The Blacklist s03e05 Episode Script

Arioch Cain

Previously on The Blacklist Dembe is more than an associate to me.
Please find him.
Asher Sutton? He's my fast pass to finding Karakurt.
He's got a weakness for street life, hustlers.
You're a fascinating character, Mr.
This number will lead us to Reddington.
All I wanted to hear.
Solomon I know how to locate Reddington.
How long do I have? You have 30 minutes.
That's not enough time.
That's all you've got to document it and clean it.
Dad! They got her.
And we are just now getting reports that former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen has been shot and killed.
No comment yet from the FBI, but moments ago, this photo appeared on the Washington Chronicle website.
The paper, quoting anonymous sources, is saying Keen was one of several victims shot at an undisclosed location outside of New York City.
Keen stands accused of committing the worst acts of terrorism on American soil in over a decade.
She's been a fugitive for the past five weeks, the subject of one of the largest manhunts in FBI history.
The details are still coming in, and we are working to confirm them for you, but it appears, on day 37 Are you sure this is a good idea? Yes.
Get the photos to Sandquist at the Chronicle.
I want everyone to know what happened here today.
_ So, hi.
My name is Asher Sutton.
What's yours? And, please, don't tell me it's Wainwright, 'cause that is about as phony as that watch you're wearing.
Your job was to get into his world, and within two minutes, he clocks you're not who you say you are? I wanted him to catch me.
Why bother with him at all? You want to help Liz, you need to find Karakurt.
I can't do that until I get access to the Russians that Karakurt is hiding out with.
Asher Sutton is gonna give me that.
Why would he do that? Everybody needs a rush.
For some, it's drugs or sex or whatever.
But a guy like Asher Sutton, he just wants to know how the other half lives.
No, seriously, who are you? Raised by a single mom.
Used to clean dorms at Bronx College.
Uh, I got a brother in prison.
I'm nobody.
I'm a townie.
My great-grandfather-- he was a hustler, con man, a townie.
The only person in my family worth a lick was, like, exactly like you.
Ah, so that's why you didn't bust me, huh? I tapped into his accounts.
Sutton owes a lot of money.
He withdraws $20,000 in cash once a month.
Who he's paying or why, I-I don't know.
Take a wild guess.
That sounds nice, all right? I appreciate the offer, really, but listen, I don't want to impose.
Listen, for saving your ass, I think I deserve one person at my engagement party who I actually want to talk to.
All right.
My name is Matt Buckley.
Pleasure to meet you, Matt Buckley.
_ Did you know a Presidential Commission is looking into the attacks? It's time for us to move.
If they do their job, if they look for the truth, this could all end.
Lizzy, we have to move now.
The Cabal-- they found us.
What could be worse than that? Not what, who.
Wendigo? Who's that? The myth of a nameless assassin.
And he's coming for you.
This Wendigo, if he doesn't work for the Cabal, who does he work for? No one.
He's not for hire.
Wendigo is the embodiment of vigilante justice.
He identifies, hunts, and kills targets he deems unfit for society.
Some believe he's ex-special ops because his presence is felt but never seen.
Whatever his history, apparently, you've caught his attention.
This vigilante believes I deserve to die? _ A transport team is en route.
I'll call you when they arrive.
Call me? Where are you going? To get help.
the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Fold your hands in front of you.
An assassin has targeted Agent Keen.
If we haven't found her, he won't.
He's better than you.
He's better than me.
That's why I need your help to protect her.
I thought that's what your job was.
Well, I failed at that.
Turn around.
I'm a little rusty in the 12 steps, but if I'm not mistaken, step 9 is making amends.
I can't do that without you.
I suggest you start with step 4 and make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself.
I admire the way you're dealing with your addiction, Donald.
I tried NA once after an opium den in Kuala Lumpur got the best of me.
Didn't stick.
I couldn't get past the requirement to believe in a power greater than myself.
Officer down.
I repeat, officer down.
Send all units.
You got four minutes.
What I know about this assassin will take less than two.
Several of Wendigo's killings are cold cases on the Bureau's radar.
El Malo Grande headed the Mejia cartel out of Guatemala.
He was killed while living under an alias in Madrid.
Jose Perez, exiled Angolan dictator, was murdered while Maybe they're cold because no one mourns their loss.
They're despicable thugs.
- Any known aliases? - No.
The only hit on our forensics database is this.
Both kills were made using a homemade projectile fired from some kind of improvised firearm.
Handcrafted weapons, homemade bullets used in homicides.
The list can't be that long.
Have it compiled by the time I get back from getting my ass kicked at the Presidential Commission.
Thank you for letting us protect Agent Keen.
We're not going after Wendigo to protect Keen.
We're going after him to find her.
Those despicable thugs-- they were wanted fugitives.
Everyone was looking for them.
Wendigo found them.
If he can do that, he can find Keen.
When he does, I'm gonna be there to arrest her.
Lizzy, my transport team is on-site.
You need to leave with them now.
Did Ressler agree to help? My people will take you to the jet.
From there, you'll fly to Quito.
Oh! Gun! - Get into the car.
- Lizzy? - Where is he?! - We go on my ready.
No! Get down! Talk to me.
Lizzy? Ah! Aram, what happened? Mr.
Reddington? The shooting-- what do you know? Agent Navabi is en route.
NYPD is confirming two fatalities.
Agent Keen? No.
Oh, uh, God, no.
Agent Keen stole a car, abandoned it 10 blocks from the scene.
Where are you on Wendigo? Uh, that, you know, I'm not really supposed to talk about.
You have five seconds.
According to Mexican authorities, the gun he used in one of the cold cases was made by a master gunsmith named Zachary O'Toole, AKA Zed.
Uh, we haven't been able to locate him.
Please tell me you didn't get to zero.
Hello? Well, the President doesn't need a commission to find out where the failure of intelligence happened.
I agree, but the commission has a job to do.
So this all just cover your ass? I doubt Hitchin agrees with you.
Answer her questions directly, and keep your opinions to yourself.
Aw! Hand to God, how amazing was Saturday? I know I'm his mom, but Philip's Bar Mitzvah-- cutest thing ever.
It was incredible.
Although my idiot husband did order so one for you, one for you.
Uh, Donald Ressler, the President's National Security Advisor.
Laurel Hitchin.
Reven speaks very highly of you.
I look forward to your testimony.
That makes one of us.
Uh, truth be told, I'm a little, uh, nervous.
Don't be.
We're not looking for a scapegoat.
Just the truth.
Can I give you a bit of advice? Please.
The mint-chocolate candies are a little stale, but the red velvet cake pops-- to die for.
Agent Ressler, are you withholding material evidence that could lead to the capture of Elizabeth Keen? Absolutely not, no.
Then you are sharing information with the CIA.
Not at this time.
Are you aware of the fact that after 9/11, the US intelligence system was overhauled to make sure that information was shared.
I'm not sharing information with the CIA.
Because Mr.
Kotsiopolus has been accused of heading the organization that may be responsible for these attacks.
Accusations which have yet to be substantiated.
Until they are, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.
As does Elizabeth Keen.
Do you have evidence that the Cabal exists? Names of Cabal members have been published-- I know about the Fulcrum.
I've seen the list.
It's 25 years old.
Names on that list are in positions of power.
Susan Hanover from Verdiant-- The Hanover arrest came out of your pursuit of Elizabeth Keen.
Doesn't that suggest the link is to her? No, no.
I believe that Ms.
Keen was there in an effort to clear her name.
She was your partner? Correct, yes.
Do you believe she's innocent? My job isn't to determine her guilt or innocence.
You didn't answer my question.
My job is to apprehend Ms.
Keen, and I have no problem doing that.
I am not asking about your job.
I'm asking what you believe.
Elizabeth Keen is not a terrorist.
So you believe she's innocent? Yes, I do.
I believe that if she is given a fair trial by a jury of her peers, there aren't 12 people in America who wouldn't agree with me.
Thank you.
I've been thinking about the shooter.
- Where are you? - He had a clear line of sight and a secure location.
On the other side of McDougal, there is a hotel, The Palace or Park something-- It had to be from there.
Contact hotel security.
They'll have footage.
You might get an image.
If you're lucky, a print.
Over here.
Samar? This guy's good, Liz.
Nice catch.
What did you find? _ He found you once.
He'll find you again.
And this time, he may not miss.
Samar, what did you find? Liz, you know I'm here, so you must be close.
Turn yourself in.
Take responsibility for what you've done.
I would.
I do.
But not for the things I haven't.
Psalm 1:1.
What's that? "Blessed is he who walks not in the council of the wicked.
" The bullet was so close, I could hear it.
I thought Shh.
I have good news.
Dembe made contact.
You spoke to him? No.
We have a protocol.
He initiated it.
I'll meet him later today.
In the meantime, Aram gave me a name-- a gunsmith who makes Wendigo's weapons.
Feds don't know how to find him.
But I do.
What the-- w-what is this? Hands.
Wendigo, the assassin Who the hell are you? tell me how to find him.
How do I find Wendigo? I don't-- I have no idea.
Would you look at that? .
416 Rigby Mauser.
And fully loaded, no less.
An African bull elephant weighs 14,000 pounds, and this can bring one down.
I happened upon one of those magnificent creatures in the Zambezi Valley, and one of these came in quite handy.
- You shot an elephant? - Lord, no.
I shot the poacher that was about to kill the elephant.
I know a place that he stayed at before.
I-I'm not sure if that's where he is now, but I can give you an address.
Of course you can.
I wouldn't want to dance without you without you, I would rather be alone and unless my arms Take the stairs! No! Grab my arm.
I'm not the only one.
There are more, and they're coming.
Who's coming? You can't stop them.
Who? NYPD is still trying to confirm the victim was Wendigo, but traffic cameras in the area confirm that Mr.
Reddington and Agent Keen were in the vicinity.
Also, agents on scene forwarded a hard drive they found in the unsub's apartment.
Check this out.
What am I looking at? An advertisement for a hit man.
Someone was going to pay Wendigo $700,000 to kill Liz.
- Who? - Not just Wendigo.
They'll be others.
That's the scary part.
This isn't a contract.
It's a bounty on the darknet.
"Wanted-- dead not alive.
" deadnotalive.
org? That's what it's actually called? Someone with the screen name "Arioch Cain" put a price on her head.
Now any nutjob who kills Agent Keen will collect the money if he can prove he did it.
How does he do that? By submitting the date, location, and method of execution, plus a unique identifier.
Wendigo's was Psalm 1:1.
Can you take down the site? It is decentralized, cached on servers all over the world.
I take one down, two pop up.
It is completely anonymous, so there's no way to tell who this Arioch Cain really is.
When NYPD forwarded me the hard drive, they told me they believe there's a laptop that's missing.
If he took it, could he trace who put up the money? No.
See, the person who put her on the site didn't put up the money.
- Then who did? - Haters-- people who believe what they read about Agent Keen.
They make Bitcoin donations-- the miracle of crowdsourcing turned on its head to crowd-fund murder.
The more notorious the target, the bigger the fund, and the more people who will try it.
We thought Wendigo was bad.
This is way worse.
There's no limit to how many assassins could be coming after her.
Dembe's here.
Where's Dembe? What happened? You must be Asher's newest BFF.
I'm Gwen, his other significant other.
Oh, yeah.
Does he have a lot? Oh, yes.
Asher's quite the collector.
He's the chocolate inside the M&M.
You're the hard shell.
Melts in your mouth, does he? Or my hand.
I'm good either way.
Lucky man.
Tell me, mister, um Buckley-- Matt Buckley.
Tell me, Mr.
Buckley, do you believe in love at first sight? I don't know.
I think love is, uh, more of an acquired taste.
Have you ever acquired it-- love? Yeah.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Love isn't like an orgasm, Mr.
Once is quite enough.
Yeah, it should have been.
Maybe it will be.
Who knows, right? I've loved Asher Sutton since the moment I laid eyes on him.
I love everything about him, including his peculiar affinity for collectibles, even at my engagement party.
On one condition-- that they look me in the eye and promise me that they will never, ever do anything to harm the man that I love.
I promise.
Well, then Well, what are you waiting for? I need a refill.
You got it.
Maybe I wasn't clear how this works, huh? I told you I'll have it to you by Friday.
And I told you I'm not here to negotiate.
It's due today.
Excuse me.
Is there a problem? No, no.
It-it's okay.
It's fine.
- You sure? - Yeah, it's okay.
He said it's okay, huh? I heard him.
Maybe you should go.
We're not through here, huh? Looks like I made a new friend.
I really wish you hadn't done that.
I stayed with him until he was gone.
I didn't want to leave him behind.
But they were coming, and if I had tried to bring him back with me, we would have both been killed.
We will avenge this good man's death, I promise you.
We can't stay here.
Oh, my God.
This emblem-- I've seen it before.
You were on the website.
T-t-that was just-- We know what it is and why you have it.
You want the bounty for yourself.
That's why you gave us Wendigo-- - to knock out the competition.
- Who put her on the site? I don't know.
Oh, my God! Ugh! Who put her on the site? I-I only know the screen name of the site creator-- Gavrilo Princip.
Thank you for your time.
Aah! You can't just bust into my place, bring me here-- You saw the warrant, Princip.
This is the site creator? You're Gavrilo Princip? Real name Gavin Delgado.
You can't take my-- Those computers are intellectual property! Elizabeth isn't safe here.
Better call Edward, tell him to get the jet ready.
Edward, Mr.
I'm with Reddington and Keen.
Edward? I always liked the name Edward.
I've been instructed to inform you to meet us at the Garden Avenue Airfield right away.
Get the car.
Has the CIA shared intel regarding the acts of terror with the FBI? - Yes.
- In your opinion, why hasn't the Bureau reciprocated? Because the person responsible is FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Keen.
So you don't share Agent Ressler's opinion that she's innocent? Elizabeth Keen is a Russian sleeper agent.
She said as much to Agent Ressler when she scaled the wall of the Russian embassy, admitted that her real name is Masha Rostova, and asked for asylum.
And the Fulcrum? The Fulcrum is an irrelevant relic, which, in case you haven't read Cathcart's piece in the Post, is being systematically debunked as we speak.
He likens it to The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, uh, which has taken a few anomalous grains of truth and spun a mountain of lies, concocted by conspiracy theorists.
Forgive me, but I don't draw my evidence from the popular press.
Facts, then.
The Fulcrum was released by Raymond Reddington, a man without morals, without conscience, and certainly without any credibility.
And the existence of a Cabal? State-sanctioned acts of terror by Russia.
- Threat Level Red.
- Where's Edward? Specter of another Cold War.
In times of chaos, I can understand the public's need for a simple solution.
Ergo a Cabal.
What have you done? So you deny running any such organization? A shadow government that controls world events? I'm flattered, but, uh, yes, I deny running any such organizations.
I can assure you there is no Cabal.
Reddington Oh! I think you know the outcome of this.
Even if you shoot me and perhaps one of my associates, even if your girlfriend gets off a shot or two you're both gonna die.
Put down your gun, Elizabeth.
Put down the gun.
You created the site.
You can take Agent Keen off the site.
No, I can't.
I don't believe you.
You don't believe me? Go try a layer four UDP/TCP in the OSI stacks.
Agent Navabi? I don't understand half of what he's saying.
I don't even know what questions to ask him.
I thought you were great.
Maybe I can talk to him.
Look, Gavin-- Mr.
Delgado, we both know you can take that site down.
I don't choose who deserves to die.
The masses do.
No Capitol Hill, no committees, no debates.
I've created the purest form of democracy.
By dispersing power directly into the hands of the people, no single person possesses the ability to tip the scales.
And I don't choose targets.
The people do.
If you don't take Agent Keen off your site-- You'll what? Hit me with a denial of service attack? Actually, I was thinking more like millions of repetitive requests.
My mitigation capacity will frag any traffic you throw at.
I know your dark web P2P is cached on multiple servers, but I've got a virus concealed via rootkit.
Look, I'm way ahead of you.
There's a reason people trust me enough to put millions in my site.
Because they know you can't take the money and run.
Which means it's a two-key system.
You can't take Agent Keen's name down.
Only the person who nominated her to be assassinated can do that.
Good talk.
What is the deal with you two anyways? It's what everybody wants to know.
Some say it's a daddy/daughter thing.
Others swear it's May-September.
I prefer to believe it's a little of both.
The fact that we're still alive means you need something from me.
Whatever it is, let her go.
My resources are at your disposal.
It's a limited-time offer, Matias.
You need to act now.
Oh, you'll give me what I need.
I'm certain of that.
Right there.
That's good.
- Come here! - Let go! Stop! Get her up there! Grab her legs! Get your hands off me.
Pin her down! Stay there! You need to stay put.
Call the Director.
Tell him I'll give him everything I've been collecting, all the evidence against him.
- Call him! - You don't need to concern yourself with the Director anymore.
You're in my care now, Reddington.
You don't understand.
They're gonna come after me, after us.
Look, I know, but there has to be something you can do.
Who? Please, listen.
You've done enough.
Come on.
Why? You got yourself into something, right? Tell me what.
Let me help you.
Um What do you know about underground boxing? Human dog fighting.
People die.
You don't want to bet on that.
No, no, no.
I didn't bet on it.
I did it.
I mean, I-I fought.
Let me guess.
You lost.
I won.
That's the problem.
These guys-- they wanted me to throw a fight, but People lost a lot of money-- the wrong kind of people.
He paid them back, but these people, they-- they found out about his family.
They're extorting him-- They'll kill him if he doesn't pay.
That guy, the one you scared off, he's low-level.
But the guys he works for are, uh, Russians.
You know, they're organized.
Russians? I hired a private detective to see if I could cut a deal.
They found pieces of him along the Allegheny.
It's never gonna end.
Yeah, it is, because I'm gonna fix it.
No, listen, please.
I owe you this.
I can't let you-- Hey, let him talk.
What would you do, Matt? To do what I do well, I need my enemies to fear me.
Every life that I take sends a message.
What happens next will be international news.
I'm gonna execute a terrorist and a crime lord.
Style points count.
Solomon! One Solomon! must work slowly, with great attention to detail, peeling flesh from bone like a butcher filleting a salmon.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Lizzy, where'd he go-- Solomon? He got away.
I've secured a safe site less than a mile away-- Call me as soon as you arrive.
Dembe? Dembe? We're gonna get you well.
We're going with him.
What are you doing? I'm going with Dembe.
You're not safe here.
Aram, tell me she's off the site.
I thought I could.
- I thought, uh-- - We gave you the name of the man who created the site two hours ago.
Have you found him? Yes, but it is a two-key system.
He is only one of the keys.
The other key is this Arioch Cain, the person who put her on the site, and I can't find him unless I can follow the money, and there is no money to follow until the bounty is put in escrow.
Reddington, I am so sorry, but the only way they're taking Agent Keen's name off the site is if she's dead.
Well, we're just gonna have to kill her.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Bad connection.
Did you just say we'll have to kill her? Aram, listen to me very carefully.
This is what I need you to do.
Today is your lucky day.
You're going to cop a plea.
All you have to do is enter your passkey and confirm that Wendigo killed Agent Keen.
Date of death, cause of death, and unique identifier-- Psalm 1:1.
When you do, Arioch Cain will enter his passkey to release the bounty.
No one is releasing anything without independent verification that she's dead.
We have someone working on that.
mm mm mm, if I break your heart Open up a bit.
can you feel love any more? do you feel love anymore? There.
mm mm mm, if I break your heart Are you sure this is a good idea? - can you feel love anymore? - Yes.
Get the photos to Sandquist at the Chronicle.
I want everyone to know what happened here today.
freedom is a state of mind Dad! They got her.
you know I wanna help you out And we are just now getting reports that former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen has been shot and killed.
No comment yet from the FBI if I break your heart Agent Ressler knows what we're doing, right? I mean, he knows about Agent Keen? I called, but he's still testifying before the commission.
He is not gonna like this.
if I break your heart can you feel love anymore? do you feel love anymore? mm mm mm, if I break your heart can you feel love anymore? do you feel love anymore? The men you work for-- Asher Sutton is done paying them.
From now on, you deal with me.
They will come for you, huh? I'm counting on it.
don't wanna see you struggle when Yes, worse than I thought.
I'm gonna need the shop-vac and three tins of Buckner's saddle soap.
Okay, tell me what you see.
Uh, the website says "Kill confirmed.
" Perfect.
Okay, Delgado's admin site should automatically release the funds into escrow.
When they do, Wendigo should get an e-mail with a link to a routing number.
Now, the actual funds won't be available for 32 hours, but the routing number can be back-traced to give us an address.
Hang on.
Here we go.
I got an e-mail.
Read me the routing number.
Thank you, Aram.
That will be all.
What are you doing? I'd prefer to know who put you on that site before the FBI.
I can't get a physical address from the routing number without Aram's help.
Borakove, wake and bake and grab a pen.
I have a routing number I need you to track.
Arioch Cain? You? You look like you've seen a ghost.
You're supposed to be dead.
I saw it on the news.
- Take me off the site.
- Site? What site? What are you talking about? Look at me and listen to what I'm saying to you, because I'm in no mood to repeat myself.
We know what you've done.
We know you have the power to stop it.
No, he doesn't.
I'm the one you're looking for.
I'm the one who wants you dead.
On the couch.
You need to take me off that site.
No! What site?! What the hell is going on? What are you people doing here? She ruined everything.
This isn't a game! People are trying to kill me! Blair, what are they talking about? What you wanted.
How many times have you said that you wanted her dead, that you wanted the person who killed mom to die? The OREA bombing.
Your mother died in the OREA bombing.
Look at her.
Her name was Sharon.
Did you know that before you blew her up? Blair, honey, whatever they're telling you to do-- No! Dad, no.
I am so sorry, but I had nothing to do-- You killed her! No, she didn't.
It's understandable that you would think she did, - but she didn't.
- You're wrong.
Take it down, Blair, before more innocent people die.
My mom was innocent.
I lost my mom when I was a little girl.
I know how you feel.
You don't.
I still think about her every day-- what we might talk about what her voice might sound like.
I promise you, I had nothing to do with your mother's death.
I will do whatever it takes to find the people responsible.
But I can't do anything until you take me off that site.
_ Thank you.
Blair I'm gonna get the people that killed your mother.
You made the right call.
Not only is Keen safe, but the site's down, and we have leads on four assassins we didn't know existed.
I thought you'd be furious.
You know what I am? I'm scared, because for a minute, I thought Keen was gone.
I thought that, uh Agent Ressler, when you have a moment.
We got to do a better job.
We got to go out there, and we got to find her and bring her in, because every day she's out there is the day we could lose her.
Don't ever hug me like that again.
Hitchin, I assume you're here to tell me that the Commission came to a sensible decision about how to handle the Director.
These red velvet cake pops are delicious.
The Commission's work is ongoing, but Laurel and I think it's prudent for us all to be on the same page.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Yeah, it is, and here's why.
We're not gonna repeat the intelligence failures of 9/11.
The FBI and the CIA must communicate, which means you two must work together.
From now on, you share intel-- anything and everything relating to the whereabouts of Reddington and Keen.
I'm fine with that.
Agency's always been an open book on this topic.
I think you're making a big mistake here.
The President doesn't agree.
And if I'm not willing to cooperate? Then you'll be replaced by someone who is.
Agent Ressler, in the interests of national security, this is the best course of action.
Seems you've upgraded this place.
I'd love to have a tour.
Everyone has a way they want to be perceived-- a cover story, a lie.
They tell you what they want you to believe.
But I think actions speak louder than words, especially the ones we take out of loyalty or our sense of duty or love or out of hope for a second chance.
That's all I want for you, Liz-- a second chance.
I'll do anything to make sure that you get it.
I hope you're okay.
If you get this, I'll be here.
- Hey, where have you been? - Working on my tan.
How did it go? I tried calling you.
We had a very, uh, productive conversation.
Oh, my God.
Is that-- is that blood on your collar? What have you done? Hey, look, I told you I would fix it, so I did.
Open the trunk.
- No, Gwen - Open the trunk! You don't want me to do that.
Do you have any idea who these people are? If you did something, if you-- They're gonna think it was me, okay? They'll come for me.
No, they're not gonna come for you without going through me first.
Gw-Gwen! Oh, my God.
It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
ohh, feel like crying It's done.

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