The Blacklist s03e08 Episode Script

Kings of the Highway

Previously on The Blacklist What really matters is this.
Nothing else is guaranteed.
I mean, if they're trying to prove Keen's innocence, why go after some high-priced vigilante? Why do any of what they've done? They're searching.
But if not for Keen's innocence, then what for? This is a perilously fast run down a slippery road.
You'd have to hit all green lights, but we could make it work.
_ Does anything appear out of the ordinary? No, but I don't like this, Raymond.
We're less than an hour behind you, and Ian will be there any minute to open the store.
The care package will be there soon after.
I should be with you.
You will be in less than an hour.
Oh, and don't forget that other matter we discussed.
Other matter? Ian has a first edition of Life On The Mississippi for me.
- Multitasking.
- Oh.
Have I ever told you the story about Ian Bartleby and his wife and the beekeeper they fell into bed with on the Isle of Skye? Fascinating, illuminating story.
Oh, it's been a long drive.
Any chance I can hear about Ian and the beekeeper after I clean up? Yes.
Freshen up.
I'll fill the tank.
Get us something to eat.
Lizzy We're very close.
This'll all be over soon.
Excuse me.
My friend who was just here, um, brown coat, hat-- you didn't happen to see where he went? - Who? - He was just here.
He got gas at pump 5.
Maybe he paid credit at the pump.
No, he would have paid cash.
No, no cash customers for hours.
Okay, listen to me, this is very important.
My friend-- he wouldn't have just left.
Excuse me, uh, ma'am, is there a problem? She thinks something might have happened to her friend.
Your friend-- can you describe him? I can ask my manager if you want, see if he can roll back the security cameras.
Thank you.
I'm sure he's here somewhere.
Thanks for your concern, Officer.
Reddington, where are you? Oh, God.
Got it.
_ Please tell me Reddington's called you.
Why, is something wrong? He was here one minute.
He was getting gas.
And now he's gone.
I-I've called and called.
H-he hasn't answered his phone.
Elizabeth, where are you? You can't leave the store.
If Raymond is in trouble I'm sure there's an explanation, but you cannot leave until you've secured the care package.
Call me if you hear from Reddington.
Reddington's missing.
What do you mean, "missing"? Samar, I need you to promise me something.
If I give you his burner number-- if ask you to trace his location, can you promise me you won't tell Ressler? What's the number? Samar, I know what a difficult position I'm putting you in.
I don't think you do.
But Reddington just vanished.
He's at 2436 Bronson, outside Davis Creek.
It looks like it's a salvage yard.
A salvage yard.
Good luck.
You, uh, think we should go into work separately? You don't think they'd believe we carpooled? No.
Last night was nice.
It was.
Don't be late.
I hear the boss is a-- he's a real prick.
Reven Wright's waiting for you in Mr.
Cooper's office.
Someone ran a search on this and then cleared the history.
I want a list of every IP address visited in the last 24 hours.
Want me to log it into Evidence? No, no, just the, uh, search history.
You missed a button.
Left in a hurry.
Cooper sold us out.
You don't know that.
I heard Keen and her ex on the phone set a meeting.
I told one person-- Harold Cooper.
I show up to arrest them, and they're gone.
How could Cooper possibly warn Keen? How would he even reach her? He didn't reach her.
He reached him.
He's working with Tom.
They're running some kind of an operation to exonerate Keen.
- He betrayed us.
- Where are you on Solomon? Ex-CIA disavowed after the Eritrean war.
I'll talk to Laurel Hitchin about him.
She comes from that world.
In the meantime, find out what the hell Harold Cooper is doing with Tom Keen.
We don't have to stand here and play "Mother, may I?" With Donald Ressler, all right? You got a badge.
Make the collar and walk him into DCPD.
I spoke to Reddington.
He has a plan, but we have to keep Karakurt secure until everything is set.
Great, so we do nothing.
I want him out of here now.
I promise.
We got company.
Harold, what the hell is going on? Tell me you got guns in this house.
Just the one.
Get it.
I'm here! Don't shoot! Aah! Everybody out now.
Go! Hey.
What are you working on? - Nothing.
- Really? Because it looks like-- Actually, can I ask you something? Agent Ressler-- this is his laptop.
He asked me to run a search history.
And why would he do that? Why wouldn't he know what was searched on his own computer? He just said as soon as I figured it out, let him know.
You can't do that.
Why can't I do that? Because I did the search.
For Liz.
She called and she said Reddington was missing, and she asked me to trace his burner number.
She made me promise not to tell Ressler.
You know where they are, and you're not gonna tell him.
I only know the truth about my brother because of Reddington.
I owe him for that this once.
Why use Agent Ressler's laptop? When Liz called, I wasn't thinking.
His laptop-- he must have left it at my work station.
I don't know.
It was just there.
- Aram, please.
- I get it.
I totally get it.
Whatever you need.
Mum's the word.
Thank you.
Thanks for the ride.
_ Morning, sunshine.
You one badass dude, ain't you? Some kind of James Bond silencer and everything? What you want we should do with him, Cash? I say we tie him to the truck, drag him down the road till there's nothing left but bloody wingtips.
I think he's cute.
Don't touch the merchandise, bitch! I didn't mean nothing.
Leave her be.
Jilly's just playing.
Let me see if I can guess how this works.
You grab hapless motorists, drain their ATM accounts, max out their credit cards, and dump them by the side of the road.
Money or your life.
You're highwaymen.
Knights Kings Of The Highway.
How romantic.
Something like that.
But, uh, whether or not you're, uh, breathing when we dump you-- well, that entirely depends on how polite you are.
I like wearing your co-co-coat.
Must have set you b-b-back a bundle.
No doubt worth considerably less now.
I like this one.
Like his style.
Like his gun.
I like his watch.
That's $10,000 easy.
There's more than that, if we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.
That right? 'Cause all you got here is about, uh, 700 bucks and a Florida driver's license.
So tell me, Kenneth Rathers, what's a cat like you doing driving an old beater like that, hmm? You some kind of eccentric, or are you on the lam? Yeah, that's what I am, Cash.
I'm on the lam.
I was wondering when we'd get to that.
Well, we're getting to it now.
Ohh! You got some explaining to do, Jack! So, figure it out? I did.
And? I have a question about, uh, protocols.
When we find Agent Keen, are you positive we'll be able to protect her? Aram, what did you find out? Protocols-- what are they? Keen will be held here under our supervision.
I will handle her transportation to the federal courthouse with teams handpicked by me.
No exceptions.
Her travel will be overseen by a district court judge with a component level clearance, who has been vetted by Hitchin and Wright to make sure that they're not involved with the, uh, Cabal.
Okay? They're in West Virginia.
The search traced Mr.
Reddington's burner to a location outside of Davis Creek.
We need to talk.
So you're protecting them-- Keen and Reddington? Samar, I know about the search on my computer.
She called, he was missing.
So you knew where they were, and you didn't tell me.
She couldn't, after Mr.
Reddington helped with her brother.
That's not why I did it.
It's not? You said-- If we bring Liz in, she will die.
First Cooper tipped them off about Wing Yee and now you're protecting them.
Cooper didn't tip them off.
I did.
So I told you where they were, and you warned them? Yes.
Jesus, I told Reven Wright that Cooper betrayed us-- betrayed me.
Boy, was I wrong.
He didn't.
It was you.
I want you gone by the end of the day.
No ATM or c-c-credit cards? Hey, man, you didn't complain when we were grabbing him.
It was a solid snatch.
Solid snatch, my ass.
This g-g-guy stinks of the m-mob.
Well, he smells like money to me.
There's money in it, all right.
Best grab what we've had since we rolled into town.
He may not have much on him, but somebody will pay his bank to cut him loose.
I say we cut on him till he t-talks.
You idiot.
If somebody's gonna pay to get him back, they ain't gonna like it too much if he's all cut up.
Sweet thing.
Why don't you give it a go, huh? Yeah.
Maybe he'll sing like a bird.
That girl is nuttier than a bag of roasted cashews and twice as tasty.
Nice, huh? Just came in this morning.
Belongs to a retired doctor and his wife.
They was on their way up to visit their daughter in Baltimore when she broke down.
- How'd it get here? - Tow truck.
Boy named Jasper runs all the auto club alerts along 119.
Can you tell me where to find him? - Ohh! - What the hell? I'm sorry.
Let me get you another one.
Uh, two.
What's her name? The one who broke it? Amber.
Amber's a bitch.
Yeah, she was.
I'm Jasper.
I'm Kenya.
That's-- that's quite a name.
Well, I am quite a girl.
They weren't coming to save you.
They were coming to kill you.
You want to live? Tell me how they found you.
- So, where are we going? - I don't know.
I'm sorry, Char.
I wish I had a plan.
I don't.
They said they did it to protect me.
- What was? - A tracking chip.
Get on 95 south.
Head towards Roanoke.
What's in Roanoke? There's a cabin-- Lake Yvonne.
I know where the key is.
They're on us.
We can't outrun them.
It's a radio frequency.
All right, where is it? It's in my chest.
Well, that is gonna suck for you.
We need to get him underground, lose the signal.
They're still here.
Down now! Hold on! Oh, God.
Go! Go! Go now! Signal cut out here, but once we go in, Mr.
Solomon, I can re-acquire it.
Looks like we have some rats to catch.
It's tea time.
Oh, that'll be fun, Jilly.
Cucumber sandwiches? And scones.
How delicious.
Would you like one lump or two? Two, please.
You simply must tell me your name.
It's dreadfully rude of me not to address you properly.
Your real name.
Now look what you've done.
You spilled all the tea, dear.
You have to tell me your real name.
They're gonna hurt me if you don't.
You like getting hurt, Jilly.
You wouldn't be here with them if you didn't.
You think so? I do.
Well maybe you're right.
What's this? Not bad, baby! Mm! There's over That's over Nice work, Jilly! Ha-ha! Hey, what about Jasper? Five ways.
Jasper ain't one of us.
He's hired help, all right? He'll take what we want to give him.
Don't hold too tight, darlin'.
Oh! Why don't you get us another round? I'm gonna go tinkle.
_ You couldn't stay away.
I'm an idiot.
I didn't realize how late it was.
I-I got to go back to work.
I got a better idea.
Your place.
Keep an eye out! Sit.
What's that for? I'm gonna amputate your leg.
What do you think it's for? I'm taking the chip out.
Are you crazy? We can't stay down here.
If we go up there, they will find us, and they will kill us.
So I'm taking it out.
Do we have a signal yet? It's weak, but they're ahead of us.
What are we doing here, Harold? Let's forget about where we are and think about where we're going.
This cabin-- tell me about it.
It's not important right now.
I know you've been wanting us to go away.
Was this supposed to be a surprise? Char, I promise-- The cabin belongs to Doug Koster.
What are you doing with a key to our neighbor's cabin? It happened before you got sick.
We were in such a different place.
You were working all the time, and I was-- I was lonely.
Well, the truth is, like, I mean, just thinking about you getting sick, it was a blessing because it made me realize what a fool I had been and how lucky I am.
So find out anything about Solomon? Not yet.
I have-- I've got a call into Laurel.
I've got a lead on Keen.
Agent Navabi talked to her.
She was helping her.
Helping, so you could catch her.
No, just helping her.
So I fired her.
You fired Agent Navabi for aiding and abetting? Are you suggesting I prosecute her? That's your call.
As is whether to prosecute Harold Cooper.
Harold is one of the most decent men I know.
Would it violate our principles to be a little flexible? Well, that's exactly what Tommy Markin used to tell my dad.
They were partners-- Detroit PD.
He'd sit around talking about how dirty the precinct was and how they were gonna clean it up.
- Did they? - No.
When my father refused to go on the payroll, a drug dealer put a bullet in him.
It was a trap, set by the crookedest cop of all-- good old Tommy Markin.
What happened to him? Nothing.
They protected him.
My father died for his principles.
If I compromise mine, it'll be as if he died for nothing.
You really think we weren't g-g-gonna find your money? You didn't find anything.
Jilly found it 'cause you're too dense to even look for it.
No wonder Cash doesn't trust you with anything more important than babysitting.
That's big talk coming from a g-guy who's-- Aah! Aah! You are aware you need to clean and oil these from time to time, right? Next one's going in your head.
Didn't I tell you that whether or not you're breathing when I dump you depends on how polite you are? I think that should be it.
Thank you for your time.
Agent Ressler, I'm Vic Cothran, here to help in any way we can.
According to the owner, the female fugitive was definitely here.
Here's the make, model, and license number of the vehicle that she's in.
We also need to track down a local tow-truck driver by the name of, uh, Jasper-- Skeehan.
We've had our eye on him.
Suspect he's a member of a gang-- Kings Of The Highway.
Where are we on local media? The TV, radio, and newspapers have all agreed to get the photos and descriptions out ASAP.
All right, funnel any credible sightings directly to me.
I g-g-gotta get to the hospital.
Suck it up, kid! Hold still.
Let old Pablo here fix you up.
You're gonna be just fine.
You sure it didn't hit an organ? Looks pretty close to a kidney-- Shut up! Don't listen to him.
He's the one that shot you.
He don't know nothing.
Then again, you bleed out, one less person who gets a cut of my money.
I said-- shh! Seriously, man, maybe we should let him get to a hospital.
I'm freezing! You' going into shock.
You've lost too much blood.
The body's beginning to shut down.
You know the drill.
Give him a fake name.
Get in, get patched, get out.
Got me? Cash.
He's on TV.
Authorities are concentrating their search on Kanawha and Roane counties.
Residents of those areas are advised to report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement.
Oh, yeah.
We're looking at a lot more than 25 grand.
murder and domestic terror charges Wow, I love what you've done with the place.
Yeah, well, you know, I just It's just temporary.
Come here.
You gonna offer me a beer? Wait right here.
No, go away.
They're further down.
Wait, wait.
They're behind us moving fast.
- How'd that happen? - I have no idea.
Wait, wait, he's right here.
Very good.
When's the last time you got any of that, Pablo? Or have you? We share everything.
But not with Jasper, apparently.
That's our business.
It ain't yours.
Oh, it is very much my business.
As a matter of fact, Pablo, our operations are remarkably similar, albeit mine functions on a somewhat grander scale, certainly more hygienic.
But at the end of the day, it all boils down to the same basic principle.
We steal from others, but not from each other.
Shut your mouth, or I swear to God, I'm gonna-- Kill me? That'll fix things.
At least until those two decide a two-way split makes more sense than four.
Tell me something.
Do you trust Cash? Do you trust him with your life? Hey, man, this ain't a good time.
I just texted you a picture, all right? That fella we grabbed this morning-- his name is Raymond Reddington, and he is number one on the FBI's most wanted list.
And that gal he's with-- she's that Russian chick that blew up them CIA guys.
Do you think we can still find her? They're worth a fortune.
Everything okay? Yeah.
All good.
Yeah, I got to call you back.
Wha? Aah! Where's my friend?! Jasper Skeehan took a break for lunch and hasn't returned.
Incident report just came in on a walk-in at the ER With a GSW to the abdomen.
Says it was a hunting accident, but doctors pulled out a .
380 slug.
Who hunts with a .
380? Exactly.
I don't like this.
Get the motor home ready.
If T-Bone makes it back, he can haul the trailer.
Otherwise, screw it.
I want to get out of here.
What about Reddington? Hey.
You okay? I'll be fine.
- Anything I can do? - I'm good.
I never would have said anything if I knew this was gonna happen.
You said you weren't going to say anything at all.
I know, and I am sorry, but you lied.
You said Agent Ressler's laptop was on your work station, and we both know that is not the truth.
The IP address where your search originated-- it was Agent Ressler's apartment early this morning.
Way early, so Aram, I'm sorry.
Me too.
Sir, you really should let us keep you overnight.
Excuse me.
Donald Ressler, FBI.
What seems to be the problem? No problem at all, Officer.
Just trying to be on my way.
So, this was a hunting accident? That's right.
Funny outfit for hunting.
Probably should get one of those orange v-v-vests, huh? Well, Doctor, if he wants to go, there's nothing we can do to force him to stay.
Why, thank you, Officer.
I appreciate it.
We're letting him walk? That's Raymond Reddington's coat.
Let's see where he leads us.
What do you think is actually going on here? Piss off, man.
You sure this is about me? I'm worth a lot more to them than you are.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if I were to walk out of these woods alive and I sincerely doubt you'll be as lucky.
Where do you suppose we're gonna go with my money? I say Aruba.
Maybe Cancún.
It's Jasper.
Where the hell you been? You're holding my friend.
I want to make a deal.
It's that Russian bitch.
I'm listening.
I've got your friend Jasper here.
Straight trade-- him for Reddington.
And I thought you was gonna offer me something worth a damn, sister.
Keep him.
I don't think you understand the situation here.
The situation is that my man Reddington here is worth a fortune, and Jasper, God bless his heart, is, uh-- well, he's dead weight.
Tell him it's been real.
Dude, Jasper's family.
Yeah, well, if that's a fact, uh, he's the idiot cousin.
Forget him.
Three of us is family.
That's what counts.
- Reddington is worth a fortune? - What? You just said Reddington is worth a fortune? Yeah, and? You're not gonna kill him, are you? Of course we're gonna kill him.
What do you think we're doing out here? What are you doing, son? - Pablo, what the hell? - Answer the phone.
You tell her we gonna make a trade.
What are you doing? You're gonna ruin everything.
See, this is why I don't go to family reunions.
Aunt Lucile is always arguing with Buddy, Uncle Scott is drunk by noon, and someone's hand is always in the wrong cookie jar.
Well you ain't got the stones to pull that trigger.
Pick up the phone.
Put it on speaker.
Listen to me.
We're ready to deal.
Reddington's worth a bundle.
You know it.
You and him are worth two mil to the feds.
You can match that? I can.
Uh, it'll take some time.
I'll call you back in two hours.
Elizabeth, don't! Shut up, man.
You don't get no vote.
Two hours or Reddington here's dead.
And bring Jasper, or no deal.
That was beautiful.
Dembe, I believe this is what you've been waiting for.
Heavier than it looks.
Reddington's been abducted.
I'm not exactly sure by who, and I don't know why, but I think I have a plan to get him back.
A prisoner exchange? That and we have to give them the care package.
Raymond will not allow that.
I'm not asking his permission.
We need it to clear your name.
If we don't do this, they're gonna kill him.
I wasn't expecting you.
Well, I need a minute.
It's important.
Of course.
Come in.
What do you know about Operation Backslide? Uh, it was a CIA operation to support Somalia against the Islamic Courts Union.
Why do you ask? Matias Solomon ran the operation.
It was the last one he ran before the Agency fired him.
You asked me for information about Solomon.
I'm sorry.
The day just got away from me.
That's okay.
I did some digging on my own.
So, at the time of the operation, you were Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs.
According to the records, the operatives were given State Department cover.
Solomon was listed as an attaché working out of your office.
Yeah, well, we gave cover to a lot of operatives, so And maybe some of them know Solomon.
If I could get a list Was this, uh, Agent Ressler's idea or? No, no, I haven't told him yet.
I came here as soon as I found out.
I'm so sorry, honey.
I'm gonna miss you.
I really am.
Any last words or final prayer-- anything? Tommy Markin.
That is Raymond's jacket.
Let's just hope it's not his blood.
Where is he? Somewhere.
I don't know.
Hand over Jasper and the cash, and we'll release him.
Do you think we're stupid? No, I do not.
Are you all right? Do not do this.
Do not give it to them.
All right.
I showed you mine.
Show me yours.
Holy hell.
Those what I think they are? Yeah.
And they're worth far more than the reward the FBI is offering.
All right, let him go.
You can take Cash's truck.
He won't be needing it.
You are in desperate need of some help, Jilly.
the garden was blessed by the gods of me and you FBI! This way! - Get your hands up! Hey! - No! Police! Put your hands up! - what you're waiting for? - Keen! we counted all our reasons, excuses that we made we found ourselves some treasure and threw it all away, oh what you're waiting for? no, what you're waiting for? what you're waiting for? no, what you're waiting for? Lizzy, where are you? Where are you? - They're coming.
- blame it on me when I lose control and the veil's overused blame it on me what you're waiting for? no, what you're waiting for? caught in the tide of blossom caught in the carnival your confidence forgotten and I see the gypsies run, oh what you're waiting for? no, what you're waiting for? what you're waiting for? no, what you're waiting for? when I dance alone, and the sun's bleeding down blame it on me when I lose control, and the veil's overused blame it on me what you're waiting for? _ what you're waiting for? no, what you're waiting for? when I lose control I know I'll go - Stop! - Aah.
blame it on me Stop.
ohh You wouldn't.
I would.
You know I would.
no, what you're waiting for? Elizabeth Keen, you're under arrest.

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