The Blacklist s04e04 Episode Script


1 (CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS) (RADIO BEEPS) Look, Maya you need to listen.
I have a new target.
You need to leave, both of you.
You need to pack the car and get away as far away from here as possible.
(APPLAUSE) All right, easy there, easy there.
Seriously! Throttle back! Or I might get the impression you're really gonna miss me.
(LAUGHTER) You know, I've been flying choppers for 40 years from Air America to Hudson Sky Tours, and I got to admit I hated every minute of it.
(LAUGHTER) Listening to Marty defending his pathetic Cubs - Cubbies! - (LAUGHTER) The only reason I ever put up with the guy was because he's the best damn mechanic in the business.
- (APPLAUSE) - MAN: Yeah, yeah.
Grew up in Wrigleyville.
Truthfully, I could say the same about every one of you, so it's been a pleasure working with you, and if you ever get to Palm Desert, please, promise me you won't call! (LAUGHTER) - Cheers! - Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
How you know Warren? Charter service.
Shuttling the 1%.
I'm a mechanic, too.
Can't fly without us.
Won't be long.
I know it's late, but I wanted to speak to you alone.
Where is she? KIRK: I never wanted you to be apart from her.
Where's my daughter?! Right here, safe.
(COOING) (CRYING) (SNIFFLES, SIGHS) If you so much as If you hurt her I know the truth.
The only reason you came for me the only reason you want Agnes is because what's killing you, it's a genetic disease, and you think we can cure you, that our blood can Yes, the blood is what I need, but it's not what I want.
What I want is for us to be together, but that can't happen until Reddington's out of your life.
Only you can make that happen.
I see you're wearing your mother's bracelet.
I'm glad.
I want you to know that your baby is safe.
This link is open day or night any time you want to see Agnes.
(COOING) Hi, baby.
What do you mean, you don't want to trace the link? You don't think he's thought of that? The second he discovers we traced it, he'll take it away, take her away.
Liz, the only way we're gonna get her is by finding where that link is coming from.
I don't think he'll hurt her.
Of course he will.
She's his last chance of survival.
If he hurts her, he loses me.
Yeah, and lives.
What does Kirk want more than anything in the world? For me to trust him to care for him.
And because it's what he desires most, it's the easiest way to deceive him.
He'll see what he wants to see my affection.
He won't see what's real my deception.
This link is an opportunity for me to get close to Kirk.
And I can't do anything to jeopardize that.
Liz, I think you're being naive.
I know you think that.
And I'm asking you to trust me.
LIZ: Dembe said you had a lead on Agnes.
Some years ago, I had a rather awkward encounter with a bull shark while diving off the Great Barrier Reef.
I actually think it was trying to be affectionate, even a little forward.
(LAUGHS) But the net result was excruciating.
But I did spend a glorious month submitting to the healing hands of an utterly divine lighthouse keeper on Bramble Cay a low-lying island that's rapidly being submerged by rise in the sea levels due to climate change.
Climate change? Our next blacklister is devoted to protecting the Earth from the greatest threat to its existence as we know it us.
He's a stealth eco-terrorist known only as Gaia Earth Mother in Greek mythology.
Okay, so, the connection between this Earth Mother and Agnes is what? What is not relevant.
Only where.
We must find this man unless you have a better lead on Kirk.
Has he reached out to you? No, he hasn't.
Gaia then.
A stealth eco-terrorist? Isn't that an oxymoron? 9 times out of 10, the public reacts to an act of eco-terror by getting angry at the terrorist rather than the environmental offense he seeks to draw attention to.
By disguising his sabotage in accidents, Gaia succeeds in focusing the public's rage on the actual danger, not the criminal who exposes it.
Shall I go on? 2011, 10,000 gallons of MCHM, a toxic chemical used to wash coal, was leaked from the Fullerton Chemical Plant.
Now, this spill made it into the drinking water in the local towns.
A few hundred people were poisoned, including two children and three elderly victims who later died.
Environmentalists had warned of the danger of a spill for years, but no one listened until this leak, and then the EPA finally mandated changes.
So it worked.
In Gaia's mind, he protected people.
Yeah, well, tell that to the parents who lost their kids.
So, he kills innocent people to make a point that innocent people are in danger.
How does taking down this lunatic get us closer to Kirk and Agnes? Reddington won't say.
Even though this is allegedly about finding your daughter.
I want this guy found.
Go over every detail of that spill.
If it was sabotage, Gaia left a trail.
Find it.
So, about last night Sorry we couldn't talk.
But if you want to grab lunch today and chat It's okay.
I figured it out.
Figured what out? Whether or not to submit my transfer request.
I decided I should, so I did.
So it's official? Uh I mean, I-I knew you were thinking about it, - but you actually - It's not a big deal.
It's for the best.
Right, sure.
That is, you you've given it a lot of thought, so congratulations.
I shouldn't keep Ressler waiting.
RESSLER: This is crazy.
An entire team of Chemical Safety Board investigators looked into this after the spill.
Nothing was flagged.
This is box 7.
There are 43 more evidence boxes.
(SIGHS) Googled Aram's new girlfriend.
Why? Why do guys do anything? To see if she was hot, which she is.
I thought we had everything.
Everything from CSB.
These are from the internal investigation.
I told you folks you're wasting your time.
That spill was an accident.
Two days before the leak, a veteran DEP inspector looked over the storage tanks.
He didn't see anything wrong, and neither did the other guy about two weeks earlier.
What other guy? I just looked at the list of scheduled inspections, and there was only one in the month prior.
Scheduled, yeah, but we get spot inspections from time to time.
We're gonna need to see everything you have on that spot inspector now.
Borron Energy Services.
That's fracking, right? Well, I'm a field inspector.
That's bad stuff, man fracking.
Messing up the water table.
There's places where you can light a fire with what's coming out of the tap.
You're making people sick.
You want to know what's in your sweetener? The chemicals in that creamer? What about the plastic bottles in that watering cooler? Look around.
Everything's killing us.
So spare me the guilt trip and the righteous lecture.
I earn my living same as you.
(DOOR OPENS, BELL DINGS) (DOOR CLOSES) (BELL DINGS) (CHOKING) (BREATHING HEAVILY) You were right The world is just filled with things that are gonna kill us.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (SNAPPING FINGERS) Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a suspect.
Okay, check this out.
The Kentucky chemical plant wasn't the only facility that received a visit from a spot inspector.
Three of the other accident sites also received spot inspections within a few weeks of their failing.
LIZ: So that's this guy's M.
He's not breaking into these facilities.
He's walking through the front door.
You said you had a suspect.
ARAM: I got surveillance video from three of the facilities on this particular spot inspector.
(COMPUTER BEEPING) That's our guy.
Alert the DHS and circulate the photo.
Put a name to that face.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Because Aram told me you put in for a transfer.
Navabi, trust me, I understand how angry you are with Keen for doing what she did Yes, and that is part of why I'm leaving, but it's not just that.
It It's this place.
You never know where you stand with anyone whether they'll be there for you when you need them.
If there's anything I can do to get you to reconsider, you let me know.
I'll do it.
You're a good partner.
I wish there was.
I really do.
Six months? Maybe.
Maybe less.
REIFLER: But we both knew this day was coming.
Your body would start rejecting the transfusions.
It's remarkable it's lasted this long.
There is a solution.
We've already discussed this.
It's unacceptable.
Easy for you to say.
You're not the one that's gonna die.
No, I am, and I agree with Sebastian.
The girl is your only option.
We're exploring other cures.
We were before we lost the Ribowski virus, before the U.
government froze your assets.
If the girl is a genetic match and there's no guarantee that she is extracting stem cells from such a young child is extremely dangerous and could prove fatal.
Hippocrates bounds the doc to do no harm.
He's giving you coulds, mights.
I am under no such obligation.
I am giving you facts.
We are out of time, and we are out of resources.
The only way to save your life is if we put that child's in jeopardy.
I think we've got something.
We put out a general alert to all government and private facilities oil and gas, chemical plants.
- And? - A gas pipeline inspector in Newark was found dead in his car this morning.
Heart attack.
Could be a coincidence.
Maybe, but he had an appointment to evaluate a gas pipeline in Westchester County.
- He's there.
- Was there a positive I.
? - No, but - So it's a supposition.
Uh, no, actually.
According to security at the facility, a guy showed up less than an hour ago claiming to be filling in for the usual inspector.
Ressler, Navabi, get there.
Keen, call the plant manager and the county sheriff.
See if they can evacuate the area without tipping off Gaia that we're on our way.
- Agents Navabi and Ressler.
Where is he? - Sector 7.
Said he had to check the pressure gauges.
(DOOR OPENS, BELL DINGS) (BELL DINGS) Long time, Martell or whatever you're calling yourself now.
Martell will be fine.
You? There's a bunch to choose from.
England, France, Malta your basic NATO alliance.
Malta's not in NATO.
(CHUCKLES) Always were a stickler.
Why don't we just stick with Krantz? So, what's on your mind, Martell? I got a job for you and your crew digital trace break-in.
I'm all ears.
The pipeline targeted by Gaia carries fracked gas a process that environmentalists oppose.
Why? Because fracking creates jobs and energy independence? Maybe.
Or maybe because of this.
San Bruno, 2010.
A ruptured natural-gas pipeline caused a 72-foot-long crater and killed 8 people.
Last year in Allentown, another one exploded underneath a city street, killing five.
COOPER: So it fits the M.
He was gonna cause an accident to provoke public outrage.
Yeah, but how? We didn't find any explosives.
What was he doing? Research.
Look at where Gaia's tools and fake I.
badge were found the spot of the highest gas pressure.
I think he was trying to identify the most vulnerable point, - the perfect place to hit.
- NAVABI: If it's that dangerous, then why hasn't it already been shut down? Because there are safety rules in place for new pipelines, but they don't always apply for existing lines.
COOPER: Which is probably the point he's trying to make.
It gets worse, actually.
I had an expert over at PHMSA do a blast-radius projection just to see what kind of damage an explosion at this spot would cause.
In an urban area like this, we're talking hundreds of homes, schools, a city hospital and this Stone Park, the largest nuclear power plant on the eastern seaboard of the United States.
Where are we on the fake I.
badge you recovered? Nowhere.
But Reddington says he's got a guy who might be able to help.
Reddington's guy.
Who is he? (PINS CLATTER) (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) RED: Forgive the intrusion, keglers.
- What do you want? - I have a job for you, Glen.
News flash I'm off the clock, Reddington.
It's a matter of some urgency.
No, it's a matter of some me time, boundaries, work-life balance, the pause that refreshes.
We need to know who made this I.
Your release point is off.
Yeah, but I'm a charming conversationalist, so the ladies don't mind.
Keep your elbows in.
Some haste would be appreciated.
A child's life is in the balance.
RFID chip.
Ji Ming's your man.
Chinese expat.
Loves all things Americano.
Last time we had dinner, he ordered bull fries.
You ever had bull Ji Ming? Jellybean here.
(SPEAKING MANDARIN) All I need is an address, Glen.
Hey, I don't see you jumping in here, pal.
I'm doing the best I can.
A night course in Mandarin doesn't get you much past reading the menu and "Hey, honey, your caboose looks tasty in those slacks.
" (SPEAKING MANDARIN) What the hell is he saying? Honestly, he says he doesn't like you.
He says you look like his third wife and that What? Right.
That you have no appreciation for the fact that bowling is like sex.
It's about rhythm and flow.
You can't just stop in the middle and go back to pick up the spare you missed because some jerk shouted out during the middle of your roll.
He's already given you the address, hasn't he? Yeah, but it's a little off the grid.
(CLEARS THROAT) I'd ditch the wingtips.
Dembe, call Elizabeth.
What do you see? Um he's withdrawn, a loner, and yet he's committed to making the world a cleaner place.
Photo of a pregnant woman.
But no child.
Maybe the child was taken or or died.
We're going to get her back, Lizzy.
Tidal charts for the Hudson.
Stone Park is on the Hudson.
If you don't leave, I'm gonna call the police! The only reason I'm here is because you didn't return my calls.
- It's not safe.
- You're violating the restraining order.
I'm the least of your problems! You have to leave.
And going to your mother's isn't far enough.
What are you planning? You need to leave the state.
Hey, Sky.
How's my little man? You're going on a car trip with Mommy.
Someplace pretty with trees turning all kinds of colors.
Won't that be nice? You need to get on the road now.
What happened out there, young lady? You're not dressed for the woods.
Can you talk? That's all right.
You don't need to say nothing.
We're gonna get you fed.
Build your strength up.
Plenty of time to talk later.
I'm looking at our little girl.
It's almost like a baby monitor, like she's in the next room.
Only she's not.
Kirk has her.
I know.
I asked you this morning to trust me, not to trace the link.
I want you to know it means everything to me that you are okay with that.
Thank you.
Everything's gonna be all right, Liz.
Blow her a kiss for me.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I know you.
It's your daughter.
You're gonna want to be first one through the door.
Let us take the lead.
No use rescuing your daughter if Daddy winds up dead.
Your guys are sure about this? They traced the server.
This island, that house.
Your baby's inside.
Let's do it.
LIZ: Rock-a-bye baby On the treetop When the wind blows The cradle will rock When the bough breaks The cradle will fall And down will come baby Cradle and (DOOR OPENS) I'm disappointed in you.
But wait.
Don't I thought we had an understanding.
About what? What are you talking about? - You traced this feed.
- No.
No, I didn't.
There must be some mistake.
That had nothing to do with me.
I'm sorry, Masha.
No, I told Tom.
I specifically said No! Please bring her back! I'm begging you! Bring her back! Okay, sweetheart.
We got to get you upright.
You've been down too long.
I'm gonna put my hand behind your neck, just like a dance.
(GRUNTS) Here we go, nice and easy.
12 (SCREAMS) Okay.
There we go.
No big thing.
You got a lot of grit for such a little girl.
(BREATHING SHALLOWLY) You hungry? You understand me? Can you nod? That's good.
(CHUCKLES) You in some kind of trouble, sweetheart? The men that did this they, uh, coming back for you? (BREATHES SHARPLY) What is it? What are you trying to say? (WEAKLY) Thank you.
(PINS CLATTER) I'm not into pregnant chicks.
I need you to find her.
What are you a comedian? Here once a night, twice on Sunday? I already bailed you out.
I need you to find this woman and her child, if there is one.
(SIGHS) You don't get it.
We lost.
This tournament's a bitch to get into.
We made it here.
This close, and we lost because of me, because I missed a baby split.
I don't understand bowling.
Of course you don't.
I'm sorry, Glen.
I'm sorry.
(LAUGHS) Come on.
I'm squeezing your cheese.
Thanks to your better half, we swept the tourney.
Elbow in, release point.
Phew! Sweet as a sister's kiss.
You're talking to the team captain of the newly crowned Mid-Atlantic champs.
This prego chick Tell me about her.
I'm feeling good! TOM: Hey, I'm not here right now.
Leave a message, and I'll call you back.
(CELLPHONE BUZZING) Tom, what the hell did you No, n-no, no, no, no, no.
Excuse me, Doctor.
Um I was just, uh Doesn't matter.
The tidal charts Were you able to review them? RESSLER: Owen Ayers, former officer in the Navy.
Found his name on bills and receipts we seized from Gaia's trailer.
Ayers was a helicopter pilot, and before that, an enlisted aircraft mechanic.
Three tours in Iraq, decorated.
This guy's a war hero.
Medical discharge in 2011 after participating in Operation Tomodachi.
The U.
military relief effort at Fukushima.
Flew into an unscheduled emergency venting of radioactive gas.
He and several members of his crew got radiation poisoning.
He was the victim of a nuclear meltdown, so now he wants to cause one.
It's worse than we thought.
The tidal charts Can you pull them up? (KEYBOARD CLACKING) He wasn't just tracking the tides in the Hudson.
He was calculating the exact time of the supermoon.
It happens only every couple of decades.
Causing unusually high and low tides.
These charts identify exactly when the Hudson will be at its lowest.
Stone Park sits on the Hudson, though.
I mean, they cool their nuclear reactors by drawing water from the river.
Over 2 billion gallons per day.
Now, we know that an explosion on the pipeline will cause damage to the reactor at Stone Park, but what if, on top of that damage, the reactor couldn't get enough water to cool the core? Ayers wasn't trying to send a message about the danger of nuclear power.
He's trying to re-create Fukushima on the Hudson.
How? The pipeline is in lockdown.
He can't get close.
On the ground anyway.
Hudson Sky Tours.
We found this brochure in his trailer.
He knows the maintenance and the flight schedules.
Aram, do they operate in that area? ARAM: Uh, guys.
Look at this.
Martin Powell, one of their mechanics, had a heart attack in a bar a few days ago.
How long before the tides are at their lowest? Any time within the next hour and a half.
Get me Homeland! Keen, notify NRC.
Aram, have security at the pipeline and at Stone Park and make sure the NYPD and Harbor Patrol get everybody out of that area immediately.
Call the heli-tours company and get out there.
Make sure Ayers never gets one of those choppers off the ground.
Arnie Gelber, agents.
Here to cooperate any way I can.
What's the status of your fleet? We're secure.
Only got three choppers.
Two of them are in the air with my best pilots.
One's on a 30.
The other's on a full-hour tour.
- What about the third? - Grounded.
Had to cancel half a dozen trips today smack in the heart of the season.
The third chopper Where's it now? Being repaired.
One of my veteran mechanics passed away a couple nights ago.
We're all dealing with the loss.
I got a new man working on it now.
We're gonna need to talk to him now.
What the hell? (GUNSHOTS) Sky 3, please respond.
Sky 3, please respond.
Owen Ayers, this is Special Agent Ressler of the FBI ordering you to return to home base immediately.
Ayers, this is FBI Agent I heard you the first time.
I won't be doing that.
Alert the White House and the FAA to authorize an intercept.
Ayers, we will shoot you down if you do not return immediately.
GAIA: You can't scramble fighters fast enough.
I've gamed this out to the last detail.
Give me some credit, Agent Ressler of the FBI.
How long before he reaches the pipeline? Two minutes.
Maybe less.
GAIA: Oh, and if your next bright idea is to have them shut the pipeline down, sorry.
That takes three whole days.
COOPER: Notify local authorities to immediately activate evacuation protocols.
Aram, we need options.
Yeah, I can, uh I can try and hack into the onboard avionics, try and take control.
Don't do this.
Someone has to.
There are other ways.
What? Protests? Hearings? They've had them.
No one listens.
They'll listen to this.
No luck.
I-I can't access the AFCS directly, and even if I could, there's an automatic fail-safe.
Ayers, you can't go through with this.
Millions of innocent people are gonna die.
That's an interesting formulation.
Innocent people.
Innocent of what? Wanting their houses warm, their cars fueled with no regard for how any of that fouls our air, our water, our planet? I'm a dead man walking thanks to Fukushima.
It poisoned my innocent unborn son into someone people look at as if he's a monster! Now, whoever dies from this, they've got it coming.
One minute.
Okay, I may have something.
Okay, I've hacked into something called the stability augmentation system.
And I think I can feed data into the heading reference system centers, override the controls.
Can't you just shut down the rotor? - You mean? - I mean turn the damn thing off.
Right, right.
I got it.
- Then do it.
- Yeah, um What's wrong? If I click on this, he'll die.
I've killed somebody once.
I can't take another life again.
For what? You did your job.
And then I did mine.
Hello, Maya.
You're a difficult woman to find.
Who are you? And you must be Skyler.
My name is Raymond.
I've been looking forward to meeting you, Skyler.
Did Owen send you? - Is that why you're here? - No.
But from what I understand, your ex-husband poses no further threat.
You have nothing to fear and no reason to run anymore.
I don't Are you with the police? (LAUGHING) Oh, my goodness, no.
I'm simply an interested third party who needs your assistance.
- Here we go.
- Ah.
One chocolate, one strawberry, and one caramel.
Forgive me.
I took the liberty.
In my experience, caramel sauce is an excellent lubricant when it comes to awkward introductions.
Skyler, any chance I could convince you to go thirds with us on these? That's all you want? To meet with Sky's doctor? His hematologist, yes.
Do you have a child with special needs? Picasso said it took four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.
They live in a delightful space somewhere between dreams and reality.
They taste color, hear shapes, see sounds.
We should all have such special needs.
There is a child.
Her life hangs in the balance.
I believe Skyler's doctor could save her.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Hey, hey.
Nice work today.
It is, uh, no small thing to prevent Manhattan from being unlivable as opposed to unaffordable.
You made the wrong call today.
I'm sorry you think so.
Is there anything else? No, that That's it.
Cooper understood.
He was just trying to make you feel better.
I'm sure your girlfriend will, too, Aram.
Oh, is that what this is all about? The fact that I have a girlfriend.
You put people's lives at risk.
It's a little more important to me than whether or not you have a girlfriend.
You know what? Forget it.
Do you mind closing the door on your way out? You know when I congratulated you on submitting your transfer request? I didn't mean it.
I was trying to make you feel better, because that's the polite thing to do.
And I like being polite.
What I wanted to say was that I'm glad you're going.
As far as I'm concerned, you can't go fast enough.
(DOOR SLAMS) LIZ: We talked about this! We agreed! Yeah, on how you felt.
I told you I disagreed.
What you didn't tell me was that you were gonna do something about it.
Instead, you went behind my back and did exactly what I told you not to do.
And with Reddington's help, no doubt.
- It wasn't Reddington.
- Then who? - A guy I used to work with.
- When was this? When you were a skinhead? One of Berlin's thugs? 'Cause I'm guessing it wasn't an elementary-school teacher.
(HAND SLAMS) I'm not gonna fight with you about this, Liz! I did what I thought was best! And nobody is sorrier than me that it didn't work! Oh, no.
I know someone who's sorrier.
We all just fade away Our daughter who now, because of you, is God knows where.
The writing's on the wall (DOOR SLAMS) The stories I've been told Crying 'cause I know you won't be here too long The writing's on the wall I know you don't want to.
I'm bracing for the fall But you need to use the child.
So now if it's not too late to ask for more I hope that you will find what you are looking for You asked me how this case is connected to finding Agnes.
Owen Ayers and his son Skyler share a rare blood disorder.
But Dr.
Sebastian Reifler is one with a particularly relevant distinction.
He treats both Skyler Ayers and Alexander Kirk.
If we can get to his doctor, we can get to Kirk.
We're getting close, Lizzy.
The writing's on the wall It won't be long now.
The stories I've been told I lied to you.
You asked if Kirk had reached out, and I told you he hadn't.
That wasn't true.
The writing's on the wall - I'm bracing for the fall - He set up a link a video feed so I could see Agnes.
How incredibly cruel.
Tom tried to trace the link, tried to find Agnes, but Kirk found out, and now, uh She's gone.
I thought I could make it better, that I could protect my baby.
I try to forget I mean, that's my one job to protect my child.
Make her feel safe at any cost.
To hold her.
(VOICE BREAKING) To tell her everything's gonna be okay.
(SNIFFLES) But now because of me, because of what I've done, I can't even do that.
How does this happen to us all? (SIGHS) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (GASPS) Forgive the Shanghai summons, Dr.
Reifler, but I have a matter of some urgency we must discuss.
You I don't I don't understand.
Uh, Skyler Ayers Is doing fine.
It's another patient of yours I'm interested in.
I-I-I I don't I can't help.
Oh, yes, you can.
And you will by allowing me to accompany you on your next house call to Alexander Kirk.
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