The Blacklist s05e05 Episode Script

Ilyas Surkov

1 FATHER: We never pass by a lemonade stand without stopping first.
Isn't that right, Christian? CHRISTIAN: Never.
Thank you.
- Would you like a straw? - Uh, yes, please.
Yes, two pitchers already.
It's the cutest thing.
Oh, but a terrible business model.
I must have spent £30 on lemons and cups.
KIM: Yeah, honey, hold on a sec.
Ethan? What are you doing? It's snowing What? Honey, it's ETHAN: Mummy, it's snowing! [CHILDREN YELLING AND PLAYING.]
- Yay! [LAUGHS.]
Ow, my eye! Mum, my eye.
It burns.
This is ash.
Everyone, inside right now! Get inside now! Get inside the house! Go, go! [ALL SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY.]
Baker 24.
We're moving to that location.
ETA 15.
Can we get another, uh Tell me everything.
TOM: Liz, what happened? Nik's d-dead.
He was strangled.
They found his body in an empty lot miles away from home or any hospital.
What? How? Do they know? The last thing he said to me was he never wanted to see me again.
Liz, what Do they know what happened? No, but we do.
- Reddington.
- He had him perform a surgery, and then Nik said he was out.
Reddington probably thought he was a liability, - that he knew too much.
- You don't know that.
Nik was good.
He was decent.
The only indecent thing in his life was Reddington and me.
You didn't You didn't do this.
Would Nik be alive if I weren't in his life? [CRYING.]
You're not my type, okay? But if you were even remotely in the ballpark, I would have your child.
RED: Do you have a count? The mailman gave us two lists.
Each list had 22 people who wanted their mail held while on vacation.
That's 44 empty apartments.
We rented 18 for 5 nights each at $500 a night.
That's $45,000 for the week off two lists.
By next week, we should have eight.
Did you hear that? I just dropped an egg.
While I appreciate your enthusiasm, we have cash but no business to run it through.
- Elizabeth.
- Could you excuse us, please? Oh, I'm way ahead of you, sister.
No offense, but when I get too close to a Fed, I tend to chafe.
Nik Korpal was murdered.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I want to believe you.
I suppose it's possible Nik was killed by someone with a connection to me, but I have no idea who or what that connection might be.
I want a name.
I'll do what I can to find you one.
In the meantime, a riddle to keep you occupied.
The chemical-plant explosion in Leeds? Ilyas Surkov claimed credit for that.
What's the riddle? Why did that terrorist take credit for a crime he didn't commit? And how do you know he didn't commit it? Because Ilyas Surkov is dead.
Dead? How long? According to Reddington, 15 months.
RESSLER: And no one knows this? Was there any HUMINT on Surkov? No, he was like a ghost.
One month, he claimed credit for a subway bombing in Lisbon, and the next, the kidnapping of three journalists in Crimea.
If he did die, no one would know.
But Reddington would? He knows the best off-market doctors on every continent.
One of them treated Surkov for end-stage pancreatic cancer.
ARAM: Okay, hang on.
Okay, Mr.
Reddington says it's been 15 months.
Well, in that time, Surkov has taken credit for three attacks a downed plane on a humanitarian mission to Boko Haram victims, a Paris café demolished by a C-4 suitcase bomb, and yesterday's chemical-plant attack.
He's pretty busy for a dead guy.
Or people acting in his name.
COOPER: We won't know which until we find the bomber.
I'll reach out to MI6.
Ressler, Keen, get to the bomb site.
Talk to local authorities, see what they know.
GLADSTONE: Liam Gladstone, MI6.
We spoke on the phone.
RESSLER: Agent Ressler, Keen.
May not look like it, but we were incredibly lucky here.
Had a few minor leaks, but none of the tanks with the really nasty stuff went up.
EA just cleared us.
Did you ask your task force about our copycat theory? Doesn't hold water.
This is the work of Ilyas Surkov.
What makes you so confident? You know what taggants are? Chemical markers that are imbedded into explosives - to trace their origin.
- MI6 has been working closely with the CIA's Surkov Task Force, and we identified a construction and demolition company in Belgrade we believe is diverting legitimately purchased C-4 to Surkov for his bombs.
To test our theory, we planted a taggant in C-4 we sold to the company.
You found traces of that taggant.
So, who's your suspect? Raqaan Ghaffari, a foreman at Lignes D'Avenir Construction.
If you have any doubts, they'll be put to rest when Surkov hits again, which he will.
I can assure you, the man is very much alive.
ARAM: Raqaan Ghaffari.
He's in charge of demolition for Lignes D'Avenir, a mid-sized contractor in Belgrade.
LIZ: We know the explosives used by Surkov in his last three attacks came from Lignes D'Avenir.
So, what's the plan? We have no authority in Belgrade.
I'll reach out to Serbian officials, get clearance.
But if we want this guy to lead us to whoever is acting in Surkov's name, we're gonna need to get creative.
MI6 had Ghaffari under surveillance.
It didn't yield any actionable intel, but Ghaffari proves to be quite the creative of habit.
Yeah, Ghaffari eats lunch every Friday at the Brutka Club.
So that's where we make contact.
Ghaffari is a Moroccan immigrant.
He speaks French and Arabic.
Surveillance logs gave us what we believe is Ghaffari's code name for Surkov.
Samar can use that to establish her credibility.
ARAM: All right, you'll have us on comms, but to pick up Ghaffari, this mic well, it's gonna need to be close.
All right? So There.
I'll let you, you know It's going to be fine.
I know.
If you did, you wouldn't have come all this way.
Please, just, uh be careful.
Heads up.
She's about to make contact.
- Aram, are you getting this? - ARAM: Loud and clear.
This is definitely our guy.
TOM: I think Nik was killed by a guy named Pete McGee.
Nik asked him to I.
a skeleton I'd given him.
He got a DNA sample and ran it against the federal database.
Now, I know the I.
is extremely valuable, because Reddington wants to keep it secret.
But I didn't know that people would kill for it.
Now Nik's dead, McGee is gone.
And the only lead I have on him and that I.
is the clinic he worked at a place where experimental drugs are tested on human guinea pigs.
Yeah, I know.
Not much of a plan.
- If you got a better one, I'm all ears.
Don't look at me like that all right? Rose is gonna be here to take care of you, and we both know she's your favorite.
And no, I am not lying to Mommy, all right? - [WHIMPERS.]
- I want her to know the truth.
That's why I need to I.
these bones without anybody knowing.
It's not a lie.
- It's just delayed honesty.
Hi, I'm calling about the clinical trials.
I want to sign up.
Have you ever done an in-patient clinical trial before, Mr Lembeck? First time.
Be gentle.
I'll need a copy of your I.
Uh, how much am I getting, by the way, to rent my body to science? - $200 a day.
- Lucky me.
We'll need a full medical history and an emergency contact for when you have an adverse reaction.
When? Not if? [DOG PANTING.]
Get in the car.
Whoa, buddy, what whatever it is Mr.
Reddington wants to talk.
Reddington Reddington? Bring the dog, leave the poop.
Rosie Cavendish had a bulldog.
Franklin, named after her great-uncle.
Poor guy had eczema, dermatitis, seborrhea one skin condition after the next.
The dog, not the uncle.
Please, sir, I-if I did something Given the lesions on her inner folds, I'd say she has pyoderma.
What are you doing to treat it? Topical ointments or pills? I need to be better with her check-ups? I need to borrow some evidence, Lou.
You know my name? The personal effects of a homicide victim that are currently in evidence control.
- I don't know if I could do that - You are the clerk - in evidence control - Yes.
the man responsible for checking in and out evidence? Well, that's true, but The deceased's name is Nik Korpal.
You have 24 hours.
That should give us enough time to get Coco.
to get Coco the spa day she so desperately deserves.
Yeah, you're gonna have fun! [LAUGHS.]
Oh, my gosh.
Who are these guys? No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Crap, crap.
No! Stop.
- FBI! LIZ: Who the hell is that? She had him! Aram, what are you doing? I don't know how to drive.
Agent Ressler, m-maybe you could slow down a little bit? Uh.
there's an alley.
Alley! Alley ahead! Alley ahead! [TIRES SQUEAL.]
- Gun! Oh.
Oh, God.
- Watch out.
Hold on.
Watch out.
Watch out.
Come on! [ENGINE REVS.]
They crashed.
They crashed.
Oh, God.
Drop the gun! Down! Put it down! Back away, or we will fire! Drop your weapon! Not happening! RESSLER: All right, all right! Easy.
Nobody's gonna fire.
You look like you're in charge.
I'm gonna reach into my pocket.
Slowly! Donald Ressler, FBI.
FBI? Who the hell are you? Name's Reuther.
We're CIA.
CALHOUN: Yevtukh Roofing Company safe house front owned by the Agency.
You want confirmation, call the station chief.
LIZ: Why no deconfliction protocol? Because we're part of the Clandestine Service.
- Who are you? - I can't answer that.
- All I can tell you is we're - Black book.
- Apology accepted.
- No, it's not.
Look, I don't care who you are or why you're operating on foreign soil.
I was just doing my job.
- I would've done the same, Agent Coburn.
- It's Calhoun.
I'm a N.
Slightly injured.
- Are you sure you're all right? - Yes.
This is Duke White, Defense Intelligence.
Omar Kabinov, FSS.
I'm Tobias Reuther, Clandestine Service.
We're gonna need to talk to Ghaffari alone.
That's not gonna happen.
He's officially in our custody.
We're handling the interrogation.
If you don't like that, you can take it up with the boys in D.
I don't care who gets him to talk.
As long as you can get him to tell us what he knows, we're happy to sit this one out.
LENA: Congratulations.
Your stipend was increased to $250.
Hm, fantastic.
What did I do to earn that raise? You got approved for a riskier study.
Very exciting.
Can I ask what's with all the security? I mean, we're volunteers, not prisoners.
Lot of drugs around here.
A lot of drugs attract a lot of drug users.
Makes sense.
So, how much riskier is this? Several patients in the previous group developed temporary neurological problems.
Lie down.
They must have modified the medication since then, no? I assume so.
I just run the tests.
That's reassuring.
- Who's the heart for? - My grandfather.
My brothers and I got drunk after his funeral, decided to get tattoos.
He loved cards, so my three brothers are the spade, diamond, and the club.
And you're the heart.
That's cute.
So, aside from brain damage, what fun side effects should I be expecting? I honestly don't know.
That's what the study is for.
I keep forgetting I'm just the guinea pig.
REUTHER: Look, Raqaan, I don't know why you don't feel like talking.
The Feds have you on tape admitting you're supplying Surkov.
You know that.
You must also know that you're not here.
This place doesn't exist.
- No lawyers - [SPEAKS ARABIC.]
- No diplomats - [SPEAKS ARABIC.]
- Just us.
He'll crack.
They always do.
There are other ways to get people to talk.
You don't know Surkov.
How long have you been searching for him? Six years.
Since before I left the Agency in 2015 to start a family.
Reuther reached out a year later.
He lives and breathes Surkov and convinced me to get back into the hunt.
And the family? That didn't turn out like I thought.
But it's okay.
I've got Surkov.
He's my family.
My white whale.
Anything? Give him 20 minutes to simmer.
You've tried your way.
We're gonna try ours.
Samar? Hey, hold up.
What are you doing? Can I ask you a question? If their task force is so intent on finding Surkov, why haven't we ever heard from them before today? The hell is she doing? [HANDCUFFS JINGLING.]
Okay, he's ready to talk.
RED: Look closely.
What do you see? A lot of dander, saliva, and urine, all of which I'm allergic to.
So maybe if there's a point here, you might want to make it before I start to wheeze like a chinchilla.
Our liquidity crisis has been solved.
By doggy day care? These are rescue dogs picked up at shelters, given a bath and a professional grooming, then given back to the shelters primped and proud and ready for adoption.
They supplement their business with regular grooming.
But it's basically a labor of love and a 501C3.
- A non-profit.
That is good.
Even the most ruthless IRS agent would hesitate before auditing the books of such a noble enterprise.
And that's good, if we can run enough money through it.
I mean, the rents are throwing up nearly 200K a week.
Well, most of their business is mobile.
They have a fleet of vans that go from shelter to shelter in 10 different cities.
It's 100 vans, a dozen or more dogs a van, 25 bucks a dog.
- You do the math.
I just did.
And my hand to God, if I found you a little bit more attractive, I would birth you a litter.
I mean, like, seven pups Boom! Right here on the floor.
Fiona, you're an artist.
Coco's an angel.
Just needed a little TLC.
I have some ointments for you.
And how much do I owe you? $150, - which, of course, is tax-deductible.
- RED: Yes, of course.
And how much for the store? - The store? - And the vans.
- All of them.
- Bless you.
Bless you.
- Sorry.
They're not for sale.
At the right price, I've found everything is for sale.
Think about your price while I let Coco find a blade of grass.
Come on, sweetheart.
That's it.
There we go.
COX: Harold.
You're a tough man to pin down.
Thank you for seeing me.
Well, when I heard there was an FBI task force running an unsanctioned op overseas, my interest was piqued.
We received a tip from a credible source that Surkov is dead.
The attacks attributed to him may, in fact, be the work of a copycat.
SAMAR: He never met Surkov in person, only video calls.
COX: And your team? Do they have a lead on his bomb maker? Ghaffari? [SPEAKING ARABIC.]
He recently asked him to smuggle a device into a locker in Virginia.
I don't understand.
Ghaffari's in Belgrade? Yes, being held and questioned in a CIA facility outside Pancevo.
Does he know the specific target? [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
Surkov specifically asked him to create a weapon that could penetrate 3.
5 centimeters of Kevlar.
I'm sitting here with the CIA Director of Operations.
COX: Listen to me the Surkov team is in London.
There is no team or safe house in Pancevo.
They claim otherwise.
Well, I don't care what they claim.
Whoever you're with, they are not CIA.
- Go.
- Cover me! RESSLER: Move, move, move.
LIZ: Give it up.
Hand it over.
You said you were CIA.
Who the hell are you? RESSLER: You hungry? You tired? Hey, there's a steak and a bed waiting for you as soon as you tell us where your boss is.
I told you.
I don't know.
Just like you didn't know his real name.
- His name is Tobias - Reuther.
Yeah, he doesn't exist.
The Agency has no record of him.
No, they disavow him.
Him, not you or Duke White or Omar Kabinov.
They gave us your file.
We've confirmed you resigned from the Agency in 2015.
And then Reuther recruited me to come back.
There's nothing about that or the ghost squad whose designation is so conveniently top secret that you never had direct contact with anyone at the Agency.
We got our orders from Reuther.
Reuther got his from the Office of the Director.
No one at the Director's Office has ever heard of your task force.
Because it doesn't exist, and when we found out, he started shooting at us.
Looked to me like you were shooting at him.
Reuther is pretending to be Surkov.
That's ridiculous.
When you found us, we were hunting for his weapons maker, looking to interrogate him to find Surkov.
Do you know how I got Ghaffari to talk so quickly? I told him Surkov was dead.
No proof, just the word of my source.
The minute I told him, he knew it was true.
RESSLER: Agent Calhoun, there's a bomb somewhere in Virginia waiting to be detonated in Surkov's name.
We believe Reuther is going to detonate it.
Tobias Reuther is a patriot - He's a terrorist.
- He loves his country.
If you don't tell us where to find him, he's gonna commit an act of terror on U.
Do you trust your intel on Surkov? 100%.
And Ghaffari's weapon? We're working with Virginia State Police and local law enforcement, but it's a big state - with a lot of lockers.
- What about Calhoun? RESSLER: She thought she was working for an Agency task force.
She had no idea that the man she admires is the devil she thought she was hunting.
I always thought Surkov's death would be cause for celebration.
But if he is dead and a group of CIA-trained assets - has taken his place - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
ARAM: Sir? Uh, Director Cox.
Uh, the only prints they could pull from the safe house in Pancevo were partials, but we got a match.
Uh, the man we're looking for, Agent Reuther, uh, his real name is Agent Brian Osterman.
Does that name mean anything? Director Cox, who is Brian Osterman? [SIGHS.]
Cheer up, Lou.
I'm in your debt.
LOU: A lot of good that'll do me if anyone finds out I did this.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Giving me this evidence is vital and much appreciated.
- Giving? - But what Coco and I have been up to - is a revelation.
- I need to get that back - before anyone knows it's missing.
- She's always welcome to come in for a grooming, free of charge.
- You really got to return that.
- Oh, and her ointments.
- Ointments? - Ointments.
Funny word.
Twice a day, three times on her inner folds.
Coco, the pleasure was all mine, sweetheart.
RED: The suitcase key.
So Kate entrusted it to Nik.
But who did Nik entrust it to, and why did he get killed for it? And who might you be? [DOOR OPENS.]
Brian Osterman was one of our own one we no longer consider a trusted asset.
He was part of a black-book operation tasked to I.
threats to U.
counterintelligence, but in '08, he broke from the Agency, - and we issued a burn notice.
- No, that's not possible.
He became disillusioned, went dark.
He's been off the grid for the past six years.
If Surkov is, in fact, dead, and Osterman is now carrying out missions in his name, then we're dealing with a very dangerous man one whom you have assisted in carrying out attacks against this country.
No, Reuther, he had HUMINT, and, uh, funding.
- He had - Pilfered from a black-ops slush fund that went missing.
The the others, the team He recruited us to the Agency.
COOPER: He lied to you, to get you to help him attack the U.
You and your team are Ilyas Surkov.
You just didn't know it.
But you do now, and you can help us stop him.
We have a staging area in Ivy City.
I can take you there.
MAN 1: There's another door.
CALHOUN: I don't believe this.
MAN 2: Nothing here.
MAN 3: Bring your team back.
The safe house has been scrubbed.
Nothing on Osterman or his team? Just an empty file stamped "Cyclone.
" That's it.
You sure that name means nothing to you? Osterman? Nothing.
Well, he's in the wind with a lethal weapon we can't find and a target that could be anywhere.
That's what you don't know.
Focus on what you do.
We know the weapon was designed to pierce Kevlar, plus the "Cyclone" files.
It could be a code name, a mission, a person Any point of intersection? Kevlar, Cyclone.
Where they happen? Costal cities? Law enforcement in those areas that wear Kevlar? What else? Cyclone.
If it's not a person or place It's a target.
Not law enforcement, but military.
A target hard enough to design a weapon to penetrate it.
Not steel, but Kevlar.
A military hard target made of a composite material.
I need to call you back.
Aram, I need you to run a search.
Any ships in the Navy, the Coast Guard whoever the Pentagon has build ships with the name "Cyclone" that are made of a composite material similar to Kevlar.
All right, hang on.
Okay, I have a Cyclone-class patrol ship.
- Tell me about them.
- ARAM: 14 ships 10 are deployed in the Persian Gulf, 3 are doing drug interdiction off the coast of Florida, and this last one Okay, yeah, the U.
Parnell is at its home port.
Where is that? Norfolk.
Dry toast, huh? That's it? All most people can keep down.
Probably 'cause most people take the full dose.
Lembeck, a clinical trial must be I'm not here for the trial.
- If it's drugs you're after - Not drugs.
I'm here for information about Pete McGee.
Um, you'll need to sign a discharge form.
He had a lot of family photos in his office, but only one placed where he could always see it.
And I didn't think there was anything special about it until I realized that it was taken by someone very special to him.
- It's not what you think.
- I can't help you.
I need to find him.
He took something from me that doesn't belong to him something that is only gonna bring him trouble.
What is it? Something I was willing to put whatever that is in my veins to get back.
I need it back.
- I'm sorry.
- I came here because I thought I could find what he took from me or at least get a lead on where he went, all right? But I didn't.
All I found was you.
And I'm asking you, I need your help.
And if I'm right, I think Pete does, too.
A discharge nurse should be in shortly.
Aram, we're on site.
Talk to me.
All right, I've notified Port Authority and Naval Installations Command.
They're initiating a Level 4 lockdown and emergency evac protocols for all non-essential personnel.
- Any word on Osterman or his team? - Nothing yet.
I am still waiting to get approval from Security Command to share their CCTV feeds.
Matthew O'Neil, NCIS.
- What do you know? - Look, there's a threat against one of your coastal patrol ships, the U.
We got to lock this down, clear all this air traffic.
Easier said than done.
Transport runs a flight every six minutes.
ARAM: Um, Agent Keen? I think I might have something here.
NCIS just got a ping on an alias that Calhoun was able to confirm was one of Osterman's.
It appears access has been granted to a Human Resources office between Powhatan Ave and Pier 11.
LIZ: Stand down, Osterman.
You have no idea what you're in the middle of.
We know about you, Osterman.
We know about Surkov, your team.
- It's over.
- Surkov's dead, but I'm not using him as cover.
- The CIA is.
- I said stand down.
When an asset reported Surkov had died from cancer, Cox thought we could use his name to do America's dirty work.
- Cox? - I was on board at first.
Pretty soon it became clear the jobs we were doing, we weren't doing America's dirty work.
We were doing Cox's.
That he'd turned.
Tried to plug the plug, but Cox discredited me and convinced our superiors to issue a burn notice.
Did I lie to my team? Did I lie to you? Yes.
Because none of you would believe the truth.
Cox has to be stopped.
Step away from your weapon.
DUKE: Got him.
He's at your 11:00.
It's him.
See that man down there with the black backpack? He's a CIA asset here to plant the bomb Cox bought from Ghaffari.
My team is here to stop him.
You have a shot? Take the shot.
Why would he blow up a chemical plant and an American ship? False-flag operations.
Even if you're telling the truth, you're asking me to let you shoot a CIA agent who's following orders.
- I can't let you do that.
- Take your shot.
- It's your last chance.
- You gonna shoot me in the back of the head, Agent Keen? [GUNSHOT.]
I have Osterman in custody.
Human Resources, third floor.
We're gonna need a medic.
Alert NCIS of a potential suspect an officer in uniform, brown hair, medium build, carrying a black backpack.
Looks like you were wrong.
You believe me now? COOPER: You lied to me.
Osterman isn't the imposter.
He was hunting the imposter you.
Osterman is a rogue agent who's acted against our national interests.
- That ship was never your target.
- No.
The blast severed an undersea communications cable running from Naval Station Norfolk to our allies across the Atlantic a cable that had been compromised by Chinese counterintelligence.
Now, if we had simply ceased sending intel, it would have tipped our hand.
So instead, you sacrificed the life of one of your agents.
It was a directional device, Harold.
My agent survived, as have all the agents I've tasked with taking out our enemies.
Like the plant foreman in Leeds? He was leaking classified intel from one of our private military contractors to Russian assets.
Our team hid the ops behind Surkov attacks, and in both cases, we avoided escalating international conflicts.
- At what cost? - At any cost, Harold! I hate to disappoint you, but like Osterman, I see things differently.
I see diplomatic solutions.
I see a way to get results without false-flag operations.
But you and I both know that a terrified population means a healthy defense budget.
Harold, are you trying to tell me that the whole time you've been here, you've done everything by the book? No cut corners, no bent rules for the greater good? Leon, I answer to people who will one day judge the merits of my work.
I'm willing to accept the consequences.
You have been operating without oversight until now.
I've given my superiors a full overview of this investigation.
I hope, for your sake, they agree that your actions were in America's best interests.
I doubt they will.
Time will tell.
Close the door on your way out.
I'm giving up this whole lie, this whole me [SIGHS.]
You have done more harm than you could possibly know.
- Instead I bide my time, get a ride - I'm counting on it.
And it'll be worth it if it stops you.
Until the rubber leaves the road You said don't lie, so I made the truth Seemed like a lie to even you Control your fear, it's cle-e-e-ar That you do not know where you're going to So, don't you wo-o-o-rry You'll be my resolution You're here.
Characters of no illusion So many people find cemeteries to be a reminder of loss.
I find them to be a fervent reminder to seize the day.
- One month down and it's in sight - I'm surprised to see you here.
Nik Korpal saved my life, brought Agnes into this world.
- Oh, I'm guaranteed to lose my mind - I came to pay my respects.
How are you holding up? - It's dangerous to speak and sigh - I've been better.
About how he died So, don't you wo-o-o-rry Did you find anything out? You'll be my resolution Characters of no illusion - Reddington was a surprise.
- [SIGHS.]
You will be my resolution He appreciates what Nik's done for him.
And he knows Nik may have been killed because of it.
- Characters of no illusion - He's willing to look into who did it.
He is? Has he found anything? Not yet, but it sounds like he has a lead.
You will be my resolution What kind of lead? Was he more specific? [VOICE BREAKING.]
We've lost so many friends.
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh I don't know if I can lose any more without just crawling into a fetal position or becoming a stark, raving vigilante.
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Listen, Reddington's a vigilante.
- Turn around, put it down and see - All right? And I'm pretty sure there's a one per family rule.
That this is really the place to be I think Meera is buried here.
- I'm not you, nor you me - I'd like to pay my respects.
All right.
You want company? I'd like to go alone, if you don't mind.
But we're both moving steady WOMAN: The explosion rocked the naval yard.
While no causalities have been reported, Ilyas Surkov has claimed credit for the attack.
ARAM: Hey, uh about, uh, what happened in Belgrade What part? When, um, Agent Navabi was taken uh, she could've been hurt.
She wasn't.
She's fine, obviously.
But, uh I wasn't prepared, sir.
I didn't know how to react.
And then, with the shootout at the safe house Aram, I understand.
It was an oversight on my part to place you in danger like I did.
It won't happen again.
No, no, you don't understand.
I don't want to be unprepared.
Cooper, sir.
I'd like to request to be operationally trained, sir.
TOM: What changed your mind? You said he might be in trouble.
What kind of trouble? Might've killed someone.
Pete? I don't believe that.
Listen, what he took from me, people are getting killed.
And whether he did or didn't do it, just by having it, his life is in danger.
Are you looking to protect him or have him arrested? I don't know you, and I'm sure not gonna take what you say about Pete at face value.
No way he killed anyone.
Whatever he took from you, he must have a good reason why.
He hasn't been to work in a week.
He hasn't called.
His divorce is gonna be finalized next month, and we're gonna get married.
I'm worried something might have happened.
I changed my mind because I want him found.
Whatever your reason is for wanting to do that, I don't care, as long as you're willing to help.
Tell me everything you can about Pete.
Friends, relatives, cities he likes, passwords Everything.
FIONA: This rug was a gift.
My aunt crocheted it herself.
Yeah, it's got to go, and the allergies with it.
This, my space, it's a critter-free zone.
It's a critter cabin.
Yeah, not in here it's not.
That's six hold list's worth.
Are you African? 'Cause you're a frickin' babe.
Can you handle that? Ah.
I can handle whatever you've got.
The person who answers may not know the secret.
No, but they might.
Wonder what can of worms we're opening now.
Hello? Who is this? [PHONE BEEPS.]

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