The Blacklist s04e09 Episode Script

Lipet's Seafood Company

1 well, I went up on the hill about 12:00 I ran right back and I got me a pole I was going down to the fishin' hole and you could come a-fishin' all the time says you've been a-fishin' all the time I'm a-goin' fishin' too well, you bet your life, your lovin' wife can catch more fish than you any fish bite if you've got good bait here's a little somethin' I would like to relate so, come on, baby, come on down I'm a-goin' a-fishin', yes, I'm goin' a-fishin' you could come fishin', too Man: - We got him! - [ Object thuds, rapid gunfire .]
- Get it out of here now.
- Go! Go! Go! Go! [ Gunfire continues .]
come on, baby, come on down you could come a-fishin', yeah, come a-fishin' you could come fishin', too - Go! Move! - Move, move, move, move! Go! - Go, go! - You and you, that way! Get out of here or I'll shoot you! Fire in the hole! [ Explosion .]
[ Explosion .]
[ Camera beeps .]
When you were a little baby, you lived in a warehouse.
And we had bodyguards.
Say hi, Baz.
[ Chuckles .]
And inside the warehouse was a fake apartment! Oh, look! It's your daddy in your fake living room.
Hey, here's Daddy wondering how much damage we've done to our sweet little girl.
Well, it'll make for an intriguing college essay.
[ Chuckles .]
So, I know we're moving out, but just a quick gut check here.
Kirk is gone.
But according to Reddington, he's, what, dead? Not dead? He's definitely not in jail.
I don't know.
With Reddington, I don't assume anything.
He kept you from getting answers about who your father is.
You're the one that told me that's in my past.
I know, and it is.
But I don't know.
Maybe now that I'm a dad, I'd be lying if I said I didn't wonder who my father is.
That's totally understandable.
And another day, I might feel differently, but this is our present and our future.
That's all that matters.
That and getting her into a good college.
- [ Chuckles .]
- [ Chuckles .]
Let's start by finding her a place to live.
She needs to be able to open up her living room windows and see the sun.
[ Sighs .]
We all do.
We spent months hunting for Alexander Kirk at your instance.
The man is responsible for the deaths of FBI agents, - the abduction of Elizabeth and her daughter.
- You're upset.
You're damn right I'm upset.
You let him go.
And worse, it's clear to me now that was your intent all along.
You played us.
Harold, my objective was to keep Elizabeth and her child safe.
I've done that.
We've done that.
Alexander Kirk is gone, and he won't be back.
It's time to move on.
Last night, a seafood processing plant in Maryland was attacked by armed commandos.
Local authorities suspect rogue employees were secretly using the facility to package and distribute narcotics.
But you know better.
Now that you mention it, I do.
Seven supposed employees were killed in the attack.
Photos were circulated to law enforcement trying to connect them to the drug trade.
How did you get this? You're not looking at a seafood processing plant employee, nor a drug dealer.
That is Hassan Arkani.
The terrorist? From Algeria? You're telling me one of the most wanted terrorists on the planet was conducting a secret operation out of the back room of a Maryland fish factory? You see? No time to dwell on the past.
If my people hear anything, I'll contact Agent Keen.
Agent Keen.
Did you forget her agent status was revoked? I did not forget that, or the plea agreement I worked out with Laurel Hitchin that kept her out of jail after she shot your Attorney General.
You don't want to dwell on the past, then dwell on this-- the loss of her badge was a stain on Elizabeth's name and reputation, which you are ultimately responsible for.
Your presence in her life has turned it into what it is today.
You've brought her nothing but pain, grief, and regret, which you seem utterly oblivious to, and surprisingly powerless to rectify.
Good talk, Harold.
[ Door opens .]
Hassan Arkani.
Algerian born.
He was a munitions expert linked to the New Martyrs Brigade.
The NMB is deadly enough to rank number six on the Group Threat Index.
Based in Libya, they have loyal supporters in countries throughout the region.
I have documentation of attacks in 17 different countries.
Yeah, but none on US soil.
So what was Arkani doing in Maryland? And whatever it was, he's not doing it anymore.
So is Reddington saying the New Martyrs were building some kind of mass casualty weapon to use here? Cooper: It's possible.
We don't know what they were building or who took it or where it is now.
I've notified Homeland, the CIA, and NSA.
Ressler, Navabi, get to that factory.
Keen, let the locals know we're taking over.
Uh, wait, where's Aram? Hey.
Cooper told me.
You have nothing to worry about.
Really? I'm being questioned in connection to a Justice Department investigation into whether my girlfriend committed espionage.
You didn't know.
So I'm either a traitor or a moron.
A moron.
Ah, you always know just what to say.
Aram, you're a trusting person who assumes the best in people.
Be yourself and they will see that.
Everyone does.
Woman over radio: What is your ETA, please? Agent Ressler? This is Andrew Wyatt, the factory manager.
Thank you, Detective.
Wyatt, thanks for your cooperation.
Yeah, of course.
Whatever I can do to help.
You've seen the images of the people who died last night? Yeah, like I told them, two of the guys, they've worked here for about a year.
The other guys I've never seen.
And this man, have you seen him before? No idea.
Hey, if it wasn't drugs, what do you think they were doing? We're going to need to see the footage from these cameras.
I wish.
The cops had me check first thing.
Looks like they turned off the whole system - right around 9:00.
- You need to see this.
Excuse us.
Thank you.
- You got something? - Nothing good.
Whoever ran this place had it wiped down before they ran.
Between that and the fire, they wasn't much left.
We found shavings from some kind of titanium alloy, and this.
It's definitely an integrated circuit timing chip, but I haven't seen one quite like this before.
Timing chip, that's used in-- Everything from traffic lights to railway switches-- To bombs.
[ Indistinct conversations .]
What's up with Aram? I don't know, but he said it was urgent.
Is this about the deposition? Uh, no, actually, this is about a different nightmare scenario.
I've been running diagnostics on the timer chip you recovered from Arkani's factory, and it is far more impressive than anything we've seen from the NMB or any extremist group for that matter.
In fact, it is as good as anything the United States can make because we did make it.
- Good Lord.
- More specifically, the defense contractor Blackthorn Kincaid made it.
Well, they make everything from our own ICBMs to Israel's Iron Dome.
So how'd Arkani get it? Our national security threat just became a national security leak.
Get to Blackthorn.
Tell them we expect full cooperation.
Aram, let's move.
The deposition starts at 2:00.
Panabaker's gonna be at the deposition.
I'm gonna push her to get you reinstated as an agent.
That would be amazing.
But do you think that's even possible? After all you've been through and all you've done, I think it's crazy they haven't done it already.
I resent any implication that we would be less than forthcoming.
Your classified technology was found in a facility being run by a known terrorist.
Now someone in your position might be inclined to close ranks.
Well, that won't happen.
Everyone here has dedicated his or her life to protecting the American people.
Tell us about the timing chip.
It was manufactured within the last four months as part of a surface-to-air missile teleguidance system.
Can you tell us who manufactured it? Specifically which employees? Well, a chip like that would travel across several of our divisions.
We're talking 60, maybe 80 people.
We're gonna need to see a list.
Of course, but maybe we could suggest a more targeted approach.
James Maddox.
At one time, he was one of our best programmers.
Was? He had a drinking problem along with anger issues.
We tried to help, but, uh, in the end, we-- we had to part ways.
Given what we perceived to be financial problems, he might be a person of interest.
He had access to the chip? Yes.
I knew Jim.
I find it hard to believe that he would betray his country.
Well, we'll get on that right away.
In the meantime, we're gonna need to see that list.
Patch: Just make some calls.
- [ Dialing .]
- [ Dog barking .]
All right, I'm gonna check the pier.
Wendy, dear, your ears must be burning.
Dembe and I were just talking about you.
Yeah? You figure out how I'm-a get my 13-year-old to soccer at the same time as Liam's piano lesson? - How are the boys? - Another day in paradise.
Leo took up the baritone, the Supernovas won the regional championship, and Lionel started dating some college freshman with a nipple ring.
Almost enough to make a woman hope Larry gets early parole.
Mnh, not on your life, sugar.
Let him rot.
The boys are happy, I'm happy.
To what do I owe the pleasure, my love? I got word that you're looking for the 411 on the New Martyrs Brigade.
- You got something? - A little chatter.
You know I'm always tracking the buzz on who's moving what and where.
- I hear the NMB's America bound.
Red: - How many? Wendy: I'm hearing six.
Coming in scattershot.
Red: Their papers will be flawless.
Who's running it? Al-Hambri? Wendy: Ha! You wish.
They sent Farook.
Welcome back to the United States.
You have a nice day now.
Thank you, my love.
You're like a human divining rod.
You always know just where to look and just what to look for.
Oh, and for what it's worth, I dropped a little extra something in the mail this month.
Thought it might help with the orthodontist bills.
You wanna help? Come and fold some laundry.
- [ Dog retches .]
- I gotta go.
- Lazy Bones just barfed in the kitchen.
- [ Phone beeps .]
James Maddox-- born August 1970.
I don't know.
What do you think? Does this look like the face of a traitor to you? Anybody's capable of anything.
You know that.
Yeah, well, there's a special level in hell for people who provided arms to terrorists.
Heads up.
James Maddox? Move! [ Tires screech .]
- FBI.
- FBI? - [ Handcuffs click .]
- Yeah.
Yeah, I understand.
Uh, that was Agent Keen.
Reddington says NMB leadership sent six operatives to reclaim that bomb or, um, uh, whatever it is they lost at that factory.
[ Door opens .]
It's time.
Does Reddington have a name? Oh, yeah, one.
Farook Al-Thani.
Agent Mojtabi, walk us through this again.
Tell us exactly how you met Elise Nickerson.
Okay, I was at the gym, and she had been waiting for a friend and asked to borrow my phone.
Uh, she said hers was lost.
And then, you know, one thing led to another and And the next thing you knew, she was using your personal laptop to access classified data.
Well, when you put it like that-- You expect us to believe you knew nothing about this? Yes, because I didn't.
I love this country.
I take my job very, very seriously.
If I'm guilty of anything, it's-- it-- I have bad taste in women.
A sort of blindness to-- Shauna Boyd was a kleptomaniac.
Julia Hernandez was legally married.
April Roderhorst had a little bit of a secret porn addiction.
Um, that's a funny story, actually.
This is a deposition, not a memoir.
Let's keep the focus on how your computer was used to breach national security.
Yes, ma'am.
[ Chair scraping .]
As-salamu alaykum.
We didn't know our location was exposed.
I had no idea an attack was coming.
That's the problem.
Look, I'm handling it.
I'll find them.
I I have security camera footage from the attack.
I convinced the police there wasn't any.
Look, I know they sent you to warn me.
Just tell them, warning received.
They didn't send me to warn you.
They sent me to replace you.
[ Gunshot .]
[ Shell casing clatters .]
It's Farook.
We need to talk.
He's here.
I'm not here.
[ Laughs .]
This meeting never took place.
And you will never be in the same room with the President-elect.
[ Utensil clatters .]
You really should try Ginny's Cheeseburger Chowder.
The ground chuck and spices, the melted cheese.
I highly recommend it for the inaugural balls.
If you think you can maintain your immunity agreement by blackmailing the President-elect for allegedly taking illegal campaign contributions from Alexander Kirk, you're not as smart as everyone says you are.
Marlin, your boss made a campaign promise to me, and I intend to make sure he keeps it.
[ Taps tabletop .]
Tell Robert I'll be in touch.
[ Typing .]
How was the deposition? Terrifying.
I'm sure you were great.
[ Scoffs .]
In your eyes.
In theirs, I look a lot like this guy.
Yusuf Tillisi? Mr.
Reddington said six NMB members were dispatched to the US in the last 24 hours.
He gave us one name, but not the other five.
Do you have any idea how many people fly into the country every day? So I had to customize an algorithm to search for-- Five needles in a huge haystack.
What makes you think Tillisi is one? Well, he's the right age.
He works for a Middle Eastern trade organization that I'm not sure actually exists.
He lives in Lebanon, but flew into Libya last month, and I am not seeing a return ticket out.
Thing is, he flew into JFK almost 72 hours ago, so that doesn't fit Mr.
Reddington's intel.
He's probably legit, but it's probably worth tracking him down, verifying his reason for being in the country.
Let me do it.
Based on the places he flew, I have channels that might be a bit more comprehensive.
You're going to be cleared.
And when you are, we will celebrate.
[ Door rattling .]
You want to tell me what the hell happened? Our facility was attacked.
I know that.
How? That's what I'm here to find out.
Our people know the penalty for disloyalty.
So I thought perhaps, I would ask you-- Now you listen! I did my part.
I provided the necessary technology.
I'm not going to lose everything because you people are too stupid to secure your own operation.
Look around, Mr.
You would be wise to remember where you are.
You made an agreement to see our project through - to its completion.
- That's not possible now.
Let me finish.
If you expect to get paid, you will help us find whoever did this and recover our system.
- You have surveillance? - It won't do any good.
The attackers were all wearing balaclavas.
We have proprietary mapping software that can recognize sufficient facial contours through a soft fabric mask.
- Ah.
- Another trade secret.
You tell your leadership I'll be adding it to my bill.
I have to get back.
The FBI's investigating how our chip ended up in Arkani's hands.
I was forced to make certain arrangements.
I told you, I don't know anything about a missing timer chip.
Here's a tip, Mr.
Next time you wanna appear innocent, - don't run from the FBI.
- It was stupid, okay? I thought they were process servers sent by my wife.
We're in the middle of a nasty divorce.
I was trying to avoid going back to court.
It's been a tough few months for you, James.
You lost your family, you lost your job, started drinking again.
I wouldn't betray my country.
We talked to Blackthorn.
You had access to that chip.
My brother was a Marine.
He died in Kandahar.
You really think I'd put this on my arm and dishonor his sacrifice by giving terrorists classified intelligence? I don't think you gave it to them.
I think you sold it to them.
Look, tell me the truth now, and maybe I can still help you.
Too late.
[ Sighs .]
Maddox, we just executed a search warrant at your apartment and found a bank passbook hidden in a bathroom vent traceable to an account in Madrid.
- That's a lie.
- Oh.
And we also found a burner phone taped underneath your kitchen table, one with a string of international calls-- - to Libya.
- Okay, what the hell's going on? I'm being framed.
I swear, none of that is mine.
- [ Door closes .]
- What are you doing here? - I heard the FBI-- - That is under control.
I need your assistance.
No, no, no, forget it.
I knew it was a mistake letting you talk me into configuring that chip.
A $200,000 mistake.
Look, like it or not, we are in this together.
If I go down, we both go down.
What do you need me to do? This is the, uh, surveillance footage from last night's attack.
I want you to run the facial tomography software on the attackers.
If they had masks, it's gonna take a minute.
Can you just do it? [ Door opens, closes .]
Forget it, Keen.
I know that look.
Don't tell me you believe him.
Something's off.
It's just a read, but his denial seems genuine.
I might take that bet.
Blackthorn called.
Another programmer came forward.
Says he saw Maddox handling that timer chip a month ago, just before it dropped out of inventory.
What about an eyewitness, Keen? Does that change your mind? Take Navabi and get a statement.
Where is Agent Navabi? [ Keypad beeps .]
We've got a problem.
One of my colleagues at the Bureau flagged Ezra.
- What does he know? - Nothing yet.
I volunteered to verify that he's in the country for a legitimate reason.
Defending our homeland from extremist savages? Doesn't get more legitimate than that.
Mossad carried out a black op on American soil.
If the FBI finds out about it, it will be an international incident.
- Where's the system? - It's here.
For now.
Reddington says the NMB sent Farook with a team to get it back.
You need to take the system and go.
You all need to leave the country.
What about you? I will do what I can to keep the Bureau's attention elsewhere.
Besides, I don't think Alma would appreciate me tagging along.
Alma? Yesterday's news.
You're-- you're right.
Better get moving.
Be safe.
[ Door opens, closes .]
- You did it? - Wasn't easy.
Most of the footage was too remote.
But I did find an image that was close enough to scan.
Our program creates a computed tomography map, which I had to convert into a 3-D image.
[ Typing .]
Based on the data, we got a 96% match.
- My God.
- Do you know her? - She's FBI.
- [ Typing .]
According to our profile, she's Mossad.
Tell me you found our system.
Not yet.
But don't worry, Farook.
I know just where to look.
You can't do this.
I wasn't driving recklessly, and my navigation system will prove that I wasn't speeding.
What's your name, anyway? Hey, are you listening to me? You're about to make a very big mistake.
Pick up the phone and call my-- [ Car door closes .]
[ Huffs .]
[ Car door opens .]
[ Groans .]
Oh, boy.
[ Clears throat .]
Isn't this a sticky wicket? You son of a bitch.
As I mentioned, Senator Diaz made a campaign promise that I intend to hold him to.
You what, uh, bribe them? I've been known to make the occasional charitable contribution.
In exchange, my back is scratched by the good men in blue.
Yours, not so much.
You blew a .
- I what? - Blood alcohol content.
Next time, call a cab.
[ Laughs .]
Are you out of your mind? I've been sober for 12 years.
Which is what makes your relapse that much more tragic.
The President can't have a dipsomaniac serving as legal counsel.
Happily, there is a way to avoid the drunk tank.
The inauguration is in two weeks.
How the hell do you expect me to get you a private meeting? I have no idea.
Let's hope you're smarter than everyone says you are, Marlin.
Marlin-- that's not a very common name.
I knew a Marlin when I was young.
Marlin Trout.
One boy, two fish names.
Set the meeting, Marlin.
- [ Door thuds .]
- I got your text.
What's up? We're rolling out.
Gotta take a witness statement.
Someone from Blackthorn? A programmer who claims he saw Maddox with the timer chip.
A month ago, but for some reason didn't bother coming forward until after the company had already served up Maddox on a silver platter.
I'm telling you, something's off about this.
There's only one way to find out.
Will you give me a second? I spoke with Panabaker about your reinstatement.
She said there's nothing she can do.
Nothing she can do now or ever? Sir, what'd she say? She said the Attorney General would need to okay your reinstatement.
Since you pled guilty to killing his predecessor, that's not going to happen.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, so am I.
Hey, I ran down Yusuf Tillisi.
The trade company he works for, it's real.
The CEO put me in touch with him directly.
He's here for a few meetings then flies out at the end of the week.
I'm sorry, but he checks out.
Cooper got word from Main Justice.
I am officially not a person of interest.
- That's great news.
- Um Yeah, right? Um Hey, I've never been so relieved to be told I am not interesting.
Uh, I thought we could, um, could maybe celebrate over dinner.
It's a date.
You pick.
And make it somewhere amazing.
[ Knock on door .]
Atwell? FBI.
- Agent Ressler, this is Agent Navabi.
- That was fast.
We understand you have information regarding a James Maddox and a theft at Blackthorn Kincaid.
Uh, yes, please come in.
I'd prefer the neighbors didn't know anything about this.
Is everything okay, Mr.
Atwell? [ Grunting .]
[ Gunshot .]
[ Gunshots .]
[ Grunting continues .]
No, no, no, please.
I did what you asked.
You said all I had to do was get them-- [ Gunshot .]
[ Gunshots .]
[ Hammer clicks .]
- [ Engine starts .]
- Go.
Leave him.
[ Tires screeching .]
[ Gunshot .]
[ Cellphone beeps .]
- [ Ring, beep .]
- Agent Ressler.
We were set up.
There was no witness.
It was an ambush.
They were inside the house.
The NMB took Samar.
- The NMB? - Look, they wanted to kill me and abduct her.
That makes no sense.
Why would the NMB single out Agent Navabi? They're in a black SUV, no rear plate, - shattered rear window.
- All right, sending an alert to local law enforcement now, rolling all backup units to your location.
Reddington, we need your help.
Samar's been abducted.
- The NMB just took her.
- Slow down.
- I'm putting you on a speaker.
- [ Beep .]
We're sending you everything, all the search results for possible NMB members coming into the country, all the flights and profiles we've ruled out.
Maybe we missed something.
Have you identified anyone other than Farook? No.
My program's vetted tens of thousands of possible candidates but only one real suspect so far, - and Agent Navabi cleared him.
- Who? His name is Yusuf Tillisi.
His photo was part of the file we just sent you.
But Samar spoke to him-- said it was nothing.
Yusuf Tillisi isn't a terrorist.
He also isn't Yusuf Tillisi.
His real name is Ezra Mandell, an operative for the Mossad.
Samar knows him.
She's worked with him.
Why would she lie about that? To protect her fellow countrymen.
To prevent you from linking the Mossad to the attack on Arkani's operation.
A Mossad strike team was operating here? Without permission? At least we know why the NMB took her.
The question is where and how long they'll keep her alive.
Tell me where the system is.
Save yourself an immense amount of pain.
I'm good.
I can't remember a time when I wasn't fighting Israel.
As a boy in Gaza, I threw rocks at soldiers.
As I grew, so did the weapons.
The rocks became guns, the guns became rockets.
For me, life is war.
And that war changed with the creation of the Iron Dome, the most advanced missile defense system in history.
Over 1,200 of our rockets were intercepted.
The NMB realized that the best way to defeat a superior technology is to turn an engineering designer.
James Maddox.
Maddox was just convenient.
The NMB's money bought them someone much higher up the food chain.
I promised them a teleguidance system capable of getting past the Iron Dome.
After six months of work, I do not intend to start over.
So where is it? Don't make me ask again.
We're all set.
There's a Hawker 900 on the tarmac at BWI.
Take the system.
Use one of those SKB cases.
- Put this in the car.
- [ Door thuds open .]
FBI! Hands in the air now! Levi Shur.
You don't call, you don't write.
How'd you find us? Mossad opened this safe house with the Bureau's assistance.
I know because our agencies share intel.
At least I thought they did.
The NMB has Samar.
We know you hit Arkani's factories, and so do they.
- How? - I don't know, but she was taken by Farook Al-Thani almost an hour ago.
She-- She lied to us.
Tried to protect you when she found out Mossad was behind the raid.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- No? - No.
Samar didn't find out about the raid.
Samar planned the raid.
[ Grunts .]
We need to escalate this.
- [ Laughs .]
- What the hell is so funny? She won't talk.
We're both the same.
Both true believers willing to die for what we love.
Farook, we may have something.
There's an entry for someone only under the letter "L.
" The number's on the list we have for possible Mossad operatives.
- Call it.
- Now hang on, if it's the Mossad, they might be able to trace the call back.
There's no strategic reason to contact them.
Unless they are willing to trade their agent for our system.
That wasn't the plan.
She's seen my face.
She can't be traded for anything, understand? - She's never leaving this room.
- You are not my concern.
We had a deal.
I'm not signing off on this.
Then it seems you are the one never leaving this room.
[ Gunshot, shell casing clatters .]
[ Body thuds .]
What about the CIA? Homeland? Nobody in your government has intel as to where they may have taken her? What about Mossad? You guys know Arkani's building a bomb, but you don't know whether he's got a safe house nearby? No.
- [ Sighs .]
- And it's not a bomb.
It's a missile guidance system designed to defeat the Iron Dome.
In the wrong hands, it could jeopardize the lives of thousands.
Then I'll feel better when it's in my hands.
Get it.
Take it.
All I care about is finding Samar.
- [ Cellphone rings .]
- Levi.
It's her.
[ Rings .]
[ Beep .]
Farook: I'm afraid Agent Navabi can't come to the phone.
I'm speaking with one of her Mossad associates, yes? - Is this Farook Al-Thani? - Names are unimportant now.
What matters is that we both have what the other wants.
So I propose a trade.
If you want to see your colleague alive again, bring our system to Cornerstone Park, east entrance, in the next 30 minutes.
And take care to bring it all, or for every piece missing, I will extract a piece of Agent Navabi.
- Let me speak to her.
- [ Line clicks, dial tone .]
Can we trace the call? I'm sure they're already on the move.
We gotta do something.
Gotta get her back.
She's an operative, Levi.
She knew the risks.
- I'm not letting her die.
- You said it yourself-- the wrong step now could jeopardize the lives of thousands of innocent civilians.
Hey, neither of you is gonna do anything.
This is an FBI matter now.
Are we clear? I'm still going to that park.
[ Cellphone ringing .]
- Get him back here.
- [ Beep .]
Cooper: Agent Ressler, no word on Agent Navabi.
- You have the system? - Yeah, we have it right here.
But look-- Levi! Move.
Okay, satellite images of Cornerstone Park are coming online, uh, now.
Al-Thani said the east entrance.
Aram: TAC units are taking positions around the park.
If Al-Thani sees anything that screams FBI, Navabi's dead.
I'm here.
Farook: Take the jogging path to your right until you reach a pushcart vendor.
Before you get anything, I need proof of life, do you hear me? Levi, destroy it.
You can't give it to them.
Farook: - You have your proof.
- [ Line beeps .]
[ Brakes screech .]
I've got him.
Do I stop him? It's our careers if this goes wrong, but No, let him make the drop.
Just make damn sure that system doesn't get out of the park.
This goes nowhere until Samar is brought here.
[ Computer beeping .]
It's been authenticated.
Where is she? [ Tires squeal .]
That's her.
That's her! Uh, South Drive.
All units move in.
Stop that van! Ressler, move your team in now.
Hands! Hands where I can see 'em.
[ Drone whirring .]
Bring it down! [ Whirring continues .]
I'm not the one controlling it.
[ Gunfire .]
Cover him! [ Gunfire .]
[ Sirens wailing .]
Aram, I lost visual.
What do you got? Nothing.
It just-- it disappeared.
Well, whoever was controlling it had line of sight to this park.
Cooper: Somebody saw it.
We're monitoring for reports or complaints.
Oh, oh, I got one.
I got one.
Reports of someone flying a drone from the roof of the Mazelon Hostel.
- All right, the address-- - I got it.
Call in security! Aram.
I gather we have a picture of Farook.
I might have him leaving the hostel on 92nd.
On the ground! On the ground! - Move.
- [ Screams .]
[ Screaming .]
Move! Move! Look out! Hey! Drop the bag! [ Grunting .]
[ Screams, grunting .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Tires squeal .]
We're ready for you this time, Jonathan.
Been working on my Paso Doble.
[ Chuckles .]
- Fred Astaire, look out! - Bobby's lost six pounds.
Ah, now, two million people may watch the inauguration, but the dance floor's all Miriam cares about.
And my girl and I are gonna tear it up.
- Uh, sir, sir.
- Huh? Huh? [ Laughs .]
What's wrong with him? Sir, there's a situation.
I'm so sorry.
I would've told you about it earlier, but-- There you are.
Dance lessons.
What fun! - What the hell is he doing here? - Oh, my God.
You're-- Just hoping the jackals and mongers will give you the time and space you need to settle in before they start feasting at your doorstep.
What the hell are you doing here? Robert, I know your dance card is full, but we have an appointment that I must insist you keep.
The mustache is an interesting choice, sort of a Grover Cleveland look, I suppose.
Marlin, call security.
No, just give us a moment.
You and I are even.
- Not quite.
- The hell we're not.
I halted my presidential campaign and launched a Senate hearing into Alexander Kirk's links to terrorism.
And in exchange, you received a generous donation and an appreciable bump in the polls, and now look what's happened.
Robert, the man you're replacing as the leader of the free world has a legacy he'll want you to help burnish by keeping certain people and policies in place.
He'll want favors.
To get them, this is one of the things he'll have to do for you.
This is over.
You and I are done.
Then perhaps I should speak to Miriam.
I'm sure she's dying to know what kind of business you and I have been conducting.
It's up to you, Robert.
Would you prefer to be in the White House or the doghouse? Robert? [ Early Winters' "Vanishing Act" playing .]
[ Radio chatter .]
You put our country at risk to get me back.
I don't know whether to hit you or hug you.
[ Chuckles .]
Well, you know what Ezra said about Alma-- I broke off our engagement.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
Be happy.
and insatiable video game Cooper: You obstructed our investigation, put lives at risk, lied to us.
- Yes, to protect my country.
- Your country? While you're on this task force, the country you're protecting is the United States.
- And today, I protected both.
- Almost died in the process.
where do you go to You need to think about where your allegiance lies.
- No, I don't.
- Fine.
You're clear about that.
Let me be clear about this-- You can't lie to me.
You can't operate without my authority, ever.
I feel I've earned your trust and respect.
Now go home, get some rest, and think about whether you agree with that.
If you do, I'll see you in the morning.
If not, I won't.
He's right.
You should, uh, get some rest.
- Dinner can wait.
- You sure? Totally.
Thank you for the rain check.
Actually, uh I don't, uh, want a rain check.
I mean I do.
Obviously, I do, but I don't.
You know how I told you that deposition was terrifying? Yeah, it was worse than terrifying.
It was embarrassing.
There I was on the record, testifying to what horrible taste I have in women, my, uh, habit of falling for people who aren't what they appear to be, what I make them out to be.
What happened with Elise was kind of soul crushing.
To find out that the person that you love say we were abducted the person that you can see yourself marrying and having a family with and-- and growing old with, to find out that Is a spy.
Someone whose allegiances you can't trust.
I can't be with a person like that.
vanishing act I thought Panabaker told Cooper you'd never be reinstated.
She did, why? Woman: precedent for commuting sentences in the final hours of an administration.
But the full presidential pardon of Elizabeth Keen for the murder of Attorney General Tom Connolly is certainly the most surprising in recent memory - Did she just say - You've been pardoned.
- Oh, my God.
Liz, you've been pardoned.
- [ Gasps .]
- [ Laughs .]
- [ Gasps .]
[ Yo La Tengo's "All Your Secrets" playing .]
all of the thoughts we thought Woman on radio: continue to speculate on what was behind the President's controversial decision to pardon Elizabeth Keen.
The White House issued a statement that the President will not be commenting.
before the riot as the days ahead become behind replace the tape as we rewind - before the riot - Hey.
Look, I was thinking about what you told me.
Well, like I said, I hope you're happy about it.
There's someone else.
I've been waiting a long time for this, for us, for you.
But I am in love with someone else.
and if we can stop a restless night It was Reddington.
He got the President of the United States to pardon me.
How does he do that? I don't know.
And right now, I don't care.
[ Drawer opens .]
I'm just glad I can finally say it's good to have you back, Agent Keen.

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