The Blacklist s04e05 Episode Script

The Lindquist Concern

1 [ Electricity crackling .]
In here.
It's just the prototype, but it's fully functional.
It can be scaled up for any population into the millions.
[ Beeping .]
[ Beeps .]
[ Beeping .]
This is gonna make you an incredibly rich man.
For your own protection, I'm gonna need anyone intimately familiar with this to sign a nondisclosure.
I've only shown my wife.
Well, then.
I guess there's nothing left to do - [ Cork pops .]
- but celebrate.
Here's to a better future.
[ Glasses clink .]
The paralytic you've just consumed is proprietary, as well.
It was discovered accidentally during development of an ADD medication.
Paralysis was an unwanted side effect.
[ Electricity crackling .]
Must feel amazing-- Dying, knowing you've invented something that will change the world.
[ Breathing heavily .]
[ Stone Poneys' "Different Drum" plays .]
you and I travel to the beat of a different drum oh, can't you tell by the way I run? every time you make eyes at me whoa-oh you cry and moan and say it Honest to God, third time this month? My fifth grader's more punctual than you.
And don't think it'll go unnoticed by HR.
This is gonna be reflected in your performance review.
1 to 10, please.
Nobody's ever gotten a minus before, but they broke the mold with you.
And dust off your shoulders.
You got dandruff everywhere.
- There's got to be something I can do.
- I told you there isn't.
It's not just Agnes.
It's Liz, it's Kirk.
He's telling her things-- things about her past, you know, and I think-- I think she's starting to trust him.
Look, we're doing everything that we can.
You got to understand that.
I do, and I appreciate it, but there's got to be a lead that I can run down.
- I told you-- - Or a dead end I can revisit.
Please, Ressler.
[ Sighs .]
The Kremlin hates Kirk just as much as we do.
I reached out to the DC Station Chief to take a look at their intel.
Got a big fat nyet.
Look, you want to revisit that dead end, be my guest.
Maybe your, uh methods will be a bit more persuasive.
The Station Chief, who is he? Vasily Komarov-- A cultural attaché at the Russian Embassy.
- It's just a cover that allows him - [ Camera shutter clicking .]
to run the US operations for the SVR under their diplomatic immunity.
- Vices? - None that we know of.
Trust me, we looked.
Thank you.
For what? [ Door opens .]
This conversation never happened.
Conversation about what? He sicced me on the SVR for intel on Kirk.
Not behind your back.
I was gonna tell you.
You don't have to apologize for trying to find our daughter.
Look, I know that you think he won't hurt her, or that you can draw him out, but-- Agnes is missing because of Kirk's obsession with me.
[ Cellphone vibrates .]
Look, if I were you and our daughter were missing because of something that had nothing to do with me What I believe is that we should do everything we can to bring our daughter home.
Call you if I get anywhere.
Not if.
[ Door opens, closes .]
[ Sighs .]
[ Organ music playing .]
The doctor has been baptized - and is ready to make his confession.
- [ Music stops .]
I'm getting hitched on the 16th.
Wee Chapel of the Casino.
Extend the invite to Mr.
[ Door closes .]
As Alexander Kirk's hematologist, I assume you oversee his transfusions and coordinate with his specialist.
I want to know how it works-- where you meet, with whom, and when.
He's a sick man.
Perhaps another go with the candiru fish.
I understand they burrow into the most impossible nooks and crannies.
All right, I-- I give him blood transfusions once a month.
And, uh weekly erythropoietin injections.
When did you last see him? I-- Six days ago.
Then you'll be seeing him within the next 24 hours.
Where? I don't know.
No, I-I-I don't.
I don't know until they call me with the next location.
Fish him out of the tub.
And, Dembe, while you're at it, you should have him take a look at that mole.
It's a freckle.
Let me guess.
You and the pastor are dear friends.
Never met the man.
I am, however, a benefactor for the artists they hired to lead the restoration.
As luck would have it, sprucing up the old apse hole will take months.
You're squatting in a church.
I usually have a devil of a time getting to sleep, but here I sleep like a babe in the manger.
Did you get Kirk's doctor? Yes, and he's going to lead me to Kirk.
I want to be there when he does.
The Lindquist Concern-- Don't change the subject.
I'm not.
The doctor gets us Kirk.
The Lindquist Concern gets Kirk to give us Agnes.
Why? Who are they? A group that corporations pay to suppress inventions that would undercut them if brought to market.
Companies do that all the time-- buy up patents just to shelve them.
Big oil did it to the NiMH battery in the '90s.
Well, when they can't kill the invention, they have the Lindquist Concern kill the inventor.
Like Omar Najjar.
He was working on revolutionary technology with the potential to save millions of lives.
Now that it's in the hands of the Lindquist Concern, it will save none.
I'll call it in, but if you have a line on Kirk, I'm staying with you.
[ Dialing .]
Agent Navabi.
I have your next case.
Navabi: Ian Pugachevsky worked on a cold-fusion device in his basement for 20 years.
Two weeks after claiming he had a breakthrough, he vanished while hiking in the Sierras.
This is Karen Rose.
She developed an alternative to opiate-based painkillers that was just as strong, non-addictive, and had fewer side effects.
But before reaching clinical trials, she died of an apparent overdose.
According to Reddington, these people were murdered, their ideas suppressed, and their research never found.
Well, did he say how any of this relates to Kirk? No, but he did say that a number of accidental deaths of amateur scientists and inventors are actually homicides committed by the Lindquist Concern.
Who is the most recent? Omar Najjar.
Aram: Married, no children-- chemical engineer in R&D at Bethesda Plastics.
Start there.
If someone hired this Lindquist Concern to kill Najjar, I want to know what revolutionary technology they got their hands on.
[ Cellphone ringing .]
[ Cellphone beeps .]
Make it quick.
Tom: Komarov gets massages twice a week from a woman who moonlights as an FBI informant.
He does? He does now.
I need you to get me informant contracts and a payment history documenting her work with the Bureau.
And by "get," you mean fabricate.
Name's Annabelle Dixon.
I'm asking you to help me get intel on Alexander Kirk.
I am asking you to help me get my daughter back.
Let me see what I can do.
We do high-volume, injection-molded plastic components.
Not to speak ill of the dead, but Omar wasn't exactly a rock star.
What does that mean? I don't know.
He was quiet, kept to himself.
Hard to get to know.
And you worked together how long? Three years.
You know how many times we saw him at the Christmas party, company picnic? Zero.
But the guy was smart, and recently super excited.
He'd had some kind of breakthrough.
- On what? - I don't know.
Wasn't anything he was doing here.
We all have IP clauses in our contracts that allow us to pursue projects outside the company.
Theo, these need your signature.
Excuse me.
Omar Najjar-- did you know him? Not really.
I-I wish I could help.
Sorry to interrupt.
I don't know what Omar was working on, but it was big.
And if you're here because you think it got him killed, you need to talk to his wife.
If anyone knew what he was up to, it was her.
[ Crying .]
[ Printer whirring .]
Somebody down here? [ Screams .]
Ressler: "My husband, Omar, was my life.
I can't go on without him.
To end this pain, I must end my life.
Please understand, suicide was my only option.
- [ Camera shuttering clicking .]
- Mona Najjar.
" ME says no criminality.
No defensive wounds, no bruises, and the body wasn't moved postmortem.
And if he's wrong, and she really was killed? I mean, look at all that blood.
That tells me that someone cut her wrists while she was still alive.
And look at this.
Fun summer reading? Hidden inside-- Omar and one of the co-workers that I spoke with.
What about it? She said she didn't know him.
It won't come.
What? Forgiveness.
For Kate.
For what I did.
You did nothing.
Your daughter is safe.
You've seen Agnes? Alexander's taking excellent care of her.
Where is she? I don't know.
He moves so Reddington can't find her.
He's protecting her from him.
Do you know what he did to me-- With your daughter being with a man capable of that kind of cruelty? You could be asking me that about either of them.
I can't defend everything that Alexander has done.
I can defend why he did it.
Alexander's a good man.
[ Cellphone ringing .]
Mind your bedside manners.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
Hello? Yes.
I understand.
Go ahead.
Tell Mr.
Kirk I'll be there.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
Dembe, please inform Edward we're going to Geneva.
Elizabeth, I need all the satellite intel the task force can get their hands on for this address, as well as schematics for the building.
Listen to me, this doesn't need to be another one of your scorched-earth raids.
What a curious concern for a mama grizzly going after her cub.
Navabi: In my experience, when people lie about knowing the victim, they were involved in the murder.
I wasn't involved in Omar's murder.
I was involved with him.
So you lied to keep the affair a secret.
Nobody at work knew about us or about what he was working on.
Which was? A desalination process.
600 million people don't have access to clean water, and Omar invented a way to extract it from seawater that's efficient and cheap and can be scaled to service entire cities.
Who else did Omar talk to about this? No one until last weekend.
He met this amazing guy.
He knew everything about bringing an idea to market.
Selfhelp tape: For a surefire self-confidence booster, groom yourself, dress nicely, stand tall, prepare.
Where did they meet? Where we took this photo-- at the Inventors Expo in Trenton.
He gave Omar hours of free advice, and Omar walked him through every step of the invention.
If this guy, whoever he is, if he killed Omar and his wife I could be next.
'cause we're long gone, baby I'm the only other person who knew what he was working on.
You got to find this attorney.
Riley: Magnesium is more abundant, less reactive and cheaper to produce than lithium.
lay it on me rock it to me - Oh.
- I'm so sorry.
Sorry about that.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Hold on.
This doesn't say "patent pending.
" You're not pitching your invention without intellectual property protection? Oh, no.
I mean yeah, I was.
I know, I'm a huge moron, right? Well, not if your idea sucks.
If it's brilliant, then, yeah, you're a moron.
Find good patent counsel.
VCs won't invest unless they know your technology's protected.
Then protect me.
You're an attorney, right? I stood behind you in the lunch line, eavesdropped.
What's your name? Riley Emerson.
You have a working prototype, Riley Emerson? Like you said, show no one until it's patented.
Let me know if you want me to take a look.
Maybe I can file the patent application pro bono.
Here's my cell.
You'll never get past my assistant.
She's there to protect me from people like you.
What is this? Who are you? Who I am doesn't matter, Vasily.
What matters is that you're passing state secrets to the FBI through Annabelle Dixon.
She works for the FBI, and she is your handler.
Now, that is a fact that I'm prepared to keep secret if, and only if, you give me the SVR file on Alexander Kirk.
I have no time for this.
Surveillance photos, signed confession witnessed by Special Agent Donald Ressler.
Go ahead and ask her, and she'll deny it.
But by then, your reputation's gonna be destroyed.
All I'm asking for is intel on a man that your own government detests.
So, I'll give you one hour to decide whether you want to ruin his life or yours.
[ Keyboard keys clacking .]
[ Computer chimes .]
Elise, hey.
I, uh I'm not really allowed to FaceTime at work.
Yeah, I know, well, but it's kind of an emergency.
Um the dishwasher.
I know-- disaster.
I-I was trying to clean up-- not-- not that you're a slob or anything.
I'm not great with appliances, so if you don't want your apartment to turn into a bubble bath, maybe you could help me out here.
Bad time? Uh no.
Uh Maybe.
The surveillance footage of Omar meeting our suspect-- were you able to enhance the video? Uh, yes, but not enough to run the image through a database.
What I did find was this.
Business card-- "Goodwin, Benham & Yates, LLP.
" It's a DC law firm specializing in IP and patent law.
Charles T.
Looks like I will be paying Mr.
Gellner a visit.
My dishwasher, it's, um super finicky.
I, uh, almost always dry by hand.
I'm gonna go.
Right, I'm just saying it wasn't her fault-- the bubbles.
[ Door opens .]
Charles Gellner? Agents Navabi and Ressler, FBI.
We're going to need you to come with us.
Why? What's the problem? This doesn't concern you.
I think it might.
And why is that? Because I'm Charles Gellner.
Well, Mr.
Gellner, I'm afraid to tell you that someone's stolen your identity.
Well, what makes you think that? Uh, well, sir Because you're black.
Not a crime.
[ Cellphone ringing .]
Hello? Mr.
Wellington? Hey.
This is Riley Emerson.
We met in Boston.
Riley! Funny, I was just talking about you with my managing partner.
About whether I was brilliant or a moron? About your idea.
We think it's very interesting.
We'd like to talk about helping you out.
Oh, my God.
That's so great.
Do you want to get together, let me show you the prototype? I'd like nothing more.
Law firm checks out.
Seems like Lindquist agents assume the identities of patent experts to lure inventors into revealing their ideas and their research.
Cell number on the business card.
Where are we on that? Right, three of the numbers were hidden, so I had to run down a few hundred possible combinations-- 246 to be exact.
And in addition to two PTA presidents and an amazing doggy daycare, I found this burner phone, and I had the cell carrier triangulate its location to this apartment building in Oak Hill.
And how many people live in the building? But our suspect's name is Silas Gouldsberry.
And how do you know that? He is the only tenant who works for the US Patent Office.
Get there now.
[ Cellphone ringing .]
[ Cellphone beeps .]
Samar? Hi.
Uh, I hope this isn't weird, me calling you.
Uh, my name is Elise.
I'm a friend of Aram's, and-- Elise.
I hope you didn't flood the apartment again.
He told you about that.
[ Chuckles .]
Why-- Why wouldn't he? He tells you everything.
I'm a little jealous.
Is there something I can help you with? From what I can tell, you know him so well, and point is, why I called, Aram, uh, his perfect date-- what would that be? Is that why you're calling me? For dating advice? Yeah, I mean, you're his best friend.
And after nearly destroying his place today, I want to give him a night he'll never forget.
How would you do that? He admires Kirk, says he's a good man.
He shouldn't.
And he's not.
I'm in the middle.
Between you and Kirk, between Tom and Kirk.
Can you at least admit how difficult that is? No.
It's only difficult if you accept the premise that Kirk is your father.
I don't.
At the church, what was Dembe praying for? Salvation that will never come.
FBI! Federal agents! Man: Kitchen's clear.
Bathroom's clear.
Man: Bedroom's clear.
Down that hall.
Some kind of a directory of registered patent attorneys and patent agents.
He's got half a dozen doctored IDs with matching business cards-- patent agents, angel investor, patent attorney.
Charles Gellner.
What's that? His next victim.
A magnesium battery is the holy grail of energy storage.
Everyone and their mother is working on one.
But no one could find a magnesium-friendly electrolyte.
Yeah, that's the stuff that-- The material that allows the ions to flow between electrodes.
Hey, you know your stuff.
[ Chuckles .]
And you, all of 24, have cracked it.
That is pretty young to be a billionaire.
[ Cellphone rings .]
[ Cellphone beeps .]
This is Riley.
Leave a message.
Riley, this is Special Agent Samar Navabi with the FBI.
We have reason to believe you may be in danger.
I am gonna file for expedited status on the patent application.
Now, anyone who knows anything about this is gonna have to sign a nondisclosure, and that includes me.
I haven't really had anyone else to tell.
You know, you're the first person to ever really believe in me.
Thank [Coughing.]
You okay there? Yeah.
No, I'm getting sick-- [ Coughing .]
I don't think you are.
[ Gasping .]
[ Engine starts .]
So stupid.
You should never use a car engine to power anything in a garage with no ventilation.
[ Vehicle approaches .]
[ Tires screech .]
There's a car running.
- [ Clattering .]
- I got it.
Ressler! It's okay.
Ressler! Got her! [ Coughing .]
The car.
[ Engine shuts off .]
I need an ambulance, 310 North View Drive.
[ Breathing heavily .]
Red: During World War II, the Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants smuggled Jewish children out of France to Switzerland.
This was one of their staging areas.
Now it's mine.
[ Guns clicking .]
Are you planning an extraction or a land war in Asia? My plan is to make contact with you as soon as Alexander Kirk is in my possession.
What do you mean? I'm going with you.
Given your conflicted feelings for Kirk, I believe that would be unwise.
I gave you the satellite intel on Kirk's location.
I'm the reason you're able to get him.
Which I appreciate, but as you said, you're in the middle.
Given our mission, that's not a point of view we can indulge.
I'm not going anywhere.
My point exactly.
Navabi: I have a subpoena here for Silas Gouldsberry's phone, computer, and employment records.
And I need you to revoke his employee access card.
I can revoke the card, but it won't do you much good.
Why is that? He's in the building.
- [ Telephone rings .]
- Agent Navabi, what do you know? He's here-- Gouldsberry.
He swiped in two minutes ago.
You have a visual? No, but the security has been alerted and the building is in lockdown.
We'll set a perimeter.
Agent Ressler, get there now.
I have a visual-- basement, sector 5.
Sir-- [ People screaming .]
[ Card reader beeps .]
Hey, buttercup.
Glad you could make it.
Now we-- [ People screaming .]
Everyone on the ground! [ Card reader beeps .]
What's on the other side of that glass? Server room.
Call for backup.
[ Computer beeps .]
Silas Gouldsberry? FBI.
You've gotten yourself cornered in there, Silas, and you're looking for a way out.
Let me help you.
- I don't need your help.
- Sure, you do.
What do you want? I want money.
$20 million in unmarked bills.
Nonconsecutive serial numbers.
In 30 minutes, or I start shooting the hostages.
[ People whimpering .]
Kirk's medical suite is being set up off the Rue Baulacre.
He'll have a man stationed on the perimeter here Aah! - here - Ugh! and at least two covering the south entrance here.
I want everyone to memorize the layout of the interior.
I don't want any missteps.
Excuse me.
There are three medical personnel in there, all good men and women.
You can't hurt them.
I'm sorry, Dr.
Reifler, but you're not part of the planning committee.
[ Gunshots .]
As requested, Doctor, your medical team, safe and sound.
[ Cellphone ringing .]
Reifler? Dr.
Reifler: Yes, Alexander.
I'm here.
We just passed Rue du Clos.
We'll be right there.
Very good.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
He's five minutes out.
In five.
I need assurances that your evidence will be destroyed, and your word as an agent is definitely not satisfactory.
Well, that's good because I'm not an agent or a spook, and SVR did not ask me to find out whether or not you're compromised, which we both know you're not.
What then? Who are you? I'm a dad.
Alexander Kirk took my little girl.
And I'll do anything to get her back.
So, if you pick up your hand and that is your intel on Kirk, then on the life of my daughter, you have my word that my intel on you will be destroyed.
You're never gonna believe what I'm doing.
The lead Ressler gave me? Nothing-- We found Kirk.
He's in Geneva.
Our first lead and Reddington literally leaves me behind with a couple of armed guards.
What do you mean Geneva? That's where Kirk's meeting his doctor.
He's headed there now.
No, he's not.
He's in Russia.
What are you talking about? The lead Ressler gave me.
It panned out.
I got the SVR file on Kirk.
They had actionable intel-- - That Kirk's in Russia? - This morning.
They raided a safe house, but he was gone.
I need to call you back.
[ Cellphone rings .]
- Put him on.
- Elizabeth.
Tell him it's a trap.
You're walking into a trap! She says this is a setup.
- Laurel, now is not a good time.
- Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm here.
The patent office-- I want an update.
20 hostages-- 1 wounded, 1 dead-- barricaded into a server room.
The demand is $20 million.
We have 22 minutes before he starts shooting again.
And the inventions, the ones he kills for, where are they? How do you know about that? I'm the National Security Advisor, Harold.
It's my job to know about anything that impacts national security, and it's my understanding they do.
How did he know? How did Kirk know? I don't know.
It wasn't me, okay? I-I was with you the whole time.
Attend to my men.
[ Cellphone ringing .]
[ Cellphone beeps .]
What happened? Is everyone okay? No.
Men are dead, others gravely injured because someone warned Kirk.
You don't think I called to warn you.
I know that.
You don't sound convinced.
We're at cross purposes, Elizabeth.
Not about Agnes.
About Agnes, we're in lock step.
But about Kirk-- about who he is and what he wants-- we're at odds.
But that's because you can't seem to accept that Kirk has answers to questions I've been asking my entire life.
Your call saved my life.
Thank you.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
Silas what condition is your wounded hostage in? Better than he deserves.
I see a lot of blood loss out here, Silas.
Why don't you send him out? Where's my money? I'm working on it, but that amount of money takes time.
"Better than he deserves.
" What did you mean by that? You ever invented anything? You ever experience that moment of discovery? It's a revelation.
And the man you shot? Will never know what that feels like.
But I do.
I've come up with an idea that doesn't need a patent.
An idea that is going to change the world.
I don't see anything world-altering about what you're doing, Silas.
Oh, you will do.
In 19 minutes.
What are we looking at? I've got access to the Patent Office's server's infrastructure, and there is a major alert from the TCP retries counter, meaning someone is uploading data.
Like-- like, a ton of it.
Why do you think it's Gouldsberry? Can you see what's being uploaded? Uh, no, but I can-- I can see how long it's gonna take.
Another 14 minutes-- same timetable he gave Agent Navabi to get the money.
Money he could've made 10 times over by selling the invention he has on the open market.
So, the demand is a smokescreen.
For what? Aram, if he had enough schematics, could uploading them possibly take this long? Sure, maybe, but if he did that, then they'd become available to the many at the expense of the few.
He's open-sourcing them.
- Is HRT in place? - Yes.
Send it in now.
If I do that, hostages will die.
If you don't, national security will be compromised.
We can't be sure of that.
Harold, the ideas he has are revolutionary, right-- in medicine and in energy, and, for all you know, in computers and next-gen weaponry.
You really want to open-source that to Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea? What I want is to let this play out for another 13 minutes, see if it can be resolved without a bloodbath.
That's not a risk I'm willing to take.
Send in the breach order or I will.
I was 23 when I sold my first invention-- was gonna be a star.
Company that bought it, they had a plan.
We were gonna save lives and change the world.
Three weeks after signing it over, they killed it, shelved my idea for the sake of their bottom line.
After that, I'd tell anyone who cared to listen what happened to me.
I warned them, but they didn't see the censorship.
All they saw was the payday, the money.
Teams in position? Perimeters are set.
We enter from the south on your ready.
People start out with a pure idea.
It gets corrupted.
So that's why I came to work here, so I could be exposed to breakthrough technologies and prevent them falling victim to corporate greed.
You think I'm trying to suppress inventions? I'm doing the exact opposite.
That's my great idea.
I'm gonna set them free.
I can't let you do that, Silas.
In eight minutes, it'll be done.
You enter before that [ Gun cocks .]
the hostages die.
[ Whimpering, crying .]
Hitchin: Call in the order, Harold, or that countdown represents what's left of your career.
I'm not sending my men in guns blazing.
Sir, I think I have another way.
Fire-suppression system? Yes, if you manually set it off, the safety override should automatically open the doors.
You should be able to access the system from a utility module in the fire panel.
All right, Aram.
Talk to me.
There should be a circuit board on the lower right corner.
Aram, what the hell is going on? Uh, yeah, hold on.
W-We're working on it.
Hold on? We have less than a minute.
All right, I found the circuit board.
- What do I do? - Agent Navabi.
We're gonna kill the power to the fire system.
Doing so will release a fire-suppression agent.
It's an inert gas, so it's safe, but you might have a problem with-- - Aram! - Oh! Uh, the plug with two red wires just below the green blinking light, pull that-- pull it now! A problem with what, Aram? Visibility.
[ Alarm wailing .]
[ Screaming .]
Drop it! [ Gunshot .]
Okay, don't pull out the flash drive.
To corrupt the entire zipped file, hit "Abort" on the data-transfer dialogue.
[ Coughing .]
Yes! Phew.
[ Door opens .]
We didn't get Agnes.
I know.
I talked to Ressler.
This, um, SVR report, when I talked to you earlier, I hadn't finished reading it.
Did you find something about Agnes? No.
Then what difference does it make? It's about you.
And your father.
What's this? It's a DNA report.
Here they are.
Hey, you did great work today.
What's she doing here? You have the data file? I wish I could meet all the people who dreamed up what's on here.
Every one of them killed for no other reason than the power of their imagination.
You know who she is and you're gonna give her that? Yes, Agent Ressler, he does.
But apparently you've forgotten.
"She" is your boss's boss's boss's boss.
Well, my boss's boss's boss's boss is a killer.
See, I know you murdered Reven Wright, and one day, I'm gonna prove it.
Harold, I'll give the President your regards.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
[ Stu Larsen's "By the River" plays .]
You sure that's the only invention you're interested in? Red: Yes.
'Cause I've seen the rest and they're incredible.
Good afternoon, Laurel.
All right.
Per our agreement, no friends and family discount.
Our compatriots on the Cabal pay full market value.
My cut is 50%.
That sounds greedy.
ooh - hey - [ Door closes .]
Our asset made contact.
Reddington survived.
ooh Seen Aram? I need his report.
He left early.
Date night.
Did she order takeout from Pacos Tacos? Oh, yeah, and a ginger beer and crispy beef from Ho Kow and chicken from that disgusting Italian place he likes.
That place got a "B.
" [ Chuckles .]
She's really working it.
If he likes her, I'm happy for him but there's something about her that bugs me.
Yeah, it's terrible.
She's actually nice to him.
I mean, personally, I hate it when cute girls buy me crispy beef.
She may be cute, but trust me, she'll age badly.
I've been to that Italian place.
They dump garlic on everything.
You know, that was kind of a genius move, you telling her to go there.
It wasn't a move.
He's never gonna want to kiss her with chicken garlic breath.
Okay, that's just gross, Ressler.
That's what I'm saying.
You got nothing to worry about.
I'm not worried.
hey ooh, something fell apart in me ooh, as I watched my soul depart from me You lied to me about everything.
May I pour you a glass of this delicious Aglianico? ooh, now I fade into eternity What's this? A DNA report.
Proof that Alexander Kirk is my father.
You told me my father was dead, that I killed him.
Everything you've said from the start, from the very beginning all lies.
[ Scoffs .]
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