The Blacklist s04e13 Episode Script

Isabella Stone

1 [Tires screech, metal crashes, glass shatters.]
[AC/DC's "Shake a Leg" playing.]
[Car doors close.]
Idle juvenile on the street, on the street Whoa.
Got 'em good.
Who is kicking everything with his feet, with his feet [Ripping.]
Fighting on the wrong side of the law, of the law Yeah Don't kick, don't fight, don't sleep at night It's shake a leg, shake a leg Shake a leg, shake it, yeah Get a kick out of this job.
Oh, shake a leg Shake a leg Shake it! Oh! [Tires peal.]
Oh! - Tom.
Tom, honey, wake up.
- Hmm? I was feeding Agnes, and I - Okay, what happened? - No, no, she's fine.
I was watching the news, and there was a plane crash.
Honey, it was your father's plane.
He died.
Woman: Authorities have confirmed the plane belongs to Howard Hargrave, a sometimes controversial figure in the field of private military contracting.
His firm, Halcyon Aegis, is among the largest [TV turns off, remote thuds.]
I'm sorry.
For what? I'm not gonna pretend I feel something when I don't.
Honey, he was your father.
I guess.
I never really knew him.
[Bottle cap clatters.]
I know it sounds cold, but my father, my mother, that family, whoever they are, I'm not really interested.
Come on, honey.
You must have some questions.
You know, when I met my mother, she offered me a job.
As an operative, which seems like it would be your dream job.
I meant what I said when I turned her down.
They're my past.
You and Agnes are my future, and that's what I care about.
You can care about us and look for the answers you need.
Well, that's the thing.
I'm not really looking for answers except for one.
When did I become the old guy that falls asleep on the couch? [Laughs.]
Is it true about the courier? Yes.
I'm sorry, Raymond.
Stratos, we have to take the bitter with the sweet.
Unfortunately, it's not just one courier.
People are talking about other setbacks.
I have a lead on three cargo ships in Marseilles.
If they are advertised, we should purchase them.
Your travel itinerary.
I've booked a room for you and Corina at La Maison de Mon Ami, a very quiet, lovely villa on the outskirts of Monte Carlo.
I've put $25,000 on account in their private casino.
An anniversary present.
Chin up, old friend.
Drink some champagne, kiss on the balcony, tip well at the tables.
We've been through worse.
[Door closes.]
I'll report back once I've seen the ships.
And for this, thank you so much, Red.
Where in your empire does he fit in? Mediterranean shipping operations.
You have multiple shipping operations? A courier of mine was murdered in Paris last night.
A man named Plumber, killed by our next Blacklister.
- Thank you.
- For what? Admitting up front why you're giving us this case.
It's a refreshing change.
I heard about Tom's father.
How did Tom react? - Disinterested.
- Good.
Why do you say that? The woman you'll be looking for is quite literally a character assassin.
Her objective is to utterly obliterate her target by any means necessary Scandal, public humiliation, extortion, theft, murder.
- And her next target is you.
- Yes.
She's ruthless, and will go to any length to vanquish her victim with no regard for collateral damage.
- Me.
- I'm concerned.
What's her name? I only know an alias Isabella Stone.
Eric Bannon, a world-renowned cardiologist, was charged in a series of angel-of-mercy killings due to lethal prescription drug interactions that were in fact engineered by Isabella Stone.
How? She hacked Bannon's passwords in order to access the in-patient dispensary and change the patients' prescription drug regimens.
12 died.
Now according to Reddington's sources, one of the victims had a brother - [Cellphone rings.]
- Ryuu Fujimoto, who engaged Isabella Stone to orchestrate Bannon's downfall.
- 2011.
- [Taps key.]
Fire broke out in a Dhaka ghetto sweatshop.
68 perished, 27 were children.
Subsequent news coverage exposed horrific working conditions, which were blamed by activists on the factory's primary contractor, Fit Thread Jeans, and their CEO, haute couture designer Cynthia Brooks.
Now the scandal rocked the industry.
Has he been admitted yet? Has the doctor say anything? torched the factory on behalf Okay.
Let me see if I can come up.
- No, I wanna be there.
- [Cellphone beeps.]
You said Stone went after one of Reddington's couriers? Yes, and one of his accountants.
According to our last Blacklister, Natalie Luca Typhoid Mary.
Stone hired her to kill Reddington's accountant and money launderer, Zack Smoll.
Ressler, Navabi, get with DGSE.
See what they can tell us about the murdered courier.
With all due respect, sir, it seems like Reddington gave us this case to protect himself.
Against someone we should be interested in taking down anyway.
Well, can we at least put a clock on it? Why? Is there somewhere else you have to be? Look, I'm just saying, if it turns out we end up doing all the heavy lifting for him, maybe we shouldn't devote so much time to it.
I understand there's a line, Agent Ressler, and that you think he's crossed it, but I disagree.
Reddington insists his courier's death was part of a larger threat, and we're gonna investigate it.
Everything okay? With the phone call.
Yeah, just stuff.
Stuff? Yeah, stuff.
Everything's fine.
Thank you for coming, Director.
We were hoping that the DGSE could tell us about the hit-and-run in Paris.
We actually know very little.
No identification, no cellphone.
We understand he had over $30,000 in U.
bills on him.
Counterfeit bills.
We'd like to review any eyewitness reports.
Well, I'll forward them from the Police Prefecture, if you tell me why you are so interested in a random hit-and-run.
We believe the victim was a courier.
- For whom? - We're not at liberty to say.
Raymond Reddington.
Your intel could help us with him.
You will have the eyewitness reports within the hour, as well as surveillance footage.
You have video from the hit-and-run? No, of a nearby bar where the victim had been moments before the incident.
If it helps you find Raymond Reddington after all these years, I'll be happy to help.
Woman: Officials have confirmed there were no survivors in the recent crash of the private plane owned by CEO of Halcyon Aegis, Howard Hargrave.
Investigators are still on the scene Dembe.
Tell him it's me.
We need to talk.
Corina: I love this place.
I know you don't like him, but Mr.
Reddington takes good care of his people.
Come on.
I want to go to the tables.
Darling, I'm basking, and I'm dying to bask in that beautiful bathtub.
- Bask away.
- Mm.
But hurry.
I need my good luck charm.
[Faucets turn, water rushes.]
[Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
Oh! Please don't shoot.
Oh, honey.
I'm not gonna shoot you.
The gun is just to make sure you stay quiet while Charlotte strangles you.
Oh! Ah! [Choking, gasping.]
[Gasping continues.]
We'll need the dress.
Bypass surgery? Did you get a second opinion? Well, when's he scheduled to go under? Yeah, I'm gonna get there as soon as I can.
- You, too, Mom.
- [Phone beeps.]
Extra large cherry Slurpee says I can get Mr.
Cooper to say, "You're going to Fredericksburg.
" - What are you talkin' about? - Cooper: What do we know? Okay, so I think I found something.
I've been combing through the security footage that the Paris police sent us from the bar, and watch this.
- [Typing on keyboard.]
- Aram: All right.
- You see it? - See what? Hideous sweater.
The coffee cup in the corner.
Navabi: What about him? I think he's watching Mr.
Reddington's courier.
- What's his tell? - Okay, check it out.
At 42 minutes and 11 seconds in, the courier gets up to go.
- [Beep.]
- Now watch the sweater.
[No audio.]
- So what? He's thirsty.
- No, no, no.
See how long he's holding the cup in front of his mouth? How he is trying to be discreet? He's talking into a mic.
And following Mr.
Reddington's courier out the door.
Cooper: You get a better image? I can, and I did, courtesy of new software I downloaded from FAVIAU.
FAVIAU The Forensic Audio and Video Image Analysis Unit.
The chief engineer and I are in a hacky sack circle.
Hacky sack? Oh, yeah.
They're making a huge comeback.
Footbag workouts are actually a great cardiovascular exercise.
- It's good for balance - Sounds great.
- How 'bout that image? - Right.
- [Types on keyboard.]
- Boom.
Well, that's a pretty picture.
Did you get an ID? Yes.
One Chip Murphy.
Former NCIS agent.
Delaware driver's license.
Address? No fixed address since his discharge five years ago, but he does own a storage unit in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
You're going to Fredericksburg.
My father is dead.
She's the only one left who knows who I am.
You're Elizabeth's husband and Agnes's father.
Who I was.
You need to stay away from Scottie Hargrave.
Yeah, I know.
You said that.
My question is why.
My question is, why not? You have a wife and a child and a life.
Leave well enough alone.
Told Liz I would, that it didn't matter.
And it doesn't.
It wouldn't, except that you told me not to let Scottie Hargrave know that I'm her son.
That if I did, I would never find the truth I've been looking for.
What does that mean? - He's dead, Tom.
- What truth? You knew my father.
I had a brief professional relationship with your father, a man who wrestled with significant demons.
I know his wife, your mother, is a manipulative creature whose own husband didn't trust her.
Whose answers to the questions you wanna ask her could never be trusted.
All that really matters is that you vanished off the face of the earth nearly 30 years ago.
And yet, here you are.
Leave the past in the past, Tom.
Nothing good will come from digging up secrets.
Sorry, sport.
I can't let you guys in a unit unless you guys have a warrant.
Can you at least confirm the name of the lessee? No.
Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to the front office.
Give us a minute, okay? We gotta make a few calls.
Let me call the U.
Attorney's office in Richmond, see if I can't get an ETA on that warrant.
We don't have time for that.
For all we know, Murphy's on his way back from Paris right now.
If there is something incriminating in here, then he might come back and get it before we can get a warrant.
Jesus, Keen, you just got your badge back.
Because of Reddington.
He needs our help.
So what? We just drop everything? We put off everything to help this guy.
No, it's too much, Keen.
The guy demands too much.
I'm not going in there without a warrant, and neither should you.
[Lock clicks.]
[Cellphone rings.]
[Ring, beep.]
- Elizabeth.
- We found a pop-up safe house used by one of Stone's operatives, Charles Murphy.
He has dossiers and photographs of Zack Smoll, your courier, and the man you were meeting with the other day - Stratos? - Sarantos, yeah.
And there's a file on a woman with the same last name, Corina Sarantos? Is that his wife? His sister? - I have to go.
- Reddington, wait [Groans.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
[Blows air.]
7 or 11.
7 or 11.
- [Cheering.]
- Yes! He just took the sedative.
Cue the wife in 30 seconds.
[Cellphone rings.]
I'm at the tables.
Stratos, listen to me.
You're in danger.
I can't hear you.
[Speaking French.]
- I gotta hang up.
- Stratos I'll call you right back.
[Phone snaps shut.]
[Blows air.]
- [Cheering.]
- Yes! You son of a bitch.
Corina, what are you - You are drunk! - What the How dare you! We talked about this.
- Talked about - You, Reddington.
Lower your voice.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
What the hell is wrong? What did I do? - Not here.
- [Cellphone rings.]
Don't you dare pick that up! [Ring.]
Hello? Stratos, listen to me.
You and Corina, you're in danger.
Red, I can't [Gasps.]
Stratos? Are you there? If you can hear me, get out of the hotel.
Stratos? Stratos? Are you there? Let's move.
Although I do think I wore it better.
On my signal.
[Phone beeps.]
Hotel security, please.
Y-Yes, the the The people in the room next door are having a terrible row.
Hurry! I think he's killing her! [Screams.]
I'm excited.
This is my first time in Monte Carlo.
A lifetime of traveling the world, and I finally make it to the Côte D'Azur.
My favorite number is 36.
So if we get the chance, we're going to the roulette table, and we're placing a hundred on red 36.
What? You don't like 36? You don't like red? Hey.
My brother's going in for surgery.
Oh, God.
Is it serious? What's wrong? What's wrong is I'm here in Monaco when my brother's going in for surgery.
I mean, maybe if it was for the right reason, I-I wouldn't have a problem, but it's not.
It's for Reddington.
He might as well sign our checks.
We work for him.
What's wrong with your brother? It's his heart.
They found a blockage.
He's gonna go in for a bypass in the morning.
I'm sure he'll be fine.
A bypass is very common these days.
It's good they caught it.
Ressler: So this guy Stratos, what do we know? He was framed.
Judging by the preliminary crime scene analysis, I'd have to disagree.
I can count the things I envy in this life.
Their relationship was one.
Corina was his soul mate.
I didn't kill my wife.
Tell me about Raymond Reddington.
- There's nothing to tell.
- She didn't like him, did she? Is that why you killed her? Because she didn't want you working with Reddington? I didn't kill my wife.
- She pushed you - No! And slapped you.
That was not her! She taunted you in public and five minutes later, a witness reported hearing her scream for her life.
That woman, whoever she was, she was not Corina.
First, your courier and the bearer bonds.
Now Stratos.
How are they connected? Red: They're not.
But those bonds are traceable back to a shell company I own.
A fact which I'm confident Isabella Stone will use to my disadvantage.
Yeah, one week.
Because they need doctors, Albert.
You should come next time.
We have witnesses in the casino, in the stairwell, the next room.
Listen to me, please, believe me.
When I went back to the room, Corina was already dead.
We have your fingerprints on her neck.
- Because they put them there.
- Ah.
Somebody drugged me.
My hands, they put my hands on her neck.
"They" did? The people who framed you? A mild-mannered leasing agent for cargo ships, here to celebrate your wedding anniversary.
[Smacks lips.]
[Breathes unevenly.]
Our 23rd.
Tell me about Raymond Reddington.
Cooper: How much does Stratos know about your operations? I first met Stratos Sarantos when he was running guns to Cypriot resistance fighters in 1987.
For more than 20 years, he's overseen my shipping concerns from the Bosphorus to the Suez Canal.
- He knows enough.
- So you are afraid he'll talk.
Stratos is very loyal.
I'm not afraid he'll talk.
I'm afraid of what they'll do to him when he won't.
You know who they are? FBI.
- Red: Your people are on site? - Cooper: Yes.
With all the necessary extradition documents.
That won't be enough.
They want me to give you over.
But you're up on a murder charge.
So you're not going anywhere.
Isabella Stone is like Stratos to me.
Baited the hook.
Until he helps them reel me in, the only place he's going is a very deep, dark hole.
We reviewed the hotel security footage from the corridor.
- One way in, one way out.
- [Camera shutter clicking.]
The only two people to enter this room in the 27 hours preceding the murder, besides the maids, were Monsieur Sarantos and the victim.
- Who found the body? - Hotel security.
There was a call from a guest complaining about a loud commotion.
A guest? Is this an adjoining room? Yes.
Room 21.
- Did you interview them? - Her.
Unfortunately, she checked out soon after the incident.
Quite shaken, according to the clerk.
- We'll need access to the room.
- Mm-hmm.
[Breathes sharply.]
So much for one way in.
All right, the hotel takes photocopies of every guest's passport.
This is the person registered in room 21 the day of the murder.
- Hallie Johnson? - Oh, no.
It's a fake.
A very good one, but FACE Facial Recognition gave us another hit.
Her real name is Charlotte Hart.
Did you find a connection between her and Murphy? They both worked for this woman Murphy as a private investigator, - and Hart as an event planner.
- Isn't that Judith Pruitt, the one whose husband was arrested? Yeah, Gavin Pruitt, CEO of Pruitt Securities, one of the first big Wall Street pyramid schemes to go down in the late '90s.
Pruitt insisted he was innocent, but in the end, he was convicted on 11 felony counts Perjury, money laundering, securities fraud.
Sentenced to 10 years at FCI Petersburg.
In the end, he was stabbed to death by a fellow convict.
What if he was innocent? Or Judith thought he was innocent? She stood by him.
Through the trial, the sentencing.
- Her support was unflagging.
- Look at the victimology.
Eric Bannon, an esteemed cardiologist, butchering his patients for fat fees.
Cynthia Brooks, an international fashion icon, exploiting Third World child labor Red Reddington, crime kingpin.
Powerful and guilty as sin, all of them.
What better way for the bereaved wife of an innocent man A powerful man, destroyed, humiliated, imprisoned, and murdered What better way for her to strike back than to inflict the same fate on the guilty? I've heard that she's very active around town.
Political fundraisers, charity events.
Oh, yeah, you're right.
Uh, from what I've been able to find, she's been keeping up social appearances ever since her husband died.
I did some digging on social media and found this.
It's not that.
All right, this is it.
According to their event page, she is a major donor and will be at their fundraiser this afternoon at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.
[Taps key.]
[Knock on door.]
Um, Detective Kotchwar? Nope, he's retired.
Uh, sir.
Sir? Please, just one one minute.
30 years ago, you were the lead detective in the disappearance of a boy who vanished from a rental home in Ocean City.
His name was Christopher Hargrave.
Yeah, he didn't vanish.
Can you tell me what happened? He died.
Sir, that's not possible.
What makes you think that? Because I'm Christopher Hargrave.
Monsieur Leroy Bloom? 25 years in Chicago parking on the street, and my car gets taken in Monte Carlo.
I'm telling you, my mother used to say, a driver's license is nothing but an invitation to injury and heartache.
She was agoraphobic Monsieur, did you see the person who took your vehicle? Yes, absolutely I saw them.
They took the damn thing right in front of me.
They had the audacity to wave as they went away.
A description? Uh, well, the one, the The white one had a ponytail.
The other, the black one, very worked out.
He must drink a ton of those muscle shakes.
- The car? - Gray Mercedes.
License plate "B" as in boy.
"A" as in apple Please, just say the letters.
Right, okay.
Uh, BA 204 T R.
God knows where they are now and what they've done to my car.
Ladies and gentlemen, our fundraising efforts have once again exceeded our goals, allowing us to continue to help needy people in every country on earth.
I now have the distinct pleasure to introduce the man behind all this good work.
Our chairman, Dr.
Justin Sperry.
- Mwah.
- Thank you, Joy.
Good afternoon, friends.
Isn't this a glorious day? I'm sure you all feel terrific.
You know why? Because it feels good to do good.
We've saved thousands and thousands of lives by delivering everything from basic medical care and immunizations, to advanced prosthetics and sophisticated surgical procedures.
- [Beeping.]
- Facial reconstruction.
Spinal fusions.
Right on schedule.
[Speaking French.]
[Continues in French.]
One of the physician volunteers for the Sperry Medical Foundation was just arrested by Nigerian Customs for trying to smuggle $22 million in bonds held by one of Mr.
Reddington's shell corporations.
Oh, man.
It is all over the news.
Sources allege that the charity's a front to bypass inspections and move contraband between borders.
The chairman of the foundation is Dr.
Justin Sperry.
And he is the keynote speaker at today's charity gala.
- [Crowd murmuring.]
- [Whispering inaudibly.]
I excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
This is part of Isabella Stone's campaign against Reddington.
She's killed others because they worked for Reddington.
If Sperry does, too, discrediting him may not be all she has planned.
Get a SWAT team and get to that event now.
[Crowd murmuring, shouting.]
And he's on the move.
It's time.
[Murmuring continues.]
Red: That's them.
Muscle shake.
D'accord, Monsieur Bloom.
We'll need your passport again for some paperwork.
And you should have your car right away.
I can't thank you enough.
- And I apologize in advance.
- [Grunts.]
Drop it, please.
And would you do me the courtesy of sliding it over? - [Gun slides.]
- Lovely.
Unlock it.
[Lock clicks.]
- Reddington.
- Ah, ah, ah, ah.
I knew you'd come.
Time to go, my friend.
[Lock clicks.]
Agent Keen, FBI.
You're here to arrest him now? You're too late.
He's gone.
I'm not looking for Dr.
I'm looking for this woman.
Judith Pruitt.
I don't understand.
Judy's the only one that was nice.
Everyone else walked out.
Some people stormed.
They said the most horrible things about Justin after all the good work he's done.
Do you know where she went? Did she say? She's with him.
She insisted.
Said he shouldn't be alone, so she followed him home.
- He can drive? - Of course not.
He uses a service.
It picks him up and takes him where he needs to go.
[Alarm blaring.]
[Alarm continues.]
I can't.
Oh, we gotta get you out of here.
I can't make it.
Yes, you can.
- Go.
You have to go now.
- No.
No, no, I'm not leaving you.
We need to move.
He won't survive the escape.
He's right.
Red, I won't make it.
Just give me a gun.
It's okay.
We go now, we can make it.
Please go.
It's okay.
[Gunfire and alarm continue.]
Whatever happens, whatever you do, just know your children will be cared for and your honor is intact.
[Gunfire and alarm continue.]
[Alarm continues.]
Raymond, no.
Aram, we just touched down.
We're heading to you now.
Where are we on the case? Okay, we have a lead on Isabella Stone and the man we believe to be her next target The chairman of the Sperry Medical Foundation.
They're on their way to his home in Falls Church right now.
Okay, well, what did the doctor say? - Can you text me an address? - Yeah, sending now, along with satellite imagery of the property.
Agent Keen and a team are en route.
All right, well, please call me when he gets out then.
- Have you called ahead? - Yes.
Oh, and Sperry's a paraplegic with a live-in nurse.
I've tried calling a bunch of times, but, uh, no one's picking up.
Keep trying.
What's her name? Gretchen! Gretchen! I don't think she's in any condition to hear you now.
She has quite the drinking problem.
My friend, Mr.
Murphy, took the liberty of letting himself in when she was at the dry cleaners picking up your suit today.
Slipped a little something into her brandy.
I don't understand.
What do you people want? Oh, nothing's that not well within your skill set, Dr.
All we want is for you to tell the truth.
Cooper: I told you, we'd handle Stratos.
Yes, but you failed.
Breaking him out was never our intention.
I did what I thought was necessary.
And now he's dead, a man you said would do anything to protect you.
Isabella Stone.
She used the bonds to expose your involvement in the Sperry Medical Foundation.
I'm told you have the location.
Keen, Ressler, and Navabi are in pursuit.
I need to speak with her the moment she's detained.
Oh, that's not gonna happen.
I wasn't asking permission.
I stood by you.
Signed off on cases that are increasingly personal to you.
I have done that.
Over the objections of both agents I respect and superiors I answer to.
So before you start telling me what it is you wa [Groans softly.]
Maybe we shouldn't have gone there, Raymond.
You keep putting yourself in more and more danger every year every day.
And people are dying all around you.
I don't know how to respond to that.
I'm not going to read this.
Th-This is nonsense.
Is it? Because my source was quite certain that Reddington has donated millions to your foundation.
- You have no proof.
- Ah, but we do.
Our source has provided us with a boringly large number of financial documents detailing wire transfers between Reddington's shell companies and the Sperry Medical Foundation.
And the rest? This allegation that we've acted as some sort of personal courier for him to To move contraband? That's a disgusting lie.
And you know as well as I do that those bonds were planted in my doctor's suitcase.
Which is why I am so glad that I can count on people buying into appearances.
Cubic zirconia.
But the bonds, they're just not damning enough.
- I so need your cooperation.
- Forget it.
I-I won't do it.
Oh, you will.
And I urge you to be convincing.
After all, your life depends on it.
To enter the water strapped into that wheelchair, a last tragic act of a desperate man, his charity exposed as being part of an underground shipping cartel for a notorious criminal.
Nobody's gonna believe this.
Oh, I think they will.
Trust me, Dr.
Sperry, no matter how sterling your reputation, people will believe the most awful things.
All right, all right, all right! All right.
All right.
I'm glad we're on the same page.
Let's get started.
Ladies and gentlemen, those of you who have been kind enough to support the Sperry Medical Foundation in the past with your contributions, and especially the brave and skilled physicians who have selflessly volunteered their services, I owe you all a heartfelt apology and a confession.
For decades, I have not only accepted millions of dollars from Raymond Reddington, a known criminal, but have deliberately subverted our stated mission using our access to various host-nations Oh! Help! Help! FBI! Hands! Let me see [Gunfire.]
Show me your hands now! Up! Now! - [Gasps.]
- [Coughs.]
[Police radio chatter.]
[Man speaking indistinctly over radio.]
[Car doors close.]
Navabi: Who were you working for? Who contracted you to go after the people working for Reddington? You should be thanking me.
- For what? - For targeting him, hurting him.
The name.
Unless I'm mistaken, Reddington is on your most-wanted list.
And to get him, we need to get the people close to him.
The person who hired you knows who those people are.
See, you wanna hurt Reddington.
We wanna capture him.
It seems like we both want the same things.
I can assure you, we do not.
Well, you're looking at life in prison, so maybe you help us and we'll help you.
Oh, I can help you.
But I'm never gonna do that.
I was relieved to hear about Justin.
He's a good man.
Is there any truth to Stone's allegations? Only in so far as I've made substantial anonymous contributions to his foundation.
But there have never been any strings attached.
I consider Justin to be a saint.
Or as close to a saint as one can be in this world.
You know him? I met him a decade ago in West Africa.
The WHO and the Gabonese Ministry of Health had declared a hemorrhagic fever outbreak in the Ogooué-Ivindo Province.
I happened to be in the area transporting materials to the Congolese border when we ran into an improvised roadblock of broken crates and rusty barrels.
And I ordered my men to clear the road, when out steps this young, skinny kid, fresh out of Harvard Medical School.
Justin hadn't yet lost the use of his limbs.
Although, even then, he was showing early signs of the ALS that would eventually claim his mobility.
But he was fearless.
A lion.
He demanded to commandeer our convoy in order to transport refugees to Ekata.
He was unarmed.
I had a security detail of a dozen international battle-hardened mercenaries.
What did you do? In the face of that kind of will, I re-organized my cargo and complied with his demands.
What progress have you made with Isabella Stone? None.
She won't cooperate.
If someone hired her to come after you, she won't say who.
The truth will out.
It always does.
- What is this? - For Agnes.
[Marika Hackman's "Before I Sleep" playing.]
Oh, it's beautiful.
You'll find your time with her goes by too quickly.
That's why cuckoo clocks are perfect.
I don't really care what time it is.
I just want to hear the birds sing.
- Don't drink - [Chains rattling.]
Our only water soon And I'll wash my love In hands out through For I am off the sun And this night is getting old When dawn breaks On my door Your brother? [Exhales slowly.]
He's fine.
[Voice breaks.]
But he might not have been.
I should've been there.
You were working.
Whether Reddington is involved or not, it's your job.
He's my brother.
I should've been there.
And I hope you find The peace you seek For we exist at night And a silent strip of light Unfurls against The mountainside When I went into his room, there was a little light on.
Like a night-light.
Enough to get around.
Man: And you had a knife at that time? Yeah.
When I came in through the kitchen, there was a thing there, holds knives, by the oven.
I grabbed one.
Man: And did you put the knife in your pocket? Yeah.
Didn't need it.
When I walked up to him, he was sleeping there.
Like a doll or something.
Hey, babe.
You know, I was thinking about your dad, - and you're right.
- [Door closes.]
We should just let it lie.
I don't think that there's any reason for us to look into your past.
Yeah, about that.
Honey, these are police reports.
What do those have to do with your dad? They don't.
They're about me.
Who's that? That's Richard Game.
The man who murdered me.
When I picked him up, he sorta looked at me a minute.
Like maybe he knew me.
Then he started slapping, or hitting.
So I put my hand over his mouth.
Guess he was trying to fight.
Isabella, we have much to talk about.

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