The Blacklist s05e04 Episode Script

The Endling

1 MALLOY: Remarkable, isn't he? Perfect limbs.
Plenty of bone.
Like God's own racehorse.
NIRAH: Extraordinary.
Tell me about the stud fees.
150,000 euros a mare.
150 mares a year.
Bit early to put him out to stud, if you ask me.
Truth is, Fitz stands to make more on the stables than on the racetrack.
I know 150K is a pretty penny, but your mare won't find a better match.
I agree.
Tra la, la-tra la, tra-ah, la [CHUCKLES.]
To Fitzpleasure.
To Fitz.
Tra-ah, la Unfair, really.
Stallions get the prestige, but breeding a quality racehorse is as much about the dam as the sire.
Tra la, la-tra, la, tra-ah - In your snatch fits pleasure - What have you done? Broom-shaped pleasure You're a beautiful creature.
Too beautiful for this world.
It'll all be over soon.
Tra la la Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh Blended by the lights [HORSE WHINNIES.]
Hey, you want to grab, uh, lunch? Yeah.
There's a burger place in Adams Morgan I've been wanting to try.
Lunch sounds so I believe the word you're looking for is "amazing.
" Yeah, completely amazing, but, like, something parents would do.
- Oh! Yeah.
If either of us had even remotely normal parents.
Now, that's the word I was looking for.
Lunch sounds so completely normal.
You know I love normal.
Someone's really trying to get ahold of you.
I know.
Hello? NIK: Pete called.
He ran a search on the DNA from the bones.
Uh, sorry, not interested.
Not interested? Oh, right.
Liz is there.
Look, you shouldn't call this early.
- Telemarketer.
- They're not supposed to be calling us.
Look, Pete wants to meet.
His apartment.
Hey, we're on the no-call list.
What you're doing is illegal.
She's right.
It is.
And I can't believe I let the two of you rope me into it.
At lunch no calls, no interruptions.
Just you and me being normal.
- Yeah.
Reddington? LIZ: Nice upgrade from the no-tell motel.
Can you afford it? It's a three-day rental Dembe found through some online site.
Something b-n-b? Are you familiar with such a thing? Uh, me and a billion other people.
They match hosts who want to rent out their homes with guests who want to rent them and get a commission from each one.
It's a license to print money.
The renters never have to meet the owners.
The Robinsons simply put my key in a lockbox outside.
Completely anonymous.
Ah! Great ideas are like great athletes efficient, elegant, powerful.
I'm aroused by both and mourn the death of either.
"Champion racehorse and trainer die in stable fire.
" Fitzpleasure was the greatest European racehorse in a generation.
His stud price was set at 150,000 euros, but he only covered a single mare before the fire.
Which is why I know he was murdered.
It doesn't say anything here about murder or arson.
RED: In horse breeding, genes are everything, and Fitzpleasure had the best ones.
His owners stood to make millions spreading his seed.
Now he's dead, and another owner is conveniently positioned to reap the windfall.
The owner of Fitzpleasure's only offspring.
- Bananas.
- What? No.
"Pot," "mustard," "satchel" - What's that? Q-I? Qi? - Chur [LAUGHING.]
Oh, come on! It means "life force.
" Honestly.
You're like one of those extraordinary children who knows how to spell "onomatopoeia.
" But even he couldn't spell out why a horse killer is on the Blacklist.
The last white rhino, the final dodo bird the only surviving member of a group or species is called an endling.
You're not looking for a horse killer, Elizabeth, you're in search of the endling himself the nom de plume of the legendary creator of one-of-a-kind items.
LIZ: Baghdad, 2015.
An RPG took down a private plane carrying of the only two known statues of the Sumerian goddess Inanna.
Four crew members were killed in the crash, leaving the only other statue in private hands.
Turkey, 2016.
A nursery cultivating a unique species of drought-resistant barley was stolen and three botanists were murdered.
The genetic profile used to create the seed was taken and all but one of the samples destroyed, giving the new owner a virtual monopoly on the next harvest.
Reddington believes her next target is on U.
"Her"? Well, according to the report from the Irish authorities, the trainer who died in the fire, he had a visitor just before the incident woman of Middle Eastern descent, early 30s, going by the alias Alicia Grey.
The best way to find her is by talking to the people who benefit from her actions Fitzpleasure's sole offspring.
Do we know the owner? Yep.
Caleb Hess CEO of an international security contracting firm based in Hanover, Maryland.
Yes, I benefited from the tragedy.
RESSLER: Your horse tripled in value overnight.
That's not a benefit.
That's a windfall.
Call it what you like.
It's still a tragedy I had nothing to do with.
NAVABI: We reviewed your company's financial statements.
You have quite a bit of debt.
You can't pay your creditors.
We're having issues, yes, but I don't see what that has We know the woman that you hired used the alias Alicia Grey.
What's her real name? I don't know because I didn't hire You're the largest shareholder, and when your stock nosedives, so does your savings.
Now, this is a tough position to be in for someone who sees themselves as a provider the person who takes care of the family.
And that's how you see yourself, isn't it, Mr.
Hess? It's why you transferred ownership of your prized thoroughbred to your son just days after the unfortunate incident with Fitzpleasure sent the value of his new asset through the roof.
You may be headed towards bankruptcy, but it seems your son is wealthier than ever.
I transferred an asset to my child for estate-tax reasons.
There's nothing illegal in that.
No, there is not, but it is illegal to conspire to murder a racehorse.
And when we find out you did that, which we will, as well as your son benefiting from that windfall, we will go after him as a co-conspirator.
You leave my son out of this.
As soon as you tell us what we need to know.
NAVABI: The woman who is she? She never said anything about murder.
All she said was that she could increase my foal's value.
- She didn't say how.
- How did you contact her? I didn't.
She came to me.
So, how did you pay her? She didn't want money.
She wanted information.
What kind of information? Security protocols we put in place for the daughter of a king.
- Who is she? - Princess Sonya of Montenegro.
My firm trained her team years ago.
She'll have at least four bodyguards working in coordination with local law enforcement.
She uses aliases, decoy vehicles, and books an entire floor wherever she's staying.
- Dresner.
- Where are we at? Uh, the numbers are improving to hit our targets.
Prepare station three.
I should have an addition soon.
What does the endling want with European royalty? The princess is the sole heir to the throne.
If she dies, the royal family dies with her.
- Who benefits from that? - According to the State Department, King Jovan and his daughter instituted reforms that were unpopular with the country's hard-liners.
So the princess' death means the end of the king's line and a win for the reactionaries.
ARAM: Okay, according to the Diplomatic Security Service, Princess Sonya is here in D.
to deliver a speech at the UNESCO Conference, and she has a room block at the Greylock Hotel in downtown D.
under the name Elise Wolf.
Aram, alert hotel security.
Ressler, Navabi, Keen get to that hotel now.
"of all the long-standing" [SPEAKS SERBIAN.]
Please come in.
Donald Ressler, FBI.
Tom Campbell, Head of Security.
We spoke on the phone.
Wolf has the entire 15th floor.
What's the fastest way there? Main elevator.
South hall.
LIZ: Go.
I'll keep an eye on surveillance.
I'm gonna need access to your security feeds.
End of the hall.
Suite 1550.
Hey, wait a minute.
What's going on? Agent Donald Ressler, FBI.
We're gonna need to see your princess.
There's been a threat.
MAN: Checking the stairwell now.
Go back.
That stairwell.
Command, we lost power on the 15th floor.
What's going on? MAN: There's been a breach on floor 15.
We lost the feeds! We need to get her out of there right now! [BEEPING.]
Back! Back! Back! Now! [ALARM BLARING.]
RESSLER: Don't shoot! FBI! I need confirmation.
What's going on? FBI.
Lower your weapons.
What's going on? Princess Sonya, there's been a breach.
I need you to come with us.
RESSLER: We've got the princess.
We're on the move.
Ana Dewan? - Yes? - Diplomatic security.
Please come with me.
The princess needs you.
Please! It's urgent! NAVABI: Are you all right? - Wait.
- It's okay.
You're safe now.
We can't leave Ana.
NIRAH: Hurry.
Please hurry.
Get in.
PETE: I was able to pull a sample off the bones and run a DNA sequence, which, when you think about it, is pretty remarkable considering the - Did you get a name? - No.
None of the databases I searched had a match.
Even the federal DNA database? CODIS is a two-step process, and I can't get past step one.
I can run the search remotely which is super illegal but that will only get you a match.
To get an identity, you need a Fed to authorize the request.
So, you can know the bones match someone in the system, but you can't get the name of that someone without an FBI agent signing off.
Which ain't gonna happen.
- Whatever you're thinking - I could just take her credentials.
- stop thinking it.
- She doesn't even have to know.
That's a terrible idea.
An ID would work.
So, I've started her on Epogen, B12, testosterone.
If she responds like the others, I'll have her up to the desired volume soon.
Alert your team.
I want them ready when I return.
RED: Hello, there.
DEMBE: Somebody knows we're here.
I was just starting to feel at home.
I need a name.
The person who hired you.
No one.
We weren't hired.
Proverbs 21, verse 10 Solomon's dissertation on the wicked and the company they keep.
Do you know it? Proverbs? Stirs up more passion than any other verse we study in Talmud class.
"There is no honor among thieves.
" I disagree.
A few thieves have been among the most honorable men I have ever known.
What about you Sven are you an honorable man? Uh yeah.
I think so.
Let's put that to the test, shall we? [MAN GROANS.]
I need a name.
The Mailman.
That's all I know.
Nash talked to him.
The Mailman sent us.
I do like a nice, long soak, don't you? [GASPING.]
The Mailman.
Where can we find him? COOPER: I know this is a very difficult time for you, but understanding why Ana was targeted is our best chance of getting her back safely.
Can you think of any reason why someone would target your assistant instead of you? Ana isn't my assistant.
She's It's hard to describe what she is.
I'm pregnant.
My child will be second in line to the throne.
If something happens to me while I'm pregnant, if I need emergency surgery, Ana was here to provide a transfusion.
Why not get one at a hospital? I have Lutheran B-negative blood.
It's a rare type.
There's no guarantee they would have it.
But Ana does.
That's why you keep her around? She's a walking blood bank? Actually, Ana and I don't have the same blood type.
You're telling me seven people in the world have Ana's blood type? Seven? Out of 7 billion? Incredible, right? That is why it is known as golden blood.
I understand that it's rare, but not why it would be valuable to someone like the princess.
So, 99% of us have high-prevalence antigens in our blood.
If the ones who don't receive a transfusion from the ones who do, the incompatibility can prove fatal.
So, finding a donor for people with rare blood types, like the princess, is super difficult.
And if they're in a crisis, I can only imagine it would be a desperate race against the clock.
And golden blood is compatible with the princess' blood type.
With any rare blood types.
It is the only known universal donor which, obviously, makes its life-saving capabilities enormous.
RESSLER: Yeah, when there were seven.
Imagine if the endling kills all but one.
The sole survivor's blood would be worth a king's ransom.
And, according to the Rare Blood Database, two have gone missing within the last three months.
Does the database list the locations of any other golden bloods? In this country, I see one.
Ethan Isaacs, currently in the ICU at D.
Mercy Hospital.
Navabi, Ressler get there.
TONY: Next.
Next! He's ready for you.
My apologies.
That last one on the right, I've see him somewhere.
So have I.
Have you? And where was that? In my dreams.
I have a weakness for bad boys.
I received two unexpected packages at my residence last night.
Did you bring the packages with you, sir? I'm afraid they're rather large.
They said The Mailman sent them.
Imagine my surprise when I realized they meant an actual mailman.
I got no idea who they are.
Let me refresh your memory they're the men you sent to kill me.
Sure thing, Pops.
Whatever you say.
You know, I got a nice roll of stamps for you.
They have Calvin and Hobbes on them.
Why don't you take those? You don't know who I am? Yeah.
You're a pain in my ass.
But you sent them to my house.
Why? Okay.
Is this a joke? That's Yes.
Janet from circulation sent you here to yank my chain, right? I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.
TONY: Now, listen, pal.
I don't know nothing about you or your houseguests.
And the only person I want to kill is my podiatrist for having my orthotics on backorder.
Alma, hey.
Ethan was hoping he'd see you before we take him home.
- How's he doing? - Kid's a fighter, but, um there's nothing more the doctors can do but make him comfortable.
I know.
I heard.
He's always hated hospitals, so This way he can be in his room, with us.
That's right.
That's right.
So, the nurses on four made me promise that I would bring Ethan by before he left.
So, why don't you finish up here and come down? They have cake.
Hey, kiddo.
Do you want to get out of here? - Yeah? - Do you want to go home? Okay.
Agent Ressler, FBI.
We're looking for Ethan Isaacs.
What's wrong? What does the FBI want with our son? We have reason to believe that Ethan is being targeted for abduction.
There must me some mistake.
- Where is here? - He's in his room with a nurse.
Alma said there was gonna be a goodbye party on the fourth floor.
Start lockdown procedure now.
Go! Where are we, Alma? Where's my mommy? Sweetheart, please.
Just get some rest.
Oh! Hey, come on.
What are you doing? When I was 17 and heading off to the Naval Academy, I sent the most extravagant love letter to Sarah Ellen Winstead.
She never replied.
To this day, I remain convinced that the post office failed to deliver it, and that if your colleagues had simply done their jobs, the entire arc of my life might have been different.
I might have been thinner and living in Maine.
You do realize that harassing a federal employee is a felony, right? I'll add it to the list.
LIZ: 8:00 would be great.
Oh, I'm sorry last name Keen.
Thank you.
You planning a hot date? Cascabel.
- Oh, I love Cascabel's.
- I know.
We're going for dinner tonight.
What do you mean? You can't stay for lunch? No.
I'm sorry.
I got a call in the parking lot.
It was Aram.
He said we had a break in the case.
You don't have to explain.
Ugh! Look at those chickens and the burgers and the fries! [SIGHS.]
Root beer.
Come on.
I should just be able to have lunch with my husband like a normal person.
Yeah, well, you are not a normal person.
You don't have a normal job, and that's okay, 'cause that's what I love about you.
W You said you loved normal.
Well, I did.
And I do.
But normal.
Whatever you are, I love except hurt, all right? So go save the day, catch the bad guy, whatever you got to do.
Just don't get yourself shot.
Hey! Can I get one more of those? Cascabel's at 8:00.
You're buying.
Hey deviant.
It's a big turn-on.
ARAM: All right, after reviewing Ethan's medical file, I found something interesting prior to 2011, it's blank.
How can that be.
He's nine? Because Ethan Isaacs wasn't always Ethan Isaacs.
The Isaacs adopted Ethan in 2010 through an NGO that briefly brought Syrian children to the U.
Ethan Isaacs was born Shahir Ahmad in 2008 in Daraa, Syria, to this woman Nirah Ahmad.
Ethan was taken by his mother.
And adoption records indicate that she has the same rare blood type as her son.
And in a war-torn country like Syria, she must've known that a golden blood has almost no chance of surviving a traumatic injury.
Well, if the mother's a golden blood, then she's also at risk.
So, why didn't she leave with her son? To fight for her country.
She was an active member of the Free Syrian Army until she disappeared in 2014.
LIZ: Right after Ethan got sick.
Three months before her first attack.
Where are we on locating her? When I ran her photo against the images taken from the traffic cams near the hospital, I found this.
NAVABI: Do we have an ID on the driver? I am still working on that.
According to his file, Ethan has progressive idiopathic myocarditis.
Now, the procedure that could save his life would require transfusions of golden blood that the hospital just couldn't provide.
Ethan was being sent home to die.
Instead, his mother kidnapped him.
After kidnapping two other golden bloods.
We've been looking at this all wrong.
She's not kidnapping them to create an endling, she's doing it so that they'll have enough golden blood to perform the procedure.
ARAM: And it's not just the blood she'll need.
Myocarditis requires a heart transplant.
And in order for his body not to reject it, the heart needs to come from another golden blood.
COOPER: Pull everything DHS has on Nirah Ahmad phone records, passports, known associates.
Get into her life.
Aram, widen the CCT grid and see if we can't get a hit on that car.
I want this woman found before she starts butchering people to save her son.
ETHAN: Where are we? Some place safe, habibi.
I want my mommy.
I'm right here, my darling.
And when this is all over, I'll explain everything to you, okay? I promise.
All you need to know is I did everything to protect you.
I don't suppose you're gonna tell me how you managed to get this.
TOM: How long till you ID the bones? Way you're all lathered up, you'd think we were looking at the bones of Osama bin Laden.
Just let me know the minute you get something, all right? I get it.
I have enemies.
People who want to kill me.
Why is not your concern.
What matters is that, when it comes to my security, I take extraordinary precautions.
Tigger and Pooh violated those precautions at your direction.
I assumed it was to kill me.
If it wasn't, I need you to tell me why they did it.
It wasn't to kill you.
When people go away, they put their mail on hold, right? We keep a list it's a hold list of who's away and how long they're gonna be away for.
And then, while they're gone, we rob them.
That's it.
I know their correspondence.
I know what magazines they subscribe to.
Based on that, maybe their area code.
You know, I can guesstimate the value of the items inside the house.
How extensive is the list? I-It covers the city and the surrounding suburbs.
But it could cover more.
- More? - The hold lists.
Does every post office in the country have them? Yeah.
I suppose so.
And the robbers? I troll the dark web for interested parties.
I take my commission in advance, and then I give out the address.
What a marvelous idea.
Really marvelous.
I mean, except, of course, when the owners rent out their homes while they're away, but that's a small burl in the wood we can sand down.
Wait, So you you don't - you don't live here? - [DOORBELL RINGS.]
Excuse me.
And w-w-what did you mean by "we"? - Wait.
- Did he say "we"? The endling's name is Nirah Ahmad.
She has a sick child who needs a heart transplant.
My gut tells me that every attack she's responsible for has been to finance this procedure.
And I know for a fact that people will die if we don't find out where that surgery is taking place.
What else do you know? Nothing.
We have a photo, that's it.
And we don't know black-market medicine.
You do.
I've seen him before.
Do you know where to find him? No, but I know who might.
Let me grab my hat.
This should be fun.
RED: Good afternoon, young lady.
I'm here to pick up my labradoodle.
What's the name? I don't think we have any labradoodles in there.
Her name is Edwina.
She was dropped off by my dog walker, Hiram Toomey.
Of course.
I remember darling dog.
Right this way.
Thank you.
LIZ: Where are we? What is this place? RED: The private clinic of Dr.
Melissa Lomay, general surgeon and owner and proprietor of Doctors Without Morals, the first choice in healthcare for the career criminal.
Mm, such nimble fingers.
Brings back memories.
How's your ass? Tight as a drum, thanks to you.
We were camping in the altogether under the most delightful autumn moon in the Forest of Dean when a wild pig [LAUGHING.]
came out of nowhere and gored my left flank, so to speak.
And Melissa here not only slew the beast and salved my wound with a honey of - Yarrow.
- yarrow compress, but also made the most scrumptious pork pie in the monarchy.
Fascinating story, but we're kind of in a hurry.
- "We"? - Cynthia Rutherford.
I've hired Mr.
Reddington to find someone.
One of your employees Dr.
Felix Dresner, if I'm remembering correctly.
He's on a job.
Where? You know I can't give out that kind of information.
Melissa, while I appreciate your desire to protect the good doctor, he is a liability.
Miss Rutherford isn't the only one looking for him.
The police are, as well.
Help me find him before they do and I'll cauterize the wound so nothing bleeds back to you.
What has he done? The less you know, the better.
We simply need a location.
ARAM: Okay, hold on.
I think I may have just figured this out.
Okay, the street address you gave me was zoned as a zoological research facility, but construction was put on hold due to this ongoing court battle.
However, if I'm reading these permits right, it looks like the only section of the facility that was okayed was the second story.
Agents Ressler and Navabi are en route, maybe 10 minutes out.
Step away from the tables.
Everyone, hands where I can see them.
Keep going.
I know you're trying to save your son, but I can't let you hurt these people in order to do it.
I will not let him die.
You're gonna have to let us take him home.
His home is with me.
I gave him up once.
I will not give him up again.
The hospital, then.
You know the hospital can't help.
I know someone who can.
What are you talking about? Is there a force in the universe more powerful than a mother's love for her child? The miracles of modern medicine pale in comparison.
Can be life-saving.
But not here.
Not now.
The next people who come storming in here will be throwing you all in paddy wagons.
The best chance your son has is if we leave.
Leave? Dr.
Dresner can stay to care for the others.
Without the doctor or a viable heart, we can't - I know.
- We can't.
I'm asking the impossible for you to trust a complete stranger with the well-being of your son.
But if you stay here, the authorities will take him and he will die.
Trust me.
Three patients for emergency evac.
- Keen? What's going on? - Where's Nirah? She and her son escaped before I got here.
RESSLER: All right, I want birds in the air, units at every intersection in a two-mile radius I want this woman found.
- I need your services.
- No.
It wasn't a request.
LIZ: We're sorry for pulling you into this.
NIK: No, you're not.
Okay, no.
I'm not.
If it means saving Ethan's life.
You're not sorry you're in this world his world.
The bypass machine is ready patient's prepped.
Soon as we have the donor heart, we can proceed.
The heart is already here.
You know, the day that you were born, I was also born.
It was the day I discovered the true meaning of my life was just to love and protect you forever.
NIK: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? You cannot kill this woman to save that boy.
I have no intention of killing her.
Strange I always knew a golden blood would have to die to save his life [VOICE BREAKING.]
but I just never imagined it would be me.
When I passed you in the doorway And you took me with a glance Should have been on that last bus home But I asked you for a dance Now we go steady to the pictures I always get chocolate stains on my pants My father's going crazy Says you're living in a trance Dancing in the moonlight It's caught me in a spotlight It's all right, dancing in the moonlight On this long hot, summer night Clear.
Well, it's 3:00 in the morning And I'm on the streets again Disobeyed another warning I should have been home by 10:00 LIZ: What's the end game? Now I won't get out until Sunday Nirah sacrifices herself to save her son, and then what? There has to be an ulterior motive otherwise, why bother? I had no veiled intent in giving you this case, just a sincere desire to stop a criminal I believed to be truly reprehensible.
Now what do you believe? That a sinner can also be a saint.
Are we still talking about Nirah? Given the same circumstances, I'd like to think I'd be as brave as her.
I know I'd want to be.
- How is he? - He's alive, for now.
His heart's beating on its own.
An ambulance is on its way to take him to a proper hospital.
If he makes it through the night, he has a chance.
Thank God.
I'm in your debt.
Can I collect on it now? Name your price.
Never call me again either of you.
you don't mean that.
He's the country's most-wanted criminal.
He's my father.
Which excuses nothing.
An hour ago, Ethan Isaacs was brought back to the hospital.
But you already knew that, didn't you? Yes.
Which means you also know Nirah Ahmad was also brought in for an autopsy to determine who shot her in the head and transplanted her heart into her son's body.
- She shot herself.
- You lied to your partners.
Told them you didn't know where Nirah and her son were, when you not only knew where they were, you conspired with Reddington to arrange an unauthorized operation.
If I hadn't, Ethan would be dead.
And his mother would be alive.
A criminal died to save the life of a child.
I'm okay with that.
Who cares if you're okay with it? You don't get to decide who lives and who dies.
Neither does Reddington.
This was his idea, wasn't it? Yes, and I agreed with him.
I know.
And that's what concerns me not just now, but going forward his influence over you.
I'm not influenced by him.
Elizabeth, you know how much I care about you.
As much as if you were my own daughter.
But you're not, you're his, and I would be lying if I said that didn't make me concerned.
You have no reason to be concerned.
But if today was any indication, I think I do.
I'm watching you, Elizabeth.
Listen, man, I've been calling all day.
NIK: Blame your fatherin-law.
He and Liz pulled me into something typically insane.
They what? Don't worry, I didn't mention our little secret.
Well, what about Pete? 'Cause I've called four times, and I got crickets.
He'll call when he has something.
I don't like it.
He's got the bones.
He's got the connection to CODIS.
I mean, I could practically see the dollar signs in his eyes earlier today.
What if he screws us? Look, his place is on my way home.
I'll swing by, see what's going on.
Honestly, I don't know who's crazier you or her or me for helping both of you.
Just call me the minute you hear from him.
I am the worst.
I can't believe I missed lunch and dinner.
Don't worry about it.
It seems like you had a tough day.
It was complicated.
Welcome back.
Look, if this is about you wanting a piece of my business It's not.
Okay, good.
It's about me taking over your business.
Yeah No! No! That's not happening! Right now, you have 100% of a business that clears maybe $50,000, $100,000 a year.
I'm offering you 10% of a business that will clear 100 times that.
How you gonna do that? The value of your information isn't in what you are able to take out of these houses, it's in who you're able to put in them.
Reliable safe houses are incredibly hard to find and always at a premium.
Instead of robbing these home, I propose we rent them to individuals who don't want to be found.
If you can secure hold lists in every state, we'll have a network of reliable hideouts stretching all across the country.
Can you get the lists? Yeah.
I could do that.
You can get the people? Only the ones willing to pay through the nose.
So, I we are gonna be rich? Obscenely.
In the meantime, what do you have available for tomorrow night? NIK: Pete? I'm terrified to admit it.
I don't want to admit it.
But it's true.
No, it's not.
Look, Liz, you're kind, and you're decent and honest.
Reddington is not decent.
He's dishonest and he's dangerous.
Reddington and I got Nik involved in something he never should've been a part of.
Nik's a big boy.
He can take care of himself.
I know he can, but ultimately, it's my responsibility.
Nik would've never been involved with Reddington if it weren't for me.
And he's been a good friend to us and I just feel like we're never gonna see him again.
And I don't blame him.
He'll come around.
He will.
Just give him some time.
It'll be fine.

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