care what it takes.
I want the target eliminated.
open your eyes, chokin' on his bed choking on his bed We have a situation.
take a toke of his wet cigarette he picks your brains, you stub it on his chest slit his tongue with one fast hand and you stuff his mouth with the salty sand tie his arms with hair from his head What are you doing, Kate? Keeping you alive.
like a rusty can There's nothing you can do here.
I'm not leaving you, Raymond.
You need to go.
Find a way out.
I'll be fine.
And if I'm not, you know what to do.
But you won't be able to do it unless you leave.
I can see you runnin' I can see you runnin' and you're gone in the blink of my eye gone, gone, gone, in the blink of my eye I can see you runnin' I can see you runnin' and you're gone in the blink of my eye gone, gone, gone, in the blink of my blink of my, blink of my President approved it, as well.
Yes, I-I understand that.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, but there's an agent here to see you.
Oh, not now.
It's Elizabeth Keen.
She says she has information about something called the Fulcrum.
Thank you.
We are going to have to postpone.
The President is expecting us to get back-- The President will have to wait.
If you'll excuse us.
That will be all.
I admire your nerve, Agent Keen, barging in here like this.
But I'm afraid it's too late.
Well, then you're gonna have to read about this in tomorrow's New York Times.
The Fulcrum.
You didn't think Reddington had it.
Well, here it is, and it tells quite a story-- political assassinations, terrorism.
We know who you are, what you've done.
You called Reddington's bluff, and you lost.
Call it off.
I told you it's too late.
Pick up the phone right now and call it off.
You have no idea the enemies you just made.
I'm afraid I do.
You can keep that.
We have copies.
I never saw it before.
Saw what? How much you look like your mother.
We've cleared a wing at Sibley Memorial for you and your medical team.
Cooper will oversee your security personally.
When I hired Tom Keen-- Don't.
There's nothing you can say.
When I hired Tom Keen, it was at a time of profound transition in your life.
You'd already left behind the relative safety and innocence of youth.
Sam's care as a father had served you well, but you'd outgrown him.
A-and I knew that eventually my life would jeopardize yours.
So, in an admittedly presumptuous and ultimately futile effort to keep you safe, I hired Tom simply to be there as a friend of a friend to look after you from an arm's length.
When I learned that your relationship had become intimate, I fired him.
I should've removed him, but you were already in love with him.
And Tom, he shifted his allegiance to Berlin in part to protect himself from me, but also because it allowed for an inextricable intimacy and commitment to you.
And so you were married.
And I couldn't stay away any longer.
A confluence of peril had entered your life, and I wanted to be within reach, to have influence.
I turned myself in to the FBI to point you toward a truth that inevitably you would have to discover for yourself.
Is that all of it? Some of it.
Why couldn't you just have said yes? It wouldn't kill you to lie just once to make someone feel good.
I understand you're conflicted.
Lives were lost today.
But the work we do is important.
We help provide peace, stability.
Children can go to school, families to church without fear-- or certainly with less of it because of us.
And you wanted to be a part of that.
It's a solemn responsibility and, on days like today, a heavy one.
And few people are capable of honoring that responsibility.
You are-- we know that, and we believe in you.
We also know that we asked you to betray a friend.
Well, you want a seat at the table.
Now you have one.
Came as soon as I could.
I think you're right.
Reddington What happened today I think it's gonna devour me.
What I said What I meant was that it would devour most people.
It's not gonna devour you.
You said you could help me find answers.
I think I can.
Tell me what you know about Reddington.

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