The Blacklist s02e21 Episode Script


1 It's time to bring NSA surveillance state to an end.
FISA courts are a rubber stamp to trample on your Fourth Amendment right to privacy.
- Sorry.
You all right? - Oh.
No, no, no.
My fault.
"Kill The Patriot Act.
" It's never gonna happen.
The best we can hope for is-- Fix Section 2-1-5.
I know.
Hyperbole piques their interest, then you go in for the kill.
We could use more petitions like this.
Oh, thank you.
Your involvement means more than you know.
We've achieved customization.
Initiate Phase 2.
it seems like a mighty long time oh, oh, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm so gad ooh you stopped by to say hello to me Did you know that this diner claims to have the third-best cup of coffee in D.
Look, last night, me coming by your place like that and-- Liz, I want to say something.
Don't, please.
I mean, can't you just tell me about your boat? I mean, whatever the other thing is, I'm sure that it's probably best for both of us if you just keep it to yourself.
I'm sorry.
I just want to say I'm sorry.
Tom, we're way past that.
I know, but I'm not asking for your forgiveness.
I just want to apologize because I should have done it a long time ago.
What's the catch? There's no catch.
It's just a little hope.
- Hope? - Mm-hmm.
That what, we'll just work through this screwed-up situation we're in and go back to playing house? - All right, dream scenario.
- Uh-huh.
We finish our coffee, we hope on my boat, we leave, okay, we never look back.
Preferably, we take our clothes off at some point.
Be serious.
- I am trying to be.
- That's insane.
I don't know you-- not the real you.
And the fact that you think I'm gonna run away with whoever you are means that you don't know me at all, either.
You must be the toast, bacon extra crispy, tea, 2%.
Thank you.
I thought you'd be hungry.
Just because I'm eating this-- All right, look, I know the whole naked boat thing is a little unrealistic, but we both need to start over, right? You and me.
The real me, not-- The Neo-Nazi? 'Cause that doesn't really do it for me.
That's fair.
- Reddington.
- Don't.
Try calling me Jacob.
I have to go.
I know you think he knows something, but I wouldn't bet the double-wide.
My guess? The boy don't know doodle.
Oh, the boy knows more than doodle, Brimley.
I've received information from my sources confirming that Karakurt is in-country.
I'm gonna need a bag of dry ice and five feet of vinyl garden hose! That poor fellow's an aide at the Russian consulate and a loyal errand boy for the Cabal.
I believe he's the one who provided Karakurt with a go-bag upon his arrival in the States.
There's something I want to make clear with you.
Karakurt is known in the intelligence community as the left hand of the SVR.
It's not enough for you to tell me that my mother was KGB and that I was born in Russia.
In truth, he works for the Cabal.
They smuggled him into America because they know if he commits an act of terror here, your government will blame Moscow.
My mother and my father, who they are, what happened in the fire-- I'm gonna find out the truth.
I'm sure you will, Lizzy.
But listen to me.
- The Cabal is orchestrati-- - I get it.
The Cabal is trying to start another Cold War, and an act of terror committed here is step one in making that happen.
I am listening to what you are saying, and I know that it's important, but it is no more important than what I am telling you, and I need you to listen to that.
There will be an attack on an American defense installation within a matter of days.
If I'm right, it'll be the first of many acts of terror here and overseas designed by the Cabal to further their agenda.
We have to stop this man, Lizzy.
January, 2009-- Stanislav Markelov, a celebrated human-rights lawyer known for his criticism of the regime is gunned down in Moscow.
The Russians blamed Neo-Nazi youth.
But German intelligence suggests it was Karakurt acting on orders from the SVR.
Four years later, Boris Berezovsky, another vocal critic of the regime, was found dead of an alleged suicide.
Again, intelligence sources indicate the death was staged by the Kremlin.
Is Reddington saying that the SVR has sent a terrorist to America? No, that's what the Cabal wants us to think.
Whatever Karakurt was sent here to do, the American government will believe that it was on behalf of Russia.
It's a false-flag operation meant to strain relations.
Reddington said that Karakurt's target was a defense installation.
Did he identify which one? No.
But I think he might have a lead.
He's just being tight-lipped about it.
Why? We're trying to help him.
Reddington doesn't trust our security.
He thinks we've been bleeding information since before the attempt on his life.
Well, we're not waiting on Reddington.
I've already reached out to Langley, set up a consult with the CIA's Office of Russian and European Analysis.
This Karakurt must be on their radar.
Find out what they know.
How's it going? Marshall.
Donald Ressler.
Elizabeth Keen.
That was Kilpatrick.
He's on his way down.
Man, you guys certainly got his attention.
The whole team's coming down to hear this.
Piece of advice-- Kilpatrick's tough.
Do not take anything he says personal.
All right, let's go.
Everyone stop what you're doing.
It's our lucky day, apparently.
The good people of the FBI have decided to enlighten us.
I spoke to Harold Cooper just now.
And he sent over a situation brief.
We appreciate you guys extending yourself-- You want to tell us where you got your information? A high-level informant.
One who's proven very reliable.
You sure that's what he said? 'Cause you're talking to people who run Russian counterintelligence, and we don't have one shred of credible information that he's in-country.
Well, that's why we're here-- to share our credible information with you.
We were hoping you guys would do the same.
Look, you have your hooks in the Russian community.
That's right.
And if their top assassin is on US soil, you can bet your badge we'd know it.
He's here.
And we have reason to believe he's planning an attack on American defense installations soon.
If civilians die because you're bent out of shape whether the source was FBI or CIA-- You asked for our assessment.
We asked for your help.
If he's here, where does he go? Who does he meet with? He needs a place to stay, a vehicle.
- We'll ask around.
- You'll ask around? That's it? There are stars carved in the marble at Langley that represent colleagues of ours who died drawing intel on Karakurt.
Nobody wants him more than we do.
We'll look into your lead and let you know.
Hey, guys, wait up.
Like I said, the guy's not exactly the warm-and-fuzzy type, huh? The guy's a prick.
He's actually not.
Overworked, yeah.
Under-appreciated, definitely.
Alcoholic, probably.
But Killy's been working the Russians ever since they were Soviets.
What he doesn't know, somebody he knows does.
The truth is we reviewed what you sent on Karakurt, and it's as much as we've gathered since he came on the radar in '03.
You guys really have nothing suggesting that he's in the US? Nothing solid.
Kilpatrick has a CI here in Washington.
Part of the Old Guard, hard-liner.
Owns a restaurant now popular with some of his ex-pat spy colleagues.
He recorded a conversation for us last night.
Cryptic stuff.
We're not sure what it means yet.
- You think it might be Karakurt? - Well, it fits in with some of what you're looking for.
Now, if you take this, it didn't come from me.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Can you help me with something? Katarina Rostova-- you heard of her? I don't know who that is, but I doubt very seriously that that is Katarina Rostova.
I don't think there are any photographs of Katarina Rostova.
Why do you say that? She's a myth.
Tall tales late at night over vodka shots.
Probably an amalgamation of a half-a-dozen unknown female Soviet operatives-- the Pinko Mata Hari.
You said your CI works with the Old Guard.
Could you ask him about her for me? If anybody knows anything about Katarina Rostova, he will.
Send me a copy of your photo.
I'll see what I can do.
You were right to keep on him.
The boy was tighter than my first wife.
But I got an address.
All clear.
Ammonium nitrate.
He's constructed some kind of ANFO IED.
He'll need a vehicle.
Hello? Hello.
Is he still here? The man who was in the room? I wanted to apologize before he moved.
My baby has colic and was fussing all night.
Oh, dear.
You must be exhausted.
Yeah, you have no idea.
Ah, you'd be surprised.
The man, did you talk to him? Yeah, we passed in the hall, said hello.
I feel terrible.
Oh, no.
Don't be silly.
If you could give me a call the next time you see him, I would be ever so grateful.
"Bill Houston.
" Y-you're a private investigator? He in some kind of trouble.
According to the missus, always.
He lost his daughter's college fund playing Caribbean Stud, left home in embarrassment, Helen's worried sick.
It's a mess.
You said he was moving? People here don't stay long.
I mean, I saw him with a truck in the alley.
What kind of truck? Reddington didn't give it to me.
I found it in one of the places he stays.
And you think this is a photo of your mother? I don't know.
That's what Reddington told me.
But that girl, that is definitely me.
The agent back there, the CI he mentioned? That could be my chance to find out something about the woman holding me in that photo.
Why would a Russian CI have information about your mother? Ressler.
- Where are you? - Just leaving the Orea.
Why? Reddington called.
Karakurt is in possession of an ANFO IED.
We've identified the vehicle.
It's a white moving truck rented out of Annapolis, plate number Delta-Kilo-5-8-2-7.
We're trying to ping the location now.
They think Karakurt has a white moving truck with explosives.
Oh, my God.
The truck is parked right outside of Orea Orea is the target.
Liz! Liz, look out! The truck! Crews continue the grim work of sifting through the rubble.
The death toll stands at 14, although the identities This was an act of terror, plain and simple.
As Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, mark my words.
We will find the people who are responsible.
And when we do, we will respond with all appropriate force.
It's official.
No survivors.
I got something.
Security cam from a loading dock on 20th and Independence.
It's not much, but let's send it wide, see if we can't get lucky, get an ID.
- Keen.
- You're okay.
I was afraid you were inside.
No, but those agents-- their entire section.
Every agent on that desk was wiped out.
- If this gets traced back to Russia-- - Not "If," Lizzy.
Senator Hawkins has taken the bait like a bluegill to a cricket.
And where he goes, the warmongers are sure to follow.
Where are you on Karakurt? Where? Nowhere.
The Cabal just took out an entire substation of the CIA.
They put a bullet in your chest, and you have no idea how.
You're the most cautious person I know.
The FBI couldn't find you for 20 years, but they did.
They're three steps ahead, and that's exactly what I'm gonna tell the AG.
Tom Connolly is there? No, he's on his way.
I assume he's expecting to be briefed.
Connolly made the Harbormaster investigation go away.
All we have on Karakurt is a recording and a grainy photo that's gotten us nowhere.
- You have far more than that.
- Like what? I'm glad you're safe, Lizzy.
I'll be in touch.
Houston? The man with the truck, he's back.
Reddington has a location for Karakurt-- 63rd and Franklin.
Coordinate with HRT.
Roll out now.
We have a lead.
We need to talk in your office.
You will ignore Reddington's lead.
Why? I'm sure it's solid.
Harold, call your team.
Tell them intel indicates the Russian is at Union Station.
You expect me to let Karakurt get away? The man murdered 14 government agents.
And that is a national tragedy, but finding him will not bring them back.
What about his next target? How many more lives does he have to take before you let me do my job? Your job today is to divert your team to Union Station, or, God forbid, your wife will pay the price.
Charlene is a lovely woman who violated the Espionage Act for you.
Prison will not be kind to her.
Harold, let him go.
This is bigger than both of us.
We received actionable intel that conflicts with Reddington's.
Yeah, but Keen said that he had an eyewitness.
Local PD got a hit off the credit card Karakurt used to rent the truck.
Same card was used to purchase a train ticket at Union Station.
- Redirect there now.
- Copy that.
I knew you'd make the right play.
Give Charlene my regards.
Check the platforms.
I've got eyes.
Going through Gate D.
Keen, what's your 20? Hey, hang on.
You okay? - Yeah.
I'm okay.
- What happened? He blind-sided me.
Where did he go? I didn't see.
The Intelligence Committee is receiving live updates on the progress of the investigation from the Justice Department.
All evidence points to a deliberate, sanctioned attack from Russia's SVR.
It was Karakurt.
He was there.
You're certain? I don't know.
He came around the corner.
I-I just got a glimpse of him.
I was calling Ressler for backup when he knocked me down.
Hey, guys.
Listen to this.
From the recording Agent Masik gave you.
Tell me it worked.
The proof of concept succeeded as projected.
- Prepare to initiate Phase Two.
- Done.
I've identified the markers for targeting and customization.
Whatever's happening, it is happening soon.
What does he mean by "Markers"? Could be referencing map coordinates, some kind of radio beacon.
We don't know.
But based on what Agent Masik told you, we think we've figured out who the CI is.
He told you that the owner runs a restaurant in DC that caters to the Soviet Old Guard.
We reviewed ownership records for all the Russian restaurants in DC and found one.
The owner is former Spetsnaz.
His name is Anton Velov.
My belief is he's the CI.
The conversation was recorded last night, so we pulled all the receipts and found a late dinner for two paid for by a Leo Andropov.
Leo Andropov.
And you think he was meeting with Karakurt? I'd say yes.
Andropov worked for the Soviet Defense Ministry in the final months before Glasnost.
Whiz kid.
When he was 16, he published his first and last paper in an open-source microbiology journal before he got snapped up by the Weapons Ministry.
Closet's clear! I've seen equipment like this at the lab at Quantico.
This is a genotyping unit.
It looks like Andropov fled.
No passport, no ID, no prescription drugs.
Building fertilizer bombs is way below this guy's pay grade.
This can't be Karakurt's endgame.
- Biological weapons? - This guy's a virologist.
If these are biological weapons, then we may be looking at a pandemic.
It always starts with a favor.
I've known Tom Connolly for two decades.
He's had dinners at my house.
And when he offered to help me get into that drug trial, it was my only hope.
It wasn't just your hope, Harold.
It was your wife's hope, you children's.
You were given a terminal diagnosis, and Connolly ends up offering you a choice-- your life or your ethics, and you picked your life.
What good are ethics if you aren't alive to live by them? If it was just me, my health, my life, I would have told him to pound sand a long time ago.
When he dragged Charlene into it-- now this-- deliberately misdirecting my own agents to facilitate the escape of a terrorist! Now, that's what's interesting.
He orders you to send them to Union Station, ostensibly to throw them off Karakurt's trail.
And there he is.
Perhaps Agent Keen was mistaken.
And assaulted by a total stranger? That makes even less sense.
It was some kind of ambush.
And I sent my people right into it.
And a good thing you did.
What the hell does that mean? Thanks to your desire to protect Charlene, we're presented with a unique opportunity to find out what the Cabal is up to.
How? By continuing to follow Connolly's orders without question.
The last thing you should do is confront him.
Gather evidence.
Build a case.
Tom Connolly's been leaking information to the Cabal about everything that goes on in this place ever since he walked through that door and offered to save your life.
You want to wipe that debt clean? Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.
We found a fully outfitted virology lab in Andropov's apartment.
Think he's building a bio-weapon.
We seized his notebooks, but we're gonna need an expert in microbiology who can also translate Russian.
Reddy Bear! Oh, I could eat you alive! - Mm.
- Mwah.
Ginger, this is Dr.
Lauren Kimberly.
Lauren, my executive assistant, Ginger Lumiere.
Interesting look.
Purposeful, but still feminine.
You should try a darker shade of lipstick.
I bet you could get away with a gloss.
Lauren, we're going to have to forgo the makeover today.
We're in a bit of a pinch.
Let me see what I can do.
I've got a lead on my mom.
An Orea agent, he has a CI who might know something about Katarina Rostova.
Kimberly was a tenured professor doing genome research at Stanford when she was recruited by the private sector.
I'm gonna find out the truth.
She makes her real money consulting.
Costs a fortune.
She did, however, let me name a lipstick color-- "Fire In The Hole.
" You've reached Elizabeth Keen.
Please leave your message at the tone.
Hi, Liz.
This is, uh, Jacob.
Jacob Phelps.
Look, I know things are complicated.
I know you're going through a bad breakup.
But from what I heard, the guy's a total loser.
Couldn't cook, made crappy pancakes.
So I wanted to see if you would join me for dinner tomorrow.
Uh, I made a reservation at 7:00 at this great little place on the corner of 32nd and M, and I hope that you will come.
Or not.
But, uh, either way, I'll be there.
You're right.
It is a weapon.
A WMD? No.
A WID-- a weapon of individual destruction.
This is a customized virus, synthesized with the sole intent of killing one specific individual.
How is that possible? He's created a supercharged rotavirus.
These are very common.
By the age of 5, most of us have been infected multiple times.
And with each infection, we build up an immunity.
So it's harmless to most people.
All people.
But this rotavirus has been customized, keyed to infect one individual with a unique genetic sequence, and to devastating effect.
According to the animal trials logged in these notes, it attacks the central nervous system within minutes of exposure.
One person.
But who? I can only tell you what they're doing.
I'm sorry, but I can't tell you who they're doing it to.
So, we know Karakurt is targeting one person and it's keyed to his or her DNA.
He bombed the CIA's Russian section.
That took time, money and no small amount of risk.
What happens when the United States is attacked, suffers grievous loss of life? We go into lock-down.
The bombing bumped the NTAS level to red.
But why put the mission at risk by triggering a high-level terrorist alert? Well, that's the downside.
The upside is exposure, public attention.
Remember, the people behind this went to immense trouble and expense.
What does that say about their target? He's high-value.
Someone important.
Oh, my God, that's why he did it.
The Memorial Service.
The victims will be memorialized at a service at Ascension and Saint Agnes Church.
Politicians and military personnel, intelligence officers from overseas will all be there to pay their respects.
One of them is the target.
So, this is the guy? That's the best we can do.
He's our prime suspect in the Orea bombing, and we have good reason to believe that he's not done yet.
We need your people to be on high alert.
We're looking for a bomb? No, we'll be prepared for that possibility, but our intel says he's after a specific target.
We just don't know who yet.
We'll do our best, but with this many people around, I can't promise anything.
Safest play is to cancel the event.
Believe me, we're working on it.
Just spoke to Reven Wright.
Calling off the memorial service is a nonstarter.
That's a mistake.
We have hard evidence of a clear threat.
Main Justice is aware.
But the public's rattled by this bombing, and they want a show of strength.
If they cancel, it suggests we can't protect our own people on our own turf.
Maybe we can't-- at this point, we still don't know exactly what we're dealing with.
I can tell you what I'm dealing with-- an impossible problem.
So if you're counting on me cracking this virus, don't.
Well, what do you have? We found the formula for the virus in Karakurt's apartment.
So my plan was to reverse engineer the process.
We are trying millions of DNA combinations.
If I could figure out the profile it was engineered to destroy-- You could run the profile through the DNA database.
If you get a match, that's Karakurt's target.
Except it won't work-- not in time, at least.
I need hours-- days, maybe-- and the memorial will be over long before we can ID the target sequence.
Whatever his plan, we have to assume Karakurt's already infected himself with the contagion and is a live carrier.
Civilian and military security assets have been marshalled for the service.
However, the assassin in this case is not armed with something that we can flag with a metal detector.
The virus is transmitted through touch.
It penetrates the skin.
Even brushing up against the target is enough to infect and kill him.
It is critical that we nail Karakurt before he can get anywhere near that church.
Find him, people! Whatever it takes! - What are you thinking? - Not me, Leonard.
The Director.
What is he thinking? His objective is to exacerbate tensions with Russia.
He chose to send Karakurt, an assassin known to work for the regime so people will assume Russia is responsible.
So So whoever he's targeting next will be an enemy of Russia, an outspoken critic.
Someone people will believe the Russians would want to silence.
Hey, Keen! Keen! 67 guests have been cleared to attend.
There's Defense, Homeland, CIA, the Bureau on this list.
It's gonna be hard to narrow it down.
Yeah, so much for the good old days where you could just look for the glint of a sniper-rifle scope in a nearby window.
What does it do, this virus, to the body? The CDC's still breaking it down.
But they're saying it attacks the central nervous system.
A victim would start shaking within seconds of infection.
Disorientation, then labored breathing, convulsions.
Incapacitation within moments of contact.
It's quite a remarkable feat of engineering.
In my experience, such accomplishments don't happen overnight.
You're saying they tested it first.
A customized virus deadly to such a small fraction of the population-- What kind of trial and error would prove useful? This is Aram.
Agent Mojtabai, I need a list of people admitted to an Emergency Room in the last few days displaying symptoms consistent with the virus you're tracking.
Okay, that's not gonna be so easy to put together.
Aram, that kind of catastrophic trauma would certainly have gotten someone's attention.
It's on an autopsy chart somewhere.
Okay, I hear you, but you have to-- Whoa.
Bethesda General sent tissue samples to the CDC a few days ago.
A suspicious death of a college student.
The Center's just starting an investigation.
I need that student's home address, and I need to speak to Agent Navabi.
Jennings, thank you for seeing me.
I know this is an extremely difficult time.
I got a message from the CDC about the investigation.
But I didn't think they'd be sending someone over so quickly.
Can you tell me about Connor? What you know so far? Not much.
Connor was a law student.
I was told he was walking across campus when he just started shaking, and then convulsing.
One of the doctors suggested he may have contracted a rare form of rotavirus? No, you're right to be thinking this could be something else entirely.
- Perhaps malicious.
- Malicious? To be honest, Mrs.
Jennings, your son may have been intentionally infected.
Is this because Is this because? If Connor was targeted by someone capable of this kind of attack, it has to be connected to his father.
His father? When I was a young staffer on the Hill, I had an affair with the man I was working for.
We were stupid, and I got pregnant.
Even then, he had his eyes set on a big political future, so I agreed to go away.
I made a deal to receive ongoing support from him.
Senator Hawkins-- he's the target.
The tested the virus on his son, the closest possible genetic match.
You need to find the Senator before Karakurt does.
Hey, Keen! Samar's reaching out to Hawkins' office.
He's not inside, so we still got a shot of keeping him clear.
I'll check the drive-ups.
Any word from Metro? Negative.
If Karakurt's inside, nobody's spotted him yet.
Step up, please.
Name? Flemming, European Wire.
Flemming, press badge 6362.
We're gonna need to check the case.
We're good.
He's on the Main Justice press list.
It's time, Harold.
Call Tom Connolly.
Tell him you need to see him immediately.
I'm assuming at the moment he has no idea you've identified Karakurt's intended victim, which is why you need to tell him.
Why would I do that? Because he'll be caught off guard.
And in addition to enhancing your credibility with him, it'll make him doubt whether or not to move forward.
You think he'll call off the attack? I think it's worth the attempt.
What's the latest from Agents Keen and Ressler? Still no sign of Karakurt.
Agent Navabi's on the line now with one of Hawkins' aides.
Listen to me.
It's not a potential threat.
The Bureau has confirmed that a direct attack on the Senator is imminent.
No, I cannot confirm my source.
Then you need to find whoever is with him and deliver the message.
It's not safe to attend the service.
You need to find him.
You'll be third to the podium, Senator.
After the minister and the family representative, they'll have a moment of silence, and then-- We'll be sitting here forever.
This is fine, Patrick.
I'll walk.
Senator Hawkins, how are you? - Welcome, sir.
- Thank you.
Harold, your cooperation was instrumental in Karakurt's escape.
Everything's on track, thanks to you.
Don't thank me yet.
Why? Is there a problem? My people are closing in on him now.
They know the Orea bombing was just the first in a series of attacks.
They know about the virus.
I see.
Well, thank you for letting me know.
But why are you letting me know? And don't tell me you want to help because I know you'd like nothing better than to strangle me right now.
You're right.
I'm letting you know because I want you to call it off.
I can't control Reddington, and I can't misdirect my people again without drawing suspicion.
It's only a matter of time until they stop Karakurt.
Stop him from what? They don't even know his target.
Clifford Hawkins.
Call it off, Tom.
If the Director really wants him dead, he can find another way on another day.
Today is the day.
I appreciate your concern, but everything should be fine.
Strange days, don't you think? Assassins don't need knives or guns or bombs.
All you have to do is answer a few questions and shake the wrong man's hand.
The press corps.
Get over there now.
I think Karakurt may be posing as a reporter.
Hey, he's just pulling into the service now.
Senator Hawkins.
Get him away! Get him away from us! Come with us, sir! What the hell's going on? The man responsible for the Orea bombing-- Karakurt? I was briefed.
Was that him? We'll explain everything, sir.
Right now, we need to get you to a secure location.
Thank you.
Please, call my wife, tell her I'm okay? Sir? Sir! We need to get him to a hospital now! He's been infected! Sir! Bethesda says Hawkins is critical.
They've called in the hospital chaplain.
He didn't touch Karakurt? No, sir.
Then what the hell happened? Karakurt's in holding.
We're gonna take a run at him and find out.
Best I could tell, Hawkins just melted down next to Keen.
That means "Spider," right? Kara-what? Huh? Look, I don't know what that is.
My name is Jonas Flemming.
I'm a reporter for the European Wire.
I live in Rotterdam.
We're gonna try this again.
We know who you are.
That's you outside the Orea.
You exited a rental truck less than a minute before it exploded and destroyed the building.
We have a recording of you and Andropov.
We know he engineered a drug designed to kill the Senator.
We know you're infected.
No, no, no, no.
My credentials were taken from me when I arrived, but they were vetted by your Department Of Justice.
Please, call.
You didn't touch the Senator.
How was the virus delivered? You can rig your little story, but you can't rig your blood.
We're running it right now.
And when it comes back positive for that virus that killed Hawkins, we got you.
Hello, Anton.
If I had bad intentions for this visit, you'd know by now.
You're Raymond Reddington.
I am.
And if I'm right, you're the same Anton Velov who once led a Spetsnaz Special Forces Unit called The Zarubin Group.
I'm surprised we never met.
For many years, while you were still with US Counterintelligence, I considered you the KGB's greatest enemy.
Oh, my God.
That feels like ages ago.
For what it's worth, I was young.
I had no concept of what a real enemy looked like.
But I do know.
Which is why I'm hoping you and I might prove to be fast friends.
What can I do? I know you're working with the CIA as an informant for the Office of Russian and European Analysis.
Since those agents are tragically no longer with us, I was thinking perhaps you might become an asset for me.
The American government.
They may not be done with me yet.
I got a phone call from FBI.
An agent named Elizabeth Keen.
Really? What about? She wants to meet.
She was asking about Katarina Rostova.
Did you know Katarina Rostova? No, not personally.
All I know are the same old ghost stories we all share.
Well, if you were in my employ, I would have to insist you not speak to anyone from the FBI or any other US intelligence agency.
Of course.
And Agent Keen, she wasn't the first.
Sometime back, two men from Justice Department come and ask me about Katarina.
I suppose they think I am one of the few people left who still remember the old stories.
What sort of stories? They were asking about her KGB contacts, where she lived, and about a child.
They asked about a child? Yes, many times.
"Tell me about her child.
" I said, "All I know is they say she had a daughter.
" Dembe, the phone.
How many times are we gonna go through this? That picture isn't me.
Call my office.
Check my visa, check my identity.
We know you're working for the Cabal.
We know what they're capable of.
Was this the plan all along, to protect you with this identity? The Cabal has people in the government all over the world.
It wouldn't be hard for them to create a Jonas Flemming, give him a history The Crime Lab just called.
They're saying his blood tested negative for the virus.
Negative? That's not possible.
Hey, I got to call you right back.
Lizzy, you need to get out of there now.
Why? Where are you? What's going on? You've been set up.
The Cabal's been asking about you, Lizzy.
They know who your mother was.
You've been set up.
You were there when the Orea building was bombed.
They wanted you to save Clifford Hawkins.
They sent Karakurt to the memorial to make you think he was the threat so you would secure the Senator and infect him in the process.
I don't have the virus.
You do, Lizzy.
I don't need a test to know that you do.
Your mother was a Russian spy, and now they've made it look like you are, too.
You have the virus.
You infected the Senator, and now they will come for you.
You need to get out of there now.

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