The Blacklist s04e06 Episode Script

The Thrushes

1 - - The President of the United States is not God, gentlemen.
His judgment is not final.
He has judged you to be human rights violators, drug traffickers, impediments to democracy, and he has signed Executive Order 13405, freezing 760 million Euros of your money.
My judgment is that you are sanctioned businessmen with no cash to run your business.
So 600 million Euros, secured on a tarmac a plane less than 14 kilometers from this room.
Your money, gentlemen.
To do with as you please.
Infrastructure, weapons, medicine.
Sex, drugs, rock and roll It matters not to me.
All I ask in return is a market rate on the loan until your assets are unfrozen.
At which point, you will transfer them to me.
Man: You offer 600 million and expect 760 million when sanctions are lifted? Yes.
160 million plus interest.
For substituting my judgment for the president's.
You can keep the plane.
[Elevator bell dings.]
[Muzak plays.]
[Elevator bell dings.]
[Speaking native language.]
[Elevator door closes.]
I have three-quarters of a billion in cash parked at MSQ.
If you let me go now, it's yours.
Do you, now? My team seized that money 30 seconds after you cut the feed to the conference room.
Can we keep the plane? [Elevator bell dings.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
Hello, Oscar.
I trust you secured the package.
And his cargo.
Shall I deduct the balance of my fee from the cash at hand? Yes.
And direct a generous contribution in Le Bron's name to the Belarusian Refugee Fund.
- All of it? - Don't be absurd.
Oh, and, Oscar, that plane is mine.
Iranian mullahs, Mexican cartels, radical despots Your government declares them enemies and freezes their assets to influence their behavior.
Economic sanctions are relatively easy to implement and historically effective.
Until now.
Agent Navabi, would you be so kind? [Mouse clicking.]
René Le Bron Financier of terrorist states and criminal organizations.
When your government freezes their assets, Le Bron offers them sizable loans, rendering the sanctions toothless and affording the bad actors the ability to continue conducting business as usual.
When the sanctions are lifted, Le Bron makes a hefty profit by pocketing the frozen assets he insisted his borrowers put up as collateral.
Brilliant idea.
Sick, but brilliant.
Yes, Donald.
Truth be told, I'm disappointed I didn't think of it.
Why bother when you can have us arrest him and then take his place? Good point.
Did I miss something? I-Is this about going after Kirk and Finding my daughter? No, it isn't.
Apparently, empire building takes precedence.
Alexander Kirk is a client of Le Bron's.
After your government froze Kirk's assets, he turned to Le Bron for a loan.
You're always giving us someone's six degrees of separation from Kirk.
I intercepted Le Bron in Minsk closing a deal.
He's willing to cooperate, but on a condition I am powerless to fulfill Immunity from prosecution.
Ressler: So you think that he'll cooperate in exchange for witness protection? Well, one can hardly expect unconditional virtue from creatures like René Le Bron.
So I've learned.
I'll have to clear immunity with Cynthia Panabaker.
Ressler, Navabi, Aram, clear the logistics for transfer of custody.
Keen, a word.
I can't pretend to know the stress you're under.
But from where I sit, he's doing everything in his power to find Agnes.
And kill Kirk.
You have a problem with that? Alexander Kirk is my father.
- You have proof? - Yes.
DNA evidence of who my father is and who's been lying to me for the past three years.
As I said, I don't know how you bear it, but we have a job to do, and we can't do it unless you can work with Reddington.
I'll do my job, but I am done cozying up to that snake.
[Door slams.]
Tough morning.
This should lift the mood.
I got some leftover lemon chicken, Ho Kow crispy beef.
- We are gonna have it for lunch.
- Uh, thanks, but I'm good.
I've also got Paco's Tacos.
She really went all out.
It's why I'm late.
I, uh Wait.
How'd you know? Obviously no one would buy all that for themselves.
She clearly wants to make a good impression.
Yeah, I guess.
Is that a problem? No, uh [Chuckles.]
She's beautiful and smart.
She's an 11.
I mean, I'm a 6, 4 on most days.
Don't get me wrong.
I am going to enjoy it, but something is up.
Maybe I'm her rebound guy, or she's got three months to live or Or maybe she thinks you're a handsome, smart, incredibly nice guy who's easy to be around.
Really? You think so? No.
But she might.
Cynthia Panabaker.
Panabaker: Harold, do tell me you can still sit in for poker night.
I simply cannot afford another empty chair.
Still on as far as I know.
I've got some good news.
Major break in the Kirk case, but I'm gonna need immunity for the informant.
- Name? - René Le Bron.
Odette: Yes, what is it? Yeah, we got a problem.
I just received confirmation from the Farm.
Reddington was behind the Le Bron abduction.
If the FBI manages to turn him, they can track and seize all of your remaining assets.
Shall I deal with it? I've already acquired the details of his transport.
Anything else? It appears the seeds of doubt you sowed in Masha have taken root.
It's time to reach out.
Take adequate precautions.
Adequate precautions? She's a key consultant for the FBI.
And she's my daughter.
[Wand's "Fire on the Mountain" plays.]
Fire burns on the mountain top West Coast fallen in the ocean In a capsule underground I sit trying to forget Stop sending open threats [Tires screech.]
Throw them in the lake Where the mountain sits Burning everyone Oh-oh Oh She can see deep inside of you [Indistinct shouting.]
Man: Get down! Yes? We lost the asset.
Single shot.
It appears as if the shooter gave us the slip.
Thank you, Harold.
- Throw yourself from the mountain - Le Bron is dead.
Right on schedule.
Time to send out the invitations.
Let your mind meet sky Good morning.
How long were you staring at me? All night.
[Both chuckle.]
[Doorbell buzzes.]
[Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" plays.]
I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go Nick's Pizza.
Walkin' with a dead man over my shoulder I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go Waitin' for an invitation to arrive - It's a dead man's party - And welcome.
Uh, okay.
- Who could ask for more? - So, um, electronics, all electronics.
- Everybody's comin' - Phones.
This is like airport security.
- Leave your body at the door - One at a time, put your arms up for me.
- Leave your body and soul - Okay, next.
At the door You're good, miss.
Thank you.
Just close the door behind you, sir.
Ow Red: Welcome to the past.
This space is impregnable to every frequency of wireless transmission, including microwaves.
Every piece of equipment you see is analog.
Our sole concession to the digital revolution is a Ms.
Pac-Man machine in the break room.
- But why? - Because I like Ms.
Why this museum? We've been breached.
Wait a minute.
You two have been working together on this? Yes.
Our public disagreement was staged for Kirk's benefit.
You think he's got a tap into the Post Office? I know it.
René Le Bron's death was proof.
You sicced us on Le Bron as a test.
You knew that if Kirk was listening and he heard that we were going after Le Bron, he'd try to get to him first.
We set the bait.
He took it.
A human sacrifice.
I prefer the term "tethered goat.
" Besides, Harold, the man was a degenerate, and his death denies pariah states access to ready cash, putting teeth back in the sanctions your country imposes with such tumescence.
So we have a mole.
Who? Not who.
Our system.
It's been hacked.
We've got more firewalls than the NSA's Utah Data Center.
And I personally turn it inside-out every morning.
It is a bit-banger's nightmare.
Which tells us exactly who the culprits are The Thrushes, a crew that hacks the unhackable.
Created in 1982 by a charismatic Bulgarian genius Excuse me, sweetheart Plemen Radkov.
He was arrested in 1986 by the KGB and died seven months later in a Siberian gulag.
After that, The Thrushes went underground.
Their specialty is not only cracking systems, but doing so without leaving a trace of their intrusion.
The Thrushes choose their clientele based on two criteria Cash and the technical challenge of the hack.
2009 The Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway system.
Faulty ultrasound software failed to detect stress fractures, leading to a disastrous test run, costing the Turkish government billions.
- Chester.
- Oh, crap.
I got it.
Crap, crap.
I got it.
Last year a top-secret nuclear fuel enrichment plant outside of Jaipur, India.
Motor-speed variations destroyed 1,200 industrial centrifuges.
A colleague at the British Embassy was lead on that case.
38 people died, thousands were exposed to radiation, but they never found evidence of a hack.
In both cases, powerful interests stood to gain.
And now Alexander Kirk.
Full access to all voice and digital transmissions generated by the very people dedicated to taking him down.
I've heard enough.
Shut down the system.
No, Harold, this presents a unique opportunity to feed Kirk disinformation.
Like the conversation we had in your office.
If Kirk thinks I'm done with Reddington, he might reach out.
Or he might not.
And in the meantime, you're asking me to allow a terrorist organization continued access to classified data.
Look, this goes way beyond our operation.
Our system's connected to the NSA, the CIA, State, the White House.
If we were to do this, I'd have to clear it with Panabaker.
Samar, reach out to your contact at the embassy.
Review the Jaipur incident top to bottom.
Aram, go to the Post Office.
Call the NSA and tear our system apart.
We don't want them to think that we're onto them, but put every line of code under a microscope.
We have to find these hackers now.
Ressler: You know, that little act of yours between you and Reddington had me going.
Oh, it wasn't an act.
I'm only putting up with Reddington and his lies until we get Agnes back.
Harold, you are one bubble off plumb if you think I'm gonna sit back while heaven knows how many horses run out of the barn.
It's the best chance we have of apprehending Alexander Kirk.
This represents a five-alarm fire to national security.
Which is why we can't shut down our system.
The only hope we have of learning how deeply we've been penetrated is to identify The Thrushes.
We shut down our system now, they'll know we're onto them and rabbit.
Okay, Harold.
Let them run out some line.
But you best keep your thumb tight on the drag, or you're like to find a bird's nest on your reel.
Understand? Not a word.
Absolute gibberish.
Well, let me translate.
Don't screw up.
[Dog barking.]
[Chain rattles.]
[Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
I been thinking.
You and I, we, uh We got a problem.
Way I see it, whoever shot you is gonna shoot somebody else and dump them where they dumped you and see you're not there.
And he's gonna come a-lookin'.
Or somebody reports you missing.
And the cops come a-lookin'.
Or I just let you go, and you talk about what happened here, and whoever you talk to comes a-lookin'.
And I don't like visitors.
So, what I'm trying to figure out is, what exactly am I gonna do with you? No one is coming.
Is that a fact? I tried to kill myself.
Well, where's the gun? Somewhere back in the woods.
Well, I don't suppose you could lead me to it.
[Exhales sharply.]
I can't remember.
I crawled away.
Well, you left a trail.
I'm a tracker.
We'll see.
I think camera two a smidge to the left.
[Door opens.]
- Juicy Deucey.
- Hello.
A hair to the left, please.
No, your other left.
- He's still not - I I got it.
I got it.
Got it, got it, got it, got it.
Hey Chester's made some significant upgrades to your security.
- He's an absolute marvel.
- Liz: How nice.
All I need now is a barbed-wire fence and guard towers.
- Any word from Kirk? - You mean my father? Honestly, Elizabeth, it astounds me that you could be hornswoggled by something as simple to fabricate as a DNA profile.
Not just the DNA.
It's memories Places I recognize, things we did together.
A time capsule we buried in the yard that no one else would know about.
Just because he was your mother's husband doesn't make him your father.
You know what you sound like? Desperate.
Just a suspect caught in a lie.
I have never lied to you.
[Cellphone vibrates.]
Yes? This is she.
I'll be along shortly.
That was a shoe-repair shop in Georgetown I've never even heard of.
He says I left my phone there.
There's only one number saved.
- International prefix 40.
- [Dialing.]
No doubt untraceable.
[Cellphone rings.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
Kirk: Masha.
Tell me about Agnes.
She's healthy.
She's happy.
Can't wait to see her mother.
- You could make that happen.
- I want to.
But as long as you refuse to shield her from Reddington, I can't.
I got your SVR file.
Your DNA profile was in it.
I know you're my father.
Then you know Reddington lied to you from the beginning.
There's no reason why we shouldn't be together.
What are you suggesting? A meeting.
Just the two of us and Agnes.
That won't be easy.
Reddington has his goons guarding me 24/7.
Because he doesn't trust you.
I'll work something out, contact you.
[Speaks Russian.]
[Speaks Russian.]
You were very convincing.
That's because I meant every word.
I don't trust her.
You trust no one.
That's why you're so valuable to me.
But in this matter, I do urge you to trust me and my judgment.
Our case file on Jaipur.
Everything we have on The Thrushes which is nothing.
Navabi: No source code? No traceable malware? Quite the opposite.
The cheeky bastards actually debugged the system before uploading the virus.
Of that, of course, there wasn't a trace.
How does a computer virus do this? By taking operational control of the plant, causing speed variations in the centrifuges, leading to catastrophic failure and the release of pressurized uranium hexafluoride gas.
They were all engineers? 38 murders that are impossible to solve.
Unless only 37 were killed.
What do you mean? This victim is not an engineer, and she is most certainly not dead.
Ressler: I knew she was too hot for him.
When Aram finds out, he's going to be crushed.
Yeah, and then he's gonna wear his heart on his sleeve, and his little girlfriend here is gonna know that we're onto her.
We can't keep this from him.
That's exactly what we're gonna do.
Our objective is to feed The Thrushes disinformation in order to draw out Kirk.
The only way we can do that is by keeping Aram in the dark so he doesn't tip our hand.
Or you can let me interrogate her.
Five minutes, and I'll have Kirk on a platter.
Maybe, but it would only take Kirk two minutes to find out that we're onto him and then we lose him and The Thrushes and any hope that we have of assessing how badly the breach of the Post Office has damaged national security.
Are you all right? What's wrong? Everything.
Everything's wrong.
Sir, I did as you ordered and isolated all the malicious code Or remnants of it, buried deep in our operating system.
At first, I was confused.
Our firewalls should have bounced it.
But then I realized the only way we could have been breached was through social engineering, or physical access with a Rubber Ducky.
A what? A keystroke injection attack platform disguised as a thumb drive.
It would bypass all standard countermeasures by emulating a plug-in keyboard, reprogramming our host computer as if the hacker was manually typing in the code.
Still, the culprit would have to plug in a thumb drive.
Someone had to dupe an FBI employee with level 4 clearance.
I spent the last 18 hours collating log-ins with the first appearance of the malicious code in order to figure out who got punk'd so we could interview the employee and nail that hacker.
Navabi: And it was you.
You knew.
She was a key player in the Jaipur centrifuge hack.
[Voice breaking.]
Why didn't you tell Oh, God.
We wanted to, but we thought if you knew, she might pick it up.
Look, you didn't tell her anything, did you? No.
I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid.
I just don't I don't know how I'm gonna pull this off.
Pull what off? She's coming over to my place for dinner tonight.
I don't think that's a good idea.
It is a horrible idea.
But I have to if we're gonna have any chance of accessing The Thrushes' servers.
What do you mean? I've got my own Rubber Ducky.
Navabi: What if she doesn't have her laptop with her? Oh, she'll have it.
Trust me.
We're, uh We're binge-watching "Stranger Things.
" Talk about life imitating art, huh? - How long to upload the worm? - A few minutes.
I, uh, designed it to ping the main servers and to e-mail us GPS coordinates.
Which wire would you like to wear? Well, not the fob.
I hate the fob.
It's too much clanking with the key ring.
The pen.
[Chuckles nervously.]
I've never been on the, um The sending side of one of these deals.
Yeah, I don't know if I can do this.
This is an LCR .
It's light, reliable No, no.
What, am I gonna shoot my girlfriend? She's not your girlfriend.
She's a hostile operative, and you are a trained federal agent.
I'm not sending you in there without a piece.
Do you understand me? I'm not like you.
I'm really scared.
I know, but I promise you'll be fine.
I'll have your back.
No safety catch to worry about.
You just draw, point, and shoot.
Five shots, fully loaded.
If anything goes wrong, the safety word is "banana.
" Banana? Use it, and in come the Marines.
But they better get there before I do because I will mess that bitch up.
Really? Oh, yeah.
Good luck.
That dream date The crispy beef, ginger beer That was all you, wasn't it? I knew it was too good to be true.
Red: When I turned myself in, I never imagined things could've turned out this badly.
What did you expect? [Scoffs.]
I knew it'd be hard, but I never expected that it would get harder with every day.
It shouldn't be a surprise.
You must have known there was a chance she'd discover Kirk was her father when you put him on your list.
He was never on it.
He never would've been if he hadn't come after her first.
If anyone belongs on that cursed list, it's Alexander Kirk.
Why the hell wouldn't you put him there? He's my father.
She's our daughter.
You know what's gonna happen if I make that call.
He's the only one who can give me answers about my past, my mother.
They'll put him in a hole.
I'll never see him again.
If you don't, we may never see Agnes again.
Red: I knew it would complicate things.
I'd be forced to take security measures Things she'd hate.
Now all I see is the resentment in her eyes.
I'm suffocating her, Harold.
You sure? She's our daughter.
[Cellphone rings.]
- You've decided.
- You abducted me once.
What assurances do I have you won't do it again? Things have changed.
The DNA test.
I want this to be real.
I'll contact you with instructions.
Elise: I'm sorry.
I couldn't wait.
I know, I-I have no self-control.
But I watched the last three episodes.
I know you're probably gonna hate me, but [laughs.]
you'll never believe what happens.
- It's amazing.
- What? The last three episodes, "Stranger Things.
" Yeah.
Can't wait.
Aram, what's, uh What's going on? You You seem preoccupied.
Me? No.
I, um I'm just, um Oh, I forgot, I got wine.
You don't drink.
It is for you.
It is, um, supposed to go great with, um Puttanesca.
Yes! Yum.
You never told me about your day.
Oh, you know, the usual.
FBI stuff.
You know, good guys, bad guys.
Oh! They got Cheese Nibs for the snack machine downstairs.
So, so awesome.
- Cheese Nibs? - He's doing fine.
Sounds like a gerbil on meth.
I know, right? I love Cheese Nibs.
I mean, I don't love them as much as Goldfish - Goldfish? - but, you know, it's a huge it's a huge - Oh, no.
- Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I'm such a klutz.
No, no, no, no.
That's what I love about you.
You know what? Uh, just just give me a give me a second to go change.
Navabi: He's uploading now.
Elise: Aram? You okay? Yeah! Yeah, everything's, um Everything is, uh, great.
Um, are you hungry? 'Cause I sure am hu I am hungry.
[Laughs nervously.]
No, uh We We shouldn't.
Um Your sauce, I think it's burning.
- We can order takeout.
- [Laughs nervously.]
No, I'm serious.
We're gonna We're gonna set this place on fire.
Sounds good.
No, no.
Elise, no, no.
I'm serious.
- God! Just not now, okay? Are you gonna tell me what's going on? I don't want to cause a fire is all.
I know you, Aram.
You're lying to me.
There's something that you're hiding, and, you know, we're not going anywhere until you tell me what it is.
Tell me, Aram.
The truth.
Nothing's wrong.
He's in trouble.
You're lying to me.
I can tell.
Okay, you're right.
There's something.
There's, um someone else.
Elise: Someone else? What? Who? What are you talking about? I am in love with someone else.
It's Samar, isn't it? What? No.
Yeah, that girl from your office.
Of course not.
Not Not her.
God, I feel so stupid.
I don't want you to feel stupid.
This is all my fault.
I-I-I should have told you about, um not Samar.
I don't want you to feel really [Cellphone beeping.]
What? Do you have any reason to believe our tap has been compromised? One minute.
It's work.
Everything's fine.
- Are you quite certain? - Absolutely.
Why? Because your client is about to expose himself on the basis of your intel.
If you're wrong and he is harmed in any way, I will personally see to it that you and The Thrushes are exterminated.
Now, are you certain? Fine.
I'll run another system check.
You do that.
I'll call back in 10 minutes.
Quack, quack, bitch.
Banana! I could use a banana! [Both grunting.]
Okay, okay, okay.
Oh! Jesus! No! Drop it! [Radio chatter.]
I got this.
Notify when you have the asset.
Are you okay? [Panting.]
What part of "banana" did you not understand? Navabi: We have the target in custody.
We have a tap on her computer, and, thanks to Aram, we will find The Thrushes.
We busted Kirk's mole.
You don't think that's gonna make him suspicious? No.
I mean, uh, yes, of course, but he was already suspicious.
Uh, when we were together, she got a call.
Kirk's people.
They wanted final verification that the tap into the War Room had not been compromised.
Once she was in custody, we had her notify them that the tap was clear.
By phone? Yes.
At gunpoint.
So what you're saying is you heard her say the tap was clean, but, for all you know, she could have been sending some kind of message, a signal that everything was not okay.
Are you suggesting we call it off? What I'm suggesting is Kirk's supposed to be the one walking into a trap here, not me.
Cooper: We'll have safeguards in place.
Your security won't be compromised.
I don't believe Elizabeth's concern is about her security or her daughter's.
That is my only concern.
Clearly your only concern is that it might actually bother me that I'm about to entrap my biological father, that because of me, he's gonna go to prison for the rest of his life.
If I go through with this, you will be my only link to my past.
I lost Sam.
I lost my mother.
And I'll lose Kirk.
And whatever you want to call him, he was married to my mother.
He raised me as a child.
And he's willing to do what you are not - Tell me about who I am.
- Liz.
We got word from Kirk.
He texted the burner phone.
[Paper crinkles.]
The meeting's set.
5:30 a.
BMT Nassau Street Line.
Delancey Street and Bowery.
Of course.
That station's been abandoned for years.
I'll call FBI S.
New York.
I'll be handling Kirk on my own, Harold.
If you expect us to stand down I do.
If you expect this relationship to continue.
You sure about this? No.
I'm not sure about any of this.
[Door closes.]
You lied to me.
I didn't.
Shooting yourself isn't a spectator sport.
Three come in.
Two go out.
Are you gonna get straight with me, or we gonna keep playing games? [Cellphone ringing.]
It's her.
Liz: It's off.
We can't meet.
It's not safe.
No, no, no.
I-I secured the location.
You have my word you'll be safe.
The FBI knows about your mole.
They've got her in custody.
- [Beep.]
- Reddington must have tipped them.
They know about our meeting The time, the location.
I'm telling you, it's a trap.
Are you still willing to meet? You and me and Agnes? It's not just the FBI.
Reddington knows.
Doesn't matter.
I have an alternate location - What are you doing? Masha, listen to me very closely.
Here's what I want you to do.
Red: Maintenance tunnels here, here, and here give us access to the rendezvous point.
Elizabeth left 10 minutes before us.
We need to breach in five.
[Guns cocking.]
Liz: Where's Agnes? Masha.
You said three of us.
Where is she? Close.
I'll bring her to you as soon as Reddington has been dealt with.
What are you talking about? Smile, solnishko.
In less than 5 minutes, he will be dead.
I have a small army awaiting his arrival at the Delancey Street Station.
That wasn't our agreement.
But you know as well as I do, it needs to be done.
I picked you over him.
I lied to everyone for you.
Now you want to kill him? You can't do that.
I'm doing this for us.
I know you're sick.
I know that Agnes and I are nothing more than possible donors for you.
Oh, come now.
You know if that were true, all of this would have been resolved long ago with your abduction.
True it's a consideration.
But the only circumstances under which I'll accept your help is if it's given freely.
We had a deal.
Patience, dove.
You'll see, solnishko.
Soon, you will be free.
Don't shoot! He's got Agnes! [Gunshots.]
[Agnes crying.]
Don't! You may lack the courage to do what must be done, but I do not.
I will take her with me.
One way or the other.
This is madness, Constantin.
Because you cannot have that child, you're gonna take her forever from her mother? It's madness.
Constantin, this needs to end now.
You're right.
It needs to end.
Stand down.
Stand down! [Speaks Russian.]
Don't do this.
This is no other way, solnishko.
This man, that took your mother away from us, took you from me, he will not have my granddaughter.
And I hate him as much as you do for it.
But if you love me, if you ever loved me, just give her to me.
Please, father.
[Gun clatters.]
- I was an idiot.
- No.
You were human.
You wanted something, and she was trained to exploit that.
- Trained, or born? - You tell me.
You did a pretty good job in there playing the "I'm in love with another woman" card.
Nicely done.
[Harry Nilsson's "One" plays.]
I thought you'd like to know that I'm rescinding my transfer request.
- One is the loneliest number - That's That's great.
- That you'll ever do - I mean, for real? Because if that's true, we have to celebrate, right? - Two can be as bad as one - Do you like Paco's Tacos? It's the loneliest number Because I told that there was some leftovers - Since the number one - upstairs in the fridge.
I love them.
No is the saddest experience you'll ever know Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know Because one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do It's just no good anymore since you went away Now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday [Alarm blaring.]
Because one is the loneliest number - That you'll ever do - I just wanted to thank you for trusting me, trusting the plan.
I understand what a One is the loneliest number a leap of faith it must have been.
Not really.
Considering what was at stake.
One is the loneliest number May I? One is the loneliest number - One is the loneliest number - [Door closes.]
That you'll ever do One is the loneliest She's a beautiful girl.
- Much, much worse than two - Yeah, she is.
One is a number divided by two So now that Kirk has been captured, we're no longer gonna live under your guard.
We're gonna find a place of our own.
I know.
Good night, Elizabeth, Tom.
One is the loneliest number
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