The Blacklist s04e15 Episode Script

The Apothecary

1 [ Tropical music playing .]
Are you sure about this? Bringing them all together in one location.
It's dangerous.
One of our most trusted confidants intends to do irrevocable damage to the organization.
Needs to be confronted swiftly.
It's dangerous.
[ Exhales .]
There's a traitor in the family.
I intend to find them.
And if something goes wrong? [ Gasps, coughing loudly .]
Hold on.
Hold on.
No, just hold on.
- Where am I? - Keep breathing.
Keep-- Slow.
[ Groans .]
What's going on? Mr.
Reddington, my name is Dr.
I'm an on-call specialist on your code 77 team, - and you had an emergency.
- [ Gasping .]
Why can't-- why can't I breathe? Give the medication a minute.
- Just give it a minute.
- [ Gasping .]
I need you to listen.
- [ Air hissing .]
- Do you know where you are? [ Swallows .]
- What do you remember? - [ Gasps .]
Dinner restaurant.
[ Gasping .]
What's wrong with me? We're not quite sure.
We thought, at first, you may have had a series of mini strokes.
But the MRIs, the EEGs, they ruled that out.
- Where's Dembe? Dembe will know.
- I don't know who that is, but the man who drove you here left as soon as you stabilized.
I don't remember.
Reddington, I was told that you insist on a frank, unvarnished assessment of the situation.
So here it is.
You're dying.
[ Exhales sharply .]
How? We believe you've been poisoned.
We're not sure how.
But your symptoms are severe and they're progressing at an alarming rate.
The cocktail of steroids will stave off the symptoms for a short time, but unless we know how you were poisoned How long can you keep me alive? It's hard to say.
Uh, a day? - Maybe two.
- [ Exhales sharply .]
What-- what-- No.
What are you doing? You can't-- Your cellphone.
Do you have a cellphone? Please, Mr.
You need medical attention.
- Your condition is critical.
- [ Pills rattle .]
- Where are you going? - Elizabeth.
Gather the task force.
I need your help to solve a murder.
- [ Door scrapes, slams .]
- [ Coughs .]
Uh What's going on? Your prayers have been answered, Donald.
Apparently, I'm dying.
Aram, could you get him a chair, please? No, no, no.
I'm fine.
- I've been poisoned.
- Poisoned? By whom? Someone within my organization.
Someone with access to an offshore account that was used to fund recent attacks against me.
11 people had access to that account.
Last evening, I called those 11 to a dinner to confront them.
What happened next, I only remember pieces.
The restaurant, what it looked like, not where it was.
I remember holding a glass of wine, but not drinking it, although I'm sure I must have.
- The poison-- - Where is Dembe? Missing.
I assume searching for or in the hands of the person who wants me dead.
You should be with your doctors.
They can't identify the toxin.
A hospital, then.
I've been told I have a day, two at most.
That-- that can't be true.
[ Chuckles .]
I need you to find the pharmaco toxicologist who, I believe, crafted the deadly cocktail and get the antidote from him.
What do you know about him? Well-- [ Coughs .]
There's a man.
He told me he's known as-- [ Grunts .]
The Apothecary.
Liz: A druggist whose potions hijack the immune system, causing any number of allergic reactions, each one impossible to identify - unless you know what to look for.
- [ Hissing .]
An exotic venom might replicate a drug overdose.
A personally tailored allergic reaction might trigger cardiovascular collapse.
Red: The Apothecary can create embolisms, - aneurysms - [ Bites .]
inhibit respiration, induce paralysis.
All of the assassins you know about share one common disadvantage when it comes to avoiding apprehension-- they leave behind a corpse.
And yet, there are times when a prolonged coma or a protracted illness will get the job done just as well.
So this Apothecary, how do we find him, - find the antidote? - Ilario Panetti.
Head of the Panetti syndicate.
He's about to go up on RICO charges.
The government's star witness against him has rather conveniently fallen into a coma.
I believe Panetti has availed himself of the Apothecary's services.
Be quick.
I don't have the luxury of time.
Hold on.
Where are you going? To find Dembe.
While you try to save my life, I'll spend what time I have saving his.
Let me tell you about Ilario Panetti.
He takes organized crime to a whole new level.
Everything he does is meticulously planned.
I've never seen anybody more cautious in avoiding surveillance.
Then it must've been hard to make a case against him.
Almost impossible.
From the outside, he looks completely legit.
But you don't get a stranglehold on the commercial construction industry in this city without strangling a few enemies along the way.
- I just couldn't prove it.
- So what happened? He got greedy.
His largest competitor got firebombed.
Their offices completely destroyed.
Two days later, Panetti paid 200 grand to an associate-- we still don't know who-- for services rendered.
- Competition over.
- How do you know? We flipped his accountant.
A woman named Helen Dahle.
She was the one who cut the check and she was prepared to testify that Panetti ordered her to make payment for the arson hit.
A few days before trial, she goes to dinner, has a mysterious allergic reaction to the food, and wham.
She's on life support, and so is my case.
We think we know how Panetti got to her.
How do I help? We're gonna need you to put us in touch with Helen Dahle's doctors.
Red: 11 people had access to that account.
I don't know where they are.
[ Dialing .]
Hideki, where the hell are you? I need to speak with you right away.
Call me as soon as you possibly can.
He never showed up.
Can you-- [ Phone beeps .]
Can you reach him? No, no, no.
Put Sidney on the line.
Do you know where he went? Yes, yes, yes.
As soon as you hear.
[ Inhales deeply .]
[ Coughs, exhales .]
[ The Mamas & The Papas' "My Girl" playing .]
[ Volume increases, continues on stereo .]
I've got sunshine on a cloudy day and when it's cold outside I've got the month of May I guess you say what can make me feel this way my girl I'm talkin' 'bout my girl I don't need money fortune or fame I got all the riches Don't worry, sweetheart.
It'll be okay.
I will never give up on you.
I promise.
It'll be just fine.
you say what can make me feel this way - my girl - my girl my girl talkin' 'bout my girl - Doctor.
- What are you doing here? The night I-I was poisoned, last night.
- I can't remember-- - People will see you.
Uh-- I was promised discretion.
[ Door closes .]
My help was to be in the strictest confidence.
The night I was poisoned, I was with people.
I don't know where they are.
I have called.
I-I can't reach them-- except you.
But I don't know anything.
You know how I was brought in.
I got a code text.
I was given a location, we gathered, prepped.
How 'bout the-- a man who brought me in? Well, I didn't get his name.
African accent.
You need to be hospitalized.
Was it him? Yes, I believe it was.
- How did we get there? - He drove you.
It was in a green station wagon.
It was parked outside the triage cube.
[ Glass shatters .]
[ Coughs .]
[ Grunts, exhales .]
[ Engine starts .]
Liz: How long has she been like this? She was barely responsive when admitted two weeks ago.
- Comatose within a day.
- What happened? Well, it presented as an acute allergic reaction.
We treated her for anaphylaxis, but her symptoms didn't respond to treatment.
In fact, they got worse.
And you didn't suspect that she might've been poisoned? Mrs.
Dahle had been treated for a severe tree nut allergy twice in the past.
Our diagnosis was in line with her history.
What if someone designed a poison to mimic the symptoms of an allergic reaction? It would mean whoever created the poison knew we would treat the allergy and lose precious time.
So what are the chances she pulls through? I can't answer that.
We haven't found antigenic foreign substances, but the full tox report could take weeks.
- And she's not improving.
- Is that her husband? Yeah.
Robert Dahle.
He and Helen's parents haven't left her side.
One minute she's heading to a client dinner and everything is fine, and the next she's like this.
This client dinner-- who was there? A friend of Helen's from college.
The police have already cleared her.
What did Helen tell you about the case against Panetti? Nothing.
The attorneys instructed her not to.
She knew how dangerous this was, but she agreed to testify anyway.
I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you.
And you've been with her the entire time she's been comatose? No, I I went to Sarasota Springs this past weekend.
Go on, Robert.
Tell them where you went.
There's a little hotel in Sarasota.
A sort of a getaway for us-- birthdays, anniversaries, and-- We would've been married 10 years next month.
Last weekend, I went there to be alone.
Think about what to do.
With Helen.
In case she doesn't Please, I'm begging you.
Find out what happened to my wife.
- No, I got it.
I got it.
- [ Speaks indistinctly .]
Agent Navabi.
Thank you for meeting me.
Oh, what an unpleasant surprise.
Panetti insisted on being present - for this conversation.
- It's fine with me.
I fully intend on being present the day your client is sentenced for poisoning Helen Dahle.
We never touched Helen.
- Not me or anyone who works for me.
- [ Coughs .]
You asked for this meeting, and we agreed.
Please tell me it wasn't so you could hurl baseless claims that you can't prove at my client.
We know about the Apothecary.
We know that he specializes in untraceable toxins and that you hired him to create that "allergic" reaction.
What is she talkin' about? You can play dumb, Mr.
From what I hear, you've made quite a profession - out of skirting responsibility for your actions.
- Now, hang on.
We can find him on our own.
And when we do, you'll realize that this trial you're facing is a small matter when compared to what happens when the full force of the FBI comes down on you and your organization.
Or you can help us.
This is about more than Helen Dahle.
There are other people we are trying to save.
Lead us to the Apothecary now, and we will be very grateful.
Honey, I don't know what the hell you're going on about.
I think what my client means to say-- What your client means is I've never heard of this "Apothecary.
" And for your information, Helen Dahle's testimony wouldn't have hurt me or my case one bit.
- Is that right? - That's exactly right, sweetheart.
The US Attorney's got it wrong.
I didn't pay anyone to firebomb my competition.
I'm the victim here.
- Tell her, Arnold.
- It's true.
Whoever took out Mr.
Panetti's competitor contacted us the next day, threatened to destroy our business if we didn't pay their extortion fee.
Now my client did instruct Helen to make that phantom payment, but not for taking out a rival.
To avoid becoming a victim as well.
I assume you can prove this.
We can, and we would have at trial.
So, you see, I had no motive to hurt Helen.
Truth is, I liked her, and if you don't find the bastard who did this to her, I will.
[ Scoffs .]
And then you will have something to charge me with.
Arnold, give Agent Navabi copies of whatever she needs.
I think we're done here.
[ The Mamas & The Papas .]
but not in my arms time passes by Give it a go, sweetheart.
Come on.
You can do it.
and I watch her fly [ Bell dings .]
yes, I watch her fly - and time passes by - [ Bell ringing .]
I know, dear.
I don't want to, but what choice do I have? I can't trust you to stay if you're not sedated.
- You might try and run off again.
- [ Bell rings .]
We're not there yet, but we will be.
I know we will.
[ Bell ringing .]
so I feel that to be real that - and it's something - [ Inhaler hisses .]
this little bird It's gonna happen.
I can feel it.
fly away no salt on her tail no salt on her tail no cage because that would be the best philosophy [ Music stops .]
[ Door creaking .]
[ Lock clicks .]
Hello? [ Groans .]
[ Clattering, rumbling .]
[ Clattering, rumbling .]
[ Coughs .]
[ Whimpering .]
[ Panting .]
[ Coughs .]
Who are you? Who put you in there? Is this a sick joke? You did! All right, the forensic accountant examined Panetti's financials.
And according to him, the $200,000 was paid to the Atlantic Coast Lepidopterology - Research Institute.
- Lepidopterology? Yeah, its website advertises it as a non-profit dedicated to the research of butterflies.
But it's not a 501 (c)(3) and it's not listed in any directory of non-profits that I can find.
In fact, their entire board of directors is made up of stock photo models.
Ressler: So the charity's a fake.
The 200k went into a Swiss bank account and has since been wired through dozens of other banks.
The money has basically just disappeared into the ether by now.
Aram, I sent you a video.
The lead on Panetti didn't pan out.
- Yeah, we've got nothing.
- Take a look at this.
Helen Dahle's husband said he had to get away to clear his head and think about his wife's future.
Well, Robert Dahle did go to Sarasota Springs, and he did stay in the hotel he mentioned, but he did not stay alone.
Dahle was cheating on his wife.
Are you saying that the husband hired the Apothecary to kill his wife? I'm just saying he definitely had a motive.
[ Coughing .]
When did I meet you? - Are you serious? - Humor me.
- Last night.
- [ Coughs .]
Before you threw me in the car and drove here.
Here? I-I, uh Who lives here? How would I know? I got here in a trunk.
I know this is [ Clears throat .]
an unusual, frightening predicament.
But I assure you, I mean you no harm.
Says the man with the gun.
[ Coughing .]
What is your name? Lou Lou.
- [ Coughing .]
- Lou Lou McLellan.
- [ Groans .]
- Hey, hey.
Can you be careful with that thing? [ Exhales .]
Was I alone last night, or was I accompanied by anybody my associate? Uh, Dembe.
[ Coughing .]
[ Coughing violently .]
- What is wrong with you? - I don't know.
- You need a doctor.
- [ Coughing continues .]
[ Glass shatters .]
We're looking for corticosteroids, bronchodilator.
[ Coughing .]
[ Bottles thud .]
Oh-- Go, go, go.
I'm fine.
[ Panting, gasping .]
[ Exhales, breathing heavily .]
- [ Pills rattle .]
- Corticosteroids.
Oh I've lived my entire adult life surrounded by a corona of death.
- Some days I've even longed for it.
- [ Cap pops open .]
But lately, I-- I find I'm [ Pills rattle .]
I'm unwilling to go gentle into that good night.
We were told Ilario Panetti poisoned her.
That's what we thought, too, but the situation has taken a turn.
We found surveillance footage.
Do either of you recognize this woman? - When was this? - Last weekend.
That's impossible.
Helen and Robert have a very happy marriage.
He's a model husband.
They've been head over heels for each other from the day they met.
He'd never dream of straying.
We had to bully her into getting the prenup, for God's sake.
There's a prenup? Helen's father, John Tadsen, was a hedge fund titan.
His New York firm was worth $4.
7 billion.
His children and his children's children are set for life.
To protect his daughter from gold diggers, Tadsen made Robert sign a prenup.
Now, according to the agreement, there's no payout for death or divorce before 10 years.
How long have they been married? They're two weeks shy of their 10-year anniversary.
So that's either a really, really bad coincidence or Or Helen found out about the mistress, and Robert put her in the penalty box so she couldn't divorce him before the prenup expired.
What's the payout after 10 years? Close to $15 million.
I think we could bring this guy in and take a run at him.
Take a shot at the girlfriend first.
Let's see just how much she really loves this guy.
[ Coughs .]
So are the police on their way? Who's Elizabeth? After I got some of those pills in you, you came to.
Well, sort of.
Kept saying her name.
- [ Coughs .]
- Elizabeth.
Someone who'd miss you if you died? I don't know.
Tell me your name again.
Lou Lou.
Lou Lou.
You saved my life, Lou Lou.
Thank you.
Like I needed a dead body on my conscience.
[ Chuckles .]
You were in bad shape.
Well, worse shape.
You try to hide it, but you're scared.
I wasn't just gonna leave you.
[ Inhales sharply .]
Well, it was remarkably generous given that I locked you in the trunk of a car.
Well, you were pretty polite about it, all things considered.
[ Coughing .]
[ Coughing continues .]
[ Inhales deeply .]
[ Exhales .]
I've been poisoned by someone close to me.
I need to figure out by who.
What happened last night? I can't remember.
You and your friend broke into the apartment across the hall.
I called the cops and then I went over to peek through the door.
It was all busted in, and there you were.
I said the police are on their way, and you said, "My sincerest apologies, but if that's the case, then you're coming with us.
" Then you put me in the trunk.
- Why? - Damned if I know.
But while you were asleep, I found out the name of the guy that lives in that apartment.
Marvin Gerard.
You know him? He's my attorney.
Ressler: It's over, Brooklyn.
Robert told us everything.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You've been on the hook, what, two, three years waiting for him to leave Helen for you? You finally figured out that the only way that you'd ever be with him is over Helen's dead body.
And so you made a plan.
Poisoned her.
I'm not saying anything until I have a lawyer.
She's in a coma.
Robert hasn't left her side.
Guess he changed his mind.
That's not true.
Ressler: Well, he told us that you poisoned his wife.
Now if that's not true, you better tell us what really happened.
You know that woman treats him like a servant, right? He's carried that princess's baggage for nine years, - and he couldn't take it anymore! - So you planned it together? No, I told him I didn't want anything to do with it.
But you knew what he was doing.
See, that makes you a co-conspirator.
Now if you wanna reduce your jail time, you're gonna tell us exactly how he did.
How did he put her in a coma? - I don't know how it works.
- [ Air hissing .]
Liz: You're gonna need to tell us what you do know.
Brooklyn: It's a liquid.
Some sort of drop.
I've never seen him actually use it.
I just know that he gives it to her twice a week.
Liz: Who did he get the poison from? Brooklyn: He never said.
But I can tell you where he keeps it.
[ Door slams open, gun cocks .]
What the hell? Hey! Hey, you have no right to come into my-- No knock search warrant.
I have no idea what you're looking for.
But I guarantee you're not gonna find it.
Unless you wanna parade that on your perp walk, - I suggest you get dressed.
- You think you're arresting me? As a matter of fact, I do-- for the attempted murder of Helen Dahle.
And if you want even a sliver off your sentence, you're gonna tell us who made that poison for you.
I have no idea what that is.
Let's get this to the lab, ID was kind of a poison it is.
Maybe it'll tell us something about whoever created it.
Everything we've gone through has finally paid off.
We're pregnant.
I wanted so badly to show you, but I didn't wanna jinx us.
I know.
Believe me, I'm just as excited as you.
[ Bell rings .]
What's wrong? [ Rings .]
- The mobile.
You don't love it.
- [ Breathing unevenly .]
You know what? You're right.
I'll fix it.
I want you to be happy.
- [ Bell rings .]
- Everything's gonna be perfect.
[ Bell ringing .]
[ Door creaking .]
[ Coughs .]
[ Door closes .]
What were we doing here? [ Coughs .]
[ Pills rattle .]
[ Cap pops open .]
I took you to Marvin's fiancée's house.
Looks like he left in a hurry.
- [ Machine beeps .]
- Marvin.
It's Raymond.
We're all here at John's.
Where are you? [ Machine beeps .]
[ Groans .]
I know that place.
It's not very far.
I could take you.
You've been kind to an extraordinary degree considering how we began our acquaintance.
But I won't drag you any further into this.
You don't deserve that.
I'll take it from here.
- [ Inhales deeply .]
- Well, I hope you get better.
And I hope you find the answers you're looking for.
I hope you get to see Elizabeth again.
Guys? This Apothecary, this guy is good.
- You got the toxicology report? - He knew Helen Dahle.
I'm sorry.
Not know, know like he met her.
He knew her medical history and he used it against her.
Helen's doctors think she went into a coma because of a reaction to a tree nut allergy, but the truth is, this Apothecary used some sort of complex, weaponized allergen to trigger the same reaction.
Meaning her doctors-- Were treating the symptoms, but not the cause.
How does this help us with Reddington? We have to find out if Reddington has any pre-existing conditions, which one was targeted.
And find an antidote to reverse the effects all in the next several hours.
Right, that-- that is the bad news.
There's good news? The lab did find one distinct element in the molecular structure of the drops taken from Robert Dahle's apartment.
A peptide unique to the venom of Bungarus flaviceps, also known as the red-headed krait.
- Incredibly rare.
- So it's easy to trace.
Only four suppliers in the world, and only one in America.
A defunct reptile farm outside of Scranton, PA.
Hightower Serpentarium.
Owned by Asa Hightower, who, according to his license, still lives in an apartment on site.
Get there now.
- [ Door slams open .]
- FBI! [ Door closes .]
[ Door creaks .]
- Clear.
- Clear.
[ Bell ringing .]
[ Ringing continues .]
[ Ringing continues .]
[ Door creaking .]
[ Coughing .]
[ Panting .]
I'm sending these files to Aram to cross-reference them with any unexplained poisoning deaths.
Oh, there are dozens of victims here.
- Here's Helen Dahle.
- Helen Dahle.
Get these to the lab.
Hopefully that file will help the antidote for her.
The wife's coming around.
It's gonna be okay, Mrs.
[ Weakly .]
I have to tell you where Are you trying to tell us where your husband is? [ Exhales .]
What happened here? What happened? What happened is you summoned us here to dinner and locked us in the kitchen without an explanation.
Feel free to give us one now.
Three of my accountants, a couple of money launderers, a handful of investment advisors and bankers.
Believe me, David, no one wants an explanation more than I.
Accept my apologies.
Just take me back to the dinner and tell me what happened.
Reddington, you invited us to dinner.
We're sitting here.
You-- you get up, you make a speech.
Thank you all for coming on such short notice.
I must admit, I've never had the pleasure of dining in this particular establishment before.
I do wish we could enjoy it under more auspicious circumstances, but so be it.
[ Coughs .]
It was about the attack on your assets.
- [ Coughing .]
- By whoever killed Zack Smoll? I've always found stories of betrayal to be so compelling, so tragic for all those involved.
Judas, Iago, men who were beloved by those they'd betrayed.
You were telling one of those stories you love.
If you're even thinking about another parable, I may strangle you myself.
Ironic, isn't it? That the ones in whom we place our greatest trust are best positioned to put the knife in our backs.
You said you had Levine follow the money.
The funds came from one of your own accounts.
The 11 people to whom I extended invitations tonight were the only ones who could have accessed that particular account.
One of those 11 is a traitor, and only 10 of you are here.
Perhaps our Judas didn't have the nerve to attend this last supper.
Well, I can assure you, I will find the guilty party, and he or she will be held accountable.
You sent the chef and his staff home, you took our phones, you locked us in the kitchen.
- I prefer something stronger.
- [ Sighs .]
This'll do for the moment.
[ Glass shatters .]
What the hell is wrong with you? The wine.
I had a glass of wine at the dinner.
Was it from one of these bottles? No.
The waiter poured it from a bottle that was set aside.
What bottle? [ Coughs .]
Marvin Gerard.
Aram, we need a list of all the stores that sell baby products in a 10-mile radius of the serpentarium.
- Baby stores? - What about Reddington? - Did you find an antidote? - There were no medical records, nothing about Reddington on file.
Navabi: Wait, why are we looking for baby stores? Hightower's wife thinks he's out buying nursery supplies.
- She's pregnant.
- I thought she was comatose? - That's when he assaulted her.
- My God.
The closest one is Albee Baby in Harding.
I'm sending you an address now.
Looking for a mobile? I thought perhaps the planets, but I think we'll go with the dinosaurs.
Reptiles have a special place in our hearts.
Well, congratulations.
You must be thrilled.
How far along is she? Almost 7 weeks.
It's our first.
Mom's on bed rest, so the shopping is all up to me.
Asa Hightower, FBI.
Hands where I can see them.
[ Shrieks, gasping .]
Look around, Agent.
You really wanna start shooting here? We have your files, your wife.
She's eager to testify against you.
Now put it down.
[ Gasps .]
[ Grunting .]
Get down! On the ground.
How'd you know that was gonna work? You ever trip over one of those things in the dark? - They're lethal.
- [ Cellphone vibrates .]
- [ Liz sighs .]
- [ Vibrating continues .]
- Reddington.
- Elizabeth, where are you? Asa Hightower, the Apothecary-- we have him in custody and we found his lab.
Have you i-identified the toxin? The lab's working on it.
Not yet, but they will.
[ Coughs .]
[ Groans .]
Elizabeth, I found the wine that was used to administer the poison.
One of my men is bringing it to you now.
If the Apothecary doesn't tell you what you need to know, the bottle will.
You're gonna be okay, Reddington.
[ Coughing .]
Reddington? [ Coughing continues .]
Reddington! - [ Coughing violently .]
- Oh! All right.
Let's keep this simple.
We have two questions-- who paid you to poison Reddington, and how do we cure him? My clients contact me anonymously over the dark web.
They don't want me to know who they are and I don't want to know.
The antidote for the poison you gave Reddington.
First of all, I did not poison him.
I merely provided the means for someone else to do so.
I've never poisoned anyone.
I'm sure your wife would disagree.
My wife was running around with Clive Hollis.
I'm just sure about it.
She needed to be subdued.
She's a very confused woman, but she'll come around.
Come around to what? The fact that you repeatedly raped her? Having raided my facility, you're in possession of information that will help you solve well over 20 cold cases and bring others out of various altered states.
You will return them to their lives and families.
Really, you should be thanking me.
- You're delusional.
- I'm not crazy.
I know you're gonna charge me regardless of my innocence.
But I have something you want and vice versa.
- What's that? - Simple.
You take the death penalty off the table, and I'll tell you how to cure Raymond Reddington.
All that bravado.
You're afraid of the needle.
I'm not afraid to die, but it turns out I have something to live for.
I'm gonna be a father.
We wished for a child for so long.
Even from a jail cell, we'll be a family.
I, uh Oh, uh, I didn't think he was the flowers and balloons kind of guy.
I was gonna go with wine, but then I remembered Mr.
Reddington said he may have been poisoned with wine, so I, uh And besides, who doesn't like papaya? It's perfect.
He'll love it.
Cooper, you came.
What do we know? The Apothecary gave us all the antidotes.
It's been given to Reddington? But last we checked, he was still in critical condition.
- Do we think the Apothecary lied? - I don't know.
You know, he has to be okay.
There's no shame in hoping for the best, even for the worst of us.
I want to caution you against unwarranted optimism, but he's stable for the moment.
- Do you think he'll recover? - Too early to say.
Uh, it'll be a while before we know the extent of the damage already done, but the antidote does seem to be working.
Cooper: Is there anything else you can tell us? Well, just that whoever poisoned him knew his medical history-- intimately.
The toxins were uniquely designed to target his body chemistry.
Can we see him? Well, he's just coming to.
You should give him a few minutes.
[ Monitor beeping steadily .]
Welcome back.
- Did you find Marvin? - [ Clears throat .]
Oh, yeah.
I found the weasel.
Tell me what happened.
I put the word out.
We found him at Dulles.
He was with his broad, the big girl.
Bags packed, headed for the South Pacific.
Thank you, Glen.
Good work.
And Dembe? [ Paper rips .]
Have Marvin taken to that address.
[ Exhales .]
[ Cellphone vibrates .]
It's the tox lab.
Yes? What? - I don't under-- - What is it? That can't be right.
Are you sure? Reddington, the result-- [ Door creaking .]
What the hell is this about? Where's Dembe? Dembe? How would I know? I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know what any of this is about.
Please wait outside.
[ Door opens .]
[ Door closes .]
Unfortunately, for this grand pantomime of innocence, I know a great deal about all of it.
I know about the wine.
I know about you hiring Isabella Stone.
About Zack Smoll, Stratos and his wife.
I know that you were one of very few people who had access to the account that financed the attacks against me.
I know that's why you didn't come to dinner.
The only thing I don't know is what you've done with Dembe.
I didn't show up to dinner because Becky and I were on our way to a yoga retreat in Tahiti.
It's a place we found when you sent us down there last year, you remember? Tell me where Dembe is.
Red, I swear to you.
I don't know any of what you're talking about.
[ Inhales sharply .]
I shouldn't be surprised.
We're criminals, after all.
It's in our nature to betray.
I didn't do whatever it is you think I did.
Remember that wretched bit of business on the Malay Peninsula? I was positive I would rot alone in that holding cell in Surat Thani.
Slowly eaten alive by mosquitos to the constant refrain of body blows and screaming.
47 interminable days of near-constant rain.
I couldn't be sure any of my messages had been dispatched.
And then, on the 48th day, they swung the cell door wide and handed me a package.
Half a dozen tins of chilled Beluga caviar and a note.
"Love, Marvin.
" When I think of it-- guards on two continents-- the bribes alone must have cost you a fortune.
I still cannot fathom how you managed to pull it off from inside a federal prison.
But you had my undying gratitude, so when the opportunity arose, I facilitated your freedom.
Why would I betray you? We'll get to why soon enough.
But first, I need to know about Dembe.
Jesus, Red, I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
[ Door opens .]
It's Elizabeth Keen.
She says it's important.
- Yes? - The wine was clean.
The tox lab said there was nothing in it.
That's not possible.
Check again.
They said the poison had to have been administered by something with a higher alcohol content, - like gin or - Scotch.
Liz: Yes.
Did you drink scotch? I did.
[ Sniffs .]
But there were only two people who had access to the bottle.
And I'm one of them.
Liz: Who was the other? [ Inhales .]
No, it can't be.
Raymond, are you okay? Reddington, talk to me.
Who poisoned you? [ Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" playing .]
That can't be.
there must be some kind of way outta here said the joker to the thief there's too much confusion I can't get no relief
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