The Blacklist s04e07 Episode Script

Dr. Adrian Shaw

1 [ Coughing .]
[ Retches, continues coughing .]
What's happening to me? It's called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.
A rare, but serious reaction to the medicine you've been taking.
Ow, ow, ow! You said you could help.
We've done everything we can, Mr.
Our goal now is to make you as comfortable as possible.
Can you describe what you're feeling? What do you mean, "Everything we can?" I can't-- I can't I'm sorry you haven't responded to our treatment.
I hope it's some small consolation that what we've learned from treating you - will help others in your situation.
- [ Groaning .]
[ Coughing .]
[ Gasping .]
[ Door closes .]
He's the second one this week.
[ Groaning .]
He knew the odds.
The morgue is filled to capacity.
Please [ Gasps .]
Please, God.
Please [ Exhales .]
[ Groaning .]
- [ Gasps .]
- [ Body thuds .]
Use the bone saw.
Kirk, you're being charged under Title 18, Chapter 113B of the United States Code-- Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries.
Whomsoever kills, maims, or creates a substantial risk of harm to any agent of the United States government is guilty of violating this statute.
That's a fancy way of saying you killed a lot of good men.
Anything you want to say? Then we're done here.
You know the truth, Masha.
If this is what it took for you to call me "Father," it was worth it.
[ Cellphone vibrates .]
[ Birds chirping .]
Have you ever been spearfishing? You should go spearfishing.
I love spearfishing.
On the Ambergris Caye, there is a reef-- If there's a reason you felt this story couldn't wait, I'd love to hear it, but quickly if possible.
I have a Blacklister for you.
They call him The Coroner.
[ Sighs .]
I just got my baby back, my husband, my family.
This can wait.
- Lionfish.
- Lionfish? An aggressive, invasive species threatens the local habitat, leaves destruction in its wake.
Sound like anyone we know? Whatever destruction Kirk has caused is over.
I took aim and released.
In the water, it sounded like a dull thud, but the spear passed clear through.
I'd already bagged six of them with glancing blows, tail shots.
So I knew this last predator was mine.
And the destruction it had caused was over.
And then it wriggled free.
Kirk isn't wriggling anywhere.
But he will, Lizzy, with the help of someone on the inside.
We caught the Thrushes, arrested his mole.
- Who else is there? - You.
You think I'm gonna help Kirk escape? I think you're compassionate.
You believe he's your father.
When push comes to shove, your impulse will be to save him.
I'll bite.
Tell me more.
According to Reddington, The Coroner runs a witness protection program for criminals.
He provides them with new lives, fully documented from cradle to present.
Then he takes the identities of the dead and somehow manages to keep them alive on paper-- elementary school report cards, marriage licenses, confirmation certificates.
He then takes these meticulously crafted identities and sells them to the world's most dangerous criminals.
And how does this relate to Kirk? Reddington believes Kirk is going to escape and that when he does, the Coroner will help him vanish.
So did Reddington tell you how Kirk was going to escape? Of course not, because he's not going to.
And this Coroner-- how does Reddington even know this guy exists? Well, apparently, he lost a job to The Coroner.
Her name was Giza Barerra.
[ Typing .]
I know that name.
Barerra's father was a Mexican drug trafficker who forced her to marry a dangerous rival when she was 14 years old.
20 years later, she got her revenge by murdering her father and his rival, uniting their cartels under her leadership.
The other cartels felt threatened.
So 6 years later, 60,000 people were dead.
Giza Barerra disappeared.
Thanks to an identity sold to her by The Coroner.
Now Barerra was raised in a convent.
Apparently, her father also was a devout Catholic who insisted his child learn Latin.
That's your lead.
People are creatures of habit.
They gravitate to what they know.
Barerra may have gotten a new life, a new identity, but she's still the same person with the same skill set.
And we figured she'd use one of them to make a living.
So I wrote an algorithm to search for schools that still require Latin and cross-indexed it with a web search of tutoring services that teach Latin and, well [ Typing .]
this woman works at a private school in Brooklyn Heights.
- Think it could be her? - Let's ask her.
Ressler, Navabi, check it out.
If it is Barerra, I want to know how she made contact with this Coroner.
[ Telephone ringing in distance .]
It's okay to talk with him.
He said he won't talk to anyone without a lawyer present.
Not about the case, no.
I'm sure he would talk about you, your past.
You're his daughter, Elizabeth.
It's a lot to process.
The only way to start is by talking with him.
I feel like you deserve some clarity on what's about to happen.
They're transferring you to Fort McNair, where you'll be held until your initial hearing.
You'll have access to your lawyers-- Did you mean what you said when you called me "Father"? Yes.
And yet you picked Reddington.
I picked myself.
You said you were trying to protect Agnes from Reddington, and that's my decision to make-- and Tom's.
But no one else's.
Not even my father's.
You remind me so much of her.
Your mother.
She was an amazing woman.
I've been wanting to tell you about her.
I thought we had more time.
Whatever stories you have-- Not stories.
About her and about Reddington.
I'm not helping you escape.
I know.
You just don't see it.
[ Breathing heavily .]
Alexander? That you've helped already.
[ Breathing heavily .]
More than you could ever poss - Kirk? - [ Mutters .]
Enter the code! Open the door right now! [ Keypad beeps .]
[ Door whirring .]
He's not breathing! Get a medic in here now! [ Monitor beeping steadily .]
[ Elevator bell dings .]
We'll be taking the whole wing.
Everyone in and out will get a full body scan.
- This guy's that important? - He is to us.
Your prisoner's in the end stages of aplastic anemia.
What does that mean? An average person has between 150 to 400,000 platelets per microliter of blood.
Kirk's is under 10,000.
I'd expect to see intracranial bleeding within hours.
Treatment? He's been receiving transfusions for many years.
If I give him another at this point, he's liable to suffer autoimmune shock.
- And if you don't? - He bleeds to death.
Once we get the test results back, I'll formulate a treatment plan.
But my guess is, all this firepower is wasted.
How's that? Unless he has a blood relative willing to donate stem cells his body won't reject, your prisoner will be dead by morning.
Odette: Kirk is being held under guard in a US Army hospital in Bethesda.
I want a full workup of all medical requirements for his transport and a list of potential destinations, both overt and covert.
Get me a breakdown on the legalities of extradition.
And find me an airfield in close proximity that will take his jet-- preferably one on the flight paths of international flights out of Dulles.
Don't we need to get him out of the hospital first? Leave that to me.
Renata has been tutoring our students in Latin for a decade.
She's an inspiration.
Somehow makes a dead language come alive.
Oh, you wanted to see me? Yes, these are Agents Ressler and Navabi from the FBI.
Can we see some identification, please? Yes.
Of course.
Something wrong? So how long have you been in the country for? [ Chuckles .]
11 years.
I don't understand what's going on.
That's a nice tattoo.
Where I come from, a tattoo is a dream made flesh.
A rose is a sign of beauty.
Except when laid on a grave.
[ Spray hisses .]
Aah! [ Grunts .]
[ Shouting playfully .]
Child: Over here! [ Playful shouting continues .]
[ Grunting .]
[ Cocks gun .]
[ Cocks gun .]
You're not supposed to have guns in school.
Santa Muerte? I hear the Mexican cartels pray to her for protection.
Can I have my shirt back now? Your DNA is going to come back IDing you as Giza Barerra.
I don't know who that is.
Well, I bet you know who Alejandro Medina is.
See, we know that you killed his father when you took over his cartel.
I wonder what kind of a tattoo he's gonna give you when he finds out that you're alive.
I don't know who that is.
You were 14 years old when your father married you to a man 40 years older than you.
I can't imagine what that was like.
Fathers are supposed to protect their daughters.
Yours didn't.
But we can if you tell us how to contact The Coroner.
[ Exhales sharply .]
Every week there's a standing ad in the "Lexington Herald" asking for volunteers for a blood drive.
Tell them you're a phlebotomist with Cardinal Hill, and you'll get a text with the time and place for the next drive.
They'll take prints, DNA swabs, anything needed to verify you're not a cop.
Before he turns you into someone new, The Coroner likes to know who you've been.
[ Cellphone vibrates .]
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Won't your fingerprints and DNA ID you as an agent of the FBI? No, they'll ID me as an alias the Mossad set up before I joined the task force.
Hello? Yes, it is.
I understand.
[ Beeps .]
Dinner at Isobel's.
Clinch, party of two.
I'm in.
[ Monitor beeping steadily .]
- How's Agnes? - [ Agnes crying .]
Tom: She's fine.
I know we're supposed to let her cry herself to sleep, but talk about cruel and unusual.
She missed you tonight.
We both did.
I thought you'd be home earlier.
I know.
I'm sorry I didn't call.
Kirk collapsed in the Post Office.
Oh, well, that's good.
His only hope is for a blood relative to donate stem cells.
Are you thinking about it? I just wanted to talk to you about it.
Liz, what is there to talk about? - [ Agnes continues crying .]
- He attacked our wedding, kidnapped you, and threatened to throw our child from a rooftop.
And for that, he'll spend the rest of his life in prison.
I'm not talking about freeing him.
I'm talking about saving his life.
Why would you do that? Because he's my father.
- No, he's a stranger.
- It's not that simple.
It is that simple.
What if we were talking about your father? What if you suddenly found him? Would you be able to walk away? - [ Agnes fussing .]
- Yeah.
I don't believe that for a second.
Well, you should, 'cause I did from my mother.
I met her while you were in Cuba.
Wait, wait, wait.
You met your mother? Yeah.
Her name is Susan Hargrave.
Why didn't you tell me? I was gonna tell you when things settled down, but they never did.
How did it happen? What was she like? You must have a million questions.
I do, and that's my point, Liz.
I have a million questions, and I am letting them go unanswered, and I think you should, too.
You're telling me you met your mother whom you've never known and you were able to just walk away? Yeah, from someone who abandoned me as a kid and has nothing to do with who I am or what I've become.
Same as Kirk-- your father, my mother, they're part of our past.
But you're my future.
Liz, that's all I'm interested in.
And I think it's what you should be interested in, too.
Thank you.
Listen up, boys.
This is him.
No one wonder they call him The Coroner.
Our teams are in place.
Thank you for agreeing to meet.
Would you like me to start by explaining my situation? Your name is Victoria Cronin.
You have a Master's in health care administration from Smith College.
Reddington: so Rory says, "In Boston, a shot of whiskey and a pint of stout is an Irish Car Bomb.
In Belfast, it's breakfast.
" [ Both laugh .]
- Excuse me.
- The hell is he doing here? You must be The Coroner.
Were you followed? - [ Laughs .]
- Samar, darling, please.
Save it for Mossad summer theater.
I used her to lure you here.
She doesn't need an identity.
I do.
You are Raymond Reddington.
And you're on the wrong side of 80, sitting on a donut pillow.
My sympathies to your significant other.
And if your flag is flying at half mast, rest assured, I find in the privacy of one's boudoir, pleasing others is the key to pleasing oneself.
Do you expect me to make you disappear? I've been disappearing for over 25 years.
I don't need your help to disappear.
I need an identity, specifically the one you created for Sonia Bloom-- the research scientist.
15 years ago, she arrived in her lab to find her life's work stolen and her partner dead of an apparent suicide.
Except it wasn't a suicide, and she knew it.
Fearing for her life, she contacted you and became someone else.
I need to know who.
That's impossible.
My clients expect absolute confidentiality.
Few things in life are truly impossible.
Talking an Irishman out of vengeance for his brother's death is one of them.
You see that ruddy-faced fellow in my booth? Willie Adair.
Back home they call him "Barking Mad Willie.
" He has this pack of absolutely voracious wolf hounds.
I don't know who that is.
But you gave the man who killed his brother a new identity.
Perhaps I should call him over so you can explain your policy on confidentiality.
That won't be necessary.
Sonia Bloom.
Adrian Shaw.
[ Glass thuds .]
[ Indistinct conversations .]
What the hell was that all about? Who's Sonia Bloom? Apparently, Adrian Shaw.
You didn't care about The Coroner.
No, I didn't.
You used us to find him for you so he could tell you about Bloom.
I don't know what the two of you are so indignant about.
I told you about a criminal you had no idea existed, and now he's in your custody.
The Coroner gives you dozens of criminals you thought were dead or missing.
Take the win, Donald.
You could use one.
[ Door creaks open .]
[ Door closes .]
I don't care who we have to reach out to-- ICE, DEA, CIA, NSA-- any of them, all of them.
We're gonna find this Sonia Bloom and figure out what Reddington wants with her.
[ Siren wailing .]
Colonel Wright-- I'm afraid it's gonna have to wait.
What happened? Freeway accident.
Multiple trauma victims.
More on their way.
What did you need to discuss? - I'm Alexander Kirk's daughter.
- [ Monitors beeping erratically .]
Why didn't you say so before? - I wasn't sure I wanted to help.
- And now you are? If I am, what do I need to do? Harvest stem cells? It sounds worse than it is.
I certainly hope so.
They put me on dialysis and collect the cells.
And if they get enough, they transfuse them to Kirk.
And that would save him? It could if we're compatible.
You're his daughter.
Apparently, that's no guarantee.
They test for 16 genetic markers, and that's after they check to see that our blood types are a match.
[ Monitor beeping steadily .]
[ Sighs .]
Reddington said I'd save him.
Tom will never forgive me if I do.
Kirk hurt the two people Tom loves.
You can't be surprised if he doesn't want you to help him.
What do you think I should do? Doesn't matter what I think.
Or Reddington or Tom, for that matter.
None of can possibly know how it feels to be in your position, and none of us have to live with the consequences of your decision.
All I will say is this-- given what he's done, no one would fault you for walking away.
Maybe not.
But I'm afraid I would.
Found the teacup.
Oh! And the banana.
That's 11.
One more.
Don't tell me.
The doctor will see you now.
One second.
- The sailboat.
- Oh! Why'd you-- Oh! [ Inhales sharply .]
Aram: Mr.
Reddington's a genius.
Could be an evil genius, but still.
So you figured out his connection to Sonia Bloom.
Sonia Bloom.
Worked on next-gen genome research, re-sequencing DNA to help the body fight off disease.
In 2001, she and her partner applied for a patent.
A week later, her partner was murdered, - and she went underground.
- We already knew that.
But you didn't know this.
[ Typing, beep .]
Her partner was Matthew Hadj.
One of the inventors murdered by the Lindquist Concern.
So Reddington only gave us that case just to get to the partner.
And then when he couldn't, when he found out Sonia Bloom had disappeared, he gave us The Coroner to find where she went.
So what is it about her research that connects to Kirk? Okay.
Sonia Bloom is hiding as Adrian Shaw.
Now based on what we know about The Coroner, it's safe to assume that almost every personal detail about her life is false.
The only detail we know to be true is that she's a doctor.
Was then.
Is now.
And while I can't connect her past research to Kirk, current AMA records indicate that now, as Shaw, she has a new partner who specializes in Wait for it.
[ Telephone ringing in distance .]
So Kirk's dying of anemia, and Reddington's suddenly looking for a mysterious blood doctor who's doing cutting-edge research into gene sequencing.
Shaw may be Kirk's last best hope for finding a cure.
Reddington wants Kirk dead.
One way of guaranteeing that is to kill the one doctor capable of keeping him alive.
The partner.
What's the new partner's name? - [ Knock on door .]
- Hmm? Thank you.
Rayburn, thank you for seeing me - without an appointment.
- [ Door closes .]
What seems to be the trouble? I have a pain right here.
[ Cocks gun .]
We don't keep drugs in the office.
If I want narcotics, Doctor, I'll call the guy with the briefcase like everybody else.
I'm looking for Dr.
Adrian Shaw.
Units are rolling to Rayburn's clinic now.
- Who owns it? Is it incorporated? - [ Typing .]
Yeah, looks like the clinic is owned by an LLC based in Delaware.
Well, if the genome research Reddington's after is worth killing over, it's not being done at a clinic.
- What else does the LLC own? - Uh, checking.
Hang on.
A warehouse, a building, somewhere no one would look.
[ Taps keys .]
What is it? Did you find something? Yeah.
And it's definitely not somewhere anyone would look.
Fox, might I remind you of the condition you were in when you arrived? I'm dying, not poor.
I won't live like this.
I'm leaving.
You were dying when you arrived.
But based on the treatment you've received, you've shown remarkable progress.
I haven't been outside for two weeks! You signed up for me to save your life, and that is what I'm doing.
For you and the two dozen former patients who are leading normal, healthy lives because of this program.
You mean the ones whose skin hasn't melted off? I know what's happening.
This trial is a death sentence.
What we're doing here is illegal, not immoral.
When you came aboard, you knew the risks.
If I say I'm leaving, sweetheart, pack my bags.
[ Inhales deeply .]
If you won't honor your commitment to the trial, how can I rely on your commitment to confidentiality? I agreed to keep quiet about science, not murder.
There's simply nowhere for you to go.
- [ Groans .]
- [ Door opens, closes .]
[ Exhales deeply .]
[ Rattling .]
How you feeling? - Great.
- [ Door closes .]
I'm going to die, but I feel great.
[ Monitor beeping steadily .]
What would you do if you had more money than you could ever spend? Travel the world with my family twice.
You could get away from him.
Somewhere safe where he couldn't find you.
But like my dad always said, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
My adopted dad, Sam Milhoan.
My entire life, all I ever wanted was to make you safe, protect you.
And in the end, the only way I'm able to do that is by dying.
I don't understand.
It's yours.
Everything I have.
I'm leaving you my fortune.
Which you'll have plenty of time to spend, because you're not dying.
Not now, anyway.
I told your doctor that I've decided to be your donor.
They're running the tests now to confirm we're a match.
Why did you decide to help me? Because you didn't ask.
[ Door opens .]
Your lawyer's here to see you.
If I could have a moment alone with my client Of course.
For now.
[ Speaking Russian .]
Out, but not cured.
Only she can do that.
An FBI agent and a life saver.
You must be so proud.
She's agreed to be my donor.
I need a day, maybe two.
And I need you to watch your mouth.
We had everything before her.
And now look at us.
I am not apologizing for disliking her.
The extraction plan is in place.
We move on your signal.
Man: We're told dozens have been injured in this bus accident.
And they've been transferred to the Walter Reed facility - for further - [ Siren wailing in distance .]
[ Indistinct conversations .]
Excuse me.
I'm here to see Elizabeth Keen.
- She was on the bus? - What bus? The accident.
Is she a patient? No, no, no.
She's visiting a family member, Alexander Kirk.
She said he was in a locked ward.
You say her name is Elizabeth Keen? That's right.
She's my wife.
Sir, your wife is a patient.
She was admitted an hour ago.
Admitted for what? [ Door closes .]
[ Sighs .]
Don't say it.
What is there to say? I gave you my opinion.
You ignored it.
I didn't ignore it.
I just didn't agree.
Okay, what are the risks? Risks for me? None.
None? Are you sure? All I have to do is give blood.
[ Sighs .]
I should've told you sooner.
I'm sorry.
Just everything is happening so fast.
I get it.
Help him if you have to.
But promise me you're not gonna hurt yourself in the process.
I promise.
Harbor Patrol and Customs will meet you on site.
Ressler: - What's the ETA? - Red Hook Harbor Master has the ship docking in 45 minutes.
Is there a manifest? Yeah, already e-mailed it to you.
16 crew members and the licensed cargo is medical equipment.
How convenient.
Not just any equipment-- thermal cyclers, centrifuges, incubators.
Yeah, these are products used in genome research.
- Okay, thanks.
- [ Cellphone beeps .]
That was the unit I dispatched to get Dr.
He left the clinic an hour ago, accompanied by a large black man and a middle-aged white guy.
In a hat.
We're about to dock.
What's the emergency? Reddington: Dr.
Shaw! Or should I call you, Dr.
Bloom? Either way, I'll skip the pleasantries.
- We haven't much time.
- Who is this? I'm here with your colleague, Dr.
Rayburn, who can confirm we have a situation.
As we speak, the FBI is raiding his medical clinic.
Sonia, he knows everything about the research, The Coroner.
I'm like the Ghost of Christmas Past and Future, which is how I know the FBI will board your ship the moment it docks.
Whoever you are, why should I believe you? Belief is such a relative concept.
Is there a God? Are we alone in the universe? What the hell have they found out there in Area 51 anyway? I prefer to think of your decision as judicious risk assessment.
I have considerable resources to put at your disposal.
I'm here to help you, Dr.
If you don't want to go to jail, listen to me carefully.
Firstly, is there a helipad on your ship? We got your results back.
How'd I do? We couldn't harvest enough stem cells to justify a transfusion.
So what happens now? With a compatible donor, we could do a surgical procedure to harvest marrow directly from the cavity of your hip bone.
Surgical procedure carries risks, right? For Liz? While it's a minor procedure, an infection could cause necrosis of the hip, which could impact mobility.
Or a fat embolism that could affect multiple organ systems.
And if those are risks I'm willing to take? Which you're not.
We talked about this.
What risks you are or not willing to take are irrelevant.
Even if the dialysis had worked, the hospital won't transfuse your stem cells into Mr.
Kirk unless and until we receive confirmation that you're a genetic match.
You sent my blood out for testing hours ago.
And you know about the bus accident.
You saw the incoming.
The system is overwhelmed.
And if he dies before the tests come back confirming I'm a match? I understand you feel he has nothing to lose, but that is not how we make hospital policy.
The tests could come back five minutes late.
You're okay with that? Of course not.
I made it clear.
Your blood work should be the lab's top priority.
They'll get your results as fast as possible.
And I'll be in touch as soon as they do.
[ Siren wailing, tires screech .]
Special Agent Donald Ressler, Samar Navabi, FBI.
Is there a problem? There won't be if you direct us to Dr.
Adrian Shaw.
I don't know who that is.
Maybe a warrant to board your ship will jog your memory.
There's no Adrian Shaw on this ship.
We'll see about that.
[ Monitor beeping steadily .]
He's gonna die because a bus accident delayed some lab work, and all the answers I'm looking for are gonna die with him.
Some answers about who you were.
But none about who you are or who you will be.
Certainly none that affect your happiness, which is all I care about.
Keen, I need you to come with me, please.
Do you have the lab results? Dr.
Wright told me she should have them in a few minutes.
I've been instructed to prep you for surgery in anticipation of a positive result.
I know I'm breaking my promise.
But I have to do this.
You want to.
There's a difference.
[ Indistinct radio chatter .]
Searched the entire ship.
No sign of Dr.
I told you.
This isn't a passenger ship.
- There is no Dr.
- I know you're hiding something.
You searched the ship.
You delayed my off-load.
I got 6 tons of cargo, signed, sealed, and inspected.
- So if there's nothing else - Ressler.
[ Indistinct conversations .]
Does this look odd to you? Arrest him.
And where does this lead? [ Door clanks .]
[ "The Road To Nowhere" by Radical Face playing .]
the lightning climbing up the walls the finger drawings on the glass the map of those who used to live here until the gilded hand was broken often there's a voice in my sleeping mind the words inside my skull at night my bloody hands remain a question and our eyes they were always pointed at the sky looking for an answer and our hands [ Beep .]
- Yes.
- they were stained in black and grey busy solving problems That was the lab.
They've got the results.
all along the road to nowhere [ Grunting .]
[ Grunting .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Panting .]
- You okay? - Yeah.
[ Exhales .]
What the hell is this place? [ Monitor beeping steadily .]
I thought you were in surgery.
I was.
You just saved my life.
I tried to.
What, you weren't a match? No.
Well you did what you could.
- The test results-- - No, I'll just-- Forget about them.
- You don't understand.
I - Yes, we weren't compatible.
Not every father and daughter are.
It's not just that we weren't compatible.
The test results showed something else.
I'm not your daughter.
How did the FBI find us? I don't know.
All that matters is Reddington was able to chopper you off the ship.
What does he want? Why are we here? [ Cellphone rings .]
- Agent Navabi.
- [ Ring .]
- [ Cellphone beeps .]
- Yes? We know what you're doing.
- I sincerely doubt that.
- Dr.
Adrian Shaw-- - You abducted her.
- I kept her from you.
There's a difference.
Yes, we would've arrested her.
You're going to kill her.
You looked absolutely ravishing the other night.
- We've seen her research.
- What do you do to stay in such incredible shape? Calisthenics? Or Jazzercise? The gene-sequencing technology she's trying to perfect-- it's called CRISPR.
It's supposed to teach your DNA to repair itself.
Maybe we should be workout partners.
Adrian Shaw was using human experimentation to cure people like Alexander Kirk.
He either financed her research, or wanted to use it to cure himself, so you got to her first.
Adrian Shaw deserves to go to prison for what she's done, not to be murdered for it.
I'll see you in dance class, Samar.
Hello? Hello? He knows everything.
I don't know how, but he does-- about you being Sonia Bloom, going on the run after Matthew was murdered.
He found Matthew's killer.
He avenged his death after all these years.
Why would he do that? Dr.
Shaw, fresh off the boat, as it were.
Rayburn, I'm sure someone is sick somewhere who could use your assistance.
- What? - Goodbye.
- You're Raymond Reddington.
- [ Car door closes .]
And you're in my debt, which can be a complicated place to be.
- Shall we? - [ Car door closes .]
[ Engine starts .]
It doesn't make any sense.
I saw the DNA test.
From 30 years ago.
Clearly, it was flawed.
And the things he knows about me, he wasn't pretending.
He believed he was my father.
So did I.
I didn't want you to do it in the first place.
But I admire you for wanting to.
This whole time, Reddington was right.
Yeah, but he was wrong about one thing.
Kirk is never getting out of here alive.
[ Monitor beeps .]
[ Steady beeping .]
[ Static crackles, beep .]
All teams ready.
We move in five.
What is this? This was a thriving business that manufactured counterfeit cigarette tax stamps until a little over two weeks ago.
There's a hefty profit in tax stamps, and they're a lovely way to launder money-- a story I can share another time.
Right now I have a pressing matter which requires your assistance.
Are you sick? You have no idea.
[ Breathing heavily .]
[ Shudders .]
What are you doing? Well, I came here for treatment.
Now since I'm not getting any You'd rather go back to the Box? They can make you comfortable here.
That DNA test was altered.
I thought it was a mistake, too.
Mistake? It wasn't a mistake.
It was altered by Reddington.
I had the lab rerun the test.
It came back the same way.
To make it look like you're not my daughter.
He knew you'd want to save me.
So he did everything in his power to prevent that from happening! But he's not going to prevent it.
Do you hear me?! I will not die in here! You are going to save me, Masha! You're going to save me Masha.
Save me, Masha! Man: - Give me a hand.
- [ Dialing .]
- [ Cellphone rings .]
- Yes? - Did you manipulate the test? - What are you talking about? I just showed Kirk DNA proof he's not my father, and he blames you for faking the test.
- Get out of the hospital.
- Don't change the subject.
The only subject that interests me, Elizabeth, is your safety-- a safety that has been guaranteed thus far because Alexander Kirk believed you to be his daughter.
He now knows you're not.
He's under federal guard.
There are marshals with tactical gear watching every entrance.
- What's he gonna do? - I'll tell you what he won't do.
He won't die alone in that hospital.
I promise you, the plan is already in motion.
All of Kirk's resources will be brought to bear.
Every angle has been calculated.
Every obstacle considered and accounted for.
Men are coming, Elizabeth-- men who kill every living thing that gets in their way.
Tell Harold, and then you get out of that hospital.
[ Russian accent .]
We're in place.
On your ready.
[ Beep .]

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