The Blacklist s02e20 Episode Script

Quon Zhang

1 Plot 332.
This is it.
Hey, what's going on here? Lose the shovel.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
What are you doing here? Mr.
Liao, pleasure to see you.
What do we have today? Marjorie Lin Twenty-four Unmarried She was going for her PHD.
Cause of death? Heart attack.
No history of illness, or STDS.
As requested.
- How much? - Thirty-seven thousand.
I'll take it.
You're going to be so pretty.
I had the photo enhanced.
It's a rough extrapolation of features since the face was almost entirely blown out.
Ran it through every FBI database.
Facial recognition, mug shots, surveillance feeds.
Or just buy this boat, and we could disappear.
Do you know how many images are in the NGI database? Fifty-one million.
If we go away, none of that matters.
Fifty-one million, and not a single one of her.
Reddington knows who she is.
I know who she is.
That girl, that's me.
And the woman, I believe that may be my mother.
That mean Reddington's your dad? No.
My father died when I was 4, in a fire.
Reddington was there.
I think she may have been too.
Why don't you just ask him? If Reddington wanted me to know the truth, he would've told me by now.
Wants to keep me from knowing.
And he will bully anyone who might help me into silence.
Well, that's his tell, the silence.
Berlin had me keep tabs on him, or trying to.
Mention of his name was like I'd asked for their firstborn.
He thinks fear protects him, but fear he instills, silence can't hide it.
You can see it in their eyes.
Whenever I did, I knew Reddington had been there.
- What? - That stamp.
The ring, I've seen it before.
- Where? - Berlin.
He wore a ring with that exact hallmark.
It's a Russian inspection stamp.
You know people who worked with Berlin.
You could reach out.
My apologies, Leonard.
I intended to be earlier.
You had a bullet removed from your chest five days ago.
It's a wonder you're here at all.
I've configured an optical character recognition program to create hard copies of the data of the Fulcrum.
That data's over 25 years old.
Much of it must be obsolete.
Most of the key delegations are run by the same players.
The Director believes there are many players on the board.
He thinks a bipolar world is inherently more stable.
Whatever they're planning to accomplish, it won't commence until 2017.
Well, he's advancing the time line.
And with Hobbs gone, I've lost my man on the inside.
We need to find Kenneth Jasper.
He's one of the Director's closest allies.
He'll know what they're planning.
I threatened to kill him when he betrayed Roger Hobbs.
More specifically, I threatened to cut out his tongue and deliver it to the Director personally.
He won't be easy to find.
But he's the best play.
Swanky digs.
Seeing as how you recently paid a visit to my apartment in Bethesda you know I have a fondness for the old and somewhat decrepit.
Dembe asked me to go to get the interface for the Fulcrum.
He needed you to get the Fulcrum.
He wanted you to discover secrets.
Did you discover any secrets, Lizzy? What's that? Please help yourself.
Identification documents for Lien Mah.
Fake birth certificate.
Fake passport.
Death certificate.
Proof of embalming.
Everything necessary to convince the U.
State Department that Lien Mah was a Chinese national who died while visiting the United States and to arrange for her body's return to her homeland.
Who would ship a fictitious Chinese corpse to China? A rather clever smuggler, I imagine.
So if Lien Mah is fake, then whose body are they shipping overseas? "Marjorie Lin, 24, was laid to rest Monday afternoon.
Not 10 hours later, her body was stolen in a brazen midnight grave robbery.
" You think the smuggler is using Marjorie Lin's body? Compare the photo on Lien Mah's false passport to the photo of Marjorie Lin in the paper.
Same woman.
But why this case? What's your angle? This smuggler also has business with the Cabal.
- The Cabal? - The Taiwan festival bombing in 2011.
Thirty-two dead, nine injured.
The IED that took out the convoy headed to the Chinese consulate in Jakarta last year another 17 dead.
Both were engineered by the Cabal.
And this same smuggler was used to transport those explosives to their final destinations.
You wanna target one of their assets? I went to the Director, showed him the Fulcrum restored the détente.
The détente is over, Lizzy.
What you know about the Fulcrum what the Director now knows you know? By saving me, you revealed yourself to be a potent enemy a target they will try to discredit or destroy.
The smuggler.
We need to find the smuggler.
So we obtained a list from State of all the foreign nationals who died on U.
soil and were repatriated back to their home countries.
- Of these, seven in particular stood out.
- How so? Passports were forged using fictitious names just like the documentation that Mr.
Reddington provided on Marjorie Lin.
Who were these women really? Marjorie Lin, a.
Lien Mah, wasn't the only body that was stolen.
We were able to match forged photos with seven grave robberies in which the bodies were Asian females under 35.
Chinese, to be specific.
And all were shipped to various cities in China.
Do we know who received the shipments? I contacted Chinese authorities.
They're launching an investigation.
We doubt they'll come up with much.
Given the forged paper trails my bet is these funeral parlors don't even exist.
Based on this guy's track record there's a chance he was moving explosives in caskets.
As soon as our suspect files the paperwork authorizing transportation of Lien Mah back to China we'll know the flight number, and we can go seize the casket.
- That's enough for today.
- Just one more lap, Raymond.
- This is an important part of your therapy.
- You should have let me die.
Nobody told me about this aimless walking.
- Jasper's gone.
- How gone? Canceled all meetings and fled in his Gulfstream four days ago.
Bogus flight plan.
No record of any visas issued.
Not as much as a passport swiped.
Call Alex and Barton.
Book them a flight to Key West.
Jasper's yacht is docked at the Admiral's Club Marina.
A Benetti Romanza.
Barton can pass for Jasper from a distance.
Go aboard, take her out a mile or two, blow her up.
Dembe will make it appear to be a death by misadventure.
Tip off Frasier at The Journal and Brenda Short at Holford Capital.
Stock in Jasper's conglomerate Century View Media will start hemorrhaging as soon as news of his tragic disappearance goes viral.
Within hours, he'll have to hold a press conference to stem the bleeding.
And then we'll have his location, or at least a starting point.
And if he decides to ride it out? He has two viciously rapacious ex-wives.
A Brazilian bull shark of a mistress and a thoroughbred ranch south of Ocala that's a bottomless money pit.
He'll turn up.
If you're gonna keep stopping by like this, we should consider getting you an office.
I'm getting sworn in tomorrow, Harold.
I'm aware.
Big day.
You're damn right.
I've been getting calls from The Times, from The Post.
There were witnesses.
People think it was Reddington who was shot.
People know it was him.
We can deal with rumors.
What's harder is proof, and there isn't any.
Press believes a fugitive from the FBI’s most wanted list was here in D.
Looks like I don't know anything.
It gives the impression I'm more focused on transitioning into the job than doing the job.
I want this handled.
- How do you suggest I do that? - A reporter at The Post.
His name is Josh Mandell.
I want you to leak him something, anything.
A redacted operational report to Reven Wright.
Just enough to convey that my office and the FBI are all over the Reddington case.
You're asking me to fabricate and then leak a classified document.
It's public relations, Harold.
Lien Mah's body was delivered to Dulles.
The casket's scheduled to be on Flight 241 to Beijing.
Contact airport authority.
Stop that flight.
Make sure casket doesn't make it to the cargo hold.
Get an EOD team to meet us on site.
I just heard from Reddington.
He wants to meet.
- About what? - He won't say.
He's still worried about leaks.
I'll have to catch up with you later.
Our preliminary x-rays didn't reveal any explosive material or objects with a density common to C4 or other incendiary plastics.
We won't know what we got for sure till we get inside.
To be safe, we're gonna let the robot crack it.
That's definitely Marjorie Lin.
- Interior looks clear.
- That's not possible.
Our intel says that something's being smuggled in that casket.
What if what we're looking for isn't in the casket? What if he's brazen enough to hide the contraband in the body itself? We're not gonna open that body.
No one wants to put this woman through anything more than she's endured but I'm afraid we're going to have to insist.
You know, when I was-- When I was a kid, I wanted to race motorcycles.
And my mom said, "No, Jeffrey.
Go into medicine.
It's safe.
" Thanks a lot, Mom.
All right.
Here we go.
Helmet on.
Okay, yeah.
Definitely should not have had tuna for lunch.
Wish me luck.
Here we go.
Nice and easy.
Nice and easy.
All right.
I'm gonna open her up by cutting along the path of the previous incision.
Here we go.
I'm in.
All of the internal organs appear normal, post-embalmment.
Nothing here appears to be out of the ordinary.
She's clean.
In fact, she's immaculate.
This is one of the most impeccably preserved bodies I have ever seen.
We're clear.
Did the same thing last month.
It's probably why you don't recognize me.
Berlin, man, he's tough.
I had to get away for a while, go to Germany, figure a few things out.
I come here for the peace and quiet.
Gosh, you know, I just thought maybe you could help me.
He said to piss off, pal.
Just take a minute.
I don't know who that is.
I think you do.
Why don't you take another look? We got a problem.
Let him go.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- I believe he was asking for a name.
- I can't.
I swore on my life I wouldn't.
You swore to whom? Son of a bitch.
Who's Bill Kershaw? Where is it? I know it's here.
That's how you knew I was here, how you knew I saw the picture.
It's why you threatened people.
The important thing is for our stockholders to understand that I am alive and well.
And we understand that you've lined up a series of interviews - so that you can reassure - Call Hollenbeck in Boston.
I want a surveillance team outside that station when Jasper leaves.
We should find out from Dr.
Rentovitch if I'm cleared to fly.
Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Raymond.
--want to be reassured that this company is stable.
Hello, Mr.
I saw your name on the mailbox.
I know you're listening.
You know how I know? Because this is where you keep all of your secrets.
You don't want anyone finding those out, do you? Well, unless you answer my questions, I'm gonna find every last one.
Let me have your phone.
You've made your point, Agent Keen.
It's time we discuss the photograph.
The girl is you.
And the woman is your mother.
What was her name? I knew her as Katarina Rostova.
One of her many names.
She was a KGB agent.
The girl, the night of the fire, they called her-- Masha.
You were born in Moscow.
Your parents-- Father and They were both in foreign intelligence.
You said she died of weakness and shame.
You were there that night.
I need to know what happened.
You want to know.
There's a difference.
Orchard told me someone blocked my memory of that night.
Was it you? Yes.
Why? I'm not going to tell you.
You have a picture of my mother in your weird little apartment.
Why? Were you in love with her? Is that why my father died? You killed him because you were in love with my mother? Tell me what happened.
I'm not gonna tell you what happened, Lizzy.
Then I'll find out for myself.
What's on your mind? Tom Connolly wants me to leak intel to the press.
What kind of intel? Classified.
I should have said no, but I get the distinct impression that my position in this clinical trial is contingent on doing him favors.
So do them.
I mean, don't people leak information all the time? You hear what I said? He's leveraging my health, my life.
Harold, you're a decent man the man I fell in love with.
And now you're asked to do something indecent.
But if you are telling me that your life depends on whether Tom Connolly gets what he wants you know my opinion.
I do.
And you know mine.
Reddington said that the smugglers facilitated several terrorist incidents in the past.
Had to have been transporting something in that casket.
Wasn't drugs or explosives.
Maybe it was the stolen bodies themselves.
Guys, come here.
Check this out.
Photo on the left was taken by the coroner who pronounced Marjorie Lin dead five days ago.
The one on the right was taken at the airport yesterday.
- Notice anything? - Their teeth are different.
When she died, Marjorie Lin didn't have veneers.
Her teeth were fixed postmortem? And that is not easy to pull off, given the time frame.
Process normally takes weeks.
Miss Lin's body was only taken two days ago.
According to Danover Labs the order was delivered to a Dr.
Henry McGlasson.
I dug a little deeper into this guy and contacted the medical board.
3230 Kettering Drive.
How'd it go with Reddington? He have any insights? No, but I did.
My face is out there.
I've done five interviews in the last four hours.
The reporting has been corrected.
It'll just take time for the share price to recover.
The front desk called.
The radio people are here.
Put Theelan on it.
Tell him to flog his boy from the SEC and get it done.
We'll be wheels up again in two hours.
I'll do the video uplink in the air.
Hello, Kenneth.
Regrettably, your interview has been canceled, but don't fret.
I'm quite certain my questions will be much more provocative.
Hands where I can see them.
You're standing in front of a ghost bride.
- Come again.
A what? - It's an outlawed folk custom.
Chinese form of ancestor worship.
When a family member dies, the relatives are obligated to tend to that person's needs.
If they die unmarried, they'll find themselves alone on other side.
And unhappy spirits tend to come back and haunt their living relatives.
- What are the paper dolls for? - The ceremony.
The family crafts a doll for the deceased groom, as well.
After which, the female's remains are buried alongside the deceased male.
Believe it or not, with all the women in China young, attractive, unmarried female corpses are rare which would explain why our suspect exported bodies from the U.
I'm sorry, but this guy digs up bodies in America then he sends them back to China to be reburied? Mail-order corpse brides.
Selected based on age, lineage, education, attractiveness.
And that explains the veneers.
This one was clearly crafted to resemble Marjorie Lin.
Same general features, Who's this one? They're gonna steal another body.
Agent Navabi.
I imagine you're knee-deep in pilfered corpses at the moment.
But right now I require a woman with your particular experience and training.
What? There must be over a hundred thousand dollars in this case.
Heads up, Kenneth.
I'm afraid I mean quite literally.
I'm gonna need you to keep your head up for this next part.
It's bad news, old boy.
I know.
A few days ago, I offered to crown you king and now here you sit.
Well, the road not taken.
This is Agent Navabi.
She was trained by Mossad in enhanced interrogation techniques.
I thought you two should have a little visit.
Why don't we get started? I analyzed the money you found in the ceiling tile and found a couple of anomalies.
Turns out the cash is worth a lot more than the 100 grand the bills represent.
How is that even possible? All the serial numbers start with A888 and none of them include the number 4.
In Cantonese and most regional Chinese dialects the word for "four" sounds like the word "death.
" What does that have to do with the bills? It is statistically impossible to have this many bills and not have any fours unless, of course, the bills were printed specifically without any fours.
- You're saying they're counterfeit.
- Prosperity notes worth about 5 bucks to every dollar.
Only one place you can buy an entire batch of currency with this sort of customized detail.
Whoever paid the suspect bought the prosperity notes from U.
If we trace who bought the bills, we might ID the next client.
I already contacted the Treasury.
The buyer was one Mr.
Chaoxiang Han.
I looked into this guy, and-- Thanks so much.
--And we found this article published last February.
and Mrs.
Chaoxiang Han mourned the loss of only son Jin the heir apparent to the Han tech empire, worth billions.
" Says he committed suicide after he was left at the altar by his fiancee, An Bai, after which she emigrated to D.
to live with her father.
He works at the embassy.
She's currently attending Georgetown.
An Bai is the next victim.
But isn't she supposed to already be dead? Isn't that how this works? Uh, the parents must blame her for Jin's suicide.
They're determined to make An Bai his bride, if not in life, in death.
You two head to An Bai's.
Get me the security office at Georgetown.
Oh, my goodness.
Remember that fantastic film from the '70s, Marathon Man? Oh, my God, what a film.
Laurence Olivier as the ex-Nazi super bad guy/dentist.
And Dustin Hoffman as-- I think he was a graduate student, wasn't he? Anyway, that interrogation scene, oh, my gosh.
Olivier drilling into Hoffman's teeth right down into the nerve.
Oh, God, I can just feel it.
The screaming and writhing, the sound of the drill.
And, of course, Hoffman delirious with pain saying anything, true or not, just to stop the excruciating nightmare.
"Is it safe?" "Yes, it's safe.
" "Is it safe?" "No, no, it's not safe!" You know, he'd say anything.
And then that guy comes in-- What's his name? The-- With the great teeth and that hair Anyway, nothing much comes of it.
Hoffman doesn't know anything.
But what a scene.
Unfortunately, nothing quite so dramatic today.
We're gonna be more businesslike.
That Novocain Agent Navabi just gave you should be starting to kick in right about now.
So here's our plan.
You're gonna tell us what sort of mass-casualty event or events the Director is planning.
Either you answer our questions or we're gonna yank out all your teeth today.
I told you.
I don't know.
The Director never spoke of his plans with me.
I'm not in the loop on operational details.
I don't believe that.
I offered you an opportunity to elevate your position within the Cabal, Kenneth.
You declined and instead remained loyal to the Director.
I assumed you had greater aspirations, but you don't, do you, Kenneth? You rejected my offer because as it turns out you're quite satisfied with your station.
That's how I know you're one of the primary decision makers.
Clearly, you are very much in the loop.
You don't understand my loyalty, do you? Because you have nothing in your life worth staying loyal to.
William Devane.
It was William Devane with those marvelous teeth and that great hair.
Oh, I love William Devane.
Anyway, that said, dentistry makes me a little queasy so I'll leave you and my lovely associate to the business at hand.
Look at me.
Sir, we don't have much time.
We need to move quickly before he comes back.
I have orders from the Director to get you out of here.
Stay behind me and keep quiet.
Get in the car.
I've scrambled P.
to An Bai's house.
They should get there before you do.
- Were you able to reach her? - No answer on cell.
I'll try her home line.
For Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
- Where are we going? - I have orders to take you to the Director.
I was aware we had someone on the inside, but I just didn't know who.
Well, I'm not on the inside anymore.
I just blew my cover to save you.
It took me nine months to get Reddington and that damn task force to trust me.
Look, the Director won't take any chances.
If he thinks I've divulged any information in their plans, I am done.
I need you to make it clear that I didn't break.
I don't know what you said before Reddington brought me in.
That's why Reddington brought you in.
He knows the Director is advancing the time line.
Plan is to trigger a series of events that will bring us to the brink of another war.
- I didn't tell him.
Leonard Caul.
- Reddington has the Fulcrum.
He has a blueprint outlining our entire infrastructure.
If you leaked operational details, we're done.
I didn't.
I don't even have those details.
I know we are targeting a defense installation, but I don't know which one.
I'm serious.
The Director won't finalize his choice until next week.
Then you have nothing to worry about.
Why are we--? Where are you taking me? This isn't-- In Corinthians, Satan wasn't transformed into an angel of light.
He was disguised as one.
Don't look so glum, Kenneth.
You just spent 10 minutes being ridden hard by Agent Navabi.
I'd die for five.
- Hello? - Miss Bai? My name is Aram Mojtabai, and I am an agent with the FBI.
We have reason to believe you're in danger.
- What are you talking about? - I'll explain.
I need you to find a secure room in your house.
Make sure all the doors and windows are locked.
The police are on their way, and I'm gonna stay on the line until they arrive.
Miss Bai.
Hello? Miss Bai, hello? Hello, are you still there? Miss Bai? Fifty-three to Dispatch.
We're here at the location.
Doesn't seem to be anyone home.
Hang on.
Hands! Show me hands.
Step out of the car.
That's Charlie 14.
Cancel that, F15.
You don't have any idea what you've done, do you? You're the one charged with a dozen felonies, Mr.
You're the one who almost took a woman's life.
And how many lives did you take? This tradition in Chinese culture that you think is just some ghost story with no basis in the real world.
But this, this is the real world.
You were in a fire? My older brother died when he was only 27.
I'm sorry.
My brother, he was unmarried.
And in the years to follow, he haunted my family from the grave.
My father worked for the same factory for 32 years.
They closed down four months after my brother's death.
And the bad luck that followed was Our home was destroyed by a catastrophic fire.
My mother and father did not survive.
I sat with my mother in the hospital the day she passed.
Saw the fear in her eyes.
She said, "You know why this happened.
It will never stop until you appease your brother.
" So that night I stole the body of a young woman from our village and buried her alongside my brother.
A wife for him, a husband for her in the next life.
And from that day on, the bad luck was gone.
Just like my brother haunted me, Jin Han haunts his parents now.
Because of you, he's not appeased.
And now he will bring bad luck to those who have denied his happiness in the next life.
That includes you and your fellow agents.
We know you don't work exclusively as an independent operator.
Your skill as an international smuggler has made you quite valuable.
Valuable? To who? To an organization some call the Cabal.
- I don't know what that is.
- You may not know the name you know who hired you to procure the weapon used in the Taiwanese festival bombing.
Or the convoy hit in Jakarta.
I'm listening.
There's going to be an attack on U.
soil next week.
You were contracted to bring an item into the country something we believe will be instrumental in that attack.
We need to know what it is and when it's coming.
- Heh.
You're wrong.
- We're not wrong.
We know you were contracted.
Not about that.
I was called to arrange a delivery.
But not for an item.
It was an agent.
The one they call Karakurt.
Karakurt? Who is that? And he's not arriving next week.
He's already here.
You see, Agent Keen, your bad luck is already beginning.
I need a minute.
I'm out.
I'm not leaking classified data.
Not for you, not for anybody.
You're out? Out of what? Whatever the hell kind of game it is you and I are playing.
You know I'm ill.
I came to you for help, as a friend.
I thought that you offered as a friend.
- I did.
- Enough games, Tom.
You used it to leverage me, to hold it over my head as a way to guarantee my assistance whenever you need it.
You think I pulled strings trying to save your life for my own personal benefit? Look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong.
Oh, I'll do better than that, Harold.
I'll look you in the eye and tell you you're not even close.
The situation is much, much worse than you think.
You're absolutely right.
I helped you to get close, to get leverage, but not for me.
Buddy, come on.
We're done with the games.
I'm sure a smart guy like you can guess who's calling my plays.
The Cabal.
A quaint term that no one actually involved would ever use.
Why me? If you guys are as powerful as I'm told, what the hell do you need me for? All in good time, Harold.
What matters now is that you realize one key thing that you understand it and internalize it with every fiber of your being.
- And that is? - We own you.
You perjured yourself to protect Agent Keen.
You broke federal law by disclosing the time line of a pending indictment.
If that weren't enough, a classified document was leaked today to The Post.
- I told you, I won't do it.
- You're not understanding me, Harold.
It's already done.
It seems your wife doesn't share your ethical principles.
You wouldn't do it, so Charlene made the hard decision for you.
That's how much she loves you.
God knows my wife wouldn't commit any felonies for my behalf.
I'm sure you're thinking up all of the moves you have left.
The people I speak for won't hesitate to hurt you or her if they need to.
So, what now? Like I said, all will soon be revealed.
Come on.
I think they're almost ready to start.
A package arrived for you.
It was flagged by security, and I think you need to see it for yourself.
I had a little chat with Jasper today.
Turns out he wasn't very good at holding his tongue so I thought I'd give you a shot at it.
"I, Thomas P.
Connolly, do solemnly swear--" I, Thomas P.
Connolly, do solemnly swear-- "--that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
" --that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
You've reached Elizabeth Keen.
Please leave your message at the tone.
Welcome to America, Sir.
Come in.
Wanna talk about it?
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