The Blacklist s04e10 Episode Script

The Forecaster

1 [ Static, distorted voice .]
[ Static crackling .]
[ Distorted voice .]
[ Liquid pouring .]
I hate to leave you here with all this.
I'm kind of looking forward to it.
Me and Agnes hanging out in our new place, listen to some tunes, unpack a few boxes.
- Maybe even eat some strained pears.
- [ Laughs .]
- Everything's coming together for us.
- Yeah.
We've got Agnes back.
We've got each other.
I'm an agent again.
Yeah, we got out of Reddington's safe house.
No more bodyguards.
We have windows that we can look out of and actually see the sky.
Not bad.
It's a new beginning.
It's a lot to give up.
Believe me, it's not.
[ Agnes giggling .]
Oh, sounds like someone's ready to get her groove on.
You know, I think we're gonna go old school.
I'm thinkin' The Romantics.
- Oh! - [ Chuckles .]
Okay, now I'm jealous.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Gasping .]
[ Continues gasping .]
- [ Door thuds .]
- Aram: Oh, oh.
Agent Keen, that is so cool.
I had no idea you were so artsy-craftsy.
Liz: I just found this outside my front door.
What? Like a gift? No, like a warning-- or a cry for help.
This is ghoulish.
A drowning superwoman? That's not a cape.
That's a judge's robe.
Federal Judge Trisha Culpepper drowned in her country club pool this morning.
The guard at the club saw her enter around 8 AM and then, 30 minutes later, 9-1-1 received a call from an employee saying she drowned.
Someone made this diorama after learning about what happened and put it on your doorstep? No, the guard saw her at 8 AM.
I found this around 7 AM-- an hour before she drowned.
Or was murdered by a killer who left this at your doorstep.
Well, do you think it might be somebody from your days at the Mobile Psych Unit? I already contacted the New York field office.
They're sending me my files now.
Get this to the lab for processing.
Maybe we'll get trace evidence or a print.
Ressler, Navabi, get to the crime scene.
Agent Keen, talk to Reddington.
See if he can shed some light on this.
Woman: Everything's included.
The last tenant left the furnishings behind.
Just disappeared.
I'd have to stick to champagnes and white Burgundies.
One spill of a red varietal and this heavenly sanctuary would look like a crime scene.
White wines are good.
I drink white.
But would I be capable? Let's say somebody stops by with a Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, and it's a '78! [ Laughs .]
[ Lowered voice .]
Couldn't he just drink it in the kitchen? I just had a revelation.
I could drink it in the kitchen! - [ Laughs .]
- So I'll draw up the paperwork.
- Month to month, right, Mr.
Homan? - [ Knock on door .]
Thank you, Pamela.
[ Door closes .]
I don't want to know how you did it or what it says about the fate of our country that you were able to, but I wanna thank you for getting the President of the United States to pardon me.
As my grandmother used to say, it's good to have friends in low places.
When Dembe said you had a case, I thought, how quaint.
It's not.
You looked at the photos I sent.
Judge Culpepper was above reproach, which means many people would like her dead, but none I could connect to you in any way.
I've looked at every case file from my time at the Mobile Psych Unit, and no suspect's an obvious match.
Any leads off the diorama? A partial print, but inconclusive.
I'll have a team outside your apartment within the hour.
No, that's not necessary.
Whoever's doing this does not want to hurt me.
They wanna match wits with me, see if I can catch them.
Do not take this lightly.
This is your next Blacklister.
But you don't even know who this is.
He's killed a federal judge, which means he goes after high profile targets.
He left clues at your doorstep, which means it's a game to him, one he'll keep playing until you stop him.
You're being baited, Elizabeth, taunted by a killer who knows where you live.
[ The Romantics' "What I Like About You' playing .]
hey! [ Singing along .]
what I like about you you hold me tight [ Giggles .]
keep on whisperin' in my ear tell me all the things that I wanna hear 'cause it's true what I like that's what I like about you - [ Giggles .]
- what I like about you Oh, come on.
You don't think I can sing? I see you laughing at me.
[ Footsteps approach .]
that's what I like about you that's what I like about you hey! uh, huh, huh, hey, hey, hey, hey [ Door closes .]
[ Horn honks .]
Hey! Stop! Stop! [ Horn honks .]
[ Whines .]
- [ Giggles .]
- Hi! are What you doin'? Hi! Come here, come here, come here.
- [ Fussing .]
- I know.
I got you.
I got you.
We've been going through the judge's docket.
Six months back, six months ahead.
There's a total of 53 cases.
Seems like revenge killing, retaliation for a ruling.
The next one could be a witness, a lawyer.
Navabi: First a drowning, then a shooting.
What's the pattern? The victims can't be random.
The clock tower.
I've been thinking about it.
It's, uh, it's familiar.
And then I realized I remembered it from Mr.
Mathiesen's seventh grade civics class.
We studied all the great DC buildings in that class-- Aram, the building.
I think it's the old Post Office tower.
Ressler: Well, this clock says 12:30.
If that's PM, we're in trouble.
Alert the MPD.
Tell them we have actionable intel that a homicide is about to be attempted.
Right, I'll mobilize surveillance.
We're gonna take this guy down.
He's not getting anywhere near your place this time.
[ Door closes .]
Geoffroy! Thank you for coming.
I was surprised you called me, Mr.
What can I do for you? [ Chuckles .]
Tell me about cobalt.
Every cellphone battery requires at least 3 grams of it.
Laptops, even more.
I'm told Iniko's investing in cobalt mines.
I want in.
You're gonna have to talk to Iniko about that.
Shall I set a meeting? Do you recognize this apartment? No.
Should I? Belonged to a dear friend of mine, a former acquaintance of Iniko's.
I say "former" because Iniko had him killed right where you're standing.
Imagine all that blood on this very carpet.
It's like it never happened, as if he never existed.
Why are you telling me this? I'm interested in the mines, but not in doing business with Iniko.
[ Chuckles .]
You're asking me to betray my boss.
Yes, I'm prepared to make a substantial contribution to the venture.
He would kill me if he found out.
If he were still alive.
Look, Mr.
Reddington, I don't know what you're suggesting-- I'm suggesting that this is your moment if you're smart enough to seize it.
Iniko's loyal only to himself.
He suffers you because your uncle has the ear of the President.
You're a patronage hire who buys Iniko good will with the powers that be.
But when they go, and they will, you'll go.
Like my dear friend who bled all over this white carpet.
All right, I'm tapped into every camera in the area, and I am not seeing anything.
I hate bikes.
They're good for the environment.
Well, there's no way to tell which one's our perp.
Liz: I just got word from the lab.
They were able to pull a print from a handrail outside my apartment.
It matches a partial we pulled from the first model.
Suspect's name is Fiona Driscoll.
[ Clock tower chimes .]
[ Chiming stops .]
[ Horn honks in distance .]
Aram: Uh, guys? We're looking for a guy on a bike, right? [ Engine revs .]
I think that bike might be a motorcycle.
Down! Get down! [ Gunshots .]
[ Engine revs .]
- You okay? - Yeah.
Who the hell are you? FBI.
I understand you're in town to bribe a congressman.
Tell me, what's the going rate to get someone to ignore rape, slave labor, child soldiers, child brides? I was told you had a business proposition, not a lecture.
The cobalt mines.
I want in.
Not interested.
So lecture then.
You've been betrayed by a trusted employee.
I recently experienced a similar betrayal.
So I know that it's a bitter pill, especially since in our line of work, betrayal requires swift and decisive retribution.
And you will give me the name in exchange for a cut of the mines.
Assuming you can verify what I tell you is true.
Geoffroy Keino.
He approached me about investing in the mines if I agreed to kill you.
His terms were very generous, so you can imagine how tempted I was.
But as I mentioned, I have recently felt the sting of duplicity.
And I simply couldn't bring myself to facilitate such a betrayal of someone else, even someone so loathsome.
[ Chuckles .]
And people say there is no honor among thieves.
Have some foie gras.
No, thank you.
I find it difficult to enjoy foie gras.
All those poor geese, all those painfully engorged livers.
[ Chuckles .]
In my opinion, some lives are inconsequential, and delicious.
We'll be in touch with any further developments.
You shouldn't use her like that.
Not here.
As a story to get what you want.
It's disrespectful.
Kate doesn't deserve that.
[ Engine revs .]
[ Tires screech .]
[ Panting .]
[ Cellphone beeps, speed dials .]
Hey, it's me.
We have a problem.
It's about Milch.
The feds were waiting when I got there.
I don't know how, but they knew it was gonna happen.
All right, calm down.
Don't talk to anybody.
I'll call my source downtown, see what he knows.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
[ Door opens .]
- Hello, Ms.
- Agent Keen, - I think there's been a terrible mistake.
- [ Door closes .]
We have your fingerprints on the renderings of crime scenes you left outside my home.
I know what you must be thinking.
I know how this looks.
Well, it looks like you were taunting Agent Keen, giving her details of the murders you were about to commit, seeing if she could stop you.
We found traces of aconitine in the judge's system.
You poisoned her and then tried to murder Marlon Milch.
Marlon Milch? Is that his name? Come on.
You're trying to say that you don't know the name - of the man that you tried to kill? - You've got it all wrong.
I wasn't trying to kill these people.
I was trying to save them.
I left the models for you because I wasn't sure what else to do.
Models of crime scenes made before the crimes were committed.
So how do you explain that? Unless you're the killer.
They're premonitions.
All right, tell us about the victims.
A respected judge, a controversial businessman.
Why target them? Why are they connected? I only know what I see in the dioramas.
Why haven't you taken these premonitions to the police? I have.
They looked at me like I'm crazy.
That's why I came to you, Agent Keen.
I saw you at the grocery store, recognized you from the news.
I followed you home because I thought you'd understand.
The pardon.
You know what it's like to be judged harshly, how it feels not to be believed.
When did these premonitions start? Just over two years ago.
So there are more dioramas.
[ Switch clicks .]
At first, it was butterflies with glitter, and things like that.
Then they turned into these.
There are 42 in all, each forecasting some horrible tragedy-- murders, accidents, catastrophes.
This is Flight 361.
It crashed in the Andes last year.
Sometimes they come with vivid detail.
Others are more impressionistic.
How do you get these visions? Oh, no.
They're not mine.
I don't see them.
[ Door creaking .]
Her name's Maggie.
She's 9.
Maggie's mind is different.
She suffers from what doctors call a constellation of birth defects, the result of fetal rubella.
Heart problems, hearing impairment, any number of developmental issues.
But I feel like she understands more than they think.
Just because she can't talk doesn't mean she has nothing to say.
Maggie's visions, when did they start? February, two years ago.
She drew me a picture, this terrible image.
A train and a bus crashing.
Bodies everywhere.
The next day, a bus was struck by a train in the Ukraine.
13 people were killed, another 6 injured, and she knew.
Somehow, Maggie knew.
Were they any changes in your life at the time? Had you moved? Did she change schools? No.
We've always been around the same close circle of friends.
Our world is very small.
What is she working on now? The next one.
I cross-checked the dioramas against verifiable incidents, and in each case, the incident and the diorama were a match.
This July, a sailboat washes ashore south of Naples.
Both the owner and his wife are lost a sea.
- [ Beep .]
- Two months earlier, a Jaipur factory fire kills 18.
- [ Beeping .]
- A bus accident in Miami.
A mass shooting in Madrid.
These aren't just crimes, these are catastrophic events happening all around the world.
You say the mother claims the child predicted all this? - That's what she says.
- I don't believe in premonitions.
So prior knowledge of these events has to have come from somewhere.
We're running down a list of everyone who interacts with the child, but the list is not promising.
- You said she can't speak.
- Her mother says she has an undiagnosed cognitive disorder.
Pull her medical file.
I want to know exactly what we can and cannot expect her to be able to tell us about these premonitions.
[ Cellphone vibrates .]
Is everything okay? Three agents from the Bureau are camped outside.
Cooper insisted, but the person who delivered the dioramas wasn't the killer.
It was a mom whose daughter somehow knows about crimes that haven't been committed yet.
Okay, well, that's a little weird.
- [ Agnes fussing .]
- And creepy.
And if the mom knows where we live, maybe the killer does, too.
Tell me about Agnes.
She is blissfully unaware that her parents are talking about a serial killer.
Liz, what can I do? How can I help? You are helping.
You know what I mean.
I do.
And I appreciate that.
But for now, we're good.
I'll call you if anything changes.
Go-- go do your thing.
[ Phone beep, thuds .]
[ Fussing .]
The mining deal is closed.
You sound surprised.
[ Door closes .]
And you look scared.
Iniko completed financing without consulting me.
And now he's not returning my calls.
Perhaps he has a new acolyte.
Or grew wary of your ambition.
I've given him no reason to be.
Others might have.
People hoping to gain his trust by betraying you.
I haven't done anything.
[ Laughs .]
But you're here.
So you want to.
If he suspects me Oh, please.
Spare me the wide-eyed innocence.
You're the top aide to a man who pays your salary with the lives of women and children.
You're every bit as responsible for committing atrocities as he is.
Cheer up, Geoffroy.
This isn't the end.
It's the beginning.
Your beginning.
One you need to announce loudly enough to scare off other pretenders to the throne.
Might I suggest something in broad daylight? Perhaps a nice car bombing.
A cliché, I know, but clichés work.
That's how they get to be clichés.
[ Knocks .]
I think we found something in Maggie Driscoll's medical records.
A way for us to communicate? Us? Maybe.
Or a killer.
She wears a hearing aid, a very tiny high-frequency model.
- So? - We've run down everyone she knows, no suspects.
So maybe the killer or killers are people she doesn't know.
I think the hearing aid might be picking up nearby conversations via radio frequency interference.
Conversations? Phone calls transmitted over a frequency that bleeds onto the one her hearing aid operates on.
Which means at least one of our suspects is close.
A neighboring building, uh, someone in the apartment complex.
Get there.
Interview everyone in the building.
Ressler: There could be hundreds of people.
- You have a better idea? - Actually, yeah, I might.
I think I can get us a step closer yet.
[ Cartoon music playing on TV .]
[ Thuds softly .]
Aram: I'm still getting interference.
Ressler: Is this really gonna help? We, uh, we need to unplug anything that might cause RF interference-- lights, appliances [ Whispers .]
Uh, cellphones.
And, uh, turn off your coms.
We gotta go with walkies.
Aram, we listening for bad guys or are we holding a séance? That is not funny.
When I was in college, Matt Skrdell had a Ouija board, and we actually made contact with my pet rabbit, Dash, God rest her soul, and it turns out she did not escape from her cage like I was told.
[ Switch clicks .]
[ Static hissing, adjusting levels .]
[ Switch clicks .]
[ Static crackling .]
[ Static .]
[ Distorted voice .]
[ Distorted voices .]
[ Man speaking indistinctly .]
[ Static, distorted voice .]
Man: That should solve it.
[ Static .]
[ Distorted voice .]
[ Static, distorted voice .]
[ Static continues .]
[ Distorted voices .]
Man: [ Distorted .]
Hey, it's me.
We have a problem.
[ Man speaks indistinctly .]
[ Distorted conversation continues .]
Man: has to happen sooner in the tower as discussed.
Aram, where are they? Man: We couldn't finish Milch, and you're talking about the next job? What have you found out? Man: I said I'd get back to you when I know more.
Stick to the plan.
Did we lose them? [ Static crackling .]
For now.
But they're out there, very close.
[ Static continues .]
The next time they call, we're gonna find them.
I don't know whether to be relieved or terrified.
Thanks to you, I know how it's happening, but it's only happening because these people, - these killers live nearby.
- [ Static crackling .]
How much of it do you think she actually understands? Too much, I'm afraid.
That's why she does it.
She knows they have to be stopped.
[ Static .]
Man: a kid? That's ridiculous.
We're live.
Man: Not according to my source downtown.
Her mother told the cops about us six months ago.
They ignored her, so she must've gone to the FBI.
That little kid was able to give them the time and the location of the Milch assignment.
Man: You're saying she's listening, watching.
How is that possible? I don't know.
The investors are upset.
If we lose another offer-- Look, she's a threat that needs to be dealt with.
Signal strength is S3.
We are very close.
[ Static crackles .]
Get me a name.
I'll handle the kid.
Fifth floor, fourth apartment from the end.
The east wing.
[ Beep .]
[ Crackling .]
It's okay.
It's okay.
You are gonna be okay, all right? Officers are gonna be here any minute.
FBI! - Clear.
- How did we miss him? [ Door creaks .]
Aram, issue an alert.
White male, dark hair, about 5'10".
We need units covering every way in and out of this building.
- Aram? - Aram's down! We're gonna need an ambulance! Woman over radio: All units, please be advised, we have a federal agent down at the fol-- [ Gunshots .]
[ Speaks indistinctly .]
[ Man speaks indistinctly .]
- I had to disarm him.
- Are you playing me? Is this some kind of sick joke to you? Okay, calm down and tell me what happened.
- He found it.
The car bomb.
- [ Door closes .]
It was as if his security detail knew where to look.
- And you think I told him? - No one else knew.
Except the munitions expert who made the bomb, the mechanic who installed it.
You were sloppy, and you're looking for someone to blame.
Blame yourself.
If I go home, I'm a dead man.
Then don't go home.
Iniko may not be taking your calls, but he will certainly take mine.
I told you, the deal on the mine is closed.
There's always another deal.
I have one in mind that I know he will find especially hard to resist.
Have a drink.
Help me finish this infuriating puzzle.
And when Iniko does come, you'll be waiting with a magic bullet.
- [ Radio beeps .]
- Aram, talk to me.
Are you sure you didn't see which way they went? [ Radio chatter .]
I didn't, no.
But MPD says we had two officers down in the building.
One was stripped, missing his gun, his badge.
- The guy's in uniform.
- [ Beep .]
- [ Beep .]
- Well, she's gotta be close.
We could call out to her if she could only hear us.
- [ Beep .]
- Maybe she can.
Liz: How? Aram: Police radios operate on an RF frequency just like Maggie's hearing device, which can cause interference.
All right, go to frequency 154.
400 and turn it up.
- [ Beep .]
- Turn it all the way up.
[ Static crackles loudly .]
[ Groans .]
- What is wrong with you? Get up! - [ Screams .]
[ Screaming .]
[ Screaming loudly .]
Turn it down.
The officer that was with her, has anybody seen him? [ Indistinct conversations .]
[ Breathes unevenly .]
I can hear.
He's in there.
Use this.
It's untraceable.
Would you ever do this? Betray your own boss? I don't know.
Geoffroy, what are you doing here? [ Door closes .]
Unfinished business, I'm afraid.
[ Trigger clicking .]
What the hell? You set me up.
Reddington-- it was his idea.
Actually, it was ours.
[ Silenced gunshots .]
[ Gun clatters .]
[ Beep, speed dials .]
I'm texting you an address.
My clean-up crew.
[ Touchscreen clicking .]
I once bankrolled a diamond mine outside Tshikapa.
One day, a man showed up alone, unarmed, started to talk to me about the mine.
I had guns and guards and an enterprise worth I don't know, $50, $150 million dollars.
He had nothing but a story about greed driving atrocities and conflict, about armed groups using mass rape and mutilation as a means to control people in the villages around the mines.
I had bullets, he had words.
But when he was done talking, for the first time, I truly understood which of those was more powerful.
I abandoned the mine, agreed to finance his campaign of protection and protest, and did so until two months ago when you had him murdered.
Cyrus Choi.
[ Clip thuds .]
He was a good man and my friend.
[ Clip clicks, gun cocks .]
And somehow, your cleaners removed even the memory of his blood from this carpet.
They are the best in the business.
They better be.
They're gonna have a lot to clean up.
The girl's with the paramedics now.
She's gonna be fine.
What do we know about our runner? Navabi: Benjamin Allen Charnquist, 35.
He went to Berkeley.
He was kicked out his junior year after being convicted of rape.
He was shipped off to San Quentin.
- When did he get out? - 2002.
He's been off the radar ever since.
Now we know why.
Guys, um, check this out.
We couldn't see it from Maggie's dioramas, but, uh, there is a pattern.
All right, the factory fire in Jaipur, it tanked the stock of the Zardozi Imports company.
The man and his wife, who vanished off the coast of Naples in their sailboat, he was the CEO of a Silicon Valley tech firm.
The company lost a quarter of its value after he disappeared.
Judge Culpepper was set to rule against OJN Global in a patent infringement case.
And Marlon Milch is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
Each of these catastrophes involved someone who was invaluable to the company they worked for, and their deaths dramatically affected the stock prices - of those companies.
- So maybe the motive is profit.
Maybe Charnquist was shorting the stocks.
He's a college dropout with a felony record.
I doubt he came up with this on his own.
The partner, the guy he was talking to? At his parole hearing, three people testified on his behalf-- his parents, and the CEO of the private equities firm he interned at in college.
Chris Farnsworth.
CEO of Jasek Financial.
Just because Farnsworth testified at Charnquist's parole hearing, what makes you think he was involved? According to SEC filings, Farnsworth's company made a fortune after each and every one of the people Aram mentioned were murdered.
Once or twice is luck.
This many times is a conspiracy.
Get a tact team to Jasek Financial now.
Ressler: Look, we heard them talking about pulling another job, but we don't know where and we don't know when.
No, but we know someone who does.
They know everything.
I've got feds swarming my place.
Calm down.
Stick to the plan.
Calm down? They have my files, every trade.
I'm going to jail.
Ben, you and I have forecasted how many transactions? We knew this day would eventually come, that it would eventually end.
- Now the plan is-- - They have the girl.
Yes, and they know about you.
How long before they connect us, the company? When they do, my face will be on every network and screen within the hour, shares of Jasek Financial will crater and we'll have our golden parachute.
It's the escape we've discussed since day one.
And Beckner? Beckner is the only loose end.
I just hung up with him.
He placed the short against Jasek through the shell 20 minutes ago.
We've got to see this through.
Why don't we just put a bullet in Beckner's head? Because a bullet brings unwanted attention, ends up with FinCEN looking through each and every one of Beckner's transactions, which could point to us.
It has to look like an accident.
He's the only one who knows where our funds are routed.
If he's dead, we're ghosts-- rich ghosts.
Finish him, and I'll see you at the plane.
Wait! You can't go in there.
No, no, you can't ask for her help.
- Not after what happened.
- I wish we didn't have to.
This is exactly what I wanted to avoid.
I brought you her dioramas anonymously to prevent her being involved.
Look, if we're gonna catch the person that did this, we're gonna need Maggie's help.
Just because she can't express her feelings doesn't mean she doesn't have them.
She's terrified.
And determined.
They are the diamonds of tomorrow.
Let me go, and you can have a piece of all of them.
A piece of the mines.
Think of the money you will make.
On the backs of children.
Given enough money to eat, but not enough to ever leave.
Cyrus would be disappointed.
I worked in the mines.
I got out.
And instead of helping those who suffer as you once did, you profit off them.
I'm a bad man, Iniko, but not that bad.
[ Knock on door .]
Ah, your cleaners.
What are their names? Sakiya and Fudo.
Why? - I want to hire them.
- They work for me.
- Not anymore.
- [ Silenced gunshot .]
That's what this was all about, replacing Kate.
Kate is irreplaceable.
To me, she is.
[ Knock on door .]
We're meeting Iniko.
Iniko just met his maker.
You done did him? I did done do.
Guy was a straight up tool.
This place looks familiar.
It should.
You cleaned it two months ago.
Friend of mine, shot six times, 5 liters of his blood on this carpet.
After you were done, not a drop.
You're Raymond Reddington.
And this is my associate Dembe Zuma.
Well, aren't you a tall drink of chocolate milk? I'd like you to work for me.
Whatever Iniko was paying you, I'll double it.
So you know, we only moonlight.
A day job.
How old-fashioned.
Not really.
We're crime scene cleaners for Metro PD.
Well, won't this be fun.
" Keen.
What's that? What does that mean? Jasek? I think we know what his next target's gonna be.
Aram, Farnsworth's gonna hit his own company.
[ Dark Horses' "Alone" playing .]
Yes, the trade was clear.
Funds will be wired to the Panama account.
Agent Ressler, I think I have something, a way Charnquist may be planning to access the building.
Surveillance imagery shows an engine room on the roof, - and it is connected to a-- - An elevator.
- How'd you know that? - Because of the girl.
Her diorama's focused on how the crime's going to be committed.
This one featured an elevator.
Aram: Okay, the one in this building is a Westbrook freight built in 1922.
That's before pneumatic fail-safes.
They're gonna crash the elevator.
- I've got him.
- Security.
This is Bobby.
This is FBI Assistant Director Cooper.
We have credible intel that one of your employees in the building may be in danger.
I need you to shut down everything.
Nobody in or out.
Metro PD and FBI agents are on our way to you now.
[ Gunshots .]
Cooper: Hello? Hello? Charnquist is in the building.
Get Con Ed on the line.
Cut the power, lock up that elevator.
Aram: Sir, I know have a lot of bad news today, but the security system in the building shows there's a backup generator.
he gripped the wall, he gripped the wire so alone so alone so alone [ Whirring .]
[ Clank .]
[ Tires screech .]
there's always time enough to heal, moral to reveal - I'll bet you all you got - [ Whirring .]
that you'll never miss a thing never miss a thing [ Man shouts indistinctly .]
and no matter how you feel, nobody wants to kill What the hell is goin' on? Get Ressler on the horn now.
He's not answering.
[ Whirring .]
- but watch - [ Gun cocks .]
he stopped to feel [ Whirring stops .]
- now he's not alone - [ Whooshes .]
Not alone - not alone - The stop! Where's the emergency stop? there's always time enough to heal, moral to reveal I'll bet you all you got that you'll never miss a thing never miss a thing Incredible.
Truly incredible.
What happened to your last cleaner? She was murdered.
I'm so sorry.
Were you close? Yes.
Not a speck to be found.
Fudo: Have you caught the killer? No.
Clean as a whistle.
Clean as a whistle.
Do you know who he is? Yes, I do.
That's good.
Then it's only a matter of time.
Well, this seems like a good fit.
For now.
Last two years haven't been kind to people we work for.
- You take care - [ Door opens .]
or we'll be mopping you up with club soda.
[ Laughs .]
So you do use club soda.
Uh, what was that about? - [ Door closes .]
- I spoke with Harold.
He tells me you've had a pyrrhic victory.
We lost one of the killers.
Chris Farnsworth.
Who were those two? For years, colleagues have crowed about his rates of return, urging me to invest with them.
Called him "The Forecaster.
" But as I don't believe in investing in anything I can't control, I declined.
I know you've been concerned about me, about a killer knowing where I live.
I just wanted you to know you've got nothing to worry about anymore.
May I see your new apartment? Not yet.
[ Chuckles softly .]
Maybe someday.
[ Lighter clicks .]
[ Sighs .]
I've been working on this, so let me know what you think.
[ Chuckles .]
Yeah? Smells pretty good.
All right, bon appétit.
What is this? It's a promise.
I lied when I said it wasn't a lot to give up.
It wasn't a lie, it was a hope.
Yeah, I I want this to work.
And wondering whether or not that's possible is totally natural.
But what isn't natural for me, anyway, is talking about that, so [ Inhales deeply .]
it's my promise, to share this doubt with you.
Thank you.
I threw those out this morning, yet here they are.
This is exactly where they belong.
David Lucas, and Kaya.
I used to be scared of those guys.
- [ Fork scrapes .]
- Not anymore.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Knock on door .]
You got it? We could use a little peace and quiet in our lives.
[ Door creaks .]
Is everything okay? No.
Please come in.
[ Door creaks .]
I'm worried about Raymond.
I don't think he cares about anything or anyone in the world right now other than you or Agnes.
I don't recognize him.
I can't reach him.
And you think I can.
The people at the apartment He wouldn't tell me who they were.
They're cleaners.
Cleaners? What about Mr.
Kaplan? It's because she helped me fake my death, isn't it? - He's punishing her.
- He saw it as a betrayal.
- So he's replacing her.
- No.
He didn't replace Kate.
He killed her.

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