The Blacklist s03e07 Episode Script

Zal Bin Hasaan

Previously on "The Blacklist" You two must work together.
If he finds Liz, he'll kill her.
Terminate them both.
You've been stealing millions in anticipation of running away.
I'm going to bring this whole damn thing down on you, Peter.
I came here for the Russian.
Don't kill me.
Not yet.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S03E07 Zal Bin Hasaan - Harold? - Got it.
- I got him.
- Who is it? I've got it.
You cannot be here.
Karakurt's in the trunk.
If we get him to talk, we can exonerate Liz.
Harold, honey, is the coffee ready? I'll bring you a cup.
I'll take a cup.
Get that thing out of here.
In the garage.
- Is he - No, just knocked out.
At least I think so.
- I hit him pretty hard.
- You think so? I don't know.
How you doing? If you are just joining us, an update now on our top story.
Six employees of Lazarum Systems International were abducted outside its Annapolis headquarters.
Although no suspect has been named, federal authorities are treating this as an act of terror on American soil.
So, the rumors were true.
You knew this would happen? "Do I dare to eat a peach?" I may as well live dangerously.
What are you doing here? Drinking your bellinis.
I told you on the phone, I can't help you.
And I told you I'm not willing to take no for an answer.
Set the meeting, and I'll consider your debt from Caracas as paid in full.
I told you Normally, I could work something out, but with all the heat on you two, it's impossible.
Zal Bin Hasaan.
What if I could deliver him to you? A gift for your employer.
The FBI, Interpol, Mossad They can't find him, but you can? Is that a yes or a no? Bring us Zal Bin Hasaan, and you'll have your meeting.
Hasaan? That's the rumor you heard? He's responsible for the abduction of the Lazarum employees? Ahh.
All we have to do now is find him.
How do you propose we do that? With a little help from our friends.
Agent Navabi.
May I assume you're aware of the recent abductions? - Me and every agent in the building.
- Perhaps.
But they don't share the same personal investment - that you have in today's events.
- And why is that? Because you and I both know that Lazarum Systems International is providing technical expertise to Israel's missile-defense shield.
They're encrypting software for the Iron Dome.
Whoever took those contractors is an enemy of Israel.
- That's a long list.
- Let me shorten it Zal Bin Hasaan.
Imagine The man who's killed more Mossad agents than any other assassin in history, right here on American soil.
- That's not possible.
- That's what you thought in Cairo.
He was right behind you, and you didn't know it.
That mistake cost your partner his life and put you in an Egyptian I.
But back then, you were missing one critical element that would have made all the difference me.
What exactly are you suggesting? That we combine our efforts.
We both want Hasaan.
I'll be in touch.
- How many in your party? - Oh, no, it's just Wow.
You are beautiful.
Actually, I'm looking for somebody that I believe has been a customer of yours.
- They in some kind of trouble? - Oh, no, no, no.
Quite the opposite.
An uncle of hers passed and left her quite a sizeable bequest.
I work for the estate.
- You're looking to give her money? - The truth is, I'm one of many people tasked with finding her.
And we've been chasing every lead for weeks.
And one of them has led me here.
I never met her.
But him, the man? He left his number for me to give to her.
Any chance that you still have that number? Yeah.
I've got it right here.
I've never seen this man before.
He's your agent, sent by you to murder Reddington and Keen.
- Can you prove that? - No, because it's not true.
Reddington and Keen are building a case against his organization.
My organization is the C.
We protect this country against people like Reddington.
Okay, that's enough.
Look, I'm going to bring Keen in.
But I need assurances that she's going to be protected.
Your allegations have been heard, Agent Ressler.
But right now, you two have one job Find Elizabeth Keen.
The president believes the best way to do that is to work together, but since clearly you're incapable of that, work your leads separately.
I'm not going to punish you for hating each other, but I will take my grandfather's izmel to your private parts if I find out you're misleading each other or failing to share intel.
Got it? I could hear you guys yelling from down here.
I made our case.
- So, is he in or out? - I don't know.
But I think I bought us some time, - so let's make the most out of it.
- Already on it.
Well, uh, Agent Navabi is.
Reddington called her, claiming to know who's responsible for the Lazarum abductions.
Zal Bin Hasaan is an alias.
His true identity and background are unknown.
He's supposedly Iranian-born, mid-30s.
This is the only photo of Hasaan.
It was taken four years ago by an agent named Avi Lebov.
Three minutes after this image was captured, the vehicle Hasaan exited detonated, killing Lebov and 12 civilian bystanders.
Mossad once had 24 agents devoted to killing Hasaan.
For a period of time, I was one of them.
In 2012, my partner and I flew to Egypt, hoping to pick up his trail.
Unfortunately, he had picked up ours.
He followed us to Cairo.
I was still lying in a hospital bed when my partner's body was flown home to his family.
We know Hasaan was involved in dozens of attacks, but there are others where his role has yet to be confirmed.
Those include the Pishin bombing in Iran.
Wasn't that where your brother was killed? Maybe that's why Reddington brought you the case.
The focus of this task force is to find Reddington and Keen, so I understand if you feel that this is something we can't pursue.
Forget that.
We are doing it for you, for your brother.
We're doing it, right? Agent Mojtabai.
When? Okay, got it.
A video was just sent to several news outlets.
It was turned over to the Bureau a few minutes ago.
My name is Michael Hasti, and I am a senior software engineer for Lazarum Systems.
This morning, six of us were taken in retaliation for our company's criminal collaboration with the state of Israel on the missile-defense system known as the Iron Dome.
Our captors send this message to all who aid their sworn enemy "We will find you and you will pay for your crimes.
You will hear from us again in two hours.
" Reach out to your contacts in Mossad.
I want everything they have on Zal Bin Hasaan.
"And you will pay for your crimes.
You will hear from us again in two hours.
" Sir? Sir? That guy Sweater vest.
A year ahead of me at M.
Won the Sprowls Award for his thesis on default-deny firewall security.
recruited him as a sophomore.
Never gave me the time of day.
Like, ever-ever.
Was there something you wanted to show me? A phone number.
Sweater vest is running a tap on it, which I know, because I got around his firewall and accessed his computer.
Which, despite being a felony, feels amazing.
Maybe he got Liz's new cell, or maybe Mr.
Reddington's? You up on the line? Without a warrant, that would also be a felony.
But yes, absolutely.
The muzzle flash.
I missed it before, but watch.
The muzzle flash lit up his glasses.
That is a power plant and if you look closely Oh, my God.
Nice one.
All right.
That's Sellinger Power.
They operate at a facility outside of Bethesda.
Notify S.
Let's get out there.
Ressler, Mossad has a task force that's been working with the C.
to find Hasaan.
They deserve to be there when we take him down.
Calling the police.
I'll handle this, Charlene.
- Agent Ressler is the one - No, we got to handle this ourselves.
Handle what? Are you out of your mind? He is in the trunk in our garage! Hey, you got any power tools? What the hell is he doing? He's dying, you idiot.
Suicide by soap? It's biodegradable soy-based.
He's allergic.
He put himself into anaphylactic shock.
- I've got his hands.
- All right, spit it out.
- Charlene? - I'm sorry.
You know I wouldn't be here if I didn't have to.
But at the last potluck, did I hear you say that Wally has a peanut allergy? Yeah.
I got an EpiPen! Even if he is alive, he's not gonna talk.
Guy would rather die.
Duct tape, please? Duct tape.
We've got the perimeter secure.
Wide spectrum signal jammers online in case they got any detonators rigged up inside.
Any estimate on the unfriendlies? Our thermal imaging is inconclusive.
We've got a man in position to get a camera in for a closer look now.
Looks like Mossad's joined the party.
_ _ Shalom.
Donald Ressler, Commander Farrow, Agents Shur and Singer.
I heard most of what we know about Hasaan thanks to you guys.
Well, we've been a lot less effective since Agent Navabi left us.
You poached a good one.
I know.
Eyes are up.
We've got hostages on site.
I'm seeing five.
Four unfriendlies Two on guard, two at the entry point.
Hang on.
There's another one on the catwalk.
He's giving orders of some kind.
That side door your man's on - Can you breach it? - Breach it? By the time you get inside, they'd have moved on the hostages.
- You need a static SIMON.
- A breach grenade? I mean, that's a military-grade weapon.
We don't have time to requisition one.
What if we had one? You guys are in the country, gathering intelligence.
Why would You know what? Don't tell me.
All right.
Let's move in.
It's Hasaan! He's on the catwalk! Looks like he set off a trip wire.
We got nothing.
No sign of him.
How is that possible? I thought all the exits were secure.
There was a secondary explosion on the south side of the building.
- That may have been Hasaan.
- All right.
I want all these bodies I.
'd A.
You guys need to see this.
Hasaan has been keeping these men captive.
Shahin? Sister? _ Agent Navabi? Agent Navabi? You okay? It's Arash Ahmadi.
He's been on our radar for at least three years.
- So he's not Hasaan? - No.
Neither are the other three.
- How can you be so sure? - They're too young.
Hasaan is in the wind.
We need to get the hostages somewhere safe, start taking their statements.
Right now, they're our best chance of finding Hasaan.
Well, our facility's a few miles away - It's a logical place.
- Sounds like a plan.
Did you know he was alive? - Hasaan? - My brother.
Did you know he was being held prisoner? Shahin is alive? I don't understand how this is possible.
He died in 2009 at the bombing in Pishin.
Samar, listen to me.
If I had known Hasaan was holding Shahin, I would have told you.
- How is he? - I don't know.
- He's still being treated.
- And Hasaan? We lost him during the raid.
If Hasaan is in the country, he was smuggled in like contraband.
I'll phone a friend, see if I can find the rum runner he hired.
So, the bad news You're still alive.
But the good news is that all you have to do to get out of here is tell your story to the feds.
That's it.
Exonerate Liz.
And then I'll personally fix you a nice soybean smoothie so you can croak yourself vegan style.
What's that? So, here's the deal.
Agent Keen and I were, uh, married, as, like, a job, you know.
But you ever take one of those jobs just to pay the rent and you find out that you're You're good at it? You cannot excel at anything you do not love.
Well, yeah, I mean, where were you when I was married? I didn't figure that out till it was over.
That is the way these things go.
All right, look.
We can tell the Russians that you framed them for killing C.
A agents, a U.
senator, dump you in front of their consulate, let the Russians do their thing, or Or you could help yourself and help Liz.
My old home.
So, your brother's back from medical.
We put him in box one.
And you thought he died in Pishin.
There was supposed to be a sit-down between opposition leaders and members of the army.
It never happened.
A suicide bomber detonated an explosive and 41 people were killed.
A terrorist group assumed responsibility.
One day, he was my brother.
He was young and vibrant.
And the next I thought I'd never see you again.
I was told you died that day in Pishin.
I saw the DNA report myself.
If you were alive It was supposed to be a great day.
After all our protests, we were finally able to bring the government to the table.
But it was a setup.
Someone from the government planted an I.
near our table.
Why would the government plant a bomb? Why kill ranking members of your own army? Because they knew it would turn public opinion against us.
We were no longer student activists fighting for justice.
We were terrorists.
You were hurt that day.
That's why they found your blood at the scene? Um I'm sorry I ran, but I had to.
I wanted to tell you, but I knew it would only put you in danger.
I went to England to start a new life.
And I thought the regime stopped looking for me.
Until a few months ago, I realized I was still being watched.
So I had to start over again, and this time in America.
But Hasaan's men must have followed me, because six months ago, they grabbed me from the apartment I was hiding in.
Who are you? How did you get back here? - What do you want? - Oh, my.
Three questions in not even as many seconds.
Which should we answer first? Actually, how about this I'll ask a few questions first, and then we can get to whatever's on your mind.
I'm sorry, but my name, it is somewhat common.
Perhaps you are confusing me with I knew a guy that happened to all the time.
Best glass-smith in New England.
Nobody could free-blow a vase like Theodore Bundy.
Can you imagine? Ted Bundy, an amazing craftsman, couldn't sell a vase.
We know who you are, Farzin.
Is she right, Farzin? - I could blow off a kneecap.
- Wait, look All I did was make the connection between Hasaan and a friend in the port in Charleston.
His men are dead.
He needs a way out.
He must have contacted you again.
Okay, okay, yes.
I got a message.
He needed a place to lay low for a few hours.
I have the address.
Don't feel bad, Farzin.
You're a smuggler, not a fighter.
Tell me you're okay.
Where have you are you okay? - We need to meet.
- What's going on? Wing Yee's, one hour.
I have good news.
It's Tom.
He wants to meet.
That's not a good idea.
The burner wasn't Agent Keen's or Mr.
It was Tom's.
And he just called Agent Keen.
- What did they say? - They set a meeting.
One hour at a restaurant called Wing Yee.
- Does the director know? - Yes.
And it appears he is sending a team.
Alert M.
Send them the address.
Aram's got a line on Keen.
I can't leave him.
He's my brother.
I need to stay close.
I understand.
I'll call.
Who are you? My name is Zal Bin Hasaan.
Lieutenant in the Quds Force of the Army of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
Four years ago, Hasaan bombed a synagogue in Buenos Aires, killed 31 people 14 women and children.
Hasaan walked away with third-degree burns on his back.
My name is Zal Bin Hasaan.
I just wanted to talk, but listen, it's your funeral.
Just just hang on a second, all right? We got statements from all the hostages.
Let's move to release them.
Huh? - Hey, sir, good to hear from you.
- Do you have time to talk? Because there's a situation.
We got a lead on Keen's whereabouts Hers and Tom's.
- Tom? - Yeah, we ran a tap on his phone.
Heard him set up a meeting.
It's aiding and abetting.
I told him to stay away.
- He's gonna regret he didn't.
- Donald, look, there's something that I need to talk to you about.
Look, sir, we're gonna clear Keen's name first and then yours and get things back to normal.
I'll call you when it's done.
You were right.
He's not Hasaan.
- Who is he? - The way he's singing, he could be Ethel Merman for all I care.
He's ready for you.
I need some air.
I just got off the phone with the State Department.
You entered the country illegally, so the American government intends to deport you.
The U.
is not my home.
If the Americans want to send me back to England No.
The U.
Home Office is denying your return.
Your status there was also illegal, so They're filing papers to send you back to Iran.
That's Samar, they will kill me.
I've already put in a request to grant you political asylum.
I won't lose you again.
Some operative I am.
I barely recognize my own wife.
You look great.
That? Having to hide, that's gonna end.
You're gonna have a normal life, Liz A family, kids, everything you always wanted.
I don't see that happening anytime soon.
I found Karakurt.
- Karakurt's willing to confess? - To all of it Killing the C.
agents, the senator, the Cabal Cooper is gonna call Ressler, and he's gonna get started on a plea deal.
Stack up on me.
We go in hard.
On my count.
I should get back.
Federal agents! Nobody move! You told me that I should have stayed on the boat, never come back.
The truth is I never should have left.
You were in trouble, and I walked away.
You had a dream.
I wanted you to follow it.
I still do.
That's what I'm trying to tell you, Liz.
I am following it.
See what they all know.
I read a review that said the wonton soup was so good, it should be illegal.
I dismissed it as hyperbole.
My mistake.
I'm going to need to see your other hand.
That is a Beretta M9, for which I have a concealed carry permit.
Go ahead and get that for me.
Number's illegible.
Looks like you're gonna have to come with me until we get that sorted out.
I'm not him.
I swear.
Then why pretend? Samar, you need to secure the hostages and clear the facility.
- What are you talking about? - Now.
The man you lost is not Hasaan.
The real Hasaan is there in the building.
The Lazarum abduction was a Trojan horse.
You need to get out of there now.
Let's go! Move! Move! Let's go! Get up! Up! Move! Let's go! Move! Go! Take the Lazarum employees outside! Move! Move! Move! Move! Hasaan, we have less than 10 minutes - before the building is surrounded.
- That's all we need.
Where's my sister? Elizabeth Keen.
Elizabeth K Is that the one from the news? Who do you work for? Who's paying you to find her? I've been contracted by the German consulate on an international matter that has nothing to do with Keen.
I have diplomatic immunity.
You may expel me or let me go, but you may not under any circumstance bore me.
- Is that true? - Yes.
He's private security.
So why were you on Crandall's jet? He abducted a German biophysicist.
I was tasked with finding him.
You were on that jet to find Elizabeth Keen, just like you were at Wing Yee this morning.
Oh, no.
I was at Wing Yee for their wonton soup.
It is fantastic.
You should try some.
It will calm your nerves.
Sir, sorry to interrupt.
It's about Agent Navabi.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Agent Ressler seems to believe that we work together, that we are part of some sort of cabal that has attacked America, and apparently he will not rest until he gets the answer that he is looking for.
But he's too polite to ask the question in a manner that will yield the truth.
I thought I'd be of assistance.
- If you think that you're gonna - About Agent Navabi.
It is urgent.
They're watching.
- I'm putting a stop to this.
- Not yet.
Who told you Elizabeth Keen was going to be at that restaurant? Let me guess You and I are going to play a game of catch-and-release.
Nothing quite so humane.
All this time and money and manpower spent to find and kill me.
How many agents are assigned to this task force? I want their names and assignments.
I want that list.
I can't help you.
Now I think I need to find someone who can.
Up! Up! Up! Up! Up! Yes.
Who is your O.
? Your officer in charge, now! It's me.
Tell me what's happening.
It's my brother.
They're calling him Hasaan.
I'm sorry, Samar.
I'm getting to the truth a little too late.
The Lazarum hostages have all been executed.
I don't understand.
If my brother is Hasaan, why would he risk an attack like this? For the list The list of Mossad agents and their informants working around the world to find and execute Hasaan.
That list is I.
It's not available electronically.
- There's only a hard copy.
- Where? The covert source record room.
If that's where the list is, that's where Hasaan is going.
In a few minutes, half the federal agents in Washington will have that building surrounded.
Your only job for now is to stay alive.
I have to stop him.
Keep your hands behind your head.
We got the location from your men in Jordan.
All we need is the code.
I'll never give it to you.
- My people are prepared to die first.
- So be it.
We'll get into your precious safe with or without you.
They'll be coming.
We have to go.
- What are you doing? - They got into the building.
They'll find a way into the safe.
We have to destroy the list before they do.
I thought you quit.
Yeah, I did, but then you left me, so Aah! She's burned the documents.
There's almost nothing left.
Samar, what did you do? Hasaan, we have to go.
They have agents preparing to enter.
All our plans, and we're left with nothing! - Kill her and be done with it.
- No.
She's Mossad.
The information we need is in her head.
He will be dead within the hour.
Clear! Agents, move! We take her with us.
We're looking for Agent Samar Navabi, taken 22 minutes ago by Zal Bin Hasaan.
We have his photo and a list of known associates.
Stop every train, search every car.
This woman's one of ours.
Bring her home.
There is nothing noble about what you're doing, Shahin.
- Our parents would be ashamed.
- Our parents had no shame.
They were cowards.
How can you say that? They died for speaking the truth.
You've been fooled.
You turned your back on Iran, joined Mossad Shahin, they killed our parents.
Our parents brought death upon themselves, and we suffered for it.
They betrayed us, betrayed our country.
The Pishin bombing.
It was you.
That was the day I became the righteous warrior Zal.
Aah! According to legend, a great and wise bird raised the young warrior Zal in her nest atop the highest peak of Damavand.
When he came of age, she gave him a plume of her radiant feathers to burn if he was ever in desperate need, and she would come to his aid.
You seem to be fresh out of feathers.
- What do you want? - Well, another spin of the bottle in Melanie Reichman's basement, but I'll settle for you.
What now? That's your decision.
You can turn him in.
You know what will happen Rendition, hunger strikes, eventually death in whatever hellhole he's thrown into.
Or you can give him to me.
The best I can offer is death with a purpose.
Which is? Agent Keen's freedom.
Sister You swore to protect me.
I swore to protect my brother.
He died in Pishin.
Hasaan is all yours.
Agent Navabi What? What is it? She's she's okay.
That was her.
She's okay.
You're condoning what he did, forcing this guy Solomon to swallow a shank hook? All that shows is his callous disregard for the law.
Our national security is at risk.
While I don't approve of your methods, Peter, I am satisfied that there's no connection between you and this Matias Solomon.
What I'm not satisfied by is the explanation for the raid that captured him.
He tapped Tom Keen's phone.
He heard Tom Keen set up a meeting with Elizabeth Keen at Wing Yee.
And did he, um, share this intel with you? No, he did not.
And when we found out, we ran a tap of our own.
See what I'm dealing with here? This insubordination.
The only insubordination I see is yours, Peter.
I really thought I was clear.
Hating each other is fine.
Not sharing intel is not.
You and your team will vacate this facility by the end of the day.
That's a terrible mistake.
You have till 5:00 p.
Sorry about earlier.
I had Keen.
I mean, she was supposed to be there, and then this thing with Samar - What's he doing here? - Trying to help Liz.
You son of a I'm We talked about this! We agreed not to work with him! I told you about their meeting, about that call between him and Keen - You tipped them off! - If you will calm down for a second - What the hell is he doing here? - Trying to help Liz.
I told you he wouldn't be on board.
You are a lying scumbag, and I don't trust you.
If you do, you're a fool.
So, that's it, huh? Just gonna walk away.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
That's enough! Enough! Leave it! I have to live here.
You will have your meeting.
I'll be in touch when I'm ready.
Harold, Agent Keen tells me - you have the man they call Karakurt.
- Yes.
And I intend on turning him over to the Bureau as soon as possible.
I have a better idea.
About Karakurt, I'm told he's with Harold Cooper.
Yeah, for now.
- I've arranged for an extraction team.
- Good.
About earlier I appreciate your understanding.
Oh, no, Peter.
I've been on the receiving end of far worse.
As were you.
I know you don't approve of what I did - Giving him to Reddington.
- Reddington saved your life.
If giving him Hasaan was the price for that, I'd pay it twice over.
It took me years to mourn his loss.
Now I have to do it all over again.
I spoke to the E.
Sounds like Levi's gonna make it.
Seems like a good guy.
He is.
I mean, this place, this job, it's After Audrey died, I came to work the very next day.
It's so easy to lose perspective, forget what really matters.
Are you okay? I'm not so sure.
What really matters is this here now Nothing else is guaranteed.

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