The Blacklist s04e16 Episode Script

Dembe Zuma

1 [ Siren wailing in distance .]
Oh, my God.
- [ Laughs .]
- Don't do that.
What? This? Mm No, that's-- that's fine.
Wait, how'd you get in? You left the front door unlocked, silly.
- I did? - Mm-hmm.
I swear I locked it.
- Wait, I know I locked it.
- Really? You're-- - Hold on.
- You're so paranoid.
Just, uh, I'll be right back.
[ Groans .]
[ Lock clicks .]
[ Keys jangling .]
[ Muffled shouting .]
[ Thud .]
Aram? Aram? Aram, you okay? [ Muffled shouting .]
Oh, my God.
[ Muffled shouting .]
Be still.
[ Muffled shouting .]
Don't make a sound.
[ Police radio chatter .]
- What happened? Where's Aram? - [ Dog barking in distance .]
We're still piecing it together.
We've got a 9-1-1 call.
Neighbors reported a pounding on the walls.
Pounding? Yeah, we found her bound and gagged in the closet.
Found who? [ Radio chatter continues .]
- What have you done with him? - Whoa, whoa, whoa! - Is she nuts? - Easy.
She's not a suspect here.
She's a victim.
One of the victims.
They were together.
Tell me everything you've dug up on Dembe Zuma since he vanished.
Why? What's happened? His movements, actions, intent.
You've been hunting Dembe for over a month.
I want to know everything you've found because now Agent Mojtabai is in danger.
And from what I can tell, you're no closer to finding Dembe.
Aram? He was abducted by Dembe last night.
Navabi: Can you describe what happened? Not really.
I was in the shower.
You were in the shower when Dembe came to the apartment? - I think so.
- Where was Aram? In the shower with me.
Thought that he had left the front door unlocked and he went to check, and that's when it happened.
Dembe has taken a calculated risk abducting Agent Mojtabai.
He wouldn't have done that to harm him, but to use him.
For the time being, Aram is perfectly safe.
You'll forgive me if I don't take comfort in any of your assurances about Dembe-- a man you've so profoundly misjudged.
Are you closer to finding him or not? I am now.
Aram's abduction presents a rare opportunity.
How so? Few can truly comprehend the fierce tenacity of a man like Dembe Zuma.
I taught Dembe everything I knew regarding the tactics of evasion and survival.
And now, despite dedicating every resource at my disposal to finding him, he has completely eluded detection.
Dembe's timing is impeccable.
And his most deadly attribute is patience.
Which is why Aram's abduction presents two trails.
And clearly, two very motivated parties to follow them.
You focus on locating Aram and leave me free to find Dembe.
With any luck, we'll meet where the paths converge.
No chance.
I've let you play it your way, and Aram paid the price.
Agent Keen goes with you, and she reports to me.
[ Keys jangle .]
It's a key hunter.
- Aram has one just like it.
- What does it do? You attach it to things that you don't wanna lose-- You know, car keys, laptops, pets.
- GPS? - No.
It uses cellphones as a location array.
Once you activate it, it transmits a signal that is relayed by any live cellular device in its proximity.
Aram's keys weren't at his apartment.
Which means he probably still has them with him.
And if he does, we've got a shot.
I can activate that using Aram's workstation here.
Where are we going? To find the Sanctum Corporation.
A refuge, an enterprise that specializes in relocating criminals who are on the verge of being arrested or being dispatched by an adversary.
An underground railroad for miscreants.
And you think that's how Dembe disappeared? He hired them? Not for himself.
Last year, Matias Solomon used Dembe's family as leverage against him to get to me.
Afterward, I told him to hide his daughter and granddaughter.
Why couldn't you hide them? I wanted Dembe to pick a vendor I knew nothing about to keep his family as far from my world as possible.
He did as I instructed-- so well, in fact, that I haven't been able to identify the vendor he contracted.
Sanctum is the last on my list.
Where is this Sanctum Corporation? [ Scoffs .]
I have no idea.
But I've tracked down someone who's used them.
Richard Fickman.
A fence known for moving uncut diamonds.
Disappeared after botching a shipment for a Yakuza Oyabun.
We share a podiatrist.
Chatty fellow.
Apparently, Sanctum set him up selling discount men's suits.
[ Door squeaks, bangs .]
Looks like whoever he was hiding from finally caught up with him.
I don't believe in coincidence.
Someone wants to obstruct my path.
[ Click .]
[ Speed dialing .]
I need an appointment.
[ Groaning .]
[ Groans .]
[ Breathing heavily .]
[ Speed dialing .]
Fickman's dead.
It's done.
Woman: Then we're done.
[ Zipper unzips .]
[ Clattering .]
[ Buzzing .]
Aram: Dembe, please.
Please Move.
[ Dog barking in distance .]
[ Squeaking .]
Okay, uh what is this? [ Blade clicks .]
He has lockers like this all around the globe.
[ Dog barking in distance .]
You want me to hack it so you can steal from Mr.
I'm not gonna do that.
[ Electronic trills, beeps .]
I did not bring you here to steal from Raymond.
I brought you here to find out who already did.
You're trying to help him.
Uh, then why not just tell him? He-- he thinks you poisoned him.
I handed him the drink that nearly killed him, but I did not poison it.
- So tell him.
- Not without proof.
That's why you're here.
You think whoever accessed this locker is the person - who tried to kill Mr.
Reddington? - Yes.
Okay, uh, fine.
Uh Okay, okay, these scanners usually use a syslog-d.
That's a-a program that stores a list of previous users.
I'll try to access that log, but I, uh, really don't think we should be doing this behind Mr.
Reddington's back.
Uh Do you really need to still point that at me? I'm-- I'm gonna help.
Absolutely not.
We just collared her three months ago for hacking our system and now you want to let her do it again? She doesn't want to hack our system.
She wants to hack Aram's password in order to activate the key hunter.
I can't believe I'm the one saying this, but she is on our side.
And right now, she is the only chance we have at finding him.
Agent Navabi, sit on her, and don't blink.
You understand? - [ Typing .]
- Come on, Aram.
Password only has 44 bits of entropy.
It's too easy.
- [ Typing continues .]
- Got it.
You found him? Not until someone with a live cellphone or tablet happens to come into range of the key hunter.
What can we do in the meantime? We could be mature and talk about the fact that we're both into the same guy.
Or, you know, we could just stew in silence about it.
So Dembe finally went off the deep end, huh? I can't say I'm surprised, what with the whole package.
You know, strong, silent type, all stoic with the eyes and the phony African accent.
I, for one, never bought it.
Good riddance, you ask me.
Besides, I didn't want to say anything before, but a big black fellow waiting on you hand and foot, very Edgar Rice Burroughs.
I'm in no mood, Glen.
Did you access the footage I asked for? Yeah.
I rolled back the DOT camera you called about.
Those cameras are live feeds.
You can't rewind them.
Maybe you can't rewind them, toots, but I've got a team of Hindus running a server farm in Adams Morgan recording every second of every traffic cam in this burg.
You'd be surprised how often that comes in handy.
Only one other car was at that warehouse before you guys showed up.
Registered to Chuck Shaw.
Info's all there.
[ Exhales sharply .]
[ Exhales sharply .]
[ Gun cocks, exhaling continues .]
[ Thud .]
- Good afternoon, Chuck.
- Yo.
- Who the hell are you? - [ Clattering .]
Someone with a schedule that leaves demonstrably less time to hit the gym than you.
Let's see if it's been worth it.
- What do you want? - Richard Fickman.
- He's dead.
- That's unfortunate.
Who put you up to it? - [ Thuds loudly .]
- [ Groans .]
[ Strained voice .]
It wasn't my idea.
Was it the Sanctum Corporation? - What is Sanctum? - How did you find him? [ Strained voice .]
Over there.
The folder.
[ Grunting .]
It's a full dossier on Fickman.
His movements, past addresses.
Who hired you to kill him? [ Groaning .]
We made a deal.
- Who? - Dr Sofia Gallup.
[ Groaning .]
[ Coughing .]
- [ Coughing continues .]
- Please go on.
[ Exhales .]
I was locked up.
She was my therapist.
She got me paroled.
Gallup said all I had to do was kill a guy she wanted dead.
She gave me that folder when I was leaving Otisville.
She must've given you a way to contact her to confirm the job was done.
A burner.
I destroyed it.
- We're done here.
- Wait a minute.
He's a murderer.
We don't have time for this.
[ Dialing .]
[ Smack .]
Yeah, this is Agent Elizabeth Keen.
I got a case for DCPD.
I'm gonna give you an address.
I did it, okay? Uh Here's the data you wanted.
But - Who was it? - I don't know.
The scanner uses proprietary encryption.
I'm sorry, but it would take me days to crack this and figure out who, uh, accessed the-- this locker.
I'm so sorry.
[ Click .]
You can go.
I can go? Just like that? Please, forgive me.
[ Dog barking in distance .]
Well, uh, there might be one way to get past the proprietary encryption.
Are you really trying to help Mr.
Reddington? I have three people in my life.
My daughter, my granddaughter, and Raymond.
I have an idea.
- Thank you.
- [ Phone beeps .]
Bureau of Prisons confirmed Dr.
Sofia Gallup consults for them.
She covers the entire Northeast.
No home office is listed and her license is registered at a PO box.
How about the last parolee for whom the good doctor testified? A felon named Dennis Cauley.
And he was released? To an address in Richmond.
[ Light clicks .]
[ Clattering .]
This looks like a dossier on Dr.
Gallup's next victim.
Alex Sato.
Red: Except his name isn't Alex Sato.
It's Daniel Nakamoto, a master forger of antiquities.
13 years ago, he was paid a pile of money for a cuneiform tablet by the boss of the Sacriponti crime family.
Daniel claimed the tablet was part of the Sippar Library.
What Daniel didn't know and what Mr.
Sacriponti was rather upset to learn, was that two weeks earlier, looters had broken into Iraq's Museum of Antiquities - and destroyed the entire collection.
- Oops.
Daniel Nakamoto disappeared shortly after.
So the Sanctum Corporation helped him vanish.
And now they want him dead.
Why? I don't know.
But if Sanctum helped him disappear, only they can make him reappear.
And Dr.
Gallup-- how is she connected? Red: I have no idea.
But she certainly understands the dynamics of leverage.
She gives these prisoners freedom in exchange for murder.
I'm sure many of them would feel it's a small price to pay.
Liz: This guy's been tracking Nakamoto.
Tracing his movements.
Red: Circling his prey.
Looks like Nakamoto is at the Gabor Museum every afternoon.
Afternoon, Daniel.
I think you've mistaken me for someone else.
Oh, I assure you, I have not.
In fact, I'm something of a fan of your work.
I saw a Xuande Ming urn you fabricated fetch quite a price at the King Family's final auction.
It was near perfect.
Raymond Reddington? Now that we're speaking plainly, I'm afraid your cover has been blown.
I suppose that's fairly obvious at this point.
But nonetheless, I'm here to tell you that an assassin is coming to kill you.
No sign of Cauley.
Why would he pick such a crowded place? It's like a prison yard.
The Sanctum Corporation has given you up.
But I'm willing to help you vanish again in exchange for-- You're lying.
There's no way Sanctum could betray me.
Baz, I've got eyes on him.
Bald, brown leather jacket.
Baz, tell me you see him.
He's getting close.
I'm warning you, Daniel.
Your life is in grave danger.
If you're right, and the Sanctum Corporation has failed me, then no one can keep me safe.
Not even you.
[ Blade clicks .]
Aah! - FBI! - Aah! Aah! Hands on your head.
Nakamoto: What do you want to know? Everything you can tell me about the Sanctum Corporation.
It was run by Tony and Maria Lopez.
They owned a honey company in Ohio.
They used bee colonies around the world as safe houses and way stations.
But when I said it was impossible for them to give me up, I meant it.
The Lopezes died months ago.
Thank you, Daniel.
I suggest you return home and pack your things.
I'll be in touch.
[ Window whirs .]
- [ Door closes .]
- [ Exhales deeply .]
I need information on a deceased couple.
Tony and Maria Lopez of Ohio.
They were apiarists.
Glen: What? Ape fairies? Apiarists.
When I first met Aram, oh, he was so uptight.
I mean, with the strict Muslim upbringing with a healthy dose of Jewish guilt.
He hadn't had a sip of alcohol until he was post-grad at MIT.
He really needed to cut loose.
And you helped him.
You say that like I'm some sort of enabler or something.
Yeah, okay, fine.
I enable him to have fun.
I enable him to blow off steam.
I enable him to laugh.
Do you have a problem with that? I do if it interferes with the work that he does here.
What is that supposed to mean? You know exactly what that's supposed to mean.
You're upset because I know Aram and you don't.
[ Beeping .]
Got him.
RBM Digital Security Bureau Data Site.
Agents Mojtabai and Zuma, FBI.
We got a warrant to run a confiscated device through your proprietary decryption.
We don't allow access to this facility for outside requests.
Yeah, we're on a time crunch.
It's a matter of national security.
[ Sighs .]
The warrant? Zuma.
Give the man the warrant.
Don't tell me you didn't grab it off the desk.
- Oh, Zuma, you're killin' me.
- I am sorry.
Oh, you're sorry.
He's sorry.
Sorry, "sir.
" Sorry, sir.
It's all right.
That's all right.
You got somewhere we can sit and call this in? Court should be able to messenger a new one ASAP.
Oh, this is, uh, this is great.
An agent will have a warrant here in-- in no time.
Thank you.
Thanks so much.
All right, okay, that bought us maybe, like, 15 minutes.
If I'm lucky, I can find the encryption key before he gets back.
Thank you, Aram.
- Well, it's, uh, for Mr.
- [ Tapping keys .]
Right? Right.
All right, here we go.
[ Tires screech, horn honks .]
[ Horn honks, vehicle speeds off .]
You got to be kidding me.
You're the one in such a damn rush.
Get in.
This lacks even a modicum of discretion.
- [ Tires screech .]
- We can speak freely.
Senora Vazquez doesn't know a lick of English.
[ Spanish .]
Turn right on the next light.
- What did you find? - [ Seatbelt clicks .]
The Lopezes ran Sanctum for decades.
But nine months ago, they got burnt to a crisp.
Fire started in the middle of the night.
Police report says arson, no suspects, though.
[ Tires screech .]
It's a car, sweet cheeks, not a roller coaster.
They had a daughter named Vanessa.
Apple fell far from the tree.
She was on the up and up.
A therapist.
A therapist? Like Dr.
Gallup? Gallup and Lopez could be one and the same.
I don't know no Gallup, but Vanessa was there during the fire.
Got burnt pretty bad, but survived.
Says here all the Lopez family bee farms were foreclosed by the bank, all but the one that burned down.
It's still owned by Vanessa Lopez.
Then that's where we're headed.
[ Spanish .]
Please, stop at the corner.
[ Brakes screech .]
[ Laughing .]
[ Spanish .]
Good luck with your test.
[ Seatbelt clicks .]
[ Spanish .]
Thank you.
Okay, uh, about 10 seconds.
Samar and Ressler are here.
- Hurry.
- Okay, come on.
- All right, here we are.
- [ Typing .]
- [ Beeps .]
- Kathryn Nemec.
Who is who is Kathryn Nemec? Oh, is this bad? Oh, this seems bad.
I cannot go back yet.
I need proof.
There's one last thing I must do.
Okay, uh, go.
You better go.
Do what you gotta do to help Mr.
Reddington, but do it fast.
Locking down.
[ Locks click .]
Open the door.
Sorry, uh, I can't.
Can't or won't? Dembe, stop! [ Tapping key .]
Got to open that door.
Yes, okay.
Closing now.
Dembe! Don't make me shoot you! - I didn't do anything.
- Then come in.
Prove it.
That's my plan.
But I need the proof.
No, no.
Ressler, no.
[ Clank .]
[ Bees buzzing .]
I hope you don't mind me diving right in.
I've been looking for you for quite a while, and time is of the essence.
- What were you thinking? - He needed my help.
Well, you didn't have to help him escape.
If he's on the level, we all could've helped.
We're on the Reddington task force, and the one person Dembe can't get near right now is Mr.
I don't believe Reddington would ever hurt Dembe.
He might if he felt Dembe betrayed him.
I don't think Dembe did, but everything is pointing towards that, so you know, there's no telling what Mr.
Reddington might do.
Did you find anything that would exonerate Dembe? Honestly, I don't know.
We found a name-- Kathryn Nemec.
Run her down and find out what you can.
And, Aram, you better be right about Dembe, because whatever happens next is on you.
[ Phone ringing in distance .]
Are you okay? Are you hurt? No.
You? No.
I, uh I can't leave right now.
Can we talk later? Yeah.
Of course.
Come on.
I'll walk you out.
[ Bees buzzing .]
It's hypnotic.
I suppose it was only a matter of time before one of you figured it out and showed up.
You knew I'd get to you eventually.
I'm not one of your parents' clients.
But we know what you're doing to them.
Richard Fickman.
Daniel Nakamoto.
We know you made deals with some of your prison therapy patients.
We just don't know why.
When I was a child, this place was a backbone of our honey business.
My father knew a guy that needed a hideout.
And he helped.
And then another showed up.
And another one.
And soon, my parents were making more money from their Sanctum Corporation than they were from the bees.
The fortune my parents made hiding criminals was in a Vulcan safe in our basement.
The only people that knew that were the criminals that passed through.
Someone came back and tried to steal the money.
But while cutting through the lock with an acetylene torch, they set the house on fire.
I was the only one that survived.
[ Door opens .]
[ Spraying .]
Apitherapy is the only thing I've found effective in fighting the infection.
Pheromones from the queen attract the swarm, and their stings and enzymes heal the scars.
You have no idea which client did this, so you're killing them all.
If their file is in my parents' ledger, they deserve punishment for one thing or the other.
There's an entry in that ledger I need to see.
For your sake, I hope it's not crossed off.
[ Clicking .]
Kathryn Nemec is missing? Yeah, she disappeared in 1991, just dropped off the grid.
Lived at a few addresses in the Midwest in her 30s.
Worked at an exclusive domestic staffing agency, but then one day she's just gone.
- And there is no more record.
- You say this Nemec, she's the one who was attacking Reddington? Dembe seemed to think so.
But she's been missing for 25 years.
Yeah, I cannot explain it, but had you seen Dembe's face when he saw her name It was like he'd seen a ghost.
Cooper's sending a team to pick up Dr.
He says Aram is safe.
Aram insists Dembe is innocent.
I need to be the judge of that.
He's not the one hurting you.
He was using Aram to find that person.
People run when they're scared and when they're guilty.
You can afford to hope for the best, but to survive in my world, I assume the worst.
- [ Door opens .]
- Mr.
How did you find me? Hello, Isabella.
I'm sorry.
Please come in.
[ Child giggling .]
[ Door closes .]
Please sit.
Mommy? I need to speak with your father, Isabella.
Speak with him? What do you mean? Where is he? Red: I don't know.
Is he safe? We don't know.
But something's happened? I hope not, but I won't know until I find him.
Isabella: Does he want you to find him? He does not, but I have to.
And I must insist on your help to do so.
Sometimes he sends me packages.
Pre-paid cellphones with one number saved for emergencies.
When my father told me he moved us here to protect us, I never dreamed he meant to keep us safe from you.
He didn't.
[ Dialing .]
[ Cellphone ringing .]
[ Rings .]
- Are you okay, Isabella? - Yes, she's okay.
What are you doing there, Raymond? Trying to find you.
Isabella and Elle? They're perfectly safe.
What are you doing, Dembe? Because everything you seem to be doing is making you look guilty.
We're both guilty, Raymond.
I came here to see for myself.
She's not here.
Who-- who's not? What are you saying? - [ Arrow hits .]
- Ah! Ah! Dembe? Dembe? Dembe? I know who you are.
You and that fella in the hat brought Kate out here.
Two men against an unarmed woman.
That was cowardly.
And you still couldn't get the job done.
You didn't know she survived, did you? Ol' Kate flat out refused to die.
She warned me about you.
The muscle.
Said the man in the hat never goes anywhere - without you by his side.
- [ Grunts .]
- Kate told me you'd be back.
- [ Grunts .]
I've been waiting.
I'm gonna kill you both for what you did to her.
Now, where is your slick-suited friend? I What? - [ Squish .]
- Aah! [ Groaning .]
[ Telephone rings .]
- [ Ring, beep .]
- Agent Mojtabai.
Red: What did you and Dembe find, Aram? Mr.
I spoke to him.
He began to tell me something.
But he was attacked.
Attacked? What's going on? What is he talking about? - I don't know.
- The person he thinks is coming for me, it may be a woman.
Is Dembe gonna be okay? He released you.
Why? Did you discover something? We did.
We found a name.
Kathryn Nemec.
S-Say that again.
Kathryn Nemec.
But she's been missing since 1991.
[ Phone beeps .]
What? Please, tell me, is he okay? Reddington, what's going on? What's happened to Dembe? I'll find him.
I'll find him.
[ Grunts .]
[ Exhales .]
[ Beeps, speed dials .]
It's me.
Hate to leave this on your machine, but there's something you ought to know.
A man's greatest enemy is the dark forces pent up within himself.
But not for me.
My dark forces had a name.
A person I entrusted with the most heinous offenses of my life.
Every trespass I committed, expunged.
Cleansed as if it had never happened.
My confessor who doth now condemn me.
What are you talking about? [ Clicks tongue .]
Kathryn Nemec.
Now who is Kathryn Nemec? A name that came to represent my darkest hours.
My friend.
[ Smacks lips .]
Kaplan? She's alive? When I pulled the trigger, I I left without checking.
I would never have been so careless if there wasn't a part of me that wished I hadn't done what I had just done.
It's been her all along.
Retribution for what I did to her.
Can the score be even now? Can this be over? All I know is I need to find Dembe.
[ Groaning .]
Dembe! She's alive.
Kate is alive.
I'm sorry, Dembe.
Who did this to you? A man.
He found Kate.
He's injured in his left knee.
Where did you last see him? - West of here.
- [ Panting .]
- Aah! - You need a doctor.
- Keep that tight.
- [ Groaning .]
Okay, we go.
You're not going after him.
I am.
He'll lead me to Kate.
Get Dembe to a hospital, please.
[ Groans .]
We should double back, find another path.
This is all too exposed.
- [ Dart hits .]
- [ Gasps .]
- Oh! - [ Groans .]
Ohh! Ow, ow.
You must know my friend Kate.
[ Phone ringing in distance .]
Should've told you about Janet.
It doesn't matter.
It does to me.
I-I'm sorry that I'm-- Hey.
Can I tell you something I admire about you? - I would rather you didn't.
- Your intensity.
The way you talk and think.
- The way you do the job.
- Stop it.
I don't just admire it.
I'm also terrified by it.
And by what it would do to me if we got too close.
[ Telephone rings in distance .]
How's this for terrifying? I couldn't care less what you admire.
[ Click .]
[ Door creaks, clangs .]
- [ Beeps .]
- I can appreciate the kindness you showed to an injured woman in need.
It's commendable, as is your loyalty to her.
Even under the threat of death.
But you do need to call her.
She was right about you.
Said you were very dangerous and absolutely relentless.
Could've used a few like you in Quang Tri.
Back then, we used to say if you're gonna take a shot at 'ol Victor Charlie, you better hit him.
'Cause if you don't, Victor, his brother, and three cousins shoot back.
Kate's also very dangerous and absolutely relentless.
Guess she learned that from you.
If I'd been in your shoes, I'd have made damn sure I didn't miss.
Yes, that was a mistake I won't make again.
Call her.
Seems to me I'm not gonna survive this either way.
This may seem ironic considering the circumstances, but I abhor violence.
I only resort to it in times of extreme necessity.
So believe me when I say, this is both extreme and necessary.
- [ Gun cocks .]
- Call her.
[ Dialing .]
She said you'd do this.
[ Chuckles .]
She said I'd do what exactly? Underestimate her.
- [ Line ringing .]
- [ Cellphone buzzing .]
Baz! [ Explosion .]
It's me.
Hate to leave this on your machine, but there's something you ought to know.
Your friends, uhm the black fella and the man in the hat, Reddington-- they're here.
You said they'd kill me to get you, if this is the last time you hear my voice, know that I didn't give you up.
And I didn't go down without a fight.
You told me, if he ever figured out you're still alive, he'd come at you full bore.
Well, lock and load, Katie.
Your war has come.

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