The Blacklist s03e06 Episode Script

Sir Crispin Crandall

Previously on The Blacklist What would you do to help Elizabeth Keen? - Anything.
- Find Karakurt.
The Cabal hired him to do what she's being framed for.
Figure out a way to infiltrate the crime ring that may be protecting Karakurt.
- They will come for you, huh? - I'm counting on it.
Marvin Gerard-- acts as shadow counsel to some of the biggest players in the criminal underworld.
Yeah, we could make it work.
We only have one shot at this.
I'll be in touch.
I'm here because people in our organization have lost confidence in you.
The FBI and the CIA must communicate, which means you two must work together.
I'm fine with that.
The brain is everything.
Memory, consciousness Personality.
Imagine if we could free the brain from the body.
What then? Without that wretched carcass marching you toward death, you might live forever.
You'd like to live forever, wouldn't you, Dr.
Kucera? I know I would.
Despite the pain and isolation of being trapped in that skin, your paper on twin prime conjecture set the world of number theory on fire.
Hats off to you, sir.
Hats off.
I'm in awe of your intellect and the seminal contributions you've made to the field of mathematics.
Well, that's why-- that's why I've chosen you to-- to join us on this wonderful voyage.
Soon, you'll be free of that broken shell.
You'll be able to walk and talk with ease.
You may even be able to sing and dance.
Does that appeal to you, Dr.
Kucera? I should think it would.
You and I, along with the others, will free ourselves.
We shall slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of God.
I see the captain's turned on the seat belt sign.
Well make sure that your seat back and folding tray are in their full upright position.
We're in for a bumpy ride.
It's Japanese Macha tea.
It has 17 times the antioxidants of wild blueberries and seven more than dark chocolate.
You will be fine, Elizabeth.
He will make sure of it.
I thought I was taking care of you.
How's the patient? Stubborn.
Lizzy, what do you know about Andras Halmi? - The French economist? - Belgian.
He's an econometrician.
He develops economic models using regression analysis and game theory.
One of the world's greatest minds.
And he's been abducted.
What does that mean to us? Andras Halmi is the Director's most trusted adviser and has information that is critical to our plan.
At first, I thought it might be a random abduction, but that appears not to be the case because another elite econometrician went missing in Paris "Another"? How many are there? It's a small group-- too small to be a coincidence.
In the last six months, two acclaimed geneticists have gone missing, two prize-winning civil engineers-- always a man and a woman.
Someone is building an ark, Lizzy, and populating it with some of the most brilliant minds of our time.
But to clear your name, we need to find Andras Halmi.
And to find Andras Halmi, we have to find that ark.
We know about the abductions.
The Bureau believes it's some kind of a brain drain.
Whoever's responsible is organized and resourceful.
Likely a foreign power.
Why force your country to learn when you can just grab the world's experts and advance decades overnight? It's a novel theory, Donald, but, like all novels, it's fiction.
We're not dealing with a rogue nation-state here.
We're dealing with the next name on the blacklist.
We're not.
Not unless you give me a good reason why.
The Director.
You've been ordered to work together, to share intelligence in the pursuit of Agent Keen.
I imagine that's a rather awkward and fraught relationship-- one you'd be anxious to terminate.
I'm listening.
Andras Halmi, a confidant of the Director's, is among the missing.
He has valuable information I need.
You want us to find him.
Without alerting the Director, of course.
Yeah, well, good luck with that.
His team's tapping into our system.
Be that as it may, he must not find out about this case.
So, getting settled in okay? You can dispense with the pleasantries.
We're not your houseguests.
My team has been reviewing the activities of this task force for the past few weeks, and it appears that you have not only been communicating with Reddington and Keen, but have been assisting them in some investigative capacity.
That's right.
That was him on the phone, giving us another case.
So you admit, then, to servicing Reddington's agenda instead of hunting him down? We talk to them because it keeps them close, increases our chances of making an arrest.
You do more than talk.
The Djinn, the Verdiant indictments-- every case that Reddington has given us has taken down someone important to the Cabal.
That okay with you? I don't have time for conspiracy theories, Agent Ressler, and neither do you.
This next case-- full debriefing in 30 minutes.
You're telling me you had no other choice but to kill this man? I did what I had to do in order to get to Karakurt.
They'll be looking for you.
- Yeah, I hope so.
- That was your plan? To kill a known associate of Charlie Volkens.
You know, I don't exactly remember you offering up a better plan.
Do you have any idea who you're dealing with? Let me remind you.
Charlie Volkens isn't just Karakurt's brother-in-law.
He's a drug dealer, an extortionist, runs an underground fight club.
He's a sociopath surrounded by people who fear him.
The Bureau can pin three murders on Volkens but can't get a conviction because nobody in the community is willing to talk.
Which is why you couldn't get him.
In fact, you couldn't even find him, and now he is coming to find me.
He's coming to kill you.
And once he has you, once you're in his world, that's exactly what he's gonna do.
I don't care.
He's hiding Karakurt.
I won't be able to help.
I'm gonna find him.
I'm gonna drag Karakurt back here if I have to.
They'll also come for Asher Sutton.
You gonna let him die, too? If that's what it takes to exonerate Liz.
Biophysicist goes missing in Berlin.
Another is taken in Rome.
A neurologist vanishes in Johannesburg, while another goes missing in San Francisco.
Always a man and a woman.
Reddington identified six victims-- three pairs.
Using his theory, we've been able to create Anthropology, computer science.
This may sound random, but it's not.
This is a list of the key graduate-degree programs at Harvard.
He's collecting leaders in each field of study.
Once he chooses a discipline, he completes the pair before moving on.
Two days after an anthropologist was taken in Nepal, another one was taken in Ankara.
Hang on.
I think I may have a lead on his next victim.
This is Dr.
Richard Kucera, chair of mathematics at a university in Barcelona.
Kucera disappeared two days ago.
You expect his next victim to be a woman in the same discipline? Exactly.
Thing is, there's only one female chair of mathematics who's at the same level as Dr.
Kucera, and she is here in America.
Her name is Anna Neehoff.
Currently on sabbatical, living in Arlington-- Contact local PD.
Send all units.
Samar and I are headed there now.
This is it? This is all you have? What's Reddington's agenda? Welcome to our world.
There is something you're not telling me.
Who he's after, for instance.
I'd like a name.
He didn't give me a name.
Look, if you got a problem, why don't you take it up with Reven Wright? We got a job to do.
Got her.
First floor, second window from the right.
Same play as the others? Yep.
Grab her, bag her, take her to The Cloud.
I wanted you to see this, Dr.
This is the procedure that we'll be doing with you.
Freeing that beautiful mind.
We've located Dr.
Good news.
We've found you a mate.
Like you, she's a mathematician.
And I think in the utopia I'm preparing for all of us, you'll see why I chose her for you.
Can you access the FBI files relating to these abductions? Everything in the system.
Do it.
I have a feeling there's something they're not telling us.
Yes, sir.
No answer on her cellphone.
Where's your head at? With the Director in the war room, if we find Liz, he finds Liz.
And if he finds Liz he'll kill her.
We have protocols in place that'll guarantee Keen's safety.
You think he'll follow the rules? Laurel Hitchin put him in here.
If he goes off book, it blows back in her face and the President's.
No way she's gonna let that happen.
You have one new voicemail message.
Neehoff, my name is Samar Navabi.
I'm with the FBI.
We believe you may be in danger.
We're on our way to you right now.
Please lock all of your doors and do not let anyone in.
Back door and garage are clear.
Radio Nolan and tell him to watch the front.
Shut up! Anna? Anna? Units in pursuit of a blue Econoline with three suspects heading west on Lexington.
Down! Stay back! Get out of the vehicle.
Put your weapon down.
Ressler, he took off toward the house.
You move, your next thought's gonna be about a bullet.
The men are working as fast as they can.
You built that awful grotto for that wedding in Tuscany in six days, complete with stalactites.
Well, that was different.
Yes, but infinitely more complicated, and you ripped it out in a day and a half.
Yeah, and I didn't have an inspector up my ass eight hours a day.
Cedric, lives are at stake, the fate of nations.
Bribe someone, push someone around.
I don't care.
Just get it done.
Where's this inspector? I want to talk with this guy.
Dembe, the Pelican case.
Tell me you've found Andras Halmi.
There's been a small wrinkle.
Halmi is all that matters.
The Director is working with the task force.
Need I remind you that without Halmi, a crucial element of our plan vanishes faster than a fart in a fan factory? You wanted to see me? Ah.
You must be-- Busy keeping track of all your code violations.
Portofino is lovely this time of year.
Life's too short to spend haggling over flex conduits and electrical chases.
My son drowned in Portofino.
Well, who could've predicted that? Forget the inspector.
What about Halmi? Leave Halmi to me.
You find out whatever you can about that inspector.
Hey, Gwen.
Asher around? We told you not to come back here, okay? Where is he? Asher! Hey.
What are you doing here? Pack your bags.
Do you have a safe? Open it.
We called the police.
We want nothing to do with you.
Get your passports and whatever cash you have in the house.
- Do it right now.
- The police-- The police aren't gonna be here in time, Gwen.
The others.
They're coming.
For you, okay? We didn't kill anyone.
We did what they asked.
Do you have a safe? We'll tell them what happened.
We'll just-- we'll tell them the truth.
The truth is, they sent someone to get a debt, and he's dead.
Somebody has to pay.
So, they're gonna kill us? Is that what you're saying? I'm trying to help you, all right? If you just do exactly what I say-- You did this to us! You came into our lives.
You targeted us.
Why? Listen to me right now.
These men-- they are going to be armed, they are going to be very, very dangerous, and they are going to try to hurt you.
Who are you? Listen to me-- find a place to hide and do not come out, no matter what you hear.
Do you understand? I want my lawyer.
He's more afraid of whoever he's working for than he'll ever be of us.
He's not talking.
He'll talk to me.
The inspector-- what'd you find? There's not much.
Ex loves him, taxes paid, church on Sunday.
But he does have one weakness-- Lisa Thomopoulos.
Aspirations of becoming a pastry chef.
Flunked out of Cordon Bleu.
Seems she can't tell a baklava from a balaclava.
I forgot the egg wash.
I-I-I just-- I just need to clear my head.
I-I'll have a cigarette.
Can I just take You must be Lisa.
Max said your eyes were radiant, but my God.
It's a very small space.
We want to brighten.
I love mauve, but a soft, creamy yellow will just open up the entire room.
We also need to land on cabinet options and millwork today.
I'm already arguing with my supplier.
Tell me if I'm going too fast.
I'm sorry.
I have no idea what any of this means.
Oh, my goodness.
Max didn't tell you.
Tell me what? About your restaurant.
I don't have a restaurant.
I think we need to take a drive.
Your birth name is Michael Karpos.
I understand you've been employed by some of our subcontractors.
Well, on behalf of our nation, thank you for your service.
I also see that you have an ex-wife and a daughter who attends St.
Bartholomew's Academy in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.
Are you acquainted with the Bible, Mr.
Karpos? I am.
At one point, I actually considered the priesthood.
Can you imagine? There's a passage-- Exodus 20:5-6.
"For I, the Lord thy God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children.
" We wouldn't want that.
Would we, Mr.
Karpos? The man you're looking for is Sir Crispin Crandall.
The reclusive billionaire? He's behind the abductions? He takes them to a complex near the Boston-Manchester regional airport, and what he does there, God only knows.
Come now, Richard.
It's not as if you have to worry about putting on weight.
Soon, we'll be relieving you of that crippled body to prepare you for a brave new world.
- Sir? - Hmm? It's about Miss Neehoff.
It appears we have a situation.
Dear, dear, dear.
Keep eating, Richard.
I shall return.
Matias, I don't appreciate being summoned.
Talk to me about Andras Halmi.
You thought the task force was holding something back.
They were.
Who is he? How do you know what I was or was not thinking? I know everything, Peter.
Almost always before you.
Your analyst discovered that they deleted Halmi's name so you wouldn't find it.
Why? Andras Halmi is a trusted adviser.
Then why haven't I heard of him? He's critical to this organization, and he must be found.
I think you're lying.
Fine, then.
Don't help.
But if you don't and our friends in Bonn learn of your insubordination, I don't think they're gonna be very pleased.
Tell me what you know.
Plumbing leak, missing handrails.
Handrails? Handrails?! Exposed wiring, unlicensed subcontractor.
- You're shut down.
- Okay, fine.
You shut us down.
I will sue you for losses, you beer-swilling frostback! Lisa? I know, I know.
I ruined the whole damn thing.
But there were too many decisions to make without her.
After all, it is her restaurant.
I can't believe this.
Max has been working night and day to get this place fixed up.
All those classes, the hours you spent perfecting your tarts, your crumpets.
If he's told me once, he's told me a thousand times you should be feeding all of Montreal in your own restaurant.
I don't know what to say.
Neither do I.
We could do puff pastries.
Oh, and a little Sunday brunch.
And those little tea cakes that you love! I need one day working 'round the clock with no interruptions.
After that, the place is yours.
Who are you? The man who's gonna help you make her dreams come true.
Ooh! Ohh! Clever.
But none of it's gonna matter unless we get Andras Halmi.
_ Crispin Crandall.
You don't have authority to go-- That's a no-knock warrant.
Get on the phone.
Call your boss.
Tell him the FBI needs to talk with Crispin Crandall.
What the hell is this place? We're not gonna wait to find out.
I want to talk to Charlie Volkens.
You got any idea where you are, sport? You know what we do here? Asher Sutton.
He has nothing to do with this.
Oh, yeah, he does.
Tonight he does.
You two got ringside seats.
He's innocent.
You don't have to hurt him.
Oh, ain't got to hurt anybody.
That, I leave to you.
You boys are top of the card tonight.
No Queensbury rules.
Unlimited rounds.
Winner takes everything.
Crandall Cryonics is a legitimate firm that specializes in cryogenic preservation.
It's more hope than science, but true believers think it's possible to freeze the human body, suspend death and disease so that patients might be reanimated and cured when new technology is developed in the future.
According to the company's records, none of the missing scientists are here.
The dewars contain patients with legally binding contracts.
Well, if they're not here, then where are they? If the employees know, they're not saying, and we can't question Crandall.
Why? Because he's a billionaire? Because he lives on a plane, which he refuels in the air.
Wait-- what? He doesn't land? According to the FAA, he's landed 30 times in the past three years.
Each time coincided with the date of an abduction.
He was scheduled to land today but scrubbed it less than an hour after we prevented Anna Neehoff from being taken.
He was coming for her-- like the others.
This plane is an ark.
Or a jail.
It can't be easy keeping It is if they're frozen.
Um, no.
It's an A380.
Definitely big enough to contain a mobile lab and store multiple corpses.
It appears we have an issue with our fuel tanker.
A small change in schedule.
But fear not.
Once everything is under control, we'll move ahead with your procedure posthaste.
Don't go anywhere.
We think we know what happened to the people who were abducted.
You found Halmi? Victims were cryogenically frozen by some nutjob billionaire named Crispin Crandall.
- Frozen? - Yeah.
Where is he keeping them? In his jet-- some flying icebox that never touches down.
He has a refueling tanker.
Not anymore.
We grounded it.
That's all I need.
Ring Edward.
Tell him we need the jet.
We're gonna pay a little visit to Sir Crispin Crandall.
Crispin Crandall? I thought he was dead.
No, he's very much alive, and it seems he's responsible for our international brain drain.
He has Halmi.
But he also has a big problem I may be able to alleviate-- the FBI.
You gave them this case.
And now I'm taking it away.
Crandall is flying into a trap.
He needs somewhere to land his spruce goose.
Okay, people.
We have 67 minutes before that plane drops out of the sky.
I need a location-- now.
Sir? Take a look at this.
We found him.
NSA satellite picked up an A380 descending on course for a regional airstrip outside Halifax.
The plane's waiting.
I'll notify RCMP on the way.
Target is headed for Pittsburgh.
And the FBI? Headed for Halifax, based on false satellite intel, when, in fact, Crandall's jet should be touching down at a former military runway near Pittsburgh in about 30 minutes.
I know it.
I am guessing that Reddington redirected Crandall there, since he wants Halmi-- probably cut a deal with him to get him, which means that Reddington will be there, as will Keen.
This is fun.
Terminate them both.
Secure Halmi's body.
His body? If Halmi's dead, why does Reddington still want him? Just take care of Reddington and Keen, and we will be done with loose ends.
Gentlemen! Gentlemen.
Our final bout today is a no-holds-barred grudge match between two rank amateurs.
There will be no rules.
Sucker-punching, kicking, biting, and gouging is not only allowed but encouraged.
The winner will be the last man breathing.
Fight! Come on, man.
Put your hands up.
Come on, man.
If you don't fight, they're gonna kill us both.
I didn't come here to fight! I came here for the Russian.
He doesn't want to fight.
What should we do about that, gentlemen? Hmm? Don't make me do this.
I'm sorry.
The plane's not going to Halifax? Apparently not.
But we're going to Halifax.
NSA intel indicated that's where the plane was heading.
Uh it's not.
It's landing near Pittsburgh.
The opposite direction.
How is this possible? The Director set us up.
Aram, are you sure about this? I set up an air-traffic-control alert for Crandall's transponder, figuring when he moved through controlled airspace, he'd have to turn it back on.
The alert says Pittsburgh.
Where the Director will have a team waiting for them.
And Reddington.
When I talked to him-- I think he knows where the plane is headed.
If he does, he and Liz are walking into a trap.
I'll tell the pilot to change our heading to Pittsburgh.
Refueling is done.
We can be airborne as soon as you complete your business with Mr.
He's here? Ah, there he is.
Sir Crispin.
I'm Raymond Reddington.
What are you doing here? I wired payment for the fuel.
And I voided it.
Truth be told, I've decided on a different form of payment-- Andras Halmi.
I'm not giving you Halmi.
Of course you are.
At least, the part of him I'm interested in.
But first, please indulge my curiosity.
An ice castle in the air, the best and the brightest frozen solid.
I'm intrigued.
You know what these are? They're horseshoe crabs.
Decades ago, it was discovered that their plasma contained limulus amebocyte lysate, which can be used to detect bacterial endotoxins.
I found a way to synthesize it.
That's how you made your fortune.
But more important, they were the inspiration for my vision.
They have survived four mass extinctions.
We are now on the cusp of the final mass extinction, caused by a species of clever but greedy primates known as homo sapien.
Everyone dies, Mr.
Death is a process.
No one is really dead until the information contained in the brain is lost.
Cryonic preservation prevents that loss.
Are you a gambling man, Crispin? No.
I abhor casinos.
Oh, yes.
Well, I would agree with you there.
But perhaps you're familiar with the old saw "You can't beat the house"? No matter how many poor souls you turn into popsicles, the fix is in.
The world in which you awaken will be one incapable of sustaining human life.
And why? Because at the critical tipping point, one tragically quixotic megalomaniac cannibalized humanity of the very minds that might have been its salvation.
You see, if you were a betting man, you would understand that now trumps later every time.
The future is a sucker's bet-- a maybe, a contingency, a "What if?" The only thing that is real is the present, and you've plundered it-- robbed it of the very geniuses that might have averted the dystopia you so fear.
Indeed, perhaps even the very one who might have devised a means to revive your sad, tired, frozen ass.
Congratulations, Crispin.
You've doubled down on extinction.
Life on Earth is going to end.
Cryonics is our only hope.
It won't work.
I'm betting it will.
So you are a gambling man.
Let's place that bet, shall we? What was that? I thought I heard-- What happened? Is he dead? Dead? Pishposh.
What's death? It's just a process, right? Notify the lab.
Tell them to gather the team and prepare for a full-body cut-down.
feel alive Come here.
Open it.
feel alive Andras Halmi-- dewar UT-0027.
you fall down I will pick you up for all you need, yeah Someone's here.
the greatest one but I am by your side don't look back, keep running keep running I'm running for you you know I'm running for you feel alive feel alive I'm running for you feel alive You have Halmi? More or less.
The thumbs appear to be missing.
His thumbs? Peter, is this a problem? feel alive Ressler.
Sir Crispin Crandall.
Banque Canadienne Du Nord.
I'm with the United States Department Of Justice.
Your courts have, uh, issued a warrant authorizing us to seize the safety-deposit box of a Mr.
Andras Halmi.
It is critical that no third party interfere and that the safety-deposit box be kept absolutely secure-- by any means.
I been drivin' all night, my hands wet on the wheel there's a voice in my head that drives my heel 'cause my baby called and said, "I need you here" Come on, come on, come on and it's a half-past four, and I'm shifting gear when she is lonely and the longing gets too much she sends a cable coming in from above don't need to talk at all we've got a thing that's called radar love we've got a wave in the air radar love when I get lonely and I'm sure I've had enough she sends her comfort coming in from above we don't need no letter at all we've got a thing that's called radar love we've got a line in the sky radar love Close it.
The Director gave his attack dogs the real address so they could get Halmi and kill Reddington and Keen.
Do you still think our protocols will keep them safe? They survived.
This time-- but as long as he's here, as long as we're sharing information-- I said he wouldn't go off book.
I was wrong.
But thanks to these feeds that we got off of Crandall's jet, I can prove it now, and when I do, Laurel Hitchin will have no choice but to boot him out.
Today was a win, Navabi.
How do you figure? Reddington said Halmi had information he needed.
My guess is he used his thumbs to get it-- to get past some kind of a biometric lock or a safe.
What kind of information? I don't know.
But the Director didn't want him to get it, and he did.
Son of a bitch can't be happy about that.
Hello, Peter.
I hope I'm not interrupting cocktails with Lynda.
Congratulations on getting to Halmi before I did.
Yes, it certainly is celebratory drinks here, so I'll be brief.
I think it's about time to exonerate Elizabeth Keen.
That is not going to happen.
Oh, but it is.
The only question is whether you'll live to see the day.
If I continue to dismantle the Cabal, they'll put a bullet in your head just to mitigate their losses.
Everything is working according to plan, Peter.
You overestimate your influence, Raymond.
Your plan is of no concern to us.
You've been skimming from the company till, stealing millions in anticipation of running away.
When you were linked to the Cabal, you reached out to Halmi-- put your golden parachute in a secret account only he could access.
Except now I've got it.
You have no money to escape the inevitable.
Your colleagues will abandon you.
Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon enough, because I'm not going to stop until they do.
Unless I exonerate Keen.
It's one small chance to save your life.
Such a generous offer.
I'll have to decline.
I'm going to bring this whole damn thing down on you, Peter.
And when I do, your own people will beg me to kill you to stop the bleeding.
Whew! Takes a hard heart to kill a man with a knife.
So you wanted to see me? Not you.
Who the hell are you? I'm the guy who's taking you back to DC to admit that you framed my wife for murder.
Here's how it's gonna play out.
I'll take Tiny Tim out first because he's the biggest threat.
Then Russian Guyavitch goes for his gun, right? But I'm betting that he shoots one of you instead of me.
And Volkens is already pissing his pants, so I don't think he's gonna be a problem.
And that would leave me and you.
Don't kill me.
Not yet.

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