The Blacklist s04e12 Episode Script

Natalie Luca

1 [Monitor beeping.]
Buna? [Gasps.]
[Telephone rings in distance.]
[Ring, electricity crackling.]
[Door opens.]
[Crackling continues.]
[Elevator bell dings.]
[Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
[Echoing breathing.]
[Breathes sharply.]
You're new.
[Breathes heavily.]
Oh! Roll over.
[Gasping chuckle.]
[Breathing heavily.]
- What's your name? - [Sighs.]
- Zack.
- [Whispers.]
[Breathing heavily.]
I see you're ready.
What happened to the new girl? What new girl? [Gasps.]
[Gagging, coughing.]
[Coughs, gasps.]
- Red: How much? - [Typing on keyboard.]
[Typing continues.]
Smoll was cleaning over $200 million.
How much was lost? All of it.
[Door opens.]
Thank you, Abe.
Problems? Yes.
[Door closes.]
Transactions vital to my interests failed to be tendered.
What kinds of transactions? It seems a bid I made on the Whistler Cruise Line wasn't tendered because my accountant dropped dead before he could transfer the funds.
In addition, millions are missing that the same accountant was in the process of laundering.
I think I've heard enough.
It appears my operation is under siege.
And this affects the fate of the free world how? Not at all.
However, in order for me to be useful to your task force, I have to maintain a certain stature in the criminal underworld.
From time to time, I am compelled to rely on your bureau's support in that endeavor.
This is one of those times.
The interest I hope to acquire from Whistler Cruise Line was sold to a longstanding rival, Baldur Magnusson.
Rumors have circulated that he assassinated my accountant to secure the deal.
What do you need from us? Some help to determine who murdered my man, Zack Smoll.
If I can't staunch the bleeding Smoll's death has precipitated, all of our work could come to a grinding and permanent halt.
I'm under attack, Elizabeth, and I need to find out by whom.
Liz: Roughly 14 hours ago, Zack Smoll was found dead in the Gentle Bliss Massage Parlor.
's preliminary report describes symptoms consistent with acute meningitis.
How does Reddington know Smoll didn't contract meningitis naturally? He didn't say, but if he's coming to us with this, it means he's desperate.
You may feel you're paid enough to serve the public's interests and Reddington's.
Personally, I don't.
Ressler: If someone killed Reddington's accountant, you think he's gonna want us to just put him in jail? I mean, the second we find him, he's gonna insist that we hand him over so he can make an example by murdering him.
I agree.
Agent Keen? - [Duck quack sound.]
- Tell Reddington he's on his own.
Uh, guys? Smoll's body's just been flagged by the CDC.
They've rerouted it to a level 4 bio-containment lab.
- What does that mean? - It means whatever killed Smoll is a lot more dangerous than meningitis.
Get to the CDC.
See what you can find out.
Liz: Any idea what we're dealing with? Luschen's disease.
It's a form of viral meningitis.
Symptoms include sudden high fever, stiffened neck, reddish-purple rash, seizure, respiratory failure, and death.
- How contagious is it? - This strain's mutated such that it's transmitted via physical contact Sweat, saliva, even the lightest touch can be lethal.
Good news is it doesn't survive outside a host.
Symptoms present almost immediately after exposure followed by death in only minutes.
Which is, ironically, the one saving grace of the disease.
- How so? - It can't travel.
The victim's incapacitated before he can transmit it.
- So how did Smoll get infected? - Lipstick.
We found traces of it around the victim's mouth.
Based on the sample, whoever left it behind should've been dead long before she had the chance to even kiss our victim.
So who is she? Why isn't she dead? Well, for the moment, Agent Ressler, that remains a mystery.
Oh, oh, oh.
I found our suspect.
Good for you.
[Chair scrapes.]
Okay, um, what what's going on? Nothing.
I'm fine.
Really? Because you seem upset.
And, um, and before, uh, with Mr.
Cooper about not getting paid enough I just lost it in front of the ladies in payroll.
They gave me your check instead of mine because, you know, we both have brown faces.
I'm, uh, I'm sure that was a mistake - You make 32% more than I do.
- Oh, you opened my check? I have a PhD from the London School of Economics.
Well, maybe it's because you're on loan - from Mossad.
- I have the same clearances - and responsibilities.
- Actually, technically - And people actually shoot at me.
- That is true.
Okay, you should probably say something to Agent Cooper.
Say what? Aram has a suspect.
Uh, the suspect.
Uh, the suspect, yes.
Okay, so I found a partial angle from a security camera behind the massage parlor.
Check it out.
[Typing on keyboard.]
Okay, now the CDC has only one other recorded outbreak of Luschen's in the U.
A pawnbroker in Maryland.
The local coroner wrote it off as natural causes, but the weird thing is, his pawnshop was robbed the day he died.
So I dug up some security feeds, and look who was there.
[Taps key.]
Same woman at both outbreaks.
One, a robbery, the other an assassination.
And a bad disguise at both.
What if it's not a disguise? Look at the time code, it's July.
In Maryland, it must've been 90 degrees.
So either she's sick, she has fevers, chills, or she doesn't want anyone else to get sick so she's using it as a protective covering to mitigate contagion.
So she's not trying to start a pandemic.
Well, whatever she's doing, if we don't find her soon, someone else is gonna die in the process.
I wish there was another way.
It's okay.
But we need it for the next stage.
It's okay.
You don't have to explain.
This is what we both want.
Just do it.
[Cellphone rings.]
What do you want? Are the rumors true that you're responsible for the death of my accountant, Zack Smoll? The truth doesn't matter.
It's about appearances.
And at the moment, it appears to virtually everyone who gives a damn that I killed Smoll.
And your failure to retaliate is proof of your weakness.
Whether I killed him or not is immaterial.
You have no choice but to come for me.
- And you for me.
- Which begs the question, why bother with a phone call? Because we've known each other for a long time.
We understand each other's organizations.
If Cristobal acted without your authority or someone forced your hand, tell me.
We can try and sort it out.
After all, you're a bit long in the tooth for a street brawl.
You think so? [Cellphone beeps, closes.]
[Cellphone rings.]
I've reviewed the case file you sent.
And you've got something? You know, many ancient cultures shared a common figure a god or demon who brought disease to humanity.
The Finns called her Loviatar, the Yoruba people knew her as Shapona.
The Greeks, of course, immortalized Pandora.
Odd that they're always women.
Have you every heard of Mary Mallon? Should I have? She was a cook for the New York elite in the late 19th century.
When an alarming number of high society swells came down with typhoid fever, a research scientist traced the outbreak to a woman with the rare ability to carry the disease without suffering its effects - or exhibiting any outward symptoms - [Typing on keyboard.]
- earning her the name - Typhoid Mary.
You're looking for asymptomatic carrier of Luschen's disease.
To find your suspect you, need to know when and where was the outbreak that she survived.
And hurry.
There's a reason the plague bringers were the most feared among the ancient deities.
You've got that little crease between your brow.
Right here.
It always happens when you're upset.
[Utensil clatters.]
[Inhales sharply.]
The spinal tap didn't yield the results that I was expecting.
And and we still need specialized equipment.
Which means that [Sighs.]
More money.
More people.
I found another opportunity that we we can handle, that you can handle, I'm sure of it.
[Chair scrapes ground.]
Look at me.
I'm gonna figure this out.
I swear it.
I just need a little bit more time.
We're so close.
- All right, baby.
Home sweet home.
- [Fussing.]
[Breathes sharply.]
All right, come on, you.
Please excuse the intrusion.
She's not here.
I'm not here to see Elizabeth.
What do you know about Edgar Legate? When it comes to assassins, he's the gold standard.
- Nobody's ever seen the guy.
- Precisely.
Because he doesn't exist.
Legate is an elaborate fiction, a bogeyman I created.
No, Legate is real.
All right? I know of at least six jobs the guy's done.
Or so you believe.
Edgar Legate is nothing more than a name I employ to take credit for various killings for which I or my associates are responsible.
One of my competitors, Baldur Magnusson, is actively seeking a reliable independent contractor to kill me, someone I won't see coming.
I think Legate would fit the bill nicely.
- And you want me to become Legate? - I thought maybe.
Forget it.
I'm not gonna play dress-up assassin so you can kill someone I've never met.
I don't need you to become Legate to kill Magnusson.
I need you to become Legate so Magnusson will hire you to kill me.
You want me to deliver him to you? Yes.
If you can find a sitter.
[Agnes coos.]
[Telephone rings in distance.]
I wanna talk to you after this.
Yeah, sure.
So I looked into Reddington's Typhoid Mary angle and I found something.
The first recorded outbreak of Luschen's in human beings occurred in rural Moldova in 2002.
A family of nine wiped out except for one daughter Natalie Luca.
She was taken to a local clinic, but the outbreak was deemed too much for them to handle.
- How did she get out of Moldova? - The World Health Organization called in Hawthorne Biologics, a company that specializes in infectious disease response.
They brought the girl back to their research clinic outside Alexandria for further treatment.
I had no idea Natalie was capable of anything like this.
We care for dozens of patients who are too infectious to live outside of strict quarantine.
Out of all of them [Huffs.]
Natalie was the sweetest, the kindest.
If she was so infectious, how come she's at large? We did our best to give her a normal life.
But she was young, determined to be independent.
We did everything we could to dissuade her from leaving.
But eventually, we had no choice but to comply with her wishes.
How is that possible? She was infected with a deadly contagion.
We had no legal right to hold her.
She was young she was in love.
In love? With who? Malik Roumain.
He was a promising young bio research tech.
They're here.
Navabi: But they couldn't touch each other? Woman: No.
It's hard to imagine in the absence of physical contact, but certainly not impossible.
He advocated for her, agreed to take responsibility for her quarantine, see to her needs.
We agreed to a year-long break from testing in exchange for Malik submitting regular reports.
Until you called, we had no idea they were gone.
The reports kept coming in, so we assumed they were still at the house we'd provided.
It turns out, they moved out months ago.
You didn't check on them? We wanted to respect their privacy.
If you need anything further from me, please don't hesitate to call.
If anything were to happen to this child, I don't know that I'll be able to forgive myself.
If I were you, I'd be more worried about what might happen to everyone else.
I'm so sorry, but we're doing this scavenger hunt for my sorority, - and I need to kiss two guys with a gun - Seriously? - I know.
It's stupid.
- Do your worst.
So does your friend have a gun, too? [Grunts softly.]
[Van door opens, closes.]
[Driver door opens, closes.]
If you had allowed me secure the facility as I requested, Malik never could've broken her out in the first place.
We agreed your men would've drawn unnecessary attention.
- Enough.
- What did you tell the FBI? That Natalie voluntarily chose to leave with Malik.
They have no reason to suspect the true nature of our research.
It's only a matter of time before the FBI find them.
Then make sure you're there when they do.
Perhaps it would be best to temporarily suspend our research.
Out of the question.
Our top priority at this point is recovering Natalie alive.
- Understand? - Yep.
Malik Roumain born to immigrant parents.
Full-boat to Berkeley at 17.
The American dream.
By 23, he had his PhD in biochemistry from Johns Hopkins and turned down a number of highly paid offers to accept a post-doc at Hawthorne.
Hawthorne claims that he and Natalie fell for each other - while he was working there.
- Talk about forbidden love.
Cooper: There was another attack.
An armored truck was taken down in Bethesda.
The CDC's already on site.
They should have something for us soon.
Cooper called me in.
Apparently the ladies in accounting were not too thrilled with my freakout.
Did you tell him why you freaked out? Yeah, he offered me a raise.
- That's fantastic.
- I'd still make less than you.
Okay, but, you know, it's a start.
No, it isn't.
It's an insult.
I turned it down.
[Indistinct conversations.]
[Cellphone chirps.]
He's here.
[Elevator bell dings.]
[Lock beeps.]
Man: All clear.
[Elevator door closes.]
[Elevator bell dings, door opens.]
- Excuse me.
- Huh? Wrong door, sir.
You're the ugliest chambermaid I've ever seen.
[Lock beeps.]
[Wolf whistle.]
Myron, my sincere condolences.
- Who died? - You did.
I need Baldur Magnusson to believe Edgar Legate is in town.
And what better way to announce that than by making him believe Legate killed a larcenist of your stature.
And what better place for the deadly deed to occur than the flagship hotel Magnusson owns and operates.
By the time our little charade is finished, Magnusson will be scouring the town desperate to hire your killer.
Not to worry, Myron, we'll have you out of there in a jiffy.
You'll be ordering room service and watching the game with my associates before you know it.
You'll provide the body, we'll provide the evidence.
The CDC confirmed the victims of the armored truck robbery died of Luschen's.
Witnesses saw a 2006 dark red Ford van, - partial plate 7-Mike-Echo-6.
- [Typing on keyboard.]
Okay, the vehicle is registered under a Alec Moore.
That's him.
He must've registered the car under an alias.
- Okay, pulling up his address - Samar, Ressler, get over there.
Liz, pull together a Hazmat team.
Have them meet them at the location.
Can I help you, sir? As a matter of fact, you can.
I believe this man checked out of your hotel earlier today.
He's an old friend, and I completely lost my head and forgot our appointment.
I was wondering if you could tell me where he was headed.
The airport, perhaps? Train station? Or was he driving himself? I'm afraid I don't know.
And even if I did, I would not be at liberty to say.
I'm sorry.
Keep it.
Discretion is a rare and tragically undervalued quality.
[Telephone beeps.]
- [Cellphone rings.]
- Yes? Reddington was here looking for one of the guests, Michel Badot.
He was there when they removed the body, watching.
- It's Legate.
- What do you want me to do? Secure Legate.
I want a word.
[Dog barking in distance.]
Police! Open up! [Door pounds open.]
[Man shouts indistinctly.]
[Guns cock.]
Agent Ressler! What the hell is this place? - You got it - Yeah.
It cost everything that we got.
But if I can isolate the enzymes, we'll be able to [Phone beeping.]
What is it? What's wrong? - They found the house.
- Who? The cops.
They have all of our equipment and our research.
- Well, what should we do? - What can we do? Natalie, we have to start all over again.
Malik, I'm sure there's something we c - Natalie, just - Don't! - I'm sorry.
- [Breathing heavily.]
I love you, Natalie.
There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you.
You know that.
We'll we'll start again.
How? Another job.
One that I heard about from Hawthorne, and I wouldn't be asking if I knew that it wasn't absolutely necessary, and it is.
But it's the only way.
[Breathes sharply.]
But after this, I won't have to hurt anyone else? No.
Never again.
I promise.
I'll take your hand in mine.
[Inhales sharply.]
And I'll pull you closer.
I'll feel your breath against my skin.
And I kiss you.
The two of us.
Both: Forever.
Monsieur Legate.
My employer would like a word with you.
It appears he was trying to isolate the enzyme in her blood that shields her from Luschen's.
He was trying to replicate her immunity.
- A cure? - No, the opposite.
The boyfriend was trying to infect himself so he could be immune like her.
He was willing to give himself an incurable disease so they could touch and kiss and be together.
Typhoid Mary, meet Typhoid Larry.
The pawnshop in Maryland, the armored car driver.
They were robbing people to pay for their research.
I get that, but what I don't get is what any of this has to do with Reddington's man, Smoll.
What are we looking at? Okay, I pulled these from from one of Malik's hard drives.
They're blueprints for a compound in Sag Harbor, New York, owned by an offshore trust.
Now, he also had a number of dossiers, including these All right, Francois Troyet, owner of the world's largest private collection of post-Impressionist art.
William Lawsover, a billionaire corporate debt restructurer.
Caitlin Montag, gajillionaire author of the Buddy Chanticleer novels.
The writing is atrocious, but I can't put them down.
Other than being rich, what do these three have in common? Xavier Holcombe's annual poker bash.
An all cash, no limit marathon with positively obscene stakes.
- How obscene? - Buy-in is half a million, quite the research grant for our star- crossed outlaws.
I bought in on a lark three years ago.
Lost my well, no one has a shirt that expensive.
Nevertheless, I had a ball.
It's a weekend of delicious isolation and degenerate risk heaven.
Liz: Just like everything else is to you.
A game.
- Where's Tom? - Belgium.
You know, Tom and I were just starting to find some semblance of normalcy.
And you had to just sweep in, drag him back down your rabbit hole.
There must be dozens of contract operatives just like him.
Why him? Tom is very good at what he does.
It defines him.
He can no sooner choose to stop than a great white shark can choose to stop swimming and eating.
He will do what he does.
But at least if he's doing it for me, he won't risk a double-cross, unlike with the vast majority of his prospective employers.
Because unlike them, I genuinely care for him.
Or rather you, and your daughter.
Holcombe's game commences precisely at 6:00.
You don't have much time.
Care for a claw? Hmm.
No, thanks.
As I told your goons Oh, tut, tut.
Don't be uncharitable.
These gentlemen are seasoned professionals like yourself, Monsieur Edgar Legate.
I don't insist on the Monsieur.
[Glass thuds.]
That Saudi oil minister in Kuala Lumpur How on earth did you manage that one? I don't discuss the details of my work.
I appreciate that, particularly as I wish to engage your services.
You know, I usually require a referral for a new client, but, uh, I might be able to make an exception.
[Chair scrapes.]
So Legate works for you.
In a manner of speaking.
Well, I suppose it was inevitable, one way or the other.
Looks like it's "the other.
" Kill me and restore your reputation.
Give us a moment.
You said something before.
The truth doesn't matter, that the only thing in this world that matters is just the appearance of truth.
I fear you might be right about that.
Lately I find that the truth has become so elusive.
Often imaginary.
But in the end, it's all that we're left with, isn't it? What is real, what you can taste and touch and feel.
The words that pass between us as we look each other in the eye are all we have to hold on to.
The truth.
I hold it dear.
I didn't kill your accountant.
Your deal was falling apart.
I stepped in and took it.
I would've done exactly the same.
Keep the ships, Baldur.
As Rat said to Mole, "There is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.
" [Chuckling.]
It's funny.
For the longest time, I've been perfectly comfortable knowing I could die at any moment.
I could walk out of this room and be shot in the street.
I've always been fine with that.
But lately, I can smell it in the air around me.
Like death is slouching towards me from the corners of the room.
And I cannot tell if it is here for me.
Just an echo of the past.
I wish it had been you.
Would've been so much easier.
[Indistinct conversations.]
- [Chips clatter.]
- Man: Raise.
Three red.
Uh, oyster delivery for Mr.
About time.
You're an hour late.
[Engine roaring.]
[Tires screech.]
Ressler: We're two minutes out.
How soon until Hazmat is on site? 10 minutes.
[Chips clatter.]
Three red, three black, three red.
We have reason to believe that your compound is under threat of biological attack.
We need you to start evacuating immediately.
Ressler: Samar, what do you got? There's no sign of Malik.
I'm going in.
[Indistinct conversations.]
[Cards shuffle.]
- [Gasps.]
- [Plates clatter.]
On the ground.
Get on the ground! Move! - [Shrieking.]
- [Speaks indistinctly.]
Stop, Natalie! Stop! Don't move.
No one else has to die today.
- Malik! - You need to come with us now.
If you wanna stop me, you're gonna have to kill me.
Please don't make me do that.
I can't be locked up again.
[Taser clicking.]
Suspect's in custody.
[Breathes heavily.]
There's no sign of Malik.
Aram, check that local PD has shut down the roads - 10 miles in every direction.
- Aram: On it.
And that Hazmat team we sent earlier, - they should be there any minute.
- No, Hazmat's already transported her.
- What are you talking about? - The Hazmat team.
Samar: The Hazmat team is already en route.
Oh, my God.
[Engine starts.]
[Tires screech.]
We have gone through quite a lot of trouble to find you, young lady.
You're the most valuable asset in our portfolio.
Fortunately, the FBI was kind enough to lend an assist and lead us straight to you.
I won't go back there.
- [Engine roaring.]
- Samar: Aram.
Aram: Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on now.
All right, uh, satellite's coming around now.
Okay, they're heading southeast on Holly Knoll Drive.
[Tires screeching.]
They're about 200 yards past mile marker 46.
[Tires screech, thuds.]
[Tires screeching.]
Okay, weird.
There's another vehicle trying to push them off the road.
Uh, okay, now both vehicles are off the roadway.
They're about 1/4 mile before marker 45.
[Breathing heavily.]
[Grunts, breathing heavily.]
I thought I lost you.
Are you okay? Yes.
What do we do now? We'll go in the woods.
We'll find a car.
- [Gunshot.]
- [Gasps.]
[Tires screech.]
- Ressler: Don't move! - Natalie: Aah! [Gunfire.]
- Oh, God.
- Ressler: Don't! We need help! I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
I was wrong.
- No.
I was so wrong.
I never should've made you [Panting.]
I would've done anything to be with you.
Oh, I take your hand in mine.
So soft.
And I pull you close.
I feel your breath against my skin.
And I kiss you.
The two of us [Whispers.]
Give her a minute.
[Sobbing continues.]
[Radio chatter.]
I can describe every tile in the room they kept me in.
For 13 years, I was just a medical curiosity.
But then, there was Malik.
He was the only one who really saw me, not the subject, but me, Natalie.
What made you leave? At first, we thought the research they were doing was our best chance at being together.
But when Malik learned what Whitehall was doing - Whitehall? - Hawthorne's weapons lab.
They weren't trying to cure me.
They were using me, my cells, to develop a biological weapon.
So why didn't you go to the authorities? Hawthorne had contracts with the government.
We didn't know who we could trust.
I'm sorry.
We We're really sorry for all those people.
I know.
[José González's "Heartbeats" playing.]
One night to be confused - One night to speed up truth - [Door opens.]
- [Door closes.]
- We had a promise made Four hands and then away Both under influence We had divine scent To know what to say - Mind is a razor blade - It was one of the most romantic things I've ever seen.
He died in her arms.
It was like an episode of I don't know.
Some show.
But the point is, it made me feel a little sorry for myself, that I didn't have someone like that.
What, to die in your arms? And then I started thinking about my raise.
That's an odd number.
And then I thought it's exactly half of the difference between what you and I make.
I went down to the ladies in accounting, and they never talked to Cooper.
You did.
You gave me half of your 32%.
Now we get paid equally.
- I don't want your money.
- Why not? You were right.
We do the same thing.
No, we don't.
I-I know.
You put your life on the line.
- What you do - No, I'm sure you deserve more.
It's just I have this this student loan and this online poker debt What you did, no one else would do for me.
I'd do anything for you.
I know.
Which is why I have no reason to feel sorry for myself.
You knew the hands of the Devil [Door closes.]
And you Kept us away How'd it go? Honestly, it was great.
I was thinking about what you said, about why I needed that.
Truth is, I still don't know.
But what I do know is that this family's the most important thing in my life.
I don't wanna lose it.
We just arrested a woman who would've done anything to stay with the person she loved, but she lost him anyway.
I'm not going anywhere.
That's not what I meant.
From the beginning, we've been fighting secrets and agendas and psychotic homicidal killers coming between us.
And for the first time, we're together, and we've got no one to fight.
But it still feels Like we're coming apart? I know this family is the most important thing to you.
But it's not gonna work if you can't be who you are.
- I guess I'm just scared.
- Of what? [Voice breaks.]
I'm not gonna love that person.
Do you love me? Yes.
Then you love that person.
Because that's who I am.
I understand that the work we do depends on you.
So I'm going to allow this, but understand this We are sworn officers of the law.
Do not expect us again to carry your water.
You work for us, not the other way around.
Is that clear? I'm sorry to have put you in such a difficult position, Harold.
[Door closes.]
Who are you? [Exhales.]
Losing someone we love is painful.
Agonizing even unto death.
The Japanese call it tako-tsubo a grieving surge of abnormal electrical waves that causes the heart to deflate and contort until it resembles a a fishing pot.
Hollow and cold, an empty vessel at the bottom of a fathomless sea.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You have suffered enough of that in your life.
What do you want? The man you killed at the massage parlor was an associate of mine.
You didn't know him, you didn't rob him.
Someone hired you to assassinate him.
She knew who I was.
We had no choice.
She said if I didn't kill him, she would tell Hawthorne where to find us.
Who? Isabella Stone.
Thank you.
Natalie, do you mind if I sit here for a moment? For the life of me, I don't think I could get up right now.

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